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黑龙江第八人民医院电话号码哈尔滨省妇幼保健院的电话When we are warned about the dangers of food, it usually relates to food allergies or food poisoning. The image of killer biscuits has never quite come in to peoples minds. Millions of people reach for a biccy whenever they pour a cup of tea and it seems that this simple action is an activity packed with hidden danger.当我们警惕食物的危险时,我们通常指的是食物过敏或食物中毒。人们通常不会想到饼干的杀伤力。 数百万人在泡茶时会顺手拿一些饼干。似乎这个简单的动作充满了潜在的危险。Almost half of all Britons have been injured while eating a crunchy biscuit with their tea or coffee, according to figures released by a new survey. The research conducted by Mindlab International shows a staggering 500 people each year need hospital treatment after a biscuit-related injury.一项最新调查数据显示,大约一半的英国人在边喝茶或咖啡边吃香脆的饼干时受过伤。这项由国际思维进行的调查发现,每年因食用饼干受伤到医院就诊的人数高达500人,数量非常惊人。And its estimated that millions of Brits have become cookie casualties at some point. It also found that almost a third of adults said they had been splashed or scalded by hot drinks while dunking or trying to fish out the remnants of a collapsed digestive. It also revealed that 28 percent had choked on crumbs, while one in ten had broken a tooth or filling biting a biscuit.据估计,大约有数百万英国人曾经因食用饼干受伤。调查还发现,几乎三分之一的成年人在试图用热水浸泡或勾起散开的饼干时被开水烫到或溅到。调查还披露,大约28%的人曾被饼干渣噎到,同时有十分之一的人曾在咬饼干时损坏牙齿或牙齿填充物。More unusually, three percent had poked themselves in the eye with a biscuit and seven percent bitten by a pet or other wild animal trying to get their biscuit. One man even ended up stuck in wet concrete after wading in to pick up a stray biscuit. And the title of the most dangerous biscuit belongs to the humble custard cream. It poses the most risk to innocent dunkers with a Biscuit Injury Threat Evaluation, or B.I.T.E rating of 5.63. This compares to just 1.16 for soft and safe Jaffa Cakes.更为异常的是,3%的人曾经被饼干戳到眼睛,还有7%的人因其宠物或其他野生动物试图抢他们的饼干,不慎被咬伤。更有甚者,一名男子因费力地捡起一片散落的饼干而被困在混凝土中。最危险饼干的头衔属于双层奶油饼干。奶油饼干的伤害威胁评估指数是5.63,而风险最低的佳发饼的指数只有1.16。201301/221660哈尔滨妇科检查项目费用 These mini ;rock slides; can be caused by head injury or viruses and can even happen suddenly in some people, It is much more common in adults over fifty. Is there any cure? The problem sometimes resolves itself after several weeks, but there is also a clever treatment called the Epley Maneuver. The Epley Maneuver is simply a choreographed sequence of precise head movements, done with the aid of your doctor, that cause the misplaced rocks to roll back into the utricle. The maneuver is like those games where you try to roll a marble through a maze by tilting the board this way and that. In one study the maneuver was shown to be successful in eighty-five percent of cases. Although the treatment may not always provide a long term cure, the Epley Maneuver is a non invasive and painless way to find relief from certain benign cases of vertigo and dizziness.这些小型的;泥石流;,可能由头部损伤或病毒造成,甚至某些人会突然发生这种症状,这种情况在五十多岁的成年人身上比较多见。没有办法治愈吗?有时几个星期后这种症状会自己痊愈,但也有一个聪明的治疗法叫做;Epley手法;。它是一系列简单的精确的头部动作,在医生的帮助下,会让错位的耳石回到;胞囊;。这种办法就像是玩弹子游戏,你要左右倾斜斜板让弹子通过迷宫。在一项研究中,这种治疗方法的治愈率达百分之八十五。虽然治疗不能确保长期的疗效,Epley手法是治愈头晕和眩晕的一种非侵入性且无痛的方式。201202/170835哈尔滨阳光医院妇产科怎样

黑龙江省森工总医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗Still in Books and Arts; Book Review;New thriller;Wreathed in smoke;文艺;书评;新的惊悚小说;烟雾氤氲;The Golden Scales. By Parker Bilal.《金色的区域》,Parker Bilal于布伦堡著。Parker Bilal whisks the er straight to the dark heart of Cairo. From the maze of alleys in the medieval bazaar to sand-blown, half-finished luxury housing developments, the Egyptian capital is a menacing place where betrayal swirls like an army of djinns.Parker Bilal带领读者轻松杀入开罗黑暗的心脏。从中世纪市集迷宫般的巷道,到尘土飞扬,尚未竣工的豪宅工地,埃及首都处处是威胁,背叛则如神魔组成的军队一般盘旋梭巡,神出鬼没。Makana is a poverty-stricken Sudanese political exile living alone on a rickety houseboat on the Nile. He is commissioned by Hanafi, a violent and corrupt Cairene oligarch, with finding Adil Romario, a star football player. Meanwhile, Liz Markham, the daughter of a British aristocrat, has been tortured and murdered while searching for her daughter, who went missing in Cairo more than 20 years earlier. A former policeman himself, Makana is no naif, but he rapidly finds himself in a perilous world peopled with Egypts ultra-rich, Islamic militants and Russian organised crime. Its a heady mix, but one that Mr Bilal pulls off with verve.Makana,苏丹人士,穷困潦倒,因政治问题被流放他乡,独居于尼罗河上一艘破败不堪的船屋里。他肩负开罗残暴腐朽的独裁者Hanafi的使命,寻找足球明星Adil Romario。同时,英国贵族之女Liz Markham在寻找20余年前在开罗丢失的女儿时被折磨并被杀害了。Makana曾为警察,自然绝不天真,但很快却发现自己身陷人间地狱,周围尽是埃及巨富、伊斯兰好战分子,还有俄罗斯人组织的犯罪。这是个让人眼花缭乱的局面,Bilal先生却用高超的技艺成功驾驭了它。A London-born literary novelist, Parker Bilal (whose real name is Jamal Mahjoub) has also lived in Cairo and Sudan. His prose has a subtlety that is rarely found in crime novels: an old man “screwed up his face so that all the lines drew together, like a net being drawn in”; metal rods on a construction site are scattered like “enormous burned matchsticks”; naked light bulbs on an electrical flex resemble “strange fruits on a vine”. The novel is set in pre-Arab-spring Cairo and the city is vividly evoked, its smells and sounds almost seeping from the pages. Characters such as Okasha, a policeman who is Makanas friend and ally, and Sami, a terrier-like reporter, are nuanced and believable though the story flags a little in the middle—always tricky territory for a crime novel—and there are perhaps one too many meaningful meetings with long looks across the table wreathed in cigarette smoke. In the end there is justice, of a sort. Some evildoers are punished, others walk free protected by higher authorities, just as they probably would in real-life Cairo. The twist at the end is subtly signalled. Makana, too, has his demons. His journey, as he learns to live with them, stays with you.Parker Bilal(真名为Jamal Mahjoub)生于伦敦,曾居于苏丹和开罗,擅写小说,文笔优美。他的犯罪小说字字璇玑,笔触细腻精妙,有如散文,甚为难得:一位老人“饱经风霜,脸上的皱纹交结在一起,如同一张收拢的渔网。”;建筑工地散乱的钢筋像“无数烧过的火柴棍儿”;灯泡没有灯罩,悬在花线末端,宛如“葡萄藤上奇异的水果”。小说将故事背景设在“阿拉伯之春”前,鲜活地重现了当时的开罗:它的喧嚣,它的气味,全都跃然纸上,呼之欲出。小说对角色的刻画细致入微,真实可信;Makana的同盟好友Okasha警官,对朋友忠诚友善的记者Sami都是如此。然而文章的中段有些拖沓——犯罪小说很难处理好这些地方——还有一些多余的“有意义”的会面,人从这头穿过氤氲的烟雾看着桌子的那头。在文章最后,正义勉强算是得到了伸张。一些行恶之人受到了惩罚,一些则在上头的保护下逍遥法外;如果真的是在开罗,最后结局大概也就是这样。结尾的大转折在前文中埋有伏笔。Makana心中也有自己的恶魔。在旅途中,他学习着如何与它们一道生活;在这条路上,他与你相随。 /201301/219661哈尔滨阳光妇科医院流产 Business Health insurance in America The doctor octopus商业 美国的健康保险 章鱼士Obamacare is making health insurers bigger奥巴马的保健计划正在使健康保险公司变得更加庞大THE future of Barack Obamas health law is uncertain.奥巴马健康法案的前景还不明朗。Its main provisions will not come into effect until 2014; the Supreme Court may strike it down before then.其主要条款要到2014年以后才会生效;并且在生效之前也可能会被最高法院毙。But Americas insurers are aly transforming.尽管如此,美国的各大保险公司已经随机而动了。They were big before; now they are growing bigger.过去,它们很庞大,现在则正在变得更大。On October 24th Cigna, an insurer based in Connecticut, said it would pay .8 billion for HealthSpring, which offers services and insurance to the elderly.十月二十四日,坐落在康涅狄格州的保险公司Cigna声明,它将为收购HealthSpring付38亿美元,后者的主要业务是为老年人提供务和保险。It is the latest deal to extend insurers tentacles into new areas of health care.这是Cigna公司拓展健康保险新领域的最新举动。The question is whether they might actually improve it.问题是它会不会真的去提高该领域的务质量。Good, cheap health care has long eluded America.长期以来,美国都没有既好又便宜的卫生保健项目。Doctors are paid for each service, so they deliver as many as possible, necessary or not.医生的每项务都是付费的,因此,不管有没有必要,他们都会推销尽可能多的务项目。Insurers protect margins by micromanaging claims and hiking premiums.保险公司靠权利的细微调控和额外费用的大幅提高来保障利润。These perverse incentives are addressed, faintly, by Obamacare.奥巴马健康法案中模糊地提到要改革这些不当的动机。For example, there are pilots to reward hospitals for the quality rather than the quantity of their care.比如,法案中的一些导则规定,奖励那些致力于提高务质量而不是务数量的医院。Mostly, however, the reform deals with the symptoms of muddled incentives: high premiums and poor access.但是,大部分的改革内容则是针对那些让人不解的怪症,即高额的额外费用同时又难以得到的健康保健务。For insurers, reform holds opportunity and peril.对于保险公司来说,改革即润育着机会同时也存在风险。From 2014 the law will require everyone to buy health insurance and offer subsidies to those who cannot afford it.法律规定,从2014年开始每个公民都要买健康保险,同时对于那些付不起保险费用的公民给与补贴。As more people buy insurance, firms revenues will more than double to .2 trillion by 2019, predicts the Boston Consulting Group.波士顿咨询公司预计,截止到2019年,当更多的人买保险之后,保险公司的收益会达到一万两千亿美元,是现在的两倍多。However, profits will be squeezed, thanks to a new tax, a minimum standard for benefits and new scrutiny of increases in premiums.但是,由于新税法,利润上限制度和新的监管酬金增长制度的实施,保险公司的利润将会缩减。Faced with all this, insurers are keen to diversify.面对这些新变化,保险公司都热衷于多样化的经营。Many are hedging against a volatile private market by turning to the public one.为了预防私营市场的不稳定性,许多公司转向了国营(政府经营的)市场。More states are asking insurers to run Medicaid, the programme for the poor.更多的州政府要求保险公司经营管理针对穷人的医疗补助项目。HealthSpring will help Cigna tap the market for Medicare Advantage, private plans that use public money to cover the old.HealthSpring帮助Cigna叩响了公共市场医疗保险优越性的大门,即通过私企的计划方案,来达到利用公共资金务老年人市场的目的。Humana, aly a leader in public health programmes, has bought two Medicare firms this year (so far) and WellPoint has bought one.已经是公共健康项目领头羊的Humana公司,今年(截至目前)已经收购了两家医疗保险公司;WellPoint公司也收购了一个。For these insurers, Medicare Advantage gives access to baby-boomers.对于这些保险公司来说,医疗保险优越性给它们打开了面向婴儿潮时期出生的人群。It is also a testing ground for Mr Obamas new health ;exchanges;, where consumers will be able to buy health insurance from 2014.同时,这也是奥巴马新健康;契约;的试验场,新契约规定从2014年开始消费者都将能够购买健康保险。Both are highly regulated markets that court consumers directly.两个业已高度规范化的市场将同时直接务于消费者。Insurers are sping into new businesses. Last year Aetna bought a health information technology (IT) company.保险公司也正在将其业务扩展的新的领域。去年Aetna公司收购了一个健康信息科技公司。Humana recently bought a chain of clinics. Its new Medicare plans both provide care and pay for it.Humana最近也收购了一个连锁经营的诊所,它的新型医疗保险计划是即提供健康务项目,同时也提供付务费用的项目。The thinking is that this will give Humana the means to keep more of its customers healthy.思考一下可知,这将给Humana公司更多的手段,去保其客户得到更多的健康务。Others are doing the same.其他公司也正在做和Humana公司一样的事情。edHealth Group, the biggest health insurer, has been extending its reach for some time.美国最大的健康保险公司,联合健康集团(edHealth Group)拓展其业务已经有一段时间了。Two non-insurance subsidiaries aly account for 20% of its billion annual revenue:其两家非保险业务的子公司的营业收入已经占了其年度营业额940亿美元的20%,OptumInsight, an IT business, and OptumHealth, which owns doctors groups and provides services to help hospitals improve care.这两家公司分别是OptumInsight,一家IT公司,和OptumHealth,一家拥有医生团队并且为医院提高健康务提供持的公司。These ventures do not just create new revenue streams, argues Sheryl Skolnick of CRT Capital, a broker-dealer. They strengthen eds main business.经纪公司CRT Capital的Sheryl Skolnick说,这些风投不仅仅创造了新的公司收入,它们巩固了联合健康集团的主营业务。This is most obvious when OptumHealth buys a doctors group.最明显的例子是OptumHealth收购了一个医生组织。In August it announced that it would acquire Monarch HealthCare, in California.今年八月份,OptumHealth宣布它将收购位于加州的Monarch HealthCare。Bart Asner, Monarchs chief executive, predicts that Optum will help his doctors be more efficient, monitor patients conditions and keep them healthier.Monarch的首席执行官Bart Asner预计,OptumHealth公司将会帮助他的医生更加高效,并协助医生监护病人,使病人变得更健康。ed will enjoy revenue from owning Monarch.联合健康公司将会很高兴分享拥有Monarch公司而带来的收益。But as one of six insurers that contracts with Monarch, it will also benefit from patients lower costs.但是作为与Monarch公司签订合约的六个保险公司之一,它也将会从更低的病人务价格中;受益;。This virtuous circle extends to hospitals that ed does not own.这种良性循环扩展到了不属于联合健康集团的医院。Historically insurers have fought with hospitals over payments.历史上保险公司总是在付费用的多少上与医院开战。But now insurers are testing pay-for-performance contracts.但是现在,保险公司正在实验按绩效付酬的合约。Hospitals can use Optums services to improve their operations, creating new revenue for Optum and new savings for eds insurance business.医院能够利用Optum的务来提高它们自己的务质量,这样在为Optum创造效益的同时也为联合健康集团的保险业务节省了开。This strategy might begin to align the insurers interests with those of its former adversaries.这项策略可能会开始将以前互为对手的医院的利益与保险公司的利益拉到同一条船上。 /201212/215301伊春妇幼保健妇保医院是正规吗?

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