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The English We Speak是英国B电台为英语学习者量身打造的一档英语学习节目本期节目中,两位主持人被坑了一会爹,让我们跟随录音看看是怎么一回事儿William: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I'm William.Yang Li: And I'm Yang Li.William: You look very pleased today Li.Yang Li: Well, I should be. I've just won a prize!William: Wow, great! What did you win?Yang Li: I don't know yet. I ate this bar of chocolate and it told me to phone a number to find out my prize.William: Oh wow, cool. Let's call them.Yang Li: OK.Welcome to the Choccy Choc Chocolate prize hotline. Please hold to find what amazing prize you've won.Yang Li: Wow, this is exciting!Welcome to the Choccy Choc Chocolate prize hotline. Please hold to find what amazing prize you've won.William: Hmmm.Welcome to the Choccy Choc Chocolate prize hotline. Please hold to find what amazing prize you've won.Yang Li: It can't be long now...William: Li, can I see that chocolate wrapper?Yang Li: OK. What does it say?William: It says "Calls to this line are charged at a minute"!Yang Li: What?! No way! Well, shall we hang up?William: I should think so! What a swizz.Hangs upYang Li: A swizz?William: Yes, a swizz. A swizz is a scheme that tricks people to make money. Like this company is making you call an expensive phone line – it's a swizz.Yang Li: I see.William: We might say "What a swizz", or "That's a bit of a swizz".Yang Li: So, how do we spell this word, swizz?William: Well you know, I'm not too sure. I've seen it spelled S.W.I.Z.Z. but I've also seen S.W.I.Z.Yang Li: You mean you don't know how to spell it? But this is B Learning English! We should know how to spell it. What a swizz!William: Ha ha. Yeah, I'm sorry! But that's just the way English is sometimes, it's always changing! At least you know -Phone ringsYang Li: Oh! Hello?Choc Person: Hello, is that Yang Li?Yang Li: Yes.Choc Person: We have a missed call from you. Just ringing to say you've won a prize!Yang Li: Wow, what is it?Choc Person: You need to ring this number to find out. 00 3 …Yang Li: Ha! What a swizz. Bye.William: Bye. 赏析: 听完这段录音,才发现,原来这种坑爹的电话骗局也不仅仅是中国的特色,英国同样有而且用的是同样的伎俩,用一行一般人不会注意到的小字标明“拨打此电话英镑每分钟”主持人把这种“设套骗人钱财的人”叫做“a swizz”比较有意思的是,录音中的骗子竟然还回拨了过来,还想多骗一次,不过我想,应该没人会连续上两次当吧 主持人已经记不清Swizz的拼写了,说也有可能是swiz, 因为英语是在不停变化的,就像这部分赏析中出现的“坑爹”,两年之前,在汉语中也是没有的,我认为我们应该学习与时俱进的、当下英美人正在使用的、不断更新的英语 记住,天生怎么会掉馅饼,没人会无缘无故送你人民币,当真碰到这种“好事”,也请多长个心眼,因为电话那头就有一个swizz在一边笑话你,一边数钱

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  A father took a gun into hospital to stop doctors taking his son off life support - and during the three-hour stand-off the young man squeezed his hand. The sign that he wasnt brain dead meant he was kept alive - and he is now recovering and doing well.据报道,一名父亲带进入医院,阻止医生拔掉儿子的生命维持仪器在经过三个小时的对峙之后,儿子轻轻地捏了捏这名父亲的手没有脑死亡的信号意味着儿子活了下来现在他正在康复,一切进展顺利His father, 59-year-old George Pickering II, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after marching into Tomball Regional Medical Center in Texas with a gun. His 7-year-old son, George III, had been declared brain dead after suffering a massive stroke in January.他的父亲--59岁的乔治·皮克林二世携进入了德州的一家名为汤尔的医院,之后被指控两项持致命武器恶意攻击他7岁的儿子乔治三世,因为在一月大面积脑中风,被医生宣布脑死亡After doctors declared there was no more hope him, they ordered a terminal wean - whereby life support is slowly withdrawn to end a life. Pickering ex-wife and other son had agreed to the move, and the young man had aly been placed on an organ donation register.在医院方面宣布已经没有希望之后,医生们要求家人们选择“最终放弃”,生命仪器也将慢慢拔掉以终结小乔治的生命皮克林的前妻和另一个儿子都同意了,并且小乔治还被安排了肝脏捐献But Pickering Sr told KPRC: They were moving too fast. The hospital, the nurses, the doctors. I knew if I had three or four hours that night that I would know whether George was brain-dead.但是皮克林却告诉KPRC:“医院方面、护士还有医生,他们的结论下得太快了我清楚,只要那晚再给我三四个小时,我就能知道儿子是否是脑死亡”During the three-hour standoff, Pickering threatened hospital staff. Pickering admitted to being drunk and aggressive but said it was only because he knew his son wasnt y to die. During the standoff, Pickering faith that his son had been misdiagnosed never wavered and after he finally got the response he wanted from his boy, he surrendered peacefully to authorities.在三个小时的对峙中,皮克林威胁了医院的员工他承认自己喝了酒,有些激进,但是他也表示,这只是因为他知道他的儿子还没有死在对峙中,皮克林对于儿子被误诊的这一信念从未动摇,而最终他也得到了他想要从儿子那里得到的回应最后,他平静地向警方缴械投降During that three hours, George squeezed my hand three or four times on command, he said. His son later came out of his coma and is now fully recovered. The charges against Pickering were eventually reduced and he was released earlier this month.“在那三个小时中,儿子在我的呼唤下捏了我的手三四次”皮克林说他的儿子之后从昏迷中苏醒,现在已经完全痊愈对皮克林的指控最后也减轻了,他已经于这个月早些时候被释放His son said: ;There was a law broken, but it was broken all the right reasons. Im here now because of it. It was love, it was love.;皮克林的儿子说:“爸爸虽然犯了法,但是完全是出于正确的原因我现在能站在这里是因为爱这就是爱,这就是爱” 07。


  第一句:What wrong?怎么了?A: Ladies and gentlemen, Im sorry to tell you that we have to wait a couple of minutes.女士们,先生们,很抱歉,我们不得不等一会儿B: What wrong?怎么了?A: Therere two people missing.有两个人不见了第二句:This seat is taken.这座有人了A: Im sorry, this seat is taken.很抱歉,这座有人了B: Sorry, I thought the number was not arranged.对不起,我以为座位号不是事先安排的A: That OK. I like sitting in the front.没关系我喜欢坐在前面知识延伸:旅行时难免和导游及其他游客产生误会,在询问应尽量使用礼貌用语有以下表达方式:I wonder if I could know the reason.我可以知道原因吗?May I ask why?我可以问为什么吗?

  Order Dishes点菜(1)A:Mr. Martin, you must be hungry after having visited the company long time. Do you?马丁先生,参观公司这么长时间您一定饿了吧,是吗?B:Yes, Im very hungry. And you?是的,我饿,你呢?A:Me too. Now let go to the lunch.我也是我们一起去吃午饭吧B:So, what are we going to eat?我们吃点什么?A:Youre the guest, so you can have anything you like. Here the .您是客人,您可以点您喜欢吃的东西这是菜单B:That very kind of you, but I am not able to Chinese, so youll have to help me.非常感谢,但是我不认识汉字,所以您必须得帮助我A:OK then. What would you like to drink?那么好吧您想喝点什么?B:Id like a glass of beer.我想喝杯咖啡A:How about Qingdao beer? It one of the most famous beers in China.青岛啤酒怎么样?它是中国最著名的啤酒之一了B:Oh, I have heard it long bee. Let me have a try.哦,我很久以前就听说过了让我试一试A:What would you like to have?您想吃点什么?B:I like Chinese food.我喜欢中国菜A:What food concretely?具体什么菜呢?B:Im not familiar to the name of the food. Im at your disposal.我对菜的名字不是很熟悉我听从你的安排A:OK. Let me order dishes. Are there any types of food you really dont like?好吧,我来点菜您有什么忌口的吗?B:Well, Im allergic to silkworm, so that definitely out. And Im not too keen on hot peppers or garlic.哦,我对蚕过敏,所以一定不要点我不太爱吃辣椒和大蒜A:Right, and which kinds of meat do you like?好的,那您喜欢吃什么肉?B:Anything is OK, just nothing too exotic!什么都可以,就是别太怪A:So, no chicken feet or silkworms you!那么就不给您点鸡爪和蚕蛹了!B:Ha! No, Id rather not, thank you very much!哈!是的,我宁愿不点,多谢!A:OK, how about we have a roast duck?好吧我们先来个烤鸭怎么样?B:That sounds fine.听起来不错A:And why dont we have some crispy fried pork as well?我们在来点儿锅爆肉吧?B:Why not?为什么不呢?A:Let me see... What else is there? Have you tried a Chinese salad bee?让我瞧瞧……再点些什么呢?您以前吃过中国色拉吗?B:I dont think so. What it like?我想没有,那是什么东西?A:Well, it a cold dish with lots of thin strips of dried tofu, Chinese vermicelli, bean sprouts and pork with a vinegar dressing.噢,那是用干豆腐丝、粉丝、豆芽和猪肉拌上醋做的凉菜B:It sounds interesting. Let have some.听起来很有趣,我们点一个吧A:Good. And would you like anything else?好的您还点儿其他的东西吗?B:No. That enough. In America our lunch is usually fast food. It wont last more than one hour.不,这些足够了在美国我们的午餐一般吃快餐通常不会超过一个小时A:But in China we have a saying ;business is concluded on the table;. But dont worry. Please make yourself comtable.但是在中国我们有一个说法是“生意是在饭桌上谈出来的”但是您别担心,请不要拘束B:Thank you.谢谢 193360A: So what brings you to my office today?B: My tooth is killing me!A: How long has your tooth been bothering you?B: It just started hurting me last night.A: Have you injured your tooth in any way?B: I think one of my fillings might be coming loose.A: Do you have a special kind of toothbrush that you like to use?B: I have an electric toothbrush.A: Does it bother you when you eat something really sweet?B: Oh yeah, when I do that, it hurts a lot more! 33

  Shocking footage of a South China fisherman butchering an endangered sea turtle weighing over 0 kilograms as locals clamored to snap up the meat has gone viral on social media.日前,中国南方一名渔民屠宰一只体重超过0公斤的濒危海龟、而当地人都在争相抢购海龟肉的一则令人触目惊心的视频在社交媒体上迅速传播开来The giant leatherback sea turtle was caught off the coast of Xuwen county in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, where fisherman sold off the flesh 70 yuan ($) a kilogram.这只巨大的棱皮龟是在广东省湛江市徐闻县的海边被捕获的,渔民将海龟肉以每斤70元(折合美元)的价格卖了出去Upon hearing news of the rare catch, a crowd soon swarmed to buy a piece of what is considered a regional delicacy.在听闻抓住一只罕见海龟的消息后,人群很快聚拢了过来并抢购龟肉,他们认为这是一种难得的美味The meat sold out in two hours. It was not yet reported whether wildlife authorities were inmed.海龟肉不到两小时就被抢购一空了目前还没有报道野生动物部门是否知情此事Leatherbacks are second-class State-protected animals in China, where experts say the species is at risk of extinction within years.棱皮龟是中国国家二级保护动物,专家们表示,这一物种有可能会在年内灭绝According to the Wild Animal Conservation Law, anyone who illegally catches or kills State-protected wildlife can be criminally prosecuted.根据《野生动物保护法,任何非法捕获或者杀死国家保护动物的人都可以被提起刑事诉讼 818



  5.Teufelsberg5.恶魔山This relic of the Cold War sits silently atop the highest peak in West Berlin. A listening station, it once kept an ear out all radio traffic coming in and out of the Soviet half of the city. The hill itself was built in 1963 with the rubble left behind after World War II. The site was originally a Nazi military training school, which the Allies tried in vain to demolish and instead decided to bury under 0 meters of debris and wrecked houses which later became known as Devil Mountain.在西柏林最高的恶魔山山顶上,静静地伫立着一个冷战的遗址那是一座监听站,它曾经被用来监听苏联控制的东柏林收发的所有无线电而恶魔山本身则是于1963年用二战后留下的断壁残垣堆成的这里原本是一座同盟国未能成功摧毁的纳粹军校,他们决定将其埋在0米高的房屋残骸与碎片下,故而后来这里又被称作恶魔山Today, this derelict, graffiti covered building has exchanged many hands since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Among its owners was David Lynch, who had plans to build a meditation university, but the municipality of Berlin scuttled the plan. Others planned to build a luxury hotel and restaurant as well as a spy museum, but chances are that nothing will happen anytime soon. That good news Cristopher McLarren, a mer Teufelsberg employee who organizing weekend tours spy enthusiasts.柏林墙倒塌后,这座涂鸦满壁的无主建筑已几经易手其中一位主人大卫·林奇曾计划将其改建为一所冥想学校,但这个计划被柏林市政当局阻止了也有人计划将其建成豪华旅馆、餐厅或间谍物馆,但在短期内这些都不太可能发生对于曾在恶魔山工作的克里斯托弗·麦克拉伦来说这是好事,因为他正组织面向间谍爱好者们的恶魔山周末游.Plymouth.普利茅斯Discovered by Christopher Columbus back in 93, the 0 square mile Caribbean island of Montserrat is actually growing with each passing day. This may come as good news given the size of this tiny speck of land, but it also the reason why the entire southern part of the island is abandoned.普利茅斯所在的蒙特塞拉特岛于93年被哥伦布首先发现这座位于加勒比海的0平方英里大的岛屿每天都在扩大对于一个弹丸之地来说这是好事,但这也正是整座岛的南部被遗弃的原因In 1995 and again in 1997, the once dormant Soufriere Hills volcano erupted and covered the city of Plymouth and the surrounding area in .6 feet of hot ash. Like the ancient city of Pompeii, most of Plymouth buildings, streets and cars are permanently locked into pyroclastic flows as hard as concrete. Luckily, most of the citizens were safely evacuated to the northern half of the island, but its tourist economy is literally in ashes, and with no hopes of revival in the near future given the state of the desolate land left behind.曾经沉寂的苏弗里埃尔火山在1995年和1997年两度喷发,为普利茅斯及其周边地区盖上了一层.6英尺厚(约1.米)的火山灰冷却的火山灰碎屑如混凝土般坚硬,将普利茅斯绝大多数的建筑、街道和车辆永远吞没,就像庞贝古城那样万幸的是,绝大多数市民安然无恙地被疏散到岛屿北部不过普利茅斯的旅游经济就真的灰飞烟灭了,火山爆发之后这里一片荒芜,短期内看不到任何复苏的迹象3.Chateau Miranda3.米兰达城堡A once beautiful castle built in southern Belgium near the French border, this Neo-Gothic chateau now lays in ruins. During the French Revolution the politically active Liedekerke-Beaut family had to leave their castle and move to a nearby farm to lay low and await the aftermath. Once everything was settled, they were y to start anew and began the construction of Chateau Miranda in 1866.米兰达城堡坐落于比利时南部,近法国边境这座新哥特风格的城堡曾经美丽动人,但现在已成一座废墟在法国大革命时期,活跃于政界的利德凯尔克-波弗特家族不得不离开自己的城堡,去一处附近的农场避避风头风波一平息,他们就准备好东山再起,并于1866年开始建造米兰达城堡Years passed by quietly until the last stages of World War II, when German troops occupied the region during the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, the Belgian National Railway company used it as a summer retreat orphaned children up until the 1980s. With rising maintenance costs, the castle was abandoned in 1991. Four years later, a fire destroyed portions of the roof and the family stripped it of valuables, hardwood floors and Italian marble, relocating them to another castle in Italy. Today, even after several offers to purchase and transm it into a hotel, it remains empty. Furthermore, the Liedekerke-Beauts have put ward a mal request to demolish it. Whatever the outcome, Chateau Miranda is currently living its last days as a ruin.时光流逝,这里的安详维持到了二战末期德军在突出部战役中占领了这片区域从战争结束到世纪80年代,比利时国家铁路公司将米兰达城堡用作孤儿们夏天避暑的场所而随着城堡维护费用的上涨,它在1991年被彻底抛弃了四年后,一场火灾烧毁了城堡部分房顶,利德凯尔克-波弗特家族随即带走堡内值钱的物件,将硬木地板和意大利大理石拆下,安置到另一座位于意大利的城堡中今天,即使几次有人有意购买城堡并将其改造为旅馆,城堡依旧空空如也利德凯尔克-波弗特家族甚至正式提出要拆毁这座城堡不论结果如何,已成废墟的米兰达城堡正在度过它的最后一程.Holy Land USA.美国圣地In 1958, a Waterbury, Connecticut man named John Greco built a Bible theme park with reused materials. Surprisingly, the amusement park was a hit in the 1960s and 70s, attracting more than 0,000 visitors every year. Among its main attractions were a miniature Bethlehem, the Nativity scene, Jerusalem, Christ crucifixion, Herod Palace, a 50 foot stainless steel cross visible from everywhere, and many Bible verses written in stone. In 198, Mr. Greco decided to temporary close the park refurbishment and expansion, but two years later he passed away and the park never re-opened.1958年,来自美国康涅狄格州沃特伯里市的约翰·格列柯用二手物料建造了一家圣经主题的公园令人惊讶的是,这家主题公园在世纪60、70年代很受欢迎,每年都吸引了超过万名游客来访其主要景物有:伯利恒的微缩模型、耶稣诞生、耶路撒冷、耶稣受难、希律王宫殿,以及一个可以从园内任何角落都看到的五十英尺高的不锈钢十字架,还有许多刻在石头上的圣经章节198年,为了翻修和扩建公园,格列柯先生决定暂时闭园,但两年后他不幸去世,这个公园也就再也没开放过了1.Abkhazia Train Station1.阿布哈兹火车站Once a popular tourist destination the Russian elite, including Stalin himself, the region of Abkhazia just off the coast of the Black Sea has seen a steep decline in popularity and economic tunes. Declaring independence from Georgia in 1999, Abkhazia is still a disputed territory. Its economic problems can be seen everywhere, including the beautifully ornate train station at Sukhumi. Despite two decades of neglect, it still offers us a glimpse of what life the Soviet upper class looked like. Mahogany shelving, beautiful marble columns and intricate plasterwork can still be seen, albeit in a state of decay.阿布哈兹地区毗邻黑海海岸,这里曾经是包括斯大林本人在内的俄罗斯精英们的热门旅行目的地而现今,阿布哈兹的人气和经济状况都急转直下阿布哈兹在1999年宣布从格鲁吉亚独立,但在其领土问题上依旧存在争议阿布哈兹的经济问题随处可见,连华丽漂亮的苏呼米火车站也不例外不过即便已废弃了年,我们依旧可以在此一窥苏联上层阶级当年的生活——红木制成的货架、漂亮的大理石柱、精致的石膏装饰陈旧破腐,依旧可见The station is still occasionally visited by passenger trains, but because it close to the ceasefire line with Georgia it the end of the line. The region has seen major investments from Russia lately, which is looking to consolidate its influence in Abkhazia. Maybe it will be a bustling train stop once more.现在偶尔还有客运火车经过这座火车站,但由于它位置靠近俄罗斯与格鲁吉亚的停火线,所以这里也是终点站不久前,俄罗斯对阿布哈兹地区进行了一大笔投资,希望借此巩固在阿布哈兹的势力,增强影响力,这或许会让阿布哈兹火车站再度热闹起来校对:黄一凡;陈小树 来源:前十网 1875


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