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福建附属第一医院整形美容科Volcanos and Water火山与水Firefighters use water to battle a towering inferno.You might wonder if water could also stifle an erupting volcano. Actually, this experiment happens every time a volcano erupts at the bottom of the ocean. What happens when a volcano erupts underwater? Well find it out on todays moment of science.消防员用水来扑灭熊熊燃烧的大火,你或许想知道水是否也可以用来扑灭喷发的火山。事实上,每次海底火山喷发就是对此进行的一个实验。当海底火山喷发时,都发生了什么呢?我们今天就跟随科学一刻栏目一起探个究竟吧。Most of the worlds volcanic action happens an average of eight thousand five hundred feet underwater. Deep beneath the waves there are an estimated one million volcanos. As with land volcanos, molten lava pushes up from beneath the sea floor at thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.世界上大多数的火山活动都发生在海平面以下平均8500英尺的地方。在海底大约有一百万座火山。至于地面上的火山,就是由华氏几千度的炽热的岩浆从海底向上冲出而成。Ocean water cant ;put out; the volcano the way firefighters put out a fire, but it does have a profound effect on what happens to the lava once its out of the ground. The biggest difference between undersea and land volcanos has nothing to do with waters wetness, but with its pressure.海水并不能像消防员灭火一样扑灭火山,但是当岩浆冲出地面时,它确实能起到不小的作用。扑灭海底火山和地面的火山最大的不同在于水的压力,与水的湿度并没有关系。At these depths, the water pressure can be two hundred and fifty times more powerful than air pressure at the Earths surface. This prevents bubbles from forming in the lava, eliminating the likelihood of an explosive eruption like some land eruptions are.在这样的深度,水压可以是地面上空气压力的250多倍。压力可以阻止岩浆中形成气泡,这也就消除了地面火山爆炸性喷发的可能性。Instead, lava squeezes out of the ground like toothpaste out of a tube, forming glassy rock formations that look like long, stacked pillows. The pressure is so high that steam never even forms where lava touches water. You could be in a boat over a giant, erupting volcano, and never even know it was there.相反,岩浆就像牙膏挤出管子那样挤出地面,形成一道道玻璃般的岩层,看起来就想是一条长长的堆叠的枕头。压力是如此巨大,以至于这些岩石接触到海水时连水蒸汽都还无法形成。因此,你或许就曾经驾船行驶在一个巨大的喷发的火山上而丝毫没有察觉。So,you cant put out a volcano with water. But on our next program, well find out what happened to a town that tried to do this anyway—and in a way succeeded!所以,用水不可能扑灭火山。但是在我们下一期的节目中我们将会告诉您一个镇子曾经试图这样做,而且从某种程度上来说,他们成功了! /201207/191298泉州吸脂价格 福建医科大学附属第二医院狐臭

泉州皮肤过敏修复要多少钱In the record of his life at Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau reported on an odd phenomenon. ;As I walked on the railroad causeway,; he wrote, ;I used to wonder at the halo of light around my shadow.; Thoreau was probably seeing a phenomenon called ;heiligenshein,; which is German for halo. This is a glowing light around the head and shoulders of your shadow. These days, its likely to be seen by early morning golfers on dewy grass. Where does this halo come from?在瓦尔登湖的生活记录里,亨利·大卫·梭罗报告了一个奇怪的现象。“而当我在铁路堤道上行走的时候,”他写道:“我常常惊奇地看到我的影子周围有一个光轮。”梭罗可能看到的是一个叫作;heiligenshein;的现象,;heiligenshein;是德语,意为“光环”。那是围绕在头和肩膀的影子周围的一圈耀眼的光芒。这些天,清晨在被露水打湿的高尔夫球场上很有可能看见这种现象。这些光环来自哪里?Your shadows halo is made by something called ;back scattering.; This happens whenever sunlight enters a dewdrop. The sunbeam enters the front of the drop, then a certain amount of light bounces off the back. This light streams back out the front, almost exactly in the direction it came from. Thanks to back scattering, every dewdrop on the golf course is shining a narrow beam of light directly back toward the sun.影子周围的光环是由于“反向散射”形成的。当阳光射进水滴时,往往会发生这种现象。阳光从水滴前方进入时,总有一定数量的光线被反射回去。这些光线从水滴前方反射回去,反射角度几乎与入射方向一样。由于反向散射,高尔夫球场上的每一滴露珠都会向太阳发出一道狭小的光芒。Heiligenshein is the glare from this backward bouncing sunlight. If every dewdrop bounces sunlight, why does the halo only appear around your shadows head instead of over the whole fairway? Unlike a light bulb, which shines light in every direction, each dewdrop is reflecting a narrow, tightly focused beam, aimed directly at the sun. Your eyes must be in the path of these beams to see them. If youre looking down at your shadow, your eyes are only in the line of fire for those dewdrops near your shadows head. The beams from the dewdrops a few feet to the side miss your eyes entirely. This is why youre likely to see a halo around your own shadows head, but not around those of others.Heiligenshein 就是这种反射光线较耀眼的部分。如果每一滴露水都反射阳光,那么为什么光环只出现在头部的影子周围?灯泡向四面八方发光,但与灯泡不同的是,露水反射的光只对着太阳,而且反射光线即狭小又集中。只有当这些光束射入你的眼睛,你才能看见。当你低头看向影子时,只有影子头部周围的露珠反射的光线才会进入你的眼睛,而旁边几英尺远的露珠反射的光芒就会错过。这就是为什么你可能在影子头部周围看到光环,而不是在影子的其它部位看到。原文译文属!201209/201512 福建附属第一医院去疤痕泉州地区丰胸医院哪家好



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