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As you run through the list below you will understand why you must “commit”. There will be cases in the list below where you will want to come up with excuses:当你看下面的列表时,你要清楚自己为什么要“尽力”。当然,有时你也会找下面的借口:“I don’t have time.”“我没时间。”“I don’t know how.”“我不知道怎么办。”“It costs too much.”“花费太高了。”It’s your choice—you can be healthy and drastically improve the quality of your life, or you can be unhealthy and decrease the quality of your life.这是你自己的选择——你可以选择非常健康并显著改善生活质量,你也可以选择不健康、降低生活质量。1. Cook With Olive Oil用橄榄油做饭Olive oil has extremely healthy fats, and it provides us with nutrients that help our bodies function. Replace butter, vegetable oil, and “zero calorie” cooking sprays with olive oil.橄榄油有非常健康的脂肪,它能给我们提供身体正常运转所需的营养成分。用橄榄油来替代黄油、菜油和“零卡路里”的烹饪喷雾。2. Sleep 8 hours睡足8小时This one is critical! Sleeping 8 hours a night leaves us energized and y to take on the day. When we get less than 8 hours of rest, we lose focus and are inefficient.这是关键!8小时一夜的睡眠能让我们精力充沛,准备好开始新的一天。当我们的休息少于8小时时,我们的注意力就会降低,会效率低下。If you’ve had enough sleep, you will find that you’re able to get substantially more done in less time. Those hours you “saved” by sleeping for only 5 hours are eaten up by the massive fatigue that sets in as the day goes on.如果你有了充足的睡眠,你会发现你能在更少的时间内完成更多的内容。如果你只睡5小时,那省下的睡眠时间会在白天里被疲惫所吞噬。3. Always Pack a Healthy Snack随身携带健康的零食Guess what’s going to happen throughout the day? You’re going to get hungry.猜猜一天里会发生什么事情?你会饿的。When you get hungry, you will naturally reach for whatever happens to be around. By always having a healthy snack prepared, you are setting yourself up for success. I pack an apple, raisins, and almonds in a bag every day to have with me wherever I go.当你饿时,你会很自然地吃身边的食物。总是准备好健康的零食,你会让自己通往成功。我每天都会在袋子里放一个苹果、一些葡萄干和杏仁,无论我去哪里,我都随身携带。4. Add Fruit To Your Cereal在麦片里添加水果Purchase some raisins, blueberries, bananas or oranges. When you make some cereal in the morning, dice up the fruit and add it to the bowl—it’s easy to do, and your body will love you for it.买一些葡萄干、蓝莓、香蕉或橘子。当你早晨想喝燕麦时,把水果切成片放到碗里——这样做很容易,你的身体也会喜欢。5. Eat The Vegetables吃蔬菜Always eat your vegetables. “Not liking vegetables” is the equivalent of saying “I don’t like people”—it’s a massive generalization. There are a vast array of vegetables, so keep on trying different ones until you figure out which ones you like. Once you have that figured out, be sure to eat them with every meal.经常吃蔬菜。“不喜欢蔬菜”等同于说“我不喜欢人”——太泛泛了。蔬菜的种类实在太多了,你可以一直尝试不同的蔬菜,直到找到你喜欢的。一旦你找到了喜欢的,一定要每顿都吃些。6. Walk, Run or Ride a Bike步行、跑步或骑车The next time you want to go somewhere, leave your car keys at home. Take a walk, a run, or pull out the bike— in addition to being healthy, it feels great to get outside and be active.下次你想去别的地方,把车钥匙放在家里。步行、跑步或推出自行车——这样做除了会让你健康外,出去活动的感觉也是棒极了。7. Cook at Home在家里做饭When you cook at home you have 100 percent control of both portion size, and what goes into the food itself. When you go to a restaurant, you have minimal control of what goes into the food, and they choose your portion size for you. Cooking at home is healthier, period.当你在家里做饭时,你能完全控制食物的分量和食物的成分。当你去餐馆时,你基本上无法控制食物的成分,而且他们会为你选择食物的分量。另外,在家做饭也非常健康。8. Eat a Full Breakfast早餐吃饱When we wake up, our bodies have gone a very long time with out any food, and even if you aren’t hungry, your body still need nourishment. By eating a good, solid breakfast you jump start your metabolism.当我们醒来时,我们的身体很长时间都没有吃任何食物了,即使你不饿,你的身体也需要营养。吃一顿好的、饱的早餐,你会启动新陈代谢。In addition, eating a delicious, healthy breakfast will do you a world of good. You’ll accelerate your metabolism, and you get to eat a delicious and healthy meal—win-win!另外,美味、健康的早餐也会让你觉得世界很美好。你会加快新陈代谢,并吃到了美味、健康的食物—双赢!9. Drink Water All the Time经常喝水The average person needs to drink 64 ounces of water a day, but unfortunately most people walk around dehydrated every day. Since we do this so often we become used to it and believe that our dehydrated state is normal. I recommend purchasing a water container and carrying it with you everywhere you go.一般人每天要喝64盎司的水,但不幸的是,大部分的人都接近脱水。由于我们经常这样,我们就习惯了,并相信脱水状态是正常的。我推荐大家买个水杯,无论去哪里都随身携带。10. Make A Smoothie做沙冰Smoothies are awesome! Pick 2 or 3 of your favorite fruits, add ice and protein powder and BAM— you have a crazy-healthy snack. These are easy to make, and so good for you.沙冰太棒了!找两三个你最喜欢的水果,加上冰、蛋白粉——哇,你的零食非常健康。它们做起来容易,对你的身体也有好处。11.Make Health a Priority in Your Life把健康做为你生活中优先考虑的事情If you are going to be healthy, then you must make your well-being a top priority in your life. Commit to being healthy, and then stop at nothing to make it happen.如果你想要健康,你必须把健康做为生活中优先考虑的事情。致力于健康,无论如何也要让自己健康。 /201308/253683

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