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His great hope was for a settling,他最大的愿望是一个长久的规划but the truth was that the protector himself was anything但实际上 除了为国家指明未来的方向之外but settled his mind about the direction he should take the country.作为护国公 他已经无所不能了Should Britain be righteous or reasonable?不列颠应该主持道义 还是遵循理性It was a civil war he fought over and over again in his own head.这个难题一直在他脑中萦绕Squire Cromwell could see the virtues of a reasonable state of affairs.护国公克伦威尔 能看到遵循理性治国的好处Given a breathing space, the old world of counties was coming ever so cautiously back to life.如果给予任何喘息的机会 旧有体制 就会得以慢慢复苏Magistrates were sitting at courts,gentlemen riding to hounds,地方官会端坐于法庭之上 绅士们会外出猎狐狸war-damaged houses being repaired,children being married off,被战争摧毁的宅邸得以重建 孩子们迎来嫁娶friends and neighbours asked to dinner.朋友和邻居们被邀来共进晚餐And not least when some of those gentlemen were elected to the Protectorate parliaments,而当这其中的乡绅们 被选入护国议会the old connections between Westminster and the counties,议会和各郡之间往日的联系the secret of English government,were, at last, being put back together.英国政府的旧制 都将重见天日But the righteous side of Cromwell fretted但是主持道义的克伦威尔却又担忧that this return to an older way of doing things was only too successful.这些旧有体制的复苏 太过顺利了It was not so much healing as backsliding.Royalism by the back door.比起重生 这更像是倒退 让复辟有抬头之势So in 1655,Cromwell turned his mastiffs loose.所以在1655年 克伦威尔使出了他的杀手锏 /201704/503271Im Bear Grylls.Im going to show you what takes to getting out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将向你展示如何 从世界上最危险的地带逃出生天Im gonna make it through wicked challenges.我将身涉险境 迎接恶劣的挑战In the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.在某些地方 如果你不具备正确的求生技能 你可能活不过一天Now, Im in North Africa,on the edge of the Sahara desert现在 我在非洲北部 撒哈拉大沙漠的边缘地带Ill be going deep under the ground to find a drop of water,为寻找宝贵的水源 我将深入地穴battling the sea of sand in the wild Atlantic.putting mind and body through the ultimate tests.Very...hot.在大西洋野外与这一片广袤的沙海作战 让身心经受极限的考验 非常...热Im gonna show you how to escape with your life,from the mother of all deserts.我会告诉你如何从世界上最广阔的沙漠中 活着走出来And its the west part of Sahara desert,is all just... largest desert in the world.我们现在位于撒哈拉大沙漠的西部 它是... 世界上最大的沙质荒漠Im the one whose way is crossing the far distances And is Atlantic.我的路线是远距离横向穿越它 抵达大西洋岸Its the hardest farthest,covers three and half million square miles.and its 3,000 miles to across.这段路程是最为艰险和漫长的 总面积达三百五十万平方英里 总路程为三千英里Its equivalent to mainland of America.这相当于横跨美国大陆Do you know what get stuck in the place like this?你知道在这样的地方会遇到什么麻烦吗But every year,hundreds of people do get lost here.Tourists, adventurers and offroaders.然而 每年有好几百人在此失踪 他们有旅游者 冒险家 还有越野爱好者If things go wrong,getting out alive is gonna be a tough challenge.一旦走错了路 想要活着走出去 将是一项艰巨的挑战I love a gentle drive in the countryside.我喜欢在乡下悠闲的兜兜风201611/477718You dont think that I can tell the difference?你认为我没发现吗?Ohhh, Oh uhh, Oh God, Oh, Oh God! Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohh噢天啊!噢我的老天啊!太棒了!太好了!噢!Ill have what shes having.无论她在吃什么,都给我来一份Why? Im doing hard!为什么?我很认真捏!By all means, move as a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me.动作越慢越好,你知道我很欣赏那样。Shut up, just shut up. You had me at hello.闭嘴,别再说了!我对你一见钟情。Oh! Come on!噢!得了吧!I see dead people. Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Wahoo!我看得见死人。谁都不应让Baby坐在角落。哇呜!No. I am your father. Thats impossible.不,我就是你父亲。太扯了吧!Yeah. I got tickets. High five.耶!我赢得门票了!击掌!201704/502127Most kids have no idea what their parents do at work.大多数小孩都不知道父母的工作是什么I didnt really understand what my father did,我以前也不知道我爹干嘛的I didnt really understand what my father did, until I was... Im not joking.我以前也不知道我爹干嘛的 直到我 我没开玩笑啊I think I was like thirty when I finally said, hey,我好像三十岁的时候 才想起来问What are you... what are you up to and why...嘿 你是 你的工作是什么 而且为什么What do you like, I know where you were what...whats going on there?你喜欢什么呢 我知道你在哪儿上班 在那儿做什么工作呢What do you and why youre in a suit?Does anyone...你做什么 为啥你穿着工作 你们跟我一样吗So, I thought it might be fun tonight to talk to some children所以我觉得今夜跟一些孩子们聊这个会很好玩So, I thought it might be fun tonight to talk to some children所以我觉得今夜跟一些孩子们聊这个会很好玩on our Hallowood boulevardbar which by the way顺便说一下 在我们好莱坞林荫大道这个地方is the best place to bring kids. You just...最适合带孩子了can drop them off in the morning and let them run around你早上把他们扔那儿 让他们自己玩until way after dark, Elmo and Spongebob will take care of them, so...天黑了再接回来 Elmo和Spongebob 会照顾他们 所以Anyway that migh be funny to ask kids what their parents jobs are,不管咋样 问一下孩子关于父母的工作 应该很好玩and we have some children lined about side right now we found kids on the street.我们在街上找了一些小孩 他们现在在那边排着队呢And lets go out there. And... Hi! What is your name?Anely Scarcia.让我们开始吧 嘿 你叫什么名字呢 安利·斯凯西娅Oh! Hello, How are you? Good. How old are you? Six.你还好吗 还不错哦 你几岁啦 六岁Six years old so youre in school. What are you going into the first grade? Yes, sir.所以你现在是一年级生吗 是呀OK, great. And when does the school start, soon? Yes.嗯 很好 学校什么时候开学啊 是不是快了 是的It does. Are you excited about that? Kind of...你激动不 有点吧Kind of, but it is. Its fun to have the summer, right? You do not have to do that kind of thing.有点 不过 有暑假还是很爽的对吧 你也不用上课Yes. OK. Now, did your Dad have a job? Yes.是的 好 你爸爸有工作吗 有OK. Thats good. That would be uncomfortable thing if the answer was no.嗯 很好 如果说没有那就不太和谐了What does Dad do for work?He is a truck driver.你爸爸是做什么工作的呢 他是货车司机Oh.OK. Well, thats very simple. What kind of things does he drive in his truck?噢 嗯 不是很难的工作 你爹货车里都装什么东西Well, he, he delivers stuff. OK, and what about your Mom? She is a nurse.额 他 他运货 好的 你妈妈呢 她是个护士She is a nurse at a hospital? No...Yeah? I dont quite get that.她在医院当护士吗 不是 嗯 这个我不是很清楚Whats that?I dont quite get that. You dont quite get that? She doesnt work at a hospital? No.什么 我不清楚 你不清楚 她不是在医院工作吗 不是Shes just a freelance nurse walking around on the streets bungeeing people? No No.No? Ok.那她是个自由护士 在街上走 然后给人们提供治疗吗 不是 不是 不是吗 那好吧Alright, lets check with, um, its your mom or dad. Im not sure whose arm that is.好 我们来检验一下 你旁边的是你妈妈或者爸爸 我不是很清楚那是谁的胳膊Oh, your mom. Are you a nurse? Yes, I am. And... Are you working at a hospital?No, I dont.啊 是你妈妈 你是个护士吗 是的 嗯 你在医院上班吗 不在Oh, you dont.Ok. Well, I was right. And your husband, is he a truck driver?Yes, he is.噢 不是 没错 你丈夫是货车司机吗 嗯是的Oh, how about that? Oh, very nicely.Im shocked by the way. I really am.怎么样 非常棒啊 我被惊到了 我真被惊到了I would love to know, by the way.顺便说一嘴 我想知道Id love to know what your son Benjy thinks you do for a living.你儿子Benjy觉得你是做什么工作的Because you stand next to me and I still havent figure it out.因为你站在我旁边 我都还没搞清楚It doesnt have more...Yeah, its no idea, yeah, alright.这个没有 嗯 不知道 好Lets see whos out there and next. Hi, whats your name? Bryce.让我们看看那边的孩子 看看下一个是谁 嘿 你叫什么呢 布莱斯These kids all look like they stepped out of a, a catalogue or something.这些孩子看上去都像是从目录里出来似的How old are you, Bryce?Six. Six years old, very good.I like your hat. Thank you.你多大了 布莱斯 六岁了 六岁了 很好 我喜欢你的帽子 谢谢你Hahaha... So, Bryce, what is your, um, Dad do for a living? Does he have a job?嘿哈哈哈哈 所以 布莱斯 你爸爸是做什么的 他有工作吗Uh...I dont know. You dont know? Ok, what about your Mom?额 我不知道啊 你不知道吗 那好 你妈妈呢Yes. What is her job? Uh...She, she does a karate Singer.这个我知道 她的工作是什么 额 她是空手道歌手What? Shes a karate person? Yes. Oh, wow. She teaches people karate?什么 她会空手道?是的 哇哦 她教别人空手道吗No, she uh...she... She, like...does this stuff in the front...不 她 额 她 她 在做类似前台这样的事情She what?She does this stuff in the front desk.她啥 她在前台工作Oh, she works at the front desk at the karate center. Hahah...噢 她在空手道中心做前台是吗 哈哈哈哈Is that your Mom there with you right now? Yes. Alright. Hi, how are you?Hi.你妈妈现在是在你旁边吗 是的 好的 你好吗 嘿And so he was correct you work at the front desk at a crowdy center?他说的是对的吗 你在一个人很多的中心做前台 是吗Yes, were on a karate studio and my husband, he teaches classes and I run the front office.是的 我们在一个空手道工作室工作 我丈夫他给学生上课 我在前台工作Oh, I see. Alright.噢 我明白了 好So, he probably never just goes in the back thats why he doesnt know what his Dads doing.Alright. Hahaha...所以 他可能是从来没有进去过 所以他不知道他爸爸的工作是什么 好 哈哈哈Alright, thank you guys. Thank you. Very well done. Thats pretty good. I have to say it.好的 谢谢你们 谢谢 非常好 我不得不说 做得不错Oh... Whos next? Hello, there. Whats your name? Shirleen.噢 下一个是谁 你好啊 你叫什么呢 舍琳Shirleen, wherere you from? Canada. Canada. Oh, thats like a whole of a country, isnt it?舍琳 你来自哪儿呢 加拿大 加拿大啊 噢 这好像是一整个国家 不是吗Yeah. Haha... Shirleen, does your Mom and Dad work? Yes.恩 哈哈哈 舍琳 你爸妈有工作吗 有What do they do for work? Whatre their jobs? My Dads an electrician.他们是做什么的呢 他们的工作是什么 我爸爸是个电工Ok, well ,and where does he put elec...he puts electrical wire in that sort of thing?噢 好的 那他把电 他是把电线放到某些东西里面是吗Yes.Yes? And your Mom? My Mom does community corrections.是的 是吗 那你妈妈呢 我妈妈在社区矫正处工作Well, get a prison? Kind of. Yeah, kind of! Haha...啊 在监狱里?算是吧 嗯 算是吧 哈哈哈How long has your Mom been in prison? Haha... Shes never been in prison. Oh? Shes never been.你妈妈在监狱里多久了 哈哈哈 她没坐过牢 嗯 她没有坐过吗Because just a minute ago, you said she works in prison, right?Yes, but she...一分钟之前 你说她在监狱里工作是吧 是啊 但是Alright. Ok, well, remember youre under oath here.This is the ed States. Haha...嗯 记住 头顶誓言 不能胡说 这里可是美利坚合众国 哈哈Alright, lets check in with your, I think that must be your Dad there. Hey, there. How are you doing?好的 我们来检查一下 我想那一定是你爸爸 嘿 你好So, your wifes in prison, uh? Well, off and on. Off and on, yeah?所以 你太太在监狱里是吗 额 时而在 时而不在吧 时而在 时而不在是吗And did she get both jobs correct?Uh, yeah. More or less.你闺女把你们俩的工作都说对了吗 额 差不太多吧Alright, very good. Ill see that the Canadians nowhere. Alright, thank you guys.好 很棒啊 我觉着加拿大人真是无处不在 好的 谢谢你们Alright, so, lets check in with one more.嗯 我们再来看最后一个孩子I think we have... Who do we have out there?我想我们有 那边还有谁呢We have one more, uh, ok...Hi, kids, youre brother and sister? Yes.我们还有一个 额 嘿 孩子们 你们是哥哥和吗 是的What are your names?Rocal and Ael.你们叫什么名字呢 罗卡尔和阿埃尔Alllright...And what do you, what did your Dad do for a work for a living?好的 嗯 你 你们觉得你们爸爸靠什么谋生呢Poop in his underwear. Haha... He does what? Hahah...在内衣里拉粑粑 哈哈 啥 他做啥 哈哈哈What is? Is that, is that your Dad? Whats he, uh...Is your Dad with you there?什么 那是你们的爹吗 他是 额 你们爸爸和你们在一起吗Oh, yeah, yeah, ok, yeah, that... Thats my boy. Johnny.噢 是 好 额 这才是我乖儿子 约翰尼He doesnt know how clothes he wore. He really is. Haha...他连衣都不会穿 他真不会 哈哈哈Dont believe my Dad. Dont believe him? Why? Does he make up stories? Yeah...不要相信我爸爸 不能相信他 为什么呢 他编故事是吗 是的And how often does he poop in those underwear?So much, every single day. Hahaha...那么他多久会在内衣里拉一次粑粑 特别多 每一天吧 哈哈哈Alright, well, thats Johnny Knoxvilke of course, and I really ...好的 那位当然是Jonny Knoxvilke 而且我真的Its a little bit lying on.(Whats up guys?)这多少有点撒谎了(怎么了)I am Jimmy Kimmel, if you like that, subscribe to our YouTube channel我是吉米·坎莫尔 如果你喜欢这个视频 请在YouTube上订阅我们to get all our latest s before they die and go to YouTube to have it.在视频被毙掉之前 赶紧去看吧 请去YouTube观赏201706/515940TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463936

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The dry lands in Namibia finding food is a much greater challenge,在纳米比亚的干旱地区 寻找食物是一项极大的挑战even for the legendary hunters the San Bushman. 甚至对传奇狩猎人布希曼族人来说 也不例外But the san knows the track trail of every animal that lives here.但是这些人知晓每一只 居于此地的动物的踪迹And theres one in particular that they arrived today.尤其是今天他们循迹而来的这一处Theyve tracked down a huge porcupine and theyre trying to dig it out from its burrow.他们追踪到一只大豪猪 正试着把它从洞里给挖出来This guy in the burrow down there,having a machinery to try to get the porcupine, its somewhere under here.下面洞里面这个伙计 拿着把铁锹想挖到那只豪猪 它就在底下某处Theres quite a big listen, you konw.Its taken eight hours to dig this deep,a huge man effort to catch just one meal.传来很大的声音 你听 把坑挖到这么深 用了八个小时 为一顿大餐 人真是不遗余力But thats a reallity of life as a hunt getherer.Lets have look at that.Its ugly.Lets see if we can see it.但是对狩猎者来说 这也是生存之道 来瞧瞧它 真丑 瞧瞧能不能看到它Weve yet to see how big it actually is,but one thing I do konw is that the corner animal is dangerous.还看不到它到底有多大 但是有一件事我是知道的 那就是角落里的这只家伙 很是危险I got it.Weve got some of these spikes.But its time to finish this and its left to me to get this thing out of its hole and killed.我来 我们搞到了 这么些跟豪猪刺 现在万事具备 只欠我把它从洞里揪出来 杀掉Its brutal,but for the san when it comes to survival,theres no room for sentiment.很残酷 但是一旦涉及生存 桑人心中 容不得怜悯If they dont kill,they dont eat.Water food in shelter are the key elements to survival,but self-help means moving,and moving means risk.胜者为王 败者为寇 庇荫里的水生食物是生存的关键 自救 意味着前行 前行意味着冒险201605/444880

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