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重庆市星宸整形是什么医院重庆星宸美容医院是私立的吗在今天的节目中,我们要具体学习下些回绝信的几个最基本要点。下面我们先看今天的对话。MB: ...ok...ok...that’s great! We’ll be pleased to have you on the team! Looking forward to seeing you next week! Bye! PH: Was that Sarah? MB: Yes - she’s going to accept the job, and wants to come in next week for a chat... PH: Great news. Now you just have to tell the other guy that we don’t want him... MB: I hate giving bad news... PH: I’m glad that it’s your job and not mine! MB: Ok, may as well do it straightaway... Dear Mr Watson...we regret to inform you that you have not got the job...hmmm... sounds a bit too direct. How about...‘Dear Mr Watson, Thank you for your application to WebWare. We regret to inform you that you weren’t successful.’ PH: Hmmm...I think you should say something positive. MB : But he was terrible! PH: Well, he wasn’t great, no, but, I think we should be positive and polite. MB: Yes, you’re absolutely right. OK how about this ‘Dear Mr Watson, Thank you for your application to WebWare. You were a promising candidate. However, we regret to inform you that the competition for the post was very strong, and we will not be offering you the position. Yours sincerely, etc etc...’ PH: Yes, that’s more like it...but we should include some feedback... MB: Of course – how about if I add this: “In future, you may wish to moderate your personal style, and carefully fact check your CV...” How does that sound? PH: I’m not sure what ‘moderate your personal style’ means. It’s a bit vague... MB: Hmm...ok, how about ‘give more specific examples of your achievements, and show how you work as part of a team’. PH: Ok, yes, I like that...and remember to finish with something like, ‘We wish you the best of luck in the future’! MB: Of course – I certainly do wish him luck! Ok – done. I’ll send it now. /07/78026重庆市星辰整形好不好? Russia and the US have clashed at an emergency UN Security Council debate into the military strikes President Donald Trump launched against Syria in response to the chemical weapons attack that killed more than 70 people.俄罗斯与美国在联合国安理会紧急会议上激烈辩论,就美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump )启动对叙利亚进行军事打击相互指责。特朗普此举是对叙利亚化学武器杀0多人做出的回应。In his first major military action, Mr Trump authorised the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airfield after a gas attack that the US and its allies blamed on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.在特朗普首次启动军事行动的指令下,美军向叙利亚空军基地发射了59枚战斧导弹。此前,美国及其盟国指责叙利亚总统巴沙阿萨Bashar al-Assad)须对毒气袭击负责。Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev on Friday said the strikes had “completely ruined relationsbetween the US and Russia and that the two countries were now “on the verge of a military clash俄罗斯总理德米特里·梅德韦杰夫(Dmitry Medvedev )在周五表示,美国军事打击“完全破坏了(美国和俄罗斯)的关系”,而且两国现在“处于军事冲突的边缘”。Speaking at the UN Security Council, Vladimir Safronov, Russia’s representative, said the strikes on Shayrat, an Assad regime-controlled air base, could spark “extremely seriousconsequences for regional and international stability. “The aggression by the US has only facilitated the strengthening of terrorism,he warned.俄罗斯驻联合国代表弗拉基米尔?萨福诺夫(Vladimir Safronov)在安理会表示,打击阿萨德政权控制的谢拉Shayrat)空军基地,可能对该地区和国际稳定造成“极为严重”的后果。他警告:“美国的侵略只是促进增强了恐怖主义。”“Assad did this because he thought he could get away with it. He thought he could get away with it because he knew Russia would have his back. That changed last night,Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the ed Nations said on Friday.美国驻联合国大使尼基?黑利(Nikki Haley)在周五表示,“阿萨德这样做,是因为他以为有俄罗斯持就可以不受惩罚。从昨晚开始,不再是这样了。”In a blistering speech against Moscow, Ms Haley said Russia bore “considerable responsibilityfor the chemical weapons attack, suggesting that Moscow was either “knowinglyallowing chemical weapons to remain in Syria, “incompetentor being made “a foolof by the Assad regime.黑利严厉指责莫斯科,她表示俄罗斯对化学武器袭击负有“相当大的责任”,并表示莫斯科或者“有意”允许叙利亚保留化学武器,“无能”,或者被阿萨德政权所“愚弄”。来 /201704/502992第一句:Ill show you around and explain the operation as we go along.我陪你到处各处看看,边走边讲解生产操作。A: Ill show you around and explain the operation as we go along.我陪你到处各处看看,边走边讲解生产操作。B: Thatll be most helpful.那太好了。A: That is our office block. We have all the administrative departments there.那是我们的办公大楼。我们所有的行政部门都在那里。第二句:We keep a stock of the faster moving items so that urgent orders can be met quickly from stock.我们存放周转快的货物,这样有紧急订货时,就可以立即交现货。A: Whats the building opposite us?对面那座建筑是什么?B: Thats the warehouse. We keep a stock of the faster moving items so that urgent orders can be met quickly from stock.那是仓库,存放周转快的货物,这样有紧急订货时,就可以立即交现货。其他表达法:工厂的设备、规模和工人的素质以及决策者的管理能力都决定着以后产品的质量和信誉。It was very kind of you to give me a tour of the plant.谢谢你陪同我参观工厂。You will surely know the products better after the visit.参观工厂后你对我们的产品肯定会更了解。 /201302/224079重庆星辰美容是私立

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