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I don’t like cats. That’s not really true. I like cats, but they don’t like me. Last week, my friend Sara asked me to babysit her cat two days while she was out of town. Normally, I would have said no, but she was in a jam, so I said okay. As I said, cats don’t like me. When I got home from work, I couldn’t find her. I was sure she was hiding from me. I looked all over the house. I started with the bedrooms, looking in the closets and under the bed. I looked in the bathroom and even behind the shower curtain. I went downstairs and searched the basement. No cat. Next, I looked all over the living room, checking under the couch and behind the TV. I also looked in the pantry and then the laundry room, thinking that the cat must be hiding behind the washer or dryer. Still, no cat. Finally, I looked in the kitchen. There was the cat. She was sitting on the counter. Somehow she had managed to open a box of cookies and there she sat eating them all. When the cat saw me, she started mewing. I don’t speak the language of cats, but I could have sworn that she was asking me some milk! 5357That you were once unkind befriends me now,你对我狠过心反而于我有利:And that sorrow which I then did feel,想起你当时使我受到的痛创,Needs must I under my transgression bow,我只好在我的过失下把头低,Unless my nerves were brass or hammerd steel.既然我的神经不是铜或精钢 if you were by my unkindness shaken,因为,你若受过我狠心的摇撼,As I by yours, youve passd a hell of time,像我所受的,该熬过多苦的日子!And I, a tyrant, have no leisure taken,可是我这暴君从没有抽过闲,To weigh how once I suffered in your crime.来衡量你的罪行对我的打击!O, that our night of woe might have rememberd,哦,但愿我们那悲怛之夜能使我,My deepest sense, how hard true sorrow hits,牢牢记住真悲哀打击得多惨,And soon to you, as you to me, then tenderd,我就会立刻递给你,像你递给我,The humble salve which wounded bosoms fits!那抚慰碎了的心的微贱药丹But that your trespass now becomes a fee;但你的罪行现在变成了保,Mine ransoms yours, and yours must ransom me.我赎你的罪,你也赎我的败行 95


  Andre: Hello. Is anyone here?安德烈:哈罗有人在吗?Ellie: Yes, can I help you?埃莉:是的,需要我帮忙吗?Andre: I saw your door open and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. Did you just move in?安德烈:我看见门是敞开的,我只是想确保一切顺利你刚搬进来吗?Ellie: No, Im moving out. As you can see, Im doing last-minute packing. I think Ive used up rolls of packing tape!埃莉:不,我要搬出去就像你看见的,我正在打包最后一点物品我估计我已经使用了卷胶带!Andre: This looks like a major undertaking. Are you moving yourself?安德烈:看起来任务很繁重你自己搬吗?Ellie: No, the movers are coming with the moving van tomorrow morning. Im moving a few things into storage, and Ill take a few of the perishables and essentials in my car, but theyll be doing the heavy lifting. No loading me. Bee they come, though, I need to disassemble this desk and this bookcase. Itll be a long afternoon.埃莉:不,明早搬家公司会派搬运车过来我要把一些东西包好存放起来,还要把一些易腐烂的、必须的物品装进我的车里,但是搬家公司会搬那些重东西我自己不用搬不过,在他们来之前,我需要把这张桌子和书架拆掉说不定要干一下午Andre: I can see that. Are you moving far?安德烈:看得出来你要搬到很远的地方去?Ellie: No, Im only moving about a mile from here to another apartment.埃莉:不,我就搬到离这里大约一里的另一间公寓去Andre: Oh, so youre not moving out of the area.安德烈:噢,也就是说你不会搬离这一片区域Ellie: No, Im not.埃莉:是的,不会Andre: Im glad to hear that. Let make a deal: Ill help you disassemble your furniture if youll promise to invite me over to your new place sometime.安德烈:很高兴听你这么说跟你商量一件事:我帮你拆卸家具,作为回报,你有时候要邀请我去你的新住所玩Ellie: Really? Are you sure youre willing to do that?埃莉:真的吗?你确定你愿意那么做?Andre: Sure. Hand me those tools and Ill have it done in no time.安德烈:当然把那些工具递给我,一眨眼功夫就能搞定Ellie: Boy, am I glad I left my door open.埃莉:好家伙,很高兴门是敞开的Andre: Yeah, so am I.安德烈:是呀,我也是原文译文属! 01985。

  The Foolish Wolf一只笨狼 55

  Dennis:I just got a new sales job and I’m going to be making a bundle.丹尼斯:我刚找到一份新的销售工作,我要大赚一笔了Irene:What kind of job is it?艾琳:什么工作?Dennis:I’ll be working strictly on commission. The more I sell, the more I earn. It’s a great opporty someone with my talents in sales.丹尼斯:我们抽取佣金卖得越多,赚得更多对我这样具有销售天赋的人来说,这是一个好机会Irene:I know you’re great at sales and I’m sure you’ll do well, but you can’t coast in a job based on commissions. You’ll have to work really, really hard.艾琳:我知道你做销售很在行,而且我敢肯定你会做得很好但你不能把宝押在佣金上那样你必须很努力很努力地工作才行Dennis:I’m not worried. me, selling is second nature. I’ll barely have to lift a finger and the profits will come rolling in.丹尼斯:我不担心销售就是我的第二天性我几乎只需举手之劳,利润就会滚滚而来Irene:But isn’t your paycheck going to be in flux all the time? You’ll never know what your take-home pay will be.艾琳:但是佣金制度让你的薪水很不固定你永远不知道你扣税后的实际工资是多少Dennis:There’s no cap on how much I can earn, so the sky’s the limit.丹尼斯:我的工资没有上限,我的前途无量Irene:That’s not exactly what I meant. Some weeks, it may be hard to live on what you earn, don’t you think?艾琳:我不是这个意思开始几个星期内,你只靠佣金生活可能会很艰难,你不觉得吗?Dennis:What? Do I hear a hint of uncertainty in your voice?丹尼斯:什么?我觉得你的话里带有一丝疑惑啊Irene:No, it’s just that…艾琳:没有,我只是......Dennis:Put your mind at ease. I could sell ice to Alaskans!丹尼斯:你放心吧我可以忽悠住在冰天雪地的阿拉斯加人买冰块! 注:本文译文属原创,, 79

  From fairest creatures we desire increase,我们总愿美的物种繁衍昌盛,That thereby beauty rose might never die,好让美的玫瑰永远也不凋零But as the riper should by time decease,纵然时序难逆,物壮必老,His tender heir might bear his memory;自有年轻的子孙来一脉相承But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes,而你,却只与自己的明眸定婚,Feedt thy light flame with self-substantial fuel,焚身为火,好烧出眼中的光明Making a famine where abundance lies,你与自我为敌,作践甜蜜的自身,Thyself thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel.有如在丰饶之地偏造成满目饥民Thou that art now the world fresh ornament,你是当今世界鲜美的装饰,And only herald to the gaudy spring,你是锦绣春光里报春的先行Within thine own bud buriest thy content,你用自己的花苞埋葬了自己的花精,And, tender churl, makt waste in niggarding.如慷慨的吝啬者用吝啬将血本赔尽Pity the world, or else this glutton be,可怜这个世界吧,否则你就无异贪夫,To eat the world due, by the grave and thee.不留遗嗣在人间,只落得萧条葬孤坟 569

  The first Oktoberfest was held in 18 to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ludwig, who later became King Ludwig I of Bavaria. The celebration featured horse races, which were repeated the following year, and the festival became an annual event. Beer stands were introduced in 1818, and these were changed to the now-famous beer tents in 1896. The drink is a major feature of the event, and this year visitors are expected to top last year numbers of 5 million liters of beer and 650,000 pork sausages consumed. 首届“啤酒节”于18年举行,为了庆祝路德维格王子的婚礼,嗣后他成了巴伐利亚路德维格一世国王赛马是庆祝活动的特色,来年亦再度举行,此节日因而成为一年一度例行的大事啤酒摊首次引入是在1818年,到了1896年这些摊位已成为今日盛名远扬的啤酒棚喝啤酒是这个节庆的主要特色,去年游客饮用了超过500万公升的啤酒,吃掉了65万条以上的猪肉香肠,预计今年的游客将超过去年的消费数字 1

  Yellow黄色Just tie your yellow ribbon around the old oak tree.把你的黄丝带系在老橡树上What comes to mind when you think of yellow?当你想到黄色时,脑中会浮现什么?Yellow makes me feel warm,it a sunny color.黄色能让我觉得暖和,这是一个阳光的颜色Sure, I think different things like a big tall glass of cool yellow lemonade, a large branch of yellow bananas, or an old book with yellow pages, but I also think of a few of yellow sunflowers, the yellow sun rising in the morning, a near yellow trap of goldfish swimming around, a group of trooping yellow chicks?当然,我也会想到不同的东西,就像一大杯很凉爽的黄柠檬汁,一大把黄色的香蕉,或者是一本旧书的黄页,但我也会想到黄色的向日葵, 在早晨升起金黄色的太阳,金鱼游来游去,成群结队的黄色小鸡?Im not sure why someone who was easily frightened is describe as yellow, or why that person is sometimes called yellow bellied.我不知道为什么很容易受到惊吓的人被描述为黄色,或者为什么那个人有时被称为胆小的人Yellow is a closest color to gold,which is a very nice color, but Im not rich, so Im under the shadow of yellow.黄色是一种最接近金色的颜色,这是一种非常漂亮的颜色,但我不富有,所以我在黄色的阴影下Talk about it谈论下面的话题When you hear the word yellow, what comes to your mind?当你听到黄色这个词,你会想到什么?How does the color yellow make you feel?黄色让你感觉如何?What are some things that are yellow?有哪些东西是黄色的?Do you know any idioms that use the word yellow?你知道使用黄色这个词的成语吗?What are some colors that are similar to yellow?有哪些颜色相似的黄色的吗?What does the color yellow symbolize?黄色象征着什么?Can you name some fictional characters that are associated with the color yellow?你能说出一些和黄色相关的虚拟的角色吗?Do you think that the color yellow means different things or different cultures?你认为黄色意味着不同的东西还是不同的文化? 1976。


  Night has fallen over the country. Through the trees rises the red moon, and the stars are scarcely seen. In the vast shadow of night the coolness and the dews descend. I sit at the open window to enjoy them; andhear only the voice of the summer wind. Like black hulks, the shadows of the great trees ride at anchor onthe billowy sea of grass.I cannot see the red and blue flowers, but I know that they are there. Far away in the meadow gleams the silver Charles. The tramp of horses hoofs sounds from the wooden bridge. Then all is still save the continuous wind of the summer night. Sometimes I know not if it be the wind or the sound of the neighboring sea.The village clock strikes; and I feel that I am not alone.How different it is in the city! It is late, and the crowd is gone. You step out upon the balcony, and liein the very bosom of the cool, dewy night as if you folded her garments about you. Beneath lies the publicwalk with trees, like a fathomless, black gulf, into whose silent darkness the spirit plunges, and floats away with some beloved spirit clasped in its embrace.The lamps are still burning up and down the long street. People go by with grotesque shadows, now eshortened, and now lengthening away into the darkness and vanishing, while a new one springs up behind the walker, and seems to pass him revolving like the sail of a windmill. The iron gates of the park shut with a jangling clang. There are footsteps and loud voices; a tumult; a drunken brawl; an alarm of fire; then silence again. And now at length the city is asleep, and we can see the night.The belated moon looks over the rooftops and finds no one to welcome her. The moonlight is broken. It lieshere and there in the squares, and the opening of the streets angular like blocks of white marble. 189

  The apprentice angel实习天使One day, a little angel who wanted to be a big angel was spending some time with a more seasoned angel.一天, 一个一心想成为大天使的小天使和一个经验丰富的天使在一起They were invisibly walking down a busy city street, and the older angel said to the apprentice angelWould you like to hear something amazing?他们隐身走在闹市的街头,年长天使对实习天使说想不想听点惊人的事?The little angel didnt know but he finally said, Well, all right, what is it?小天使有点茫然,于是说那么,好吧,是什么?They proceeded down the street and into a little coffee shop, and in there was a man drinking his coffee.他们继续沿着街道前行,来到一家咖啡馆,里面正坐着一个喝咖啡的男人As soon as the two angels took a seat, an invisible devil sauntered in and sat right next to the man drinking his coffee.这两个天使在咖啡馆里刚坐下,一个隐身的魔鬼踱着步子走进来,在喝咖啡的男人身边坐下了Come on over here. said the senior angel.到这儿来,大天使对实习天使说Now, angels can see devils but devils cant see angels, so this devil couldnt see the two angels watching him.顺便说一下,天使可以看见魔鬼,而魔鬼是看不见天使的,所以魔鬼不知道有两个天使正在看他If he could have seen them, then he never would have done what he was about to do,because everything that angels learn about what devils are doing gives angels the opporty to teach human beings how to be smarter than devils.如果说他能看见天使,他一定不会做接下来的事情,因为天使对魔鬼的臭名早就一清二楚,他们要教人们如何变得比魔鬼聪明So, this devil leans over to the man sitting there in the coffee shop,and the angels lean ward to hear something that the devil whispers into the man ear.魔鬼低伏在喝咖啡的男人身边,天使们向前倾着身子想听听魔鬼对男人小声说了什么The little angel falls back and says, Ah ha! I see now.This explains so much. The senior angel confirms, That right.小天使直起身子说道啊哈,我知道了,这就难怪了大天使点点头没错What the little angel heard the devil whisper in the man ear was thisTake this pain and pass it along.小天使听到魔鬼跟男人说承受这些痛苦,并把它带给别人With those words, the devil gave that man a little bit of pain.说着,魔鬼给了男人一些痛苦The angels followed the man as he walked down the street.男人走上街道,两个天使也跟了出去When he got to his car, he found that somebody had parked his car too close to his,making it very hard him to get out of his parking space.当他来到自己的车旁时,他发现有人把车停得太近了,这使他很难把车开出停车场A string of oaths came out of the man mouth as he contemplated banging his car into the offending car.男人说了一连串的脏话,打算撞向那辆讨厌的挡路车Then, just as he lets out that stream of violent energy, a woman walking down the street nearby—who actually didnt hear what the man said—did exactly what the devil had told the man to do, which was to take this pain and pass it along.就在他发泄那股暴烈的怨气时,一个女人正从街上走过来女人并没有听到男人骂了些什么,然而男人遵照魔鬼的指示承受这些痛苦,并把它带给别人That woman picked up the man pain and never even knew it, never saw it, never felt it going into her.就把痛苦传给了她,而她却完全没有意识到那看不见,摸不着的痛苦正在慢慢向自己袭来The moment that pain entered into the woman walking down the street,she looked in a store window and saw a co-worker who had said something to her yesterday.就在痛苦侵袭了街上那女人的时候,她恰好看见昨天曾和自己说了些什么的同事在逛商店Now she knew why she was in pain because there was the idiot that made her feel that way.现在她终于明白自己为什么会痛苦,因为让她痛苦不堪的笨蛋就在商店里The woman in the shop looked out and saw the woman looking in with a scowl on her face,and felt the pain that woman was passing to her.商店里的那个女人往外张望,恰好看见了街上正怒视着店内的女人,她感受到了这个女人正在传递给她的痛苦The minute the woman in the store felt it, she began to think of her son who had gotten bad grades and who continued to resist the education that was necessary.就在这一刻,她开始响起自己成绩又差又厌学的儿子She made up her mind that when she got home, she was going to ground him and really show him something.于是她下定决心回家之后一定要让他尝尝大人的厉害And to the devil delight, the pain was passed along endlessly to unsuspecting human beings.让魔鬼高兴的是,这种痛苦就这样不断地在毫无防备的人类世界蔓延开来 018

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