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重庆星辰医院做整形手术好吗重庆星辰地址重庆市公立三甲医院私人医院 重庆星宸整形医院整形美容收费标准

重庆市星辰美容医院做整形怎么样重庆星辰皮肤怎么样 Samra Kesinovic, 17, and her friend Sabina Selimovic became poster girls for ISIS after they arrived in Syria in April 2014.17岁的Samra Kesinovic和她的朋友Sabina Selimovic014月到达叙利亚后,便成为IS的“模特”。A number of Austrian newspapers have reported that Samra has been beaten to death for attempting to leave Raqqa, although official government sources are refusing to comment on individual cases.很多奥地利报纸已经报道Samra试图离开拉卡而被殴打致死,尽管官方政府拒绝对个人案件作出。According to The Local, one newspaper es a Tunisian woman who lived with Samra and Sabina in Raqqa. The Tunisian woman, who was not named in the report, said she was able to escape from ISIS.根据地方新闻,报道援引一名曾与Samra和Sabina在拉卡同住的突尼斯妇女。这位没有被报道名字的突尼斯妇女说她庆幸能够逃离出IS。Earlier this year, a ed Nations official says one of the two Austrian girls who fled their middle class homes in Vienna earlier this year to fight in Syria has definitely died in the conflict.今年年初,一名联合国官员曾说,这两名叙利亚航班上来自维也纳中产阶级家庭的女孩中已确定有一人在叙利亚境内的冲突中死亡。They first went to the Turkish capital Ankara by plane, and then on into the southern Turkish region of Adana. After that, their tracks were lost.据悉,两名女孩首先乘飞机从维也纳飞往土耳其首都安卡拉,然后去往了土耳其南部的阿达纳。在这之后,她们两人双双失踪。But they appeared on social networking sites branding Kalashnikov rifles and surrounded by armed men - photos which Austrian police said acted as recruitment posters for young girls.当她们的形象再次出现在社交网站上时,她们都手握卡拉什尼科夫自动步,周围簇拥着全副武装的男子。奥地利警方认为,这张照片是IS为吸引更多年轻女孩而拍摄的。David Scharia, a senior Israeli expert of the ed Nations Security Councils Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTED) said: We received information just recently about two 15-year-old girls, of Bosnian origin, who left Austria, where they had been living in recent years; and everyone, the families and the intelligence services of the two countries, is looking for them.联合国安全理事会反恐怖主义委员会(反恐执行局)的以色列高级专家David Scharia表示:“我们曾经收到过有关这两名有着波斯尼亚血统的15岁女孩的消息,她们离开了近几年生活的奥地利,她们的家庭以及国家的情报部门都在寻找她们。”He added: Both were recruited by Islamic State. One was killed in the fighting in Syria, the other has disappeared.他还补充道:“她们都是被IS招募的,但是现在她们其中一个已经在叙利亚的冲突中身亡,另一人也不知所踪。His confirmation comes three months after the Austrian government said it had informed both sets of parents of the girls that one of them might have been killed.而在他发言3个月前,奥地利政府表示,两名女孩其中一人的父母之一也可能已经被杀害。An Islamic preacher from Bosnia living in Vienna, Mirsad O., known by the Islamic name of Ebu Tejma, was allegedly responsible for the radicalization of the two young girls. Authorities say he brainwashed them into joining the jihad. He denies this.一名住在维也纳的来自波斯尼亚的伊斯兰“传教者”Mirsad O.(其伊斯兰名字为“Ebu Tejma”)被认为是诱导这两名女孩加入IS的罪魁祸首。官方认为,他曾为两个女孩洗脑以使其加入异教,而他否认这一说法。Mirsad O. was arrested for his role in an alleged terrorist funding network based in Austria in November.十一月他因涉嫌资助宣传以奥地利为基地的恐怖主义网站而被逮捕。来 /201511/412383重庆市第三人民医院公立还是私立

重庆市星宸哪个医生好The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) is earning as much as m a day through the sale of oil to some of its biggest enemies: middlemen from Turkey, Iraq’s Kurdish community and the regime of Bashar al-Assad, according to the US Treasury.The remarks made in a speech to the Carnegie Foundation on Wednesday by undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence David Cohen are likely to raise eyebrows in a region where questions are aly being asked over Ankara’s commitment to fighting Isis and Kurdish fighters are battling to avoid being over-run by the jihadis in the Syrian city of Kobani.“We have made our position very clear on this issue. Both Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt #199;avu#351;o#287;lu and Minister of Energy Taner Y#305;ld#305;z have repeatedly denied that oil has been sold by [Isis] to Turkey,said Tanju Bilgi#231;, the ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson.“We expect our allies to share with us intelligence rather than publicly accuse Turkey. Turkey fights the smuggling of oil with determination [and] confiscated 78m litres of smuggled oil last year.”Iraqi Kurdish officials also issued strong denials. “We have never heard accusations of [the government] being involved. The KRG [Kurdistan Regional Government] doesn’t buy oil from anyone we sell it. We produce about 150,000 bpd [barrels per day] and even more than that is refined,said Eizzat Sabir, an MP in the KRG parliament.He added that there were reports of soldiers helping middlemen sell petrol into Isis-controlled areas. “Right now there are two soldiers who have been arrested over this and are being investigated,he said.Mr Cohen’s speech amounts to one of the most detailed official and public assessments of Isis financial strength to date and underscores the extent to which its brutal zealotry is underwritten by pragmatic methods to boost its power and resources.Though western intelligence officials have long-described the group as the most financially powerful terrorist organisation they have ever confronted, exact details on the jihadi group’s financial clout, and the sources of its wealth, have so far been rarely provided in public. 美国财政Treasury)表示,通过向部分最大敌手出售石油,“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)每天能获得高00万美元的利润。这些购买ISIS石油的人们包括来自土耳其、伊拉克库尔德人社区和巴沙尔#8226;阿萨Bashar al- Assad)政权的中间人。以上这种说法是美国财政部负责反恐和金融情报事务的副部长戴维#8226;科恩(David Cohen)在卡内基国际和平研究Carnegie Endowment For International Peace)的一个讲话中发表的,它很可能会引发该地区人们的不快。在当地,已经有人对土耳其政府抗击ISIS的决心提出了质疑。与此同时,在叙利亚的科巴尼镇,库尔德武装力量正在激烈战斗,以避免被这些圣战分子赶出该镇。土耳其外交部发言人坦#8226;比尔吉奇(Tanju Bilgi#231;)表示:“对于这个问题,我们已非常明确地表达了我们的立场。土耳其外交部长梅夫吕特#8226;恰武什奥卢(Mevlüt #199;avu#351;o#287;lu)和能源部长塔内尔#8226;耶尔德兹(Taner Y#305;ld#305;z)都曾反复重申,土耳其并未购买过(ISIS的)石油。”“我们希望我们的盟国应分享他们获得的情报,而不是公开指责土耳其。土耳其一直在坚决打击石油走私,去年曾没收800万升走私石油。”伊拉克库尔德官员也对这种说法予以强烈否认。库尔德斯坦地区政府(KRG)议员埃塞#8226;萨比Eizzat Sabir)表示:“我们从来没听到过有关(政府)曾参与此事的指控。KRG从未从任何人手里购买石油——我们是出售石油的。我们每天会生产大约15万桶石油,我们提炼的石油更多。”他补充说,曾有报道称有士兵帮助中间人将汽油销往ISIS控制的地区。他说:“目前,有两名士兵因此事被捕,此案正在调查之中。”到目前为止,科恩的说法差不多是官方对ISIS经济实力的公开评估中最具细节的一个。也从一个方面表明了ISIS的务实程度,他们用十分实用的方式扩充其拥有的资源,提升其影响力,并为其野蛮的狂热行为保驾护航。来 /201410/338099 重庆市星辰医院做整形的费用重庆星辰医院的评价




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