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经典句型:This is Chinatown. 这里是唐人街。A:There are so many Chinese restaurants here.甲:这里有这么多中餐馆。B:This is Chinatown.乙:这里是唐人街。A:Are these Chinese restaurants run by Chinese people?甲:这些中餐馆都是中国人开的吗?B:Yes,most of them are run by Chinese people.Do you want to have a look at it?乙:是的,大部分都是中国人开的,你想去瞧瞧吗?A:Oh,yes.甲:嗯,是的。经典句型:I met many Chinese people here every day. 我每天在这里都能看到很多中国人。A:I met many Chinese people here every day.甲:我每天在这里都能看到很多中国人。B:You have little chance to practice your English.乙:你很少有机会练习英语了。A:In fact I seldom speak English.甲:事实上我很少说英语。B:So far sa Im concerned,its a good opportunity to communicate with foreigners.乙:我认为这是我和外国人交流的好机会。A:Maybe you are right.I will seek chance to practice English.甲:也许你是对的,我会寻找机会练习英语的。句型讲解:Chinatown,也叫Chinese Quarter,即唐人街或中国城。 /201505/373029

8 Car Parking Dialogue8 停车 对话Steve wanted to park his car. Suddenly he found a car preempting the parking space. Now he is having a conversation with the car owner about the matter.史蒂文想要停车,突然他发现一辆车抢先占了车位。此刻他正和车主交涉此事。Steven: Excuse me, Im afraid youve parked in the wrong spot.史蒂文:对不起,恐怕您停错位置了。Car owner: Oh, really? Isnt this spot C408?车主:这不是C408号停车位吗?Steven: No, its D408, my parking space. I have aly paid for it.史蒂文:不是,这是D408号,是我的停车位。我早已付过款。Car owner: Im sorry, I must have been confused. I had thought its C section, but actually its D section. Ill move my car right away.车主:对不起,我一定是弄混了。 我原以为这是C区,而实际上是D区。我马上把车开走。Steven: Its no big deal. Thank you.史蒂文:没事儿。谢谢。 /201506/381583

Todd: Hey, Michael, I just met your wife. Shes a really nice woman. Really friendly.托德:迈克尔,我刚遇到你的妻子了。她真是一个好女人,非常友好。Mike: Yeah. yeah. We met a long time ago. Weve been married a lot of years, now.迈克:是啊。我们相识很长时间了。我们结婚也很多年了。Todd: How did you meet actually?托德:你们什么时候认识的?Mike: Oh, gosh, we back when we were both students, at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona, and I had volunteered to be one of the tour guides for new students, foreign students who just coming in for that school year, and it was the end of August, and it was very steamy, a very hot day, and I remember I met the students, there were maybe four or five of them at the Student Union for this walking orientation tour of the campus. Its a beautiful campus, by the way, and so, you know, I remember she was sitting on this bench and I went and, you know, she smiled at me and I smiled at her, and there was some kind of spark.迈克:哦,天哪,我们还在亚利桑那州滕比谷的亚利桑那州立大学上学时就认识了,当时我志愿为在新学年刚入校的新生和外国学生当导游,我记得那是八月底非常湿热的一天,我在学生会见到了这些学生,大概有四五个人来参加校园游览活动。那是一个很漂亮的校园,我记得当时她坐在长凳上,我去了以后看到她对我微笑,然后我也对微笑,我们就这样擦出了火花。Todd: Yeah, yeah, like a connection.托德:哦,就像有了某种联系。Mike: There was a connection. There was a connection there, and I, you know, we went on this walking tour of the campus and when we were you done, you know, I kind of reluctantly, sort of said goodbye to her and the rest of the group, and you know, kind of said, see you around, and I think the next day even, she went found out who I was and where I worked and she dropped in my office.迈克:有种联系。确实有某种联系,你知道,在漫步校园活动结束以后,我有点不太想和她还有其他人说再见,所以我说了后会有期,之后第二天她就知道了我的名字和我工作的地方,然后她就来到了我的办公室。Todd: Wow, thats pretty cool. Thats pretty romantic.托德:哇,那太酷了。太浪漫了。Mike: It was very cool. Very romantic. You know the funny thing is, that particular bench, where we met, on our anniversary, 20th anniversary, we went back to the campus (no way) where we met and we took a picture of ourselves on the same bench because this is where we first met.迈克:的确又酷又浪漫。你知道,最有意思的事是,在我们结婚20周年纪念日那天,我们重返校园,然后在我们初次相遇的那个长凳照了张相。Todd: What a great story.托德:太精了。Mike: It was very cool to go back there.迈克:能再回到那里感觉真的非常好。Todd: So, in terms of your personality, how are you guys similar?托德:来谈谈你们两人的性格吧,你们的性格相似吗?Mike: How are we similar? Oh, man, I think were more different than anything. I think our biggest similarity is that were both so different, in other words that were both very tolerant (yeah) of people who are different and so we, you know we kind of get along. We have an understanding thats were going to misunderstand each other most of the time.迈克:我们的性格有多相似?伙计,我们两个人完全不同。我觉得我们最大的相似点就是我们的不同,换句话说,我们能忍受与我们完全不同的人,所以我们相处得很好。我们有一个共识,那就是大多数时间我们可能会误解对方的意思。Todd: Right, right.托德:好。Mike: But we sort of approach that with a kind of humor and flexibility so I think thats what makes our relationship work is that we got that kind of agreement.迈克:不过我们可以用幽默感来解决并适应这种误解,所以我认为我们保持婚姻长久的秘诀在于我们达成了这种共识。Todd: So you think thats the key to any successful marriage?托德:那你认为这也是其他成功婚姻的秘诀吗?Mike: Is not getting so upset at misunderstanding each other or kind of using misunderstanding as a way of getting to know each other. I think that is one of the keys.迈克:秘诀是不要因为互相误解而难过,而是要通过误解去互相了解。我认为这是其中一个秘诀。Todd: Thats nice. Thanks.托德:说的好。谢谢你。Mike: Sure.迈克:不客气。 译文属 /201503/366789

13. Nutrition of Foods 13.食物营养A: You really need a more balanced diet!A:你真的需要一个更均衡的饮食!B: Its fine. I eat three times a day.B:我很好。我一天吃三餐。A: All three times and all you eat is fatty foods.A:所有三次你吃的都是高脂肪的食物。B: Im not always eating junk food!B:我不总是吃垃圾食品!A: Not junk food, just fatty and oily food!A:不是垃圾食品,只是脂肪和油腻的食物!B: Try to eat equal amounts of meat and vegetables.B:尽量吃等量的肉类和蔬菜。A: Why should I measure the portions that way?A:我为什么要这样分配?B: You need to eat enough protein and vitamins!B:你需要吃足够的蛋白质和维生素!A: Yeah, Ill take your advice.A:是的,我接受你的忠告。B: Youll feel much healthier.B:你会感觉更健康。A: I believe you. Thanks for the advice! A:我相信你。谢谢你的建议! /201510/402319

14. Returning a Defective Item14.返还一个有缺陷的产品A: Excuse me. I would like to return this.A:原谅我。我想退回这个。B: What seems to be the problem?B:出了什么问题?A: Its not working correctly.A:它不能正常工作。B: When did it start having problems?B:它什么时候开始有问题?A: As soon as I took it out of the box.A:我把它从盒子里一拿出来,就有问题。B: I see. Would you like to exchange it?B:我明白了。你想换吗?A: No, I think Id just like my money back.A:不想,我想我只希望退回我的钱。B: Alright. Did you pay with a credit card?B:好吧。你用信用卡付的吗?A: Yes, I paid with the store credit card.A:是的,我用的商店信用卡付。B: Ill return the purchase price to your card.B:我将把你购买时花的钱退回到你的卡上。A: Can I get any cash in return?A:我能要现金退款吗?B: No. You now have store credit in your card. B:不行。现在你的卡里有店内抵用款券 。 /201511/406738

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