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为了强调英语句子中的某一成份,强调方式是多种多样的,现将它们归纳如下,以供参考。   1.用形容词“very”,“single”等表示强调   e.g.Red Army fought a battle on this very spot.   红军就在此地打过一仗。   Not a single person has been in the office this afternoon.   今天下午竟然没有一个人来过办公室。   2.用反身代词表示强调   e.g.I myself will see her off at the station.   我将亲自到车站为她送行。   You can do it well yourself.   你自己能做好这件事情。   3.用助词“do”表示强调   e.g.The baby is generally healthy,but every now and then she does catch a cold.   那孩子的健康状况尚好,但就是偶尔患感冒。   Do be quiet.I told you I had a headache.   务必安静,我告诉过你,我头疼。   4.用副词“very”,“only”,“even”,“too”等表示强调   e.g.He drank it to the very last drop.   他把它喝得一干二净。   Only in this way can we wipe out the enemy troops.   只有用这样的方法我们才能消灭敌军。   He didn't answer even my letter.   他甚至连我的信都未回。   I will too go!我要去的!   5.用“...and that”,“...and those”,“not...too much”,“否定加否定”等结构表示强调   e.g.They fulfilled the task,and that in a few days.   他们在几天内完成的就是那项任务。   I gave her some presents,and those the day before yesterday.   前天我送给她的就是那些礼物。   I can't thank you too much.我无论怎样感谢你都不过份。   I am not unfaithful to you.我对你无比忠诚。   6.用短语“in every way”,“in no way”,“by all means”,“by no means”,“only too”,“all too”,“but too”,“in heaven”,“in the world”,“in hell”,“on earth”,“under the sun”等表示强调   e.g.His behaviour was in every way perfect.   他的举止确实无可挑剔。   By all means take your son with you.   你一定要把儿子带来。   The news was only too true.   这消息确实是事实。   It was over all too soon!   此事的确了结得很快!   Where in heaven were you then?   当时你到底在哪里?   Nobody under the sun would buy that car.   确实没有人会买那辆车。   7.用倒装句表示强调   e.g.Dishonest he is!他的确不诚实!   In wine is the truth. 酒后吐真言。   8.用强调句型表示强调   e.g.It was the headmaster who opened the door for me.   正是校长为我开的门。   It was yesterday that we carried out that experiment.   就是在昨天我们做了那个实验。The new iPhone SE failed to impress with its sales the first weekend after its release, according to statistics from Localytics.根据Localytics近日发布的数据显示,新机型iPhone SE上市后首周末的销售表现不佳。The sales in the past weekend of the iPhone SE accounted for only 0.1 percent of the total sales of all iPhone models, way less compared to the performance of some of the company#39;s previous models. There were also no long lines that are usually seen in front of Apple retail stores every time there#39;s a new product available.iPhone SE上周末的销量在所有iPhone机型总销量中占比仅为0.1%,远低于苹果公司之前发布的一些机型。每次苹果新产品上市时,苹果零售店前通常会排起长队,而这次并非如此。Equipped with most of the features from its previous model iPhone 6s, Apple Inc tried to offer its users a #39;budget friendly#39; model with iPhone SE at a retail price of 9. It was also released at a time when the company#39;s overall sales volume has been slowing down.这款新手机拥有绝大多数iPhone 6s的功能,苹果公司也想为用户提供一款价格亲民的iPhone。iPhone SE售价为399美元,在其发布时,苹果公司的整体销售量增速正在放缓。However, the sales don#39;t say all about the model#39;s future potential. Many iPhone 5 owners are waiting for Apple#39;s yearly update and will change to the iPhone SE afterwards. The next few months#39; sales will show if users set their hearts on a smaller iPhone or the next big screen iPhone which will be released this September.不过iPhone SE上市首周末表现不佳并不意味着其前景黯淡。许多iPhone 5的用户正等着苹果的年度更新,之后他们可能将转向iPhone SE。用户是对小屏iPhone青睐有加,还是对下一款将于9月份发布的大屏iPhone情有独钟,结果将在接下来几个月内见分晓。There are no specific selling statistics unveiled by Apple Inc at the moment.截止目前为止,苹果方面并没有公布具体的销售数据。 /201604/436283Xiaomi has sealed a deal to buy some 1,500 patents from Microsoft, a move that will help the Chinese smartphone maker expand exports and earn the US technology giant some badly needed goodwill in Beijing.小米(Xiaomi)与微软(Microsoft)达成一项协议,将向微软购买约1500项专利,此举将帮助这家中国智能手机制造商扩大出口,并为这家美国科技巨头在中国获得一些亟需的商誉。The transaction addresses a key weakness facing Xiaomi, which is seeking to sell its devices in countries outside its home market but has been hindered by its relative lack of intellectual property to fend off lawsuits.这笔交易化解了小米面临的一项主要弱势,该公司希望在本土市场以外的国家销售其产品,但由于相对缺乏知识产权来抵御诉讼,这方面的努力受阻。“In terms of patents we are a young company,” Xiaomi said yesterday, adding that the Microsoft deal was “a big milestone for us. It will help us with operations in new markets.”“从专利的角度来看,我们是一家年轻公司,”小米昨日表示,该公司补充称,与微软的协议“是我们的一项重要里程碑。它将有利于我们在新市场的业务。”The agreement comes on the eve of a visit to Beijing by Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella. The US company is still the subject of an antitrust investigation in China over the bundling of software, and its offices were raided by Chinese authorities in July 2014.该协议是在微软首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)访华前夕签订的。微软仍因软件捆绑问题在中国面临反垄断调查,2014年7月,中国当局曾突击搜查该公司驻华办事处。The patents deal includes Xiaomi installing Microsoft’s Office and Skype software on its phones. Financial terms were not made public.这项专利协议包括小米将在其手机上安装微软的Office和Skype软件。交易金额没有公开。Xiang Wang, senior vice-president, said Xiaomi was “excited” to be working with Microsoft and the deal demonstrated the Chinese company was “looking to build sustainable, long-term partnerships with global technology leaders”.小米高级副总裁王翔表示,小米对于与微软合作感到“激动”,该协议明,小米“希望与全球科技领军企业建立可持续的长期合作”。Other US tech groups facing setbacks in China have looked to do deals with local champions, partly as a way to win favour with Beijing. Last month Apple invested bn in Didi Chuxing, China’s version of Uber, which some analysts said they believed was at least partly motivated by government relations.其他在中国受挫的美国科技集团也已寻求与中国冠军企业做生意,在一定程度上是为了赢得中国政府的青睐。上月,苹果(Apple)向中国版优步(Uber)滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)投资10亿美元,一些分析人士表示,他们认为,此举至少在一定程度上受到政府关系的驱使。Xiaomi said it had applied for 5,700 patents over the past two years but declined to give any detail on the number it has been awarded and where. The deal was a drop in the bucket for Microsoft, with its 60,000 patents.小米表示,过去两年该公司已申请5700项专利,但拒绝透露有关获得批准的专利数量以及在何处获批的详细数据。对于拥有6万项专利的微软而言,该协议只是很小的一部分。A lean patent portfolio has hindered Xiaomi’s efforts to ramp up exports. In the smartphone industry, patent litigation is a serious challenge and access to a large number of patents allows companies to reduce their vulnerability to lawsuits by cross-licensing and trading patents.专利组合薄弱迄今阻碍着小米扩大出口的努力。在智能手机领域,专利诉讼是一项严峻挑战,获得大量专利将让公司通过交叉许可和专利交易减少诉讼带来的影响。In India, its largest prospective foreign market, Xiaomi last year faced a patent lawsuit in a Delhi High Court by Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson.在印度,瑞典电信设备制造商爱立信(Ericsson)去年在德里高院(Delhi High Court)起诉小米专利侵权。印度是小米最具潜力的海外市场。The case continues, though Xiaomi won a reprieve in a subsequent ruling barring it only from importing and selling phones containing components linked to the Ericsson dispute.该案仍在审理中,尽管小米在随后的裁决中赢得喘息空间,仅被禁止进口和销售含有与爱立信纠纷相关的部件的手机。Xiaomi currently exports to seven countries outside of China and Hong Kong, including Malaysia, India and Brazil.除了中国内地和香港以外,小米目前还向7个国家销售产品,包括马来西亚、印度和巴西。Expanding exports is part of a strategy to bolster sales, which are sagging in China. Xiaomi was the best-selling smartphone brand in China in 2014 and part of 2015 but has been eclipsed by Shenzhen-based rival Huawei.扩大出口是提升销售的战略的一部分,如今小米在中国销售疲弱。在2014年全年和2015年部分时期,小米曾是中国最畅销的智能手机品牌,但现在已被总部位于深圳的竞争对手华为(Huawei)超越。Xiaomi sold more than 70m phones in 2015, up from 61m the year before but missing both its original target of 100m and a revised goal of 80m.小米在2015年销售了逾7000万部手机,超过了2014年的6100万部,但没有实现最初制定的销售1亿部(后来调整为8000万部)的目标。Microsoft itself has had little success in trying to crack the global smartphone market. It acquired Nokia’s hardware business in 2013 for .2bn but the deal has been disastrous. Microsoft said last month it would take an additional 0m writedown, having aly written down .6bn from its mobile phone operations and laid off 7,800 staff.微软自己在进军全球智能手机市场方面乏善可陈。它在2013年斥资72亿美元收购了诺基亚(Nokia)的硬件业务,但该交易是灾难性的。微软上月表示,将再次减记9.5亿美元,它之前已经对其手机业务减记了76亿美元,并裁掉了7800名员工。Bryan Ma at IT consultancy IDC in Singapore said of the deal: “It’s a win-win, with one side building up its patent collection and the other building up its ecosystem. But this deal alone won’t change either of their fortunes overnight.”新加坡IT咨询公司IDC的马伯远(Bryan Ma)谈到该交易时表示:“这是一笔双赢交易,让一方积累专利数量,另一方打造其生态系统。但单凭该协议不会在一夜之间改变它们的命运。” /201606/447439

Light pollution is so bad in Singapore that people#39;s eyes never fully adapt to the dark when looking at the sky after sunset.新加坡的光污染非常严重,太阳落山后的夜空,他们的眼睛从未适应过黑暗。It#39;s pretty bad elsewhere too. A recent study, published in Science Advances, created an atlas of artificial night-sky brightness that measures and compares sky luminance around the world. A full one-third of humanity lives under skies where you can#39;t see the Milky Way.别处的情况也很糟糕。最近发表在《科学进步》的一项研究创造了人为夜空亮度的地图集,测量并比较世界各地天空的亮度。有三分之一的人生活在不能看到的天空之下。In the map below, white spots show where people#39;s eyes never adapt to darkness - when eye rods take over from eye cones. Red shows where people can#39;t see the Milky Way. Anything but black shows some level of light pollution.在下面的地图上,白色斑点表示这个地方的人们的眼睛从来没有适应黑暗 - 视网膜杆代替视锥。红色的点显示这里的人们无法看到系。除黑色之外的颜色显示受到光污染的不同水平。And a chart of the most light-polluted countries. Again, white shows the population living under skies that never get dark enough to cause eyes to adapt to night.有一张受到光污染最严重的地区的图表。再一次显示了白代表这个地方的人的天空从来没有足够的黑暗来使眼睛适应夜间生活。Light pollution is problematic for several reasons.造成光污染是有很多原因的。In addition to making astronomic research difficult, it can impact biological circadian rhythms, altering the behavior of birds, reptiles and even humans. A recentstatement from the American Medical Association also warned against the dangers of LED lights, which are increasingly replacing street lamps due to their energy efficiency. The blue light emitted by LED bulbs is more disruptive than traditional warmer-looking lighting.光污染不仅会使天文研究变得困难,还会影响到生物昼夜变化的规律,改变鸟类,爬行动物甚至人类的行为。最近,美国医学协会一项声明中还警告人们LED灯的危险性,由于能源效率LED灯越来越多地取代路灯。LED灯泡发出的蓝色光比传统暖光灯光更具破坏性。But in a Quora th about the absence of stars in Singapore#39;s night sky, local contributors have a few tips about how to find glimpses of them. User Ryan Phung suggests traveling to remote places in the city, like Tanjong Beach or Pulau Ubin. And Akshay Mamidi suggests looking up long enough for your to eyes adjust, then using a star chart to make sure you look in the right places.但在Quora上关于新加坡的夜空没有星星的提问,当地志愿者对如何找到它们踪迹给出了的一些建议。用户瑞安奉建议行驶到离城市偏远的地方,像丹戎海滩或乌敏岛。阿克沙伊麦迪建议仰视足够长的时间使你的眼睛适应,然后看星图确保你看的是正确的地方。Residents of Singapore are not alone in their struggles to see the stars. According to the study, 99% of US and European populations live with some level of light pollution, and 80% of North Americans can#39;t see the Milky Way either.新加坡的居民在找星星的过程中不是孤军奋战。这项研究表明美国和欧洲的99%的人口生活在一定程度的光污染下,北美80%的人也不能看到系。Other countries plagued by high levels of light pollution include Kuwait, Qatar, ed Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. The world#39;s least light-polluted countries are Chad, Central African Republic, and Madagascar, where more than 75% of the population has pristine views of the starry night.其他光污染困扰严重的国家还包括科威特,卡塔尔,阿联酋,沙特阿拉伯和韩国。世界上光污染最少的国家是乍得,中非共和国和马达加斯加,那里75%以上的人口可以很容易看到星星。In the report, the researchers write that they hope their data will aid others who study the impacts of light pollution as cities inevitably continue to get brighter.在报告中,研究人员写道,他们希望他们的数据将帮助其他研究光污染的影响的人,因为城市的夜晚不可避免地在继续变亮。 /201606/451478

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