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英国脱欧影响美国总统竞选走向 --30 18:5:9 来源: 英国退出欧盟,对此,美国如何看待?各大总统候选人说法不一 Brexit’s surprise victory left the Obama administration scrambling to put the best face on an outcome it didn’t want.英国出乎意料地成功退出欧盟,对于这个并不期待的结果,奥巴马政府只能尽力掩盖其不满“One country has made a decision. Obviously, it was a decision the ed States had hoped would go the other way. But it didn’t. And so we begin with a fundamental respect voters."“英国已经做出了退出欧盟的决定显而易见,美国希望英国能够继续留在欧盟,但公投结果并非如此所以,我们要给予投票者最基本的尊重”But Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to welcome the outcome.但是,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普看起来很欢迎这个结果“People want to take their country back. They want to have independence, in a sense. I really do see a parallel between what’s happening in the ed States and what’s happening here. People want to see borders.”“人们想把自己的国家夺回来在某种意义上来说,他们想要独立我真的认为,美国和英国的情况有一些相似之处人们想看到界线”In a volatile world, the last thing we need is a volatile president.在这个动荡的世界,我们最不需要的就是反复无常的总统Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign pounced on Trump’s assertion that British monetary turmoil might benefit his business venture in Scotland.民主党总统候选人希拉里·克林顿对特朗普的观点予以攻击,称特朗普在苏格兰的企业会从英国的货币动荡中受益“Every president is tested by world events. But Donald Trump thinks about how his golf resort can profit from them.”“每个总统都受到世界事件的考验但唐纳德·特朗普考虑的只是怎如何使高尔夫度假区受益”But if the Brexit vote illuminated public discontent on one side of the Atlantic, Republicans said similar sentiments exist on the other side, as well.但是共产党人认为,如果英国脱欧公投能够说明大西洋一岸(英国)公众的不满,那么这种不满的情绪也存在于大西洋的另一岸(美国)“What you saw in England, at least from what I , is that people got tired of being dictated to by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. And of course we have a lot of that here in this country. A lot of the president’s bureaucrats expanding regulations in a way that slows our economy and makes it difficult to have growth.”“在我看来,英国发生的事情说明:人们厌烦了被布鲁塞尔未经选举的官僚们指手画脚在美国,我们当然也能有很多这样的呼声很多政府官员的监管使经济增长缓慢,使其很难增长”A new poll shows Clinton leading Trump by points, but most voters want a new direction America. Democrats insisted the electorate is not blinded by unease and discontent.新一轮民调表明,克林顿领先特朗普个百分点,但大多数投票者希望美国有一个新的发展方向民主党人坚持认为,选民们没有被不安和不满蒙蔽“The differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump in terms of temperament, in terms of judgment, in terms of values couldn’t be more stark. And they are on display once again over the last two weeks.”“国务卿克林顿和唐纳德·特朗普的性格、辨别力和价值观完全不同在过去两周里,他们再一次公开竞选”A trans-Atlantic shockwave rattling a lackluster U.S. economic recovery could be a wild card in the election. The Obama administration is stressing the need to minimize disruptions stemming from Brexit.大西洋彼岸的这场风波使人们惊慌失措:低迷的美国经济复苏是总统竞选中的变数奥巴马总统强调,要尽量减少英国脱欧带来的混乱。

女王的衣橱:白金汉宫展出女王装 --9 :: 来源:chinadaily Her bright suits and bold hats put the Duchess of Cambridge’s nude court shoes in the shade. The Queen may have turned 90, but there is little doubt she is still the ultimate style icon, as a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace from tomorrow reveals. 女王亮眼的套装和大胆出挑的帽子让凯特王妃那双裸色高跟鞋黯然失色女王已经九十,但毫无疑问她仍是永不过时的时尚偶像这一点可以在七月二十二日起在白金汉宫举办的一场女王装展览中展现出来Her Majesty wears jewel-coloured outfits to ensure she can be seen by her subjects - and even uses them as a tool of diplomacy. Who knew that she dresses to echo the flag of the country she is visiting so as to flatter her hosts, and sometimes even has their national emblem sewn into them.为了让她的国民能清楚地看到她,女王一直身穿宝石色的套装,甚至还将这些套装作为一种外交工具为了对接待她的国家表示友好,她会穿与那个国家国旗颜色一样的套装,甚至有时会将那个国家的国徽缝在衣上Fashioning A Reign: 90 Years Of Style From The Queen’s Wardrobe shows off almost 80 of her outfits and 6 of her iconic hats. Here, we take a look at a glorious selection... “造就一个朝代:女王衣橱时尚九十年”展示了近80套套装及6顶标志性的帽子接下来,我们来看看其中的几套精选装THE ONE-SHOULDERED DRESS 露肩礼Made from duchesse satin, lace, sequins, diamante and beads, this asymmetric crinoline-skirted gown of pale yellow and turquoise - made by Sir Norman Hartnell, her favourite couturier of the time - is a perfect example of the Queen’s Fifties fashions. 这件浅黄与宝绿色相衬的露肩膨鼓裙礼是诺曼?哈特内尔设计并完成的,用全丝硬缎、花边、珠片、镶钻、及绿松石制成哈特内尔是女王当时最欣赏的设计师这件礼是上世纪五十年代女王时尚最完美的代表Worn on a state visit to the Netherlands in 1958, it features a one-shouldered bodice, the line of which is continued by a gathered panel of satin across the skirt. 女王身穿此礼于1958年出访荷兰礼的特点是其露肩的连衣裙上身,全丝硬缎的镶片将肩部线条延续到整条裙子上The dress is appliqued with tape lace ming stylised floral motifs and is richly embroidered with heavy beading. 裙子上还饰有带有风格化的花朵图案的长条蕾丝并且镶满了珠子This, says the Royal Collection, is another perfect example of the Queen’s unique championing of British couture. 英国皇家收藏信托表示,这件礼也完美地展现了女王对英国女士时装的持THE INVESTITURE OUTFIT 授权仪式装An ensemble that bears all the hallmarks of Sixties fashion: the princess-line coat hides a tunic as well as an underdress. 这是一套具备了所有六十年代时尚特点的装:公主线外套遮盖住了女士短上衣和衬裙Made in a striking pale primrose yellow, the silk outfit also includes pearls, bugle beads and embroidery on the cuffs, collar and hem. 这件淡黄色的丝绸外套的袖口、衣领和下摆处缝有珍珠和玻璃小珠,并带有刺绣The most interesting thing about it, however, is the matching hat made by a favourite milliner of the time, Simone Mirman. 然而,最有趣的还数与之相配的帽子是由当时最受欢迎的女帽设计师西蒙娜?米尔曼制作的Her Majesty took inspiration from the medieval age, which suited the surroundings of Caernarvon Castle, where the Queen was investing her son and heir, Prince Charles, as Prince of Wales in July 1969. 她的灵感来源于中世纪1969年7月,女王在卡那封城堡授予她的儿子即继承人查尔斯王子以威尔士亲王的头衔她的灵感与卡那封城堡的环境很相配The section at the back of the hat represents a ‘caul’, a m of head-dress covering the hair and hung down over the neck. 帽子后面部分采用了“发网”这一形式,即一种覆盖头发并自然垂下至颈部的发饰‘The philosophy behind the design is that the Queen would largely be seen from behind as she placed the coronet on the prince’s head, so having good design from the back was just as important as the outfit looking successful from the front,’ says exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. 展览负责人卡罗琳?德?吉托说:“这样设计是因为当女王将小冠冕授予王子时,大部分时间大家只能看到她的背影,所以帽子从后面看起来好看和装从前面看起来完美一样重要” THE OFFICIAL PORTRAIT GOWN 官方肖像照礼With its crinoline-style skirt, nipped-in waist and sweetheart neckline, this gown - a highlight of the exhibition - is a perfect example of the Queen’s style in the Fifties. 这件有裙撑,腰部收紧,鸡心领的礼是此次展览最精的部分它是女王五十年代时尚的完美展示Made by Sir Norman Hartnell, the Queen wore it in 1956 a series of official portraits taken by Baron Studios. 在由男爵工作室于1956年拍摄的一系列官方肖像照中,女王就穿了这件哈特内尔设计的礼It was fashioned from oyster-coloured duchesse satin and gold lamé, embellished with diamante, pearls, sequins and beads in tones of gold and silver. 它用牡蛎色的全丝硬缎和金银锦缎制成,装饰了深浅不同的金银色镶钻、珍珠、亮片和小珠子‘This is about beauty, about the best of British, about elegance,’ says Caroline de Guitaut. ‘It is another superb example of British couture, which the Queen champions.’ 吉托认为“这件衣代表了美,代表了英国最好的一面,代表了优雅,是女王所持的英国女士装的又一优秀范例” GOWN FIT A HISTORIC VISIT 历史性访问场合礼Designed by Savile Row’s Hardy Amies, the Queen first wore this turquoise dress in 1965 when she became the first British head of state to visit Germany after World War II. It is made from organza silk, sequins, silver th, beads and pearls and was worn to an official state banquet. 萨维尔街的哈迪?埃米斯设计了这件礼1965年,女王出访德国时首次穿了这套蓝绿色的衣当时女王是首位二战后出访德国的英国首脑这件衣的材质有欧根纱、闪光装饰片、银线、珠子和珍珠女王穿着这件礼参加了国宴The ornate embroidery over the bodice was inspired by the Rococo interiors of the palaces at Schloss Bruhl, which Amies researched prior to the Queen’s visit. 礼上半身的华丽刺绣的灵感来源于德国布鲁尔城堡内部洛可可风格的室内设计埃米斯在女王出访前特意做了一番研究Her Majesty loved the dress so much so that (with her usual eye economy), she wore it again an official portrait by Cecil Beaton in the White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace in 1968. 女王十分喜爱这件裙子,再加上她不铺张浪费的观念,1968年在白金汉宫白色会客厅由塞西尔?比顿帮她拍摄官方肖像照时,她再一次穿上了这件衣 THE QUEEN’S WEDDING DRESS 女王的结婚礼When commissioned to design Princess Elizabeth’s 197 wedding dress, Sir Norman Hartnell set out to produce ‘the most beautiful dress I had made so far’. His magnificent creation is in ivory silk, decorated with crystals and ,000 seed pearls. 当哈特内尔被任命设计197年伊丽莎白公主的结婚礼时,他就开始着手做这件“有史以来做过最漂亮的裙子”这件华丽的设计采用了乳白色的丝绸,并用水晶和一万粒珍珠点缀The accompanying shoes are tiny. Her shoe size has never been officially revealed, but is believed to be a two-and-a-half to three. 配套的鞋子很小女王的鞋码从未正式公布过,但一般认为是英码.5码-3码左右THE CORONATION DRESS 加冕仪式装The Queen’s 1953 Normal Hartnell-designed Coronation dress is regarded as a tour de ce of British design. 这件由哈特内尔设计,女王1953年登基加冕时所穿的礼被认为是英国设计的巅峰之作The duchesse satin gown, which took eight months to design and create, features national and Commonwealth floral emblems in gold and silver th, encrusted with seed pearls, sequins and crystals. It had to be reinced to support the weight of the embroidery. Unbeknown to the Queen, Hartnell added a four-leaf shamrock on the left of the skirt luck, and was delighted to see her hand brush it as she walked into Westminster Abbey. 这件全丝硬缎的礼花费了八个月的时间来设计并且制作,用金银丝线绣上了英国和英联邦的代表花朵,外面装饰有珍珠、亮片和水晶为了能够撑起外面这么多的装饰,哈特内尔还加固了这件衣女王不知情的情况下,哈特内尔在裙子左侧加了一株四叶草,以求幸运之神眷顾女王而且令他高兴的是,女王在走入威斯敏斯特教堂时,摆动的手拂过了这株幸运草‘The Queen wanted a dress that would stand up to the occasion - it was the first coronation fully televised - and the dress she chose was the eighth of nine he sketched. It is timeless,’ said exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. 吉托说:“女王想要一件能镇得住场面的礼,毕竟这是第一次全程直播的加冕仪式女王在哈特内尔的九张手稿中选择了第八件它是永恒的”THE QUEEN’S JUBILEE STYLE 周年庆典装One section of the exhibition is devoted to an example of the Queen’s style from each decade of her life - and this green Hartnell silk dress is typical of the Seventies. 展览有一部分是每十年女王穿衣风格的展示这件哈特内尔设计的绿色丝绸连衣裙是典型的七十年代风格Along with a matching silk and straw Simone Mirman hat, it was worn by Queen on several occasions during her Silver Jubilee tour in 1977, when she travelled the length and bth of the ed Kingdom bee heading overseas. 1977年迎来了女王的二十五周年纪念之旅在她出访海外前,她游遍了整个英国在这期间,她多次穿着这件衣,同时佩戴了米尔曼设计的丝绸草帽The soft silhouette, bow-tie neck and floral print silk are all hallmarks of Seventies design. 柔和的线条、蝶形领结、花朵图案的丝绸都是七十年代设计的标志‘There is a strong print, and the dress is made of lightweight silk the sake of practicality,’ observes the curator of the exhibition.. 展览负责人说:“出于实用考虑,裙子使用了轻薄的丝绸,还配上了浓烈的印花” THAT OLYMPIC DRESS 奥运礼Among the most globally recognisable outfits on show is the dress worn by the Queen at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. 女王在年伦敦奥运会开幕式上穿的衣也在展览之列这套衣全球闻名The gown was designed by the Queen’s senior dresser, Angela Kelly, and made from silk in a peachy-pink colour, embellished with lace, sequins and beads, with matching feather fascinator.这件礼由女王的资深造型师安吉拉?凯莉设计,用桃粉色的丝绸做成,加上蕾丝,亮片和珠子的装饰,并且搭配羽毛边饰Caroline de Guitaut says: ‘The philosophy behind the design was to have a colour that wouldn’t in any way be representative of any of the countries participating in the Games and also to have striking, strong design lines, so the illusion of the Queen supposedly jumping [out of a plane at the ceremony] wouldn’t be lost.’ 吉托说道:“使用桃粉色是因为需要一个不代表任何参赛国家的颜色这件衣还需要拥有突出、强烈的线条,这样当女王的替身从飞机上跳下时才够显眼”英文来源:每日邮报翻译:王慧雯(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning。

女王陛下如何看待苏格兰独立事情 -- :9:5 来源:   In this year's Queen's Speech at the state opening of the Westminster Parliament in June, Her Majesty said her government would proceed with plans to enhance the financial powers of the Scottish Parliament and would continue to "make the case Scotland to remain a part of the ed Kingdom".  今年6月,女王参加国会开幕大典时表示她的政府将计划加强苏格兰议会的财政权利,并将继续持“苏格兰留在联合王国内”  Though the speech is delivered by the Queen, the content is written by the UK government of the day.  尽管此次讲话由女王宣读,但讲话内容是由当时的英国政府起草的  However, there is a precedent the Queen commenting on a major issue that has constitutional implications.  尽管如此,女王在对涉及英国政体的主要问题上发表意见,并非毫无先例  In 1977, on the occasion of her Silver Jubilee, she inmed both Houses of Parliament: "I cannot get that I was crowned Queen of the ed Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland."  1977年,女王在自己的银婚庆典上告诉两院议员:“我不会忘记,我所加冕的称号是大不列颠和北爱尔兰联合王国女王”  The comments were widely interpreted as a royal rebuff to proposals devolution to Scotland which foundered in 1979.  这被广泛认为是皇室对苏格兰分权提案的断然拒绝该提案于1979年被否决  An address to the Scottish Parliament in was seen as a move away from the 1977 position.  女王在年对苏格兰国会的讲话被看做是和1977年相比立场发生的转变  Her Majesty warmly praised the relatively new devolved settlement, noting that MSPs were helping, with their work, to "strengthen the bonds that link the nations and regions of the ed Kingdom, the Commonwealth and Europe".  女王陛下热情赞扬了新达成的分权协议,指出苏格兰国会议员的工作“加强了英国、英联邦和欧洲之间的纽带”。

爱因斯坦癖好大公开:狂爱吃鸡蛋 --9 :33: 来源:中国日报 Albert Einstein is perhaps the world's greatest scientist. The Nobel Prize winner, who solved the riddle of the photoelectric effect and proposed the general theory of relativity, died on April 18, 1955, aged 76 after laying the foundation of modern physics and changing mankind's views on space, time, mass, and energy. But did you know he was obsessed by fried eggs? That's one of quirky things about the man behind the famous equation E mc that we learn from the bookEinstein at Home, which will be published in English in May the first time. The book contains five interviews conducted by scientist Friedrich Herneck with Herta Waldow, neacute;e Schiefelbein, who was the live-in housekeeper of Einstein in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district of Berlin six years.阿尔伯特bull;爱因斯坦可能是世界上最伟大的科学家他是诺贝尔奖得主,破解了光电效应的谜题,提出了广义相对论,奠定了现代物理学的基础,改变了人类对空间、时间、质量和能量的认识他于1955年月18日逝世,享年76岁但是,你知道他对煎蛋非常痴迷吗?我们也是从《爱因斯坦的家庭生活这本书知道的这个提出著名等式E mc 的科学家有个癖好,都收录在这本书中此书的英文版将于年5月第一次出版书中还收录了科学家弗里德里希bull;赫尔内克对赫塔bull;沃尔多(娘家姓席费尔拜因)女士的五次采访,沃尔多女士曾经在爱因斯坦位于柏林夏洛滕堡-威尔默斯多夫区的家中当了六年的住家管家下面,我们就来看看这本书中揭秘的爱因斯坦的那些;怪癖;The mad hair came on the cheap凌乱的头发是省钱省出来的Einstein's second wife was his cousin Elsa Loewenthal. Elsa could not persuade Einstein to pay a barber so she would cut his hair herself. Waldow recalled: ;When his hair was too long, when it was beyond the pale, Elsa would cut off his hair with scissors and he was willing to put up with it. As well as his disheveled hair, Elsa also trimmed the great scientist's moustache.爱因斯坦的第二任妻子是他的堂艾尔莎bull;洛文塔尔艾尔莎没法劝爱因斯坦,让他花钱找理发师理发,只能自己给他剪沃尔多回忆说:;当他的头发长得太长,长得让人无法忍受时,艾尔莎就会拿剪子给他剪头发,他也愿意让她这么剪除了修剪凌乱的头发,艾尔莎还会给这个大科学家刮胡子He made his shoes last他的鞋寿命很长Penny-pinching seems to have been a thing in the Einstein household - a seven-room apartment. Waldow, who was the housekeeper from 197-1933, said that he was always short of cash and his wife was very penny pinching. He wore shoes with holes in them, even if they were no longer watertight. ;He would wear them until it was no longer possible.; She said his favourite footwear was sandals. No wonder he kept a sign up in his office in later life in Princeton that said: ;Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.;爱因斯坦住的公寓有七间屋子,节俭似乎是他家的主题沃尔多在197-1933年间在这里当管家,她说爱因斯坦手头总是很紧,他的妻子也非常节俭他的鞋有破洞了,甚至都不防水了,他还在穿;他要把它们穿到实在穿不了了为止;她说他最喜欢穿的鞋就是凉鞋怪不得他晚年在普林斯顿大学的办公室里挂着一句话:;不是所有有价值的都可以被计算,不是所有能计算的都有价值;He really was an egghead (especially fried eggs )他真是鸡蛋(特别是炒鸡蛋)爱好者Waldow had to deliver fried eggs and scrambled eggs almost every day his breakfast. There were eggs breakfast, usually fried. There was also a lot of honey, which we bought by the pail, brought by a beekeeper. ;Herr Professor always ate fried eggs, at least two.; They bought their fresh eggs from an elderly Jewish man. ;Dear me, he was so grubby!; Waldow said. Einstein also enjoyed mushrooms with his eggs. ;He would probably have eaten mushrooms three times a day, that's how fond he was of them.;沃尔多几乎每天都给他送煎蛋和炒蛋当早餐早餐的鸡蛋通常是煎的,里面还加了很多蜂蜜蜂蜜是从一个养蜂人那里一桶一桶买来的;教授先生总是吃煎蛋,一次至少吃两个;他们的鲜鸡蛋是从一个老犹太人那里买的;天呐,那个卖蜂蜜的可邋遢了!;沃尔多说,爱因斯坦还喜欢在鸡蛋里加蘑菇;他几乎一天吃三顿蘑菇,他就是这么喜欢;。

津巴布韦总统怒吼:请中国男人自带老婆 -- 19:9:5 来源: 昨天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝在非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线国家协商大会上指责,中国商人不把赚到的钱存在当地而是寄回本国,一个项目持续好几年,却不带老婆过来,而是与当地的女人们发生关系中国人不把钱存到当地是导致现金短缺的原因之一 ZANU-PF First Secretary President Mugabe yesterday criticized some Chinese businessmen failing to deposit their cash into local banks and instead, smuggling it to their home country. He also rapped them not bringing along their wives when working on projects that ran several years, saying this could lead them to prey on local girls. President Mugabe said this while addressing members of the revolutionary party’s National Consultative Assembly at the Zanu-PF Headquarters yesterday. Failure to deposit daily takings has been cited as one of the causes of the prevailing cash shortages.昨天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝在非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线国家协商大会上指责,中国商人不把赚到的钱存在当地而是寄回本国,一个项目持续好几年,却不带老婆过来,而是与当地的女人们发生关系中国人不把钱存到当地是导致现金短缺的原因之一The President said it had been observed that most Chinese nationals leave behind their wives when coming long-term projects, leaving people to wonder if they will be celibate.穆加贝总统说,中国人到津巴布韦从事长期项目的时候,大多数都不带老婆,人们很好奇他们是否禁欲He said Government would continue engaging Chinese authorities since the two countries enjoyed good bilateral relations to ensure that some of these issues were addressed.他表示,津巴布韦与中国有着良好的双边关系,为了解决这些问题,两国政府将继续保持合作He castigated financial institutions steep bank charges and high interest rates. President Mugabe said he received a complaint last week from a corporate entity that was levied more than 菲尔普斯五次入选奥运会:史上第一人 -- :58:6 来源: 迈克尔·菲尔普斯成了第一位入选五届奥运会的美国男子游泳运动员本周三他赢得了美国奥运会预选赛0米蝶泳比赛 Michael Phelps has become the first American male swimmer to qualify five Olympics. He won the 0-meter butterfly race at the U.S. Olympic trials on Wednesday.迈克尔·菲尔普斯成了第一位入选五届奥运会的美国男子游泳运动员本周三他赢得了美国奥运会预选赛0米蝶泳比赛Phelps has won 18 gold medals, more than anybody in Olympic history. He won eight gold medals in a single Olympics in in Beijing, China.But his golden image was tarnished after the London Olympics. He was arrested two times drunk driving.菲尔普斯赢得过18块金牌,比奥运会历史上任何人都多单单在年北京奥运会上,他就赢得了8块金牌但是他的光辉形象在年伦敦奥运会之后就开始打折扣他因为酒驾两次被捕He stepped away from swimming. He entered a rehabilitation program. He then returned to the pool to train the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.The Games’ opening ceremony is August 5.他离开了游泳事业他加入了戒酒计划他为了里约奥运会又回到了游泳池进行训练里约奥运会的开幕式是在8月5日Phelps first appeared in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, in 00. He was years old. Now 31, Phelps still holds three world records. He says he is happy to represent his country at the Olympic Games one more time.菲尔普斯的第一次亮相是在00年的悉尼奥运会上那时候他才岁现年31岁的他依旧保持着三项世界纪录他说他很乐意再一次代表国家出战奥运会Being able to make my fifth [Olympics] is something that means a lot to me,” Phelps said. “…I think years from now, I’ll be able to look and be happy with that decision to come back.”“能够第五次出战奥运会,对我来说意义重大”菲尔普斯说“就算是年以后,我也会对现在的决定感到满意的”Another goal Phelps is setting one more personal best time during the next month.“It’s been a long time since I’ve got a best time,” he said. “I’d like to have maybe one bee I retire. I hope we can get at least one in the next four weeks.”菲尔普斯的另一个目标是,在下个月内再达到一次个人最佳成绩“距离我上一次的最佳成绩已经很长时间了”他说,“我想在退役之前再来一次这样的成绩我希望我们能够在接下来四周内达成至少一次最佳成绩”When the Rio Olympic Games begin in August, Phelps will be joined on the U.S. swim team by Allison Schmitt. Schmitt is another athlete who won gold medals in London in . But she has struggled in her personal life since winning gold.8月份里约奥运会开始时,菲尔普斯将和阿丽森·施密特一起到美国国家游泳队报到施密特是另一位在年伦敦奥运会上获得金牌的运动员但是自从赢得金牌以后,她的个人生活就一直不怎么平坦 Schmitt, it was depression that included suicidal thoughts. It was not until her cousin committed suicide that she looked help. She qualified Rio on Wednesday after placing fourth in the 0-meter freestyle race. She won that event at the London Games in .对施密特来说,要担忧的是有自杀念头的抑郁症直到她的表亲自杀她才开始寻求帮助本周三她以0米自由泳比赛第四名的成绩拿到了里约奥运会的入场券在年伦敦奥运会,她在这个项目上拿到了冠军“I’m going to Rio,” Schmitt said. “It’s been a tough four years, but I’m so happy right now.”The star swimmer of the summer games may be 19-year-old Katie Ledecky. In , she was a young swimmer from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Ledecky won a surprise gold medal in the 800 meter freestyle in London. In less than four years, she broke three world records.“我要去里约了”施密特说“这四年来很艰苦,但是我现在很快乐”年夏季奥运会的游泳之星很可能是19岁的凯蒂·雷德基年,她还是来自华盛顿特区近郊的年轻游泳运动员雷德基在伦敦奥运会上爆冷赢得了800米自由泳冠军在不到四年的时间里,她已经打破了三项世界纪录At last year’s world championships, Ledecky won five gold medals. She says she will not try to break German swimmer Kristin Otto’s record of six gold medals at a single Olympics.“I don’t think about who I’m chasing or any of the historical implications,” Ledecky said.在去年的世界锦标赛上,雷德基赢得了5块金牌她说她可能不会去尝试打破德国游泳运动员克里斯汀·奥托在一届奥运会上就赢得6块金牌的纪录“我不会想我在追赶谁,或者达成什么历史意义”雷德基说The U.S. team will also feature Missy Franklin. She is a four-time gold medalist at the Olympics. She will race in the 0-meter freestyle event in Rio.美国队的另外一个亮点是梅西·富兰克林她在年奥运会上赢得了块金牌她将参加里约奥运会的0米自由泳项目 in bank charges depositing 0 000.穆加贝总统指责了金融机构昂贵的手续费和利率上周他收到一家实体公司的抱怨,称将存35万美元存入时交了0美元的手续费“If 0 000 has come into the of a person and into your bank, you should give him interest because it increases your capacity to lend also. I think the banking system deserves to be looked into. We should look into it almost immediately,” said President Mugabe. He also castigated party cadres trading insults and accusations though social media.“如果将35万美元存入的个人账户中,应该给用户利息,因为这些钱提高了的房贷能力我认为要立刻对系统进行调查,”穆加贝总统说他还谴责了党员干部在社交媒体上互相辱骂和指控的行为President Mugabe said by exchanging harsh words through hostile private media, they would be exposing themselves to ridicule by opposition parties. “Don’t blame us. Blame your people in the party who give us inmation. But why do we do that?” asked President Mugabe.穆加比总统说,党员干部在私人媒体上针锋相对,言语暴戾,使他们受到反对党的嘲讽“不能怪我们,怪就怪你们自己党内给我们把柄的人但是,我们为什么要这样做呢?”穆加比总统问道He said the First Family had been demonized with the First Lady being ascribed a faction each time she delivered a speech during political rallies. President Mugabe also rapped men who sexually abuse young girls, saying there was need stiff sentences like castration.穆加比总统说,“第一家庭”已经被妖魔化,因为第一夫人每次在政治集会上的发言都被当作派系之争他认为有必要对那些性虐待少女的男人施加严厉的判决,比如割礼He applauded Zanu-PF Youth League led by deputy secretary, Cde Kudzai Chipanga conducting a successful One-million Man March last month. He urged them to continue respecting their elders. He said the votes of no confidence that saw several party officials being suspended were not procedurally done stressing that some of the allegations warranted people to be brought bee a disciplinary hearing.穆加比总统赞扬了非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线副书记Cde Kudzai Chipanga上个月组织的百万民众大游行他要求人对长辈表示尊重穆加贝总统说,那些要求对几位政党官员停职的不信任投票尚未完成程序,但保在纪律听会之前对部分控告予以调查President Mugabe reiterated his call the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association to be disciplined saying they had no right to determine who should succeed him particularly when it was being done outside the party.穆加贝总统强调,津巴布韦国家解放战争退伍军人协会纪律严明,他们没有权力决定谁会当选下任总统,尤其是在党外选举中。

我们已经到了开始失去朋友的年纪 --18 :7:1 来源: 最近的一项研究表明,男性和女性在岁出头时交友广泛,在5岁后,人们所拥有的朋友的数量急速下降 Story highlights新闻概要Men and women are socially promiscuous in their early s, according to a recent study最近的一项研究表明,男性和女性在岁出头时交友广泛After the age of 5, the number of friends people have falls rapidly在5岁后,人们所拥有的朋友的数量急速下降Women lose friends at faster rates than men女性失去朋友的速度比男士更快Are you younger than 5 years old? You may want to appreciate this moment in life when your social circle is at its greatest. If you’re older, you may relate to what you next.你现在不到5岁吗?你可能会想感谢生命中这个时刻,你的社交圈是最棒的如果你年纪再大点,你可能会接触到你接下来读到的情况了Soon after your mid-s, your social circle shrinks, according to a recent study by scientists from Aalto University in Finland and the University of Oxd in England.根据来自芬兰阿尔托大学和英国牛津大学科学家的最新研究成果,来岁后不久,你的社交圈会开始缩小The teams analyzed data from 3 million mobile phone users to identify the frequency and patterns of whom they contacted and when, as well as overall activity within their networks.团队分析了来自300万个手机用户的数据,判定他们联系的频率和模式,以及在他们在网络上的整体活跃度Men and women were found to be socially promiscuous -- making more and more friends and social contacts -- until the age of 5, after which point they started losing them rapidly, with women losing them at an initially faster rate than men. The average 5-year-old woman contacts about .5 people per month, while a man contacts 19 people.男性和女性在5岁之前不断交友,社交联系频繁,处于泛交状态之后他们开始快速失去朋友,最初女性失去朋友的速度快于男性5岁的女性每月联系.5个人,而5岁的男性每月联系19个人No, Facebook friends don’t count.不,脸书上的朋友不计入其中This decline continues the rest of your life, or at least until retirement, where it plateaus, probably due to reduced data among this age group.在余生中,朋友的数量会继续下降,至少退休之前是这样的数据突然停滞的原因,也许是在这个年龄群体中可采集的数据减少Why does it happen? It comes down to investments.为什么会发生?归根结底是投资问题What’s it worth?什么是值得的?The theory is that around this age, people begin to decide who is most important -- and valuable -- in their life and make a greater eft to hold on to those friends.关于这个年纪的理论表明,人们开始决断在他们生命中谁是最重要的或者说是最有价值的,从而为了保住这些朋友作出更大的努力"People become more focused on certain relationships and maintain those relationships," said Kunal Bhattacharya, a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University who co-authored the study. "You have new family contacts developing, but your casual circle shrinks."阿尔托大学士后Kunal Bhattacharya共同主导了这项研究,他说“人们更在在意某些关系并努力去维持这些关系,你建立了新的家庭联系,但是你的日常生活圈缩小了”This applies to both partners and friends, and it stems largely from people wanting to settle down and raise a family.这同时适用于伴侣和朋友,主要源于人们想安定下来建立家庭"At the beginning of this age range, women are more focused," Bhattacharya said, meaning women are more intent on finding the correct partner. Once they believe they have, they invest more time in nurturing that relationship and lose others of less value.Bhattacharya说“在这个年龄段初期,女性更加注重这点”这意味着女性更加想要找到合适的伴侣一旦她们认为自己拥有了,就会投入更多的时间去培养这段关系,失去一些其他没那么有价值的人"Once you’ve made decisions and found the appropriate people, you can be much less socially promiscuous and invest your time in these people," added Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Oxd who co-authored the paper. "But they can’t be just anybody," he added.该论文的共同作者Robin Dunbar,也是牛津大学进化心理学教授补充道,“一旦你做出了决定并找到了合适的人,社交会更慎重,把时间投入到选择的人身上,而不是随意的任何人”Narrowing down the people you’re close to includes friendships as well as life partners, particularly women, due to the support and help they can provide in times of need.缩小亲近的朋友和人生伴侣的圈子,尤其是对女性来说,主要是由于他们在需要的时候可以提供的持和帮助有限"Women have this idea of a best friend, who is similar to a romantic partner ... and women work hard at these relationships," Dunbar said. "Particularly with friendships, if you don’t invest in them or see those friends, they will decay and quite rapidly drop."Dunbar认为“女性对最好的朋友的定义,几乎是一个浪漫的伴侣女性对这些关系付出巨大的努力特别在友谊方面,如果不花时间维持关系或去见见这些朋友,关系就会变淡并很快失去”Middle-age reversal中年逆转Trends were seen to change slightly in people’s late 30s: Men begin losing buddies at a faster rate. "You get a secondary switchover later in life," said Dunbar.在人们30岁以后,趋势看起来有轻微的改变:男性开始以更快的速度失去伙伴Dunbar说,“在以后的生活中发生第二次的转变”By the age of 39, the average man was contacting people, while women were calling people each month.到39岁时,男性平均每月联系个人,而女性每月联系个人Others argued that had the teachers at the schools in China had guns, the children might have been protected. Or if more people at the Orlando nightclub had guns, fewer than 9 people might have died.还有人认为,如果中国学校里的老师有,那么孩子们可能会受到保护或者如果在奥兰多酒吧里有更多的人有,可能死亡人数会少于9人Initial numbers of contacts during younger years are higher men, but by these later years, they soon drop contacts faster than women, and their totals become lower.最初更年轻的时候男性月平均联系人数更高,但是在之后的这些年,与女性相比,男性更快的与朋友失去联系,直到每个月的联系人数反而少于女性"You see this [reduction] in them about seven years later," Dunbar said. "It’s the women who make up their mind very early on."“从7年后他们的下降趋势来看,” Dunbar说,“女性很早就做出了决定”The grandmother effect祖母效应Though the team emphasized that the rapid loss of friends happens in both men and women, experts generally consider this mation of an "inner circle" to be more important to women, mainly due to them having children.尽管团队强调朋友的快速流失同时发生在男性和女性身上,专家通常认为这种“核心圈”的模式因孩子的缘故对女性来说更重要"You make the eft in return some benefits," said Dunbar, who believes that at this point, people will prioritize those who are more useful to them.“你会为了某些回报而做出努力” Dunbar说,他相信人们会优先对待对他们更有用的人"That investment will help certain aspects of your life," Bhattacharya added.“这些投资会对你生活的某些部分有所帮助,” Bhattacharya补充道At this point, contacts such as mothers, mothers-in-law, close friends and family come into play as they help people raise their children, known as the grandmother effect.此时,联系母亲、伴侣的母亲、亲近的朋友和家人可以在帮助人们养孩子上发挥作用,被称为祖母效应"It’s the ’tend and befriend’ idea, meaning relationships become more important when you have children," said Michael Price, director of the Center Culture and Evolution at Brunel University London who was not involved in the study. "You’re now investing in offspring the rest of your lives."“这种‘照料与结盟’理念,意味着当你有孩子以后关系会变得更加重要,” 并未参与这项研究的英国布鲁内尔大学文化演变中心主任Michael Price说道,“你正在为你以后的生活投资后代”In an evolutionary aspect, such such networks are believed to help women raise children.从进化的角度来看,这样的网络被认为会帮助女性养育后代Price believes that men instead value more individualistic criteria, such as their achievements or status, once they have a family. "It’s well established that close, personal relationships are more highly valued by women in general, while men value status more," he said.Price认为一旦男性拥有家庭后,会更加重视个体标准,如他们的成就或地位他说道,“经实,通常来说女性更重视亲密私人的关系,而男性更重视社会地位”Though the study was an opporty to analyze a large data set across many age groups within a population, Price noted that it did not reveal much about the quality of the relationships being counted or what people were actually talking about. "The quantity doesn’t reveal the quality of the relationships," he said.尽管这项研究通过年龄对人群进行划分并分析了大量数据,Price强调其并没揭示统计关系的质量或者人们实际上所谈论的内容他说,“数量并没有展现出关系的质量”Is the future online?未来会是线上的吗? many years, social networks have been raising people’s "friend" count, making millennials believe they have hundreds or even thousands of friends. But even with these added means of communication, experts believe the time taken to invest in a true close-knit friendship will continue to keep the trend going. Although it may become more international, the value of face-to-face friendship may never change.多年来,社交网络增加了人们朋友的数量,使得千禧一代(198-1995年出生)自认为他们有成百上千的朋友但即使是这些通讯手段增加,专家认为投入在真实亲密的友谊上的时间将使这个趋势持续下去尽管通讯可能变得越来越国际化,面对面的友谊从未改变"Our natural psychology is small, very small, like a village," Dunbar said. "The internet may allow you to keep relationships going over a much wider geographical area, but [ now], a shoulder ,000 miles away isn’t as good to cry on.“我们自然的心理很小,非常小,像个小村庄,” Dunbar说,“网络能让你跨越一个非常大的地域范围保持一段关系,但至今为止,千里之外的肩膀并不能让你在哭泣时依靠”。

想存钱?专家招:50--30法则 --9 ::5 来源: 很多人在人生某个时刻都想要存钱买点什么,专家建议:收入的50%用在生活必需品上,%存起来,剩下的30%用来购买你的“欲望” Whether saving a first home or a new pair of shoes, everybody has budgeted something at some point in their life - and knows the pitfalls of failing to stick to it.不论是存钱买第一栋房子还是买一双新鞋,每个人在人生中某个时刻都会为某件东西作预算-而且每个人都知道难以坚持的陷阱在何处So what if there was a simple hack that ensured you always kept to your budget and saved exactly the correct amount of money every month?假如有种简单的方式能够确保你坚持自己的预算,并且每月存下来足够的钱,结果会怎么样呢?According to Career Girl Daily there is. The site claims that the 50--30 rule is one that can be applied to every budget and will help you gain control of your money.据《每日职业女性称,真有这样的方式该网站声称50--30法则能够应用到每一个预算,并帮你掌控金钱So how does it work? As Hannah Lutterbach explains, 50 per cent of everything you earn each month should be spent on essentials.那么这个法则是如何运作的?汉娜吕泰尔巴克解释说,你每月全部收入的50%应当花费在生活必需品上These ’needs’ include your rent, bills, food shop and travel cards (plus car insurance and petrol if you drive).这些“需求”包括房租、账单、食品、乘车卡(如果你开车,还要加上汽车保险和油费)If you’re struggling to work out exactly which expenditures come under this section, it’s the ones you pay without fail every single month that are mostly unchanging.如果你纠结于弄清楚究竟哪些出是属于这一部分的,你就看那些你每个月几乎不变的固定出The part of the rule calls you to put per cent of every single month’s pay check into your savings pot.指的是你要把每月工资的%存起来The money you save will be beneficial your retirement contributions or to pay off debts you might have like college or car loans,’ explains Hannah, who recommends having a separate bank this segment of your money.“你的储蓄将会对你的退休金有益,或者用它来付你可能有的贷款,比如大学学费贷款或车贷”汉娜解释道,并且她建议为这部分储蓄开通一个专有账户The third and final part of the rule is the 30 per cent part, which is dubbed the ’wants’ and can be spent on the fun things you want to do or things you want to buy like new clothes.规则的第三部分也是最后一部分-30%,它被称作“欲望”,它可以花费在你想做的开心的事或者想买的东西,比如新衣Hannah explains that as long as you’ve followed steps one and two, the third step allows you to have some fun with your money.汉娜说,只要你遵循了规则一和二,第三个规则会允许你用这笔钱做点开心的事She concluded: ’It can be tempting to spend more than 30 per cent on your “wants” but try to honest and strict with yourself and don’t even start to cheat.’她总结:“你可能非常想在你的"欲望"上花费超过30%的钱,但试着严格和诚实对待自己,不要试图欺骗自我”Discussing the technique, Jamie Smith-Thompson, managing director of Portafina (pensions and ISA advice specialists), said: ’Categorising your income like this is a great way to think about your money, and will also get you into the habit of paying yourself first, which is crucial financial success. It’s similar to the thrift box system from years ago, so is a tried and tested method.谈到技巧,Portafina(养老金和个人储蓄账户咨询专家)总经理杰米史密斯-汤普森说:“将你的收入照像这样的方式分类能够让你思考你的金钱,使你养成自己为自己买单的良好习惯,而这点对于财务成功是至关重要的它很像多年前的勤俭盒系统,是经过考验和测试的方法”There’s no doubt this would be particularly useful people who don’t pay much attention to their money, and can start them on the road of improving their finances.毫无疑问,这种方式明显能够帮助那些不太在意自己经济状况的人,使他们改善自己的经济状况With that said, it’s a false claim that these percentages apply to every budget. If you’ve got a mountain of debt and no savings, then spending more money than you save is not recommended.话虽如此,但是认为这个比例适用于所有预算则是种错误的观念如果你有堆积如山的债务并且毫无积蓄,那不建议你花的钱比存的钱多With debt, a good idea is to give yourself a deadline to pay it off by. From there, you can work out monthly payments to hit your target. This is more effective than thinking purely about percentages, and once the debt is cleared you can put the extra money into your savings every month.’“对于债务,一个好的办法是给自己设置一个还清的期限你可以通过期限来计算每个月需还的费用,以此来达成目标这种方式比单纯考虑比例要有效得多,一旦你还清债务后,便可以将每月额外的钱存起来”Kris Brewster, Head of Products at Skipton Building Society, does, however, believe that when it comes to managing finances, everyone is different and there’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach. So, he says, it’s important to identify what’s realistic you and your family.然而,谈到财务管理,普顿建筑协会产品负责人克里斯布鲁斯特却认为每个人都不一样,没有所谓一刀切的方法他觉得,认清自己和家人的现实才是最重要的Look at your finances and identify your disposable income. Make a list of your essentials, such as living and transport costs, then do the same things like going out, shopping or leisure activities. Try to get into the habit of saving a proportion of your income regularly each week or month: it can often be worth putting goals or incentives in place to help you stay motivated in the longer term.“查看自己的财务状况,确认可配收入列一个生活必需品清单,比如居住和交通费,同样对于出行、购物或休闲活动也如此操办试着养成每周或每月存下来收入一定比例的钱:有时候不妨设置目标或激励来帮你长期保持动力”There are always times when you may need to be flexible with your finances – some recent research conducted by Skipton Building Society reveals that one in ten people dip into their savings on a monthly basis. The important thing to keep in mind is that putting money away on a regular basis will pay off in the long run, even if it’s only bit by bit. It’s never too late to make a start.’然而总会有些时候你可能需要调整财务-普顿建筑协会近期一些研究揭露,十分之一的人每月都会动用他们的存款重要的是,要时刻牢记:定期存钱长远来看是会得到回报的,即使只是一小点一小点地存何时开始都不算晚”George Charles, spokesperson VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, added: ’Whilst the 50--30 rule is great in principle, this isn’t always going to be possible; every now and then there will be additional costs, such as school unims, car maintenance and so on. As you approach a summer holiday, instance, you may not be able to save so much as you might be paying off the holiday – that doesn’t mean that you are not handling your finances well.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk发言人乔治查尔斯补充:“50--30法则原则上是很棒,但不是任何时候都能实现;时不时的总会有额外出,比如校、汽车保养等等再比如暑假来临,你可能存不下来那么多钱,因为你要花钱去度假-但这并不能说明你没有很好地处理个人财务”Equally, if you get a payrise or promotion, you might be able to save a little more than normal. It really depends on your priorities at that specific time.“同样的,如果你加薪或升职了,你可能会比原来存的钱多一些这些真的取决于你在特定时期的优先级”That being said, it is a great rule saving and spending. Most people would be very surprised if they tried to stick to this rule, as the majority of us spend more than we realise on frivolous items, socialising and things we want. It’s surprising how quickly the savings can mount up when you keep a closer eye on your finances.’“话虽这么说,这确实是一个储蓄和出的黄金法则如果努力践行这个法则,大部分人会感到非常惊讶,因为我们中绝大部分人花在无聊东西、社交和欲望上的钱比我们意识到的多得多如果多留心你的个人财务,你会惊奇地发现你的储蓄会增长的如此之快”。

大学教你如何谈恋爱 -- :56: 来源: 日前,天津大学开授;恋爱课;的消息在网络上引起热议,不少网友慨叹,;单身三十年,蓦然回首,才发现,都怪大学时代没上lsquo;恋爱课rsquo;;Students at Tianjin University can now enroll in courses in what is possibly the most difficult subject of all - love.天津大学的学生现在可以选修一门可能称之为世界上最难的课程;;;恋爱课;Around 0 students crowded into a lecture hall at the prestigious university on March 30 as the first class of a new course on romance, ;Basic Theory and Experience of Love,; got underway.新学期该校就推出了一门名为《恋爱理论与实践的选修课,3月30日的第一堂课,就吸引了约0名学生的到来;Hopefully the lecture will give students a higher sense of responsibility toward dating,; said Liu Xiaochun, an associate professor of law at Tianjin University and course lecturer.;希望这门课程的开设能让学生们对于男女交往更具责任心,;刘晓纯说,他目前是天津大学的副教授,也是本门课程的主讲老师During the 90-minute talk Liu explained legal issues related to dating, including such topics as mistresses, domestic violence, divorce and abortion. ;It is the first time I have talked about dating in public,; he said.在90分钟的课堂中,刘教授解释了恋爱中的法律问题,包括的话题有情妇、家暴、离婚以及流产等等;这也是我第一次在公众前谈论恋爱问题,;他说 many, often away from home the first time, college is their first chance to explore romance after dedicating much of their high school years to study.对于许多首次离家出远门的大学生来说,大学是他们探索恋爱的第一次机会,毕竟他们的高中生活主要是围绕着学习One male student who asked not to be named, said he hoped the course would help him get along with his girlfriend better.一个不愿透露姓名的男生说,他希望通过学习此门课程可以帮助他更好地和女朋友相处Organized by a student dating club, the course covers a wide range of topics from dating tips and etiquette to counseling. The classes are taught by teachers from the university and external experts.这门课程是由一个学生恋爱社团组织的,话题覆盖面广,从恋爱技巧、恋爱礼仪一直到恋爱咨询,主要由本校的老师以及外聘专家讲授The course was inundated with more than 800 applications, far beyond initial expectations, Wang Rui, head of the student dating club, said.社团负责人王蕊说,这门课程选课人数超过了800人,远远超出预期;Students can gain two credits by attending no less than five lectures and submitting a ,000-character report at the end of the semester,; Wang said.;学生只要能上五次课以上,并在学期末上交一篇00字左右的报告就可以修得两个学分,;王说College relationships have been openly discussed across Chinese campuses, resulting in several programs to help students make their way through what could be a minefield. Such august institutions as China Youth University of Political Studies, Wuhan University and Renmin University of China all have similar courses.大学恋爱关系已经在中国各大校园里公开讨论着,这使得很多学校开始开设一些课程来帮助学生们跨过所谓的;雷区;一些令人敬畏的院校,如中国青年政治学院、武汉大学以及中国人民大学,都开设了类似的课程;The purpose of these courses is not to encourage students to fall in love, but to help them develop a proper attitude toward love and cope with problems they might meet when dating,; Xiong Bingqi, deputy director of 1st Century Education Research Institute, said.1世纪教育研究中心副主任熊炳奇表示:;开设这些课程的目的不是要鼓励学生恋爱,而是帮助他们对恋爱建立起正确的态度,并很好地处理恋爱中遇到的问题;Yang Li from the mental health education center at Tianjin University said many students lack the capacity to deal with failures involved in love, which can be traumatic and result in rash or even violent behavior.天津大学心理健康教育中心主任杨丽说,很多学生在面对失恋时缺乏处理能力,可能会导致心理创伤,行为鲁莽甚至造成伤害行为The courses will give students the skills they need to maintain better romantic relationships, Yang said.;恋爱课;将帮助学生们掌握一些处理两性关系的技巧,杨说The Tianjin course was applauded by social media users, who acknowledged the value of such lessons often clueless students.天津大学这门课程的开设也受到了社交媒体用户的好评,他们认为这对于不成熟的学生们来说很有价值;It is rare college lovers to end up married,; user ;Yindaxiaxia; posted on microblog Sina Weibo. ;It is crucial they understand love and relationships to avoid conflict and pain.;;大学里的爱情终成眷属的并不多;,一名叫;尹大虾虾;的网友在新浪微上说:;lsquo;恋爱课rsquo;可以让在校学生对此有深刻的认识,避免冲突和伤害;。

慕尼黑击案:嫌疑伊朗裔 无伊斯兰恐怖组织背景 --5 ::50 来源: 德国警方周六宣布,在慕尼黑用射杀九人然后自杀的伊朗裔德国青年有过治疗精神病的经历,很可能是一个孤胆手,与伊斯兰激进组织没有联系 MUNICH (HuffPostReuters) - A German-Iranian teenager who killed nine people and then himself in Munich had undergone psychiatric treatment and was in all probability a lone gunman who had no Islamist militant ties, police said on Saturday.《赫芬顿邮报、路透社慕尼黑报道——德国警方周六宣布,在慕尼黑用射杀九人然后自杀的伊朗裔德国青年有过治疗精神病的经历,很可能是一个孤胆手,与伊斯兰激进组织没有联系The 18-year-old attacker opened fire at a fast food restaurant near a busy shopping mall in Munich on Friday evening, killing at least nine people in the third attack on civilians in Western Europe in eight days. He was later found dead of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound, carrying more than 300 bullets in his backpack.这位18岁的攻击者周五晚上在慕尼黑一家繁忙的商场旁边的快餐店开火,打死至少9人,这是西欧八天内经历的第三起针对平民的攻击后来,他被发现疑似死于自己造成的伤,背包里携带了300多发子弹As authorities sought to piece together the circumstances of an attack, they all but ruled out any link to Islamic militant groups.当局试图还原这次攻击的本末,他们想了所有的可能性,但排除了任何与伊斯兰激进组织的联系Following a police search of the shooter’s room, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae said there are “no indications whatsoever that there is a connection to Islamic State,” nor is shooting connected to the issue of refugees. The investigations also indicate the shooter acted alone, he said.慕尼黑警察局长胡贝图斯·安德烈在警方搜查过手的房间之后说,“没有任何迹象表明,手有和伊斯兰国家的联系”,击案也和难民问题无关他说,调查还表明手是单独行动的The teenage gunman was born and brought up in the Munich area and was a dual Iranian-German national, police said.警方称,这名十几岁的手在慕尼黑出生、长大,具有伊朗和德国双重国籍He had spent time in psychiatric care, and appeared to be obsessed with mass shootings ― his room was full of books on the subject, including a title called: ‘Rampage in Head: Why Students Kill.’ Police said he had no criminal record but he was a victim of two minor crimes ― a theft in and bodily harm in .他在花了一些时间来治疗精神病,表现得似乎很迷恋大规模击——他的房间里放满了有关这个主题的书,其中一本的标题是《狂暴的头脑:为什么学生会杀人警方称,他没有犯罪记录,但他是两起小型犯罪的受害者——分别是年的盗窃和年的人身伤害Investigators said the shooter appears to have hacked a young woman’s Facebook and posted a message luring people to the mall where he carried out the shooting, HuffPost Germany reported. “I’ll give you something if you want, but not too expensive,” the message , asking people to come to the mall at p.m., per the Associated Press.据《赫芬顿邮报德国版报道,调查人员说,手似乎已经入侵了一个年轻女子的Facebook账户,并发布一条消息吸引人们去他犯下击案的那个商场援引美联社的消息,“我会给你你想要的东西,但不会太贵”这条消息要人们下午点去商场German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said there were indications the killer had been bullied “by others his age.” He also cited concerns about the role violent games may have played in the crime.德国内政部长托马斯·德梅齐埃说,有迹象表明手曾经“被同龄人欺负过”他也表达了暴力会导致犯罪的担忧The shooting took place on the fifth anniversary of twin attacks by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, who in shot dead 69 attendees at a youth summer camp hours after murdering eight others by detonating a van bomb in Oslo. De Maiziere said it was also too early to associate the Munich shootings with Breivik.击事件发生在与之类似的挪威大规模击案五周年的时候当时的凶手安德斯·布雷维克年在奥斯陆引爆了一辆面包车炸弹杀害八人后,开打死69名参加青年夏令营的成员德梅齐埃说,现在就把慕尼黑击案与布雷维克相关联还为时尚早In addition to determining the motive, police will have to find out how the 18-year-old got the firearm used in the attack in a country whose gun control system is described by the U.S. Congress Library as being “among the most stringent in Europe.”除了确定动机,警方还需要找出这位18岁的手是如何在美国国会图书馆称之为“几乎是欧洲最严格”的控系统中得到攻击用的武器的Police commandos, armed with night vision equipment and dogs, raided an apartment in the Munich neighborhood of Maxvorstadt early on Saturday where the German newspaper Bild said the gunman lived with his parents.装备了夜视器材和警犬的警方突击队,周六早晨搜查了慕尼黑马克斯城区的一间公寓,据德国报纸《图片报说,手在此和他的父母住在一起“I am shocked, what happened to the boy? Only God knows what happened,” Telfije Dalpi, a 0-year-old Macedonian neighbor of the family told Reuters. “I have no idea what happened - but he was a good human being. I have no idea if he did anything bad elsewhere.”“我惊呆了,这孩子发生什么事了?只有上帝才知道发生了什么”这家人的马其顿邻居、0岁的塔尔菲吉·达尔皮告诉路透社记者,“我不知道发生了什么——但他是一个很好的人我不知道他在别的地方做了什么坏事”There was a huge police presence in the street, which lies just north of Munich’s old city.这里就在慕尼黑的旧城区北边,街道上挤满了警察Andrae said authorities saw no links to an attack in southern Germany last Monday in which an axe-wielding -year-old asylum-seeker injured five people in an incident claimed by the Islamic State group.安德烈说,当局认为此事与德国南部上星期一的袭击有关,那次事件中岁的寻求庇护者用斧头砍伤了五,伊斯兰国组织声称对此次事件负责Bavarian State premier Horst Seehofer said attacks should not be allowed to undermine democratic freedoms. “ the second time in a few days we’ve been shaken by an incomprehensible bloodbath... Uncertainty and fear must not be allowed to gain the upper hand,” a visibly shaken Seehofer told reporters.巴伐利亚州州长霍斯特·泽霍费尔说,袭击事件不应该破坏民主自由“对于几天来我们第二次被难以理解的屠杀所动摇……不能让不确定和恐惧占上风”看起来明显动摇了的泽霍费尔告诉记者Andrae said it was premature to say whether Friday’s shooting was a terrorist attack, as French President Francois Hollande said, or the work of a deranged person.安德烈说,把周五的击案定为一起恐怖袭击还为时过早,或者就如同法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德所说,这是一个疯狂的人做出来的事Police said they were investigating a in which the gunman is heard shouting “I am German” and exchanging racial slurs and profanities with another man. “We are trying to determine who said what,” a police spokesman said.警方说,他们正在调查一段视频,在视频中手喊了一声“我是德国人”并和另一个人互相说有关种族污辱和亵渎的话“我们正试图确定谁说了这些话”警方发言人说Chancellor Angela Merkel met with her top security advisors Saturday to review Friday’s attack. “We are all - and I’m saying this on behalf of the whole federal government - mourning with a heavy heart those who will never return to their families,” Merkel said.安格拉·默克尔总理周六与最高安全顾问会面,商谈周五的击案“我们所有人——我个人,代表整个联邦政府——沉痛哀悼那些无法回到自己家庭的人”默克尔说“To the families, the parents and children whom everything today seems empty and pointless, I say personally and in the name of many, many people in Germany: we share your pain, we’re thinking of you and we’re suffering with you.”“对这些家庭、父母和孩子来说,来说,今天似乎一切都是空的、毫无意义的,我以我个人名义,并代表很多、很多德国人,一起分享你们的痛苦,我们正想你们所想,我们正痛苦着你们的痛苦”Seven of his victims were themselves teenagers. Three of his victims were years old, two were , one was and one 19. The others were and 5, the police chief said.受害者中有7人是青少年其中3人岁,人岁,一人岁,一人19岁警察局长说,其余两人分别是岁和5岁At least people, including several children, were in hospital and three were in critical condition, Andrae said.安德烈说,包括7名儿童在内的至少人受伤送医,其中3人伤势较重Kosovan media reported that three of the victims were of Kosovan origin. Naim Zabergja, the father of one of the victims wrote on Facebook: “With great sadness I want to inm you that my son Dijamant Zabergja, 1, was killed yesterday in Munich.”科索沃媒体报道称,有三名受害者来自科索沃一名受害者的父亲,纳伊姆·扎加在脸书网上写道:“怀着巨大的悲伤,我想告诉你,我1岁的儿子迪迦门特·扎加,昨天在慕尼黑被杀了”A second victim was named by her brother on Facebook as Armela Segashi, who he said died along with a third, Sabina Sulaj.另一名受害者是由她的兄弟在脸书网上确认姓名的阿米拉·瑟加西,据她的兄弟所说,一同丧生的还有第三名受害者萨宾娜·苏拉吉Friday’s incident snarled traffic as authorities blocked highways, closed the main railway station, and shut down public transport.上周五的事件导致了交通拥堵,因为当局封锁了公路,关闭了主要的火车站和公共交通Thousands of people had been crowding the streets and squares in Munich’s city center on Friday a beer festival.上周五,成千上万的人因为啤酒节挤在慕尼黑市中心的街道和广场上“There were a few people who came running towards us who were screaming and in panic. But mostly it was surprisingly calm,” said Elena Hakes, who had been with a friend in the Odeonsplatz square.“有几个人一边惊恐地尖叫着一边向我们跑过来但大多数时候平静得出奇”曾在音乐厅广场与朋友待在一起的埃琳娜·哈克斯说The incidents in Germany follow an attack in Nice, France, in which a Tunisian drove a truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day, killing 8. Islamic State claimed responsibility.德国的事件发生在法国尼斯的袭击之后,当时一名突尼斯人把货车开到庆祝法国国庆日的人群中,造成8人死亡,伊斯兰国声称对此负责。