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  • 7 办理保险3句英文任你选What coverage will you take out?你们打算投保哪些险种?FPA will be good enough.购买平安保险就行了。Wed like to cover the Risk of Breakage for this lot of goods.我们想为这批货物投保破碎险。半个句型要记牢cover insurance (办理保险;托保;投保)Tip:cover常见的用法有:覆盖,包括,涉及;论及等,但这里是特殊用法,表示;对……进行保险所以在保险业经常使用 cover,还有它的名词形式 coverage(范围),如 insurance coverage(保险范围)。 /201605/434145。
  • From her Oscar winning performance in Monster to her revolutionary mineworker in North Country, Charlize Theron is creating her own gallery of commanding and compelling women. But none like Aeon Flux, for the first time, she turns action star to bring a gravity-define animated gal heroine, animated cow heroine, I should say to the big screens. It's great to have her back with us, great pleasure to have you here.Thank you for having me.So this is set in 2415, 400 years from now, four hundred, ten years from now. So what's it like in 2415, just so I can be y. It's interesting, you know, a lot of how we get to 400 years in the future in this film. It's really taken from events in today's life. And I think it really reflects on the issues that we have to pay attention to today, because it could be very similar to, I think, what Bregna is. It deals with how we've become a population of only 5 million people on earth because of world hunger and coming up with you know, quick schemes to cure big diseases like these. And then realizing that, that, you, there isn't a quake thing you have to just kind of, pay attention to these things, otherwise we'll just die.I am somewhat sober about the fact that, you'd have 5 million people, cause that, I was worried, for instance, 400 years from now, is there baseball? No there's no baseball. yes, oh, you guys are so sad. Morning television shows?No, no that, no, noNone? Movies?No, no films.What? You are out of work.No, we will be under complete, um, utter government control. We'll be completely controlled.You actually led me to the clip here, which is, which is you threatening, or you've been, you are confronting the head of the last city on earth, who you think killed your parents, was responsible for the deaths of your parents,let's take a look.You killed my sister. I didn't know anything about it. I am sorry.And that excuses you? No, but this is a war, people on all sides die. She shouldn't , she had nothing to do with this. Everyone is involved in this. She wasn't. I don't need that to kill you. It would be easier, wouldn't it? What do you want from me?What I want? I want my sister back. I wanna remember what it feels like to be a person.Is it weird watching yourself with dark hair? It seems very strange and I would say it's a shock.I've, kind of, I've always kind of changed my hair colour, so it wasn't the first thing that I've done something like that.That's really dark though.(Yeah, but ) Did people treat you differently when you were...?En... not that I can tell, I mean it's very liberating, I think women should really, just really do something like that, every once in a while in their life. It's very liberating to kind of just, I remember the day I went to cut it all off when I was in training and it was, just really, it changes everything, I mean it, there were something about this haircut that made me feel like a warrior,(really?) and it's so helpful, yeah, I felt very strong and...So it gives you a different persona. Yeah, and the tights help too, you know.We've been looking at people doing stunts all morning long and extraordinary stunts that they did (amazing, yeah). Were you doing that stuff in the movie?Yeah, I got to do that move.You did?Yeah, the back, the monkey flip they call it and kept aware.You had ballet training?Yeah, I was trained as a ballerina for twelve years in my life, ballet and flamenco.And does that give you the skill that you are able to kick people like that?The angers are good reason to kick somebody(a good reason, but, yeah,), sounds about all you need. That takes you along as well. How much of it did you actually do? Because I know you were hurt during the movie though.Yeah, I've trained for about 3 months, a little over 3 months with just think incredible group of people. And I think that was the greatest gift that I got out of this film, to receive all these great tools, all of a sudden, just having this incredible staff of people around you who just dedicate themselves to you. And listen to you whining and moaning every single day because you're in pain, and still kind of believing you and they really kind of pushed me which is really incredible, really a great gift. Well, I am dismayed by the fact that there is no baseball 410 years from now. But other than that ,this sounds quite good. Aeon Flux is in theatre this Friday, December, 2nd, 2005. By the way, I saw you e to say in every interview with somebody you don't know. It is like a blind date. Do you normally date guys who've been married for 37 years? If they wear tights, I'll go there...oh, or D, thank, thank you, it's interesting. Nice to have you and all the best.Thank you. 200808/45319。
  • 探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 05By measuring how fast these stars were moving, he could prove if there really was a black hole at the center of an active galaxy. I picked a galaxy nearby which is called NGC 1068, an active galaxy, which meant that it probably had a supermassive black hole in it, at least, that's what we wanted to prove. To be certain that the stars were moving unnaturally fast in NGC 1068, Dresslar wanted to compare them with stars in a normal galaxy without a black hole. Stars circling around a weak center of gravity would move at half the speed. So for this comparison, he chose the very ordinary galaxy next door to us, Andromeda(仙女座), with a quiet, inactive center like our own. To measure the speed of the stars in these two very different galaxies, Dresslar used an instrument called a spectroscope. This looks at the changing pattern of light coming from stars as they rotate around the galaxy core. The spectroscope shows the center of the galaxy as a white band and the movement of stars around the core is traced by a dark, vertical line. If the stars of the galaxy's center are circling slowly, then the dark band would show hardly any change, but if they are traveling at great speed, whizzing towards and away from us either side of a supermassive black hole, then the dark band should show a sudden shift across the center of the galaxy. I would expect to see some rather rapid change in this dark line so that there'd be a very big change in the speed from one side of the galaxy to the other, very suddenly, right over the center and that would show that the stars were moving very rapidly in the center of the galaxy because of the influence of the great mass in the center, the supermassive black hole. Over the next a few nights, Dresslar measured the speed of the stars in NGC 1068 and in Andromeda.spectroscope: an apparatus for producing and recording spectra for examinationwhiz: move quickly through the air with a whistling or whooshing sound200807/45204。
  • We have reasons to suspect, based on recent high resolution photography of the surface, that there may be a subsurface ocean there. And where we find water and where we find the right mix of organics, there is the possibility for life. So we have to entertain the idea then that Europa could provide in this subsurface ocean environment, a habitat that would be clement for life and where life could have originated. "I don't know whether we'll find life beyond single cell. And when I talk about life, I want to be very, very clear. Single cell life would be an unbelievable find. And any higher level, I just don't know, I just don't know. But I doubt that we'll find a human species. " When our spacecraft eventually penetrated Europa's icy sheets, they might find scenes like this, an undersea world where life prospers without sunlight or oxygen like our own deep ocean thermal beds. And beyond our own solar system, there is always the seductive possibility that an intelligent group of beings like ourselves exists somewhere. After all, our sun is one of billions of stars that shine in the universe, a universe that contains all the elements found in life on Earth. A distant star could be the sun of another civilization. Could aliens have paid us a visit aly ? Maybe eons ago? "It's always possible that there is something we haven't recognized that has been left here maybe a long time ago by alien visitation. But in the absence of presenting me with that evidence, I see no reason to, to believe this. I really think it's such an expensive exercise to physically travel from one star system to another. I can't imagine the motivation of any alien species that would do it. " Humankind has explored the solar system, but we lack the technology to send men or robotic missions to another planetary system. But we've certainly left evidence of our own existance. The trail of debris from our space missions like Hansel and Gretel's bcrumbs in the forest may one day mark the way for an alien group looking for us. "Life probably does exist elsewhere in the universe, probably not sufficiently, frequently in the universe for us ever to be likely to meet it. So that would be my guess is that life is present elsewhere in the universe, but is probably so spaced-out that we may never know about it. " Out there, way out there, in other galaxies, what is the likelihood? The president of the SETI Institute has developed a complicated equation to actually figure the odds. It's called the Drake Equation. It's based upon things we do know about the universe, and other things we can make educated guesses about, things like how often new stars form, how many stars have planets, how many planets have life, the chance of that life developing intelligence, the chances that intelligence will lead to technology.words in this passageclement:describes weather which is pleasant or not severe:温和的,温暖的(气候等)例:It's very clement for the time of year.Hansel and Gretel:a fairy tale, for more information, Drake Equation: 200808/46529。
  • US Lawmakers Step Up Pressure on Iraq to Pay Some War Costs美议员起草法案要伊承担更多战费   A group of Democratic and Republican senators have begun drafting legislation that would require Iraq to fund more of the war costs that Americans are now paying. 一些民主党和共和党议员开始起草一项法案,要求伊拉克承担更多的现在由美国承担的战争费用。 Three members of the Senate Armed Services Committee told a news conference Thursday that Iraq should begin paying some of the costs of the war and reconstruction of the country.  参议院武装部队委员会的三名成员星期四召开记者会表示,伊拉克应当开始付伊拉克的战争跟重建的部分费用。They note that Iraq has a budget surplus as a result of the rising price of its oil exports, while the ed States is grappling with budget deficits and other economic problems. 他们指出,由于出口石油价格不断增长,伊拉克现在有预算盈余,而美国则在跟预算赤字和其他经济问题作斗争。"It is time now for Iraq to assume responsibility for its future with its own investments. Real investment in its own infrastructure and national security. The American public is growing weary of financing every aspect of Iraq's future, from combat operations to electricity grids and highways," said Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat. 来自内布拉斯加州的民主党参议院纳尔逊说:“现在是伊拉克通过投资为她自己的前途承担责任的时候了。伊拉克需要在自己的基础设施和国家安全方面进行真正的投资。美国公众已经厌倦了给伊拉克未来的每个方面提供资助,从作战运行到电力网到公路建设。”"The blank check written by the American taxpayers to the government of Iraq must stop," said Senator Evan Bayh, an Indiana Democrat. 来自印第安纳州的民主党参议员贝赫的言词则更为直截了当。他说:“美国纳税人开空白票给伊拉克政府的情况必须结束。”The senators are considering attaching the legislation to a war-funding bill expected to be debated by Congress in the coming weeks. The bill calls for more than 0 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 这些参议员在考虑把这一议案附加在国会在未来几个星期将要辩论审议的一个战争费用的法案上。那个法案将要求国会提供一千多亿美元的资金用于伊拉克和阿富汗的战争。Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, says she and the other senators are working with the Defense and State Departments to identify costs that could be paid by the Iraqis. "I do not believe that it is unfair in any way to ask the Iraqi people to begin shouldering more of the costs of rebuilding their own country." 来自缅因州的共和党参议员柯林斯说,她和其他参议员正在跟国防部和国务院协商,以便认定哪些费用可以由伊拉克方面承担。她说:“我不认为要求伊拉克人民开始承担更多的重建他们自己国家的费用是不公平的。”The lawmakers suggested the cost of some of the weapons, the training of Iraqi troops, and the salaries of security forces known as Sons of Iraq, could be among those paid by Iraqis, either directly or through loans. 这些参议员提出,某些武器的费用,以及训练伊拉克军队,还有伊拉克保安力量人员的工资可以由伊拉克方面直接或通过贷款来负担。At a Senate hearing Wednesday, White House Budget Director Jim Nussle said the Bush administration would be open to considering having Iraqis pay more of the war costs. 在星期三举行的一次参议院听会上,白宫预算办公室主任纳斯尔说,布什行政当局愿意考虑让伊拉克人承担更多的战争费用。200804/35759。
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