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上饶上饶县做疤痕修复多少钱上饶市人民医院做去眼袋手术多少钱上饶市卫校附属医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱 B News –Dame Helen Mirrenhas said actresses should go after roles written men.B新闻 – 海伦.米伦说, 女演员应当追求为男人写的角色.In her new film thriller Eye in the Sky sheplays an army colonel, a role originally written a man.她在新片惊悚片《天空之眼中扮演陆军上校, 这个角色最初是为男人写的.The actress said it made her;cross; that many roles were given to men regardless of whether itwas the lead character.演员表示, 许多角色不管是不是主角都给男人演令她“气恼”.You look at a scene and it going to beall men around a table and you think at least half of those could have beenwomen, she said.“你随便看一个场景, 就会看到围桌坐的全是男人,而你觉得至少其中一半该是女人. ”她说.Sandra Bullock last year revealed she hadgot her agent to find scripts with interesting male roles and then pursued them herself. One of those roles was political drama Our Brand is Crisis,released in January, in which she played a campaign manager.桑德拉.布洛克去年透露,她让经纪人去找有着有趣男性角色的剧本,然后为自己争取这些角色. 其中一个角色是一月份公映的政治剧《我们的品牌是危机, 她在其中扮演竞选经理.Dame Helen said the lack of roles womenwas also markedly noticeable in the film industry when it comes to extras.海伦夫人说, 就临时演员来说, 女性角色欠缺的现象在电影业也非常显著.The only time that there are more women onthe set as extras is a swimming pool scene and theyre all in bikinis - anyswimming pool scene and suddenly it full of women.“片场唯一有更多女人作为临时演员的时候, 就是拍游泳池场景时, 她们都穿着比基尼– 拍任何一个游泳池场景, 就会突然挤满了女人.”In Eye in the Sky Mirren plays an armyintelligence Colonel remotely commanding a top secret drone operation fromLondon, attempting to capture a group of terrorists from their safe-house inNairobi, Kenya.在《天空之眼中,米伦扮演一位陆军情报上校, 从伦敦远程指挥一次高度机密的无人机行动, 试图抓捕一伙藏身在肯尼亚内罗毕的恐怖分子.Although the role was originally written a man the film producers, who include actor Colin Firth and directorGavin Hood, had changed the part to a woman bee it was offered to DameHelen.虽然这个角色最初是为男人写的,但包括演员科林.弗思和导演加文.胡德在内的制片人, 把这个角色改成了女人,然后邀请海伦出演.,Something she thinks was an ;astutedecision; because it opened up debate.她认为此事是“精明的决定”, 因为它引发了争论.The film is about the discussions peoplehave when they leave the cinema and having a woman in that role allows you tomake that discussion, she said.“电影关乎人们离开影院时的讨论, 让女人扮演那样的角色让你得以营造那种讨论氛围.”As opposed to saying well that men,that what men do in war ... I think Gavin very astutely understood andrealised putting a woman [in the role] just changed the discussion.“人们说的, 不再是‘唔,那是男人,那是男人战争中干的事’……我认为, 加文非常精明地懂得和意识到, 把女人放在男人的角色改变了讨论内容.” 37675上饶弋阳县治疗蒙古斑价格

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上饶德兴市吸脂多少钱 Spooning peacefully in a double bed, this pair could be any normal couple on a Sunday morning.一对“夫妻”安静的拥抱在双人床上,这是再正常不过的周日早晨But revisit the scene an hour later and Jackie Samuel, a University of Rochester graduate student, will be curled up in the arms of another man.一个小时之后再看还是这样的场景,只不过女主人杰姬-塞缪尔投入了另一个男人的怀抱,杰姬是就读于罗切斯特大学的研究生The 9-year-old is a professional cuddler. She turned to snuggling with strangers to help pay her studies and provide her young son.9岁的杰姬是一名专业的“拥抱师”,为了有钱继续研究课题和养活儿子,她用与陌生人搂抱收费这种方式来赚取收入She can make a day and cuddles with up to 30 men a week - including pensioners and war veterans.她每天能赚60美金,每周会跟多大30个男人拥抱,其中包括领退休金的老人和退伍军人However, her business The Snuggery has not gone unnoticed and her college has threatened to expel her - while others have called her a prostitute.然而她的“舒适之家”小店太多特立独行,想低调都难学校已经威胁会开除她,还有许多其他人说她是She said: I think I was born knowing how to snuggle. Snuggling is healthy, spiritual and fun.她说:“我觉得自己生下来就懂得如何拥抱拥抱是健康的,也是能净化心灵的我觉得非常有趣I think clients come to me all different kinds of reasons. Some of my older clients, their wives have passed away, and they just need someone to be with, like someone to experience touch with.“我的客人们因为不同的原因来找我寻求拥抱有一些年纪大的客人,他们的妻子去世的早,他们只是需要有个人在身边,体验一下触碰的感觉”ome of the younger clients are between relationships, some are in problematic relationships, and some people are just really curious and they come to just find out what it going to be like.“有些年轻的顾客感情状况不稳定,还有一些与爱人之间的感情存在诸多问题,而有些人只是出于好奇,想来看看到底是什么样”Jackie advertises her services online and charges an hour.杰姬在线宣传了她的务,她每小时收费60美金The cuddling can take place anywhere around her cottage in Rochester, New York, but most clients opt to use her large double bed.你可以在纽约罗切斯特的任何地方选择进行这一务,但大多数客户都选择她的那张双人床They are banned from touching parts of her body covered by underwear, which she wears under pyjamas.她陪睡时禁止别人抚摸她的身体,而且会穿着睡衣The business has done so well she has even hired another snuggling professional, Colleen. Her apprentice has yet to take on a client by herself but has joined Jackie on two occasions in what they have termed a double cuddle.杰姬的“舒适之家”生意很红火,她最近甚至还新雇了一位专业拥抱师科伦科伦还没单独接待过客人,只是和杰姬一起为客人提供过“陪抱”务,他们称之为“双人抱”Despite her strict rules on sexual activity, Jackie has received a barrage of emails and phone calls slamming her as a prostitute.尽管她的规定里明令禁止性行为,但还是有不少人发邮件和打电话指责她是She added: ome have said I am worse than a prostitute because they think snuggling is more intimate than sex. Ive been told Im monetizing love.她说:“有些人说我比还过分,因为他们认为拥抱比性更亲密,他们说我是在出卖爱”One of her repeat customers, who would only give his name as Tim, disagrees with her critics. He said Jackie cuddles had helped him following a bad break-up and described the sessions as meditative.她的一个老顾客蒂姆不同意这些指责他说在一次惨痛的分手后杰姬的拥抱给了他很多帮助,并把这个过程称之为“冥想式拥抱”He even said he would continue to see her while in a relationship. There no cheating element, it not immoral, he said.他还说即使开始了新的恋情还是会过来找她他说“这并不存在什么欺骗,也不是不道德的” 83上饶小腿吸脂多少钱上饶广丰区无痛隆鼻收多少钱



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