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Somali PM Appeals to Insurgents to Join Peace Efforts索总理呼吁反叛份子加入和平努力  Somalia's Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein is appealing to insurgent Islamists to join the peace deal signed by the transitional government and some moderate opposition groups last month in Djibouti. Mr. Hussein condemned Somalia's uncontrolled violence, which since the accord was signed has claimed the lives of aid workers, a journalist, and a senior U.N. official. 索马里临时政府总理努尔.哈桑.侯赛因呼吁穆斯林反叛分子加入上个月由临时政府和一些温和的反对派组织在吉布提签订的和平协议。他还对索马里不受控制的暴力袭击表示谴责。自从吉布提和平协议签署以来,暴力袭击已经导致一些救援人员、一名记者和一名联合国高级官员死亡。Amid anarchy in large parts of Mogadishu, and a joint Somali-Ethiopian military force waging a counter-insurgency offensive, Somalia's interim prime minister is urging hardline Islamists to end their campaign of violence.  就在索马里首都加迪沙的大部分地区陷入无政府状态,以及索马里和埃塞俄比亚联军对暴力分子发动攻势的时候,索马里临时政府总理敦促强硬派穆斯林结束他们的暴力活动。Speaking to reporters at the end of a three-day visit to the Ethiopian capital, Nur Hassan Hussein called on the militant Al-Shabab group to seize the opportunity created by last month's U.N.-brokered peace agreement. 侯赛因总理在结束对埃塞俄比亚首都亚的斯亚贝巴为期三天的访问后对记者们发表讲话,他呼吁激进组织“青年会”抓住上个月由联合国斡旋达成和平协议所创造的机会。"The agreement signed in Djibouti is the key and opens the door to peace so anyone can join, any organization opposing the government of today, there is a window of opportunity to join," Hussein said. 他说:“在吉布提签署的协议是一把钥匙,它打开了通向和平的大门,让所有人都能参加,让反对现政府的任何组织都能加入进来,这是一个加入的机会窗口。”Many Somalis and political analysts say the Djibouti accord has been discredited by violence from groups like al-Shabab, which is committed to overthrowing the Ethiopian-backed transitional government and establishing Islamic rule. But Prime Minister Hussein argued that the agreement has provided a flicker of hope by bolstering the more moderate Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia, which signed the June 9 accord. 许多索马里人和政治分析人士说,“青年会”等组织发动的暴力袭击破坏了吉布提协议的声誉。“青年会”谋求推翻埃塞俄比亚持的索马里临时政府,并建立穆斯林统治。但是,侯赛因总理说,这份和平协议增强了比较温和的“索马里再次解放联盟”的声望,给索马里带来一线希望。“索马里再次解放联盟”6月9号签署了这项协议。"I think today the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia are also trying their best to enlarge their constituency, so together the parties signing this agreement have a good opportunity to attract others," he said. "But if, like Al Shabab, they are rejecting the peace, the people, hoping the situation of 18 years ending and a new page being started, that will help the parties signing the agreement." 他说:“我认为,目前索马里再次解放联盟也在尽力扩充持他们的民众数量。因此现在是签署和平协议的各方吸引其它组织加入的良机。不过,如果跟青年会一样,他们拒绝接受和平,那么,希望结束18年状况并开启新桥梁的民众团体和普通百姓就将帮助签署和平协议的各方。”Mr. Hussein condemned the killing, kidnapping and harassment of humanitarian aid workers, in particular the shooting death of the head of the ed Nations Development Program office. UNDP chief Osman Ali Ahmed was gunned down at close range Sunday evening as he returned home from evening prayers at a mosque in Mogadishu.  侯赛因总理谴责那些谋杀、绑架和骚扰人道救援人员的行为,尤其是杀联合国发展计划署索马里办公室负责人奥斯曼.阿里.艾哈迈德。艾哈迈德星期天晚上从加迪沙一座清真寺做完礼拜回家途中,被人近距离杀。The ed Nations has described Somalia as the world's worst humanitarian crisis. 联合国说,索马里的人道主义危机是全世界最严重的。 One million Somalis, or more than 10 percent of the population, are living as internal refugees, and the group Doctors Without Borders says malnutrition in the horn of Africa country has exceeded emergency rates for a year.Ethiopian troops entered Somalia 20 months ago to help the interim government fight an Islamist movement that was threatening to take over the country. The Mogadishu-based Elman Peace and Human Rights Organization estimates more than 2,100 Somali civilians have been killed this year, bringing the civilian death toll to 8,600 since early last year.200807/43629。

  • Scripts:Apple’s founder and CEO Steve Jobs's making a stunning reversal and apology tonight on that iPhone that was the talk of Tech-land. CN's Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman is live in San Jose. Hey, Jim?Yeah, you know. call it iPhone fury with a major drama playing out today, angry iPhone users who paid full price for the device just two short months ago. And they feel gouged by a steep cut price cut announced yesterday. They peppered Steve Jobs himself with hundreds of emails and their furious voices were apparently heard, loud and clear. And this is what the product looks like. In the midst of all the iPod hoopla, from the Apple event on Wednesday, Steve Jobs drops an iPhone bombshell. We are gonna price the 8 gigabyte model of the iPhone at just 399 dollars. A big price cut shocking hundreds of thousands of iPhone customers and not in a good way, many of whom waited hours even days to buy one for 200$ more just a couple of months ago. A 200-dollar price cut? What do you mean? They cut the price just then by 200 dollars. What?But just a day later after hundreds of angry emails to Steve Jobs himself, thousands more on blogs all over the internet and a torrent of bad blood, Apple has yet another surprise.Apple issues an apology along with a 100-dollar rebate to all iPhone customers along with a personal note from Steve Jobs e: We wanna do the right thing for our valued iPhone customers. We apologize for disappointing some of you and, we are doing our best to live up to your high expectations of Apple. I think it’s good because those things are too expensive, anyway. With so much resentment toward a company where image is everything. One of the 7 Wonders of the world. Steve Jobs’s trying to answer the call trying to do right by its customers. Now Apple’s quick response to the online iPhone fury is impressive. The question now for consumers and investors will be is it just too little, too late. Piper Jeffrey estimates the rebate will cost the company about 85 million dollars. Melissa back to you. Oh, yeah, Wall Street is gonna love that. Jim stay with us, let's bring in our other Apple insiders, CNET editor at large Brian Cooley. Brian, does this mean to you that they priced it wrong in the first place? They either priced it wrong or they overreached on the sales pays. Melissa, I’m not sure what to think about this, there is no way there was 200 dollars of margin in the iPhone, so they didn’t just decide to give back their profit in this, in the name of volume. That just doesn’t make sense. So are they taking a bath here because they priced it wrong and sales haven’t been as fast as expected. I don’t know, it’s possible. This's a stunning price cut. And the fact that Steve Jobs comes along is, with a mea culpa to go with it proved that yeah, this wasn’t some preordained plan, this was at loops.Yeah, Jim, what about that? I mean it sounds like this was a mistake in pricing. You know, I don’t necessarily agree with that, first of all , the margins on the iPhone if you believe all the third market research are spectacular. So I think there is some serious room to negotiate the price and still leave Apple with a pretty serious profit at the end of the day. As far as a mistake in pricing, you know, Apple could write its own ticket when this thing started and by stepping up today, I don’t necessarily think this is a big hoop, I thinkBut Jim, I mean… This is Apple realising that there was a problem and they stepped up and said ”Hey, you know what, we are gonna do what we can to do right by our customers. You don’t have to do anything, but we are gonna try to do something, and there wasn't like weeks of hand wringing,wait wait wait.... ”Are you sure they don't have to do anything, I mean it's only been two months they lowered the price 33% now they are doing a rebate the day later, I mean it sounds like you have a mistake. No,no,no, this is the technology industry, I will grant you that the price cut happen a lot sooner than most people thought it was going to happen. But the fact is that prices fall and performance increases, this is Moore's law. You know, that's, That’s what happens with new gismos and gadgets. The interesting thing here is that there wasn’t a bunch of hand wringing that lasted weeks and weeks and Focus group, and let’s meet with Wall Street to figure out what they are gonna say. You know what , Steve Jobs woke up , some emails and said hey, you know what, enough is enough, let’s do something about it. Brian, what happens from here?But, there is something, there is something odd about the pacing here. Two months and the product did not rev, Apple has never cut the price on a product that I can recall without revving it. This is a case of just saying, you know what, the existing product on the shelves, still new, something is wrong with the model, this is an unusual adjustment for Apple. Time will tell, all right, gentlemen, Thanks so much for joining us tonight.Thanks a lot. Notes:Handwringing: An excessive expression of distressHoopla: Boisterous, jovial commotion or excitement200807/43998。
  • unwarranted ———— 没有根据的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Not based on a foundation of fact; unnecessary, lacking real authority.例句 I have known and trusted our accountant for many years, so I believe your suspicions of his dishonesty are quite unwarranted.我认识和信任我们的会计很多年,所以我认为你怀疑他不诚实基本没有根据。 /201606/451623。
  • Turkey's Top Court to Hear Case to Ban Ruling Party土耳其宪法法院将考虑取缔执政党The Turkish Constitutional Court has announced it will hear the closure case against the ruling AK Party. The case accuses the party of seeking to undermine the secular state and includes a possible political ban of five years for Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  土耳其宪法法院说,他们将对禁止执政党--正义与发展党活动的诉讼举行听。这项诉讼指责正义与发展党寻求破坏这个世俗国家,还包括可能禁止总理埃尔多安在5年内从事政治活动。 The Constitutional Court's decision to accept the closure case against the ruling Justice and Development Party, called the AK Party, was given in a short announcement by the deputy chairman of the court, Osman Paksut.土耳其宪法法院副主席帕克叙特在一份简短声明中宣布决定接受这项诉讼,这项诉讼要求禁止目前执政的正义与发展党。He says the court has decided to examine an indictment prepared by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals on closure of the ruling Justice and Development Party. He adds the decision was unanimous. 帕克叙特说,法院决定审理最高上诉法院的检察官提起的诉讼,这项诉讼要求禁止正义与发展党活动。帕克叙特说,这个决定是一致通过的。Turkey's top prosecutor prepared a 162-page indictment accusing the AK Party of systematically undermining the secular state.  土耳其首席检察官向宪法法院提交了一份长达162页的起诉书,指责正义与发展党有组织地破坏这个世俗国家。The central pillar of the case is the government's changing the constitution to ease a ban on religious headscarves in universities. The decision outraged supporters of the secular state. 这项诉讼的中心议题是政府修改宪法,放宽不许大学生戴宗教头巾的禁令。土耳其世俗制度的持者对这个修正案表示强烈反对。Under the same case Prime Minister Erdogan and the President Abdullah Gul along with 69 other leading members of the AK Party are facing a political ban of five years if convicted.  在这起诉讼案中,如果被认定罪名成立,埃尔多安总理和居尔总统以及正义与发展党的其他69名主要成员将被禁止在5年内从事政治活动。The constitutional court has banned 18 parties since the 1982 constitution.  自从1982年以来,宪法法院已经禁止了18个政治党派的活动。Political commentator Mehmet Ali Birand says Turkey is now in dangerous waters. 政治人士比兰德说,土耳其处在危险之中。"There is a great risk. It is unbelievable. I could not believe it when I heard, but it is serious. Can they close the party down? When you look at the record of the court it is possible," he said. 比兰德说:“这里有很大的风险,是难以置信的。当我听说的时候我根本不能相信,但是事态很严重。他们能禁止政党活动吗?看看法庭的记录,这确实是可能的。”Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls the case an attack on democracy. Mr. Erdogan won last year's general election with a landslide victory. 土耳其总理埃尔多安称这项诉讼案是对民主的攻击。埃尔多安去年以压倒性胜利赢得大选。 The European Union has condemned the case. EU enlargement commissioner Oli Rehn, warned it could effect Turkey's membership bid. But supporters of the case say the AK's predecessor, the Refah Party, was closed down on similar charges in 1998, a decision upheld by the European Court of Human Rights.  欧盟谴责这起诉讼。欧盟扩大委员会专员雷恩警告说,这可能影响土耳其加入欧盟的申请。但是持这项诉讼的人士说,正义与发展党的前任--繁荣党在1998年因为同样的指控被取缔,这项决定得到欧洲人权法庭的持。Political-columnist Nuray Mert says that ruling strengthen the hands of the prosecutor.政治专栏作家默尔特说,那项判决加强了检察官的力量。"They are referring quite often to the confirmation of the European court decision confirming the closure of the Refah Party, and they will come up with this argument," said Mert. 默尔特说:“他们经常提到欧洲法庭确认了他们取缔繁荣党的决定,他们会提出这个理由。”The case is expected to last months, threatening to paralyze the government.  预计这起诉讼将持续数月的时间,这可能导致政府瘫痪。The European Union is pressing Ankara to push through political and economic reforms.  欧盟正在向安卡拉施加压力,要求他们进行政治和经济改革。Prime Minister Erdogan has indicated he may try to change the constitution to block the case, although opposition parties are opposing such a move. He does have enough votes to put the reform to a national referendum, but observers warn such a vote risks further polarizing the country and deepening the crisis.  埃尔多安总理指出,他可能会争取修改宪法,以阻止这起诉讼,尽管反对党反对这样做。埃尔多安拥有足够的选票对这项改革进行全民公投,但是观察人士警告说,这样的投票可能会造成国家进一步分裂,加深这场危机。200804/33031。
  • 5 签订合同3句英文任你选Shall we sign the contract now?我们现在签约好吗?If everything is satisfactory, we can sign the contract.如果事事都令人满意,我们可以正式签约了。Well send the contract to your hotel for signature tomorrow morning.明早我们将把合同送到您下榻的饭店让您签字。半个句型要记牢sign the contract (签订合同)Tip:签合同是用动词sign,而不是write和draw。 /201604/434115。
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