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Canadian artist Kay Pike transformed herself into Superman using just body paint and latex at her property in Calgary, Alberta.加拿大艺术家凯·派克近日在阿尔伯塔省卡尔加里的住房内,仅用人体绘颜料和胶乳就将自己变装成了超人。The Canadian artist turns her overall body into unique characters for an World-wide-web audience.这位加拿大的艺术家每周总是会为她网上的观众;变身;为不同的角色。Usually, Pike stands in front of a giant mirror, dabs her brush into paint and touches it to her skin. She begins by painting her face and hair first - making sure the work reflects the superhero as closely as possible.通常,派克会站在一面巨大的镜子面前,用刷子蘸上涂料,涂在自己皮肤上。她会先从脸部和头发开始画,以确保自己和超级英雄尽可能相像。Pike is a admirer of cosplay, in which contributors wear costumes to represent a character from anime, comedian publications, cartoons, clip online games or movies.派克是一个Cosplay的狂热崇拜者。Cosplay是指人们穿着动漫、喜剧、漫画、网络游戏或电影中的装来装扮成其中的某一角色。She claimed it would be uninteresting and lonely to do the painting with out an audience.她声称,如果没有一个观众,那么这种粉刷将会变得毫无乐趣、孤孤单单。Pike started in December and aly has 163,000 followers on Instagram.去年12月,派克开始;变身;,如今她的Instagram粉丝已达16.3万。She receives a little advertising money but relies more on donations from viewers and from Patreon.com, a crowdfunding site for artists.她只能收到很少一部分的广告费,但是绝大部分的收入依靠的是观众以及艺术家众筹网站Patreon.com的打赏捐助。Pike refers to her creations as her ;little paint children;. ;At the end, it#39;s a little sad to wash it off,; she added.派克把所有的作品都当做自己的小孩子一样看待。她补充说道:“最后洗掉这些粉刷的时候,真的有一点点伤心。” /201604/435718The Harry Potter author JK Rowling has shared some withering rebuffs publishers sent to her alter ego Robert Galbraith, in an effort to comfort aspiring authors.近日,《哈利波特》系列图书的作者JK·罗琳为了激励其他作家,自曝数位出版商对其署名为Robert Galbraith的作品的冷酷无情的退稿信。Rowling posted the rejection letters on Twitter after a request from a fan. They related to The Cuckoo#39;s Calling, her first novel as Galbraith. But Rowling also saw Harry Potter turned down several times before the boy wizard became one of the greatest phenomena in children#39;s literature, with sales of more than 400m copies worldwide.应某位粉丝的要求,罗琳在自己的推特上贴出了这几封退稿信。这些信件的内容全部与《布谷鸟的呼唤》这本小说有关。《布谷鸟的呼唤》是罗琳以Robert Galbraith的笔名发表的首部作品。而罗琳的《哈利波特》系列在全世界已卖出了4亿余本,成为了儿童文学史上的一座高峰,在此之前也曾数次遭到出版商的拒绝。Asked how she kept motivated, she tweeted: “I had nothing to lose and sometimes that makes you brave enough to try.”当问及如何保持积极心态的时候,罗琳回复道:“我没什么好失去的,有时这样的情况令人有足够的勇气去尝试。”When she pitched under the name Galbraith without revealing her true identity, she faced many more snubs. Since then, Galbraith has published three successful novels but the first was rejected by several publishers, and Rowling was even advised to take a writing course.当罗琳在隐瞒真名并使用笔名投稿后,收到了许多的退稿信。此后,罗琳以该笔名发表了三本成功的小说,但第一本小说还是遭到了几位出版商的拒绝。有的出版商甚至建议罗琳去上一堂写作课。Rowling erased the signatures when she posted the letters online, saying her motive was “inspiration not revenge”. She did not reveal the full text of the most brutal brush-off, which came by email from one of the publishers who had also rejected Harry Potter.罗琳隐去了信上的签名,表示自己的动机只是鼓舞他人而不是进行报复。一位此前拒绝了《哈利波特》系列的出版商的退稿信言辞最为刻薄,罗琳并没有公开这封信的全部内容。Rowling said she could not share the Potter rejections because they “are now in a box in my attic” before offering the Galbraith letters. The kindest and most detailed rejection came from Constable And Robinson, who – despite the advice about a writing course – included helpful tips on how to pitch to a publisher (“as on book jackets – don#39;t give away the ending!”). The publisher added: “I regret that we have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we could not publish it with commercial success.”在贴出这些信件前,罗琳表示,自己无法和粉丝分享《哈利波特》的退稿信,因为这些信现在都放在阁楼的箱子里了。出版商Constable And Robinson的退稿信贴心又细致--除了上写作课的建议--还包括许多如何投稿的建议。该出版商接着写道:“出版本书难以获得商业收益。得出此结论亦非我方所愿,对此我方深表遗憾。”The short note from publishers Creme de la Crime said the firm had become part of another publishing group and was not accepting new submissions.而另一家出版商Creme de la Crime在一份简短的回复中表示,因公司被另一家出版社收购,所以将不再接受新的投稿。When The Cuckoo#39;s Calling eventually found a publisher in 2013, it was achieving respectable sales before the secret of its authorship broke, and it then shot to the top of the bestseller lists.2013年《布谷鸟的呼唤》出版后,销量颇佳,作者的真实身份遭曝光后更是占据了畅销书排行榜的榜首位置。 /201604/435376

Victoria#39;s Secret Perfume Repels Mosquitos, According to Research研究表明维多利亚的秘密香水可驱蚊Could the trick to dodging mosquitos this summer be sitting on top of your dresser? Maybe not, but it comes close.今夏躲闪蚊子的玩意儿可能会放在你的梳妆台上吗?也许不会,但是接近了。A study from New Mexico State University (NMSU) found that Victoria#39;s Secret Bombshell perfume is moderately effective at repelling two types of disease-carrying mosquitos: Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti (aka the species sping Zika).新墨西哥州大学的一项研究发现维多利亚的秘密性感香水对于驱赶携带病毒的两类蚊子有中等效果:白纹伊蚊和埃及伊蚊(又叫做传播寨卡病毒的物种)。Unsurprisingly, the researchers found that products containing DEET as the primary ingredient were the most effective in keeping mosquitos away for the longest period of time. (Only one DEET-free repellent produced effective and long-lasting results: Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect repellent.) What they weren#39;t expecting to find, however, was that the sweet, floral scent of Victoria#39;s Secret Bombshell kept the pests at bay for two hours.不出所料,研究人员发现以避蚊胺作为主要成分的产品对长时间驱蚊效果最佳。(只有一种不含避蚊胺的驱虫剂产生了长期有效的结果:卡特柠檬桉驱虫剂。)然而他们没有预料到会发现:维多利亚的秘密性感香水的芬芳,香甜的气味能够使蚊子两小时都近不了身。;We tested VS Bombshell because one of our test subjects had gotten it as a birthday present, so it was a completely random pick,; study author Immo Hansen, PhD, said in an interview with Today.;我们测试了维多利亚的秘密性感香水,是因为我们其中一个测试主题是拿它作为生日礼物,所以这完全是随机挑选的,;研究作者Immo Hansen士今天在接受访问时说道。;There was some previous literature that said fruity, floral scents attracted mosquitoes, and to not wear those,; co-author Stacy Rodriguez, a research assistant in NMSU#39;s Molecular Vector Physiology Lab, explained in a press release. ;It was interesting to see that the mosquitoes weren#39;t actually attracted to the person that was wearing the Victoria#39;s Secret perfume -they were repelled by it.;;有一些以前的文献上写到果香味会吸引蚊子,不能佩戴这些东西。;合著者Stacy Rodriguez在媒体发布会上解释道,她是新墨西哥州大学分子矢量物理实验室的研究助手。;看到喷了维多利亚的秘密香水的人实际上并不会吸引蚊子--而是驱赶蚊子是很有趣的。;Mosquitos use their sense of smell to detect their hosts. The researchers speculate that the perfume may have provided a ;masking odor,; temporarily keeping the mosquitos from picking up common human scents.蚊子利用嗅觉去勘测他们的主人。研究人员推测:香水可能会有;遮蔽气味;,暂时使蚊子无法获得普通人的气味。But the researchers note that they used a high concentration of the perfume, and that lower concentrations might produce different results. They caution against using the fragrance as an insect repellent, and instead recommend products that have high concentrations of DEET.但研究人员提醒道他们使用的是高浓度的香水,低浓度的香水可能会产生不同的结果。他们警告不要使用香味作为驱虫剂,而建议使用含有高浓度避蚊胺的产品。译文属 /201606/450005

Japanese cities are using manga and anime to persuade young people to vote in forthcoming elections.日本一些城市正在利用漫画和动漫来说年轻人,让他们在即将到来的大选中投票。The popular formats feature in local electoral commission materials aimed at newly enfranchised 18- and 19-year-olds, which explain why going to the polls is important, The Japan Times website reports.据《日本时报》网站上的一则报道称,在日本一些地方选举委员会的选举宣传材料中,出现了一些动漫相关的东西,它们非常受欢迎,其目的是为了吸引那些18、19岁刚刚获得选举权的年轻人,向他们解释为什么参与选举很重要。Last year, Japan lowered the voting age from 20 to 18 - the first change in seven decades. An election on 10 July to choose members of the upper house of parliament will be the first national poll since the law changed.去年,日本政府将选举权的年龄从20岁下调到了18岁--这是近70年来首次选举人年龄资格的下调。7月10日,日本将选举出上议院的议员,而这将是选举法修改后的第一次全国性选举。Officials in the city of Nara have created a five-minute-long anime on the importance not only of voting, but of making an informed decision at the ballot box.奈良市政府制作了一份5分钟长的动漫视频,其目的不仅仅是为了向年轻人们解释选举的重要性,还告诉他们在选举中做出一个明智的决定是很重要的。It shows three girls celebrate turning 18, two of whom don#39;t intend to use their votes. Other characters then warn the girls that it#39;s never been more important to make their voices heard. It ends with what the paper describes as a ;perky, off-key song; about nearing adulthood and thinking for yourself.在该视频中,三名女孩在庆祝她们的18岁生日,其中有两人不打算行使自己的选举权。第三名女孩提醒另外两人说,没有什么事情比表达自己的意愿更重要。在视频的结尾处,正如《日本时报》所形容的那样,播放了一首“活泼、跑调”的歌曲,预示着主人公快要成年了,要为自己而思考。Another city opted for a manga flier in which the local mascot tells 18-year-olds that politicians will have to listen to their opinions if they vote.另外一个日本城市则选择了发放漫画宣传单的方法。在宣传单上,当地的吉祥物向18岁大小的年轻人们讲述,如果他们参与选举的话,政治家们将不得不听取他们的意见。Political parties are getting in on the act too, issuing manga pamphlets and posters in advance of the election.此外,一些政治团体也在着手采取类似的措施,他们会在选举前发放漫画小册子和海报。Lowering the voting age to 18 added an estimated 2.4 million voters to the Japanese electorate, but the legal age for several other activities has been kept at 20, including drinking and smoking.据估计,将选举人年龄限制从20岁降低到18岁这一措施使得日本的选民数量增加了240万人,但是对于吸烟和饮酒等其他几项活动来说,法定限制年龄仍然是20岁。 /201607/453162By now you should know the ;Harry Potter; drill.现在你应该了解《哈利波特》正确的打开方式了。Purchase the book, stay up all night ing, feel all of your feelings and tweet about it.先买书,熬夜狂看,然后将所思所感全部发文到推特上。;Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; came out to much fanfare over the weekend, and the world is now divided into two groups: those who have finished ing it and those who have not.《哈利波特与被诅咒的孩子》的高调问世已沸腾了整个周末,现在人们分为两大阵营:看完了书的和没看完的。But there was no shortage of emotion from both sides.但是哈利波特系列从来不缺人们的关注和情感。The book comes from the script for a West End play based on an original story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany and written by Thorne.这本新书是《哈利波特与被诅咒的孩子》舞台剧的剧本,该舞台剧由J.K.罗琳、剧作家杰克·索恩和导演约翰·蒂芙尼共同打磨,并由索恩执笔,在伦敦西区剧院上演。But anything Harry Potter is magical -- especially for fans who got their last literary fix with ;Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; in July 2007.但是一切有关哈利波特的事情都充满魔力——尤其对于苦苦等待多时的哈迷来说,上一部《哈利波特与死亡圣器》出版还是2007年7月的事了。;LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM,; tweeted one person along with photos of herself clutching a copy of the book.一位哈迷在推特上晒了张自己与新书的合照,发文说:“看我都要乐疯了。”As with any cultural phenomena in the social media age, there has been plenty of frowning, dissing and irritation about spoilers.在这个社交媒体时代,这本新作遭遇了普遍的文化现象——剧透。人们纷纷对剧透者表示厌恶、轻蔑和恼火。Critics weren#39;t as swept away by the latest project.但是家们对这本新书却没那么买账。;The big problem is #39;The Cursed Child#39; is less an original story than a remix of the existing Potter mythology,; Andy Lewis wrote in The Hollywood Reporter.“《哈利波特与被诅咒的孩子》有一个很大的问题——它不像是一个原创故事,反而像是之前所有哈利波特系列的混合集锦。”安迪·路易丝在《好莱坞记者报》上这样道。Jessica Contera of The Washington Post noted that while the play may work, the publication ;as a mere script, where everything besides dialogue is written as bland stage commands (;Albus is sleeping in a pew. Ginny is watching him carefully. Harry is looking out the opposite window;), it feels nothing like the detailed-filled paragraphs of the Rowling we love.《华盛顿邮报》的杰西卡·坎特拉指出,虽然舞台剧可以吸人眼球,但是出版的新书“仅仅只是舞台剧的台本而已,除了人物对话之外,其他的文字都是直白的舞台动作要求,比如说“阿不思睡在长椅上。金妮仔细地打量着他。哈利向对面的窗户外看去。”这根本不是我们喜爱的罗琳笔下充满细节画面感的文字。;It#39;s more like sneaking a peek at her unfinished notes or finding a fetching piece of fan fiction,; she said. ;The magic is stunted.;她表示,这更像是在偷窥罗琳未写完的笔记,或者说是一段饶有兴趣的粉丝自创小说。哈利波特的“魔法”中断了。One of the biggest complaints from fans appears to be not what is in the book but rather what isn#39;t.而让哈迷们抱怨最多的不是书里的内容,而是书中没有出现应有的人物。Teddy Lupin, Potter#39;s godson and the son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, does not make an appearance.莱姆斯·卢平和尼法朵拉·唐克斯的儿子泰迪·卢平,同时也是哈利波特的教子,没有在书中露面。Teddy was part of the ;Nineteen Years Later; epilogue in the final chapter of ;Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,; which also serves as the kickoff for the new book. There has been some chatter about his disappearing act in ;Cursed Child.;泰迪出现在《哈利波特与死亡圣器》最后一章《十九年后》的结尾部分,应该作为展开新剧情的关键人物。但是他在这本书里却没有出现,读者们对此颇有微词。 /201608/458124

Two men on the train invited me to their sister’s wedding, but they didn’t look at all like brothers.火车上认识的两个人邀请我参加他们的婚礼,但是他们完全不像是兄弟俩。Tall, fair-skinned Achmed and short, swarthy, moustachioed Mustafa entered my cabin midway between Marrakech and Fez. “A thousand welcomes to Morocco,” they said, putting their hands over their hearts.又高又白的艾哈迈德(Achmed)和又矮又黑、还留着小胡子的穆斯塔法(Mustafa)半路走进了我从马拉喀什(Marrakech)到非斯(Fez)的车厢。“非常欢迎到洛哥,”他们说,并将他们的手放在心口。I gave them a noncommittal nod, wary of yet another scam, having spent most of my time in Marrakech fleeing from touts, tour guides and con artists. Lacking contacts, a guidebook or much cash, I was essentially a refugee in this land, dependent on the good will of people I didn’t know.我礼貌性地点了点头,谨防这又是一场骗局,因为在马拉喀什的大部分时间我都疲于应付各种兜售、导游和骗子。不善交际、也没有旅游指南或很多现金,我基本是这片土地上的一个流浪汉,依赖于我不认识的那些人们的善意。The duo asked why I was visiting Morocco. I was too embarrassed to say it was actually just a cheap side trip from my stay in Spain. I didn’t want to admit I chose Marrakech because of a Crosby, Stills amp; Nash song and that I was travelling to Fez because of the funny hats.那对兄弟问我为什么要来洛哥。我尴尬不已,不好意思说这只是我在西班牙逗留期间的一次穷游而已。我不想承认我选择马拉喀什只是因为美国民谣合唱团体“Crosby, Stills amp; Nash”的一首歌,而我到非斯旅行则是因为滑稽帽子。So I made up a story with the old clichés, telling them I had always wanted to visit the land of the Arabian Nights, snake charmers and exotic desert adventures.因此我编造了一个陈腔滥调故事,告诉他们我一直都想拜访天方夜谭之地、弄蛇人和异国沙漠之旅。They laughed.他们大笑。“Well, perhaps those tales have some truths. But if you want to see the real Morocco, you must come to our sister’s wedding tonight,” Achmed said.“好吧,或许这些故事不无道理。但是如果你想见识真正的洛哥,你一定要来参加今晚我的婚礼。”艾哈迈德说,“Really?” I said, slowly looking them up and down. “I’m supposed to believe you two are actually brothers?”“真的吗?”我说,一边上下细细打量着他们。“我应该相信你们是真的两兄弟吗?”“We have different mothers. Our father has three wives, you see. And 15 children! What do you think about that?”“我们是同父异母的兄弟。我们的父亲有三个妻子,你看。还有15个孩子!你觉得呢?”“Your father must be a very energetic man.” “你们的父亲一定精力充沛。”“Oh yes! He once played for our national football team. But nowadays, we usually only take one wife here in Morocco. It is too expensive to support all those women.”“当然!他曾经入选过我们国家的足球队。但是现在,在洛哥,我们通常都只娶一个妻子。要养活这些女人可是太贵了。”“Plus it’s less trouble with one – you don’t have to worry about the other wives ganging up on you.” They laughed. “而且一个妻子也会少很多麻烦——你不用担心其他妻子联合起来对付你。”他们大笑。“You will see all this and so much more at the wedding.”“在婚礼你不仅能见到这些,还有更多其他方面。”“You will come, yes?” “你会来的,对吗?”They both looked at me intently, awaiting my reply. The rhythmic “ca-chunk, ca-chunk” of the train filled an awkward moment of silence.他们俩认真地看着我,等待回应。在这略显尴尬的沉默时刻,只有火车发出有节奏的“咔嗒、咔嗒”声。I tried to find a face-saving excuse.我试图找到一个不太丢面子的借口。“But I’m just backpacking here,” I said, gesturing to my dirty bag on the luggage rack. “I don’t have anything to wear to a wedding.”“但是我只是在这里自助旅行,”我说,用手指着行李架上的脏袋子。“我并没有参加婚礼可穿的衣。”They smiled at each other. Achmed said, “Oh, not to worry at all! Of course, we will help you buy a genuine Morocco djellaba robe at the market!”他们相视一笑。艾哈迈德说:“完全不用担心!我们当然会帮你到市场买一件正宗的洛哥长袍!”Mustafa then asked me if I had a hotel aly. “No? Of course we will find you a good hotel in Fez, very safe, very clean and very, very good price!”穆斯塔法然后问我有没有预订酒店。“没有?我们当然也会帮你在非斯找一家好酒店,非常安全、非常干净而且价格非常实惠!”Ok, I thought, this was the old “help for a commission” scam. They’d lead me to a hotel and market and get a cut of my purchases. Still doubting the wedding story, I shrugged and agreed, figuring it would be a small price to pay for temporary guides.好吧,我想,这就是古老的“助人为钱”骗局。他们会把我带到一家酒店和市场,然后从我购买的东西里得到回扣。对婚礼的故事将信将疑,我耸了耸肩表示同意,心想在临时导游上也花不了太多钱。But when we arrived at Fez, Achmed grabbed me just before we exited the rail station. “I will say goodbye for a moment. You will meet me at the end of the block, by the cafe, in a few minutes. It wouldn’t look good if we walked out of the station together.”但是当我们到达非斯时,艾哈迈德在我们要走出火车站时抓住了我。“我要离开一会了。几分钟后我们在街区的尽头见面,咖啡馆旁边。如果我们一起走出火车站的话,会不太好看。”“What, why not?”“什么,为什么不好看?”“People in Fez are funny. Don’t worry. No problem.”“非斯的人们很有趣。不用担心。没问题的。”Confused, I walked to the end of the block by the cafe and waited. A few minutes later, Achmed emerged, leading me to a dingy nearby hotel where he negotiated a rate and had me store my backpack.带着疑惑,我走到了街区尽头的咖啡馆等待。几分钟后,艾哈迈德出现了,带我到了附近的一家有些昏暗的酒店,他跟老板商量好价格后就帮我存放背包。We then went me to Fez’s Old Town market, where shouting merchants stood behind stone counters covered with kaleidoscopic arrays of shimmering cloth. He asked me to choose my favourite robe and secretly signal it to him so he could haggle for the best price.然后我们去了非斯的老城市场,在那里叫卖的商贩站在石头柜台后,上面盖着闪闪发光、五斑斓的桌布。他让我挑选最喜欢的长袍然后悄悄向他示意,然后他去向老板讨价还价。I selected a long white robe with an embroidered collar and a silvery hue, with a pocket on one side and a slit cut in the other. The shop owner declared that such a fine robe could not be sold for less than the absolute final and rock bottom price of 550 dirham – double the price of my hotel room.我选了一件带有刺绣衣领的银白色长袍,一侧有一个口袋,另一侧则是一条狭缝。店主表示这么好的一条长袍,最低价至少550迪拉姆——是我酒店房间价格的两倍。 /201606/450658A paper published this month shows that researchers in Japan have successfully grown fully-functioning mouse skin in a laboratory, from a set of reprogrammed cells.本月刊登的一篇文章指出,在实验室状态下,日本的研究人员从一组基因重组的细胞中,成功地制成了能够模仿正常组织功能的老鼠皮肤。Researchers were able to grow the independent sections of mouse skin tissue thanks to an advance from nearly a decade ago, when the scientific community learned how to take young cells and reprogram them to grow into a different kind of cell. In this case, cells from the gums of mice were redirected to become skin cells.研究人员能够制成独立的老鼠皮肤组织,多亏了近十年前科学界成功提取幼细胞并将其重组成其他种类的细胞。在这种情况下,研究人员通过提取老鼠牙龈细胞,然后把它们转换皮肤细胞。Skin grafts are a big deal in the world of life-saving technology, as functioning skin is slow to create from grafts, leaving the body vulnerable. Healthy skin produces vitamins, protects the body from infection, and regulates body temperatures. But current graft techniques don#39;t create a solution that can do that immediately.皮肤移植技术对于挽救生命意义重大,因为移植后,正常的皮肤生长很慢,使身体容易受感染。健康的皮肤能产生维生素,保护身体免受感染,并调节体温。但是,目前的移植技术还不能提供解决方案,立刻做到这一点。In fact, the ;skin; grown in labs for grafting isn#39;t nearly as complex or functional as what you#39;ve aly got on your body. In many cases it#39;s less like a full organ and more like a top layer, able to literally cover an exposed area, and not much else until the rest of the body regenerates underneath.其实,以往实验室制成的用作移植的;皮肤;,并不像人体身上的皮肤有那么多复杂的功能。在许多情况下,它并不像一个完整器官,而更像一个表层,能够覆盖住暴露区域,直到身体皮肤下面的其余部分再生。But this new process is different: The skin is aly fully functional on its own, producing everything from hair and oil to sweat, just like normal skin does. That means it#39;s y to go much faster than the skin that would essentially have to do that growing after grafting—rapidly speeding up the healing process.但这个新过程是不同的:这种皮肤功能齐全,可生长毛发,分泌油脂和汗液,就像人的正常皮肤一样。这意味着,相比之前的移植后皮肤的生长,这种皮肤能够大大加速愈合过程。But lab-grown skin doesn#39;t just pose major breakthroughs for burn treatments. Lab-grown, fully functional skin could have another value to the world, as a contributor at Allure pointed out: getting rid of animal testing. That#39;s right—all those animals used for topical testing of medications and cosmetics stand to escape the cages, because fully functioning samples of human cells would be astronomically more effective for testing of those products than furrier animal friends.实验室培育的皮肤不仅仅对于烧伤治疗是重大突破。这种实验室制成的,功能齐全的皮肤在其他领域也有其价值。美国《魅力》(Allure)杂志指出:不要再局限于动物测试。是的,是这样的——所有用于药物或化妆品测试的动物们都想要逃出牢笼,而相对于有毛的动物朋友来说,用功能齐全的人体细胞样品来测试这些产品,效果要大得多。Of course both grafting and testing advances are still a few steps down the road. While mice responded well to these skin samples, the technology needs to be adapted for human use. The Washington Post reported that scientists estimate they#39;re 5 to 10 years from actually being able to successfully replicate the process with human skin.当然,无论是移植还是测试的进展仍还要继续。虽然老鼠们对于这些皮肤的反应令人可喜,但该技术还需适于人类使用。华盛顿邮报报道,科学家估计在5到10年之间能成功将这一技术用于人类皮肤。For the moment they still have many questions to answer about the mouse-based results, and the process needs to be replicated successfully by other researchers before anyone can start asking how to replicate it with human cells.就目前而言,基于老鼠试验下的皮肤成果,科学家们还有很多问题需要回答。在开始将其复制到人体细胞上之前,这一过程也需要其他研究者的成功复制,来明其有效性。But once it happens, the applications are endless, from better cosmetic surgery results from healthy new tissues, to lifesaving and immediate procedures aiding burn victims that today would likely not stand a chance of survival.但是,一旦成功,应用是无止境的,不管是更好的美容手术效果和健康的新组织,还是拯救生命,即时帮助烧伤患者(如今的他们可能没有一线生机)。Suddenly a bodiless, pulsating patch of hairy, oily, sweaty mouse skin in a petri dish doesn#39;t seem so gross.突然间,培养器皿中那块毛茸茸的、油腻腻,汗湿湿的老鼠皮似乎不那么恶心了。 /201604/437603

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