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宜城人民医院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样襄阳四院人流手术多少钱Many people have benefited from Bill Gates’ generosity over the years, but the billionaire philanthropist truly got to play St. Nick this week when he became one lucky Reddit user’s Secret Santa, as part of the annual Redditgifts holiday exchange.多年来,很多人因为比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)的慷慨而受益,但在本周,当这位亿万富豪慈善家参加了社交新闻网站Reddit组织的礼物交换活动,成为其一名幸运用户的神秘圣诞老人时,他真得充当了一次圣诞老人。In a post titled “Spoiler alert: Bill Gates did not get you, because he got me, ” a Reddit user named Rachel revealed that Gates had been her mystery gift giver, writing “I want to start by giving a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Bill Gates for an amazing gift and secret santa experience. Bill—you ROCK (can I call you Bill?! I feel like we’re friends now!).”在一篇题为“注意:比尔·盖茨没有找你,是因为他找到我了”的帖子中,一位名叫蕾切尔的Reddit用户透露,盖茨是她神秘的礼物派送者,并写道,“首先,我非常感谢比尔·盖茨先生给我带来这么棒的礼物和神秘圣诞老人的经历。比尔——你好厉害(我能喊你比尔吗?!我想我们现在是朋友吧!)。”She goes on to describe Gates’ gift—which could have come from a particularly thoughtful uncle—of a stuffed cow, along with a donation in her name to the non-profit Heifer International她继续形容盖茨的这份礼物——本该是来自一位特别体贴的叔叔——填充奶牛玩偶,和以她的名义向非盈利组织国际小母牛组织(Heifer International)捐赠一头小牛(该组织贫困地区的家庭免费提供家畜)。该礼物中还包括一本《国家地理:一生必游的500经典路线》(National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime)。Gates exposed his identity in a note explaining the donation, and included a picture of himself (above) holding the stuffed bovine and the note as confirmation. For anyone thinking this was a cheap gift from the country’s wealthiest man, the donation of one heifer to a family in need rings in at 0—well above the gift ceiling of your standard Secret Santa.盖茨在一张解释这份圣诞礼物的便签中表明了自己的身份,并包括一张他拿着礼物和卡片的照片作为明。有些人会认为,美国首富的这份礼物太廉价了,但是要知道,向一个贫困家庭捐赠一头小母牛相当于500美元——这可比你最昂贵的圣诞礼物都值钱多了。Reddit Gifts is an annual gift exchange started in 2009 to connect “Redditors” around the world. Users enter their home address and information such as likes and dislikes, and Reddit matches gifters and recipients at random. After participants receive a gift, they’re encouraged to return to Reddit and post a public thank you.Reddit Gifts是一年一度的礼物交换活动,始于2009年,旨在将全球的“Redditors”联系起来。用户们输入他们的家庭住址和个人喜好,Reddit会随机对礼物赠送者和接收人进行配对,并鼓励他们在收到礼物之后回到网站发一封公开的感谢信。Rachel says in her post that it wasn’t until she saw the photo of Gates that she knew who had sent her loot, but she had an inkling it was somebody special when she received a notification email that said her gift was being overnighted and weighed in at 7 pounds.蕾切尔在她的帖子中写道,直到她看到盖茨的照片,她才知道送她礼物的神秘人是谁。但她事前她收到过一封通知邮件,告诉她有一份7磅重的礼物正连夜送达,因此她隐隐感觉到今年的圣诞老人会是个特别的人物。Gates has become an enthusiastic Reddit user over the past year, participating in an Ask Me Anything th in the spring and posting thoughts and questions periodically, such as “How much of the Earth are humans consuming?”, using the handle “thisisbillgates.”在过去一年,盖茨已经成为Reddit热情的用户,他不仅在今年春天参与该网站组织的“Ask Me Anything”问答活动,还定期以我是“我是比尔·盖茨”的句柄发表想法和问题,诸如,“地球有多少正在被人类消耗着?”A Gates spokesman told GeekWire he joined the gift exchange in part to raise awareness for Heifer International.盖茨的一位发言人告诉GeekWire说,他参与礼物交换活动,在某种程度上是为了提高对国际小母牛组织的意识。Gates hasn’t posted a response to Rachel’s public thank you just yet, but whoever drew the name “Bill Gates” from Reddit’s virtual hat better come up with something extra thoughtful for the man who truly has everything.盖茨尚未对蕾切尔的公开感谢做出回复,不过,无论是谁在Reddit的抽签游戏中抽中“比尔·盖茨”的名字,都想不到一个真正拥有一切的人会想得这么周到。 /201401/271585枣阳市第一人民医院网上预约 VANCOUVER, British Columbia — AROUND the world, honeybee colonies are dying in huge numbers: About one-third of hives collapse each year, a pattern going back a decade. For bees and the plants they pollinate — as well as for beekeepers, farmers, honey lovers and everyone else who appreciates this marvelous social insect — this is a catastrophe.加拿大温哥华——目前,世界各地的蜂群都在大批死亡:每年都有大约三分之一的蜂巢坍塌,这种现象已持续了10年之久。对于蜜蜂及通过它们授粉的植物——还有养蜂人、农民、喜爱蜂蜜的人,以及所有欣赏这种神奇的群居昆虫的人而言——这都是个灾难。But in the midst of crisis can come learning. Honeybee collapse has much to teach us about how humans can avoid a similar fate, brought on by the increasingly severe environmental perturbations that challenge modern society.但是,这种危机之中也隐藏着一些学问。蜂巢的坍塌可以提供许多信息,告诉我们当愈加严重的环境问题对现代社会构成挑战之时,人们如何才能避免相似的命运。Honeybee collapse has been particularly vexing because there is no one cause, but rather a thousand little cuts. The main elements include the compounding impact of pesticides applied to fields, as well as pesticides applied directly into hives to control mites; fungal, bacterial and viral pests and diseases; nutritional deficiencies caused by vast acreages of single-crop fields that lack diverse flowering plants; and, in the ed States, commercial beekeeping itself, which disrupts colonies by moving most bees around the country multiple times each year to pollinate crops.蜜蜂的死亡尤其令人忧心,因为起因并非只有一个,而是有上千种轻微的破坏因素。主要原因包括,农田喷洒的杀虫剂,以及为了抑制小虫直接喷到蜂窝上的杀虫剂所造成的综合影响;带有真菌、细菌和病毒的害虫,以及疾病;由于大面积种植同一种作物而缺乏多种开花植物所造成的营养不足;在美国,商业养蜂人每年都会多次带蜂群在全国各地为作物授粉,这种做法也对蜂群造成了破坏。The real issue, though, is not the volume of problems, but the interactions among them. Here we find a core lesson from the bees that we ignore at our peril: the concept of synergy, where one plus one equals three, or four, or more. A typical honeybee colony contains residue from more than 120 pesticides. Alone, each represents a benign dose. But together they form a toxic soup of chemicals whose interplay can substantially reduce the effectiveness of bees’ immune systems, making them more susceptible to diseases.然而,真正的问题并不在于问题的多少,而是问题间的相互作用。我们从蜂群身上得出了一则核心教训,一旦忽视,就会给我们带来危险,那就是协同作用的概念——即一加一等于三,或者四,甚至更大的数值。一般而言,每个蜂巢都含有120多种杀虫剂残余物。单独来看,每种杀虫剂的剂量都是良性的。但是如果放在一起,它们就会形成一种有毒的化学液体,这些化学物质相互作用,会极大地破坏蜜蜂的免疫系统,让蜂群更容易患病。These findings provide the most sophisticated data set available for any species about synergies among pesticides, and between pesticides and disease. The only human equivalent is research into pharmaceutical interactions, with many prescription drugs showing harmful or fatal side effects when used together, particularly in patients who aly are disease-compromised. Pesticides have medical impacts as potent as pharmaceuticals do, yet we know virtually nothing about their synergistic impacts on our health, or their interplay with human diseases.这些发现所提供的,关于杀虫剂与杀虫剂、杀虫剂与疾病之间发生协同作用的数据集,是所有物种中最为详细的。对于人类,唯一对等的是对药物相互作用的研究。许多处方药在同时使用时,都会表现出有害乃至致命的副作用,对于那些已经生病的患者来说尤其如此。杀虫剂与药物的作用一样强大,但我们其实根本不知道它们会对我们的健康产生怎样的协同作用,也不知道它们会如何与人类的疾病相互影响。Observing the tumultuous demise of honeybees should alert us that our own well-being might be similarly threatened. The honeybee is a remarkably resilient species that has thrived for 40 million years, and the widesp collapse of so many colonies presents a clear message: We must demand that our regulatory authorities require studies on how exposure to low dosages of combined chemicals may affect human health before approving compounds.我们应该从观察蜜蜂大量死亡的现象中获得警示:我们自己的健康同样可能会受到威胁。蜜蜂是一种生命力极强的物种,4000万年来,繁衍不息。大量蜂群死亡的现象向我们传达了一条明确的信息:我们必须要求监管机构做出要求,在批准混合药物之前,必须研究低剂量的混合化学物会对人类健康造成何种影响。Bees also provide some clues to how we may build a more collaborative relationship with the services that ecosystems can provide. Beyond honeybees, there are thousands of wild bee species that could offer some of the pollination service needed for agriculture. Yet feral bees — that is, bees not kept by beekeepers — also are threatened by factors similar to those afflicting honeybees: heavy pesticide use, destruction of nesting sites by overly intensive agriculture and a lack of diverse nectar and pollen sources thanks to highly effective weed killers, which decimate the unmanaged plants that bees depend on for nutrition.蜜蜂还为我们提供了一些线索,告诉我们如何能与生态系统所提供的务建立起更具合作性的关系。除蜜蜂以外,还有数千种野蜂也能提供农作物所需的授粉务。不过野生蜂——即不是养蜂人所养的蜜蜂——也受到了与蜜蜂的境况相似的威胁:大量使用杀虫剂;农耕过于集中造成筑巢区被摧毁;高效除草剂的使用,减少了花蜜和花粉来源的多样性——除草剂大量消灭了作为蜜蜂营养来源的野生植物。Recently, my laboratory at Simon Fraser University conducted a study on farms that produce canola oil that illustrated the profound value of wild bees. We discovered that crop yields, and thus profits, are maximized if considerable acreages of cropland are left uncultivated to support wild pollinators.最近,我在西蒙弗雷泽大学(Simon Fraser University)的实验室对生产菜籽油的农场进行了研究。研究发现,野蜂能发挥重要价值。我们发现,如果把相当一部分农田留出来不耕作,而是用来为野生授粉昆虫提供生存资料,那么粮食产量和收入就会最大限度地提高。A variety of wild plants means a healthier, more diverse bee population, which will then move to the planted fields next door in larger and more active numbers. Indeed, farmers who planted their entire field would earn about ,000 in profit per farm, whereas those who left a third unplanted for bees to nest and forage in would earn ,000 on a farm of similar size.野生植物种类繁多,就意味着蜜蜂也会更健康、种类更多,然后就会有更多、更活跃的蜜蜂飞到旁边的种植区。把所有农田种满的农民,每个农场的收益约为2.7万美元(约合17万元人民币),而对于那些面积相当的农场,如果留出三分之一的农田不耕作,而是供蜜蜂筑巢和搜寻食物,其收益则为6.5万美元。Such logic goes against conventional wisdom that fields and bees alike can be uniformly micromanaged. The current challenges faced by managed honeybees and wild bees remind us that we can manage too much. Excessive cultivation, chemical use and habitat destruction eventually destroy the very organisms that could be our partners.这种逻辑与常规观念存在冲突,后者认为我们可以对农田和蜜蜂等事物进行细致入微的管理。但家养的蜜蜂和野蜂目前所面临的挑战提醒却我们,我们或许管得太多了。过度的耕作、化学品的使用和栖息地的破坏,最终会破坏原本能成为我们的合作伙伴的有机体。And this insight goes beyond mere agricultural economics. There is a lesson in the decline of bees about how to respond to the most fundamental challenges facing contemporary human societies. We can best meet our own needs if we maintain a balance with nature — a balance that is as important to our health and prosperity as it is to the bees.这种观点的意义不仅在于农业经济学。蜂群数量的减少告诉我们要如何回应当代人类社会所面临的最基本挑战。如果我们能与自然保持平衡,我们就能最好地满足自己的需求——这种平衡对于我们的健康和繁荣很重要,对蜂群也一样。 /201407/312888襄樊医院咨询

湖北襄阳人民医院联系电话Most people are aware that negative lifestyle habits like smoking and excessive alcohol can lead to rapid aging. But what about the repeated stress and poor nutrition that are so often a part of a high-pressure style of living today? Read on to see what could be causing rapid aging in your life.许多人意识到不良的生活习惯如吸烟和酗酒能导致加速衰老。但是现代社会高强度生活节奏中不时出现的反复压力和营养不良会带来什么呢?读下去吧,看看在你一生中什么原因能导致你加速衰老。1. Poor Diet1、糟糕的饮食What you eat probably affects your health more than anything else you do. When you eat a poor diet—fatty, processed, or fried foods and simple sugars—you invite rapid aging by burdening your body with chemical additives and trans-fats and depriving your body of essential nutrients. On the other hand, when you eat the life-giving foods, you prevent disease and improve organ functioning.你吃什么可能比你做的其它任何事情对你健康的影响都大。当你吃那些糟糕的食品——油腻的、加工的或油炸食品和单糖类食品——的时候,你正用化学添加剂和反式脂肪*及通过剥夺身体必须的营养成分来给身体加压,进而加速你身体的衰老。相反,当你吃那些“生命活力”食品的时候,你可以预防疾病和增强身体器官的功能。 /201403/282534樊城区妇幼保健中医院无痛人流好吗 谷城人民医院的院长

襄阳中医院是什么等级There’s a reason they call them “investment pieces.” At ,000 for a Proenza Schouler tote or ,000 for aRalph Lauren dress, luxury goods are meant to last a lifetime and hold their value. That’s why the market for used designer goods is the most attractive category for online consignment.奢侈品被称为“投资品”自然有其理由。不论是22,000美元一件的普罗恩萨o施罗(Proenza Schouler)手提包,还是9,000美元一件的拉夫o劳伦(Ralph Lauren)裙子,奢侈品的本意是终生保值。因此,二手的设计师商品成了最具有吸引力的在线寄售商品类别。One such marketplace, a website called The RealReal, is on track to do 0 million in sales this year. (The company takes a cut of each sale.) The RealReal recently tapped its database of 500,000 luxury goods from 500 designer brands to find which brands have the highest resale value, and which ones hold their value the longest. The startup found that Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Hermès hold their value the longest. Tod’s and Versace lose their value the fastest.一家叫做The RealReal的网站今年的销售额将达到1亿美元。(这家公司从每笔销售中抽成。)最近,这个网站对来自500个设计师品牌的500,000件奢侈品进行了研究,希望找出转售价值最高的品牌和保值时间最长的品牌。这家初创公司发现,香奈儿(Chanel)、克里斯提o鲁布托(Christian Louboutin)和爱马仕(Hermès)保值时间最长。托德斯(Tod’s)与范思哲(Versace)则贬值最快。Perhaps more surprising is which brands carry the highest and lowest resale value. Items from Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Olympia and Alexander McQueen all sell for much closer to their original price than goods from Marni, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Philip Lim, and Marc Jacobs.而更令人意外的,或许是转售价值最高和最低的品牌。相比玛尼(Marni)、亚历山大o王(Alexander Wang)、菲利林3.1(3.1 Philip Lim)和马克o雅各布(Marc Jacobs)等品牌,纪梵希(Givenchy)、维多利亚o贝克汉姆(Victoria Beckham)、夏洛特o奥林匹亚(Charlotte Olympia)和亚历山大o麦昆(Alexander McQueen)等品牌奢侈品的转售价格更接近原价。Resale values of fashion or luxury goods can fluctuate depending on buzz around a certain designer, particularly if a fashion houses hires a a new creative director or chief executive, according to Rati Levesque, Chief Merchant at The RealReal. “When Phoebe Philo joined Céline as the creative director, it added more resale value to the brand,” she says.The RealReal首席商务官拉蒂o莱维斯克表示,装或奢侈品的转售价值会因为与设计师有关的传闻而出现波动,尤其是时装公司聘用新的创意总监或首席执行官的情况下。她道:“菲比o菲络加入赛琳(Céline)担任创意总监就提高了这个品牌的转售价值。”But more important than buzz is availability and discounting. If a luxury brand frequently discounts its goods at outlet stores or online via flash sales, consumers will perceive that they don’t have to pay full price for that brand, says Milton Pedraza, CEO of Luxury Institute, a luxury industry research group. While baby boomer shoppers tend to research something online and then buy it in the store, millennials do it the other way around. They “showroom,” the term for checking out an item in the store before finding the best deal for it online.但比设计师的流动更重要的是奢饰品的可获得性与折扣。据奢侈品行业调研机构奢侈品协会(Luxury Institute)CEO米尔顿o佩德瑞扎表示,如果一个奢侈品牌经常在名品折扣店或通过限时抢购的方式在线打折出售,消费者会认为,他们就没有必要全价购买这个品牌的商品。婴儿潮一代会在线搜索某件商品,然后到店铺中购买,但千禧一代的做法却截然相反。他们会事先到店铺中查看一款商品,然后在网上以最划算的价格购买。“These days you can find ways to arbitrage the brands, because you have so much information and the market is inefficient,” Pedraza says. “Brands have to be careful where they allow their product to be sold.”佩德瑞扎说:“如今,消费者可以通过各种方式,利用奢侈品进行套利交易。因为消费者可以得到海量的信息,而市场却效率低下。所以,奢侈品牌要决定允许哪些渠道销售自己的商品时,必须慎重。”For example: Chanel and Hermès do not hold sales in their stores and they have a limited number of outlet stores. Chanel doesn’t even sell its goods online, with the exception of beauty products. “In that sense, it creates a perception of purity,” Pedraza says.” The brands then “back it up with design quality and heritage,” he says. “If I buy something, I will think, ‘Wow it has long term investment value.’”举例来说:香奈儿和爱马仕从来不在店铺中举行特价活动,而且名品折扣店的数量也极其有限。除了化妆品,香奈儿甚至从来不在网上出售自己的商品。佩德瑞扎说:“这在某种意义上给人一种纯粹的感觉。”他说:“再加上这些品牌的设计品质和底蕴,如果我购买一件这些品牌的奢侈品,我会想:‘哇哦,它肯定具备长期的投资价值。’”Below are some luxury brands that fall on both sides of the spectrum.下面是调查结果中排在首尾的部分奢侈品牌。(财富中文网)Brands that hold their value the best (and longest)保值价值最高(且最长久)的品牌Chanel, Louis Vuitton (pictured), Hermès, Christian Louboutin, Cartier, David Yurman, Alaia, Van Cleef amp; Arpels, Goyard.香奈儿,路易威登,爱马仕,克里斯提o鲁布托,卡地亚,大卫o雅曼,Alaia,梵克雅宝,戈雅Brands that lose value the fastest贬值最快的品牌Valextra, Tod’s, Versace (pictured), Etro.Valextra,托德斯,范思哲,艾特罗Brands with surprisingly high resale value具有极高转售价值的品牌Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Olympia, Alexander McQueen (pictured).纪梵希,维多利亚·贝克汉姆,夏洛特·奥林匹亚,亚历山大·麦昆Brands with surprisingly low resale value转售价值极低的品牌Marni, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Philip Lim, Marc Jacobs(pictured).玛尼,亚历山大·王,菲利林3.1,马克·雅各布 /201407/311635 襄阳那个医院看皮肤病厉害襄州人民医院医生在线咨询




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