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赣州长安医院是公办的还是私办的安远县医院男科Over 14,000 Santas march for world recordMore than 14,000 people dressed as Santa Clauses paraded in Portugal's city of Porto on Sunday to try to set a new world record for the largest gathering of Santas and raise money for charity.Despite cold weather and drizzling rain, the crowd in red-and-white hats and jackets, including scores of women and children with fake white beards, strolled through the city streets singing songs and dancing in the annual parade that started in the afternoon and continued after dark."It's not just a gathering of people at the time of the year when people normally get together, but it is also a social event to bring the warmth of Christmas to those who don't always have it," Vitor Ferreira, one of the organizers of the event, told reporters.Every Santa, or Pai Natal (Father Christmas) as he is known in Portugal, who took part in the parade donated 1 euro to buy presents for the needy children in Porto, Portugal's second-largest city, Ferreira said.He said 17,400 people had signed up to take part, although bad weather prevented some from parading. Still, over 14,200 showed up in the end, which organisers claimed to be record, according to RTP national television channel.According to the Guinness World Records web site (http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com), the previous world record for the largest gathering of Santas was set last year in Derry City, Northern Ireland, where a total of 12,965 people took part dressed up as Santa or Santa's helpers. /200812/58913赣州一般割包皮多少钱 The cooler months have their charms, including hot chocolate, cozy fires and pretty scenery. They also bring about a few woes, though, such as dry skin, dry hair and dry lips. The key to keeping hydrated locks, kissable lips and supple skin is to moisturize often and well. Consider it the same as drinking water when you#39;re thirsty. When your body craves a little moisture ; and it will ; employ balms, salves, lotions and creams to keep scales and cracks away.寒冬腊月也有自己的魅力,热热的巧克力,惬意的火炉还有美丽的景色。尽管如此,寒冷也带来了一些灾难,比如干燥的皮肤,干枯的头发还有干裂的双唇。锁住双唇水分保持饱满状态,让肌肤柔软的关键是经常补水。就像你口渴的时候喝水一样。当你的身体需要一些水分补充时;就要用一些香脂,药膏,水和面霜来驱走干裂。 /201201/167004很多人都知道,在西方国家13是个不吉利的数字。有很多楼层、门牌号都会直接跳过13,12之后直接是14,或是用12A代替13。那么,为什么13是个不吉利的数字呢?原因有很多种:  1. 最后的晚餐中的13门徒  Some Christian traditions have it that at the Last Supper, Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table.  传说耶稣遇难前和弟子们共进了一次晚餐。参加晚餐的第13个人是耶稣的弟子犹大。就是这个犹大为了30块银元,把耶稣出卖给犹太教当局,致使耶稣受尽折磨。而且参加最后晚餐的是13个人,晚餐的日期恰逢13日,“13”给耶稣带来苦难和不幸。从此,“13”被认为是不幸的象征,也成为背叛和出卖的同义词。 /201004/102763于都县岭背镇上营村卫生所地址在哪

赣州哪家医院能治疗早泄I#39;ve always known my father was an important man. He is, after all, the president of the ed States. But the other day, as I was running around on the playground, a thought suddenly occurred to me, a horrible realization that stopped me dead in my tracks: There are people out there who want to kill my dad. My dad. The man who is raising me, who asks me how school is every day, who takes me to soccer games and s me stories when I can#39;t fall asleep at night. People want to murder him. They want to murder my father.我知道我爸爸一直是个重要人物。毕竟,他是美国总统。但是,某天我在操场上跑步的时候,一个想法突然掠过我脑海,它是个如此令人恐惧的发现,以至于我当时就停下了脚步,楞站在跑道上:有人想杀我爸爸,我的爸爸。那个抚养我长大,每天问我“今天在学校过得如何”,带我去看足球比赛,以及在我枕边读故事哄我入睡的爸爸。有人想谋杀他。有人想谋杀我的爸爸。Doesn#39;t really get more fucked up than that, now, does it?还有什么能比这更糟糕?When we first moved into the White House I was only 7 years old, too young to know that people wanted my dad dead. And I#39;ll tell you what, I was a lot happier then. Now that I#39;m a little older, though, it#39;s all becoming pretty clear. There aren#39;t just four or five people who want my dad dead. Tons of people want to murder him. Tons. People in this country, people in other countries. The bottom line-and this is the cold, hard reality that I now fully understand-is that every second of every day, people are thinking of ways to kill the person I love and admire more than anyone in the world.当我们一家刚搬进白宫的时候,我才七岁,对有人想谋杀我爸爸这点毫无意识。然而,说实话,那时的我比现在快乐得多。如今我长大了点儿,而现实清楚地摆在眼前。希望我爸爸死的人并不只有4、5个,而有成千上万个!成千上万个在美国的,或是在国外的人,都有。如今我终于明白了这个冰冷又残酷的现实——每一天,每一秒钟,都有人在琢磨着如何将这个全世界我最爱、最崇拜的人杀死。Meanwhile, no one is plotting the murder of, say, my friend Amanda#39;s dad. He#39;s a computer technician. No one is trying to assassinate a computer technician. At no point in Amanda#39;s day will she experience a rush of crippling panic due to the fact that, at any moment, a psycho wielding a semiautomatic weapon could step out of the shadows and unload an entire clip into her father#39;s chest, killing him right on the spot.与此同时,却没有人策划如何杀死我朋友阿曼达的父亲。他是个电脑技术人员。没人会想杀一个电脑技术人员。在阿曼达的生活里,她永远不会经历那种突如其来的巨大恐惧感,那种“突然间,她的父亲就被暗中埋伏的神经病拿着的半自动武器击穿胸膛,立时毙命”的恐惧。That#39;s just true. You can try to comfort me all you want, but you know damn well that#39;s just a fact.这是实话。无论你如何安慰我,你也很清楚,事情就是这样。Here#39;s another awful thing I#39;ve finally started to understand: The chances of somebody killing my father are so high that there is an entire force of men and women whose singular responsibility is to prevent that from happening. These people are specially trained. They create intricate plans specifically designed to protect my father, because no matter where he goes, somebody in the area probably wants to kill him. And look, I#39;m not some naiuml;ve little girl anymore. I can get on the Internet. I can research American presidents. I know damn well the Secret Service doesn#39;t always succeed. Ronald Reagan almost died, and he had a daughter just like me.我还渐渐明白了另一个令人恐惧的事实:由于我父亲被谋杀的几率实在太高,以至于专门有一由男男女女组成的队伍,他们的使命很简单:防止此类事件发生。这些人员都经过特殊训练。他们设计错综复杂的方案来保护我父亲的人身安全,因为无论他走到哪里,都有被暗处的人谋杀的可能性。我已经不是个幼稚的小姑娘了,我会上网,会搜索“美国历届总统”。我很清楚特勤局并不会永远都成功。里根总统差点被杀死,他和我爸爸一样,有一个像我这个年纪的女儿。Also, I know exactly who John F. Kennedy is now. And I know exactly what happened to him.我还知道约翰-肯尼迪先生是谁,我也知道了发生在他身上的事情。So, as this was all starting to sink in-and I was pretty shocked, as you can probably imagine-it occurred to me that I have my own Secret Service detail, which means there are also people who want me dead. They want me, an 11-year-old little girl, dead. Same goes for my mom and big sister. I mean, shit, they want to kill my whole family.所以,当这些真相慢慢开始充斥我的脑海,我变得非常恐惧。我也有自己的专属特勤局保镖,而这说明了有人想要我的命。对,有人想杀我,杀一个才11岁的小姑娘。我母亲和我也未能幸免于此。他妈的,这些人想要我们全家的命。And you want to know what the worst part is? I have no idea where my dad is right now. I haven#39;t seen him all day. For all I know, he could be waving to a crowd of supporters at this very moment while some guy on a rooftop 2,000 feet away has his head in the scope of a high-powered rifle, just waiting for the perfect moment to splatter his brains all over the stage.你知道最糟糕的是什么吗?最糟糕的是,我连我爸现在在哪里都不知道。我已经一整天没见他了。他很有可能正在跟一大群持者挥手,而这时一个隐匿在2000英尺外屋顶上的家伙,正在用大火力来复对着我爹的脑袋,伺机等待着那个最佳的时刻,来扣动扳机,让我爹的脑浆涂满一地。Put yourself in my shoes for a second. Imagine you#39;re standing next to your dad, holding his hand and smiling, when all of a sudden a bullet pierces through his skull and drenches your sundress in blood.设身处地为我想想。假如你是我,站在自己爸爸的身边,拉着他的手微笑着,而突然间,一颗子弹穿透了他的颅骨,而你的背心裙瞬间被他的鲜血染透。Seriously, do you have any idea how messed up that is?你能想象这是多么令人绝望的场景吗?And I#39;m not operating under the misconception that all these people are going to get caught someday or just eventually give up. The most depressing thing is this will be going on for the rest of my life. Twenty years from now, when I#39;m living far away and have kids of my own, I could get a call from my mom with the news that Dad is dead. That he was blown to bits by a bomb in his car, and that they just barely found enough charred remains to identify the body.我不会自欺欺人地认为这些谋杀者会被抓住,或放弃暗杀我爸的计划。最让人沮丧的是,这样的恐惧将伴随我一生。20年后,当我离家,在遥远的地方安居乐业,生儿育女,我可能会接到妈妈的电话,告诉我爸爸死了。比如,他被暗藏在轿车里的炸弹炸得碎尸万段,而尸检部门仅仅能依据残缺的碎片来实我爸的身份。Well, great. I#39;m glad I finally figured all that out. Here#39;s to a wonderful life, Sasha. I guess I#39;ll just go outside now and play without a goddamn care in the whole fucked-up world.哈,很好,我很高兴现在终于明白了一切。萨沙,举杯赞美这“美好”的人生吧!我打算现在就出门大玩特玩,再也不去理会、不去想这操蛋的世界。 /201207/192572赣州市人民医院网上咨询 【中英文对照】For most of us, the purpose of the holidays is to bring peace, love, and goodwill towards all. Yet, for many, the holiday season often means stress, fatigue, pressure, disappointment and loneliness.对我们大多数人来说,休假的目的是为获得清静、关爱和友善,但是对很多人来说,假日却常常意味着紧张、疲倦、压力、失望和孤寂。 These feelings, often known as the "holiday blues," may be even more prevalent, due to the emotional turmoil of the past few months, not to mention the unsteady economy.且不说变化不定的经济,过去几个月来情感上的波折就可能使这种被称为“假日忧伤”的情感更为普遍。Experts say even the more ritual tasks of shopping, decorating, late-night parties, cooking, planning and family reunions can be holiday stressors.   专家说,甚至购物、布置房间、深夜晚会、做饭、计划和家庭团聚这种人们习以为常的事,都可能成为假日紧张的因素。In addition, the psychological phenomenon known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, may bring a specific type of depression related to winter's shorter days and longer nights.   此外,季节情感紊乱症或称SAD的心理现象也可能导致一种与冬季昼短夜长有关的特殊类型的抑郁。"Certainly just because it's the holidays doesn't mean people are going to be happy," says Dr. Doug Jacobs of Harvard University. "And this will be a particularly hard holiday for some who are dealing with a lost job, debt, or even a lost loved one."   哈佛大学的Doug Jacobs士说:“当然,假日并不意味着大家都会很开心。对于那些正在应付失业、债务问题、甚至失去亲人的人来说,假期将尤其难熬。” /200906/72588赣州信丰医院属于几级

赣州哪里检查梅毒比较好QQykd_HCTh)fTE^fNZ1Ej)pMNUu4ZqR%z1cK~sEsjXUzlq导读:从凯特威廉的王室大婚,到名媛Kim Kardashian短暂的72天婚姻,在2011年结婚的欧美明星们可不在少数#UOO9tt(;(ULW!2#eeC。而新娘们身上所穿的不同风格的婚纱也让人印象深刻qDL|iqr;W+w。不管他们的婚姻会延续多久,在穿上婚纱的那一刻,她们都是最美丽的天使CC7RSjQTO0X6sO|Qt!。n,nArq@ulQc)Y7W!Wedding dress of the year: A very happy looking Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave Westminster Abbey after saying their vows.-kQ19tc47!(-2011婚纱大集锦:剑桥公爵及其夫人许下永恒的神圣诺言后,带着甜蜜的笑容走出了威斯敏特大教堂)TodG!dCIYHPwX@ba%。|1HE[#tUEVRfLs-WTLThis time last year there was only one wedding dress we were looking forward to seeing... Kate Middleton#39;s. But while Sarah Burton#39;s universally applauded design satisfied every fashionista#39;s craving for a royal wedding gown, the Duchess was far from the only bride who impressed.V36---(53R)kQuwvFN去年大家似乎都在期待着一件特殊的婚纱;;那就是凯特;米德尔顿的婚纱6Q5T-5%v;jdnHwjdm3K(。莎拉;伯顿独一无二的设计果然没有让这场世纪婚礼失色,它充分满足了大家对时尚的要求,要知道公爵夫人不仅仅只是位新娘啊+gX6GHKsNY3Eg^02-3。4u;(yR!Xtt,LXLace was a strong theme, with everyone from Lily Allen and Reese Witherspoon choosing to embellish their dresses with different styles of the sophisticated material. Meanwhile, this year#39;s other royal brides, Zara Phillips and Charlene of Monaco, went for more simple ivory silk dresses.5SV4g;%YJ,蕾丝是2011的强势主题,无论是Lily Allen,还是Reese Witherspoon都选择了复杂精致的蕾丝来装饰婚纱TTPbqV-5]kJ9.GJI。同时,今年的另一场皇家婚礼的主角Zara Phillips和Charlene of Monaco选择了朴素的象牙白丝绸礼l#[0(-x#,u-T*)zaJ。;H(2d4ujz-qX_J;yredwEgN[jZx[xBMCn0pRyEw82[Zd /201201/167134 Australia#39;s Marie Claire magazine has come up with their image of the ideal woman, plucking the best features of some of the world#39;s most famous celebrities and composing them into one, strangely recognisable, ensemble.澳大利亚版《嘉人》杂志最新推选出完美女性形象,从一些全球最著名的明星身上取出最美之处,组合成令人不可思议的整体效果。Using data from leading surgeons around the world, the team have pulled together the most requested celebrity looks as received by plastic surgery experts in the past 12 months.团队成员将整形外科专家在过去一年中客户要求最多的明星相整合在了一起。这些数据都来自全球的顶级整形外科医生。Published in the April edition of the glossy magazine, the rendition of the unreal woman suggests that looks can indeed be bought.虚构的这张最美女性相貌发表在今年4月刊的《嘉人》时尚杂志上,同时也表明,美貌是可以花钱买来的。Mad Men beauty January Jones has cheeks that are hankered after, while Anne Hathaway#39;s eyes are a winner.人们最希望拥有《广告狂人》剧中的美女詹纽瑞bull;琼斯的面颊,和安妮bull;海瑟薇的眼睛。Natalie Portman#39;s small, streamlined nose is chosen above all others and paired with Scarlett Johansson#39;s mouth ; her famous full pout attracting the attention of the cosmetic patients.娜塔莉bull;波特曼小巧的流线型鼻子得分最高,再配上斯嘉丽bull;约翰逊的嘴,她著名的饱满的翘嘴唇吸引了众多整容人士的注意。Halle Berry#39;s sculpted jawline was chosen as the ideal way to shape a face, while, though not a cosmetic procedure option, the image was finished with the blonde, gently curling tresses of country singer, Taylor Swift.哈莉bull;贝瑞颇具造型的下颌轮廓被认为最能勾勒脸型。最理想女性形象还拥有乡村歌手泰勒bull;斯威夫特金黄色的轻柔卷发,尽管这尚未成为整容手术的一个选择。No mention of skin complexion, forehead, eyebrows or teeth is made, never mind the rest of the body, though most of the #39;ideal#39; looks may be recreated using face lifts, fillers and rhinoplasty.最理想女性形象没有提到肤色、前额、眉毛、或者牙齿,不用担心身体的其余部分,虽然大部分的;理想;相貌也许都是通过整容、填充和隆鼻再造的。All of the features come from of-the-moment American A-listers ; suggesting that fashions and trends must in part influence the choices.所有的特征都取自当今的美国一线明星,这表明时尚潮流也在某种程度上影响了人们的选择。In Australia, women will spend 0 million on modifying their looks and bodies, while in 2009, Americans spent a staggering billion on cosmetic procedures, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.在澳大利亚,女性会花费850美元整型塑身,而根据美国美容整形外科学会的数据,美国人在2009年的整容消费高达100亿美元。 /201203/173983蓉江新区医院男科医院在那儿蓉江区男科医院




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