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A woman lost the sight in one eye after going swimming in a pool at a hotel spa wearing contact lenses.英国一位女性近日因戴着隐形眼镜在一家宾馆的温泉池游泳,导致一只眼睛失明。Jennie Hurst, from Southampton, contracted acanthamoeba keratitis - a rare and painful infection caused by amoeba which naturally occurs in water.詹妮·赫斯特来自英国南安普敦,她患上了棘阿米巴角膜炎。这种罕见的角膜炎可使患者眼部疼痛,由一般生活在水中的棘阿米巴原虫引起The infection causes hypersensitivity to light and the 28-year-old said she was confined to a dark room for three months. She is now warning of the dangers of swimming or showering wearing contacts.这种感染可导致见光敏感8岁的赫斯特说她不得不在暗室里呆了三个月。现在她警告大家,不要戴着隐形眼镜游泳或者洗澡。Ms Hurst underwent four operations, stays in hospital, and a treatment regime in which she had eye drops administered every half hour.赫斯特接受了4次手术,现在还在住院,还经历了半小时滴一次眼药水的治疗过程。She said: ;During that time I was literally confined to my bedroom with blackout blinds at the window. The only thing I could do was to listen to the radio.她说:“那段时间我只能呆在卧室里,窗边都不能有光线。我只能收听广播度日。;One evening, I was so desperate to look out of window to get a glimpse of the outside world that I opened my curtains in the middle of the night.“一天晚上,我太想看看窗外的世界了。我在半夜拉开窗帘。;As soon as I did this the moon shone in my eyes and it really hurt. I didnt do that again in a hurry.;“我刚一拉开窗帘,月光就照在了我的眼睛上,太疼了。我马上拉紧了窗帘。”Ms Hurst said she has been left with no vision in her left eye and the damage to her cornea could be permanent.赫斯特说,她的左眼已完全失明,角膜也造成了永久损坏。The environmental coordinator, who had been wearing contact lenses for five years, went swimming at a hotel while on a residential training course with work.赫斯特是一名环保协调员,戴隐形眼镜已经五年了。当时她正在进行住宅培训课程,在一家酒店下水玩了一会儿;The irony is that I dont even like swimming - I only did a few laps,; she said.她说:“很讽刺的是,我根本不喜欢游泳,就是下去玩了一会儿。;My consultants were quite surprised that I had gone swimming and probably thought that I had been a bit lazy whereas I wasnt aware of the problem at all - it didnt even enter my brain to take them out.“我的顾问对我去游泳非常惊讶,可能认为我有点儿懒,其实我根本不清楚戴隐形眼镜游泳的危害,我甚至都没想过要取出眼镜。;I felt guilty that I had let it happen when actually I could have just taken my contacts out and saved everyone a lot of time and bother and myself a lot of pain.“发生这种事情,我感到很内疚,其实我当时应该取出眼镜,这样就可以不浪费大家那么多时间,不给大家带来麻烦,也不让自己如此疼痛。;I have always been so careful with my contact lenses. I always remove them when sleeping and always use contact lens solution to wash them.;赫斯特说:“我戴隐形眼镜一直很小心,每天睡觉前我都取出,而且经常用专用护理液清洗隐形眼镜。”来 /201208/197048

Areas surrounding Japan's crippledFukushima nuclear plant could remain uninhabitable for decades due to high radiation, the government warned on Saturday as it struggles to clean up after the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.  日本政府上周六警告称,被废弃的福岛核电站周围地区由于高辐射,可能几十年内都无法居住。福岛核事故是切尔诺贝利核事故来最严重的一起,日本政府一直尽力清除放射性物质  Japan faces the dauntingtask of decontaminatinglarge areas of land around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex, which is still leaking low levels of radiation nearly six months after an earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear meltdown.  清除福岛核电站周围广大地区核污染的任务非常艰巨。此次核事故由地震及海啸引起,虽然距今已有半年之久,但该地区依然有低量核辐射。  In a meeting with local officials on Saturday, the government estimated it could take more than 20 years before residents could safely return to areas with current radiation ingsof 200 millisievertsper year, and a decade for areas at 100 millisieverts per year.  日本政府在上周六与当地官员会谈时估算,在目前年辐射量200毫希沃特的地区,居民要在20多年后,才可以安全回家。年辐射00毫希沃特的地区则需10年。  The estimates, which merely confirm what many experts have been saying for months, are based on the natural decline of radiation over time and do not account for the impact of decontamination steps such as removing affected soil.  该推算根据的是核辐射的自然衰减,没有计入人工再清除,比如挖走受污染土壤等因素。诸多专家几个月以来一直持有这种观点。  An vast area is still uninhabitable around the Chernobyl plant 25 years after that disaster.  切尔诺贝利核事故已过5年,但周围的广大地区依然无法居住。  The Japanese government unveiled guidelines last week with the aim of halving radiation in problem areas in two years, but for spots with very high ings it could take much longer to reach safe levels.  日本政府上周公布了指导方针,目标是在两年内使问题地区的核辐射量减半,但在一些高辐射地区,需要更久才能降到安全线。  Japan has banned people from entering within 20 km (12 miles) of the Fukushima plant, located 240 km northeast of Tokyo. Around 80,000 people have been evacuated since the March 11 quake and tsunami and many are living in shelters or temporary homes.  日本禁止人们进入福岛核电站周0公里2英里)内的地区。这里位于东京东40公里。自31日日本强震以来,已有大约8万人撤离,很多人还住在避难所或临时住所里。  The government's announcement follows the release of data last week showing radiation ings in 35 spots in the evacuation zone above the 20 millisieverts per year level deemed safe by the government. The highest ing was 508 millisieverts in the town of Okuma, about 3 km from the nuclear plant.  在公布这一消息之前,日本政府上周发布数据显示,撤离区内35个地点的辐射量超过每0毫希沃特,而这一数值被政府认为是安全线。最高辐射量出现在大隈的某镇,达08毫希沃特,该地距核电公里。  Kan, who resigned on Friday as leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan amid intense criticism of his handling of the nuclear crisis, also told Sato that the government planned to build a temporary storage facility in Fukushima for radioactive waste.  菅直人还告诉佐藤,政府计划在福岛建造一个临时的核废料储存设斀?菅直人因核危机后表现不佳而备受批评,于上周五辞去了执政的民主党党首的职务。  The accident at the Fukushima plant is likely to have released about 15 percent of the radiation released at Chernobyl in 1986, Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has estimated.  日本原子力安全保安院估计,福岛核事故的核辐射量已经达986年切尔诺贝利事故5%。  But that is still more than seven times the amount of radiation produced by Three Mile Island accident in the ed States in 1979, and experts have estimated Japan's decontamination efforts could cost as much as 10 trillion yen (0 billion).  但这已经979年美国三里岛核事故辐射量倍多。专家估计日本人工清除核污染的措施将花费10万亿日元300亿美元)。来 /201108/151824

1. Have you had any medical experience in any hospital bee coming here?在此之前你有在医院的医药相关经历吗?. How long have you been there?你在那里做了 多久?3. I was responsible taking care of patients nutrition and diet.我负责照顾病人的营养和饮食. A doctor should have sense of post, mentality quality, first aid ability, etc.医生需要岗位责任感、心理素质、急救能力等等5. A person with what kind of disease cant be given blood transfusion?患有哪些疾病的人是不能输血的?6. Roughly speaking, there are two common ways of TCM curing diseases: drug therapy and non-drug therapy.大体来说, 中医有两种治疗方式:药物治疗和非药物治疗7. As drug therapy, traditional medicines are used such as herbs and mineral.至于药物治疗, 中医常用草药和矿物质等8. Americans think highly of the dental hygiene and they pay visits to their dentists regularly.美国人对牙齿卫生非常重视, 他们会定期拜访牙医9. If we dont pay enough attention to our teeth, we probably will get toothache, loose teeth, swollen gums, and bad breath, etc.如果我们不重视自己的牙齿, 就会出现 牙痛、牙齿松动、牙龈红肿、口气等诸多问题. Though I had learned much in that hospital, I want to try more different things in life.尽管我在该医院学到了很多东西, 但我还是想去过不同的生活 Dialogue 1对话 1A: Have you had any medical experience in any hospital bee coming here?A: 在此之前你有在医院的医药相 关经历吗?B: Yes, I worked as a doctor at Beijing People Hospital.B: 是的, 我在北京人民医院做 医生A: How long have you been there?A: 你在那里做了多久?B: A little over 3 years.B: 3年多吧A: In what section did you work in the hospital?A: 你在哪个科室工作?B: I worked in the Infection Medicine Division.B: 我在感染病房工作过Dialogue 对话 A: What did you exactly do there?A: 你在以前的医院具体做什么?B: I was responsible helping patients restore their organic functions, training them in speech and organism,B: 我负责帮病人恢复肌体功能, 对病人进行语言和肌体训练, carrying our massage and physiotherapy, taking care of patients nutrition and diet.进行和理疗, 照顾病人的 营养和饮食A: What do you think are the qualifications being a doctor?A:你认为医生应该具备怎样的素质?B: They are sense of post, mentality quality, first aid ability, emergency adjustment, and law consciousness.B:医生需要岗位责任感、心理素 质、急救能力、应变能力及法 律意识 36001

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