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Saudi Arabia and Russia yesterday said they would co-operate to try to stabilise oil markets, but stopped short of agreeing immediate action to restrict production and end a glut that has halved prices in the past two years.沙特阿拉伯和俄罗斯昨日表示他们将联手试图稳定石油市场,但未能就限制产量、结束生产过剩状态——这导致油价过去两年下跌了一半——商定立即行动。Traders have been watching for signs the world’s biggest producers could cap output when they meet in Algiers later this month, with some Opec members clamouring to shore up the price.交易商正在留意世界各大产油国本月晚些时候在阿尔及尔开会时限制产量的迹象。石油输出国组织(OPEC)的某些成员国强烈要求撑油价。The energy ministers of Russia and Saudi Arabia, which together produce more than a fifth of the world’s crude, said at the G20 meeting in China that they could limit output, while establishing a working group to explore other ways to reduce market volatility. 俄罗斯和沙特(这两国的原油产量超过世界总量五分之一)的能源部长在中国举行的20国(G20)会议上表示,他们可以限制产量,同时建立一个工作小组来探索减少市场波动性的其他方式。Russia is the largest exporter outside of Opec.俄罗斯是OPEC以外最大的石油出口国。Freezing production is one of the preferred possibilities but it does not have to happen specifically today, Saudi oil minister Khalid Al Falih said.冻结产量是优先考虑的可能性之一,但是不一定非要在今天出台,沙特石油部长哈立德#8226;阿尔-法立赫(Khalid al-Falih)表示。News of their planned co-operation initially sent prices shooting higher, with international benchmark Brent crude gaining as much as 6 per cent to .40 a barrel.他们宣布合作计划的消息起初使得油价上涨,国际基准的布伦特(Brent)原油价格上涨6%,至49.40美元/桶。But Brent quickly retraced most of its gains to trade nearer a barrel, after it became clear there was no concrete agreement.但是,随着没有达成具体协议的事实变得明朗,布伦特原油价格很快回落至47美元/桶左右,抹掉了大部分涨幅。The pact at the G20 followed a meeting between Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi deputy crown prince, and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the weekend. 在G20峰会上达成协议之前,沙特副王储穆罕默德#8226;本#8226;萨勒曼(Mohammed bin Salman)和俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)周末会晤。Greater co-operation has been under discussion for almost a year, but lower prices and Middle East geopolitics — each country supports opposing sides in Syria’s civil war — is creating strain.两国之间对于扩大合作已经讨论了近一年,但是油价下跌和中东地缘政治——两国在叙利亚内战中持着对立的阵营——正在制造紧张。Russia was y to join the cartel in freezing output in April before Saudi Arabia halted talks at the last minute, refusing to join any deal without the participation of its regional rival Iran.4月,俄罗斯曾准备好与该组织一起冻结产量,但沙特在最后时刻停止了对话、拒绝在没有区域竞争对手伊朗参与的情况下加入任何协议。Russia’s energy minister Alexander Novak described yesterday’s agreement as historic but tensions remained ily apparent.俄罗斯能源部长亚历山大#8226;诺瓦克(Alexander Novak)形容昨天的协议具有历史意义,但是紧张局面仍然显而易见。While Mr Novak said an output cap was the most effective instrument, with details of a plan currently being discussed, Mr Falih suggested freezing production may not be necessary.尽管诺瓦克称设置产量上限是最有效的工具、计划细节目前正在讨论之中,但是法立赫暗示冻结产量或许没有必要。The Russian minister also said a production deal may not have to include Iran until Tehran’s production had recovered to pre-sanctions levels. 诺瓦克还表示,在德黑兰方面的产量恢复到制裁前水平之前,生产协议可能不一定要包括伊朗。Mr Falih said he believed, however, that Iran’s output was aly at that level.然而法立赫称,他认为伊朗的石油产量已经达到那个水平了。 /201609/464913A senior family planning official said last Saturday that due to the introduction of the two-child policy, China#39;s population is predicted to peak at about 1.45 billion by the end of 2028, three years later than expected.一名计划生育部门高级官员于上周六表示,由于二孩政策的出台,中国人口预计将于2028年迎来14.5亿的峰值,比预期晚了三年。China will have an estimated over 17.5 million newborns in 2016, roughly equal to the number in 2000 and coinciding with predictions made after the introduction of two-child policy in January, Wang Peian, deputy head of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), told a conference on population and development, chinanews.com reported.据中新网报道,中国国家卫生和计划生育委员会副主任王培安在一场人口与发展会议上表示,中国2016年新生儿数量预计将超过1750万,大致相当于2000年前后的出生的人口规模,与今年一月二孩政策出台后的预测相一致。;According to the predictions, if China kept the previous strict family planning policy, the population would peak at 1.415 billion in 2025,; said Zhai Zhenwu, a demographer and president of the School of Sociology and Population Studies under Renmin University of China.中国人民大学人口统计学家、社会学与人口研究学院院长翟振武表示:“预测结果显示,如果维持原来较严格的生育政策不变,总人口规模将在2025年时就迎来峰值,达到14.15亿人。”But the two-child policy will delay the peak until 2028 and it will reach the larger size of 1.45 billion.但是二孩政策将把这一人口峰值延迟到2028年,届时将达到更大规模的14.5亿人。The two-child policy, on one hand, will make China#39;s population peak higher, but on the other hand the policy will postpone the population inflection point and slow down the speed at which the population shrinks, according to Zhai.据翟振武表示,一方面二孩政策会使得中国的人口高峰值更高,但是另一方面该政策也将推迟人口拐点出现的时间、放缓人口减少的速度。China had a population of 1.37 billion at the end of 2015, up 6.8 million from the end of 2014, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).根据国家统计局公布的数据显示,2015年底中国人口共计约为13.7亿,比2014年底时增加了680万人。 /201612/482322The Hong Kong government’s decision to block a pro-independence activist from standing in upcoming elections has sparked a backlash that underlines the deepening divide over relations with mainland China.香港政府阻止一名持独立的活动人士参加即将举行的立法会选举,引发了强烈反对情绪,这凸显出香港和内地之间的裂痕日益加深。The electoral affairs commission in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory on Saturday ruled that Chan Ho-tin, a 25-year-old campaigner who set up the fringe Hong Kong National Party, could not stand in September’s legislative council elections because of his advocacy of independence.周六,这个半自治的中国特区的选举管理委员会裁定,成立了边缘政党香港民族党(Hong Kong National Party)、现年25岁的活动人士陈浩天,因持独立,不能参加9月的立法会选举。“There’s no legal basis to exclude me from the election because of my political stance,” Mr Chan told the Financial Times on Sunday. “But if you are against the Chinese Communist party or the Hong Kong government they will try to stop you running.”“因为我的政治立场而把我排除在选举之外是没有法律根据的,”陈浩天周日告诉英国《金融时报》的记者,“但如果你反对中国共产党,或者反对香港政府,他们就会试图阻止你竞选。”Although very few in the city of 7m believe that independence is feasible, activists advocating self-determination have won growing support as Hong Kongers express their anger at growing interference by Beijing.在这座有700万人口的城市里,只有少数人相信独立是可行的,但是随着香港人对北京方面日益加强的干预表示愤怒,倡导自主的活动人士赢得了越来越多的持。Candidates for the 70-seat legislative council are asked to sign a declaration that they will uphold the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, which affirms that the former British colony is an “inalienable part” of China.竞选有70个席位的立法会议员的候选人被要求签署一份表态拥护《基本法》的声明。《基本法》是香港特区的小宪法,指出这个前英国殖民地是中国“不可分离的部分”。Mr Chan, an unemployed former engineering and business student, signed the form.前工程学和商学学生、目前无业的陈浩天签署了这张表格。But the government said that he “cannot possibly comply with the requirements of the relevant electoral laws” because advocating or promoting independence was “contrary to the content of the declaration”.但香港政府表示,他“不可能符合相关选举法律的规定”,因为鼓吹或推动独立“与法例要求之声明内拥护《基本法》和保效忠香港特别行政区的内容相违背”。Opposition lawmakers condemned the decision to block Mr Chan, accusing CY Leung, Hong Kong’s deeply unpopular chief executive, of “imposing political censorship on candidates” and undermining the fairness of the elections.反对派议员谴责了阻止陈浩天参选的决定,指责香港大失民心的特首梁振英(CY Leung)“对候选人施加政治审查”,破坏了选举的公正性。“This sets the precedent for the authorities to add any criteria they like to filter other dissidents from partaking in elections at different levels,” they said in a statement.“此例一开,当局以后可以任意加入标准,将其他异见人士从各级别选举中排除出去,”他们在声明中表示。Analysts accused the government of inconsistency because some other legislative candidates who advocated independence or self-determination, albeit less forcefully, have been allowed to stand.分析人士指责香港政府立场不一致,因为有些提倡独立或自治的立法会候选人已被允许参选,尽管他们的行为没有陈浩天那么激烈。Ho-Fung Hung, a sociologist who studies Chinese protest movements at Johns Hopkins University in the US, argued that an accusation of being pro-independence could be “arbitrary and subjective” and that Beijing has previously “used this label to attack mainstream democrats too”.美国约翰霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University)研究中国抗议活动的社会学家孔诰烽(Ho-Fung Hung)表示,所谓持独立的指控或有“随意、主观认定”之嫌,中国政府之前“也曾用这一标签攻击过主流民主人士”。“But this move by the government is likely to drive up the popularity of radical politicians,” he said. “Nowadays, young people are supporting pro-independence not because they think it’s feasible but because it’s an act of defiance.”他说:“不过政府此举可能会推升激进政治家的人气。如今,年轻人持独立倾向,不是因为他们认为可行,而是因为这是一种反抗行为。”Chan Yung, the vice-chairman of Hong Kong’s main pro-Beijing party and a delegate to China’s annual rubber-stamp parliament, rejected the claim that the city’s freedoms had been infringed by the decision to stop Mr Chan from standing.香港亲北京的主要政党的副主席陈勇(Chan Yung)否认了有关阻止陈浩天参选会破坏香港自由的说法。陈勇还是中国一年一度的橡皮图章议会全国人大的代表。“I think Hong Kong people still enjoy freedom of speech,” he said. “Like Chan Ho-tin, he is still able to talk about Hong Kong independence here today.”他说:“我认为香港人民仍然享有言论自由,比如陈浩天,今天他仍然能在这里谈论香港独立。”Only 17 per cent of Hong Kongers support independence, according to a recent survey of 1,000 residents by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, while 58 per cent opposed the idea and 23 per cent said they felt “so-so” about it.根据最近香港中文大学(Chinese University of Hong Kong)对1000名居民的调查,只有17%的香港人持独立,58%反对,23%觉得无所谓。Beijing virulently opposes any threats to what it sees as the unity of China, whether in Tibet, democratic and self-governing Taiwan or semi-autonomous Hong Kong.只要认为某种事物威胁到中国统一,不论涉及西藏、民主而自治的台湾,还是半自治的香港,中国政府都会竭力反对。The Hong Kong government has previously threatened to take legal action against independence activists, without explaining how it would do so.此前,香港政府威胁要对港独活动人士采取法律行动,不过并未解释具体要怎么做。 /201608/457903

HEGANG, China — In the dank shower room where the miners soak, the coal dust from their bodies staining the water chocolate, a lone worker sat smoking a cigarette, staring at the floor.中国鹤岗——在阴冷潮湿的淋浴室内,矿工们身体上洗下的煤灰把水染成了巧克力色,一名工人一个人坐着抽烟,眼睛盯着地上。He lingered, he explained, because since his pay had been cut in half, he had been eating dinner at his parents’ apartment, and he ded the humiliation of going there again.他说想多待会,因为自从工资被减半,他就一直在父母家吃晚饭,每次去都觉得丢人,不想再过去。“If any of the leaders would do their job properly, the situation would not be like this,” said the worker, Mr. Guo, 39. “If they want to sack me, they should just do it. Can it get any worse?”“要是有任何一个领导把自己的工作做好,情况就不会是这样,”这名姓郭的39岁工人说。“如果他们想开除我,就开除好了。还能比现在更坏?”It probably will.可能真的会更糟。The mine’s owner, the Longmay Group, the biggest coal company in northeastern China, announced in September that it planned to lay off 100,000 workers. The elimination of about 40 percent of the work force at 42 mines in four cities is the biggest reduction in jobs that anyone could recall in this steadily declining rust belt near the Russian border.这个矿场的所有者龙煤集团是中国东北部最大的煤矿公司。它在9月宣布,计划裁掉10万名员工。在位于四个城市的42座煤矿削减40%的劳动力,是这片靠近俄罗斯边境、正在逐渐衰落的“铁锈地带”最大规模的一次裁员。China has managed mass layoffs at creaky, state-owned businesses like Longmay before, averting the threat of strikes and unrest by suppressing protests and offering payouts and job training.中国一直对龙煤这样的老旧国企的大规模裁员进行管控,通过压制抗议行动、提供补偿金和工作培训,避免出现罢工和骚乱的局面。But that was when the economy was booming and could ily absorb displaced workers. The test the government now faces in this depressed coal town and in other hard-hit areas across the country is whether it can head off labor discontent in a slowing economy.不过,那是在中国经济蒸蒸日上的时期,比较容易对下岗工人进行安置。现如今,在这个萧条的煤矿城镇和全国其他一些遭受沉重打击的地区,中国政府面临的考验,是能否在经济放缓之际妥善处理劳工的不满情绪。Longmay has so far delayed the bulk of the layoffs, cutting only several hundred older workers who held nonessential jobs. Last month, the government of Heilongjiang Province, which owns Longmay, announced a 0 million bailout that would help the company repay its bonds. But analysts see the infusion as short-term relief that will not prevent the inevitable reckoning.龙煤集团目前推迟了大部分裁员计划,只裁掉了几百名年纪比较大、职位不重要的工人。上个月,龙煤集团所有者黑龙江省政府宣布,提供38亿元人民币资金,帮助公司偿还债券。但多名分析师表示,这类援助只能在短期内缓解问题,无法避免最终的命运。The coal industry is hurting nationwide, as coal prices have fallen nearly 60 percent since 2011, said Deng Shun, an analyst at ICIS C1 Energy, a consultancy based in Shanghai. And Longmay, he said, produces far less coal with extra workers than newer, more efficient companies.位于上海的咨询公司安迅思息旺能源(ICIS C1 Energy)的分析师邓舜表示,自2011年至今,煤炭价格下降了近60%,全国整个煤炭工业都不好过。他表示,相比于效率更高、更新的煤矿公司,龙煤集团员工更多,但产煤量却比前者少得多。“They are quite worried about social unrest, so they delay,” he said. “These layoffs should have happened two years ago.”“他们非常担心出现社会动荡,所以就往后延,”他说。“这些裁员两年前就该进行了。”Still, there have aly been flashes of discontent.但是,不满情绪已经开始露头。In April, even before the layoffs were announced, thousands marched on the streets of Hegang, a city of about one million, to protest delayed salaries. The organizers were arrested and jailed.今年4月,龙煤集团还没有公布裁员计划的时候,就有数千人在人口约百万的鹤岗的街头游行,抗议拖欠工资。这次活动的组织者被带走关了起来。In October, company management stifled a protest by locking workers in the mines. The police patrolled the streets outside the company headquarters on the day the rally was planned.到了10月份,企业管理层把工人堵在矿区,以阻止他们举行抗议活动。在他们计划进行集会行动那天,警方还在公司总部外的街道上进行巡逻。A few weeks later, Internet regulators exposed a group of workers discussing a demonstration on an online bulletin board. They were hauled to a police station, fingerprinted and warned that jail sentences would follow if they dared do it again.几周后,互联网监管机构曝光了一群工人,表示他们曾在网络论坛上商讨举行示威活动。他们被带到派出所,取了指纹,并被警告,如果敢再这么做,就会被判刑。“We are all on edge, the company is on edge,” Mr. Chen, 27, an organizer of that abortive protest, said over breakfast at a nearly empty restaurant, washing it down with a couple of beers at the end of his night shift. “We don’t know what is going to happen. It all depends on how the company takes care of the laid-off workers.”“我们紧张,公司更紧张,”27岁的小陈在一家几乎空无一人的餐馆一边吃早餐一边说。他是这次夭折的抗议活动的组织者之一。此时,他刚结束晚班工作,就着几杯啤酒吃完了自己的早餐。“我们不知道以后会发生什么。完全要看公司怎么安排下岗工人。”Like other miners here, he spoke to a foreign reporter on the condition that he be identified only by his surname for fear of reprisal.和这里其他矿工一样,他在接受外国记者采访时要求只用姓来指代自己,以免遭到报复。 Of greater concern to the government, Hegang is not the only place where tensions with workers are increasing. The number of strikes and labor protests nationwide nearly doubled in the first 11 months of this year, to 2,354, compared with 1,207 in the same period last year, according to China Labor Bulletin, a monitoring group based in Hong Kong. The organization said strikes and worker protests hit a record high of 301 incidents last month.让中国政府更加担忧的是,鹤岗不是唯一一个政府与劳工的关系日益紧张的地方。据位于香港的观察机构中国劳工通讯(China Labor Bulletin)统计,今年前11个月,中国共有2354次罢工和劳工抗议活动,相比于去年同期的1207次,几乎翻了一倍。该组织还表示,上个月中国出现了301次此类事件,达到了历史新高。The reaction of the demoralized workers is being watched closely because the staying power of the Communist Party has been immutably linked to its ability to deliver continued economic progress. The unwritten social compact here is that the party delivers growth, jobs and higher living standards, and in exchange, the workers acquiesce to its monopoly on power, surrendering the right to organize unions or protest.沮丧的工人们的反应受到了密切关注,因为中国共产党的权力能否持久,总是和它能否持续带来经济增长相关联。这里有一个不成文的社会契约,即党带来经济增长、工作机会和更高的生活水平,作为交换,劳工们默许其独揽大权,放弃组织工会或进行抗议的权利。That bargain could unravel if workers no longer believe the government is living up to its end.如果工人认为政府无法兑现它的承诺,这种约定就有可能解除。The outward signs of severe economic trouble are evident. For-sale signs hang on the facades of restaurants that draw few customers. Robberies are on the rise: manhole covers and cellphones are popular targets. Women say they have stopped wearing jewelry for fear of being assaulted.严重经济困境的外在迹象颇为明显。顾客寥寥的餐馆正面挂着转让的牌子。抢劫案件增加:井盖和手机是常见的目标。女性表示因为害怕被抢而不再戴珠宝。Heilongjiang is one of the most depressed provinces in China, and has been for years. Its economic output fell 2.2 percent in the first three quarters of this year compared with the same period last year, without adjusting for inflation, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.黑龙江是中国经济最不景气的省份之一,并且这种情况已经持续了多年。从国家统计局的数据来看,今年前三季度,该省未扣除通胀因素的经济产出同比下降2.2%。“What you have now is a very, very severe economic situation in one part of the country,” said Andrew Batson, China research director at Gavekal Dragonomics in Beijing. “It is very striking and very unusual.”“现在我们看到的,是中国的一部分地区经济形势非常非常严峻,”北京龙洲经讯(GaveKal Dragonomics)中国问题研究总监白安儒(Andrew Batson)说。“这种情况非常惊人,非常不寻常。”Still, the state-owned mines have been reluctant to cut production because there is little other work here. The first round of layoffs at Longmay, though relatively small, came soon after the September announcement.然而,国有煤矿不愿减产,因为这里几乎没有其他工作。9月发出通知后不久,龙煤就进行了第一轮裁员,不过规模相对较小。Older workers in their late 50s were called to an office on the second floor of a disused building. Two young clerks barked orders at men. They were told to sign two-page contracts that pledged a small monthly stipend and vague promises of retraining.快60岁的员工被叫至一栋废弃建筑二楼的办公室。两名年轻的工作人员厉声向他们下达命令。他们被要求签署一份两页纸的合同。合同承诺每月向他们发放一小笔补贴,并含糊地承诺将为其提供再培训。Mr. Hui, 55, was one of the first. “It was 7 o’clock in the morning,” he recalled. “Our captain came to our changing room after meeting with the leaders. He said: ‘Here is bad news for you guys.’ Then he said, ‘Hui, you are one of those who are above the age limit.’”55岁的老会便是第一批被裁的员工之一。“当时是早上7点,”他回忆说。“和领导开完会以后,队长来到我们更衣室。他说:‘伙计们,坏消息来了。’接着他又说,‘老会,你属于年龄超标的。’”Mr. Hui said he was crushed. He had worked as a firefighter at the mine for 35 years and expected a pension. He had not been told how much severance pay he would get, he said.老会说他很伤心。他在矿上当了35年的消防员,本指望着领退休金。他说,没人告诉他会拿到多少离职补偿。Although his wife, son and daughter-in-law had jobs, he could not make ends meet. “I have been paying the mortgage of my son, and the day-to-day expenditures for our grandson,” he said. “I’m short of cash. I have to work. What else can I do? I want to give my grandson the best education so he can leave this place. There is no future in coal.”尽管妻子、儿子和儿媳都有工作,他还是入不敷出。“我一直在给儿子还房贷,还有负责孙子的日常花销,”他说。“缺钱,必须得工作。我还能怎么办?我想让孙子接受最好的教育,这样才能离开这个地方。煤炭没有前途。”The management of the Longmay Group declined to be interviewed. In response to a request to its headquarters in Harbin, the company said, “We are busy planning the reform of the company, and we are not y to give information to the public.”龙煤集团的管理层拒绝接受采访。记者向其设在哈尔滨的总部提出了采访请求,对方回复称,“我们正忙于规划公司改革,尚未做好向外公布消息的准备。”As the region’s population has dwindled in the last decade, the younger people who stayed say they feel trapped. They have few skills to offer to factories in southern China, which in any case no longer hire like they used to. And they are boxed in, they say, by family traditions that expect men to work in the mines.过去十年里,随着该地区人口减少,留下来的年轻人说觉得自己被困住了。他们几乎没有可以进入南方工厂的技能,何况那些工厂也不再像过去那样招聘了。他们说自己被希望男的都去矿上工作的家庭传统束缚住了。A 29-year-old mechanic, who declined to be identified, said he loved his job working with precision instruments in one of the mine’s workshops. He had tried to get a job in the port town of Dalian, but his parents forbade him to move, he said.一名29岁的机修工说,他喜欢在矿上的车间里和精密仪器打交道的工作。拒绝公开姓名的他表示,自己之前曾尝试在港口城市大连找工作,但父母不允许他去。Blinking back tears, he said he depended on his fiancée, who earned a handsome salary as a editor, and his father, who made more money than he did driving a truck.他忍着眼泪说,现在自己要靠未婚妻和父亲。他的未婚妻是一名视频编辑,收入不菲。他父亲靠开卡车也比他挣得多。“Most who are still here are like me, they don’t have a way out,” he said. “If the company would pay our salaries on time and in full, the workers would love to work.”“还留在这里的大部分人都像我一样,没有出路,”他说。“如果公司按时全额发放工资,工人是很愿意干活的。”One employee, Mr. Cui, 40, a driver, said he had quit rather than wait to be laid off. He hopes to secure a taxi license to augment his severance of 4 a month, which he says is not enough to get by on, much less pay back the ,000 he borrowed for his wife’s medical bills.40岁的老崔是一名司机。他说自己不愿等着被裁员,于是主动辞职了。他希望能拿到出租车牌照,以便补贴每个月104美元的离职补偿。他说补偿金还不够过日子用的,更别说还给妻子看病欠下的6000美元医药费了。When the full brunt of the layoffs comes, the violence could be terrible, he predicted. Since the last economic crisis, in the 1990s, a conspicuous new group had appeared: the owners of recently privatized small mines who drove around in Mercedes-Benzes.他预测等裁员到了最厉害的时候,会有可怕的暴力事件。90年代的上一次经济危机之后,出现了一个惹眼的新群体:被私有化不久的小煤矿的老板。他们开着梅赛德斯-奔驰四处招摇。“In the 90s, everyone was poor,” he said. “Now the rich are too rich, and the poor are too poor. Because of the layoffs everyone is worried. No one has a way to live outside the mines. With the New Year holidays coming, there will be chaos in Hegang.”“90年代,大家都穷,”他说。“现在富的太富,穷的太穷。因为裁人,大家都提心吊胆。没人有在除了煤矿以外的地方谋生的路子。马上过年了,鹤岗肯定要乱。” /201512/417120

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