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Chinese parents care about their babiesamp;#x7; names, so much so that some of them would go as far as giving their babies a four or five or even six character names just to make sure their names are unique and stand out.Yet still, some given names are still widely used around China.Do Chinese people prefer certain given names? 3687大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为What weather do mice and rats fear?老鼠害怕什么天气? 下面给大家揭晓:When it’s raining cats and dogs.下倾盆大雨的时候下猫下了老鼠当然害怕了~ 词汇讲解:fear 担心;害怕fear作动词用,其后一般接不定式或动名词或者that从句,如fear to offend her或者fear offending her或者I fear that I may offend her;普遍日常用语中,用be afraid比fear更常见,而fear后加lest从句更加不常见We were afraid (that) he might fail.We feared lest he should fail.第一句比第二句通俗得多 rain cats and dogs下倾盆大雨I was about to leave, when it began to rain cats and dogs.我正要离开这时候下起了倾盆大雨 下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:When does a doctor get angry?医生什么时候会生气?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 1Reading Good Books阅读好书Devote some of your leisure, I repeat, to cultivating a love of ing good books. tunate indeed are those who contrive to make themselves genuine book-lovers. book-lovers have some noteworthy advantages over other people. They need never know lonely hours so long as they have books around them, and the better the books the more delightful the company. From good books, moreover, they draw much besides entertainment. They gain mental food such as few companions can supply. Even while resting from their labors they are, through the books they , equipping themselves to perm those labors more efficiently. This albeit they may not be deliberately ing to improve their mind. All unconsciously the ideas they derive from the printed pages are stored up, to be worked over by the imagination their future profit.我再说一遍,把你的一部分空闲时光用来培养阅读好书的爱好吧那些设法把自己培养成为真正爱好读书的人,确实是幸运的因为爱读书的人比之别人有着明显的好处只要手头有书,他们就从来不知寂寞书越好,读来越是津津有味他们从好书中不但得到乐趣,而且受到很多教益他们从中获得的那种精神食粮,从其他地方是很难得到的即使是在工作休息时,通过读书,他们的工作效率也能更加提高,尽管他们未必有意识地想到读书是为了提高才智在全然不知不觉中,他们从书中吸取的知识积累起来,经过想想象力的加工,对将来大有用处 38

讲解Today’s key word is MistletoeMistletoe 榭寄生Mistletoe is a plant(植物) with pale berries(浆果) that grows on the branches(树枝) of some trees. Mistletoe is used in Britain and the ed States as a Christmas decoration(装饰), and people often kiss under it.Here is a lovely example:He used the mistletoe as an excuse to kiss her.他用槲寄生枝条为借口吻了她.大家或多或少都听过关于榭寄生mistletoe的故事圣诞节时,站在mistletoe下面,不论是不是男女朋友都要亲吻对方So why do we kiss under the mistletoe?There are different explanations(解释) 其中一个跟雷神的弟弟洛基有关As the story goes, Baldur, the son of the god Odin was prophesied(预言) to die one day. 听到自己的儿子被预言死亡,他的母亲,the goddess of love, Frigg, went to all the animals and plants to secure an oath(誓言) that they would not harm him. 她让所有自然中的动物和植物都发誓不伤害自己的儿子却忽略了谦虚低调的榭寄生mistletoe.于是,Loki就用mistletoe做了一箭,并用这箭伤了Baldur.(Baldur和雷神,洛基是兄弟)后来,有记载道Baldur并没有向预言中一样死去他复活之后,Frigg then declared(宣布) mistletoe a symbol(标志) of love and vowed to plant a kiss on all those who passed beneath(下面) it.这就是我们为什么要在榭寄生下接吻的原因之一古代欧洲人们相信mistletoe有着神秘的力量,能帮助人们开启一段浪漫又有活力的事情最后就演变成在神奇的槲寄生下接吻的习俗The kissing tradition appears to have first caught on among servants(仆人) in England bee sping to the middle classes. 腐国人民又做了件好事As part of the early custom, men were allowed to steal a kiss from any woman caught standing under the mistletoe, and refusing was viewed as bad luck.So 男童鞋们,如果你喜欢的女孩恰巧站在Mistletoe下面,她可能是在等你吻她哦Girls, 如果一直不敢吻心仪的男生,把他带到mistletoe下面吧不过,记得先给他听这期节目哦,不然,他可能站在底下也不知道该干什么嘻嘻 Don’t get to tell us your story about your standing under the mistletoe.Wish all of you find your true love and merry Christmas. 53950

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