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感恩节英语祝福语大全 -- :1:3 来源: 感恩节英语祝福语大全Thanksgiving wishes you and your family.给你们全家感恩节的祝福Warm wishes at Thanksgiving.在感恩节,衷心地祝福你们I wish you could be here on Thanksgiving.但愿你能来过感恩节It will be sad not to see you during the holiday when families get together.家人团聚的节日里,不能看到你,我会感到难过Our first Thanksgiving should be our best.我们第一次共度的感恩节是我们最美好的时光I wouldn't want to spend Thanksgiving with anyone else.我只愿和你共度感恩节Thanksgiving just won't be the same without you.没有你,感恩节就不会一样了This will be our first Thanksgiving apart.这将是我们第一次不在一起过感恩节Thanksgiving is a time when I tell you that I love you.感恩节就是我告诉你我爱你的时候Thanksgiving is a great time to tell you that we love you kids.孩子们,感恩节这时刻,我们要说:我们爱你们Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year.感恩节是一年中最好的节日I love to eat, so I love Thanksgiving.我爱吃,所以我爱感恩节I hope you are feeling thankful after your supper.希望你吃过晚饭后有感恩的心情I will be home Thanksgiving, so save a little turkey me.我会回家过感恩节,所以请留点儿火鸡给我Have a MID-FULL Thanksgiving!感恩节请勿暴饮暴食!Have a FULL Thanksgiving day!感恩节快乐!好好吃一顿吧! all the days that I have been lonely,在我孤独寂寞之时, all the times that I have felt blue,在我忧伤痛苦之时, all the times I needed a shoulder to lean on.在我需要依靠之时,Thanks being there as a friend so true!感谢有你,我真诚的朋友!Happy Thanksgiving!感恩节快乐!You are the joy of my life.是你给我带来了欢笑From childhood through adulthood, the sharing continues!从小到大,未曾间断!Happy Thanksgiving day!我的朋友,感恩节快乐!Just dig into the roast turkey.好好享受美味的感恩节火!Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!愿你有个美好的感恩节!A card can say more than a thousand words.一张卡片胜过千言万语Happy Thanksgiving day!感恩节快乐,我的朋友!(58英语网www.58en.com) 祝福语 英语 大全 感恩节英语祝福语大全。

“手机报”英语怎么说 -- ::5 来源: 随时随地用手机阅读正在成为现实工业和信息化部副部长奚国华5日说,到去年底,中国手机阅读用户有1.55亿户,目前正在研究制定手机阅读相关标准目前最通俗普遍的手机阅读形式就要数手机报了请看《中国日报的报道:About 75 percent of newspapers have launched online papers and 55 percent of them are providing SMS news, the report says.有报道称,大约有75%的报纸已经设立了网络版,其中55%向用户提供手机报文中的SMS news就是现在十分流行的新媒体形式“手机报”,还可以称为mobile phone news,是向用户提供的一种资讯务,通过信形式发送,SMS即为short message service(短信务)的缩写通过手机这种移动终端来阅读就称为mobile ing(手机阅读)如今,traditional publishing(传统出版)受到了digital publishing(数字出版)的挑战,下面就向大家介绍几种新兴阅读方式的英文说法e-book 电子书electronic er 电子阅读器online papers 网络报纸digitally published product 数字出版物 手机报 英语。

有时需要独处人们才能发现真实的自我有时需要醒悟人们才能明智Sometimes it takes adverse conditions people to reach out to one anotherSometimes it takes bad luck people to understand their goals betterSometimes it takes a storm people to appreciate the calmSometimes it takes being hurt people to be more sensitive to feelingsSometimes it takes doubt people to trust one anotherSometimes it takes seclusion people to find out who they really areSometimes it takes disillusionment people to become inmedSometimes it takes feeling nothing people to feel everythingSometimes it takes our emotions and feelings to be completely penetrated people to open up to loveI have gone through many of these thingsand I now know thatnot only am I y tolove youbut I do 50。

“倒车”怎么说 -01-7 00:: 来源: 如果你的朋友要倒车,要你帮忙看看后面有没有车子,你该怎么给他提示呢?不知道也没有关系,下面就来告诉你1. You can back your car now, my side is clear.你现在可以倒车了,我这边己净空了別人在倒车时,我都习惯帮别人看看后面有没有车子以前我都会说:There is no car now. 是不是感觉有点怪?当然在现场,对方也能明白你的意思后来有一次听老美在指挥,我才知到原来他们说成:My side is clear. 或是 You are safe now. 或是 All clear 都可以单独说倒车时,更通常的说法还有 back up your car 或 back your car up,如:Please back your car up so I can open the garage door.如果同时表明倒车的目的,则根据情况使用不同的前置词:倒进停车道:Back your car into the driveway.倒出停车道:Back your car out of the driveway.倒入停车位:Back your car into the parking space.倒行50英尺:Back your car a distance of about 50 feet.. There is one auto part store around the spaghetti junction.我知道在交流道那里有一家汽车修理店在美国,汽车修理店分很多种:卖汽车零件的叫 auto part store,有些这样的店也会兼做修理,做钣金的叫 body shop,还有专门换轮胎和换机油的店有时我就自己把它们统称为 workshop另外 Spaghetti junction 也是个很有意思的讲法Spaghetti 的原意是意大利面,而 spaghetti junction 则是指两条高速公路交汇的地方那些错综复杂的立体交流道我想是那些交流道看起来就像是面条一样看起来乱乱的,故因而得名吧感谢网友jl3的补充和指正(改编自:小笨霖英语笔记本 英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 怎么 your Back back。

我们需要用去拥抱生命里的每一分种,用我们所有的感官去感受生活——在花园的芬芳中,在6岁孩童的蜡笔画中,在美丽迷人的虹中去寻找快乐,正是这种对生活的热爱,使得我们神采飞扬、步履矫健,并让我们的灵魂永远年轻Years ago, when I started looking my first job, wise advisers urged, "Barbara, be enthusiastic! Enthusiasm will take you further than any amount of experience." How right they were. Enthusiastic people can turn a boring drive into an adventure, extra work into opporty and strangers into friends. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm," wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is the paste that helps you hang in there when the going gets tough. It is the inner voice that whispers, "I can do it!" when others shout, "No, you can't." It took years and years the early work of Barbara McClintock, a geneticist who won the 1983 Nobel Prize in medicine, to be generally accepted. Yet she didn't let up on her experiments. Work was such a deep pleasure her that she never thought of stopping. We are all born with wide-eyed, enthusiastic wonder as anyone knows who has ever seen an infant's delight at the jingle of keys or the scurrying of a beetle. It is this childlike wonder that gives enthusiastic people such a youthful air, whatever their age. At 90, cellist Pablo Casals would start his day by playing Bach. As the music flowed through his fingers, his stooped shoulders would straighten and joy would reappear in his eyes. Music, Casals, was an elixir that made life a never ending adventure. As author and poet Samuel Ullman once wrote, "Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul." How do you rediscover the enthusiasm of your childhood? The answer, I believe, lies in the word itself. "Enthusiasm" comes from the Greek and means "God within." And what is God within is but an abiding sense of love -- proper love of self (self-acceptance) and, from that, love of others. Enthusiastic people also love what they do, regardless of money or title or power. If we cannot do what we love as a full-time career, we can as a part-time avocation, like the head of state who paints, the nun who runs marathons, the executive who handcrafts furniture. Elizabeth Layton of Wellsville, Kan, was 68 bee she began to draw. This activity ended bouts of depression that had plagued her at least 30 years, and the quality of her work led one critic to say, "I am tempted to call Layton a genius." Elizabeth has rediscovered her enthusiasm. We can't afd to waste tears on "might-have-beens." We need to turn the tears into sweat as we go after "what-can-be." We need to live each moment wholeheartedly, with all our senses -- finding pleasure in the fragrance of a back-yard garden, the crayoned picture of a six-year-old, the enchanting beauty of a rainbow. It is such enthusiastic love of life that puts a sparkle in our eyes, a lilt in our steps and smooths the wrinkles from our souls. 181。

口语动词短语:even up the odds 扳回劣势 -01-7 19:: 来源: be out of the waybe out of the way就是「让路,誊出地方」若你要表达「挡路」则是be in the way另外Get out of my way!则是不客气地表达「滚开!」的意思Why all the trouble?even up the oddsodds是「胜算,成功的可能性」,通常用在或是比赛的场合你可以说The odds are high. 来表示「胜算高」相对的,要说胜算「低」只要将high改成low即可even 在这当作动词使用,是「使相等」的意思,因而even up the odds则可解释为「扳回劣势」 劣势 动词 短语 口语。

At the Airport 在机场 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Mrs. Fu : Hurry up! We don't have much time left. Mr. Fu : Take it easy. We still have two hours. Mrs. Fu : Come on! This is my first time ever to take a plane. I don't want anything to go wrong. Mr. Fu : Let me take care of everything, all right? Now, let's go to the check-in counter. Airline Clerk : May I see your tickets and passports, please? Mr. Fu : Here they are. Airline Clerk : Would you put all your baggage on the scale, please?....Ah, thirty-eight kilos. Mrs. Fu : Is that inside the free allowance? Airline Clerk : Yes, we allow twenty kilos each. Mrs. Fu : That's lucky! (To her husband) What's next? Mr. Fu : They'll have to check our baggage. Why don't you wait me upstairs at the refreshment lounge? Mrs. Fu : All right. (She goes off.) Airline clerk : Open your baggage, please. Mr. Fu : Sure. (He opens the bags. The airline clerk examines them.) Airline Clerk : All right. Thank you, sir. Mr. Fu : (Upstairs at the lounge.) What did you order me? Mrs. Fu : Black coffee. What do we do now? Mr. Fu : Let me finish this coffee and then we will go to gate 5. They're announcing our flight. Mrs. Fu : I didn't hear anything. Mr. Fu : It's on that sign board up there. See? UA 801. At gate 5. Have you payed the check yet? Mrs. Fu : Yes. Mr. Fu : Let's go then. Vocabulary 注释 1. checkin n. 指在机场、旅馆的报到 . free adj. 免费的 3. lounge n. 休息室”Refreshment lounge”,指可边喝饮料或吃东西、边休息的场所 机场 Mrs. Airline Clerk。

地球是多数人的幸福家园但信念是精神的一种状态人只要拥有信念,就不会轻言放弃倘若他不得已颠沛流离,就会再次建起一座房子,那是地球上任何飓风都无法摧毁的 The Light of a Bright Day By Helen Keller I choose my subject faith wrought into life, apart from creed or dogma. By faith I mean a vision of good one cherishes and the enthusiasm that pushes one to seek its fulfillment regardless of obstacles. Faith is a dynamic power that breaks the chain of routine and gives a new, fine turn to old commonplaces. Faith reinvigorates the will, enriches the affections and awakens a sense of creativeness. Active faith knows no fear, and it is a safeguard to me against cynicism and despair. After all, faith is not one thing or two or three things; it is an indivisible totality of beliefs that inspire me. Belief in God as infinite good will and all-seeing Wisdom whose everlasting arms sustain me walking on the sea of life. Trust in my fellow men, wonder at their fundamental goodness and confidence that after this night of sorrow and oppression they will rise up strong and beautiful in the glory of morning. Reverence the beauty an preciousness of the earth, and a sense of responsibility to do what I can to make it a habitation of health and plenty all men. Faith in immortality because it renders less bitter the separation from those I have loved and lost, and because it will free me from unnatural limitations and unfold still more faculties I have in joyous activity. Even if my vital spark should be blown out, I believe that I should behave with courageous dignity in the presence of fate and strive to be a worthy companion of the beautiful, the good, and the True. But fate has its master in the faith of those who surmount it, and limitation has its limits those who, thought disillusioned, live greatly. True faith is not a fruit of security, it is the ability to blend mortal fragility with the inner strength of the spirit. It does not shift with the changing shades of one's thought. It was a terrible blow to my faith when I learned that millions of my fellow creatures must labor all their days food and shelter, bear the most crushing burdens and die without having known the joy of living. My security vanished ever, and I have never regained the radiant belief of my young years that earth is a happy home and hearth the majority of mankind. But faith is a state of mind. The believer is not soon disheartened. If he is turned out of his shelter, he builds up a house that the winds of the earth cannot destroy. When I think of the suffering and famine, and the continued slaughter of men, my spirit bleeds, but the thought comes to me that, like the little deaf, dumb and blind child I once was, mankind is growing out of the darkness of ignorance and hate into the light of a brighter day. 997。

Knowledge is one thing, virtue is another; good sense is not conscience, refinement is not humility, nor is largeness and justness of view faith. Philosophy, however enlightened, however profound, gives no command over the passions, no influential motives, no vivifying principles. Liberal Education makes not the Christian, not the Catholic, but the gentleman. It is well to be a gentleman, it is well to have a cultivated intellect, a delicate taste, a candid, equitable, dispassionate mind, a noble and courteous bearing in the conduct of life--these are the connatural qualities of a large knowledge; they are the objects of a University; I am advocating, I shall illustrate and insist upon them; but still, I repeat, they are no guarantee sanctity or even conscientiousness, they may attach to the man of the world, to the profligate, to the heartless, pleasant, alas, and attractive as he shows when decked out in them. Taken by themselves, they do but seem to be what they are not; they look like virtue at a distance, but they are detected by close observers, and on the long run; and hence it is that they are popularly accused of pretense and hypocrisy, not, I repeat, from their own fault, but because their professors and their admirers persist in taking them what they are not, and are officious in arrogating them a praise to which they have no claim. Quarry the granite rock with razors, or moor the vessel with a th of silk, then may you hope with such keen and delicate instruments as human knowledge and human reason to contend against those giants, the passion and the pride of man.。