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重庆星辰皮肤是私人的吗重庆星宸医学地址哪里?Im so pissed off/pissed. 我很生气piss someone off让某人生气。例句:He pisses me off.他让我很生气。People who cant keep a promise piss me off.言而无信的人让我特别生气。Youd better leave her alone.Her wallet was stolen.Shes so pissed off.你最好别理她。她的钱包被偷了。现在正在气头上呢。背景音乐:Its only a paper moon.更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201701/487666重庆中医院属于几级 52.Visit Doctor我要看医生Useful Expressions常用语句1.She has aly spent a lot of money.她已经花了很多钱。2.We saw that movie yesterday.我们昨天看了那部电影。3.I dont talk to the teacher.我没有和老师说话。4.I didnt know what to do.我不知道怎样办。5.I said to myself.我对我自己说。6.Ive never been to a doctor here.我在这儿从未看过医生。7.You know,Im very lucky.你知道,我很幸运。8.I havent been sick much.我不常生病的。9.I dont get sick easily.我不易生病的。10.I had to wait a long time in the waiting room.我必须在候诊室等候很久。11.The doctor was very busy with a lot of patients.医生非常忙碌地为很多病人看病。12.He asked a lot of questions.他问了很多问题。13.He said I had the flu.他说我得了流行性感冒。14.He gave me a shot and said to go to bed for a few days.他给我打了针,并吩咐我躺着休息几天。15.He gave me a prescription.他开给我一张药方。16.I took some medicine and went to bed at once.我了药就上床休息。17.The next morning,I aly felt better.第二天早上,我已好多了。18.You should see your doctor right away.你应该马上去看你的医生。19.I dont like to feel sick.我不喜欢生病。20.I cant do anything then.那样我什么都不能做。21.I just want to sleep.我只想睡觉。22.Please tell me your name and address.请把你的姓名和地址告诉我好吗?23.He is examining the patients now.他现在正在检查病人。24.The train for Chicago has aly left.去芝加哥的火车已经开了。25.The train for Detroit hasnt left yet.去底特律的火车尚未开出。26.We have aly listened to the old tapes.旧的录音带我们已经听过了。27.I dont like this weather.我不喜欢这种天气。28.Shes feeling better now.她现在感觉好多了。29.Her headache is worse.她头痛得很厉害。30.A big celebration will take place here soon.这里很快就要举行一个盛大的庆祝活动。31.The taxi should be here in a minute.出租车应该很快就到。32.Take a look at the clock,and tell me the time.看一下时钟,告诉我几点钟。33.What are you looking for?你在找什么?34.If youll go to the movies with me,Ill pick you up at 7:00.如果你要和我去看电影,我就7点来接你。35.He has a bad cold and a sore throat.他患了重感冒,而且喉咙发炎。36.I havent felt very well today.我今天感到不舒。Practical Conversation实用会话Q:Have you called the taxi,John?约翰,你叫了出租车没有?A:Yes,I have.It should be here in a minute.Put on your coat and hat.Then well be y.是的,我叫了,它很快就来,穿上你的外套,戴上帽子,那我们准备好了。Q:Here he is now.他来了。A:Good,Ill take the bags.You go ahead and get in.很好,我来拿行李,你先去上车。Q:Hurry,John.Its 6:25,and the train leaves at 6:35.约翰,快一点,现在是6点25分,火车6点35分开。A:Im hurrying.But your watch is fast.I have 6:20.我正在赶,但是你的手表快了,我的才6点20分。Q:No,its 6:25.Look at the station clock.不,是6时25分,看看车站的钟。A:Oh,yes,I guess youre right.Well I just have to pick up our tickets.Then we can get on the train.Ill get them and meet you right here.啊,是的,我想你是对的,我去拿车票,然后我们在这里碰面上车。Q:What are you looking for?你在找什么?A:Im looking for my key,but I cant find it.我正在找我的钥匙,但是找不到。Q:Are you y?你准备好了吗?A:Were y to go to New York.我们准备去纽约。Q:Where did it take place?在哪儿发生的呢?A:It took place right here.就在这儿发生的。Q:Where are John and Mary going?约翰和玛丽要去哪儿?A:They are going to New York.他们正要去纽约。Q:Where did he put the bags?他把行李放在哪里?A:He put them into a taxi.他把行李放在出租车内。Q:Where did they go?他们去哪里?A:They went to the station.他们去火车站。Q:Was it a bus station?那是公共汽车站吗?A:It was a train station.它是火车站。Q:Do you think Im right?你认为我对?A:Yes,I guess youre right.是的,我想你是对的。Q:Do you suppose its true?你想它是真的吗?A:Yes,I guess its true.是的,我想是真的。Q:Where does the train leave from?这火车从何处开出的?A:It leaves from gate 29.它是从29号门开出的。Q:Are you y to relax?你准备轻松一下吗?A:Yes,were y to take a break.是的,我们准备休息一下。Q:Did you always study at night?你经常在晚上读书吗?A:Yes,I studied every night.是的,我每天晚上都读书。Q:Did your friends frequently visit you?你的朋友时常来拜访你吗?A:Yes,they often visited us.是的,他们经常来看我们。Q:Did they usually eat in a cafeteria?他们常在自助餐馆吃饭吗?A:Yes,they frequently ate there.是的,他们常在那儿吃饭。Q:When did they frequently take a trip?他们常在什么时候旅行?A:They often went in the summer months.他们常在夏天月份去旅行。Q:Are you feeling better?你觉得好点吗?A:I still have a bad cold and a headache.我一直患有重感冒和头痛。Q:How are you getting along?你好吗?A:Fine now,thanks,just fine.现在还好,谢谢,还好。 /201503/361060重庆市星辰医学美容医院周末上班吗

重庆星辰医院整形怎么样Language PointsMy phones dead. My phone died.bad/poor receptionIve got bad reception here.Im losing youdata,Im out of data.MB读作megs,GB读作gigs,I have 5 per month.My phone keeps dropping calls.no signalIve got no signal/reception .China XX 3G service is spotty. /201511/405891重庆市星宸医学美容医院整形美容价格 Feifei doubts Robs claim that theyre getting a big pay rise but Rob uses a phrase that means he has written proof. Learn this new phrase — and discover if he has actually used it properly!菲菲对罗布说他们会大幅加薪一事表示怀疑,但是罗布用了一个短语表示他有书面据。请学习这个新短语,确定罗布是否恰当地使用了这个短语!Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me Feifei...菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目,我是菲菲……Rob: ...and me Rob. Hello. So Feifei have you heard the news?罗布:……还有我,罗布。菲菲,你听说那个消息了吗?Feifei: The news? What news?菲菲:消息?什么消息?Rob: Were all going to get a big pay rise!罗布:我们要大幅加薪了!Feifei: A pay rise? But Rob are you sure? I havent heard anyone else talk about it.菲菲:加薪?罗布,你确定吗?我从来没听任何人说过这件事。Rob: Yes, yes, Im sure. Look at this leaflet here... it says it there in black and white.罗布:当然,我当然确定。看看这里的这个册子,上面有书面据。Feifei: In black and white? But its in colour — look, it says ten per cent in red letters.菲菲:用黑和白写的?可是是有颜色的啊,看,上面用红字写着10%。Rob: I dont mean its printed in black and white — if someone says its in black and white they mean its official — its been printed or written down — so there is no dispute!罗布:我不是说用黑白打印出来的,如果有人说in black and white,意思是有正式的书面据,不存在争议。Feifei: So youre saying its not gossip — its true?菲菲:你是说这不是传言,而是真的?Rob: Yes, yes — I have proof of the pay rise on this piece of paper here.罗布:对,没错,这里这张纸上有据表明我们要涨薪了。Feifei: OK, well let me it while we hear some more examples of this phrase...菲菲:好,我来看一下,这段时间我们来听下这个短语的例句……Examples例句I have it here in black and white — Ive got the job!我有书面据明,我找到工作了!Im not going to start celebrating until Ive seen the deal in black and white.在我看到书面协议以前我是不会庆祝的。We didnt believe the banks offer of a loan until we saw it in black and white.在我们见到书面明以前,我们不相信提供了贷款。Feifei: So, when something is in black and white it is clearly written down so it is believed to be true. But why in black and white and not in red and blue for example?菲菲:所以something is in black and white指这件事清楚地写下来,是真的。但是为什么要用黑白,而不用红蓝呢?Rob: Well, it comes from the early days of printing when news and information was printed in black ink on white paper. Once something was printed it was official.罗布:这个短语是早期形成的,当时消息和信息都用黑色墨水和白色纸张印刷。一旦某件事印刷出来了,那就明这是正式的消息了。Feifei: OK — but hold on Rob — Ive this leaflet and it doesnt say were getting a 10% pay rise — it just says we deserve a 10% pay rise — so no pay rise for us Rob.菲菲:好,不过等一下,罗布,我看过这个册子了,可是上面并没有说我们要涨薪10%,上面说我们值得10%的涨薪,所以罗布,实际上我们不会涨薪。Rob: What? Are you sure?罗布:什么?你确定吗?Feifei: Yes — look, it says it there — at the top — in black and white!菲菲:确定,你看,最上面这里有书面据!Rob: Oh I didnt see that.罗布:哦,我没看到那个。Feifei: It just shows you — even if something is in black and white — you need to be able to it first!菲菲:这说明,即使有些事是用白纸黑字印出来的,你也要先看一看!Rob: Bye Bye!罗布:再见!Feifei: Bye!菲菲:再见! 译文属 /201506/379895重庆市星辰美容整形美容的收费标准

重庆星辰美容咨询 Lesson 11. 篮球,骄兵必败第十一课 篮球,骄兵必败starter先发球员six man第六号球员He is our six man.他是我们的第六号球员。 /201705/506428重庆星辰整形医院整形手术费多少钱重庆星宸医学美容医院大概需要多少钱



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