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山东省青岛烟台冰点脱毛价格青岛市诺德医院整形科 It really is only natural that Dom and his crew head to space.唐老大和他的飞车党飙到宇宙也不稀奇[Warning: This story contains spoilers The Fate of the Furious.](警告:内含速8剧透)One of the great joys of the Fast and the Furious franchise has been watching the filmmakers top themselves in each entry with car-driven action. The Fate of the Furious goes as far as having the good guys take on a Russian submarine so they can stop World War III.《速度与系列的一大看点就在于每部里高能不断的飙车场面,而《速度与8更是上演了一出飞车大战俄国核潜艇、成功避免第三次世界大战的戏码With two more films aly announced, the question now can only be: What on Earth will Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and the rest of the cast do in the ninth film?据悉,《速8将会和第9部、第部组成新的三部曲那么问题来了:在未来的第9部中,范?迪塞尔和道恩?强森等人还会搞出什么大动作呢?Now that you’ve seen The Fate of the Furious, you know a couple of big new developments: First, Dominic Toretto is a father, from his now-ill-fated relationship with DSS agent Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky). Second, and perhaps more importantly: Charlize Theron’s nefarious hacker Cipher avoided capture or death at the end of the eighth film. It’s hard to imagine Theron not returning in a future entry to cause some kind of trouble Dom and his family.如果你已经看了《速8,那一定知道了这些重要进展:第一,唐老大(多米尼克?托莱多)晋升奶爸,与孩子的母亲女警埃琳娜(埃尔莎?帕塔奇饰演)关系进一步恶化第二,重点来了,查理兹?塞隆饰演的邪恶黑客塞弗在影片末尾躲过一劫,既没被抓也没有死,很有可能在未来的某一部中又给唐老大和他的家人带来灾难The easy joke is to say, “Well, now they have to go to outer space.” Even series screenwriter Chris Morgan acknowledged the suggestion, replying that if he “had something so good,” he’d consider sending Dom and friends to the stars. He hinted at an unexpected crossover there, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, with the Riddick series, but here’s another idea. the ninth film, have Dom, Luke Hobbs, Letty, and the others go to space in an Armageddon-style situation.有人开玩笑说:“现在他们该上太空了”《速激系列编剧克里斯?根也表示接受这个意见,说如果自己“有什么好主意”,就会考虑把唐老大一行人送上太空克里斯半开玩笑地暗示接下来会有出乎意料的风格转变,可能要和《星际传奇系列接轨不过在此之前,他还有一个想法《速9中,唐老大和卢克?霍布斯、莱蒂一行人要跑到太空去来一场世纪大决战Imagine it: Cipher has holed up somewhere secret and broken into the mainframe of various nations’ and corporations’ satellites. Unless she gets as much power and money as she desires, she’ll make the world go dark. Maybe, even worse, she could figure out a way to draw debris floating in space towards Earth, utilizing the satellites as a series of magnets. (The Neil DeGrasse Tysons of the world would quibble with the hard science of this storyline.)想象一下:大反派塞弗躲在暗处,黑了很多国家和大公司的卫星,不得到足够令她满意的权力和金钱就要让世界堕入黑暗或许更糟糕一点,塞弗发现了能控制宇宙碎片的方法,利用卫星当磁铁,控制碎片撞击地球(天体物理学家奈尔?德葛拉司?泰森斯或许会来商讨其科学性)Only Dom and his family have fought Cipher and survived to tell the tale, so who better to stop an asteroid, or a series of asteroids, from decimating the planet? Here, the motivating factor to stop Cipher wouldn’t need any further explanation; in Fate, it’s established that Dom is only working Cipher to ensure the safety of his infant son, but if the entire world is at stake, that should be good enough our heroes. And since Cipher spent most of Fate in a plane, it only makes sense shell be in some sort of space station in Fast 9.在打倒塞弗方面,只有唐老大一行人有经验有能力,所以除了他们,还有谁能去阻止行星撞地球呢?所以不必担心,唐老大去阻止塞弗绝对是责无旁贷《速8里的设定是唐老大之所以从于塞弗,只为保护他年幼的儿子如果是全世界受到了威胁,事情就更好办了再说了,塞弗既然在《速8的大部分时间里都呆在一架飞机里,那《速9里呆在空间站里也很合理Of course, should the filmmakers and cast pursue this line of thinking, it leads to another inevitable question: What do you possibly do Fast and Furious X? (You have to assume they’ll start employing Roman numerals in the titles soon.) Where could Dom and the family go after space? The best answer may be to expand the genre the Fast and the Furious series occupies. What was once a car-driven take on Point Break morphed into heist movies by the time of ’s Fast and Furious, and has since morphed into a James Bond-esque franchise. Taking the family into space pushes them into science-fiction, but in bringing them back to Earth, Universal Pictures could push them into another genre: action-horror.当然了,电影是否采取这一走向,取决于另一个没法避开的问题:《速度与系列第X部(第十部)要干什么(不得不说标题很快就要用上罗马数字了)唐老大一行人继太空之后又要去哪?最好的或许是需要再拓宽一下《速度与系列电影的题材了年第四部《速激呈现了一部《极盗者式的盗窃题材电影,之后变成了詹姆斯?邦德系列把主角推向太空,影片就变成了科幻类,而再把主角们拽回地球,环球影业就给速激开创了新题材:动作惊悚Later this summer, the studio is going to begin building out its monster-movie universe with a reboot of The Mummy, in which Tom Cruise will not only tangle with an Egyptian mummy but Dr. Jekyll (Russell Crowe) himself. The intent is clear: Universal wants to turn characters like Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, the Mummy and the Wolfman into the equivalent of the Marvel or DC cinematic universes. Should that experiment be successful, why not go a step further, and crossover with the Fast and the Furious franchise?今夏,环球影业将着力打造怪兽电影宇宙系列,推出新《木乃伊汤姆?克鲁斯在其中将与从古埃及穿越过来的木乃伊公主和Jekyll医生(罗素?克劳饰演)发生一系列故事环球的目的很明显,就是要以吸血鬼、人格分裂者、木乃伊和狼人等角色与漫威和DC的电影宇宙抗衡这一尝试能成功吗?为什么不再进一步,把《速度与系列也囊括进去呢?Of course this idea is ridiculous: Squaring off with criminal masterminds is one thing, but doing so with the Wolfman and the Mummy is entirely different. But even in the eight Fast and the Furious films, the action is rarely less than insane, not to mention the operatic twists and turns of the character dynamics. These people have gone from rogue drivers stealing electronics to government agents working to stop a nuclear war. In 01, when Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were racing each other so the mer could evade arrest from the LAPD, facing off against Universal’s monsters would have seemed insane. In , it’s a lot closer to reality. (The series’ longtime producer, Neal H. Moritz, also produces the 1 Jump Street films, which at one time was going to crossover with Men in Black. Anything can happen.)这样想当然很可笑,和犯罪天才周旋是一回事,但和狼人、木乃伊那就完全是另一回事了然而在8部《速度与里,故事情节已走向疯狂,更别提戏剧化的情节转折和无厘头的人物变化了这些人已经从偷电子设备的无赖飙车党晋级成了为阻止核战而努力奋斗的政府特工了01年,迪塞尔为逃脱洛杉矶警方的追捕,和保罗上演了一出亡命追逐,那时看来,环球影业的怪兽世界着实荒诞而到了年,疯狂的幻想却成为了现实(该系列制片人Neal H. Moritz推出的《龙虎少年队系列曾与《黑衣人系列实现过融合真是一切皆有可能)Think of it: This could sate Diesel’s clear desire to indulge in genre fare like The Chronicles of Riddick and Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, it would be a hoot to see Dom and Luke and Letty battle the Wolfman. The logistics of how it all goes down might seem shaky, but a world where a hacker can take control of cars, missiles and submarines could easily be a world where monsters lurk beneath the surface.想一想:这样做可以满足迪塞尔沉浸在《星际传奇和《护卫队这类票房大卖的影片中的愿望,而且主角们大战狼人绝对有意思如此逻辑或许无理可寻,但是在一个黑客就能轻易控制汽车、导弹,甚至潜艇的世界里,怪兽藏匿其中也就不足为奇了The challenge is set Famp;F writer Chris Morgan, the rest of the crew and castmembers like Diesel. Topping the action in The Fate of the Furious will be difficult, and bringing the characters into a shared universe the right way would be even more challenging, as Dominic Toretto and his family must be more than pawns in a larger realm. It won’t be easy, but these movies thrive on the impossible. Truly thinking outside the box is the only way to top what’s come bee.这些对于编剧克里斯?根、制作班底,以及迪塞尔等主演来说是一个挑战为今后的三部曲打造精的情节会很难,如何成功地把角色们带入电影宇宙也极具挑战,唐老大和他的家人在更大的世界中也不能只是反派的筹码而虽然困难重重,但是《速激系列就是在种种不可能中成长起来的打破常规或是再上一层的唯一路径 5380青岛为什么会长痘痘

崂山区打美白针一针多少钱the Travel section’s Oct. 19 issue on Europe, writers and editors selected special items to profile from a dozen cities. Below, explore everything from chocolate in Brussels to silk in Florence to design in Copenhagen.在欧洲版月19日旅游板块,作者与编辑精选了十二个城市的独特珍宝,下面,我们从布鲁塞尔的巧克力、佛罗伦萨的丝绸到哥本哈根的设计,逐一欣赏吧Madrid: Guitars马德里的吉他Crossing the threshold of one of Madrid’s storied guitar makers’ workshops can feel like stepping into the past. Curly wood shavings, from the palest pine to ebony, cascade to the floor as artisans hone a few humble planks into acoustic works of art. It’s painstaking work — all done by hand — with classical guitar models and the methods of making them changing little over the last century. The monthly production of even the most seasoned craftsmen typically maxes out at two instruments per month.迈过马德里一座多层吉他作坊的门槛,就像踏进了古代卷曲的刨花翻滚着落在地板上,有色泽最淡的松树,也有深色的黑檀吉他工匠将几片平凡的木板打磨成了乐器艺术品这是一件非常复杂的工作,依照古典吉他模型和制造工艺,完全由手工打造而成,在过去的一个世纪中几乎不曾改变最老练的工匠,每月通常也只能造出两只吉他The finished products will someday go out the door, gleaming with varnish and polished metal fittings, to seduce audiences from stages around the globe. But here in Madrid, the tiny workrooms and the simple tools — as well as the last names of the artisans employing them — have often not changed in generations.造出来的吉他总有一天会走出房门,带着清漆和金属配件的闪光,在舞台上吸引全世界观众的关注但在马德里的这个地方,狭小的作坊、简单的工具和工匠的姓氏,若干世代以来几乎不曾改变My first encounter with luthiers, or guitarreros (guitar makers), took place deep in the heart of Madrid’s historic center, where I went looking one workshop and found several.我第一次见到吉他工匠是在马德里的历史中心我去那里寻找吉他手工作坊,果然找到了The door is usually open at Mariano Conde’s shop (Calle Amnistía 1; marianoconde.com), a tiny two-level workshop near the Teatro Realm where Mr. Conde, his son — also named Mariano — and two other craftsmen move between molds, saws, planes and files. Prices are ,800 euros (,500) a standard flamenco guitar to 18,000 euros (,000) his finest classical concert guitar.马里亚诺·孔德(Mariano Conde)的吉他铺(Calle Amnistía 1; marianoconde.com)是一座两层的手工小作坊,位于皇家剧院附近孔德先生和他的儿子(名字也叫马里亚诺)带着两名手工艺人在模具、锯子、模板与锉刀之间辛勤劳作一只标准的弗拉门科吉他售价00欧元(合3500美元),最精美的古典音乐会吉他售价18000欧元(合3000美元)Mr. Conde is a third-generation guitar maker from the fabled (and now defunct) house of Hermanos Conde, and his brother Felipe also continues the family legacy at his own shop nearby (Calle Arrieta ; felipeconde.es). A -minute walk away, on the other side of Plaza Mayor, is another cluster of luthiers, including José Ramírez (Calle de la Paz 8; guitarrasramirez.com), Pedro de Miguel (Calle Amor de Dios ; guitarraspedrodemiguel.com) and Juan #193;lvarez (Calle San Pedro 7; guitarrasjuanalvarez.com).孔德先生是第三代吉他工匠,过去,他的祖上在传说中艾尔玛诺·孔德(Hermanos Conde)的住宅里制造吉他,尽管那座房子现在已经堙没了而今,他的哥哥菲利浦也传承了这份家族产业,在附近开了家店铺(Calle Arrieta ; felipeconde.es)十分钟步程之外,市长广场的对面是另一片吉他作坊聚集地,包括何塞·拉米雷斯(José Ramírez,Calle de la Paz 8; guitarrasramirez.com)、佩德罗·德·米格尔(Pedro de Miguel;Calle Amor de Dios ; guitarraspedrodemiguel.com)和胡安·阿尔瓦雷斯(Juan #193;lvarez; Calle San Pedro 7; guitarrasjuanalvarez.com)的店铺A guitar’s colorful mix of woods is less an aesthetic choice than a science. Each element of the instrument’s anatomy has specific physical and acoustic demands, and its maker knows which woods can accomplish each function. It’s fascinating to consider that the materials today’s instruments may have been purchased by the artisans’ fathers 30 or 0 years ago, just as the German spruce and Canadian cedar today’s guitarreros acquire will sit drying decades until it’s suitable to be turned into guitars by their children or grandchildren. ANDREW FERREN吉他是多姿多的木制工艺品它不仅是审美,更多是科学的选择每一把乐器中的每个因素都有特殊的物理与声学要求,工匠懂得哪种木板能够完美呈现相应的功能想到今天这些制琴材料有可能是这些工匠的父辈们三四十年前采购而来,如今的吉他工匠购买的德国云杉和加拿大雪松也将堆积在库房中等待子孙们数十年后才启用,真让人会心一笑安德鲁·菲林(ANDREW FERREN)供稿 5671 An Everglades City airboat captain who lost his hand to an alligator last month was arrested Friday.Wallace Weatherholt, 63, is facing a misdemeanor charge of unlawful feeding of an alligator. He has since bonded out and has a court appearance set Aug. .上月被短吻鳄咬去一只手的湿地汽船船长本周五被捕63岁的Wallace Weatherholt正面临着非法喂养短吻鳄的罪名指控他已经被关押并将在8月日的审判中出庭Weatherholt was leading an Indiana family on a tour of the Everglades on June when he encountered a 9-foot alligator, which bit his hand off at the wrist.6月日,Weatherholt正带着一个印第安纳州家庭进行湿地旅行,突然遇到一只9英尺长的短吻鳄,他的手从手腕处被鳄鱼咬下After the attack, Florida Fish and Wildlife officers began an investigation into whether the captain had fed or provoked the alligator, leading to the attack.这次攻击之后,佛罗里达州的渔业与野生动物部的官员对是否是因船长本人喂食而导致的攻击进行了调查In an interview shortly after the attack, FWC spokeswoman Carli Segelson said that there had been allegations of that happening.攻击后不久的一次采访中,佛罗里达州渔业与野生动物部的发言人Carli Segelson说若此事确有发生,将会有多项指控The Associated Press reports that airboat passengers stated Weatherholt hung a fish over the side of the boat and had his hand at the water surface when the alligator attacked. Feeding alligators is illegal. Those who feed an alligator face a second-degree misdemeanor, with a fine of up to 0 and possible jail time.根据美联社的报道,船上游客称Weatherholt在船边挂了一条鱼,并且当鳄鱼进行攻击时,他的手正在水面上 喂食短吻鳄是非法的曾进行喂食的人都面临了二级罪名的指控,罚款500元并有牢狱之灾David Weathers, a nuisance-alligator trapper and owner of several alligators, said the reason it illegal to feed alligators is because once the reptiles are fed by humans, they lose their fear. If the alligator in this incident had been fed in the past - either by Weatherholt or someone else - just the sight of the airboat could bring the alligator right up next to it, he said.David Weathers是一名短吻鳄猎人及饲养者,他表示喂食短吻鳄非法的原因是,一旦这种爬行动物从人类获得食物之后,他们就不再害怕人类如果这个短吻鳄曾经被Weatherholt或其他任何人喂过,即使只是看到了这艘船的影子都会让鳄鱼急着去靠近他;Alligators have a natural fear of humans,; said Weathers, who often swims in the Everglades alligator-infested waters. ;If they see us, they take off. They see us as these giants hovering over them. Theyre not going to attack unless theyve been fed.;;短吻鳄天生怕人,;这位经常在鳄鱼出没区域游泳的人说,;如果他们看到我们,他们会逃开他们会以为我们是盘旋在他们周围的巨人他们不会进行攻击,除非他们被喂食过;Following the June attack, wildlife officials tracked and killed the alligator. They retrieved Weatherholt hand from its stomach, but doctors were unable to reattach it.在6月日的攻击之后,野生动物部门追踪并杀死了这条鳄鱼他们从鳄鱼的胃中找到了Weatherholt的手,但是医生已经没有办法再接上了 1938黄岛开发区去疤痕祛斑好吗费用青岛整容医院那几家比较好



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