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泉州小腿激光脱体毛福建附属第二医院治疗狐臭多少钱探索世界奥秘之万里长城 12Here on a steep slope, defensive walls rise in steps up to the watchtower. So if the enemy did make it to the top of the wall, the crucial watchtowers could be fiercely defended. The watchtowers themselves stand out beyond the wall so that archers could rain arrows down on any soldiers below. The tower had a covered area for the troops to keep warm, sleep and store weapons. In an open area at the top protected by battlements, the troops kept watch and could repel invaders. It is an amazing defense system, particularly when you see the terrain it was built over. This section is almost vertical as it climbs a mountain slope. Here, it's only a couple of feet wide and guards a drop of more than 1, 000 feet. Determined that no barbarian would ever rule China again, the Ming fortified every inch of Chinese territory, lest small bands get through and open the gates to a large army. The Ming emperors were willing to bear any burden, pay any price to keep their dynasty in power. And this is where they ruled from, the great Forbidden City in Beijing. With its gardens, halls, temples and palaces, the City sprawls over 180 acres, surrounded by a moat and formidable walls. The Forbidden City, a place of seclusion, a place where the godlike Ming emperors could rule and dwell without being inconvenienced by the ordinary citizens of his realm. Within its vermilion walls, existed a life unique in all of human history. At its center was the emperor, whose days were filled with the complicated rituals required of the ruler of China. If the rituals were carried out, the country would prosper and the Ming Dynasty would flourish. Serving the emperor was an army of concubines, and guarding the concubines, an even larger army of eunuchs. One of the last of the Ming, Emperor Wanli(万历皇帝) was a weak monarch who managed to hold on to his throne for 47 years. Wanli ruled deep within his palace and was never seen by his people or his ministers, and rarely even by his eunuchs. Cut off from almost everyone, he had little idea of what was happening in the country he ruled. The Ming emperors were buried in tombs north of their capital Beijing. battlement: parapet (portion above the roof) of the exterior wall of a fortification, consisting of alternating low portions (crenels) and high portions (merlons). Rooftop defenders would shoot from behind the merlons during times of siegesprawl: sp out in a straggling or disordered fashionvermilion: A vivid red to reddish orange. Also called Chinese red, cinnabar200707/15852泉州市欧菲美容环境 Obama-Clinton Nomination Race Heads for Final Phase奥巴马和克林顿之争进入最后阶段  The long running battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination may be in its final days. Both contenders are campaigning for delegates in the final three primaries between now and Tuesday. And both campaigns will be watching a meeting of the Democratic Party's rules committee on Saturday that will attempt to resolve a dispute over primary votes in the states of Florida and Michigan. 美国民主党参选人奥巴马和克林顿争取总统候选人提名的漫长较量可能即将结束。两位候选人都希望在下星期二前举行的最后三场初选中赢得更多代表人票。两边阵营也将密切关注民主党法规委员会今天为解决佛罗里达和密西根州的初选争议而举行的会议。Saturday's meeting at a Washington hotel represents Hillary Clinton's best hope of cutting into Barack Obama's lead in the overall delegate count before the primary season ends on June 3. 今天在华盛顿召开的这次会议可说是希拉里.克林顿在下星期二所有初选结束前,缩小奥巴马在代表票数上领先优势的最佳希望。The Democratic Party Rules Committee will attempt to resolve the dispute over the primary votes in Florida and Michigan. The national party voided the results of those primaries after both states defied party rules and moved up their primaries into January, instead of holding them later in the year. 民主党法规委员会将试图解决佛罗里达和密西根州的初选争议。这两个州违反党规,提早在一月举行初选,结果被取消初选的结果。Clinton won both of those primaries, and her campaign argues the results should be recognized, which would cut into Obama's lead in the delegate count. 克林顿是佛罗里达和密西根州初选的赢家,她的阵营认为应当承认这两个州的选举结果,如此一来她就能缩小奥巴马在代表票数上的领先优势。Obama supporters say that the results should not count because Obama took his name off the Michigan ballot before the vote, and because neither candidate campaigned in either Michigan or Florida in deference to national party rules. 奥巴马的持者则认为,两州初选结果不应该计算在内,因为在密西根州选举前,奥巴马已经把自己的名字从选票上去掉,而且两位候选人为尊重党规,都没有在这两个州进行竞选。After Saturday's party meeting, the focus will be on three remaining Democratic primaries. Puerto Rico votes on Sunday, while Montana and South Dakota close out the primary calendar with contests on Tuesday. 在今天的会议后,人们将把注意力集中在最后三场初选。波多黎各星期天投票,下星期二是蒙大拿与南达科塔州,从而结束民主党内初选。Despite her fading hopes of winning the nomination, Senator Clinton continues to argue that she would be the stronger Democrat to run against the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. 尽管赢得提名的希望越来越渺茫,克林顿仍然坚持她是在与共和党对手麦凯恩的竞争中更有胜算的候选人。"Who do you believe is best prepared and y to be commander in chief and president on day one, to start making those tough decisions that our next president will have to make," she asked. “你们认为哪一位候选人是准备最充分、在上任第一天就能做好总统,做好三军统帅,就能够马上做重大决定的?”In the final weeks of the campaign, Senator Obama increasingly has shifted his attention away from Clinton, and is now focused on what he expects will be a showdown with Senator McCain. 而奥巴马在竞选的最后阶段,已经将注意力从克林顿转移到他未来可能面临的对手、共和党总统候选人麦凯恩身上。"I am happy to have a debate with John McCain about the Bush-McCain foreign policy, because their foreign policy has not worked, and we cannot keep on doing the same thing over and over again," he said. “我非常乐意与麦凯恩就他与布什总统的外交政策进行辩论,因为他们的外交政策是失败的,我们不能重蹈覆辙。”Clinton is favored in Sunday's vote in Puerto Rico, while Obama has an edge in the polls in Montana and South Dakota. 一般认为克林顿能在星期天的波多黎各初选胜出,而奥巴马在蒙大拿和南达科他保持领先。Democratic congressional leaders are hoping for a quick resolution of the Democratic nomination contest after Tuesday's primaries. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid are urging the remaining uncommitted superdelegates to publicly support one of the candidates once the primary season ends. 民主党国会领袖希望下星期二初选结束后,党内的总统提名之争能够尽快落幕。众议院议长佩洛西和参议院多数党领袖瑞德敦促还没有表态的超级代表在初选结束后,公开说明自己究竟持哪位候选人。"I think the time has come to end this," he said. “我认为现在是结束竞争的时候了。”Superdelegates are party officeholders and activists who can vote for either candidate. Political experts expect most of the remaining superdelegates will rally to Obama after Tuesday's voting, setting the stage for the Illinois senator to clinch the nomination. 超级代表是党内的公职人员或活动人士,他们可以选择任何一位党内候选人。政治专家预期,星期二初选结束后,大多数超级代表将持奥巴马,为他赢得党内提名铺路。John Fortier, who monitors U.S. politics at the American Enterprise Institute, told VOA's Encounter program that Obama's march to the nomination appears to be on track, even though Clinton may win a few more delegates in the remaining primaries."Overall, it is a small claim that she can make, and Barack Obama, with those delegates he will win plus the march of the superdelegates, slowly, day by day, into his column, ultimately will be building a lead, and will get to one of the various magic numbers we have for the nomination," he said. Once he secures the Democratic nomination, Senator Obama would then have the challenge of unifying the Democratic Party and winning over Clinton supporters in time for the party's national nominating convention in late August. 一旦确定获得党内提名,奥巴马面对的挑战将是如何在八月全国党代表大会前,整合民主党,争取克林顿持者的拥护。 200806/40704McClellan: Bush Lost Public's Confidence麦克莱伦国会作谈中情局泄密案   A former White House spokesman says Americans have lost trust in U.S. President George Bush, because he is refusing to reveal his administration's involvement in leaking the identity of a previously-covert CIA operative. The Bush administration dismisses the allegations, saying the former spokesman is misinformed. 前白宫发言人麦克莱伦说,美国人已经失去了对总统布什的信任,因为他拒绝透露他的政府是否卷入暴露一位前美国中央情报局秘密特工的身份的事件。布什政府否认相关的指控,称这位前总统发言人的指控是毫无根据的。Former White House Spokesman Scott McClellan says then Chief of Staff Andrew Card told him that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney wanted him to tell reporters that the Vice President's chief of staff was not involved in leaking the name of a CIA operative. 前白宫发言人麦克莱伦说,当时白宫办公厅主任安德鲁.卡德曾经告诉他,总统布什和副总统切尼要他告诉记者说,副总统切尼的办公室主任利比并没有参与泄漏中央情报局特工身份的事件。That Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby, was later convicted of obstructing the investigation into the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity. Her husband, a former U.S. ambassador, was a vocal critic of the president's justification for invading Iraq. 白宫副总统办公室主任利比后来被法庭裁决在调查中央情报局特工普莱姆女士的案件中犯有妨碍司法罪。普莱姆的丈夫、美国前大使,曾经公开对总统布什入侵伊拉克的理由提出批评。McClellan told the House Judiciary Committee Friday that White House officials leaked Plame's identity to get back at her husband. 麦克莱伦星期五对众议院司法委员会说,白宫官员泄露普莱姆的身份以打击她的丈夫。 "I do not know whether a crime was committed by any of the administration officials who revealed Valerie Plame's identity to reporters, nor do I know if there was an attempt by any person or persons to engage in a cover-up during the investigation," he said. "I do know that it was wrong to reveal her identity because it compromised the effectiveness of a covert official for political reasons. I regret that I played a role, however unintentionally, in relaying false information to the public about it." 他说:“我不知道任何政府官员向记者透露普莱姆的身份是否构成犯罪,我也不知道是否有任何个人或多人在调查期间企图对这个事件进行掩盖。我知道的是,公布她的身份是错误的,因为这种行为出于政治目的而损害了一位从事秘密情报工作的特工的有效性。很抱歉,我也在其中发挥了作用,尽管我是无意的,但是我仍然向美国人民转达了虚假的信息。”Asked about McClellan's testimony, the current White House Deputy Spokesman Tony Fratto said McClellan has probably aly told everyone everything he doesn't know, so Fratto does not think anyone should expect him to say anything new. 目前的白宫副发言人托尼.弗拉托在被问及麦克莱伦的词时说,麦克莱伦可能已经告诉大家他不知道的一切事情,所以弗拉托并不认为任何人应该期望他说出什么新的东西。 Judiciary Committee Chairman Democrat John Conyers says McClellan's allegations are the most important matter Congress could examine in its oversight of the administration. 众议院司法委员会主席、民主党人约翰.科尼尔斯说,麦克莱伦的指控是国会在对政府的监督中可以检验的最重要的事情。"When White House insiders leak classified information, manipulate media coverage and otherwise employ their immense power to punish dissenters, Congress does not have any other option," he said. "It has a Constitutional duty to check and balance an errant Executive Branch." 他说:“当白宫内部人士泄漏机密资料,操纵媒体的报导,或者运用其巨大的权力来惩罚持不同政见者的时候,国会没有任何其他选择,只有通过美国宪法所赋予的责任,来制衡行政部门的错误。”The ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Texas Congressman Lamar Smith, questioned McClellan's motivation for writing a book that contradicts everything he said and did as White House Spokesman. 众议院司法委员会中资深的共和党议员,来自得克萨斯州的拉马尔.史密斯质疑麦克莱伦的写书动机。他说麦克莱伦现在的言行和他担任白宫发言人时期的言行完全是自相矛盾的。"Scott McClellan alone will have to wrestle with whether it was worth selling out the president and his friends for a few pieces of silver," he said. 他说:“麦克莱伦自己要受良心的煎熬,是否为了几个铜板而出卖总统和自己的朋友。”McClellan says he wrote the book, in part, because he was prohibited from discussing the matter in 2005 due to the criminal investigation. He says he made a commitment to share with the public what he knew as soon as possible and believes President Bush could restore much of the trust McClellan says he has lost by doing the same. 麦克莱伦说,他写这本书,部分原因是因为这个事件在2005年在经受刑事调查,因此他曾被禁止谈论相关案情。他说,他作出过承诺,将尽快与公众分享他知道的事实。他还说,他认为如果布什总统和他采取同样的行动,布什总统将可以恢复他所失去的很大一部分信誉。"The continuing cloud of suspicion over the White House is not something I can remove because I know only one part of the story," he added. "Only those who know the underlying truth can bring this to an end. Sadly, they remain silent." 麦克莱伦说:“在白宫上空盘桓的疑云不是我可以驱除的,因为我只知道整个故事的一部分。只有那些知道背后真相的人可以结束这一切。可悲的是,他们保持沉默 。” President Bush commuted Libby's two-and-a-half year prison sentence, sparing him from serving time. McClellan says that was special treatment that further undermined the president's commitment to justice. 美国总统布什赦免了利比的2年半徒刑,从而使利比不需要到监狱刑。麦克莱伦说, 这是一种特殊的待遇,进一步削弱了总统对司法公正的承诺。Current White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino says it is sad that McClellan is so disgruntled about his experience. She says those who supported McClellan before, during, and after he was press secretary are puzzled because this is not the man they thought they knew. 目前的白宫女发言人佩里诺说,麦克莱伦对他的经历如此不满,这是可悲的。佩里诺说,那些曾经在麦柯莱伦担任白宫发言人之前,期间以及之后持过他的人们,都感到困惑,因为这不是他们认识的那个麦克莱伦。200806/42408泉州医科大学第二医院时间作息

泉州医院祛痣Bush Wants G8 to Honor Commitments to Africa布什将敦促发达国家信守援非承诺  U.S. President George Bush says he will use next week's meeting of the world's leading industrialized nations to urge fellow leaders to honor the commitments they have made to help Africa. 美国总统布什说,他将利用下周的世界工业发达国家首脑会议的机会敦促与会国领导人信守他们帮助非洲的承诺。President Bush says the world needs more than leaders who make promises about helping Africa. He says it needs leaders who actually write the checks. 美国总统布什说,世界需要的不仅仅是承诺帮助非洲的领导人,更需要真正兑现承诺的领导人。"You know I hope that these countries understand the great promise and hope that comes when we help alleviate this suffering," the president said. "And so one of my really important agenda items is going to rally our partners to make commitments and meet commitments." 他说:“要知道我希望这些国家明白,在我们帮助解除非洲的苦难以后,光明的前程和希望才会来临。所以我的重要议题之一就是呼吁我们的伙伴国家作出承诺,兑现承诺。”Mr. Bush told reporters at the White House that he is going to next week's Group of Eight summit in Japan to press fellow leaders to deliver on a promise made two years ago to double financial assistance to Africa to billion by the year 2010. 布什在白宫对记者说,他将参加下周在日本举行的八大国首脑会议,他将敦促伙伴国领导人兑现两年前的援助承诺,在2010年前把对非洲的经济援助增加一倍,达到220亿美元。So far, the nonpartisan AIDS and poverty awareness group the One Campaign says just 14 percent of those funds have been delivered. 无党派的“全球对抗艾滋病及消除贫困组织”说,迄今为止,承诺的援助资金只兑现了14%。At last year's G8 summit, leaders agreed to back U.S.-led efforts to help cut African deaths from malaria by half in the most-affected countries. President Bush says he will push leaders to honor that commitment as well. 在去年的8国首脑会议上,各国领导人同意持美国倡导的一项努力,即在疟疾蔓延最猖獗的非洲国家里把疟疾致死的人数减少一半。布什说,他也将敦促与会领导人信守这一承诺。Mr. Bush says he will press for more G8 funding to train African health care workers and assistance for those facing rising food prices in Africa and other developing nations. 布什说,他将敦促这8个国家提供更多资金用于训练非洲医疗卫生工作人员并援非洲及其它面临食品价格上涨困境的发展中国家。"At Toyako, I will also ask leaders of the G8 to make important strategic moves to alleviate hunger, such as increasing the shipments of food, fertilizers, and seeds to countries in need. It's one thing to talk about the problem," he said. "This is a practical way to help countries deal with the lack of food. We need to help severely affected nations grow more of their own food. It's one thing to provide food. It seems like it makes sense to me to say we are going to help you become more agriculturally self-sustaining." 他说:“在日本,我也将要求8国领导人采取重大战略步骤减少饥饿,例如增加对贫困国家的食品、肥料和种子的援助。谈论这个问题是一回事。这是帮助这些国家应付食品短缺的具体方式。我们需要帮助那些饥荒严重的国家自己种植更多的粮食作物。而供应粮食却是另一回事。依我所见,告诉他们:我们将帮助你们在农业上更加自立,这是合理可行的办法。”White House officials expect President Bush will discuss the ongoing political crisis in Zimbabwe both during bilateral talks with South African President Thabo Mbeki and in a wider conversation between G8 leaders and the heads of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania. 白宫官员预计,布什将在与南非总统姆贝基的双边会谈中,以及在与8国领导人以及埃塞俄比亚、加纳、尼日利亚、塞内加尔和坦桑尼亚这些国家领导人的会谈中讨论津巴布韦目前的政治危机。Global climate change is also on this year's agenda. 此外,全球气候变暖问题也在今年的议事日程上。Summit host Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda hopes to convince his colleagues to agree on a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. 这次首脑会议的东道主,日本首相福田康夫希望说与会国领袖同意在2050年前把温室气体排放量削减50%。President Bush blocked binding limits on greenhouse gases at last year's G8 meeting because they did not apply to other big polluters including China and India. So this year's summit will include China and India in a separate meeting of 16 major economies responsible for 80 percent of world carbon dioxide emissions. 布什在去年的八国首脑会议上阻止了通过有关限制温室气体排放的有约束力的规定,因为有关规定并不适用于其它污染大国,如中国和印度。所以今年的首脑会议将在另行举行的16个经济大国会议中包括中国和印度,这16个国家的二氧化碳废气排放量达到全球排放量的80%。Mr. Bush says efforts to combat global climate change must not restrict economic development. 布什说,制止全球气候变化的努力不该限制经济发展。"I'll be reminding people that we can have better energy security and we can be better stewards of the environment without sacrificing economic growth," he noted. "And the principle is pretty simple. It's going to be hard to have the amount of money necessary to invest in new technologies if we don't have the money to spend, and therefore we need to make sure our economies are vibrant." 他说:“我将提醒人们:我们可以有更安全的能源,也可以更好地治理环境,同时不必牺牲经济发展。这个原则相当简明。如果我们没有钱,就难以向新技术投入所需的资金,所以我们务必确保经济蓬勃发展。”The president has approved billion in U.S. loan guarantees to support private sector investments in clean energy technology. 布什已经批准提供400亿美元国家贷款担保,持私人企业投资开发清洁能源技术。200807/43293泉州市中医外科医院去痘印多少钱 4 价格太高3句英文任你选Your price is too high to interest buyers in counter-offer.您的价格太高,买方没有兴趣还盘。I must say the price is too high for me to accept.我必须说价格太高不能接受。Your ation is too high to accept.你方要价太高无法接受。半个句型要记牢too... to... (太……而不能)Tip: ;too +形容词/副词+动词不定式;结构简称为; too... to;结构。这种结构是英语中常用的一种句型,在大多数情况下表示否定意义,在翻译时,通常可译为;太……而不能……;、;太……无法……; 。too + adj. / adv. + to do这个句型是too... to的最基本的常用句型。 too+形容词或副词,有时too后也可眼一个起形容词作用的过去分词。例如: The boy is too young to go to school. (这男孩年龄太小,不能上学。 ) /201603/434079泉州德化县开眼角和双眼皮那个好

泉州市欧菲医院在哪Biodiesel: Fuel of the Future?生物柴油是未来的燃油吗?  At the 1900 World's Fair in Paris, Rudolf Diesel exhibited an engine that could run on oil from vegetables and plants. But Diesel's design was eclipsed by automobile engines that ran on petroleum-based fuel. Today, though, with concerns about the environment and the supply of oil, diesel engines – and the sustainable options for running them – are getting a second look. Auto industry analysts expect sales of diesel-powered cars in the ed States to triple in the next decade, and many of those drivers will be looking for plant-based fuel, "bio-diesel," to put in their tanks.  在1900巴黎世界览会上,鲁道夫.狄塞尔展示了用菜油和植物油驱动的柴油机,但是,狄塞尔的柴油机却被以石油为基础的燃油驱动的汽车发动机所淘汰。今天,随着对环境和石油供应的担忧,柴油机及其他能驱动柴油机的可持续性选择再次引起人们的注意。汽车工业分析人士预测,在美国,柴油驱动汽车的生产在今后十年里将会增加三倍,而且驾驶这种汽车的人也会用植物燃油,或者叫生物燃油来装满他们的油箱。Biodiesel is made from processed vegetable or plant oil, and can be used in diesel engines on its own, or blended with petroleum-based fuel. Here in Berkeley, California, the pumps at Biofuel Oasis dispense diesel made from used cooking oil.  生物柴油是以菜油或是植物油加工而成的燃油。可以单独用于柴油机,也可以和以石油为基础的燃油混合使用。在加利福尼亚州的伯克利有一个加油站,名字叫生物燃油绿洲。The fueling station is a cooperative, owned by five women. Margaret Farrow says Oasis was opened to offer a sustainable option to the petroleum-derived diesel offered by big oil companies. "It's a clean-burning fuel. It's more efficient than gasoline. It's biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable," she says, adding that it's good for the environment, too. "In terms of greenhouse gasses, if you use biodiesel, there's no net increase of carbon dioxide going into the environment." 那里的油是从已经用过的食用油制成的。这个加油站由五个妇女共同经营,是一个合作项目。玛格丽特.法罗说,他们开设绿洲加油站的目的就是让人们在使用大型石油公司出售的那种从石油提炼的柴油外,还能够有一种可持续的选择。法罗说:“这是一种清洁的燃油,比汽油更有效。这是一种生物可降解的,无毒、非易燃性的燃油。另外,从温室气体排放来说,如果使用生物柴油,不会增加空气中的二氧化碳含量。”Since Biofuel Oasis opened in 2003, about 2,500 customers have pulled in to fill up. For Sandra Lupien, coming here is an ethical choice. "An important point for me about using biodiesel is to make sure that we're using biodiesel that is made from recycled vegetable oil, oil picked up from restaurants that's just going to be thrown away anyway, instead of using oil processed from new crops." 自从生物绿洲加油站2003年开业以来,大约有2500名顾客到这个加油站来加油。桑德拉.卢皮恩就是其中的一位。卢皮恩说:“使用生物柴油对我来说很重要的是,能够保我们所用的生物柴油是来自回收的菜油,而不是由新的庄稼加工提炼的油。餐馆里用过的油反正是要扔掉的。”There are two types of biodiesel fuel: Fresh or "virgin" biodiesel is made from crops such as soybeans. Then there's the biodiesel fuel made from recycled vegetable oil which only a few fueling stations besides the Oasis sell – currently at .10 ten per liter, about five cents less than regular diesel fuel and ten cents more than gasoline in California.  目前有两种生物柴油,一种是原始的柴油,也就是从大豆等庄稼中加工提炼的。另一种就是从回收的菜油里提炼的。第二种油除了绿洲加油站以外只有少数几个加油站出售这样的燃油。目前这种燃油的价格为每升一美元。在加州,这个价格比普通柴油高出五美分,比汽油高出十多美分。Even though diesel is more expensive than gasoline, liter for liter, it's cheaper to run a diesel car. Diesel engines are designed to be more efficient than gasoline engines, so they provide higher fuel efficiency. But it can be more of a challenge to find a place to fill up a car that runs on diesel. Not all service stations carry diesel, and pumps serving up biodiesel are rare indeed. Nationally, there are only about 1600 biodiesel fueling stations, with most clustered in the grain-growing states of the Midwest, and a few along the coasts.  尽管按升计算,柴油的价格高出汽油,但是,驾驶柴油驱动的汽车却更便宜。柴油机的设计要比汽油发动机更有效,因此燃油效率更高。但是要找到一个可以给柴油驱动的汽车加油的地方可能会大费周折。不是所有的加油站都提供柴油,能供应生物柴油的加油站就更为稀少。事实上,美国只有1600个生物柴油加油站,而且大多数集中在中西部以及东西海岸。The biodiesel sold at Oasis comes from Yokayo Biofuels, the only commercial-scale plant in northern California that manufactures the fuel from used vegetable oil. Kumar Plocher founded the company in 2001, and it now produces about 3700 liters of biodiesel fuel every day.  绿洲加油站出售的生物柴油来自加州北部利用回收菜油生产燃油的唯一一家商业炼油厂。布洛克是位于加利福尼亚州尤凯亚的一家生物燃料公司的总裁兼创办人。尤凯亚市在旧金山以北大约两个小时车程的地方。该公司2001年开始营业,目前每天生产大约3千7百升生物柴油。Plocher has a fleet of biodiesel-powered trucks that collects used cooking oil from about 700 restaurants across northern California. Once at the processing plant, the oil goes through a series of screeners, high-speed shakers, hot tanks and washes to remove food residue and water. The separated food products are composted, and the filtered oil begins its transformation. Treated with methanol and potassium hydroxide, also known as lye, the vegetable oil molecules break down.  布洛克拥有一个使用生物柴油的卡车队,这些卡车从北加州大约7饭店那里搜集用过的食用油。这些油被运到处理工厂后就会经过一个加工程序,其中包括过滤,快速搅拌、高温和去除食物残渣和水分清洗过程。分离出来的食品被合成肥料。经过过滤的油便开始它的转换过程。植物油分子经过甲醇和钾的氢氧化物、也被称作灰汁的处理后就被分解。Plocher explains that this step is the most dangerous aspect of the operation. "People ask if biodiesel is a dangerous fuel. Once you've actually made it and purified it, it's completely non-toxic and non-hazardous."  布洛克说:“这是我们操作过程中最危险的一步。人们问,生物柴油是不是一种危险的燃油。实际上,这种油一旦经过生产和纯化,就完全没有毒性,也没有危险。”But Plocher admits there is still a great deal of negativity surrounding biodiesel fuels. "Right now the [public sentiment] about biofuels in general and, certainly, biodiesel as well as ethanol, is very negative." He points to news reports and studies focused on the diversion of food crops for fuel and the environmental costs of clearing land for biofuel crops. And he counters, "It's very easy to show that this kind of biodiesel that we're making has serious net positives. But if you're going to take an acre of someone's food garden and replant it to make energy, there's problems with that." 但是布洛克承认,对生物柴油还是有许多负面的看法。他说:“有很多人质疑生物柴油是否给地球造成的消极作用大于积极作用。很容易明我们制造的这种生物柴油所产生的积极作用比消极作用要大得多。但是,如果你为了生产能源,而拿别人的一公顷粮食作物土地来换种产油作物的话,那就有问题了。”Plocher says because of the huge amount of land required to grow biodiesel crops – often land where food crops had been grown – some biodiesel producers are importing palm oil from the tropics to make their fuel. But that's not a perfect solution, either. Not only are there increased transportation costs, but the growing demand for palm oil has caused the destruction of rainforests in Malaysia, Indonesia and other tropical countries. Kumar Plocher serves on the National Biodiesel Board's Sustainability Task Force, working to develop a road map for the industry. With an eye on its impact on the environment and the global food supply, he says, the search is on for sustainable, super biodiesel crops, "stuff that doesn't compete with food, that you can get a whole lot of energy per hectare."  布洛克是美国生物柴油委员会的可持续性发展行动小组的成员,他为这一行业的发展制定规划。他说,他在关注生物柴油对环境和全球食品供应造成的影响的同时,正在寻找可持续性发展的超级生物柴油作物。He says soybeans provide only a tiny amount of oil, and mustard seed and sunflowers are somewhat more productive. "But there are trees that actually grow well in California and across a lot of the ed States called Chinese Tallow trees. They can give you upwards of 4,730 liters a hectare. We're looking into those. Difficult to harvest but they can be one of the real feedstocks of the future." Algae is another possibility, he says. "We can get [tens of thousands of liters per hectare] with algae ponds. So there are all kinds of more sustainable choices for the future." Whatever it's made from, industry experts expect biodiesel to be an important part of the energy supply of the future.  然而不论用什么材料制造生物柴油,工业领域的专家们期望生物柴油能够成为未来能源供应的重要组成部分。200805/37705 World Leaders Pledge to Combat Food Crisis罗马峰会达成协议解决粮食危机  World leaders at a UN summit in Rome have pledged to reduce trade barriers and boost agricultural production to combat a global food crisis. At the end of a 3-day world food security summit in Rome, delegates approved a declaration resolving to ease the suffering caused by soaring food prices. 各国领导人在罗马召开的联合国粮食峰会上承诺削减贸易壁垒,增加粮食生产,以对抗全球粮食危机。在为期三天的会议结束后,与会代表通过宣言,寻求缓解高粮价的方案。It was no easy matter for the delegates at the world food security summit in Rome to reach an agreement on a final declaration to ease increasing hunger in the world. Nearly 5,000 representatives from more than 180 countries spent three days discussing how to ease the suffering caused by soaring food prices. 对于汇集罗马的与会代表来说,达成反饥饿的共同宣言并不容易。来自180多个国家的将近5千名代表用了三天时间来探讨如何缓解高粮价引发的苦难。Delegates held their talks at the ed Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization. At the end of a long third day, an agreement was reached. FAO Director General Jacques Diouf had said at the start of the conference that the time had come for action. 这次峰会在联合国粮农组织的总部召开。会议的第三天,也就是最后一天,峰会达成了协议。粮农组织总干事雅克.迪乌夫表示,解决粮食危机迫在眉睫。"We have approved a declaration, you know that it has not been very easy as usual and, in addition, during the discussions, the third elements of the global framework for action, global framework for action, that document was also presented in the framework of the task force," he said. 迪乌夫说:“我们通过了一项宣言。你们知道,象往常一样,这件事并不容易。此外,在讨论过程当中,工作小组还审议了全球行动框架的有关文件。”He added that what essentially was reached at the Rome conference was a political declaration of intent to ease hunger. The document calls for swift help for small-holder farmers in poor countries who need seed, fertilizers and animal feed in time for the approaching planting season. But it remains to be seen if the words adopted in Rome will translate into changed farm or trade policies at home. 迪乌夫说,罗马峰会最终达成的实际上是一项对抗饥饿的政治宣言。这份文件呼吁立即向贫困国家的小农场主提供帮助。他们急需种子、化肥、饲料援助,以便赶上即将到来的种植季节。但是,罗马宣言的文字能否转化成有关国家的贸易和农业政策,尚有待观察。Diouf said the gathering wasn't a pledging conference but billions of US dollars from countries, regional banks and the World Bank were promised to combat hunger. 迪乌夫说,尽管这次大会并非筹款会议,但是,一些国家、地区、以及世界仍然承诺提供几十亿美元用于对抗饥饿。"At the closing of the conference the representative of the ed States indicated that they would be committing 5 billion US dollars over the next years in support of agriculture and food security," he said. 迪乌夫说:“在大会结束的时候,美国代表表示,美国将在未来五年内投入50亿美元用于农业和食品安全。”Some Latin American countries have raised strong objections to the declaration. These included Cuba that was disappointed the document does not criticize the long-standing U.S. embargo against the Communist-run island. 包括古巴在内的一些拉美国家对宣言表达了强烈的反对意见。古巴对于宣言没有批评美国长期对古巴实行的贸易禁运政策表达了失望。Argentina was unhappy over the language about trade barriers. It says the declaration does not blame farm subsidies in the US, European Union and other Western food-producers for a major role in driving up prices. 阿根廷对于宣言有关贸易壁垒的措辞表示不满。阿根廷代表认为,宣言没有批评美国、欧盟以及其他西方国家的农业补贴对粮价上涨产生的主要影响。Delegates at the summit also discussed the contentious issue of biofuels, recognizing that there are both "challenges and opportunity." 出席罗马峰会的代表们还讨论了生物燃料这个具有争议性的问题。代表们承认,生物燃料既是挑战,也是机遇。200806/41340泉州热玛吉第三代多少钱晋江祛白头粉刺护肤费用



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