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China Machado, the first non-Caucasian to appear on the cover of a glossy fashion magazine and a model who broke not only the race barrier but also the age barrier, died Sunday in Brookhaven, New York, on Long Island. 登上时尚杂志封面的第一位非白人,打破种族和年龄双重障碍的模特希纳#8226;马沙多(China Machado),于周日在纽约州长岛布鲁克黑文去世,She was 86.享年86岁。Her family said the cause was cardiac arrest.家人说她死于心脏骤停。Many reports have come out about her highly colorful life: She was born Noelie de Souza Machado on Christmas Day 1929, in Shanghai; fled the country with her parents in 1946 after the Japanese occupation; had an affair with Luis Dominguín, the Spanish bullfighter, who left her for Ava Gardner; and socialized with Fran#231;ois Truffaut.很多媒体报道了她的多人生:她于1929年的圣诞日出生在上海,本名诺艾莉#8226;德索萨#8226;马沙多(Noelie de Souza Machado);在中国被日本人占领后随父母于1946年逃离;跟西班牙斗牛士路易斯#8226;多明圭因(Luis Dominguín)有过一段情事,后者为了艾娃#8226;加德纳(Ava Gardner)离开了她;和弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)有过交往。But at a time when the fashion industry is still struggling with diversity, it is worth pausing to consider what colorful really meant when it came to Machado, what her career represented and how far we still have to go.但在时尚产业仍然缺乏多样性的今天,有必要停下来思考:多在马沙多身上究竟是何含义,她的职业生涯代表着什么,我们还有多长的路要走。Her legacy extends far beyond the pictures she created, and the poses she struck, to make us rethink our assumptions about what is considered beautiful, and why. 她留下的遗产远远超出她拍过的照片、摆过的姿势,她会让我们重新思考关于什么被视为美以及为什么被视为美的种种假设。And it is as relevant today as when she first stepped on a runway, in the 1950s.这种思考在今天的重要性,并不亚于她在上世纪50年代初次登上伸展台之时。China Machado was one of the first great pioneers in the firmament of haute couture, André Leon Talley, the fashion and style director of i.am+, the tech firm founded by Will.i.am, and the former Vogue editor at large, wrote in an email. 希纳#8226;马沙多是高级定制时装的伟大先驱者之一,目前在威廉(Will.I.Am)创办的科技企业i.am+担任时尚和造型总监的《时尚》(Vogue)杂志前自由编辑安德烈#8226;莱昂#8226;塔利(André Leon Talley)在一封电子邮件中写道。He added that she made of her ethnicity something powerful. 他还表示,她把自身的种族性变成了某种强大的东西。Internationally, she paved the way for diversity and other races, as well as paving the way for the rise of the black model in print and on the runway.在国际上,她为多样性以及其他种族铺平了道路,也为黑人模特在出版物和伸展台上的崛起铺平了道路。Stefano Tonchi, the editor of W, said: She was the first to put in front of the audience the idea of the otherness, bringing out memories of different cultures and fragments of other imagery. 《W》杂志主编斯蒂法诺#8226;汤奇( Stefano Tonchi)说:她是第一个把‘他者性’的概念摆在读者面前的人,唤起了关于不同文化的记忆,让人看到他者意象的碎片。She always did it with irony, without posing, modeling or vogueing. 她总是以讽刺的方式这样做,而不是通过摆姿势、当模特儿或者模仿模特儿的姿势跳舞。Somehow she showed it all while dancing.不知怎的,她在举手投足之间就将其全部展现了出来。And though she did not do it consciously in the beginning, by the time she was aware of her historic place in the fashion world, her daughter Emmanuelle LaSalle-Hill said, she was proud to wear that mantle. 起初她并非刻意为之,但她女儿艾玛努埃尔#8226;拉萨尔-希尔(Emmanuelle LaSalle-Hill)说,等到她意识到自己在时尚界的位置具有历史意义的时候,她非常自豪地扮演起了那个角色。She thought so much of fashion looked the same, and she wanted to celebrate the idea that everyone could be who they were. 她认为时尚界看上去太千篇一律,她想要赞美的理念是人人都可以活出真我。Machado certainly was.其中当然包括马沙多。It began in 1959, 事情是从1959年开始的。when Machado became the first nonwhite model featured in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. 当时,马沙多成为了第一个出现在《时尚芭莎》(Harper#39;s Bazaar)上的非白人模特。She had started modeling in Paris, most notably for Hubert de Givenchy and Balenciaga (so successfully that she was the highest-paid runway model in Europe), 她此前在巴黎做过模特,最引人注目的经历是务于休伯特#8226;德#8226;纪梵希(Hubert de Givenchy)和Balenciaga(她做得非常成功,是欧洲酬劳最高的伸展台模特儿)。and Oleg Cassini brought her to New York for his runway show in 1958.奥莱格#8226;卡西尼(Oleg Cassini)在1958年把她带到纽约,为自己的新系列走秀。She caught the eye of Diana Vreeland, who sent her to Richard Avedon, 她得到戴安娜#8226;弗里兰(Diana Vreeland)的青睐,被送到理查德#8226;埃夫登(Richard Avedon)面前。then Harper’s Bazaar’s star photographer and a crucial player in forming the magazine’s identity. 后者当时是《时尚芭莎》的明星摄影师,在该杂志形成自身特色的过程中起到了至关重要的作用。He christened her his muse and began photographing her exclusively — in looks that, Talley pointed out, had previously been worn only by white models.他把她称为自己的谬斯,开始专门拍她——塔利指出,她拍照时脸上挂着以前只属于白人模特儿的表情。Avedon wanted his photos of Machado in Bazaar’s February issue. 埃夫登想要把为马沙多拍的照片发表在《时尚芭莎》的2月号上。But according to an interview Machado did with CNN in 2011, Robert F. 但马沙多于2011年接受CNN采访时表示,杂志的时任出版人罗伯特#8226;F#8226;麦克里奥德(Robert F. MacLeod, the magazine’s publisher at the time, said: Listen, we can’t publish these pictures. MacLeod)说:听着,我们不能刊发这些照片,The girl is not white.这个女孩不是白人。I knew I was considered kind of ‘exotic,’ if you want to use that word, in Europe, but it wasn’t any kind of a slur, Machado told New York magazine this year.在欧洲,我知道别人觉得我有点儿‘奇特’——如果你想用这个词的话,但它不绝不是某种耻辱,马沙多今年曾这样告诉《纽约》(New York)杂志。Avedon’s contract with Bazaar was up for renewal at the time, however, and, according to Machado, 那时候,埃夫登与《时尚芭莎》的合同该续签了。he threatened not to re-sign unless his photos of Machado appeared in the magazine, 然而,根据马沙多的说法,他放话说,如果该杂志不刊发他为马沙多拍的照片,他就拒绝续约。and such was his power that the editors finally agreed. 由于他极具影响力,编辑们最终同意了这个条件。He sort of blackmailed them into putting these pictures into the magazine, she said.他有点儿像是敲诈勒索,迫使他们在杂志上登了这些照片,她说。It wasn’t the only boundary she and Avedon pushed for the magazine. 这并不是她和埃夫登帮助《时尚芭莎》突破的唯一一道界线。She was also its first nude, in 1961. 1961年,该杂志为她打破禁忌,首次刊登裸体照片。And it wasn’t the only racism she encountered.而这也不是她唯一一次遭遇种族主义。After she appeared on Cassini’s runway in 1958, she said in New York magazine, he spoke to a group of Southern buyers because they were ignoring all the dresses Machado had worn in the show. 马沙多在《纽约》杂志上说,她于1958年在卡西尼的秀场亮相后,卡西尼和一群南方买手做过沟通,因为他们忽略了她在时装秀上穿的所有衣。He asked why, and they said, Machado reported, Oh, she’s black. 马沙多称,卡西尼问原因何在,他们则回答,哦,她是黑人。(Actually, she was mixed race, with Portuguese, Chinese and Indian roots.)(事实上她是混血儿,有葡萄牙、中国和印度血统。)And even later, when she was at the height of her fame, she told CNN: Every advert that came out, it would say stupidly: ‘The Great China’ on it. 她告诉CNN,甚至是后来自己名气最盛的时候:出来的每一个广告上面都傻乎乎地写着:‘伟大的希纳’。I felt like ... 我感觉像是……a circus!一个马戏团!With the notable exceptions of a Bazaar cover in 1971, when she became the first nonwhite woman on the cover of the magazine, and the Battle of Versailles in 1973, when she walked in the American contingent, Machado had, by 1962, segued from her role in front of the camera to one behind it. 到了1962年,马沙多已经完成了从镜头前到幕后的转变,但也有引人注目的例外——她曾于1971年出现在《时尚芭莎》封面上,成为登上该杂志封面的第一个非白人女性;也曾于1973年代表美国参与凡尔赛宫之战(Battle of Versailles)时装秀。She became fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar, thus clearing yet another professional pathway (one later followed by such models turned editors as Grace Coddington and Tonne Goodman), and helped introduce Lear’s magazine, aimed at the over-50 set. 她当上了《时尚芭莎》的时尚总监,由此开拓出另一条专业道路(模特出身的编辑格蕾丝#8226;柯丁顿[Grace Coddington]、托恩#8226;古德曼[Tonne Goodman]等人都是循着她的脚步),还帮助推出了面向50岁以上人群的《Lear’s》杂志。Then, at age 81, she signed with IMG Models, becoming an effective octogenarian supermodel.后来,她在81岁那年和IMG模特公司(IMG Models)签约,成为了一名真正的八旬超模。She starred in ad campaigns for Barneys and Cole Haan, and was once again in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. 她在巴尼斯(Barneys)和科尔哈恩(Cole Haan)的广告宣传活动中当上了主角,并重新登上了《时尚芭莎》杂志。Only last month, she was modeling for a new Ray-Ban shoot by the photographer Steven Klein. 就在上个月,她还在摄影师史蒂芬#8226;克雷恩(Steven Klein)为雷朋(Ray-Ban)新拍的大片中做了模特。All without ever having plastic surgery.她从来没有整过容。You can’t worry about aging because that’s the worst thing, she once said. 你不能担心变老,因为那是最糟糕的,她曾经表示。If you start, then you just keep finding more things you don’t like, and then you’re finished. 如果你开始担心,就会不断发现更多你不喜欢的东西,然后你就完蛋了。There are a lot of things I could have done to my face, but it would never stop.我本可以对自己的脸做很多事情,但那样一来就会没完没了。According to Ivan Bart, the president of IMG Models, China was instrumental in teaching younger models, IMG模特公司总裁伊万#8226;巴特(Ivan Bart)说,希纳在教导年轻模特方面发挥了重要作用,‘把握你自己,把握你的美。‘Own yourself, own your beauty.#39; Her life showed them how.’他们可以从她的人生中看到如何这样做。Machado was always an exception. 马沙多一直是一个特例。But if fashion learns anything from her example, someday, perhaps, she will be the rule.但如果时尚界能从她身上学到点儿什么,有朝一日她会许会变成一个平平常常的存在。 /201612/485426

DON#39;T BELIEVE THE HUNGER HYPE千万别信那种不吃东西的宣传You shouldn’t believe all the rules about when, what and how to eat things. Click through to find out 6 of the worst diet myths around – and what you should be doing instead to save yourself from hunger hell.千万别信那种什么时候吃、吃什么以及如何吃的规则。继续点击下去看看六大最糟糕的饮食建议——以及你可以做什么以让自己不再挨饿。CALORIES ARE CALORIES卡路里就是卡路里100 calories from fruits and 100 calories from a packet of crisps are not the same. While natural food is full of nutritious calories essential for a balanced diet, processed greasy food is only made up of so-called #39;empty calories#39; that have no benefit and only make you gain weight.水果中的100卡路里与一包薯片的100卡路里是不一样的。天然的食物富含的是平衡饮食必备的营养卡路里,而油腻的加工食品会产生所谓的“空热量”,这种热量不仅没有益处,而且还会让你增重。BREAKFAST IS BAD吃早餐不好Skipping breakfast so you can save those morning calories? You#39;ll soon find that your early lunch and comfort dinner make up for more calories than the ones you could#39;ve had in the early hours. Not eating in the morning means you won#39;t have much energy throughout the day and will lower your mood and motivation levels.不吃早餐这样早晨就不会有卡路里了?很快你就会发现早点的午餐和舒适的晚餐比你早上原本应该摄入的卡路里要多得多。早上不吃东西意味着一整天你都无精打采,同时也会让你的心情变坏、减少你的动力。DON#39;T EAT JUNK不要吃垃圾食品Avoiding all sorts of junk food and treats keeps you physically healthy, but only theoretically. When you live by the #39;all or nothing#39; rule and get increasingly stressed over your cravings, the new stress will cause you to crave more. So stop the endless cycle by allowing yourself to have a treat every now and then.不吃各种各样的垃圾食品和甜食能让你身体健康,但这只是理论。当你遵循着孤注一掷的原则,对吃东西的渴望感到越来越有压力时,新的压力会让你更想要吃这些。所以不要这样无限循环了,让自己时不时地吃些甜食吧。DETOX DEPENDENT依赖排毒Detox is one of the much-talked about crazes in the foodie world, but the truth is, our body has the greatest detox function of all - our digestive system, kidneys and liver. If you cut out alcohol and cut down on eating undesirable foods, then you shouldn’t need to detox at all.在美食界,谈论最多的话题之一也就是排毒了,但事实是我们的身体有着最健全的排毒功能——我们的消化系统、肾和肝脏。如果你不再喝酒,也不再吃那些不良食品,那么你根本就不需要排毒。FAT MAKES YOU FAT脂肪会让你发胖There are two types of fat: the good and the bad. Avocados, nuts and fatty fish such as salmon contain the healthy fat that protects our heart from diseases. On the contrary, unhealthy fats that are in greasy foods can lead to weight gain and cardiovascular problems. Do not cut out all types of fat, because the good ones are essential in our normal diet.脂肪有两种:好的脂肪和不好的脂肪。牛油果、坚果、三文鱼等富含脂肪的鱼类富含健康的脂肪,能够保护我们不患心脏病。相反,油腻食物中不健康的脂肪会让你体重增加,导致心血管问题。不要拒绝摄入所有的脂肪,因为好的脂肪是我们正常饮食所必备的。STOP SNACKING不要吃零食There is nothing wrong with nibbling at some snacks throughout the day - in fact, it keeps your hunger in control and prevents you from overeating on meal times. What matters is the nutritional choice and portion size. Ditch the crisps and ice creams, and reach out for fruits, nuts, and yoghurt instead.每天吃些零食并没有什么不好——事实上,吃零食能控制你的饥饿感还能防止你在饭点时暴饮暴食。重要的是营养选择和零食份量。不要吃薯片、冰激凌,相反可以吃些水果、坚果和酸奶。译文属 /201609/466492

6. Sweet Caroline6. 甜蜜的卡罗Neil Diamond was a ;young, broke songwriter; in the #39;60s when he saw a photo of Caroline Kennedy and her parents, President John F. Kennedy and FLOTUS Jackie Kennedy, in a magazine. ;It was a picture of a little girl dressed to the nines in her riding gear, next to her pony. It was such an innocent, wonderful picture; I immediately felt there was a song in there.; Caroline was 11 at the time the song was released, and Diamond sang it to her at her 50th birthday celebration in 2007. In 2014, Diamond said the song was really about his then-wife Marsha, but he needed a three-syllable name to fit the melody.60年代,尼尔·戴蒙德在杂志上看见肯尼迪总统夫妇和他们的女儿卡罗琳·肯尼迪的时候还是一个穷困潦倒的年轻作曲者,他说:“照片中,小卡罗琳打扮得像个小公主一样,在她的小马驹旁骑着小车。照片里面的卡罗琳天真无邪,整幅画面看起来棒极了。于是我突然就有了写歌的冲动。”这首歌正式发行的时候,卡罗琳11岁。在2007年,她50岁生日的时候,戴蒙德还在她的生日会上演唱了这首歌。2014年,戴蒙德说这首歌实际上是写给他当时的妻子玛莎的,只是他需要一个三音节的名字来适应节奏。7. Polly7. 波莉Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic remembers Cobain writing ;Polly; after ing a newspaper article about Gerald Arthur Friend, who was a serial rapist and kidnapper from Lakewood, Washington.涅槃乐队的贝斯手奎斯·诺沃斯里克还记得柯特·科本是在读了报上的一篇文章之后才写出了这首歌。那是一篇关于华盛顿,莱克伍德地区一个屡次作案的强奸犯和绑架犯杰拉尔德·亚瑟·弗伦德的文章。In June 1987, a 14-year-old girl accepted a ride from Friend after a concert and was repeatedly raped and tortured. Luckily, she managed to escape after gaining Friend#39;s trust. He was stopped a day later for a traffic violation and eventually convicted of first-degree kidnapping and rape. He was ordered to serve the remainder of a 1960 sentence (for a previous rape in which he was mistakenly paroled) in addition to a second 75-year sentence.1987年6月,一个14岁的女生在看完音乐会后搭乘弗伦德的便车,惨遭他的凌辱和虐待。幸运的是,在取得弗伦德的信任之后,女孩成功逃脱。在因为交通违章被拘留一天后,弗伦德终于归案并被控一级强奸和绑架罪。结果他不仅要继续满1960年的刑期(之前被减刑假释),在此之后,还要继续刑75年。8. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down8. 我的脑子在翻滚(邦佐去了比特堡)In 1985, President Ronald Reagan#39;s state visit to a German World War II cemetery where Waffen-SS soldiers were buried was met with significant criticism from not only the Jewish community but former American GIs. Reagan said the dead at Bitburg were ;victims of Nazism also…drafted into service to carry out the hateful wishes of the Nazis.; Lead singer Joey Ramone (who was Jewish) was outraged and wrote the song with fellow band member Dee Dee Ramone and Plasmatics#39; keyboardist/bassist Jean Beauvoir in protest.1985年,罗纳德·里根总统对德国二战公墓——党卫军士兵被埋的地方进行了国事访问。这场国事访问不仅受到犹太群体的谴责,还受到前美国士兵的激烈批评。里根说,比特堡的死去的战犯“也是纳粹主义的受害者……为了纳粹的罪恶欲望而投身军队。”这激怒了身为犹太人的乐队主唱乔伊·雷蒙,于是他和另一位乐队成员迪拉莫内以及plasmatics乐队的键盘手兼贝司手约翰·波娃一起写了这首歌表示抗议。The song was originally called ;Bonzo Goes To Bitburg,; but guitarist Johnny Ramone fought against it, as he was a conservative and fully in support of Reagan. It was eventually changed to ;My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg).;这首歌最初叫做“邦佐去了比特堡”,但吉他手乔尼表示反对,因为他是一个保守主义者,并且还是里根的铁杆粉丝。所以这首歌的歌名最终被改为“我的脑子在翻滚”。(注:“邦佐去了比特堡”中的“邦佐”指的是罗纳德·里根,因为他在演员时期出演过《君子红颜》中的邦佐(Bonzo)。)9. April 29, 19929. 1992年4月29日The Sublime song ;April 29, 1992 (Miami); is sung as ;April 26, 1992;—a mistake on the band#39;s part, since the song is about the L.A. Riots. More specifically, it addresses their involvement in the looting, burning, and general hell-raising that took place after the acquittal verdict of four cops in the Rodney King beating trial.崇高乐队的歌曲“1992年4月29日”被唱成了“1992年4月26日”,但实际上这是乐队在演唱时的失误,因为这首歌是为了洛杉矶暴动而创作的。更确切的说,它描述的是在暴动中的打砸抢事件和一般的动乱行为——这些行为发生在洛杉矶警察局白人警察过度使用武力袭击罗德尼·金却被判无罪之后。Released on Sublime#39;s 1996 multi-platinum self-titled album, the song refers to the chaos that took place in the band#39;s hometown of Long Beach in the days following the verdict. Using actual Long Beach Police Department radio transmissions and verses that describe personal involvement in the pillaging, it gives a localized account of the Long Beach riots (complete with street addresses of the destruction).这首歌最初被发布在崇高乐队1996年的多白金同名专辑中。它提及了判决几天后发生在乐队故土长滩的动乱。整首歌通过使用真实的长滩警察分局的无线电传输信号声以及描述劫掠行为中的个人行为的俳句,辅以被毁坏的街道的名称,给人一种长滩骚乱现场的即视感。10. I Don#39;t Like Mondays10.我不喜欢星期一Sir Bob Geldof wrote ;I Don#39;t Like Mondays; while on tour in the U.S. in 1979. He was being interviewed at Georgia State University#39;s campus radio station, WRAS, when a telex (pre-fax) report came in with word of a shooting spree at Grover Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego.这首歌是鲍勃·吉尔道夫先生1979年在美国旅行时创作的。他在接受乔治亚州立大学校园广播站的采访时,收到了报导圣地亚哥罗弗克利夫兰小学机扫射学生事件的传真(以及随之而来的电报)。16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer fired at children in the school#39;s playground, killing two adults and injuring eight children and one police officer. She showed no remorse for her crime and explained, ;I don#39;t like Mondays. This livens up the day.; Geldof immediately started composing the song He said later, ;Not liking Mondays as a reason for doing somebody in is a bit strange. I was thinking about it on the way back to the hotel, and I just said #39;Silicon chip inside her head had switched to overload.; I wrote that down. And the journalists interviewing her said, #39;Tell me why?#39; It was such a senseless act. It was the perfect senseless act, and this was the perfect senseless reason for doing it. So perhaps I wrote the perfect senseless song to illustrate it. It wasn#39;t an attempt to exploit tragedy.;在这一事件中,16岁的布伦达·安·斯宾塞在操场上向孩子们开火,造成两个成年人死亡,七个孩子及一名警察受伤。之后她对自己的行为毫无悔意,还说:“我不喜欢星期一,我这样做是为了让这天更热闹。” 在听说这件事情之后,吉尔道夫立马着手写下了这首歌。之后他说:“因为不喜欢星期一就要剥夺别人的生命,实在是很奇怪。我在回宾馆的路上一直在想这个问题。正如我之前所说,她似乎已经失去了正常的情感。记者在采访她的时候,问她为什么要这么做。她的实在是太冷漠了——她的行为冷漠,给的理由也很冷漠。所以我写了一首消极冷漠的歌来说明这件事情,而不是在利用这个悲剧炒作。” /201705/509471These common leftovers are often discarded but you could be throwing away nutritional goodness, natural remedies and even cleaning products. Click through to see the food scraps you could be reusing.这些普通的剩菜通常被人们丢弃,但可能你丢弃的实则是营养物质、天然疗法、甚至是清洁产品。继续点下去,看看有哪些可以再利用的食物吧。PINEAPPLE CORE菠萝中间部分The core of a pineapple is high in bromelain (‘nature’s aspirin’) which reduces pain and inflammation. There’s also plenty of fiber as vitamins and minerals. The core can be a bit hard and unappetizing so you can stick it in a blender for a smoothie or boil it to consume its goodness.菠萝中间部分的菠萝蛋白酶含量(‘纯天然阿司匹林’)十分高,能够减轻疼痛和炎症。同样也富含纤维素、维他命和矿物质。菠萝的中间部分可能会有点硬,也没那么好吃,但你可以把它们放在搅拌机里搅拌喝汁,或者放到水里煮沸,可以更加美味。CELERY LEAVES芹菜叶The leafy green tops of celery sticks are a goldmine for health benefits. They are low in fat and calories but high in vitamins (K, C, B6 and A), minerals and fiber. The leaves are good for your liver, can help control blood pressure, reduce inflammation and help prevent ulcers.芹菜根上面的绿叶是健康的金矿。它们脂肪含量低、卡路里低,但是维他命、矿物质和纤维素却很丰富(维他命K,维他命C,维他命B6和维他命A)。芹菜叶有益肝脏健康,可帮助控制血压、减少炎症还能帮助预防溃疡。CORN SILK玉米须Corn silk – the fine ths on corn on the cob – can be made into tea which has been used to treat an array of health issues. Most commonly, corn silk is used to treat urinary tract infections due to its properties as a diuretic. The liquid can also be used to lower and control blood pressure due to it not having side effects like many over-the-counter medicines. Corn silk tea can also relieve persistent itching around the area of a bite or a rash.玉米须——玉米芯上的细线——可以用来泡茶,人们已用这种方法治疗了很多的健康问题。最为普遍的是,由于玉米须的利尿属性,因此可用来食疗尿路感染。这种玉米须茶还能用来降低和控制血压,因为它和很多非处方药不一样,不会有副作用。玉米须茶还可以缓解蚊虫叮咬或红疹引起的持续性发痒。CHICKEN BONES鸡骨头Instead of being discarded, chicken bones can be boiled and used to make a stock. Sometimes known as ‘broth’, stock has many health benefits and boosts to the immune system and improves digestion.鸡骨头其实最好不要扔掉,我们可以将鸡骨头煮熟然后储存起来。有时候这叫做“肉汤”,它对人体健康十分有益,能增强免疫系统、促进消化。STRAWBERRY LEAVES草莓蒂The leaves of strawberries can be brewed in tea and used to alleviate gastrointestinal problems such as a stomach ache. The leaves can also help improve digestion. Strawberry leaves can reduce pain and inflammation of joints as they are a diuretic, which helps the body drain out excess water.草莓蒂可用来泡茶,可缓解胃痛等肠胃问题。草莓叶也能促进消化。因为草莓蒂是一种利尿剂,能帮助身体排出多余的水,因此可以减轻关节痛和关节炎症。WATERMELON SEEDS西瓜籽According to Mello – a watermelon company – the blank seeds inside the watermelon that we all spit out are actually full of nutrition. Once seeds have been sprouted, dried and shelled, 100 grams of seeds give you 34g of protein as well as magnesium and help strengthen your bones. The rind of watermelon can be used to improve blood flow because it is high in citrulline.据西瓜公司Mello所述,我们都吐出的西瓜籽实则有很多营养。一旦种子发芽、晒干、去壳,100g的西瓜籽就能提供34g的蛋白质和镁元素还能强健骨头。西瓜皮可以用来促进血液循环,因为它富含瓜氨酸。译文属 /201609/465940

Ahem, I need some Viagra, please ...嗯,我需要一些伟哥……Not Iron Man#39;s finest hour不是钢铁侠的最佳时机 /201609/463965Cleaning the oven is the most hated chore in UK households, a new study has revealed.一项新调查发现,清理烤箱是英国人最讨厌干的家务活。Ironing is the second most disliked task (23%), followed closely by changing the bedsheets (20%).熨衣排第二,换床单紧随其后。In contrast, our favourite domestic chores - which we actually enjoy doing - are cooking, gardening and vacuuming.相比之下,英国人最喜欢的家务活是做饭,园艺和吸尘打扫,他们确实很享受做这些事。The research by Braun CareStyle ironing systems has revealed the chores which are most unpopular with busy Brits who are battling to keep the house in order.该调查由朗熨烫系统实行,揭示了忙碌的英国人在收拾家务时最不喜欢干的活儿。A third (30%) admit they most hate scrubbing the oven - which is an unpopular task across all generations.不论年龄大小,有三分之一(30%)的人表示他们最讨厌清理烤箱。Ironing shows the biggest generational divide, with only 18% of young people aged 16 to 34 stating they hate it versus 27% of 35 to 54 year olds.对于熨衣的态度显示出了最大的年代差异。16-34岁的年轻人只有18%讨厌熨衣,但有27%年纪在35-54岁的人讨厌熨衣。Younger men and women can’t bear small chores such as emptying the bin (15%), washing dishes (14%), sorting the recycling (7%) and even pairing socks (8%).年轻人不能忍受像倒垃圾(15%)、洗碗(14%)、垃圾分类(7%)和将袜子配对(8%)这样的琐事。In contrast, the older generation detest bigger jobs the most, including ironing (27%), cleaning windows (19%) and defrosting the freezer (17%).相比之下,年纪大一点的大多讨厌更“大型”的家务活,比如,熨衣(27%)、擦窗户(19%)和冰箱除冰(17%)。Brits ‘favourite’ household chores are cooking, gardening and vacuuming, which the majority of those surveyed said they enjoyed doing the most.英国人最喜欢的家务活有做饭、园艺和吸尘打扫。大多数被调查者都很享受做这些家务的过程。The research also revealed that when it comes to ironing, a fifth (19%) of men admit they have never actually done it.调查中也有五分之一(19%)的男性承认自己从来没熨过衣。Men are twice as likely as women to pay someone else to iron for them - and seven percent have scorned or stained clothes while attempting to tackle the task.男性付钱让别人熨衣的几率是女性的两倍,而且有7%的人在尝试熨衣的时候不是把衣烫坏了就是弄脏了。One in ten women (11%) claim they actually find ironing calming and methodical, and 12% say they get a real sense of satisfaction once the chore is complete.有十分之一的女性(11%)表示,她们觉得熨衣可以让她们冷静下来,井井有条地做事,并且有12%称熨完衣时,她们觉得很有成就感。Many Brits (13%) actually avoid ironing altogether because they find it too difficult.许多英国人(13%)因为觉得熨衣太难就干脆不熨衣。James de Boer, UK Marketing Manager at Braun, said: “We understand that household chores can take away quality time that could be spent with loved ones.朗英国的市场总监詹姆士#8226;德波尔说:“我们理解家务活会占用你的珍贵时光,你本可以和你爱的人一起度过这些时间。”“Although we can’t help with oven cleaning, we can help reduce the time spent on the nation’s second most hated chore - ironing.“虽然我们不能帮你清理烤箱,但我们能帮你节省熨衣的时间。”“In fact, our new ironing systems are designed to cut ironing time in half and make the task easier thanks to its 3D BlackGlide soleplate, which allows the iron to glide, even backwards, over zips, seams and buttons, so people can spend more time doing the things they enjoy.”“实际上,我们新的熨烫系统旨在将熨衣的时间缩短一半,并且使它变得更简单。而这一切都归功于它3DBackGlide的熨斗底面,可以让熨斗前后滑动,也能滑过拉链、线缝和扣子。这样人们就可以有更多的时间做他们喜欢的事情了。”The UK’s top ten most hated chores英国人最讨厌的十项家务活1.Oven cleaning (30%)1. 清理烤箱(30%)2.Ironing (23%)2. 熨衣(23%)3.Changing bedsheets (20%)3. 换床单(20%)4.Cleaning the bathroom (18%)4. 清扫浴室(18%)5.Cleaning windows (17%)5. 擦窗户(17%)6.Defrosting the freezer (16%)6. 冰柜除霜(16%)7.Cleaning out the fridge (15%)7. 清理冰箱(15%)8.Decluttering (12%)8. 整理房间(12%)9.Vacuuming (12%)9. 吸尘打扫(12%)10.Cleaning the shower (10%)10. 打扫淋浴间(10%) /201609/466792

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