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Nigerian officials say all 153 people on board a Nigerian passenger aircraft flight were killed when the plane crashed into a building in Lagos.尼日利亚官方称,在拉各斯撞上建筑物失事的尼日利亚客运飞机上的153名乘客全部遇难。President Goodluck Jonathan has declared three days of official mourning for the victims and ordered a thorough investigation into the disaster.尼日利亚总统古德勒克·乔纳森宣布接下来三天为全国哀悼日,并下令对事故进行彻底的调查。Officials from Nigerias Civil Aviation Authority say the Dana Airlines flight was traveling Sunday from Abuja to Lagos when it crashed into a two-story building in a densely populated residential area, setting other buildings on fire.尼日利亚民用航空的官员称,这架属于德纳航空公司的班机周日从尼日利亚首都阿布贾飞往拉各斯,在即将抵达拉各斯机场时它撞上了人口密集区的一栋二层建筑,并使周边的建筑都燃起大火。Everyone on board the plane was killed. It is unclear if anyone on the ground was killed.机上乘客全部遇难,地面人员的伤亡情况尚不清楚。Dana Airlines is a domestic air carrier that operates a fleet of Boeing MD-83 aircraft for the hour-long flight from Abuja to Lagos.德纳航空公司是一家尼日利亚国内的航空公司,它营运从首都阿布贾飞往拉各斯的约一小时的航线,主要机型为波音MD-83型客机。来 /201206/185528

Police, Customs and wildlife officers from Asia, Africa and the ed States have announced the successful completion of an international enforcement operation aimed at cracking down on organized wildlife crime syndicates.来自亚洲、非洲和联合国的警察、海关人员和野生动物保护机构官员宣布,完成了一项打击有组织猎杀野生动物罪行集团的国际执法行动。A press release Monday said the operation, code-named ;Cobra,; which ran between January 6 and February 5, was the first international effort of its kind to focus on the sharing of investigation information and enforcement efforts towards curtailing rampant wildlife crime.星期一发布的报告说,这项代号为“眼镜蛇”的行动号开始,2号结束,这是国际社会首次将重点集中于交流调查信息以及为遏制猖獗的猎杀野生动物罪行而采取执法行动。The announcement said the operation yielded hundreds of arrests, seizures of assorted wildlife specimens from several endangered species, and arms and ammunition from poachers.报告说,在这次行动中逮捕了数百人,缴获了几种濒危物种的各类标本以及偷猎者的武器弹药。来 /201302/226082Putting Packages in Place放置行李Sorry, stewardess. Where shall I put my bags?请问,乘务员,我把我的包放哪里呢?You can place the smaller one in the overhead bin and put the bigger one under the seat in front of you.你可以把小包放到头顶上的行李架里,将大箱子放到您前方的座位下Thank you very much.非常感谢Please make sure to fasten your seat belt. We are to take off.务必确保系好安全带飞机就要起飞了 667

A: Hello, there. How can I help?您好我如何为您效劳?B: Hello. I,m hoping to buy some Treasury Certificates today.Are they available?你好我今天想买些国债这里有国債卖吗?A: Certainly, Visible Treasury Certificates. Then you can get a receipt from the savings office as proof of payment. Hence the ;visiWe;,you can see it.当然有,是凭式国债买了之后,您可以从储蓄所得到一份国债收 款凭,所谓;凭式;,就是您可以看得见它B: Ah, right. How much do I need to spend?啊,对呀我可以买多少钱的?A: The minimum is 0 RMB, and the maximum is 500,000 RMB.最少可以买0元,而最多可以买500000元B: How about Bearer Certificates? Are they different?无记名式国债是怎么回事?它们有什么不同吗?A: Yes, they are different because they are printed by the Ministry of Finance in set amounts. Just 0 RMB, 500 RMB and 1,000 RMB, you cannot choose from many amounts, you see.是的,它们是不同的,因为无记名式的国債是由财政部印刷的,是固 定的面额只有0元、500元和00元面额的,没有其他面值可 选,您明白了吧At Travel Agency在旅行社Good moming,May I help you?早上好,我可以帮您吗?Wed like to take a tour to Florence.我们要去佛罗伦萨That a beautiful city. When do you want to go there?那是个非常漂亮的城市,你们什么时候去?We have got a weeksvocation and we plan to leave on Thursday.我们有两周的假期,打算周四就去Then please have a look at the table. There are so many plans.那就请过来看看这张表吧,这里有很多的方案可供选择 8Charging 收付款S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key Sentences四. 付款方式C: The mode of payment is acceptable to us.付款方式可以接受C1: We usually do business in dollars.我们通常用美元来做生意C: What are your terms of payment?贵公司的付条件是什么?C3: We dont have enough money now.我们现在没有足够的钱C: We will accept your payment terms.我们接受你们的付条件C5: We will agree to your payment terms.我们接受你们的付条件C6: Please select your choice of payment.请您选择喜欢的付方式C7: Wed like to offer you payment by LC.我们提议以信用方式付款C: Will you tell me your terms of trading?您能告诉我你们交易的条件吗?C9: Send me the invoice and Ill pay it.把发货清单寄给我,这样我将付款C30: You give me the money and Ill give you the goods.一手交钱,一手交货C31: As regards payment, we agree to use RMB.至于付款,我们同意用人民币C3: We cant accept your offer on these terms.如果是这样的条件的话,我们很难接受C33: Could you send a copy of the terms of payment?能否寄一份付条件的复印件?C: Could you tell me what your terms of payment are?您能告诉我贵公司的付条件是什么?C35: No C. O. D. (Collect on Delivery)我们不接受货到收款C36: We agree to your request payment against documents upon arrival of the goods.我们同意你们提出的货到付款交货的要求C37: Excuse me, but Ive no cash on me. Can I pay by cheque?对不起,我身边没带现金,能不能用票付?C38: As we are now in want of cash, we cannot accept payment by cash basis.由于我们现在缺乏现金,所以不能接受现金付款的条件C39: I have only US dollars cash. May I pay the rest by traveler checks?我只有美元现金,其余的我可以用旅行票付款吗?C0: When do I have to open the LC if I want the goods to be delivered in August?如果我想你们8月份交货,我们需要在什么时候开立信用呢?

U.S. President Barack Obama is calling for a strengthened missile defense system in order to counter the threat of North Korea, which defied U.N. sanctions by conducting its third nuclear test.美国总统奥巴马敦促加强导弹防御系统,以应对来自朝鲜的威胁。朝鲜无视联合国的制裁决议,进行了第三次核试验。Speaking Tuesday at the annual State of the Union address, President Obama vowed to take ;firm action; in response to the test.奥巴马星期二发表年度国情咨文演讲时,誓言将针对朝鲜核试验采取“坚决的行动”。Mr. Obamas speech came just hours after the U.N. Security Council unanimously condemned the underground nuclear test, calling it a ;grave violation; of previous international sanctions against North Koreas weapons program.在奥巴马发表演讲的几小时前,联合国安全理事会一致谴责朝鲜进行地下核试验,并说这一举动“严重违反”了先前国际社会针对朝鲜武器项目的制裁规定。来 /201302/225054Dialogues (1)对话(1)A:(to a nurse)Excuse me,where do I go to register?请问,在哪儿挂号?B:Go straight on and then turn right.Youll see a window there.往前走,然后向右拐,你会看到那边有一个窗口A:Thank you very much.谢谢.B:You are welcome.不客气.A: (to a nurse)Excuse me,where do I go to register?请问,在哪儿挂号?B:Go straight on and then turn right.Youll see a window there.往前走,然后向右拐,你会看到那边有一个窗口.A:Thank you very much.谢谢B:You are welcome.不客气.

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