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泉州除斑价格泉州激光祛疤多少钱Millions of men may be putting their health at risk by not realising they#39;re overweight, Guardian research suggests.数百万男人可能使自己处在健康危险之中,没有意识到他们超重,《卫报》的研究表明。Men are more than twice as likely as women to underestimate their weight - and therefore may not be aware that their lifestyle is putting them at the risk of a range of diseases – including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers – associated with carrying extra pounds.男人低估自己的体重是女性的2倍,因此可能没有意识到他们的生活方式正把他们置于一系列疾病的风险中,包括心脏病、糖尿病和某些癌症——与超重有关。Almost one in four men asked to say whether they were of a healthy weight, overweight or obese by the Guardian guessed they were at least one category thinner than they really were – indicating many are taking risks with their health without even knowing it.几乎四分之一的男性被要求确定他们是健康体重、超重还是肥胖,《卫报》猜测他们至少比他们的真实体重瘦了一个等级,这表明许多人在甚至不了解的情况下拿自己的健康冒险。The findings, which come from a very large sample (but not a scientifically selected one), suggest millions of men may be unaware they are overweight, and thus of the consequent health risks they are taking: in the UK, 68% of men and 58% of women are overweight or obese.这些来自于一个非常大的样本(但不是科学选择的一个样本)的发现暗示数以百万计的男人可能没有意识到自己超重,因此造成他们面临的健康风险:在英国,68%的男性和58%的女性体重超标或肥胖。By contrast, women were possibly too self-conscious about their weight. Only 8% under-estimated which category they fell into, while 27% thought they weighed more than they did – versus just 12% of men.相比之下,女性可能太在意自己的体重。只有8%低估她们的体重类别,而27%的人认为她们的体重超过他们所想的,而男性仅有12%。This could suggest women are more influenced by images of thin women shown across the media, are more worried and aware about their health, or could be tied to a myriad of other factors.这可能表明女性受到媒体展示的苗条女性照片影响更多,更担心且意识到她们的健康,或可能与无数其他因素有关。The findings also revealed stark differences in self-knowledge between people of different weights.结果还发现在不同体重的人中间存在截然不同的自我认知。There#39;s also a thorny dilemma: is there a way to make men worry more about their waistlines, while at the same time making women worry slightly less?还有一个棘手的困境:是否有办法使男人担心自己的腰围多些,同时使女性担心得稍微少些? /201304/232896泉州哪家医院有打瘦腿针 泉州韩式三点重睑术

晋江修复痘印哪个好安溪妇幼保健院整形美容价格 Transfusion of blood and blood products help save and improve life and health of people worldwide every year. It helps and support complex medical conditions improving health of patients suffering from life threatening circumstances. Various patients however do not get timely admission of safe blood. The shortage of blood can only be reduced by regular unpaid blood donation.每年,输血和血液产品会在世界范围内救死扶伤。对于病危的患者来说,它们就像黎明的曙光。然而也有太多人与安全输血失之交臂。库存血液的紧缺也只能靠常规的无偿献血来缓解。In the world today about 62 countries only have 100% blood supply from the unrewarded voluntary blood donors. With around 40 countries depending on the paid or family donors. Every year around 92 million units of blood is collected internationally from voluntary blood donations. Each year the countries celebrate world blood donor day on 14 June to raise awareness and thank the voluntary unpaid donors.目前全球仅有62个国家的输血血液全部来源为无偿捐血志愿者。还有40来个国家倚赖有偿献血或家庭成员捐助。每年国际上采集的志愿血液约合九千两百万份。各国之间将每年的6月14日定为世界献血日,其目的在于提升公民献血意识,称颂无偿献血者。The occurrence of blood borne infections is low among the voluntary blood donors which is the safe group. WHO encourages people both from urban or rural areas to continue donating blood and the young people who are in good health are encouraged to begin doing so. The goal of every country is to obtain their blood supplies from voluntary blood contribution.只要是捐血者属血液安全组,其传播疾病的概率通常较低:通过血液传播疾病的发生率很低,因为献血较安全。世界卫生组织鼓励城乡地区踊跃献血,同时也倡导健康青年积极参与。各国一致为采集志愿血液而努力奋斗。This year the world marks the 10th anniversary of the world blood donation. Blood donated acts like a gift that saves life and help individuals live longer and more industrious lives. The objective of this year campaign is to recognize and thank blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood. The silent and unrecognized heroes are those people who save lives every day.今年全球举行了世界献血日十周年庆祝活动。献血能够拯救他人,延续他人生命,帮助他人更美好地活着。这次的活动目标在于铭记献血精神,感谢志愿者给予的生命之礼。平日里这些默默无闻拯救苍生的人们才是真正的英雄。10. Other Focuses 献血日的其它目的The major intention of the World Blood Donor Day is to encourage more people to donate blood. It focuses on the countries to increase the safety supply of voluntary non-remunerated blood donors. Where emphasize is put on individuals to be regular blood donors. Convince ministries of health to commit in achieving self-sufficiency in safe blood based on the 100% voluntary non-compensated blood donations世界献血日最主要的目的是鼓励更多的人献血,致力于提升无偿安全血液来源,重点强调个人定期献血。说卫生部承诺在100%无偿献血的基础上达到安全血液自给自足。9.Facts supported by figures 相关数据Only 62 countries get 100% of the national blood supplies from the unpaid voluntary blood donors. The basic blood requirements a country is supposed to meet requires only 1% of its population. Statistics collected show that 92 million units of blood donated are collected internationally from voluntary donors.全球仅有62个国家的输血血液全部来源为无偿捐血志愿者。一个国家人口的1%就能满足其所需输血血液量。目前收集的数据显示国际上采集的志愿血液约合九千两百万份。8. Primary Intention 设定该纪念日的初衷The main aim of World Blood Day is to provide a chance for the world to bond in volunteerism and harmony globally and not to replace national blood days. To create awareness for the responsibilities people are supposed to fulfill in saving and improving lives. Put educational programs and operations to support blood transfusion services for long term. Encourage people to enroll as voluntary blood donors.世界献血日核心目标在于倡导志愿精神及和谐地球,而非取缔各国的国家献血日;提升公民责任意识,引导人们极力挽救、改善生命;普及教育项目和操作,长远推广输血务;鼓励人们积极参与志愿献血活动。7. Four core Agencies that Support World Blood Day 四大核心力量The four core agencies are the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations and the International Society of Blood Transfusion. The establishment includes 193 WHO member countries, 186 national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, with more than 60 national blood donor organization and over 3000 blood transfusion specialists. The World Blood Donor Day movement is supported by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), Joint ed Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) with others like the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP),Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) also in the list is ed Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),World Council of Churches (WCC) and Rotary International.世界卫生组织,国际红十字和红新月联合会,国际献血组织联合会,及国际输血协会为世界献血日的四大核心力量。它们共由193个世界卫生组织成员国和186家国家红十字红新月联合会创建而成。其中红十字红新月联合会包括60个献血组织,拥有3000多名输血专家。世界献血日运动由美国血库协会联合联合国艾滋病规划署发起。其它协会组织如招聘专业捐助人员协会、联合国教科文组、联合国人口基金、世界基督教协进会以及国际扶轮社也在名单之内。6. Yearly Theme 年度主题Each year the World Donor Day operates under different theme which focuses on specialized issues related on blood donation. For example the theme set for the year 2011 is more blood more life.在每年的世界献血日那天,全球都会围绕献血这一特别活动开展不同的主题。例如2011年的主题为:捐献更多的血液,拯救更多的生命。5. A Day to Say Thank You 感恩之日This day takes place on 14 June every year worldwide which also honors birth of Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize winner for discovering the ABO blood group system. The day is devoted to thank and celebrate voluntary unpaid blood donors for their good work of ensuring easy availability of safe blood for transfusion. There are millions of people around the world who are happy to give blood and 14th of June is set aside to thank them and encourage them to continue doing so.每年的6月14号,是纪念卡尔.兰德斯坦纳诞辰的的日子,他因发现ABO血型系统而荣获诺贝尔奖。这一天也专门感谢和赞扬无偿献血志愿者的伟大功劳,因为有了他们,我们才能轻易安全地输取血液。世界上有不计其数的人乐意奉献出自己的鲜血,6月14日,就是为了感谢这群无私的人,并鼓励他们继续帮助延续生命。4. Target to save lives 拯救生命的使命It identifies humble blood donors who use some few minutes of their valuable time to donate blood and save lives of thousands of people worldwide in every year. The blood collected from donations help patients who are suffering from dangerous conditions live a higher quality and longer life. It also very important for playing a role in both perinatal and maternal care, and supports surgical and the complex medical procedures. It acknowledge the key role played by the regular, voluntary blood donors in ensuring that safe blood is ily available for patients who may need it.那些被谦虚的志愿者花掉的短暂且又宝贵的献血时间,每年能够在全世界拯救成千上万条生命。被献出的血液可以让病危之人脱离险境,活得更加美好,更加长寿。它们也在围产期、产期的保健中,外科手术和复杂的医疗程序中起到重要作用。同样重要的是那些定期献血志愿者保障了病患所需的安全血液的及时性。3. History and Foundation 成立历史In 2004 the World Health Organization and the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies started the world donor day. It takes place on 14th June every year where an opportunity is provided for the nation and global celebration to take place. This day has another significance as well since it marks the birthday of Karl Landsteiner who is a Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of the ABO group system. The national blood transfusion was established in 1983, and since then it’s been supporting research and education of advanced transfusion of blood that benefits patients and donors.2004年,世界卫生组织,红十字和红星月联合会开展了世界献血日。自此,每年的6月14号世界各国都会极力宣扬庆祝该节日。这一天也是诺贝尔得主卡尔.兰德斯坦纳诞辰纪念日,是他发现了ABO血型系统。国家输血成立于1983年,从那时起它已经持研究和有益于输血患者及捐赠者双方的先进输血教育。2. A Global Observance 全球庆祝日On world Donor day many events and activities are held globally to increase the awareness and knowledge about the significance of safe blood supplies. It is not a public holiday but instead it’s a worldwide observance. On June 14th a number of events which are held includes; blood donation clinics activities, football matches, concerts and many other fun activities.在世界捐赠日这天全球会大范围举办项目和活动,以便提高公民对安全血液供应意义的认知。这不仅是国定假日,还是世界性的庆祝。6月14号举行的活动包括:献血中心活动、足球比赛、音乐会以及其它有趣节目。1. Safe Blood 安全血液In developing countries safe blood supplies are scarce despite the 92 million units of blood donations. The demand of safe blood is increasing every day while the supply does not meet this demand especially in third world countries. For safety blood transfusions the ABO blood group system is used which was created by Karl Landsteiner on 14th June 1868.尽管世界上有9千两百万份的捐赠血液,发展中国家的安全血液还是相当稀缺。安全血液的需求每日递增,以至供不应求,第三世界国家最为显著。ABO血型系统的使用能够达到安全输血目的,这是由卡尔.兰德斯坦纳于1868年6月14日发明的。 /201306/245048泉州有名的美容医院

泉州南安市微创狐臭手术Like intimate and loyal friends, sweaters accompany us through the whole winter, protecting us from the cold and keeping us warm. But this indispensable wardrobe item is about much more than function —it’s about fashion, too. The following is an introduction to a few eye-catching styles of sweaters this season.毛衣如同“死党”一般,陪伴我们度过整个冬季,帮助我们御寒保暖。但作为衣橱必备单品,毛衣更是兼顾实用性以及时尚感。文中,我们为你推荐了几款本季最亮眼的毛衣。Mohair sweaters马海毛毛衣Mohair refers to a silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. It’s one of the most trendy materials for women’s sweaters this season. For example, UK designer Stella McCartney revealed a line of stylish mohair sweaters with fur trim diamonds. Soft, fluffy and shiny mohair sweaters are very comfortable, so they can be worn directly on the skin. Mohair is also better at keeping you warm than other fabrics.马海毛指的是用安哥拉山羊毛织成的仿丝织物或纱线,是本季最热门的女士毛衣面料之一。例如,英国设计师品牌Stella McCartney就发布了一系列饰有皮草菱形块的充满时尚感的马海毛毛衣。柔软、蓬松且亮丽的马海毛毛衣穿着十分舒适,所以它们可以贴身穿着。同时,与其他面料相比,马海毛的保暖性更佳。There is one drawback to mohair sweaters —they lose hairs. Folding your mohair sweater, placing it in a sealed plastic bag and putting it in the freezer for a few hours should solve this problem.但马海毛毛衣也有一个美中不足的缺点——掉毛。将你的马海毛毛衣叠好,放入密封塑料袋中,然后放进冰箱几小时后便可以解决掉毛的问题了。How to wear them如何穿着?Loose mohair sweaters go well with leggings, giving women a slender and leisurely look. It’s also popular to wear them with pencil skirts or capri pants.宽松的马海毛毛衣与打底裤是绝配,为女士们打造出纤细苗条的休闲范儿。马海毛毛衣配铅笔裙或卡普里裤也是一种热门穿法。Trim sweaters有皮草装饰的毛衣Another hot trend this season is sweaters and cardigans with fur trims, which can be seen in the collections of brands like Philip Lim, Alexander Wang and Chloe. Most designers use pieces of fur located on the front of the sweater, but leather and suede trims are equally important. Italian luxury fashion house Iceberg has been successful in this aspect by mixing soft mohair with leather, which creates a nice contrast.本季的另一件热门时尚单品便是有毛皮镶边的毛衣或开衫,在Philip Lim、 Alexander Wang以及Chloe等大牌时装中,你都可以找到它们的身影。大部分设计师在毛衣胸前添加皮草元素,而皮革与绒面革的镶边也是同样不可或缺。在这方面,意大利奢侈品牌Iceberg可谓是个中翘楚,该品牌将皮草元素添加到柔软的马海毛中,使得两者完美混搭。How to wear them如何穿着?Add them to some skinny jeans and ankle boots to give you a fashionable and attractive look.搭配紧身牛仔裤以及短靴,将会打造出充满时尚感的魅力造型。Print sweaters印花毛衣Sweaters with printed images or patterns, especially stripes and animal prints, are popular this year thanks to the trend of mixing casual and dress pieces. They have gradually become a must for women, with more updated designs such as animals, quirky patterns, es and other statement-making designs. For example, leopard print sweaters have been in style for years and they will keep going for some time. But it’s not just any kind of leopard print —this season is all about unconventional prints, like brightly-colored ones for example.由于休闲混搭风走红,图案印花毛衣,尤其是条纹毛衣和动物花纹毛衣,纷纷成为今年的流行时尚。它们已经逐渐成为女士们的必备单品,并与时俱进地加入动物花纹、奇特的图案、标语等个性设计元素。例如,豹纹毛衣是近年来的流行饰,其热度还会持续一段时间。然而并非所有的豹纹都会这么“好命”——本季是非常规印花的天下,例如一些亮色的图案。How to wear them如何穿着?It’s best to wear sweaters with larger prints, such as oversized leopard spots, which creates a casual, comfortable and chic style. Also, remember to look for oversized sweaters that you can wear with skinny jeans, flat buckled boots, and a floppy felt hat.最好选择那些较大印花图案的毛衣,例如超大豹纹;穿上它,便可塑造出休闲、舒适的时尚风格。同时,记得去淘些大码宽松版的毛衣,用它们搭配紧身牛仔裤、搭扣平底靴以及松软的小毡帽,简直是绝配! /201312/267162 With our shared interests and notorious #39;special relationship#39;, it is often thought that Britons and Americans are cut from the same cloth.由于我们的共同利益和出了名的“特殊关系”,人们通常认为英国人和美国人如出一辙。However, a new survey has revealed that people from both sides of the Atlantic have wildly different personalities.然而,一项最新调查表明,位于大西洋两岸的两国人民在性格上有着巨大差异。Up to 20,000 Britons and Americans took part in a visual personality test which involved selecting which image they most identified with in certain categories.有共两万英国人和美国人参加了一项图像性格测试,测试内容包括在一个特定分类里选择一张与自己最匹配的图片。And, as well as confirming some long-held stereotypes, it also appears to confirm that the famous British stiff upper lip still exists.另外,在验一些老观念时,测试也表明英国人典型的沉稳内敛性格依然存在。As reported by The Times, Americans are more likely to be #39;caring#39; or #39;energetic optimists#39; while Britons are twice as likely to be described as #39;downhearted#39;.根据《泰晤士报》的报道,美国人更“具有同情心”或“充满活力且乐观”,而英国人“消沉沮丧”的可能性是美国人的两倍。However, Britons also emerged as more likely to be chilled out.不过,英国人也更容易冷静下来。Some of the more revealing insights from the survey, by Visual DNA, came when Britons and Americans were asked about romance.这项由Visual DNA主持的调查也揭示了一些英国人和美国人在被问及情感时的不同点。Briton#39;s are more reserved and less likely to share romantic secrets with friends, family and colleagues. Americans, however, are four times more likely to be called a #39;true romantic#39;. They are more flirtatious and much more likely to take a sexual attitude towards love.英国人更矜持,不太和朋友、家人及同事分享自己的情感故事,美国人则相反,他们被称为“浪漫实际派”的可能性是英国人的四倍。他们更轻浮,对爱情的态度更倾向于性方面。British people, on the other hand, are five times more likely to be called #39;more reserved#39;.而另一方面,英国人被称为“保守更甚者”的可能性是美国人的五倍。The survey results appear to confirm what actor Michael Caine once famously said.这个调查结果正好验了演员迈克尔·肯恩曾说过的著名的话。#39;I think what is British about me is my feelings and awareness of others and their situations.“我想我性格中英国人的方面在于我顾及他人及他们所处的环境。”#39;English people are always known to be well mannered and cold but we are not cold - we don#39;t interfere in your situation.“英国人一向被认为是礼貌而又冷漠的,但我们并不冷漠,我们只是不介入你的处境中。”#39;If we are heartbroken, we don#39;t scream in your face with tears - we go home and cry on our own.#39;“如果我们心碎了,我们并不会满脸悲苦现于人前,我们会回到家默默哭泣。”Another intriguing insight into attitudes came when people were asked about money.调查中另一个有趣的方面是英美人被问及到钱的态度。British people are three times more likely to be described as #39;careful spenders#39; or #39;home improvers#39; than their counterparts in the U.S.英国人被视作“谨慎花钱的人”或“家庭贡献者”的可能性是美国人的四倍。However, Americans display almost entirely opposite characteristics. They are 13 times more likely to #39;flash their cash#39; and show off their money.不过,美国人在这方面展现了完全相反的性格,他们炫耀手中钞票的可能性是英国人的13倍。 /201306/245603泉州口碑好的整形医院惠安县中医医院是医保定点医院吗




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