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Wedding custom around the world (3)Belgium1):The bride may still embroider) her name on her handkerchief, carry it on the wedding day, then frame it and keep it until the next family bride marries.Bermuda3):Islanders top their tiered) wedding cakes with a tiny sapling. The newlyweds plant the tree at their home, where they can watch it grow, as their marriage grows.Bohemia5):The groom gives the bride a rosary6), a prayer book, a girdle7) with three keys(to guard her virtue), a fur cap, and a silver wedding ring. The bride gives the groom a shirt sewn with gold th blended with colored silks and a wedding ring. Bee the ceremony, the grooms-man wraps the groom in the bride’s cloak8) to keep evil spirits from creeping in9) and dividing their two hearts. 187搭讪九句:MM的防狼九句 -01-7 19:: 来源: 似曾相识:拉近和对方的距离 You look like someone I know. 你跟我一个朋友长得好象 Haven't we met bee? 我们之前见过吧? 借题发挥:只要有心,总是有借口 That's a great haircut. 你的发型很棒 (To the bartender) I'll have what the handsome gentlman (beautiful lady) is having. (对酒保说)我要跟这位帅哥(美女)点一样的东西 略施小惠 :说这话可是有目的 Can I buy you a drink? 我可以请你喝一杯吗? You have a great smile. 你的笑容很美 趁虚而入:此句可以列入防狼手册,单身MM注意了 Are you here alone? 你一个人在这儿吗? What's a handsome guy (pretty girl) like you doing here alone? 像你这样的帅哥(美女)怎么会落单? 单刀直入:太直接了吧? What do you say we go somewhere quiet... 我们另外找个安静的地方如何…… have great 我们 handsome兰迪·波许(Randy Pausch)是曾经感动过无数人的《真正实现你的童年梦想的演讲人这里推荐的内容是他在其母校卡内基梅隆大学毕业典礼上的演讲这篇演讲只有6分钟左右,而且风格和之前的那篇很不同在这篇演讲里,他少了些幽默,却多了些真诚的忠告相信大家看后一定会受益匪浅Randy Pausch Inspires GraduatesSeptember 18, I am glad to be here today, Hell, I am glad to be anywhere today.President Cohon asked me to come and give the charge to the graduates. I assure you, it's nothing compared to the charge you have just given me.This is an incredible place. I have seen it through so many lenses. I saw it when I was a graduate student that didn't get admitted and then somebody invited me back and said, OK, we'll change our mind.And I saw it as a place that hired me back to be on the faculty many years later and gave me the chance to do what anybody wants to do, which is ,follow their passion, follow their heart and do the things they they're excited about.And the great thing about this university unlike almost all the other ones I know of is that nobody gets in your way when you try to do it. And that's just fantastic.And to the degree that a human being can love an institution. I love this place and I love all of the people and I am very grateful to Jerry Cohon and everyone else all the kindness that have shown me.Last August I was told that in all likelihood I had three to six months left to live. I am on month nine now and I am gonna get down and do any push-ups…But there will be a short pick-up basketball game later.Somebody said to me, in light of those numbers, wow, so you aer really beating the Grim Reaper. And what I said without even thinking about is that we don't beat the Reaper by living longer. We beat the Reaper by living well, and living fully. the Reaper will come all of us, the question is what do we do between the time we are born and the time he shows up.'cause he shows up it is too late to do all the things that you're always gonna kind of "get round to". So I think the only advice I can give you on how to live your life well is, first off, remember, it's a cliche, but love cliche, "it is not the things we do in life that we regret on our deathbed, it is the things we do not".'cause I assure you I've done a lot of stupid things and none of them bother me. All the mistakes, all the dopy things and all the times I was embarrassed they don't matter. What matter is that, I can kind of look back and say, "pretty much anytime I got a chance to do something cool, I tried to grab it." And that's where my solace come from.The second thing I would add to that, and I didn't coordinate on the subject of this word but I think it's the right word that comes up, is passion. And you will need to find you passion. Many of you have aly done it, many of you will later, many of you will take till your 30s or 0s. But don't give up on finding it. Alright? 'cause then all you're doing is waiting the Reaper. Find you passion and follow it.And if there's anything I have learned in my life, you will not find passion in things. And you will not find that passion in money. Because the more things and the more money you have, the more you will just look around and use that as the metric, and there will always be someone with more.So your passion must come from the things that fuel you from the inside. And honors and awards are nice things but only to be the extent that they regard the real respect from your peers. And to be thought well of by other people that you think even more highly of is a tremendous honor that I've been granted.Find you passion and in my experience, no matter what you do at work or what you do in official settings, that passion would be grounded in people. And it will be grounded in the relationships you have with people, and what they think of you, when you time comes. And if you can gain the respect of those around you, and the passion and true love, and I've said this bee, but I waited till 39 to get married because I had to wait that long to find someone where her happiness was more important than mine. And if nothing else I hope that all of you can find that kind of passion and that kind of love in your life. 59英语口语听力易混淆词学习(3) -01-7 18:5:51 来源: ) end on:两端相碰,正对e.g. The two ships collided each other end on.We shouldn’t place the bicycles end on.on end:竖着,连续地,不断地e.g. Place the box on end.She often works hours on end. 1) familiar to:某事为某人熟知 e.g. There were facts not familiar to me.familiar with:熟悉或通晓某事e.g. He is familiar with English, German and French..) feel sb.:同情某人,为某人难过e.g. I feel you in your sorrow.feel sth:(用手、脚、棍子等)摸索,寻找某物e.g. She felt under the pillow her watch.3) a moment:片刻,一会儿e.g. She was silent a moment, weighing in her mind the pros and cons. the moment:此刻、暂时e.g. I cannot recall his name the moment.) get down:下去,下来;写下来e.g. The bus was so jammed that I could not get down.Here’s the telephone number I got down you.get down to:认真着手进行处理e.g. It is no good shirking the job, it will have to be got down to.5) get into trouble with sb.:遭到某人的(训斥等)e.g. Poor Tom is always getting into trouble with the boss.get sb. into trouble:使某人陷入困境e.g. The letter got me into trouble.6) give sb. a hand:帮助某人或参与某人做某事e.g. Give me a hand with the cleaning, please.give sb. one’s hand:与某人握手e.g. She gave me her hand and wished me a good trip.7) go through:检查,搜查;通过,穿过e.g. They went through our luggage at the customs.It took us a whole week to go through the great est.go through with:把……坚持到底e.g. We should go through with the experiment now we’ve started.) good :有益于e.g. This book is good your English study. good:永久地e.g. The lost money was gone good.9) have a fancy :爱好,喜爱e.g. She has a fancy nice clothes.have a fancy that:猜想,认为e.g. I have a fancy that he will come tonight. 学习 混淆 听力 英语口语小学英语口语练习 -- ::35 来源: 小学英语口语练习一、小学英语口语练习:交际口语1. Hello, … 你好. Hi, … 喂,你好3. Good morning afternoonevening. 早上下午晚上好. How are you(this morningafternoonevening)? 你今天好吗?5. Fine, thank you thanks. 我很好,谢谢6. Not bad, thank you. 不错,谢谢7. Welcome back to school. 欢迎回到学校来8. Welcome to our school. 欢迎到我们学校来9. Happy birthday! 生日快乐!. What’s your name, please? 你的名字是什么?. Your name, please? 你叫什么名字?. My name is… I’m… 我的名字是… 我名叫…. This is Miss Mr Mrs… 这位是…先生女士. This is my friend. 这是我的朋友. Come and meet my friends. 过来见见我的朋友们. How do you do? 你好. Nice to meet see you. 很高兴认识见到你18. Goodbye. 再见19. Good night. 晚安. How old is he? 他多大了?1. Thank you. Thanks. 谢谢. You’re welcome. 不用谢3. That’s all right. 没关系. I’m sorry. 对不起5. Sorry, I don’t know. 对不起,我不知道6. Excuse me. 对不起,打扰一下7. Come in, please. 请进. Have some bananas, please. 请吃些香蕉9. It’s time the cakes. 该吃些蛋糕了30. May I come in? 我可以进来吗?3. May I have yours? 我能吃你的吗?33. Can I have two cakes? 我能吃两个蛋糕吗?. No, you can’t. 不,你不能35. Can I have one,please? 我能吃一个吗?36. Yes.All right. Here you are. 好的给你37. Can I go with you? 我能和你一起走吗?38. Sure. 好的39. Do you know his telephone number? 你知道他的电话号码吗?0. Are you sure? 你能确定吗?1. Yes. I’m sure. 是的,我肯定. Maybe he’s in the teachers’ office. 可能他在老师办公室3. We’re about the same age, I think. 我想我们大概年龄相仿. Yes, you’re right. 是的,你是对的5. You’re wrong. 你错了6. I like …very much. 我非常喜欢…7. I like to draw pictures there. 我喜欢在那儿画画8. Me too. 我也是9. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?50. Yes, a dress my daughter. 是的,给我女儿买条裙子51. What do you want, a dress or a skirt? 你想要买什么?连衣裙还是短 裙?5. How about the blue one? 这条蓝色的如何?53. How much is it? 多少钱?5. Fifty-nine yuan. 五十九元55. Excuse me, where’s the cinema? 请问,电影院在哪?56. Where’s the teachers’ office, please? 老师办公室在哪?57. Excuse me, how can I get to the post office? 请问,怎么走才能到达邮局?58. Can you show me the way to the bank, please? 你能告诉我去的路怎么走吗?59. It’s over there, near the Bank of China. 就在那儿,中国的旁边60. This way, please. 请这边走61. Sorry, I don’t know. You may go and ask him. 对不起,我不知道你可以去问他6. What’s the time? 几点了?63. Excuse me, what’s the time, please? 请问,几点了?6. It’s time to get upgo to school… 到了起床去学校的时候了65. It’s time … 到了(做)…的时候了66. Look at the blackboard, please. 请看黑板67. Go and get him. 去把他找来68. Let me have a look, please. 让我看一看69. Let’s play a game today. 今天我们来做个游戏70. Now listen to me, please. 现在请听我说71. Can you look after my bag and clothes, please? 你能帮我照看一下我的书包和衣吗?7. Yes. All right. OK. Sure. 好的73. Look at his coat. 看他的外套7. Shall we go now? 我们现在可以走了吗?75. Let’s go to school. 让我们去学校吧76. Yes, let’s. 好的,走吧77. Let’s get some(red) flowers. 让我们来摘些(红)花78. Please don’t. 请不要79. Don’t turn off the TV. 别关电视80. Very good. 很好81. Great! That’s great. 太好了棒极了8. How nice! 多漂亮啊!83. How beautiful! 多美啊!8. It’s lovely. 它真可爱85. Oh, dear! 哦,天啊!86. Pardon? 对不起,请再说一遍87. Excuse me, would you please tell me…? 对不起,你能告诉我…?88. What can you see? 你能看见什么?89. Where are the balls? 球在哪儿?90. Look, they’re between the bags. 看,它们在书包中间91. What’s that on the wall? 墙上的那是什么?9. It’s a photo of my family. 是我们家的全家福93. There are some toy boats on the desk. 桌上有些玩具船9. Please give it to me . 请把它给我95. Who are they? 他们是谁?96. Their names are… 他们的名字是…97. What’s your telephone number? 你的电话号码是什么?98. Shall we call her? 我们打电话给她好吗?99. What a clever boy he is! 他是个多么聪明的孩子啊!0. How beautiful the girls are! 这些女孩多漂亮啊!二、小学英语口语练习:问题1. What’s your name? What’s your English name?. How old are you ?3. What gradeclass are you in?. Where are you from? Where do you come from?5. Are you from Beijing?6. What school are you from?7. How are you?8. What’s your English teacher’s name? How long have you learned English?9. What’s your father’s name?. How many people are there in your family?. Which do you prefer singing or dancing?. Do you often go to the zoo?. Which do you prefer monkeys or elephants?. Which do you like best, blue, green or purple?. Do you like your mother?. How old is your fathermother?. Can you play the piano?18. What’s your favorite food?19. What’s your favorite color?. Can you play the violin?1. Which do you prefer, your English teacher or Chinese teacher?. Can you play football?3. Which do you prefer, rice or noodles? . Do you like your school? Why?5. Which do you prefer ,cartoons or news?6. How many bananas are there in the picture?7. What color are they?天气、时间等1. What day is today? Today is Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdaySunday.. What’s the weather today? It’s sunny rainy cloudy windy.3. What time do you often get up?. What time do you have breakfastlunch?运动、食物、颜色等1. What’s your favorite animalcolor food?. What animal don’t you like?3. What food don’t you like?. Do you like playing football?5. Do you like Yao Ming? Why?6. Do you like other sports?7. What’s your favorite sport?8. Do you like basketball?9. What color is your shirt?. What do you like to eat?爱好、宠物等1. Do you like English book?. If you don’t like ing, what do you like ?3. Do you have a pet?. Do you have a cat or a dog? 5. Do you like sports?6. What do you like ? I like ing and watching TV.7. What do you hope ? I hope to be a doctor.8. In the future, what job do you want?9. If you want to be a millionaire, what would you buy?. Do you like cars? What color cars?. Do you like banana? Do you eat banana every day?. What’s your mother’s job?. Do you like a sunny day or a rainy day? Why?. Do you like summer or winter? I like summer because I can go swimming.. Do you like watching TV?三、小学英语口语练习:话题自我介绍Good afternoon, teachers! Today, I`m very happy to introduce myself here. My name is. My English name is . I`m . I come from Class Grade of Primary School.I`m an active girl. I like playing basketball(). Because I think it`s very interesting. I`d like to eat potatoes(). They`re tasty. My favourite colour is green.And I like math() best. It`s fun. On weekend, I like ing books in my room. I hope I can learn English well, because I think it very important.I have a happy family. There are _______ members in my family—father, mother and me. My father is a_______ but my mother is working in _______. I love both of them.My dream is to be a vet ,because I want to help the poor animals in the future. Thank you listening!my family 我的家庭Hello,everyone!  My name is steven . Im years old, Today my topic is my family . I have a happy family . There are three members:My father , My mother and me . My parents love mevery much . My mother is Chinese teacher . She is very tall and thin . Her face looks small and her eres are very beautiful . My mother is very warm and friendly to others , but she is very strict with me . My father is a professional ant . He works hard every day . He likes playing football.我爱英语 I love English. English language is now used everywhere in the world. It has become the most common language on Internet and international trade. Learning English makes me confident and brings me GREat pleasure.  When I was seven, my mother sent me to an English school. At there, I played games and sang English songs with other children . Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.(58en整理) 小学英语口语练习 英语口语 小学

British Pub Etiquette And Customs Visitors to Britain may find the best place to sample local culture is in a traditional pub. But these friendly hostelries1) can be minefields of potential gaffes) the uninitiated. An anthropologist3) and a team of researchers have unveiled) some of the arcane5) rituals of British pubs――starting with the difficulty of getting a drink. Most pubs have no waiters――you have to go to the bar to buy drinks. A group of Italian youths waiting 45minutes bee they realized they would have to fetch their own. This may sound inconvenient, but there is a hidden purpose. Pub etiquette is designed to promote sociability in a society known its reserve. Standing at the bar service allows you to chat with others waiting to be served. The bar counter is possibly the only site in the British lsles in which friendly conversation with strangers is considered entirely appropriate and really quite normal behaviour. “If you haven’t been to a pub, you haven’t been to Britain. ”This tip can be found in a booklet, Passport to the Pub:The Tourists’ Guide to Pub Etiquette, a customers’ code of conduct those wanting to sample“a central part of British life and culture. ”The trouble is that if you do not follow the local rules, the experience may fall flat. example, if you are in a big group, it is best if only one or two people go to buy the drinks. Nothing irritates the regular customers and bar staff more than a gang of strangers blocking all access to the bar while they chat and dither about what to order. Amazingly the British, who love queues, there is no mal line-up;the bar staff are skilled at knowing whose turn it is. You are permitted to try to attract attention, but there are rules about how to do this. Do not call out, tap coins on the counter, snap your finger or wave like a drowning swimmer. Do not scowl6) or sigh or roll y our eyes. And whatever you do, do not ring the bell hanging behind the counter――this is used by the landlord to signal closing time. The key thing is to catch the bar worker’s eyes. You could also hold an empty glass or some money, but do not wave them about. Do adopt an expectant, hopeful, even slightly anxious facial expression. If you look too contented and complacent, the bar staff may assume you are aly being served. Always say“please”and try to remember some of the British bar staffs pet hates. They do not like people to keep others waiting while they make up their minds. They don’ t like people standing idly against the bar when there are a lot of customers wanting service. And they do not like people who wait until the end of the order bee asking such drinks as Guinness stout7) which take considerably longer to pour than other drinks. One Dutch tourist who spent six months visiting 800 of Britain’s 61,000 pubs and interviewing 50 publicans and bar workers and more than 1,000 customers said “I cannot understand how the British ever manage to buy themselves a drink.” But they do, and if you follow these tips you should be able to do so, too. Speaking of tips, you should never offer the bar staff a cash gratuity. The correct behaviour is to offer them a drink. Pubs pride themselves on their egalitarian8) atmosphere. A tip in cash would be a reminder of their service role, whereas the offer of a drink is a friendly gesture. So now you have a drink, but what about meeting the locals? Pub-goers will indicate in unspoken ways if they are interested in chatting. Concentrate on those who have bought drinks and are still loitering9) at the bar. Those who have moved to sit at tables are probably not seeking company. Look people with“open”body language, facing out-wards into the room. Don’t ever introduce yourself with an outstretched hand and a big smile. Natives will cringe and squirm with embarrassment at such brashness. The British, quite frankly, do not want to know your name and shake your hand--or at least not until a proper degree of mutual interest has been well established(like maybe when you marry their daughter). Talk generally about the weather, the beer or the pub and at an appropriate moment, offer to your new found companion a drink. This exchange is key to feeling part of the pub crowd and thereby getting to know more about Britain than its touists spots. The ritual of sharing――buying rounds of drinks in turn――is of great significance. This is because the British male is frightened of intimacy, finds it difficult to express friendly interest in other males and can be somewhat aggressive in his manner. If you are having British friends or business contracts, one of your hosts will probably buy the first round, but you should be quick to offer the next. The right time to offer to buy a drink is when their glasses are still a quarter full. The line of “It’s my round――What are you having?” may not be in your phrase book, but it is one of the most useful sentences in the English language. 19368

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