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大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 597  Tell Mommy I Love Her  John had been on the road visiting clients three weeks. He couldnt wait to get back to his wife and kids. It was coming up on Mother day, and he usually tried to make it ;back home;, but this year he was too tired. When he drove by a flower shop, he said to himself, ;I know what Ill do. Ill send Mom roses.;  He went into the shop and saw a boy talking to the clerk. ;How many roses can I get six dollars, maam?; the clerk was trying to explain that roses were expensive. Maybe the boy would be happy with carnations.  ;No, I have to have roses.; He said. ;Mom was sick so much last year and I didnt get to spend much time with her. It has to be roses, because that her favorite.;  Something inside of John was touched by the boy voice. He silently mouthed to the clerk that he would pay the boy roses.  The clerk looked at the boy and said, ;Okay, I will give you a dozen roses your six dollars.; The boy almost jumped into the air. He took the flowers and ran out. It was worth the extra thirty-five dollars just to see this kind of excitement.  John ordered his own flowers and had the clerk to be sure that delivery would include a note telling his mother how much he loved her. As he drove away from the shop, he was feeling good. He caught a light about two blocks from the shop. As he waited, he saw the boy with the roses entering a cemetery.  The light changed, and John slowly crossed the intersection. He pulled over and on an impulse got out and began to follow the boy. The boy stopped by a small monument and went to his knees. He laid the roses on the grave and began to sob. John stared at the little boy trembling body and listened to his crying.  Then John heard the boy cry, ;Oh, Mommy, why didnt I tell you how much I love you. Why didnt I tell you one more time? Jesus, please, find my Mommy. Tell my Mommy I love her.;  John turned, tears in his eyes. He drove quickly to the florist and told her he would take the flowers personally. He wanted to tell his mother one more time just how much he loved her. 1800Lessons from a dandelion蒲公英I recall as a young child bringing bouquets of brilliant yellow flowers to my mother.我想起了孩提时代我把几束鲜艳的黄色花朵送给妈妈的事It didnt matter that the stems felt sticky or that both my parents cursed the presence of these flowers in the lawn.我记得那些花的华茎很黏,我爸妈当时都在埋怨草坪里怎么会长出这些花,但我都没在意,I thought they were beautiful!因为我觉得这些花非常美丽And there were so many of them!而且这美丽的花是那么多!We spent hours picking the flowers and then popping the blossoms off with a snap of our fingers.那天我们花了几个小时拔这些蒲公英,然后再用手把花给掐掉But the supply of dandelions never ran out.不过,草坪里一直都没少了蒲公英,My father or brothers would chop off all the heads with the lawn mower at least once a week,but that didnt stop these hardy wonders.要么爸爸,要么我的兄弟们至少每星期都会用除草机割蒲公英,但那根本不能阻止这些坚强的小生命继续生长And those flowers that escaped the honor of being hand-delivered to my mother or the sharp blades of the lawn mower,there was another level of existence.而那些无缘被拔掉送到我妈妈那里或是被除草机锋利的刀锋割掉的蒲公英却以另外一种生命高度存活了下来The soft, round puffs of a dandelion gone to seed caused endless giggles and squeals of delight as we unwittingly sp this flower across the yard.蒲公英那柔软的圆圆的蓬松的绒球里结满了种子,逗得我们不停地又喊又笑,我们无意中把这种花儿播撒到了整个院子里As I worked in my garden last week, pulling unwanted weeds out of the space that would become a haven tomatoes, corn, peas and sunflowers,I again marveled at the flower that some call a weed.上周,当我在花园里拔杂草,给西红柿,玉米,豌豆和向日葵腾地方的时候,我又惊奇地发现了这个有人称之为杂草的花And I thought, If only I had the staying power of a dandelion.我心里想:要是我能有蒲公英这样的生命力该多好啊If only I could stretch my roots so deep and straight that something tugging on my stem couldnt separate me completely from the source that feeds me life.如果我能像蒲公英一样深深地,直直地扎根该多好,那样即便有人用力拽我的茎也不能完全把我和培育我生命的大地分离If only I could come back to face the world with a bright, sunshiny face after someone has run me over with a lawnmower or worse,purposely attacked me in an attempt to destroy me.如果有锄草机在我身上碾过或是更糟糕些—有人意图彻底摧毁我,而我却能像蒲公英一样依然微笑着面对这个世界,那该有多好If only my foliage was a nutritious source of vitamins that help others grow.如果我的叶子是营养源,富含维他命,可以帮助他人成长该有多好If only I could sp love and encouragement as freely and fully as this flower sps seeds of itself.如果,我能像蒲公英自行传播种子一样传播我对他人的爱和鼓舞又该多好The lawns at my parents home are now beautiful green blankets.现在,我爸妈的草坪是一片美丽的绿色,The only patches of color come from well-placed, well-controlled flowerbeds.颜色不同的地方就是那些精心培育的花床了Chemicals have managed to kill what human persistence couldnt.那些人们怎么除都没除掉的东西已经被化学药物除掉了I hope you and I can be different.但愿你我能与此不同I hope that we can stretch our roots deep enough that the strongest poison cant reach our souls.但愿我们的根能伸到即便是最猛烈的毒药也触及不到的地方I hope that we can overcome the poisons of anger, fear, hate, criticism and competitiveness.但愿我们能抵抗得住愤怒,憎恶,批判还有攀比这些毒物I hope that we can see flowers in a world that sees weeds.但愿,我们能在一个看到种子的世界里看到那美丽的花朵 351American Black Bears美国黑熊American black bears appear in a variety of colors despite their name. In th eastern part of their range, most of these bears have shiny black fur, but in the west they grow brown, red, or even yellow coats. To the north, the black bear is actually gray or white in color. Even in the same litter, both brown and black furred bears may be born.美国黑熊虽然被叫做黑熊但却有各种各样的颜色在它们生活区域的东部,大部分黑熊长有富有光泽的黑毛,但在西部,他们则长着棕色、红色甚至是黄色的毛在北部,黑熊其实长着灰色或白色的毛就是在一胎所生的小熊中,都可能混杂棕毛和黑毛Black bears are the smallest of all American bears, ranging in length from five to six feet, weighing from three hundred to five hundred pounds. Their eyes and ears are small and their eyesight and hearing are not as good as their sense of smell. Like all bears, the black bear is timid, clumsy, and rarely dangerous, but if attacked, most can climb trees and cover ground at great speeds. When angry or frightened, it is a midable enemy.黑熊是所有美洲熊中最小的,5—6英尺长,300—500磅重它们的眼睛和耳朵都很小,他们的视力和听觉不如嗅觉那样好像所有的熊一样,黑熊胆小,笨拙,很少具有危险性但如果受到攻击,大部分黑熊会以很快的速度爬上树和奔跑当发怒或受惊吓时,黑熊会成为可怕的对手Black bears feed on leaves, herbs, roots, fruit, berries, insects, fish, and even larger animals. One of the most interesting characteristics of bears, including the black bear, is their winter sleep. Unlike squirrels, woodchucks, and many other woodland animals, bears do not actually hibernate. Although the bear does not eat during the winter months, sustaining itself from body fat, its temperature remains alomost normal, and it breathes regularly four or five times per minute.黑熊以树叶、草、树根、水果、浆果、昆虫、鱼,甚至更大的动物为食熊类,包括黑熊的最有趣的一个特点是它们的冬眠与松鼠、旱獭和其他别的林地动物不同,熊并不真正地冬眠虽然熊在冬天的几个月中不吃东西,靠体内脂肪维持生命,但它们的体温保持正常,并有规律地一分钟呼吸或5次Most black bears live alone, except during mating season. They prefer to live in caves, hollow logs, or dense thickets. A litter of one to four cubs is born in January or February after a gestation period of six to nine months, and they remain with their mother until they are fully grown or about one and a half years old. Black bears can live as long as thirty years in the wild, and even longer in game preserves set aside them.随交配季节外,大多数黑熊独自生活它们喜欢住在洞里、空心的大木头里或茂密的树丛里经过6到9个月的怀期后一胎1—个小熊在1月或月出生它们同母熊住在一起,直到它们完全长大,即1岁半左右黑熊在野外可以活到长达30年,在专门的保护区中甚至能活得更长你正打算去某处吗?这个语言小点心对你很有用!1. If you hit the road, what do you do?a) start a very long car journeyb) have a traffic accidentc) leave somewhere to go somewhere else. Who recorded the famous song, 'Hit The Road Jack'?3. Why does Nina have to hit the road herself now? 79981

ui~lWn[mV%jv77su|jJ1HSN%oq)NTxaPQ^ITq|V[T,kU^Donna loved her husband. Her husband loved Donna. They were in love with each other. She wanted to give him a birthday present. He was going to be 0 years old next week. She wondered what to give him. Should shegive him a watch? Should she give him a sweater? Should she give him a new guitar? What should she give him? She asked him what he wanted his birthday. He said he didn’t want anything his birthday. “Oh,you must want something!” she said. “You’re right,” he said. “I want your love ever.”D.s-ejP5rH[WzmICEHcnSC3O+Z#Hl3]nlidHIJ]GpMKDV1tOB_ 37863

There nothing I enjoy more than spending a couple of hours relaxing at a cafe.没什么比我在咖啡厅花几个小时放松享受还惬意的事情了I sit drinking my tea and ing. What could be better?我闲坐着品品茶,读读书还有什么比这更好的?Woman:So I think I may have to see a doctor soon.女:所以我觉得自己很快就要去看医生了You know Ive had these terrible pains in my stomach.你知道我的胃一直承受剧烈疼痛My digestion is terrible and now I think I might have an ulcer!我的消化系统十分糟糕,现在我觉得自己可能得了溃疡!Well, I was having a relaxing time until I started overhearing the woman at the next table talking loudly on her cell phone.嗯,本来是我放松休闲的时光,现在却听到邻桌的一位女性对着手机大吼大叫Woman:No, I dont think it could be lactose intolerance.女:不,我觉得不是乳糖不耐症的表现My bowels are working fine.我的肠子可是一直没问题I dont have the runs or feel constipated.我可没经常跑厕所或感到便秘I just get a really upset stomach and these terrible pains.我只是真的胃痛,而这些痛苦令我痛不欲生This was definitely not a conversation I wanted to listen to.这可绝不是我想听到的对话I looked around another table, somewhere I could escape to.我环视四周寻找另一张空桌子,找寻着我可以逃避的地方Woman:Yes, I do feel some heartburn and bloating.女:是的,我的胃确实感觉有些灼热和肿胀Do you really think it could be acid reflux?你真觉得这是胃酸倒流吗?I do have a problem with too much gas and burping a lot.我的确是感觉有太多的气并且经常打嗝Will an antacid help, do you think?中和酸会有助于我的病症,你觉得呢?By this time, I was in panic mode.此时,我已经进入了极度恐慌模式If I didnt get away from this woman soon, Id surely be sick to my stomach!如果我不摆脱这个女人,我自己的胃肯定会生病! 86

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