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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the authorities have made some mistakes in their handling of anti-government protests since mid-March.叙利亚总统阿萨德表示,叙利亚政府在处理最近几个月以来、在叙利亚各地发生的反政府抗议方面,犯了一些错误。Assad told a group of dignitaries that most of the blame lay with poorly trained members of the security services, according to government TV. But he said Syria had now "overcome the crisis" and it was coming to an end.阿萨德对到访的一些外交官员表示,问题主要出在没有训练好的安全部队身上。这一消息是叙利亚政府掌管的电视台播出的。不过,阿萨德表示,叙利亚目前已经“克了危机”,“危机”马上就将划上句号了。The admission comes as new reports of attacks on civilians are taking place in a town near the border with Lebanon.就在阿萨德发表上述讲话之际,又有新的报导说,在叙利亚与黎巴嫩边界附近的一个城镇,平民百姓遭到袭击的事件依然在发生。Video on a Facebook website showed scores of protesters chanting slogans against the government in Syria’s third largest city of Homs Wednesday, heeding a call for a nationwide general strike. Other reports, however, said that shops were open, due to a heavy security presence in the city. Witnesses in the capital Damascus say that the strike did not appear to have attracted much support in the more visible parts of the city. The French Press Agency reported some unrest in a lower-class neighborhood of Aleppo, along with a large demonstration in Ifrin, north of the city.在叙利亚首都大马士革,一些目击者说,在那些较为明显的地方,似乎没有太多部门响应全国罢工的号召。法新社报导说,在一个不太富余、称为阿勒颇的城区内,发生了某些武力冲突,而且在大马士革北部的阿夫林,有大规模抗议发生。201105/136861。

Economic downturn worst in '60 years' 英财相称英国经济遭遇六十年来最低迷期Alistair Darling has warned that Britain's economic downturn will be the worst in 60 years. Alistair Darling says Britain is facing its worst economic crisis since the 1940s. The chancellor is warning the current downturn will hit harder and last longer than we expect. It's the government's grimmest assessment to date of the situation facing the British economy. Mr. Darling says conditions here and abroad are now arguably the worst they’ve been for 60 years. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, he also admitted ministers had failed to explain the problem to voters, and that they were understandably angry with Labors’ handling of the situation. His comments are likely to prove controversial. They are much more negative than those expressed publicly by Gordon Brown. However, Mr. Darling's remarks come after somewhat bad economic news. House prices are falling at their fastest rate in 18 years, leading to fears of a wave of repossessions in the upcoming months. Mortgage lending has slowed dramatically due to the credit crunch. And evidence suggests that Britain could be poised to go into a recession in the near future. The most recent GDP figures show no economic growth in the second quarter of the year, while building firms and retailers have laid off thousands of staff in recent weeks. Amid fears, things will deteriorate even further.参考中文翻译:Alistair Darling提出警告,英国经济遭遇60年来最低迷期。Alistair Darling说,英国经济正面临上世纪40年代以来最严峻的情况。该英国大臣提出警告,目前的经济低迷将会比我们预期的更严重,持续时间更长。这是政府对当前英国经济形势的严酷评估。Mr. Darling 说,目前国内外的形势都无可辩驳的是60年来最糟糕的状况。在英国卫报的采访中,他同样承认,政府官员没有及时成功的对选民作出解释,他们对工党的处理方式不满,这可以理解。但是他的言论却引发争议。他们比Gordon Brown在公开场合所表达的还要消极。然而,Mr. Darling的来自一些列负面经济消息之后。房价以18年来的最快速度下滑,引发了对未来几个月能否恢复的恐慌。由于信用危机,抵押贷款急剧下降。有据表明,英国不久就将进入萧条期。最近的GDP统计数据表明,今年第二季度,英国的经济没有任何增长,房地产公司和零售商在最近的几周裁员数千人。在极度恐慌中,形势会进一步恶化。200811/57192。

China's economy中国经济Even splits正分裂China does its bit to calm worries about the world economy 中国尽能及之力,平抑对世界经济的担忧 Jul 14th 2011 | HONG KONG | from the print edition A RUNNER cannot sprint all the time, noted Sheng Laiyun of China’s National Bureau of Statistics, after the release of China’s new growth figures on July 13th; he must pace himself so that he can run better later. Over the past four quarters China’s economy has recorded what runners call “even splits”, keeping a steady pace, lap after lap. It grew by 9.5% in the second quarter (year on year), having grown at a similar rate in the previous three. 中国新的经济增长数值公布之后,国家统计局新闻发言人盛来运表示,赛跑者不能永远在保持冲刺状态,他必须调整自己的步伐以便今后跑得更好。过去的四个季度中国经济经历了被跑步者称为“正分裂”的情形,保持稳定的速率,一圈又一圈的跑下去。(与去年同期相比)中国经济在第二季度以9.5%的速率保持增长,这一增长速度与其前三年的速度相近。The figures helped allay fears of a hard landing for China’s economy. But they raised some doubts about whether the economy is landing at all. Consumer prices rose by 6.4%. in the year to June. The economy’s pace may be steady. But is it too fast to sustain? 这一增长速度缓解了中国经济硬着落的担忧。但是怀疑论者担忧中国经济是否是正真的良好发展。今年6月份居民消费价格与上月相比上升了6.4%。中国的经济增长速度也许是平稳的,但太快了反而难以为继。China’s macroeconomists, if not its consumers, can take some comfort from the nature of the inflation. Two-thirds of it was due to food prices, and much of that was due to pork. Farmers responded to low pork prices last year by breeding fewer pigs, some of which have since fallen victim to porcine diarrhoea. That pushed up prices by 11.4% in June alone, an annualised rate of 265%. This has played havoc with many economists’ inflation forecasts. “Perhaps I should have become a veterinarian,” says Andy Rothman of CLSA. 中国的宏观经济学家,如果不是消费者的话,可以从通货膨胀中得到些许安慰。2/3的通货膨胀是由食物价上涨引起的,而期中最大的原因在于猪肉价格的上涨。养猪户以减少饲养数量的方式来应对去年的猪肉价格低迷状况。这致使仅仅今年七月份猪肉价格以265%的年率上升了11.4%。这打乱了许多经济学家对通货膨胀的预期。里昂券的经济学家安迪#8226;罗斯曼笑称“要是我是一名兽医就好了”201107/145011。

China's Economy Shows Signs of Recovery中国经济持续增长面临挑战As draws to a close, more signs show that China has weathered the global financial crisis and is on its way to even more robust growth. Economists, however, say some issues still weigh on the country's efforts to sustain growth.年已经接近尾声,越来越多的迹象显示中国渡过了全球金融危机,而且增长的势头愈发强劲。不过,一些经济学家表示,中国要保持可持续增长,仍然有一些问题需要解决。New economic data show that China's gross domestic product is expected to grow by more than eight percent this year. Industrial output for November grew just over 19 percent compared with a year ago, just after the financial crisis began. Imports soared nearly 27 percent, fueled by government spending on commodities.新的经济数据显示,今年中国国内生产总值的增长有望超过8%。11月份,工业产出比去年同期,即金融危机初始时期上涨了19%以上。政府购买物资也推动进口暴涨近27%。But while exports show signs of recovery, they remain weak. In November, they were down about one percent from a year ago. 虽然出口显现出复苏迹象,但是仍然比较脆弱。11月份,中国出口额同比下降约1%。Michael Pettis, an associate for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a finance professor at Peking University, says that the figures fuel debate over the country's economic strength.华盛顿卡内基和平基金会高级研究员、北京大学金融教授迈克尔·佩蒂斯(Michael Pettis)表示,上述数据引发有关中国经济能否持续增长的争论。"If you're an optimist it suggests that recovery is continuing," Pettis said. "Most of the numbers look reasonably good. There were still some excessively high levels of investment especially fixed asset investments. But production numbers were good etc. If you're a pessimist you would say yeah, this is exactly what you would expect from a massive-over investment strategy."“如果你是乐观主义者,这些数据显示复苏还在继续。大多数数据看上去不错。在某些领域,特别是不动产领域,投资水平仍然过高。但是工业产出的数据也不错。不过,如果你比较悲观,你会说, 这正是大规模投资战略应该产生的效果。”Some business experts worry that exports will become a smaller part of the economy. Factories face rising labor and overhead costs, and there are expectations the currency, the yuan will appreciate, so business leaders say keeping the sector afloat remains a challenge for the government.  一些业内人士担心,出口在中国经济中所占的比例将越来越小。工厂面临不断上升的劳动力成本和间接成本,而人民币也可望升值。因此,业内人士说,对政府来说,要让出口部门得以维持仍然是个挑战。Stanley Lau, deputy chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, which represents Hong Kong businesses in China, says factories face weak foreign demand. 香港在大陆企业的代表、香港工业总会副主席刘展灏 (Stanley Lau)说, 工厂面临外国需求疲弱的问题。"First of all, generally still, many importers do not know what will be the outcome for Christmas sales," Lau noted. "Which means many customers are still waiting for final figures to come out for Christmas sales. That's why they don't give us an order for next year yet. I think they need to wait and see until the New Year holidays and they will plan for order for next year." “首先,很多进口商现在还不知道圣诞节销售的结果,这就意味着很多客户现在还在等圣诞节销售的最后数据。这就是他们到现在还没有给我们下一年订单的原因。我想,他们需要等到新年假期后,才会制定明年的订单计划。”As export demand started to fall last year, China's government began efforts to stimulate the economy - cutting interest rates, encouraging lending and spending hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure projects.随着去年出口的下降,中国政府采取了一系列措施来刺激经济,包括削减利率、鼓励借贷,并在基础建设项目上投资了数千亿美元。But some economists warn those efforts may be causing prices for real estate, stocks and other assets to rise too fast - like a bubble that could burst. They say that China's loose credit, over-investment and under-consumption has led to a potential hazard, particularly in the property market. 但是,一些经济学家警告说,这些措施可能会造成房地产、股票和其他资产价格上涨过快,引发泡沫。他们说中国的宽松信贷、过度投资、以及消费不足都会导致潜在的危害,特别是在房地产领域。However, the government has begun trying to slow things down. Figures from the Banking Regulatory Commission show that in new lending will hit about .3 trillion, but next year it will fall to about .1 trillion. That is still double 2008 lending. 不过,政府已开始试图收紧这些举措。中国业监督管理委员会发布的数据显示,年新增贷款总额将达到1.3万亿美元,而明年则会降到1.1万亿美元。不过这仍将比2008年的水平高出一倍。The government also is trying to cool the overheated property market, with a new sales tax on properties sold within five years of purchase. And there are plans to increase the supply of middle to low-priced housing to curb property speculation.政府也在采取措施给过热的房地产市场降温:明年个人住房转让营业税征免时限由2年恢复到5年;另外,政府也有计划增加中低价位房屋的供应,以遏制房地产市场的投机行为。Andy Xie, an independent economist in Shanghai, warns China's property market could suffer once the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank raises interest rates, which would affect lending around the world.上海独立经济学家谢国忠(Andy Xie)警告说,如果美国联邦储备委员会提升利率,这将影响到全球借贷,中国房地产市场也不会例外。"When inflation happens the Fed will have to raise interest rates substantially, which will lead to a global asset bubble popping and there will be another global crisis. And this global crisis may rival the one we just saw," he said.“当通货膨胀显现时,美联储将不得不大幅度提升利率,进而导致全球房地产市场泡沫破裂。这将会是另一场全球性危机。而这个危机可能不亚于我们刚刚经历的危机。”Economists such as Xie and Pettis warn that governments must move carefully as they wind down stimulus packages. Raising interest rates and cutting spending too soon could easily shock economies and cause asset prices to collapse.谢国忠和佩蒂斯等经济学家都警告,各国政府在削减经济刺激计划时都必须小心谨慎。太快提升利率和减少消费都很容易导致经济震荡,并引发资产价格的崩溃。12/92224。

Self-help 自助 My big fat career 我的远大前程How individuals can survive in the new world of work 新职业世界生存法则Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition“I REWROTE MY entire book after my experience of Spain and seeing what is happening in America, to recast it in terms of survival job-hunting,” says Richard Bolles. His book, “What Colour is Your Parachute?”, was first published in 1970 as a guide to finding a fulfilling job and has sold millions of copies. When Mr Bolles went to Spain in March to give advice on dealing with its indignant army of unemployed, he found that nobody had much idea how to get people back to work.“由于西班牙的经历和当今美国的见闻,我重写了整本书,并用生存性求职的观点重塑了这本书,”理查德.鲍尔斯如是说。他的书《你的降落伞是什么颜色?》作为一本求职指南首次发表于1970年并获得了几百万的销量。今年三月他去西班牙为怨气冲天的失业人群提供指导时,才发现大家对如何帮助失业者重返工作岗位一无所知。Even in tough times there are jobs to be had, but applicants have to work far harder to get an employer’s attention, says Mr Bolles. The main thing is to give them hope and teach them the latest techniques for looking for work, of which he lists no fewer than 18. They need to market themselves better and consider a broader range of employers than they might have thought of. Not least, they must “clean up their act on the internet”. Facebook is now routinely scrutinised by human-resources departments, which will be instantly put off if they find anything negative or embarrassing.鲍尔斯提到,即使在很糟的情况下仍然会有工作可做,但此时应聘者需要付出很多努力才能获得雇主的青睐。关键是要给求职者以信心,并且教给他们最新的求职技巧,鲍尔斯列出了不超过18条这样的技巧。求职者需要更好地推销自己且应该扩大原来设想的求职范围;尤为重要的是,他们应该清理其在网络上的痕迹,现在公司的人力部门经常定期检查Facebook,一旦发现任何负面或者不妥的迹象,求职就会被耽搁。Better the devil you know恶魔之上The good thing about the internet is that it offers a vast amount of information to jobhunters, especially once they have secured an interview. Glassdoor.com, a website launched in 2008 that now covers more than 120,000 companies worldwide, lets employees (anonymously) share information about firms, ranging from what people think about the boss to salary levels and details about the interview process. Last year’s annual Glassdoor list of oddball interview questions was topped by Goldman Sachs, which asked a candidate for an analyst’s job, “If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?” One Glassdoor contributor’s suggested answer was, “Ask the government to bail me out,” which would probably not have secured the job.网络很好的一点就是它为求职者提供了海量的讯息,这一优点在获得面试后尤其明显。网站Glassdoor.com成立于2008年,现在覆盖了全球120,000家公司,雇员们可以在这个网站上匿名分享关于公司的信息,从对老板的看法、薪资水平到面试细节都有。去年高盛位列该网站的年度怪问题清单之首,高盛问一个求职分析员的人“如果你被缩到铅笔那么小并被放进了一个搅拌机,该怎么逃出来?”,网站上有人给出的参考是“让政府救援我”,当然这个不一定能保你获得这份工作。201109/154048。

In U.S. politics, there is no issue that divides Democrats and Republicans more than their vastly different views on the role and size of the central government. That political divide is at the heart of the intensifying debate over the federal budget. 在美国政治中,没有任何问题比中央政府的角色与规模能让民主党和共和党产生更大的分歧了。这种政治分界处于围绕联邦预算展开的激烈辩论的中心。Republicans made significant gains in last November’s midterm congressional elections, and many of them saw the election results as proof Americans want to sharply cut the size of the federal government.共和党在去年11月国会中期选举中获得大胜,许多共和党人把选举结果视为美国民众要求大幅度削减联邦政府规模的明。That is why Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and others were quick to dismiss President Barack Obama’s .7-trillion budget proposal for 2012 that includes a mix of spending cuts and tax increases.这就是为什么参议院共和党领袖米奇.麦康奈尔等人很快驳回了奥巴马总统提出的2012年3.7万亿美元预算案,这个提案包括一系列削减开和增税的内容。"The people who voted for a new direction in November have a five word response - 'We do not have the money,'" said McConnell.麦康奈尔说:“11月为了一个新方向而投票的民众的答复是5个字,我们没有钱。”Republicans are putting forward a budget blueprint of their own that calls for far deeper cuts in federal spending to reverse the course of soaring budget deficits.共和党人提出的预算案要求更大幅度地削减联邦开,以扭转预算赤字窜升的趋势。This battle over how much to cut from the federal budget will dominate the Washington political scene for the foreseeable future and also sets the scene for the 2012 presidential election campaign.围绕联邦预算削减幅度问题而展开的论战在可预见的未来将主导华盛顿政治舞台,并且成为2012年的总统选战的背景。The gap between the two parties over the budget seems huge, but President Obama says even in the wake of last year’s elections, most Americans want to see the two sides find common ground. 两党在预算方面的分歧看来是巨大的,不过奥巴马总统在去年选举之后就表示,多数美国人希望看到两党找到共同点。201102/126719。

Chelsea Clinton marries in US "royal wedding"Bill and Hillary Clinton's only daughter has married her long-time boyfriend in the picturesque New York village of Rhinebeck in what was dubbed America's royal wedding.Chelsea Clinton -- the only child of the former US president and the US secretary of state -- wed Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday at Astor Courts, an historic 50-acre (20-hectare) estate about 100 miles north of New York City."Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed in a beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts, surrounded by family and their close friends," Bill and Hillary Clinton said in a statement."We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together, and we are so happy to welcome Marc into our family," the statement said.Photos showed the bride and groom walking down a broad outdoor aisle between rows of guests. Chelsea wore a strapless white gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt with platinum-colored beading at the waist and a long white veil.The groom wore a simple black tuxedo going down the aisle and in a photo with the Clinton family, and a white prayer shawl and yarmulke in separate photos with Chelsea under a flowering tree and amid wedding guests.In the one photo in which she appeared, Hillary Clinton wore a magenta gown. Bill Clinton, who is pictured walking Chelsea down the aisle, wore a simple black tux with a white boutonniere in his lapel.Apart from the parents of the bride, the only other high profile guests seen in Rhinebeck were Bill Clinton's former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen and fashion designer Vera Wang.Also spotted was real estate scion and movie producer billionaire Steve Bing.Chelsea Clinton, 30, and Mezvinsky, 32, have known each other since they were teenagers. He is an investment banker, whose parents Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky and Edward Mezvinsky were once Democratic US House of Representatives members.Vocabulary:strapless: without a strap or straps(无肩带的,无吊带的)bodice: the part of a woman's dress covering the body between the neck or shoulders and the waist(连衣裙上身,紧身胸衣)go down the aisle: 结婚prayer shawl: Judaism, a tallith(犹太教徒的祷告巾)yarmulke: a skullcap worn, esp. during prayer and religious study, by Jewish males, esp. those adhering to Orthodox or Conservative tradition(犹太男子的圆顶小帽,无檐便帽)boutonniere: a flower or small bouquet worn, usually by a man, in the buttonhole of a lapel(纽扣眼上插的花)scion: a descendant, heir, or young member of a family(尤指名门望族的子弟)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110450。

Gordon Brown has arrived in India for a two-day visit, pledging to forge stronger trade links and cooperate against terrorism. But the fate of Northern Rock continues to dominate his tour. The prime minister denied he's aly struck a deal with Sir Richard Branson. Our political editor Gary Gibbon reports from Delhi.Well Gordon Brown's here in India to talk about aid, trade and counter-terrorism. He attended a women's empowerment event when he arrived here in Delhi. And a short while after that, he had this to say about how he wanted more international cooperation on counter-terrorism.What I would like to see is greater contact between our two countries in winning the battle of hearts and minds, isolating extremist ideologues who are trying to poison young people and the views that they have.Tomorrow Gordon Brown's gonna be talking about what he calls global governance, changes to institutions like ed Nations. He wants India to have a seat on the Security Council. But he wants a lot else as well. He's talking about a sort of force, a bit like the Blue Berets, the military forces that the ed Nations currently deployed to troubled countries. He wants a backup as it were a blue suit force which could include teachers, judges, doctors, people who can come in when a country is in dire difficulty. But there is another issue that is dogging him around here and it is in a way personified by the ever-present, Sir Richard Branson, boss of Virgin. He's been following the prime minister on his tour and insisting at every turn that there are no secret negotiations going on between the two of them when it comes to the sale of Northern Rock. This is what the prime minister himself had to say about that today.I can reassure people entirely that any negotiations about Northern Rock will be taking place in London. If a number of commercial companies are expressing interest in the future of Northern Rock, then it is right that the government explore all options available to us. But as I said the prime minister is gonna be talking about the ed Nations and other matters tomorrow when he's here in Delhi but his heart and mind are gonna be very much back in London where the Chancellor will be making a very important statement about Northern Rock. The prime minister wants people to think that he's no longer on the back foot on Northern Rock, he's taken a grip of the situation and that he is not bailing out whoever buys Northern Rock. Will it look like that? Will it sound like that? Will people think that the government is actually making a sweetener for Richard Branson or whoever buys Northern Rock? That will be the key moment tomorrow. Gordon Brown will be watching from a distance here in Delhi.200810/53540。

Clintons in tears over Chelsea? You can bet on itChelsea Clinton's hush-hush wedding may as well be classified but one thing is no secret: There will be tears.The only child of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will marry longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky this month in a ceremony that has withstood leaks better than many secrets in Washington."You should assume that if he makes it down the aisle in one piece it's a major accomplishment," Hillary Clinton said of her husband in comments to N broadcast Monday from Pakistan."He is going to be so emotional, as am I, but we're both looking forward to it and very happy about it," she said.Local media have reported the wedding will take place on July 31 at an estate in Rhinebeck north of New York City and there is speculation the bride will wear Oscar de la Renta."My lips are sealed," Hillary Clinton said. "I am under very strict orders not to talk about it."Chelsea Clinton, 29, who works at a New York hedge fund, has kept a low profile since her father left the White House in January 2001 but she campaigned for her mother during her unsuccessful run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.Mezvinsky, 31, is an investment banker whose parents, Edward Mezvinsky and Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, are both former Democratic members of the US House of Representatives.The guest list -- rumored by New York media to include around 400 people -- is among the closely guarded secrets. Hillary Clinton has a message for all those Clinton supporters who might be still hoping for an invite: "We love you all but this is her wedding."Vocabulary:hush-hush: highly secret or confidential(秘密的,不公开的)classified: confidential or secret(机密的)down the aisle: 步上红地毯in one piece: entirely undamaged or unharmed(完好地,完整无损)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109447。