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Tax inspection 税务检查A: Good morning, we are from Department of Baotou Tax Bureau. We would like to ask you something about the tax payment of your company.早上好,我们是包头税务稽查局的工作人员今天到贵公司是进行税务检查,我们想了解一下贵公司的缴税情况B: We will cooperate with you and provide true materials.我们会竭诚合作并提供真实可信的材料A: Could you please hand in complete ing books and other materials?请贵公司出具完整的账簿还有其他材料B: Of course, wait a minute, please. Here you are.当然,请稍等,给您A: We will take these materials back to make detailed inspection if you dont mind, and we will turn that back three days from now.假如你们不介意的话,我们要把这些材料带回去做详细的调查三天之后会把材料送回来B: OK.好的A: We are done inspecting, here is the result. If there is no discrepancy, please sign at the bottom of the m.我们已经检查完毕,结果在这里假如没有什么问题的话,请在表格的下方签字B: I think the punishment fee is a little bit high, what should we do?我认为罚金有点高,该怎么办?A: If so, you could ask hearing testimony, apply reexamination or bring suit against the tax authority.假如是这样的话,你们可以选择听、复议和诉讼B: What are these?这些是什么?A: These are your rights. When you think the punishment fee is high, you can apply hearing testimony within three days. The tax authority will listen to your report.这些都是你们的权利,当你们觉得罚金高的时候,贵公司可以在三天之内申请听税务机关将会听取贵公司的报告B: What about the reexamination?那么复议呢?A: You can report your case to the superior tax authority to reexamine. Its scope includes the arguments of the tax payment and the punishment. Or you can just bring a suit against the tax authority directly.你可以向上一级税务机关报告你们的情况要求复议,其范围包括处罚争议和纳税争议或者贵公司可以直接提出诉讼B: OK, thanks.好的,谢谢;bring a suit against sb;意思是;起诉某人; 5975

Y: 谢谢你邀请我和你一起过圣诞节P: You know, Yang Chen, I think the best thing about Christmas is spending time with people you care about.Y: That true. 还有壁炉,太棒了你点壁炉的木头是哪里来的?P: I chopped down the trees and cut the wood myself. I really enjoy doing logger sports.Y: Logger sports?P: Yeah, in America people race to see who can cut down trees and chop wood the fastest.Y: Oh, that so stupid,比赛谁砍木头砍得快P: That right. In college I was on a wood chopping team, but eventually I got the axe.Y: Got the axe? 看来你真的很投入,还自己买一把斧头P: Actually, no. When you say you got the axe, it means you were kicked out of a group. example, after I was late to work three days in a row, my boss finally gave me the axe.Y: 你老板把你开除了?P: I really have an axe to grind with him.Y: 你可不要拿着斧头去威胁你的老板P: When you say you have an axe to grind with someone, it means that you are mad because he or she did something bad to you.Y: example?P: If I generously invited someone to my house Christmas and she didnt even bother to bring me a present, I would probably have an axe to grind with her.Y: Of course I brought you a present!P: What is it?Y: Me! My wonderful company!P: Can I exchange your wonderful company something else at the store?Y: Hohoho, Merry Christmas! 65

6.A boy who built a snowman to mirror his foster family6.男孩堆雪人来展现他的寄养家庭A snowman in Toledo, Ohio is melting hearts worldwide. -year-old Joe Smith built the round, wheelchair-bound snowman his siblings and foster siblings. ;I just decided to have a wheelchair, and every time they look out the window they can see [themselves],; he said.俄亥俄托雷多的一个雪人融化了全世界的心岁的乔·史密斯为他的亲兄弟和养兄弟堆了一个坐在轮椅上的雪人他说:“我决定让雪人‘坐’在轮椅上,这样他们每次看窗外都好像能看到他们自己”His parents, Sue and Jerry Smith, have fostered children about 0 years and have concentrated on those with disabilities and serious medical needs. They have children, of them—including Joe—adopted through the foster system. They are currently raising four foster children. Joe said he had one of his foster siblings, a 5-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, in mind when building the snowman and the family wheeled him outside to see Joe creation. Needless to say, ;he loved it. He had a big smile on his face and was laughing. He looks out his bedroom window and sees it, and just laughs.;他的父母,苏和杰瑞,0年前就开始收养小孩,并且收养的大多是残疾人及非常需要医疗的小孩他们有个孩子,其中个(包括乔)是通过福利系统收养的他们目前在抚养四名寄养儿童乔说,他一直记得,自己有一个5岁的养弟患有脑瘫,而当他看到乔堆的雪人时,笑得非常开心“他很喜欢它,当他回到房间里看见窗外的雪人时,依旧欢笑着”7.White House staff plays on Obama irrational fear of snowmen7.奥巴马因害怕雪人被白宫工作人员捉弄Soon-to-be-mer President Barack Obama has irrational fears just like the rest of us. He recently admitted he had a slight fear of snowmen, saying, ;There a whole kind of Chucky element to them. Theyre a little creepy.;美国前总统奥巴马也跟我们一样有害怕的东西,他最近承认自己有点害怕雪人,他说,“雪人有种鬼娃恰奇的感觉,有点令人毛骨悚然”White House staff decided to prank the president, with help from official photographer Pete Souza, who shared a photo on Instagram of Obama hard at work in the Oval Office while a sinister-looking snowman can be seen lurking in the garden behind.白宫的工作人员决定捉弄一下总统,官方摄影师皮特·索萨在Ins上分享了一张照片,照片里奥巴马在总统办公室里伏案工作,而他身后的花园里藏着一个相貌阴险的雪人 the past three weeks, there have been four snowmen on display in the Rose Garden, he explained in a caption. ;Weve been joking that we should move the snowmen a few feet closer to the Oval office every day to see if anyone noticed… Finally, this morning bee the President came to the office, some helpful staff—I wont say who—moved all the snowmen, so each one was peeking through a different window into the Oval. This photo was taken this afternoon as the President signed end-of-the-year bills.;“在过去的三个星期里,玫瑰花园共展示了四具雪人,”他在照片配文里解释道,“我们一直开玩笑说,应该每天把雪人搬到离办公室更近的地方,看看有没有人注意到……最后,今天早上总统来到办公室之前,某个员工——我不会说是谁——把所有雪人都搬了过来,这样就好像每个雪人都在透过窗户偷瞄总统这张照片是今天下午总统签署年终法案时拍的”8.Woman faceplants in altercation with a snowman8.欺负雪人的女人Snowmen arent everybody. Just ask President Barack Obama (above), and this woman, who was caught on surveillance getting her just rewards knocking one over. (Source | Photo)并不是每个人都喜欢雪人,比如上文的奥巴马总统,还有这个女人,她被监控拍到不停地踢打雪人9.The snowman that was found in an X-ray9.用X射线发现的雪人-year-old Aiden Tilley from East Tennessee accidentally swallowed a snowman figurine over Christmas.在田纳西洲东部,岁的艾登·蒂利在圣诞那天不小心吞下了一座雪人雕像Aiden was messing around with the one inch tall and a few millimeters thick snowman in his room when the accident happened. ;I put it in my mouth, and I was going to spit it out, but it a lot heavier than I thought, and it got stuck in my throat,; he said.艾登在自己房间里摆弄这座一英寸高、几毫米厚的雪人时,突然发生了事故“我把它放到嘴里,正要吐出来,但它比我想象的要重得多,于是就卡在我的喉咙里了”他说He rushed to tell his mom and dad, and after a series of calls to emergency rooms and doctors offices, medical staffers decided an X-Ray was needed. Sure enough, there was a tiny, top-hatted snowman in Aiden abdomen.他跑去告诉爸爸妈妈,然后打电话给急救室和医生,最后医务人员决定给他照X射线最后果然在艾登的腹部找到了一个小小的,头上戴着帽子的的雪人Doctors explained that the snowman shines so bright in the X-Ray because it is made of metal, and because it is so small, should pass easily. The family plans on commemorating this ;funny accident; by making it their Christmas card in .医生解释说,因为这个雪人是由金属制成的,所以在X光照射下非常明亮,又因为它太小了,所以很容易就被吞了下去他们还把X光下的雪人拍下来做成圣诞贺卡,以纪念这个“有趣的事件”.The father who built a tall snowman his delighted family.一位父亲为了让家人开心堆了一个英尺高的雪人Chay Moore of Spokane, Washington, to the delight of his family, made a snowman that is almost tall.华盛顿斯波坎的切穆尔先生,为了让家人开心,堆了一个几乎有英尺高的雪人Last year, the family snowman was just 8, but Moore figured this year, bigger was definitely better. He spent 60-70 hours packing snow and shaping the massive beast, which has carrot nose, top hat, and coal eyes as tradition requires. He used water and food coloring to change the color of the snow in some spots.去年他们家堆的雪人只有8英尺,穆尔觉得今年应该堆一个更大的他花了60-70个小时把雪堆成这么个庞然大物,这个雪人跟别的雪人一样,长着胡萝卜做的长鼻子,戴着高高的帽子,眼睛是用煤炭涂上的他还用水和食用色素给雪人的某些部位上了色Although he knows Frosty will one day melt away, he is holding out hope a little magic. ;Im hoping he just comes to life and walks into the cold country,; Moore said.虽然他知道雪人有一天会消失,但他还是对奇迹抱有一丝幻想穆尔说:“我希望他能活过来,走进寒冷的乡村” 53

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