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盐城慢性前列腺炎费用江苏省农垦肿瘤医院做人流多少钱盐城妇幼保健医院治疗脱肛多少钱 Huawei will mount its biggest challenge to rival high-end smartphone makers with a revamped flagship device and big budget advertising campaign designed to win over Western consumers. 通过全新旗舰产品和旨在争取西方消费者的大手笔广告宣传战,华为(Huawei)将向高端智能手机制造商对手发起最大挑战。 The Chinese telecoms group on Tuesday unveiled its latest handset, the P9, which features an advanced Leica camera and will pit the company against recently launched devices from Samsung and Apple. 周二,这家中国电信集团发布了最新款手机P9。这款配备先进的徕卡(Leicas)摄像头的手机,将让华为与三星(Samsung)和苹果(Apple)近期发布的手机一较高下。 Huawei is planning its largest global marketing campaign to support the launch of the phone. The effort will help push the Huawei brand in Europe, according to Colin Giles, executive vice-president of Huawei’s consumer business group. 华为正在筹备一场该公司史上最大规模的全球营销战,以持这款手机的推出。根据华为消费者业务部门执行副总裁赵科林(Colin Giles)的说法,此举将有助于在欧洲推广华为品牌。 The company has built the third-largest smartphone franchise in the world with successive ranges of reasonably priced but technologically advanced devices. The previous flagship phone, the P8, sold about 5m units. 该公司已建成了全球第三大智能手机经销系统,销售定价合理、技术先进的手机系列产品。其之前的旗舰手机P8销量约为500万部。 In most respects, the P9 is much like other high-end Android devices but that in itself is significant given Huawei’s traditional position at the low- or mid-end of the smartphone market. 从多方面来说,P9与其他高端Android手机十分类似。不过,考虑到华为在智能手机中低端市场的传统定位,该手机本身意义重大。 Mr Giles described the new phone as the “biggest launch we have had”, adding that the “aspiration is to create a premium device to compete with Apple and Samsung”. 赵科林称这款新手机是“我们史上的最大动作”,并补充说“我们渴望打造一款高端手机,与苹果和三星竞争”。 Huawei has struggled to gain the sort of brand recognition of rival groups, with much of the early coverage of the company focused on the damaging accusations from US politicians of links with the Chinese state. 早期,很多有关华为的报道集中于来自美国政界的有负面影响的指控,这些指控称华为与中国政府有关系。出于这个原因,华为很难赢得与对手类似的品牌认可程度。 But the company said its consumer business reported a 73 per cent growth in annual revenue in 2015 to .9bn, which it ascribed to improvements in its products and growing recognition as a consumer brand. 不过该公司表示,2015年其消费者业务部门录得年度营收199亿美元,增长幅度达73%。该公司将这一增长归功于产品改善和其作为消费品牌日益受到的认可。 Huawei has become the largest smartphone maker in China and is in the top three handset makers in 10 European countries. 华为已成为中国最大智能手机制造商,并且是10个欧洲国家的前三大手机制造商。 /201604/436316Pokémon Go Brings Augmented Reality to a Mass Audience别宅了,“精灵宝可梦Go”手游喊你出来玩SAN FRANCISCO — There are games that go viral overnight, causing people to coop themselves up in their homes for days to play.旧金山——有些一夜爆红,导致人们成天宅在家里打游戏。But the opposite has happened with “Pokémon Go,” a free smartphone game that has soared to the top of the download charts: It has sent people into streets and parks, onto beaches and even out to sea in a kayak in the week since it was released. The game — in which players try to capture exotic monsters from Pokémon, the Japanese cartoon franchise — uses a combination of ordinary technologies built into smartphones, including location tracking and cameras, to encourage people to visit public landmarks, seeking virtual loot and collectible characters that they try to nab.但《精灵宝可梦Go》(Pokémon Go)恰恰相反。这是一款免费的智能手机游戏,已跃升至下载排行榜的榜首:在发布后的这一周里,它促使人们走向街头和公园、踏上海滩甚至乘坐独木舟出海。在这款游戏中,玩家要努力捕获源自日本漫画系列《精灵宝可梦》(Pokémon)的怪物。它结合了智能手机的常见技术,如定位和摄像头,鼓励人们去公共场所,寻找虚拟货币和他们想要捕捉和收集的精灵。Boon Sheridan, of Holyoke, Massachusetts, has seen the activity firsthand. His home, a converted gable-roofed church that once attracted worshippers, had without his knowledge been designated a Pokémon “gym,” a place where players who reach Level 5 in the game must go to train their Pokémon characters. In the last week, he has been wondering how to explain to neighbors all the people who congregated on the sidewalk and pulled up at odd hours.马萨诸塞州霍利奥克的布恩·谢里登(Boon Sheridan)亲眼看到了这些活动。他家在改造前是一座三角屋顶的教堂,曾经是很多人做礼拜的地方。在他不知情的情况下,他家被指定为宝可梦“道馆”。游戏中达到五级的玩家必须去道馆里训练自己的宝可梦精灵。上周,他一直在考虑该怎么向邻居解释那些聚集在人行道和在奇怪的时间靠边停车的人。“I want to make sure I tell them, ‘Hey, I’m not a drug dealer,#39;” Sheridan said. “I know there are people pulling up in front of the house all the time, but trust me I have no say in this.”“我想和他们明确一点,‘嘿,我不是毒贩子,’”谢里登说。“我知道老是有人把车停在我家门口,但相信我,这事由不得我。”On Sunday, San Francisco’s parks and downtown were crawling with “Pokémon Go” players who trained their phone cameras at trees and playgrounds as they looked for characters to pop up on their screens. In Washington, the White House and the Pentagon have been designated official Pokémon gyms. A bar in Harrisburg, Virginia, was offering a 10 percent discount to “Pokémon Go” players on a specific team, while a tea shop in Japantown in San Francisco offered a “buy one tea, get one free” deal to Pokémon Go players.周日,旧金山的公园和市中心挤满了精灵宝可梦Go玩家。他们把手机的摄像头对准树木和游乐场,寻找可能会出现在屏幕上的精灵。在华盛顿,白宫和五角大楼均被指定为正式的宝可梦道馆。弗吉尼亚州哈里斯堡的一个酒吧给一个特定阵营的精灵宝可梦Go玩家打九折,旧金山日本城的一家茶馆推出了面向精灵宝可梦Go玩家的“买一赠一”活动。“Pokémon Go” represents one of those moments when a new technology — in this case, augmented reality or AR, which fuses digital technology with the physical world — breaks through from a niche toy for early adopters to something much bigger. The idea behind the technology is to overlay digital imagery on a person’s view of the real world, using a smartphone screen or a headset.《精灵宝可梦Go》是一项新技术突破早期尝鲜用户的小众圈子,接触更大范围受众的案例——具体到本例是将数字技术与现实世界相结合的增强现实(augmented reality,简称AR)技术。这项技术背后的设想是利用智能手机屏幕或头戴设备,将数字图像覆盖在一个人看到的真实场景上。Many technology companies thought AR might first take off through specialized business applications that, for example, allow architects to visualize finished building projects in situ. Instead, it took a game based on a beloved entertainment franchise from the mid-1990s in Japan to help the technology go mainstream.很多科技公司本以为,AR可能会最先通过专业的商业应用取得成功,比如让建筑师可以在实地将设计方案视觉化的应用。但事实上是一款游戏帮助这项技术走向了主流。这款游戏改编自日本上世纪90年代中期开始的一个备受欢迎的系列。Pokémon, a hybrid of the words “pocket” and “monsters,” belongs to the Pokémon Co., which is partly owned by Nintendo, the Japanese game pioneer, which has struggled to adapt to the era of gaming on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In the cartoon, Pokémon trainers use characters to battle each other for sport. The uptake of “Pokémon Go,” which is so far available only in the ed States, Australia and New Zealand, has been so furious that it sent Nintendo’s market capitalization soaring billion in the last few days.Pokémon是“pocket”(口袋)和“monsters”(精灵)两个词的组合。它是宝可梦公司(Pokémon Co.)旗下的品牌,公司的持有者之一是任天堂(Nintendo)。作为日本游戏行业的先驱,任天堂一直在努力适应这个在智能手机和平板电脑等移动设备上打游戏的时代。在漫画中,宝可梦的训练师让各自的角色进行对战。《精灵宝可梦Go》迄今仅在美国、澳大利亚和新西兰发布。它如此成功,以至任天堂的市值在过去几天增加了90亿美元。“Pokémon Go,” though, is actually the work of a startup, Niantic Inc., which was created inside Google and spun out of the company last year. Niantic’s first game, a science-fiction conspiracy thriller called “Ingress,” was made possible by Google’s digital mapping service. About 15 million users have downloaded Ingress, and there are a little over 1 million active players a month, said John Hanke, Niantic’s chief executive.但《精灵宝可梦Go》其实只是一家名为Niantic的创业公司的作品。该公司成立于谷歌(Google)内部,去年从公司剥离。它的第一款游戏叫Ingress,是一款科幻类的阴谋惊悚游戏,借助了谷歌的数字地图务。Niantic的首席执行官约翰·汉克(John Hanke)表示,约有1500万用户下载了Ingress,月活跃玩家略多于100万。Niantic partnered with the Pokémon Co. to make “Pokémon Go.” Hanke said he didn’t have exact numbers of players, but that it was safe to say it will be “quite a bit beyond” the number of players Ingress has attracted. Downloads have been so frequent that Niantic’s servers had trouble handling the traffic and the company is struggling to add additional capacity. Hanke said Niantic was delaying the game’s introduction in additional countries for a few days so it could handle the demand.Niantic与精灵宝可梦公司合作,制作了《精灵宝可梦Go》。汉克说他不知道具体的玩家数量,但表示可以肯定地说“远多于”Ingress吸引的玩家。下载非常频繁,以致Niantic的务器难以处理流量。该公司正在花大力气扩容。汉克称Niantic将游戏在另外一些国家的发布推迟了几天,这样才能应对需求。“We expected it to be popular, but we didn’t expect it to be like this,” he said. “We’re just getting our feet underneath us.”“我们预计它会受欢迎,但没料到会这么受欢迎,”他说。“我们才刚刚稳住阵脚。”Like the most successful mobile games, while “Pokémon Go” is free to play, it gives players opportunities to buy virtual items for a few dollars to speed up their progress. The game’s real-world nature also gives Niantic another intriguing moneymaking possibility, by charging fast-food restaurants, coffee shops and other retail establishments to become sponsored locations where people are motivated to go to pick up virtual loot.和大部分成功的移动游戏一样,尽管《精灵宝可梦Go》是免费的,但它让玩家可以花几美元购买虚拟物品,加速升级过程。游戏与真实世界相结合的本质还给Niantic提供了另一个奇妙的盈利机会,即向快餐店、咖啡馆和其他零售场所收费,让其成为赞助机构,鼓励玩家去这些地方获取虚拟物品。Niantic has cut deals like that for “Ingress,” and Hanke said the company would announce sponsored locations for “Pokémon Go” in the future.Niantic已通过Ingress进行过这类交易,汉克也表示公司将来会宣布《精灵宝可梦Go》的赞助场所。Brad Ensworth, a San Francisco State University student who played the game over the weekend, said he had never been a fan of augmented-reality gaming before “Pokémon Go,” but was drawn in by the game’s surprisingly social aspect.周末玩过该游戏的旧金山州立大学(San Francisco State University)学生布拉德·恩斯沃思(Brad Ensworth)说,在《精灵宝可梦Go》之前,他从来没迷恋过增强现实游戏,但却被该游戏出奇的社交特色吸引了。“You’ll just run into people and spark up conversations immediately,” he said while playing the game in Golden Gate Park. “We met this one guy who drove up from San Jose to collect Pokémon in the park, and he had more knowledge about this game than anyone else we’ve met so far. We called him the Guru.”“你会跑进人群,立刻开始交谈,”正在金门公园(Golden Gate Park)里玩游戏的他说。“我们认识的这个伙计从圣何塞一路开车来到这个公园,就是为了抓宝可梦。他对这个游戏的了解,比我们迄今为止认识的其他任何人都多。我们叫他‘上师’。”“Pokémon Go” mass gatherings are also on the horizon. Sara Witsch, a theater studies major at San Francisco State University, organized a Facebook group for a “#39;Pokémon Go’ crawl” that is tentatively scheduled for July 20. As of Sunday evening, more than 18,000 people had indicated they were interested in attending, and more than 3,700 confirmed that they would be there.精灵宝可梦Go聚会也在出现。为了暂定于7月20日举行的活动“精灵宝可梦Go大串场”,旧金山州立大学戏剧研究专业的学生萨拉·维奇(Sara Witsch)在Facebook上创建了一个小组。截至周日傍晚,已有逾1.8万人表示对活动感兴趣,超过3700人确认自己会参加。 /201607/454204盐城协和医院检验精液

盐城/治疗非淋最好医院Gather lots of information about your subject matter. Study it diligently. Work hard. Follow Vincent Van Gogh’s advice: “If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well,one has at the same time insight into and understanding of many things.” Look at your topic from many different perspectives. How would a mystic approach this idea? How would a rocket scientist look at this? What would a child do? What would a very old person do?Meditate. Let your thoughts simmer as you go for a long walk. Get back to work. Create a hypothesis. Test your hypothesis. Relax. Inspiration won’t strike if you’re tense. Hang around with creative people. Go to a café frequented by artists and eavesdrop on their conversation. Be comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity. Create a mind map of your subject matter.Remember that practice makes perfect. Sit down to create even when you don’t feel like it. Gather more information. Think abundantly: there are many ideas out there, numerous alternatives, several solutions, and endless ways to make things better. Know that there’s an unlimited supply of ideas. Buy a goldfish. Watch it swim around in its tank. Ignore people who try to dissuade you from following through on your idea.Remember that inspiration requires perspiration. Ask yourself: is there another way to look at this? What assumptions are you making? Challenge those assumptions. Read books on creativity.Apply the techniques taught in those books. Visualize. Listen to Baroque music. Put in the hours. What are you failing to see that is staring you right in the face? Read poetry. Be passionate. Sort through Rorschach ink-blots; what do you see? Break the rules.(The “Full Spectrum” photograph is courtesy of mdezemery).Jolts to your routine will lead to new ideas. Simplify: what can you edit out of your current idea to make it better? Exercise.Exaggerate. What if you were a thousand times smarter? What if you were two inches tall? Make the colors brighter. Now see it in black and white. Take risks. Get over the fear of being wrong.Believe in magic. Set a time constraint. Learn to juggle. Remember to feed your goldfish. Laugh until your stomach hurts.What common elements could you combine in a new way?Conduct experiments. Take note of what works and what doesn’t. Make small tweaks and try again. Take time off and put together a jigsaw puzzle. What if this problem had to be solved in the next half-hour? Set a quantity a: what if you had to come up with twenty different ways of solving this? Discuss your idea with a friend who is very different from you. Follow Einstein’s advice: take a nap. What does your intuition tell you?What does your logic tell you? Are there any analogies you can draw from nature? Trust yourself. Give yourself permission to make something really special. Put on the judge’s robe and criticize your own work. Decide what works and what doesn’t. Keep molding your idea, adding a little bit here, and taking away a little bit there. Come up with a unique plan for getting your work out there. Now take your idea and implement it in the real world.Watch your idea take its first breath; its first steps . . . Do a little dance and thank the gods of creativity for their inspiration. 收集一些关于你自己事情的资料、信息。勤奋、努力地学习它。文森特.梵高的建议:“如果一个人能掌握一件事,并能非常好地理解它,那么他同时也能洞察和了解其他很多事情。”从不同角度审视你所选的话题。神学家怎么想这个观点呢?研究火箭的科学家怎么看呢?孩子会怎么样做呢?老人又会怎么呢?沉思中。那就散步久一些,让你的思维好好酝酿一下吧。回到工作上。做一个假设。测试一下这个假设。放松。人至紧则无智。多和那些有创造性的人在一起。多和艺术家一起去咖啡馆,听听他们的谈话。轻松面对您所不确定和不清楚的事情。在脑子里构建一个图,是关于您之前收集关于自己事情的资料。请记住:熟能生巧。即使你不喜欢它,还是得要坐下来做一做它。收集更多的信息。想得再多一些。其实有很多种想法,无数种选择,一些解决办法和无数种让事情做得更好的方式。要知道想法的出现是无穷的。不必理会那些劝止你按照自己意愿做事情的人。问一下自己:对于这件事情就没有其他方法了吗?你做了什么设想呢?试一试那些设想吧。读一些关于创造性方面的书。运用书上所教你的方法。形象化一些就是:听听巴洛克音乐。听它几个小时。你所没有看见的就是你现在面对开始的。读读诗。要充满热情地去读它。好好斟酌一下你的日常事物。可能会有新的想法、思路。简言之,你能用什么办法把现在的想法做得更好?试一试。夸张一些:如果你是现在的千分之一那么小,你会怎样做?抑或是两英尺那么高?把事情弄明了一些。那么现在换个角度来看看。冒一下险,克一下因犯错而产生的恐惧。相信魔力。设置一个时间限定。学习一下玩戏法。记得喂你得金鱼。如果笑,要笑到你胃痛。怎样可以将普通元素以一种新的方式组合呢?做一些实验。将哪一些有效,哪一些无效记录下来。进行小的调整,然后再试一次。花一些时间玩玩七巧板智力拼图。在接下来的半小时里,如果这个问题必须解决,你会怎样做?设定配额数量:如果有20种解决这件事情的不同办法,你会怎样做?和与你持不同意见的朋友讨论一下你的想法。接受爱因斯坦的意见吧:打个小打盹儿。你的直觉告诉你什么?你的逻辑怎么样告诉你呢?从性质上可以得出什么类推法吗?相信你自己。允许你自己做一些真正不一样的事情。站在法官的角度来批评一下自己的事情。评判一下哪一些有用,哪一些无用。在你思想慢慢成型的过程中,在这里加一点,去掉那里一些。为自己的事情做一个独特的计划。那么现在就将你的想法在现实世界中实践吧。关注你的第一次尝试,第一步… …小跳一段舞蹈,感谢上帝的创造性,因为他们有如此的灵感。 /200806/42663盐城市城南新区打胎多少钱 Google#39;s data centres and the offices for its 60,000 staff will be powered entirely by renewable energy from next year, in what the company has called a ;landmark moment;.从明年开始,谷歌的数据中心和其6万名员工的办公室将完全使用可再生能源发电,该公司称之为;具有里程碑意义的时刻;。The internet giant is aly the world#39;s biggest corporate buyer of renewable electricity, last year buying 44% of its power from wind and solar farms.该互联网巨头已经是世界上最大的可再生能源的公司买家,去年在风力和太阳能发电厂购买了44%的电力。Now it will be 100%, and an executive said it would not rule out investing in nuclear power in the future.现在这一数字将达到100%,一位管理人员表示,该公司不排除未来投资核电的可能。Oman said it had taken Google five years to reach the 100% target, set in 2012, because of the complexity involved with negotiating power purchase agreements.奥曼表示,由于谈判电力购买协议的复杂性,谷歌公司花了五年时间才实现012年定下的100%的目标。The company#39;s biggest demand for energy is its data centres and it admits their overall thirst for power is growing.该公司最大的能源需求是其数据中心,并承认他们对电力的整体渴望正在增长。Google was now looking to sign 10-year agreements for low-carbon power that was not intermittent, such as hydro, biomass and nuclear.谷歌现在打算签订10年不间断的如水电、生物质和核电这样的低碳电力协议。;We want to do contracts on renewable power, it could be biomass if the fuel source is sustainable, it could be nuclear. We#39;re looking at all forms of low-carbon generation.;;我们希望签订有关可再生能源的合同,如果燃料来源是可持续的,它可以是生物质,也可以是核电。我们正在考虑各种形式的低碳电源。; /201612/484209盐城包皮切除

盐城宫颈糜烂怎么引起的Many Olympic movies have been made, trying to capture those universal themes of excellence, commitment, and personal sacrifice. The best of the bunch is Chariots of Fire, a fascinating tale of two completely different British runners who compete for gold at the 1924 Olympics. Here are the 11 best movie es about the essence of Olympian ideals."It doesn't matter tomorrow if they come in first or fiftieth. Those guys have earned the right to walk into that stadium and wave their nation's flag. That's the single greatest honor an athlete can ever have. That's what the Olympics are all about." Cool Runnings (1993) – Irwin Blitzer (John Candy)"Well, as they say in the Olympics, it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts."Sleuth (1972) – Milo Tindle (Michael Caine)"Where does the power come from to see the race to its end? From within."Chariots of Fire (1981) – Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson)"Once in a generation an athlete pits himself against such overwhelming odds that even the most jaded spectator finds himself cheering breathlessly." Iron Will (1994) – Harry Kingsley (Kevin Spacey)"If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter."Grease (1978) – Principal McGee (Eve Arden)"The high jump is a masochist's event - it always ends in failure."Personal Best (1982) – Terry Tingloff (Scott Glenn)"Fear is not what's important, it's how you deal with it. It would be like asking a marathon runner if they feel pain. It's not a matter of whether you feel it, it's how you manage it."War Photographer (2001) – James Nachtwey (himself)"The Olympics, the NBA, the NFL, all filled up with children who didn't have fathers. You may be a flawed character, but you're building hers."Jackpot (2001) – Lester (Garrett Morris)"I don't want to win unless I know I've done my best."Without Limits (1998) – Steve Prefontaine (Billy Crudup)“A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you're not enough without one, you'll never be enough with one.” Cool Runnings (1993) - Irwin Blitzer (John Candy) /200808/45692 盐城切包皮手术价格建湖县肛肠医院哪家好



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