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Li Si awakens in Ying Zheng a realization that real power is his. He just needs the courage and the vision to use it. And over the next decade, he will do just that.In the ten years since he came to the throne in 247 , King Ying Zheng has strengthened his power through war. He fights for his life, and for a dream--to forge a new nation, China. Many great kings have tried before him, and all have failed. But this time will be different, because Ying Zheng is different. The youngest king to lead his nation into war, he is its greatest warrior. A visionary leader, burning with ambition, if anyone can unify China, it is him.Ancient China is made up of seven warring states. Six of the seven have been weakened by endless warfare, while one continues to grow at their expense--the state of Chin.Well, you've won.In its campaign against the state of Zhao, the Chin army takes over 10,000 prisoners. The rules of war are explicit. Prisoners must be cared for.And the day is yours, and this is yours.However, looking after captives would slow down his campaign.You want to know what to do with that?07/77948Chelsea Clinton marries in US "royal wedding"Bill and Hillary Clinton's only daughter has married her long-time boyfriend in the picturesque New York village of Rhinebeck in what was dubbed America's royal wedding.Chelsea Clinton -- the only child of the former US president and the US secretary of state -- wed Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday at Astor Courts, an historic 50-acre (20-hectare) estate about 100 miles north of New York City."Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed in a beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts, surrounded by family and their close friends," Bill and Hillary Clinton said in a statement."We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together, and we are so happy to welcome Marc into our family," the statement said.Photos showed the bride and groom walking down a broad outdoor aisle between rows of guests. Chelsea wore a strapless white gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt with platinum-colored beading at the waist and a long white veil.The groom wore a simple black tuxedo going down the aisle and in a photo with the Clinton family, and a white prayer shawl and yarmulke in separate photos with Chelsea under a flowering tree and amid wedding guests.In the one photo in which she appeared, Hillary Clinton wore a magenta gown. Bill Clinton, who is pictured walking Chelsea down the aisle, wore a simple black tux with a white boutonniere in his lapel.Apart from the parents of the bride, the only other high profile guests seen in Rhinebeck were Bill Clinton's former secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen and fashion designer Vera Wang.Also spotted was real estate scion and movie producer billionaire Steve Bing.Chelsea Clinton, 30, and Mezvinsky, 32, have known each other since they were teenagers. He is an investment banker, whose parents Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky and Edward Mezvinsky were once Democratic US House of Representatives members.Vocabulary:strapless: without a strap or straps(无肩带的,无吊带的)bodice: the part of a woman's dress covering the body between the neck or shoulders and the waist(连衣裙上身,紧身胸衣)go down the aisle: 结婚prayer shawl: Judaism, a tallith(犹太教徒的祷告巾)yarmulke: a skullcap worn, esp. during prayer and religious study, by Jewish males, esp. those adhering to Orthodox or Conservative tradition(犹太男子的圆顶小帽,无檐便帽)boutonniere: a flower or small bouquet worn, usually by a man, in the buttonhole of a lapel(纽扣眼上插的花)scion: a descendant, heir, or young member of a family(尤指名门望族的子弟)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110450Dear Annie: When my son was 14, he was friends with "Tim," a boy who drank and did drugs at a young age and who once stole his father's car and took my son joyriding around the neighborhood. I didn't want our son hanging out with Tim after that, but my husband thought the boy should be forgiven and gave our son permission to keep seeing him. 当我儿子14岁的时候,他和一个叫Tim的男孩成了朋友,那是个年纪轻轻就喝酒,吸毒的小子,曾经偷他爸爸的车,带我的儿子去附近兜风。那件事发生以后,我就不想让我的儿子和Tim在一起了,但是我丈夫认为Tim应该得到原谅,并向儿子承诺可以让他继续见Tim。That was four years ago. Tim, now 17, continued breaking the law and is currently serving time in a juvenile facility for various felony convictions. He will be getting out in a couple of months. I do not want him on my property or hanging out with my son (who does not use the best judgment when he is around Tim), but my husband still believes Tim should be forgiven. Please help. 那是4年前的事了,现在Tim已经17岁了,他不断犯法,因为犯下各种重罪目前在少年监狱关押。我不想让他再带着我儿子鬼混了,他和Tim在一起就不会正确判断。但是我丈夫仍然相信可以原谅Tim。请帮帮我。 — Distraught and Worried ——烦恼又担忧的一位母亲——————————————Dear Distraught and Worried: 你好,烦恼又担忧的母亲You can forgive Tim without letting him be an influence on your son. Inform your husband that forgiveness doesn't mean disregarding another's safety. It means you let go of your anger toward the person. 如果Tim没有给你儿子带来坏的影响,你可以原谅他。告诉你的丈夫原谅并不意味着不顾别人的安全。那意味着将你的脾气撒到别人身上。It is important to discuss your concerns with your son. Calmly explain why you think spending time with Tim is not in his best interests. Tell him you have confidence in his maturity and trust him. Beyond that, have faith that you have raised him right.和你的儿子一起讨论你的关心是很重要的。平静地解释为什么和Tim呆在一起并不是最好的。告诉你的儿子你相信他的成熟,并信任他。还有,你也相信自己正确地教导了他。【生词注释】joyriding n.开车兜风to hang out with 跟…在一起;与…为伍permission n.允许;许可to break the law 犯法juvenile facility 少年辅导中心;少年监狱felony n.重罪property n.所有物;不动产distraught adj.心烦意乱的;发狂的to disregard v.不顾;忽视maturity n.成熟;完成distraught a.烦扰的201110/156766

Crunch Time For Football Finances Despite Kaka's proposed pound;100m move to Manchester City, many football clubs are struggling in the economic conditions. Ian Dovaston has been to two very different clubs to see how they're coping. This is Pierre resistor, this is first real Madrid chair, war against. I am trying to confront it, but. . . John Ryan proves a life time fascination with football. I have a passion for my hometown Dovaston. I said that I would do it when I was 20. So you know. That was a calling for me really. But if it was a business decision I would torture? you with batch poll. He's dragged his club from conference to championship pouring in perhaps 5 million pounds of his own money. It is a familiar story, but never more pertinent. Part from Saman city, I think the cold wind recession is reaching every club. Doncaster Rover is debt free, thanks largely to Ryan, but too many aren't. And the banks are wanting their money back. In the next few months, you will see, you might see some big casualties, I mean, who knows. But can morals go both. You know, in 1998 business. Who knows. These are treacherous times for football clubs. When Doncaster Rover emerged from M league, its wage bill was 800 , 000 pounds. Now just over 4 years later, it is 5 million pounds, or almost 60% of the clubs' turnover. As for so many others, the challenge for Doncaster and their chairman John Ryan is for the club to sustain itself financially. Here at Queen's Park ranges they have not just one, but three very wealthy individuals on board, but it seems suspiciously prudent. Edman Betty represents those wealthy men, Flobia Victory, Berly Achostood and Lachely Mitown, each of whom has significant sums in recent months. So far even they have spent less than 2 million pounds on 5 players in the transfer window. As I travel with the team for three months and speak to a lot of different clubs boards is that all of them are affected. And they are probably, you know, have less appetite to spend that they would did 12 or 18 months in some cases. And they have no appetite at all. C* have premier ambitions. But they are pledged to be building patiently. Football it would seem in general slowly coming around to that view. When the January transfer window began in 2003, 33 million pounds were spent in the premier league alone. Four years later, that spending hit doubled. But just one year later in 2008, that figure had almost tripled again to 175 million pounds. Unless Manchester city get that man, the figure this year is expected to be down. But the QPR the believes old habits die hard. We may see a year or two, you know, maybe less spending. But I think eventually it will go back to the times when money is paid for quality. That's something that's always happened in football. Back to Doncaster, however, John Ryan believes recession could prove to be football saver. In a strange way, it might bring it back to reality. There are some problems with football. It lives in this fantasy world. Manchester city's Large Ace created perhaps a dangerous illusion. Football has hit lean times. No question. In Dovaston, Sky News. NOTES:transfer window 在“转会市场”中可以选择合适的球员并签约到自己的球队中。QPR Queens Park Rangers. 女王公园巡游者02/61635

Microsoft hiring Seinfeld ... what's the deal? The software giant taps the TV legend as part of a campaign to remake its image after repeated attacks by Apple. CN's Julia Boorstin reports. I will, you know, those ads that portray what’s about the Mac versus the PC, and more basically, makes the Mac look pretty old-school and boring and stogy. Microsoft has decided they are not going to take it anymore, launching their own major ad campaign with a mega- comedy star to help spruce up its image. Julia Boorstin has the details. Hi, Julia.Hi, Erin. Well, Microsoft is investing three hundred million dollars in the new campaign for Windows to remake its image as a consumer- friendly brand, hiring one of the most loved TV personnel these past few decades, Jerry Seinfeld, paying him reportedly 10 million dollars to appear along with Bill Gates in an ads that are to launch September 4th, aiming to reposition the Windows brand, to include Microsoft’s mobile and online consumer products, following on recent initiatives to reverse the negative perception of its latest operating system, Windows Vista, which has been under attack. This is a good sign I think, I think these campaigns, you know, especially given the size of how much money Microsoft will be spending, you know, I really hope that, you know, if it will help them do, you know, you know, sp their message across about their brand.Their brand which has been under attack from Apple whose ads secure Microsoft’s image as its Apple’s products gain market share, sales in Mac computers growing 41% in the second quarter, compared to just 15% growth in the overall PC market. Well, echo on another analyst say reversing Microsoft’s brand perception is a crucial first step in this competitive environment, others say an image makeover, it’s far from enough. We don’t believe that Seinfeld can save Microsoft, we don’t think that advertising is enough for itself, no matter who you get is going to be able to engage consumers to agree that they need it, and a big name is just a big dam. Sources tell me this marketing campaign is part of a broader initiative. Not just to change the perception of Windows, but also to change the way consumers actually interact, with Microsoft and Windows brand products. So Erin we’ll have to see if this big name is big enough to jump-start a full body makeover. 200811/56263A guide to goodness良品导购Values for money价廉物良Want to know if a product is virtuous? Therersquo;s an app for that想知道一个产品是否货真价实?有个软件能帮你Someone spilled hypocrisy on aisle five有人在5号货架的走道上洒了虚伪产品AS HE applied sunscreen to his young daughterrsquo;s face, Dara Orsquo;Rourke, a professor of environmental and labour policy at the University of California, Berkeley, found himself wondering if the lotion was safe. He realised there was no ily available answer. The result;two years, a team of chemists, lots of testing and a chunk of venture capital later;is GoodGuide.com. Launched in 2008, this is a website and smart phone app that rates 140,000 consumer products (currently only in America) according to their safety, environmental sustainability and the ethics of the firms that make them. Now GoodGuide has created a new ;purchase analyser; app designed to inform consumers not just about the values embedded in products, but also about whether they are the virtuous shoppers they say they want to be.当加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校的环境与劳工政策教授多拉bull;欧罗克往他年幼的女儿脸上抹防晒霜时,他发现自己在怀疑这种防晒霜是否安全。他意识到这个问题没有现成的。历时两年,一批化学家进行了大量的测试及后期风险投资,成果是建立了指南网(GoodGuide.com)。这个成立于2008年的网站有配套的智能手机软件,它根据安全性、环境可持续性及生产厂商的道德操守对十四万种消费品(目前仅限于在美国的产品)进行了评估。现在,指南网已开发了一个新的;购物分析家;软件,此软件不仅旨在告诉消费者产品的内在价值,也旨在告诉消费者他们是不是自己所说的希望成为的良心购物者。Using the new app requires selecting a series of characteristics, which can range from whether the user favours organic products to buying only from firms with a good human-rights record. (It also rates how competitively things are priced, via a partnership with Price Grabber.) The consumer then scans the bar code on a product with the camera in their smartphone. The app identifies it and checks in a database to score how it shapes up.使用这个新软件需要对一系列特性进行选择,这些特性涵盖了从用户是否喜欢有机产品到只从人权记录良好的公司购买产品等方面。(通过与Price Grabber合作,指南网还能评估产品的定价有多少竞争力。)然后,消费者用其智能手机中的摄像头扫描产品上的条形码。软件识别条形码并在数据库中进行检索,从而为产品评分。Much therefore depends on the quality of the data, which GoodGuide gathers from various sources, including government reports and scientific studies, and research by its own staff. If the product scores badly, the app will recommend an alternative item which is rated more highly. The app also tracks a consumerrsquo;s purchases to see how well they fit with their selected values, giving a sort of personal virtue (or hypocrisy) rating.因此,评分结果在很大程度上取决于数据的质量,这些数据是指南网从各处搜集而来的,来源包括政府报告、科学研究及其员工所作的调查。如果产品得分很低,软件就会推荐另一种得分更高的替代产品。软件还会追踪消费者的购物记录,看看他们的购物行为在多大程度上符合自身赞同的购物观,然后给出一种个人的购物美德度(或虚伪度)等级。So far, GoodGuide has mostly been used by shoppers who are aly keen to know about any issues connected with products they buy. They are mothers concerned about a childrsquo;s health, older people facing a chronic illness or supporters of a cause, such as animal rights. The hope behind the app is that the idea of finding out about a productrsquo;s background will become mainstream.到目前为止,使用指南网的大都是这样的购物者:他们已热衷于了解任何关于其购买的商品的问题。他们是关心子女健康的母亲、身患慢性疾病的老年人和某项事业(如维护动物权利)的持者。这个软件背后的期望是:;查清一种产品的背景信息这个理念;会变成主流。Consumers rarely change their buying habits, even when confronted with scientific and other data, says Mr Orsquo;Rourke. So he has drawn on insights from behavioural economics, which show shoppers can be greatly influenced by peer pressure and by information passed on to them by people they know. The app tries to take advantage of these pressures. The virtue rating will inform a consumer how well they are doing according to the values which they espouse. That measurement gives an incentive to do better. Soon, the rating will be able to be shared with others on social-media sites such as Facebook, which could inspire (or pressurise) a shopper to consume more thoughtfully. It might even, believes Mr Orsquo;Rourke, turn being a good shopper into an online game.欧罗克先生说,即使面对科学数据和其他数据,消费者都几乎不会改变他们的购物习惯。于是他利用了行为经济学的观点来开发这个软件。这些观点表明,同辈压力及购物者认识的人传递给他们的信息都能对购物者产生很大的影响。这个软件尝试利用这些压力。购物美德度评估会根据购物者所赞成的购物观来告知他们其购物表现如何。这种评估会促使购物者改善其购物行为。很快,人们就能够在如脸谱网(Facebook)的社交媒介中与别人分享这种评估,这将鼓励(或施压)购物者更加理性地消费。欧罗克先生认为,这个软件可能甚至会将;做一个优秀的购物者;变为线上游戏。hypocrisy n.伪善lotion n.化妆水embedded adj.植入的database n.数据库chronic adj.慢性的, 习惯性的confront v.遭遇201111/162129以下视频中,11对同性爱侣上周末在美国华盛顿州举行集体婚礼,数周前该州通过了同性婚姻法。201003/99595

A new program to reduce hospital infections with relatively simple and inexpensive quality control measures is saving lives, according to a new study.研究显示,采取一些比较简单和低成本的医疗质量控制措施,就可以减少感染的发生,挽救生命。Hospitals can be dangerous places. We go there to get well, but sometimes people get sicker or even die because of infections they contract in the hospital.医院也可能是个危险的地方。我们去医院是为了治病,但是有时会因为在医院遭受感染而病情加重,甚至死亡。Johns Hopkins University Medical School professor Peter Pronovost pioneered the use of hospital checklists to reduce infections. 约翰霍普金斯大学医学院教授彼得·普罗诺沃斯特率先使用医院工作检查清单,以减少感染率。He and his colleagues started with a list of about 90 recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "and we elected to say, well, I can't do 90 things as a practicing [doctor]. Let me cull it out and pick the five most important things on that guideline and make sure we do those."他和同事们从美国疾病控制和预防中心的大约90项建议开始做起。普罗诺沃斯特说:“有些医生会说,作为一名执业医生,我不可能做所有这90件事。 那我就把它们一一去掉,精选出5件最重要的,而且确保要把它们做好。”They focused their program on reducing infections in the central line, the tube inserted by needle into a patient’s vein to deliver medications and for other purposes. Central lines are a common source of serious infection in hospital intensive care units. 他们将降低感染率的重点放在中央线上,也就是为病人做静脉注射所使用的针管。中央线是加护病房里发生严重感染的常见源头。201102/125992Cameron Diaz ranked most dangerous Web celeb: studyShe may be known for her playful giggles and killer looks, but now movie star Cameron Diaz has become the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet.Diaz, 37, is top of the list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online, above second-placed Julia Roberts, according to computer security company McAfee, Inc. Last year's most dangerous Web celebrity, Jessica Biel, fell to third.One in ten websites featuring the "Knight and Day" star contain malicious software intended to infect computers and steal data from users, according to research released on Thursday by McAfee.Creators of malicious software use celebrities as lures, baiting fans and followers to click on and download seemingly innocuous content containing programs designed to steal passwords and other private information for profit, said Dave Marcus, director of security research at McAfee Labs."They know that people want to have screensavers of popular individuals. They follow hot topics on the Web and create their poisonous content accordingly," Marcus said."This relates to a larger trend of using social engineering lures. A lot of times a cyber criminal will mine Twitter, or follow Google Trends, to poison those links. It's very clear they will use news trends to lure," he said.Supermodel Gisele Bundchen came in at fourth, followed by Brad Pitt, one of only two men to be listed in the top ten."Brad Pitt is historically one of the most dangerous celebrities to search on," said Marcus. "He's always up there."Former Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima came in sixth, followed by Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Nicole Kidman, who tied for seventh. Tom Cruise ranked eighth, and Heidi Klum and Penelope Cruz tied for ninth. Anna Paquin, the star of TV hit "True Blood", rounded out the top ten.This is the fourth time McAfee published the annual list of dangerous individuals.Vocabulary:innocuous: not harmful or dangerous(无害的;无危险的)screensaver: 屏幕保护程序mine: to place mines below the surface of an area(布雷于)这里是比喻用法round out: 完成背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111899One study found that people who smoke pipes or cigars are more likely than non-smokers to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. People with the disease have trouble breathing. Finally, if yoursquo;re not aly convinced, pipes and cigars can be just as addictive as cigarettes. After all, yoursquo;re still smoking tobacco laced with nicotine. And even if you donrsquo;t inhale deeply, the nicotine still seeps into your bloodstream through the lining of the mouth. So bottom line, smoking tobacco is bad for youndash;period. Just because pipes and cigars may seem urbane, therersquo;s nothing harmless about them.一项研究发现,抽烟斗或抽雪茄的人比不吸烟者更容易患上慢性阻塞性肺病。得病的人会有呼吸困难。最后,如果上面这些还不能说你,抽烟斗或抽雪茄和抽烟一样会让人上瘾。毕竟,你还在吸含有尼古丁成分的烟草。即使你不深吸气,尼古丁仍然通过口腔进入你的血液中。因此,结果是吸烟对你有害;;就是这么回事。不会因为抽烟斗或抽雪茄看上去彬彬有礼,就明那是无害的。165576

Turbines with one or two blades are actually even more efficient. But because theyrsquo;re also lighter and tend to spin faster, theyrsquo;re also noisier. These designs also require a special tilting hub that acts as a sort of shock absorber, which is expensive. On the other hand, having more than three blades raises other problems. For one thing, the extra material needed to build the blades raises the cost. And the more blades there are, the lighter and thinner they need to be. Relatively thin blades are more flexible, making them prone to bend and break. Three-bladed turbines arenrsquo;t perfect, but they avoid many of these problems. Theyrsquo;re powerful enough without being overly expensive. And theyrsquo;re less noisy than their two bladed cousins.带一个或两个叶片的涡轮机实际上更有效率。但是因为这样重量较轻,旋转速度更快,噪音也就更大。设计还需要一个特殊的作为一种减震器的倾斜轮轴,它很贵。另一方面,如果叶片超过三个也会引发其他问题。一方面,建造更多的叶片需要更多的材料,这提高了成本。而且叶片,叶片就要更轻,更薄。很薄的叶片也更灵活,但容易弯曲和断裂。三个叶片的涡轮机并不完美,但会避免这些问题。他们造价不高,但是功率足够了。而且两个叶片的涡轮机噪音小。164514American veterans美国退役士兵A hard homecoming归途漫漫Budget battles and a stagnant economy greet Americarsquo;s soldiers as they return from Iraq and Afghanistan美国士兵从战火纷飞的伊拉克和阿富汗回到家乡后,迎接他们的是对预算案的争吵和停滞不前的经济BRETT QUINZON did two tours in Iraq before leaving active duty in May. Originally from Minnesota, Mr Quinzon now lives in Thomaston, a small town around 65 miles south of Atlanta. A grey December morning found him filling out forms in Atlantarsquo;s large veteransrsquo; hospital, seeking treatment for depression. Since returning from Iraq, he says he has ;more anger issues;, and finds himself ;more watchful and on-guard in public situations; than he was before he deployed. That is not unusual: many soldiers return from the battlefield with psychological scars. Between January and May, as he prepared to leave active duty, Mr Quinzon applied for hundreds of jobs. The search proved difficult: like many veterans, he enlisted right after high-school, and lacks a college degree. But persistence paid off. He is now an apprentice at a heating and air-conditioning company, and is being trained as a heavy-equipment operator.布雷特.昆士昂在今年5月退役前,曾先后两次赴伊作战。现在,他从老家明尼苏达搬到了离亚特兰大南部65公里的小镇托马斯顿居住。本月中的一天早晨,天空阴沉灰暗,有人在亚特兰大一家大型退伍士兵医院中看到了昆士昂的身影。当时他正在填写表格,因心理抑郁前来寻求治疗。从硝烟弥漫的伊拉克回到美国后,他觉得自己变得;容易暴躁;,并发现在公共场合中,变得警惕,拘谨得多。出现这样的问题并不意外,许多从战场上归来的退役士兵心理上都有阴影。今年1月到5月,在昆士昂准备退役期间,曾寄出了数百封求职信。像许多退伍老兵一样,他高中一毕业就参军入伍,没有大学文凭。所以对他而言,求职的过程显得艰难异常,但不懈的坚持终于换来了回报。现在,他正在一家冷热设备制造公司实习,岗位是重型机械操作员。Not all recent veterans are so lucky. Around 800,000 veterans are jobless, 1.4m live below the poverty line, and one in every three homeless adult men in America is a veteran. Though the overall unemployment rate among Americarsquo;s 21m veterans in November (7.4%) was lower than the national rate (8.6%), for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan it was 11.1%. And for veterans between the ages of 18 and 24, it was a staggering 37.9%, up from 30.4% just a month earlier.不是所有最近退役的士兵都像昆士昂那样幸运,能找到份工作。目前在美国,大约八十万退伍兵处于失业状态;生活在贫困线以下的退役士兵有一百四十万人;每三个成年无家可归者中就有一个是退伍兵。在十一月的调查中发现,在美国两千一百万退伍兵里,总失业率为7.4%。这一比例确实要比全国失业率的8.6%要低。但从伊拉克和阿富汗战场上回到国内的退役士兵,失业率却为11.1%。而年龄在18到24岁的退役士兵,失业率已从10月的30.4%激增到11月的37.9%。If demography is indeed destiny, perhaps this figure should not be surprising. More soldiers are male than female, and the male jobless rate exceeds womenrsquo;s. Since so many soldiers lack a college degree, the fact that the recession has been particularly hard on the less educated hits veterans disproportionately. Large numbers of young veterans work;or worked;in stricken industries such as manufacturing and construction. Whatever the cause, this bleak trend is occurring as the last American troops leave Iraq at the end of this year, and as more than 1m new veterans are expected to join the civilian labour force over the next four years.如果说年龄结构决定失业率高低的话,大概下面的数字应该不会让人惊奇。男性士兵的人数要大于女性士兵的人数。理所当然,男性退伍士兵的失业率也要比女性退伍士兵高。因为许多士兵并未获得过大学文凭,事实上,经济衰退对受教育程度较差的士兵打击非常大。很大一部分年轻的退伍士兵,现在或曾经在受到了严重的冲击的领域,如制造业和建筑业中工作。无论原因为何,受教育越少,在经济衰退中受打击越大,这一形势将伴随着最后一批美国参战士兵在今年年底离开伊拉克,回到美国。未来四年间,将有超过一百万的新退伍士兵将涌入民政劳动力市场。And of course it is also occurring in fiscally straitened times, though it looks as though this will affect veteransrsquo; services less than other parts of the federal government. Though there have been some small fee increases for veterans covered by Tricare, the military health-insurance programme, significant cuts to veteransrsquo; benefits are unlikely, and for good reason. Military pay is far from generous, and the benefits are comprehensive but hardly gold-plated or easy to navigate. Not for nothing is a popular online forum for veterans wending their way through the bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) called HadIt.com.尽管看上去预算紧缺对联邦政府其它项目的影响要大于对退役士兵所享务的影响,但随着大量劳动力的涌入,伴随而来的还有预算紧张。虽然对于加入军队健康保险计划Tricare的退役士兵来,付费用有小幅上调,但大幅削减退伍士兵的待遇是不可能的。说起来军队待遇远说不上慷慨,各种津贴林林总总,但数额都不大,得到也绝非易事。为津贴是一个热门在线论坛,帮助退役士兵如何在退伍士兵事务部(简称VA)办理各项事宜。该网站叫HadIt.com(受够了.com)不是没有原因的。166309Liverpool and China利物浦与中国Here comes the yuan人民币驾到A city’s bid to revive its fortunes through the local and the global利物浦努力通过本地特色和全球投资重振其经济Sep 3rd 2011 | LIVERPOOL | from the print edition AT THE new Museum of Liverpool (above), a sleek limestone affair of Danish design, the city’s Chinese community, which began with an influx of sailors at the start of the 19th century, gets an exhibit to itself. The emphasis seems a little odd, until you consider the city’s regeneration strategy, which rests on a characteristically 21st-century mix of the local and the global. The aim is to use Liverpool’s storied past to attract investment from around the world—and from China in particular.在一座丹麦风格的优美石灰石建筑——新建的利物浦物馆里(上图),城市的华人社区开了一个展览会。利物浦的华人社区兴起于19世纪初期大量中国水手涌入城市之时。如此强调这件事,似乎有些奇怪,除非你仔细考虑过城市的复兴策略。利物浦的复兴策略的基础是一个典型的21世纪本地特色与全球投资的混合体。这个策略的目的在于:利用利物浦赫赫有名的历史吸引来自世界各地的投资,尤其是中国。Liverpool has been through tough times. Once an imperial entrepocirc;t, the city built its wealth on the exchange of slaves, cotton and commodities. But the end of empire, the rise of air travel and the advent of shipping containers slashed maritime employment after the 1960s. Manufacturing failed to compensate for the losses, even if a cultural efflorescence led by the Beatles accompanied the economic woes.利物浦曾经历艰难困苦的时期。从前,作为帝国的贸易中心,利物浦通过交换奴隶、棉布和日用品创造财富。但是在19世纪60年代之后,大英帝国的衰落、航空交通的兴起和集装箱船的出现这种种因素使航海业的员工被大幅裁员。即使披头士在经济萧条下引起了一场文化繁荣,制造业仍无法弥补这种损失。Many problems persist. A city that held 856,000 people in 1931 now houses just over half that number. In the suburb of Anfield, home to Liverpool Football Club, an aborted regeneration scheme has bequeathed row after blighted row of boarded-up houses; gardens are overgrown with weeds and poppies sprout on street corners. The proportion of people on state benefits is twice the national average, as is the proportion of Liverpudlians who lack formal qualifications. Health is poor and life expectancy is low. Only two-thirds of residents work—41% of them in the public sector, which puts the city at especial risk in an era of government austerity.很多问题继续存在。一个在1931年人口为85万6千的城市,如今的居住人数却只有那时的一半多一点。利物浦足球俱乐部的所在地安菲尔德郊区曾实行过一个复兴策略,但最终流产,遗留下来的是一排又一排门窗被木板钉住的房屋,景象一派衰颓;住宅的花园里野草丛生,街头角落处罂粟疯长。安菲尔德郊区领取政府救济的人数比例两倍于全国平均水平,利物浦没有正式文凭的市民比例也是如此。健康状况相当不堪,平均寿命也不高。只有三分之二的居民有工作——其中41%在政府部门上班,在政府采取紧缩财政措施的年代里,这种情形会使城市的处境特别危险。201109/152524

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