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Bee jetting off to Paris, Madrid or Rome, American holidaymakers should consider a trip to Birmingham, according to a new list of places to visit in .根据新发布的年旅游地排行榜,在飞往巴黎、马德里或罗马之前,美国的度假者应该先考虑去伯明翰旅行The New York Times ;5 Places to Go in ;, published last week, finds room England much maligned second city at number 19, ahead of the likes of Vienna, Jordan, Dubrovnik and Antarctica, while the Italian, Spanish and French capitals missed out entirely.上周,《纽约时报发表了;年一定要去的5个地方;,它将英国声名狼藉的第二大城市伯明翰排在第19位,位列维也纳、约旦、杜布罗夫尼克和南极洲之前,而意大利、西班牙和法国的首都则均未上榜Birmingham made the list after it was named Britain ;foodiest town; by Olive, B food magazine, in October. The New York Times highlights four restaurants run by local chefs: Lasan, Opus, Edmunds and Loves, as well as three Michelin-starred establishments: Purnell, Simpsons and Turners of Harborne. It also mentions Birmingham famous Balti Triangle, and its no-nonsense culinary heritage ; the city is the birthplace of Typhoo Tea, Bird Custard and HP Sauce.此前,伯明翰在去年十月份被英国广播公司的餐饮杂志《Olive评为英国;最美味的城市;《纽约时报着重提到了四个由当地厨师经营的餐馆:Lasan,Opus,Edmunds和Loves,还有三家米其林星级餐馆:Purnell,Simpsons和Turners of Harborne报纸还提到了伯明翰著名的巴尔蒂三角区及其正统的烹饪遗产;;伯明翰是泰福茶、雀嘜吉士粉和HP酱的原产地Panama topped the New York Times list. The country is recommended its raucous nightlife, good snorkelling and trendy, up-and-coming capital city.巴拿马位列《纽约时报的旅游地排行之首巴拿马因其喧嚣的夜生活、美妙的潜水运动及其新潮蓬勃的首都而获得推荐Helsinki, designated the World Design Capital by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, and Myanmar, now back on travellers itineraries after Aung San Suu Kyi withdrew her opposition to independent tourism last year, completed the top three.赫尔辛基是国际工业设计协会指定的年世界设计之都缅甸在昂山素季去年收回她对独立旅行的反对后再次成为旅行者的目的地这三个地方成为旅游地排行榜的前三名Neil Rami, Chief Executive of Marketing Birmingham, which manages Birmingham Food Fest ; noted in The New York Times listing ; said:尼尔bull;拉米是;营销伯明翰;机构的总裁,他管理着《纽约时报排行榜中所提到的伯明翰美食节;Birmingham has worked hard to improve its reputation as a visitor destination in recent years by showcasing amongst other attributes, our fantastic and diverse foodie offer.;他说:;伯明翰近些年通过展示城市突出的特性以及我们所提供的多样美食努力改善这座城市作为旅游目的地的名声;Our Michelin star chefs and fine dining restaurant scene have catapulted the city into the culinary spotlight.;;我们的米其林星级厨师和良好的用餐环境使伯明翰成为了烹饪中心;Other British destinations to feature were London, at number four, Glasgow, at number , and Wales, at 31.上榜的其他英国旅游目的地有:伦敦(排在第四位)、格拉斯哥(第位)和威尔士(第31位)London is recommended its public spaces, shopping centres and Georgian architecture. Visitors to the capital should head to the recently-renovated Charles Dickens Museum, take the Warner Brothers Studio Tour (on the edge of Watd), and stay at the Waldorf Astoria, according to the New York Times.伦敦因其公共空间、购物中心以及乔治亚的建筑风格而受到推荐《纽约时报指出,来这座城市旅游的人首先要去新近翻修的查尔斯bull;狄更斯物馆,然后进行华纳兄弟工作室之旅(邻近沃特福德)并在华道夫阿斯多里亚酒店住宿词汇点津:jet off to: 乘飞机去往;;no-nonsense: 正经的;严肃的up-and-coming: 崭露头角的 83

UFO enthusiasts claim to have spotted Barack Obama head on the Martian surface.飞碟爱好者称在火星表面看到了奥巴马的头They says a panoramic image from taken by the Spirit rover shows a rock shaped uncannily like the President head -and that it could be part of a statue.他们说在勇气号火星探测器于年所拍摄的一张全景图上看到了一块看起来很像奥巴马头部的石头——而且可能是雕像的一部分It is the latest in a long line of claims of heads and other structures on the thousands of images sent back from the Martian surface by Nasa rovers.在NASA的探测器所发送回来的众多图片中,这是人们声称找到了头部或者其他结构的最新一起earching structures on Mars I found this head, said Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily blog.“在所拍摄的火星图片上寻找建筑结构时,我发现了这个头部,”来自“不明飞行物目击日报”客的Scott Waring说From the way its standing up I would say that it is a full statue, but is buried from the shoulders down. “从其摆放的角度来看,我觉得这是一个完整的雕像,但是肩部以下的地方都被埋在地下” He believes the structure in 3D printed.他认为这个雕像是通过3D打印出来的However, another UFO enthusiast, writing on UFO Sightings Hotspot, altered the image on a computer andfound Obama head was revealed.然而,另外一个飞碟爱好者在电脑上对这个头部进行修改后,发现它看起来像奥巴马的头部By cleaning the image in a softwareprogram,“就是通过一款软件程序将图像清晰化”I discovered that this relic has an uncanny resemblance to the ed States president, Barack Obama.“后来我发现这东西长得和美国总统奥巴马非常像”The image is the latest in a seriesclaiming to show faces on Mars.这是最新一起声称在火星上发现人脸的事件 the the last few decades Nasa has spent billions of dollars on a variety of missions to Mars to find out if the planet might once have been habitable.过去几十年来NASA耗费巨资执行火星任务,目的是为了探索曾经的火星是否适合居住But has a YouTube blogger found evidence past life on Mars in the m of a human face-like rock hidden in an oldNasa photo?然而飞碟爱好者们通过NASA老图片所发现的这个火星上的人脸石头就真的表明曾经有生命居住在火星上吗?The answer, of course, is an emphatic no,but that hasnt stopped the UFO enthusiast from suggesting that the rock may bea sign the planet was once inhabited.当然是否定的,但是飞碟爱好者们依然声称这块石头可能意味着以前的火星是一个适合居住的地方 695

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