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襄阳市第一人民医院治疗妇科炎症怎么样襄阳第四人民医院私密整形怎么样襄阳四医院男科大夫 The Washington Post is looking to become a software provider to other news organisations to develop new revenue streams and raise its profile as a technology company.《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)正寻求成为一家面向其他新闻机构的软件提供商,以开发新的营收来源,并树立其作为一家科技企业的形象。The US newspaper, which has accelerated its search for digital revenues since being bought by Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezosfor 0m last year, has been approached about licensing the software it has developed to power its website. Potential clients could include the recently launched network of local and regional US newspapers whose subscribers receive free access to the Post’s digital products.这家美国报纸自去年被亚马逊(Amazon)首席执行官杰夫#8226;贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)以2.5亿美元收购以来,加快了搜寻数字业务营收的努力。一些潜在客户已接洽该报,涉及授权使用该报为自身网站开发的软件。这些潜在客户可能包括近期发起的美国地方和地区报纸网络,这些报纸的订户可免费访问《邮报》的数字产品。The paper views “the partner programme as not just about content but about us offering technology solutions”, said Shailesh Prakash, chief information officer.首席信息官沙雷什#8226;普拉卡什(Shailesh Prakash)表示,该报“把合作伙伴计划的关键不仅视为提供内容,而是由我们提供技术解决方案”。Student newspapers at Columbia, Yale and the University of Maryland aly use the Post’s content management software in a trial for how it could be opened up to other professional news services.哥伦比亚大学、耶鲁大学和马里兰大学的学生报纸已经在试用《邮报》的内容管理软件,看该软件如何能够被其他专业新闻务利用。Developing a licensing business would be a further step in the Post’s efforts to generate digital profits as its print business shrinks. It also comes as changing media consumption habits and pressure from new competitors are pushing news organisations to invest in beefing up their technological prowess.在印刷版业务萎缩之际,发展软件授权业务将是《邮报》在努力创造数字利润方面迈出的又一步。另一个背景是,不断变化的媒体消费习惯和来自新竞争对手的压力,正在推动新闻机构投资于加强自己的技术实力。The Post is swimming against strong currents. Standard amp; Poor’s estimated in September that US newspapers and magazines would see earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation fall by mid-to-high single-digit percentages to at least the end of 2015. Print advertising revenue was set for further falls, Samp;P said, and “digital strategies alone will not halt the overall slide in ebitda for publishers, which must increase subscription and cover prices to try and stabilise revenues”.《邮报》面临的阻力较大。标准普尔(Standard amp; Poor’s) 9月估计,美国报纸和杂志至少到2015年底将出现5%至9%的利息、税项、折旧及摊销前盈利(EBITDA)下滑。标普称,印刷广告收入肯定会进一步下跌,“数字战略本身并不能遏止出版商EBITDA的整体下滑趋势,它们必须提高订阅和零售价格,以求稳定营收”。“In the short and medium term, print provides the money until digital can become self-sustaining over time,” said Steve Hills, Washington Post president. “In the very long term, the battle is all about digital. We’re taking that Jeff Bezos long view,” he said.“在短期和中期,印刷版业务维持了收入来源,直到数字业务能够逐渐自我维持,”《华盛顿邮报》总裁史蒂文#8226;希尔斯(Steve Hills)表示。“就非常遥远的长期而言,竞争的关键完全落在数字方面。我们正抱着杰夫#8226;贝索斯的那种长远眼光,”他说。In past the 16 months, Mr Bezos has been injecting money into the Post. It has hired 100 editorial staff, for a net gain of about 60, and launched blogs and digital products, including an app on Amazon’s Fire tablet that offers morning and evening editions. The publisher no longer releases financial information but executives point to traffic growth as evidence that the strategy is working. Unique visitors increased 62 per cent to 45.8m in November from a year ago, according to ComScore.在过去16个月里,贝索斯一直在向《邮报》注资。该报已经聘请了100名编辑人员,使编辑人员数量净增加大约60人,并推出各种客和数字产品,包括亚马逊Fire平板电脑上的应用,该应用提供晨报和晚报版本。这家出版商不再发布财务信息,但高管们将流量增长列为据,明这项战略正在奏效。根据ComScore的数据,11月独立访客数量同比增长62%,至4580万。But it is the technology side of the business that shows the clearest signs of the Amazon founder’s influence. The Post hired 20 engineers in 2014, and now employs 225, split between developers working on its digital initiatives and more traditional IT functions at its printing plant and human resources, sales and advertising departments.但从该报的整个业务看,科技方面展现出亚马逊创始人影响力的最明显迹象。《邮报》在2014年聘请了20名工程师,现在总共雇用225名工程师,其中一半是该报各项数字计划的开发人员,另一半执行比较传统的IT职能,分布于该报的印刷厂以及人力资源、销售和广告部门。Mr Prakash said he was “borrowing a page out of Amazon” in developing software that both suits the Post’s needs and could be opened up to other users. Amazon Web Services, which provides cloud computing to customers from the CIA to Netflix, has become the ecommerce company’s fastest-growing division.普拉卡什说,开发既适合《邮报》需要、又能被其他用户加以利用的软件,是在“借鉴亚马逊的做法”。提供云计算的亚马逊网络务(Amazon Web Services),已成为这家电子商务公司增长最快的部门,客户包括美国中央情报局(CIA)和流媒体提供商Netflix。“Technology is core to our business,” Mr Prakash said of the push to develop more software in-house. “You wouldn’t outsource the business plan or the revenue plant. Why would you outsource technology?”“技术是我们业务的核心,”普拉卡什在谈到自行开发更多软件的努力时表示。“你不会外包业务计划或产生营收的工厂。为什么要外包技术呢?” /201412/351385The Origi of Things万物起源The Theory of Five Elements五行说The anaent Chinese people tended to refer to supematural power for an explanation of any natural phenomena that they could not understand or control.中国古代先民对于无法理解和控制的自然现象,归诸于主宰万物的超自然力。Such supernatural power had different names in different periods in Chi-nese history,此超自然力量在中国不同历史时期有不同的称呼,such as Shang di ( God) in the Shang Dynasty (1600~1046) and Tian ( Heaven);in the Zhou Dynasty (1046一 256 ).商代(前1600~前1046)叫“上帝”,周代(前1046~前256)起改为“天”,The Tian, Zi ( Emperor)therefore was designated by the heaven to govem the world.而所谓的“天子”则受天之命来统治人间。The Theory of Vitality精气说In the middle of the Warring States Period (475~221) , Song Xing and Yin Wen, two famous philosophers at that time,brought forward the theory of vital-ity, explaining the world with the tiny primitive substance of Yuan Qi (vitality).战国(前475~前221)中期,宋钎、尹文两位哲学家提出“精气”学说,以无法直接感受的精微原始物质“元气”解释世界。Ac-cording to them, Yuan Qi, invisible and untouchable, existed everltwhere, and when combined, gave rise to all things in the world.元气看不见、摸不着,但存在于任何地方,聚集起来即可成万物。The Theory of Chaos浑沌阴阳说As early as in the Warring States Period, there aly existed philosophers who beiieved the heaven and earlh came into being as a result of the mutual effects of Yin and Yan,g.战国时期,认为天和地是在浑沌中阴阳作用而诞生的见解已经存在。The book Hu,ai Ahn Zi , written by Liu An and so on during the Western Han Dynasty(206— AD24 ),was the earliest to elaborate on the ori-gin and evolvement of the hecwen, earth, and celestial bodies.而最早明确论述天地和日月星辰起源和演化的,应推溯至西汉(前206~公元24)时期淮南王刘安等人写成的《淮南子》。 /201511/409142樊城妇幼保健院中医院治疗肛瘘肛裂怎么样

襄樊中心医院可以治疗漏尿症吗3.Hacking And Cracking3.黑客入侵和破解Anytime a website is defaced, an important account is compromised, or some group steals a bunch of login information, it#39;s always blamed on hackers. This is the result of a misunderstanding about what hacking involves, though. Hacking is when someone who has a strong knowledge of computer security finds a vulnerability in the system and uses it to get in, usually through some kind of backdoor method.任何时候,一个网站被损坏,一个重要的账户受到威胁,或一些团伙盗窃了大量登录信息,人们总是归咎于黑客,这是不了解黑客入侵究竟是什么的结果。黑客入侵的意思是,一些人对电脑系统安全知识非常了解,能从系统中找到漏洞,利用它入侵,通常通过某种不正当的方式进行。Cracking, on the other hand, involves using a program written by somebody else that sort of breaks the virtual door down, often by trying different combinations of passwords over and over. These are known as ;brute force; attacks. To make things more confusing, the media often refers to things as ;hacking; when nothing was hacked or cracked in any way.另一方面,破解电脑就是使用一些人写的程序来打破电脑的虚拟门,通常是尝试组合不同的密码,这就叫;暴力破解;。为了使事情显得更复杂,媒体在任何情况下都将事情说成;黑客入侵;。2.Viruses And Spyware2.病毒和间谍软件Viruses are one form of malicious program, but there are many others with different names and methods of distribution. Some are entirely different groups like Spyware and Adware, which are designed to steal your information or annoy you with spam. Some malicious programs are designed so that you will never even know they are there—they hide from your anti-virus software and wait to use your computer, not affecting its functioning in any noticeable way.病毒是恶意程序的一种形式,它有很多不同的名字和传播的方式。像间谍软件和广告软件这种完全不同的团体,它们主要是窃取信息,或用垃圾邮件进行骚扰。一些恶意程序你永远不知道它的存在,因为它们隐藏在杀毒软件中等你使用,却不会明显的影响它的功能。While the various programs you use for security may be helpful in dealing with this, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. You#39;ll have a better chance at dealing with malware if you know what you are up against. Protecting yourself isn#39;t as easy as keeping your anti-virus up to date, either. Oftentimes, the anti-virus companies themselves aren#39;t up to date on the latest malware threats, and people with evil intentions are constantly looking for ways to get around your security.也许为保护安全性所使用的多数程序是有用的,因为事先得到警告就会事先做好准备。如果知道你要面临什么问题,你就会有更好的机会来处理这些恶意软件。保护自己的隐私不像升级杀毒软件一样简单。通常,杀毒软件公司自身也没有更新恶意软件的威胁,然而,有不良意图的人在不断寻找方法避开你的安全保护。1.Malware From Email1.电子邮件中的钓鱼软件Warnings about awful viruses waiting in your inbox have been circulating since the advent of malware, but oftentimes, the warnings are false alarms. This has fueled all kinds of ludicrous practices, such as deleting suspicious emails un due to the belief that even opening such a message can lead to viral infection. While it is certainly true that you should never open an email attachment from an untrusted source, you cannot get a virus simply from ing an email.因为恶意软件的出现,邮件中出现病毒的警告一直流传着,但是这些警告通常是假的。所以就出现了各种奇怪的做法,比如,相信打开这些邮件会遭到病毒感染,所以删除未读的可疑邮件。的确,你永远不打开来自不受信任来源的电子邮件附件,就不会轻易的从邮件中感染到病毒。However, there are other situations where getting a virus or other form of malware can be much easier than you might imagine. Simply by visiting a shady site, for example, you may fall victim to a drive-by download. If you#39;re lucky, you will receive a pop-up message or other warning, but many drive-bys won#39;t warn you of their presence before they install hidden malware. This is why it is a good idea to scan your system regularly, just in case.然而,相比感染病毒或其他形式的恶意软件,还有其他情况比你想象得更容易感染病毒。比如只要访问一个可疑网站,因为强迫下载你就可能成为受害者。如果幸运的话,会收到弹出的消息或另一个警告,但是很多下载在安装隐藏的恶意软件之前是不会提醒的。这就是为什么定期扫描你的系统是一个好办法,仅仅是为了以防万一。翻译:文思捷 来源:前十网 /201507/388937襄阳生殖中心 樊城区妇幼保健中医院收费

襄樊第一人民医院有没有位置Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have revealed plans to sell shares currently worth .4bn over the next two years, in a move that would leave them little room for further sales without ending their combined control of the company.谷歌(Google)共同创始人拉里#8226;佩吉(Larry Page)和谢尔盖#8226;布林(Sergey Brin)打算在今后两年内出售一批股份,目前价值44亿美元。在这批股份转让之后,他们如继续出售股份,就很可能丧失对谷歌的联合控制权。The disposal plans, revealed in a regulatory filing, would leave the Google founders with barely half the shares they held when they took Google public in 2004. However, their remaining combined stake would still be worth nearly bn.这一股票出售计划是在一份监管文件中披露的,将令两位谷歌创始人持有的股份降至2004年谷歌上市时的一半。不过,他们所持剩余股份总价值仍接近450亿美元。The expected sales were disclosed as part of a 10b trading plan, under which executives report their intended disposals but give up control over the timing of when the sales are made.这次即将发生的股票转让是一项10b条款交易计划的一部分。按照这一计划,主管需汇报其股票转让打算,并放弃对抛售时间的控制权。Mr Brin and Mr Page control Google through a special class of shares that gives them 54.6 per cent of the voting rights, even though their economic interest is only 13.1 per cent.布林和佩吉通过一种特殊类型的股份控制谷歌,这类股份令他们虽然只拥有13.1%的经济权益,但却拥有谷歌54.6%的投票权。After the latest sales, their voting control will fall to only 52 per cent, Google said.谷歌表示,在完成最近这次股票销售之后,他们的投票控制权将跌至只有52%。The company issued a new class of non-voting C shares last year in a move to protect the founders’ control over the long term. The new shares are expected to be used to fund acquisitions and employee stock plans without diluting the founders’ control.该公司去年曾发行过一种新型的无投票权C类股票,以保护两人的长期控股权。这种新型股票预计将用于在不稀释两人控制权的前提下,为收购及员工持股计划提供资金。Google also at first proposed that Mr Brin and Mr Page — who hold half their stake in the form of the C shares — should be free to sell this class of stock to raise cash if they wanted.谷歌起初还曾提议,允许布林和佩吉随心所欲地自由出售这类股票,以筹集资金。在两人持有的股份中,半数股份是这种C类股份。However, an investor lawsuit forced a settlement in which the founders agreed to sell their super-voting shares in equal proportion to the C stock, leaving them facing dilution to their control if they continue to make big disposals.然而,投资者发起一轮法律诉讼,强制谷歌达成了一项和解协议。按照协议,两人同意以C类股份相同比例出售其拥有超级投票权的股份。这导致他们一旦继续大举抛售股票,就有可能面临控股权的稀释。 /201502/360315 Uber, the on-demand ride-hailing service, closed a .2 billion round of financing on Thursday, valuing the company at an eye-popping billion just five years after its debut.本周四,共乘租车务Uber在新一轮融资中筹得12亿美元(约合人民币72亿元),该公司诞生短短五年后,估值就达到了令人瞠目的400亿美元。The company authorized a sale of up to an additional 0 million in stock on top of the .2 billion round, according to a Delaware filing on Thursday.上周四在特拉华州提交的一份文件显示,除了这12亿美元之外,该公司还授权销售高达6亿美元的股票。“Millions of people may decide that they no longer need to own a car because using Uber will be cheaper than owning one,” Travis Kalanick, chief executive of Uber, said in a blog post on Thursday announcing the raise.“数百万人可能会决定不再买车,因为使用Uber更加便宜,”本周四,Uber首席执行官特拉维斯·卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)在宣布这轮融资的文中写道。Uber, which operates in more than 200 cities around the world, has aly raised more than .5 billion in venture capital. Uber was last valued at billion just six months ago, when it raised funding from investors including BlackRock, Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield amp; Byers.Uber在全球200多个城市经营业务,已募集逾15亿的风险投资。仅仅半年前,当贝莱德( BlackRock)、谷歌风险投资公司(Google Ventures)和凯鹏华盈(Kleiner Perkins Caufieldamp; Byers)等公司投资Uber时,它的估值才170亿美元。But despite the company’s rapid expansion over its five years of existence, Uber is racing to beat other ride-sharing rivals like Lyft and Sidecar, who are also raising large amounts of money to grow quickly in the ed States.但是,尽管Uber在其五年的历史中迅速扩张,它仍在努力争取击败Lyft、Sidecar等同类务,这些竞争对手也筹集了大笔资金,在美国的业务增长迅速。Uber also faces competition on international fronts. It is fighting expensive regulatory battles in Europe, Thailand and Vietnam, among other countries. And on Wednesday, Softbank announced it had invested 0 million in GrabTaxi, a popular service in Southeast Asia.Uber还面临着国际竞争。在欧洲、泰国和越南等国,该公司正在和监管机构作战,胜负事关大笔金额。本周三,软银(Softbank)宣布,已向东南亚颇具人气的务企业GrabTaxi投资2.5亿美元。The Delaware filing, obtained by VC Experts, was first reported by Fortune.在特拉华州提交的文件被VC Experts获悉,由《财富》(Fortune)率先报道。 /201412/347007襄樊市军工医院泌尿外科保康县妇幼保健中医院医生名单



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