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这是美丽的一天,新开始,新希望。大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,来一起快乐学英语吧。Actually: adv. 实际上;实在地;确实;竟然,居然;目前,如今,眼下She looks young, but shes actually 50. 她看上去年轻,可是实际上已五十岁了。Thats the only reason Im actually going. 这是我确实要走的唯一理由。Actually, it is not the case. 实际上,情况不是这样的。Im actually hoping she will go back to school. 我倒希望她还会重回学校。This is a question actually under discussion. 这是个眼下正讨论的问题。All of a sudden: 突然地,突如其来地, 猛然地,突然间The boy began crying all of a sudden. 那男孩忽然哭了起来。All of a sudden he turned about and saw me. 他突然转过身来,看见了我。All of a sudden a piercing scream broke the silence. 突然,刺耳的尖叫声打破了寂静。Paul had his speech very well prepared, but in the presence of such a big audience all of a sudden he lost his tongue. 保罗的演说词准备得很好,但在这么多的听众面前他却突然间说不出话来。All of a sudden theres a problem. 突然间就出了问题。I was very poor, all of a sudden, I turned out to be a millionaire. 我本来很穷,一夜间暴富。 /201204/176486Subject:Who is to lead off the free debate. 迷你对话A: Who is to lead off the free debate?自由辩论由谁来带头发言?B: I think our team leader ought to be Jack.我想我们队应该是Jack吧。 地道表达 lead off 1. 解词释义Lead off这个短语的意思是“开始”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Who is to lead off the discussion?谁来带头讨论。e.g. Who will lead off by asking the first question?谁将开始问第一个问题? /201404/284847网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic: 需要时间适应新的环境It just takes time to feel comfortable in a new place. 总是需要一段时间才能适应一个新的环境。一个人的适应能力不管有多强,初到一个新的环境,都需要花上一些时间去适应。花时间去做某事,非常简单的一个句型:It takes somebody sometime to do something.而适应一个新的地方,换句话而言呢,就是觉得舒适,舒。也就是:feel comfortable in a new place。所以完整的一句话:需要花一些时间去适应一个新的环境。It just takes time to feel comfortable in a new place.如果想要表达花时间做别的事情。It takes me one hour to get to my company.我要花1个小时才能到达公司。[本节目属] /201303/229717

迷你对话:A:I learned of the railway accident only this morning.我今天早上才听说火车事故的事情。B:A really dful accident and many people were killed.真是一场可怕的事故,死了很多人。A:Is that true?真的吗?B:Yeah, well, I fill you in one the details later.是呀,等会儿我再告诉你详细情况。B:Thanks.多谢。地道表达:fill somebody in on the details解词释义:detail作为名词,本义为“细节”,on the details是指“关于细节的情况”,即“详细情况”,fill in在此可以理解为“向......提供最新消息”,因此fill sb in on the details意思就是“向某人提供详细情况”。持范例:Eg.As for the fight that France made in the next few years against a European coalition we cannot fill you on the details.关于接下去几年里法国对欧洲同盟作战的情况,我们不可能详细述说。Eg.I will fill him in on the details that Mr. James Helstones career and character I was acquainted with.我将告诉你我所知道的詹姆斯·赫尔斯通先生的生涯和性格的一切详细情况。Eg.I didnt fill them on the details, I didnt want them to go crazy.我没有把详细情况告诉她们,我们不想把她们气疯了。Eg.He earnestly pressed her to come with her daughters to Barton park, after filling her on the details about the house and garden,他讲述了房子和花园的详细情况以后便恳切地竭力劝说她携带女儿到巴顿庄园来。词海拾贝:learn of:获悉,听说Eg.It is with the deepest regret that we learn of your bereavement.惊悉你亲人逝世,深切悲痛。Eg.Shocked to learn of your mother death I express heartfelt condolence in your affliction.惊悉你母亲去世,谨此表示深切的慰问。Eg.The country is stunned to learn of the death of the president .听到总统逝世的消息,全国为之震惊。Eg.She was depressed to learn of her illness.她得知自己患病,心情十分抑郁。视野拓展:fill in:填写Eg.First make an outline and then fill in the content.先搭好架子, 再充实内容。Eg.If you fill in this form, you can take books out of the library.如果你填了这张表,就可以把书带出图书馆。Eg. If you want tickets for the ferry, please fill in this booking form.你如果想买渡船的票,请填写订票单。Eg.The teacher asked us to fill in the blanks with prepositions.老师叫我们在空白处填入介词。特别声明:该节目的迷你对话精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为未经可可许可。 /201209/197597

a sore point: a subject that makes you feel angry or upset when it is mentioned 心病;疼处;伤心事,痛处 The tax increases are a sore point with Jake, as he's going to lose a lot of money.加税可是杰克的一件伤心事,因为他会损失不少钱.Point a/the finger (at sb): Say you think sb is responsible for sth; accuse sb of doing sth 指责,指控The article points an accusing finger at the authorities. 那篇文章谴责了当局.It was his wife who pointed the finger at him in the end.最后他的妻子出面谴责了他. /12/93234

特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: How are you feeling, John?约翰,你感觉如何?B: Oh, not too bad, but I’ve got to stay in bed.还不太糟糕,但是得躺在床上。A: Do more exercises after you are healthy.等好了后可得多锻炼一下身体。B: Ok, I will. You have said that many times.我会的,你都说了好几遍了。A: Are you hungry? Do you want me to buy something for you to eat?你现在不饿吗?我给您买点吃的。B: No, there’s no need. Thank you all the same.不用了,谢谢你。对话精讲第一、地道表达【核心短语】all the same【解词释义】此语是“依然,仍旧”“尽管如此”的意思,还有“无所谓,都一样”的意思。All the same, there is some truth in what he says.尽管如此,他的话也还是有些道理。The air became cooler but Feliks perspired all the same.空气凉爽了,但费利克斯仍然浑身出汗。Hes a bit naughty, but I like him all the same.他有点顽皮,可是我还是喜欢他。拓展例句:You can pay now or later; its all the same to me. It doesnt matter.你可以现在或以后付钱,这对我都是一样的。没关系的。You can do it now or later——its all the same to me.你现在办也行,以后办也行,对我无所谓。If its all the same to you, Id prefer to go shopping by myself.如果你无所谓, 我就自己一个人去购物。第二、词海拾贝do some exercises:运动I try to set aside a few minutes each day to do some exercises.我每天尽量腾出一些时间锻炼一下身体。Is it all right to move around and do some exercises?可以在地上走走,锻炼锻炼吗?第三、句海拾贝1.【句型模板】Somebody want someone to do something for him.某人需要某人为他做某事。【句型操练】I want you to make breakfast for me. 我想要你为我做早餐。2.【句型模板】There is no need for somebody to do something.没有必要做某事。【句型操练1】There is no need to shout angry words at me.用不着冲我嚷。【句型操练2】There is no need for me to praise it; It peaks for itself.无需我来称赞, 那是显而易见的。 /201308/250875

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