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2019年10月18日 10:45:40 | 作者:城市热点 | 来源:新华社
China baby milk scare scandal Chinese officials have ordered widesp checks on dairy products and a recall of tainted items after thousands of babies became ill. Liz Kennedy reports.For more than a week, worried parents have crowded hospitals across the country, all hoping that urgent medical treatment will be enough to overcome the tainted milk that’s in their child's system. While thousands of babies have become sick, thousands more are still at risk, raising fears that the death toll could rise as more cases are diagnosed. The scandal first emerged last week when the Sanlu Group, China’s biggest baby milk maker, announced that some babies had developed kidney stones and complications after drinking milk made from powder tainted with melamine. As cases of contamination soared, the Chinese government took immediate action. And late on Friday, officials said that all children who’d consumed tainted milk would be given free treatment. The position that China now finds itself in is a result of unscrupulous farmers and negligent food companies. Tests show that in an attempt to cut costs, the nitrogen-rich compound melamine was added to water down milk in order to pass quality inspections. Contamination was thought to be restricted to powdered baby milk. But officials have confirmed that 10% of liquid milk from three of China’s dairies was also tainted with melamine. The companies have been named as Mengniu Dairy Group, Yili Industrial Group and Bright Dairy.With uncertainty about China’s milk production growing by the day, Malaysia has now joined neighboring Singapore in the ban of all Chinese milk imports. And as the European Union and the US demanded an explanation, Chinese quality officials have been trying to regain consumer confidence, saying that most milk was safe. With a string of food scares in recent years, it may take some time to restore their trust. Liz Kennedy, Reuters.参考中文翻译:数千婴儿因食用奶粉患病后,中国官方下令对奶制品进行大范围的检查,召回污染奶制品。一周多以来,全国各地的医院里都聚集着忧心忡忡的父母,希望紧急医疗措施能够解决问题奶粉给他们的婴儿造成的问题。数千名婴儿已经患病,还有数千名仍然处于危险期,越来越多的病例被确诊,增加了人们对死亡数字上升的恐惧。丑闻上周首次传出,中国最大的婴儿奶粉制造商之一,三鹿集团宣布,他们生产的奶粉受到三聚氰胺污染,导致婴儿肾结石等一系列症状。随着病例增加,中国政府采取紧急措施。周五,官方宣布,所有受到污染奶粉影响的婴儿可以接受免费治疗。中国政府调查结果显示,这一问题是由于奶农的肆无忌惮和食品公司的疏忽造成的。测试显示,三聚氰胺含氮量高,为了降低成本,通过质量检测,奶农像牛奶中加入三聚氰胺。中国官方确认,来自中国三家奶制品商10%的液态奶还有三聚氰胺。分别是蒙牛,伊利和光明。由于中国奶制品的不确定性与日俱增,麻辣西亚紧随新加坡之后,禁止从中国进口奶制品。欧盟和美国方面要求中国给出合理解释,中国质检官员试图挽回消费者信心,表示大多数牛奶是安全的。由于近年来一系列的食品安全问题,要重树消费者的信任还需要一定的时间。200811/57389Ellen's campaign to be on the cover of "O" Magazine Ellen has started a new campaign to be on the cover of "O" Magazine. Watch her latest efforts to get Oprah's attention And last week I was telling you about my new goal, which is to get on the cover of O magazine. That is my new goal and I'm asking everyone to join me. I need all the help I can get, so if you'd like to write in to Harpo Studios or whatever, whatever you want to do. I made a phone call to Harpo Studios on Friday and I got "Ted" told me he couldn't tell me his real name for security purposes, so I just named him Ted. Ted put me on hold for seven minutes, seven minutes, and then told me Miss Winfrey was "in a meeting".Now, so I just see Ted is one of the obstacles that I have to get through, so I'm gonna put a picture of him on my vision board, where is my vision board? Back here? All right, so here we go. I have, let's see, I shall put it on the chair? Okay, I am gonna put this picture of Ted here. What I did, is I started out slow, you know, cos you have to put it out in the universe and then it'll, it'll come to you, cos, first I just wanted a pickle, so I put that on there and I got one, so as like this thing works. So then I just put some, you know, some things, you know, things that Oprah said, you know, "where there is no struggle, there is no strength" and some of mine, said, "go to bed in a fireplace and sleep like a log" and just different things and so I am hoping it works. And I end up on the cover. I hope it works better than my Finding Nemo sequel, um, board, that didn't, didn't work out, did not work out. So, but I am hoping I am gonna get on the cover of O. I think it can happen. You gotta have a dream and it turns out a lot of people have a dream, in this audience to sing, and a lot of you want to sing in my bathroom with me, and that's what we are going for, we are going for somebody that we can actually bring to the show, sing with me in our new bathroom concert series, here is our latest entry.And live from the Valla's bathroom, the Breeze Sisters!And I said 'hey, pretty lady, won't you give me a sign?I'd give anything to make you mine, all mine,I'd do your bidding and be at your back and call.'I've never seen anyone lookin' so fine,man, I gotta have her, she's a one of a kind.I'm goin' once, goin' twice.I'm sold! to the lady in the second row,she's an eight, she's a nine, she's a ten I know.She's got ruby red lips, blond hair, every one,and I'm about to bid my heart goodbye.heart goodbye.Breeze sisters!All right, and I, and I just love watching you all sing, I really do. Last week, I showed you one of my favorite new singers in the audience and I just... The response has been overwhelming. I have to show it again, because this guy is incredible.How can I put it? you put me onI even fell for that stupid love songYeah yeahSince you've been goneHow come I never hear you sayI just wanna be with youI guess you never felt that wayBut since you've been goneI can breathe for the first timeIm so movin onYeah yeahThanks to youNow I getI get what I wantSince you've been goneYou had your chance you blew itOut of sight, out of mindShut your mouth I just can't take itAgain and again and again and again Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...Yeah, again sir, I love you, I wanna tell you agian, sir, that I love you. And it turns out he's professional and he has a new CD. I just dropped at it. It's called: Fake It Till You Make It. And, ah...04/68369US Government Acts to Spur Lending Amid Economic Downturn经济收缩 美国大力出资刺激借贷 The U.S. economy has contracted more sharply than previously believed, according to new government figures. Meanwhile, in yet another sign of continuing stress in the credit market, the U.S. central bank is allocating hundreds of billion of additional dollars to purchase bad mortgage debt and spur consumer lending. 美国政府公布的最新统计数字显示,美国经济今年第三季度的收缩幅度远远大於先前的估计。与此同时,为了缓和信贷市场持续不断的压力,美国的中央正在拿出数千亿美元收购房贷坏帐和刺激消费者借贷。Revised figures from the Commerce Department show the American economy shrank at an annual rate of 0.5 percent in the third quarter of the year, a greater contraction than the original estimate of 0.3 percent. The negative quarter followed a year of mostly-anemic growth, and, while the fourth quarter has yet to be completed, economists believe it, too, will show significant contraction. 根据美国商务部发布的经过修正的数据,美国经济在今年第三季度折合成年率收缩了0.5%,远远大於先前估计的0.3%。在此之前,美国经济增长已经持续疲软了一年。今年第四季度虽然尚未结束,但是经济学家相信,美国经济在今年最后三个月也将是大幅度收缩。"GDP [gross domestic product] fell by 0.5 percent because consumers spent less, there were fewer new homes built, and expenditures for business purposes fell," said. University of Maryland economist Peter Morici. "Unfortunately, this is a precursor of worse things to come." 马里兰大学的经济学教授彼得·莫里奇(Peter Morici)说:“国内生产总值(GDP)下降了0.5%是因为消费者花销减少、新房子修建太少、用于商业目的的开销下滑。不幸的是,这些还只是即将来临的更糟糕的情况的前奏。”Most analysts trace America's current economic woes to tight credit conditions sparked by a wave of home foreclosures and mortgage defaults. In recent weeks, the U.S. government has taken a series of aggressive, unprecedented steps to prop up or take control of major lending institutions and financial firms, committing well over trillion to the effort. 绝大多数分析人士都把美国目前的经济困难归咎于房贷违约和丧失抵押住房赎回权案子激增所导致的信贷条件紧缩。最近几周来,美国政府采取了一系列前所未有的大刀阔斧行动来持或接管主要的信贷机构和金融公司,承诺拿出的资金总额已经超过两万亿美元。Now, the Federal Reserve says it will devote an additional 0 billion to combat the mortgage meltdown, and another 0 billion to unfreeze consumer credit. A small portion of the new funds will come from a 0 billion rescue package Congress approved last month, which is being administered by the Treasury Department. 现在,美国联邦储备委员会又说,将再拿出6000亿美元来抵御房贷市场的下滑,另外还要拿出2000亿美元来帮助消费者信贷市场解冻。在这笔新的救市基金中,有一小部分来自国会上个月批准的7000亿美元金融救援计划。美国财政部负责管理这些金融救援资金。"By providing liquidity to issuers of consumer asset-backed paper [consumer loans], the Federal Reserve facility will enable a broad range of institutions to step up their lending, enabling borrowers to have access to lower-cost consumer finance and small business loans," said Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. "Today's announcement by the Fed underscores our support for the housing market. Nothing is more important to getting through this housing correction than the availability of affordable mortgage finance." 财政部长保尔森说:“通过向消费者贷款发放部门提供流动性,美联储就可以帮助各种各样的机构增加借贷,并且使借款人能够获得成本较低的消费者贷款和小企业贷款。为了渡过这次房地产市场的修正期,没有什么事情比提供人们能够负担得起的房贷融资更加重要了。”Few, if any economists would contest the importance of the availability of credit to the health of the American economy, nor the desirability of the federal government doing all it can to reverse a credit crunch that has constrained businesses and consumers alike. 说到信贷市场对于美国经济健康的重要性,几乎没有任何经济学家持反对意见。他们也都赞同联邦政府竭尽全力扭转信贷紧缩的局面,因为信贷紧缩使工商企业和消费者同时受到制约。But the sheer scale of initiatives undertaken to date, and the apparent need for successive waves of government intervention are an unsettling indication of the magnitude and the tenacity of the problem being confronted, according to economics professor Lawrence White of the University of Missouri. 然而联邦政府迄今为止所采取的这些规模空前的计划,以及一波接一波迫切需要政府干预的浪潮,令人不安地显示出目前问题是多么的巨大和艰难。密苏里大学的经济学教授劳伦斯·怀特说:"It is a recognition [that] we still have a big problem. It is a strong statement by the Fed that it is going to take massive, broad, forceful efforts to try to break the back of [resolve] the crisis," he said. “大家都认识到我们仍然面临一个很大的问题。美联储的行动已经强有力地说明,我们需要采取大规模的、广泛的、强有力的努力来破解这场危机。”In the face of relentlessly grim economic news, Treasury Secretary Paulson says the federal government is doing all it can to mitigate the situation. 面对这些滚滚而来的冷酷无情的经济新闻,美国财政部长保尔森表示,联邦政府将尽一切努力来缓和目前的形势。"It will take time to work through the difficulties in our market and our economy, and new challenges will continue to arise. I and my regulatory colleagues are committed to using all the tools at our disposal to preserve the strength of our financial institutions and stabilize our financial markets to minimize the spill-over [damage] into the rest of the economy," he said. “我们需要时间来克我们的市场和我们的经济中存在的困难,而且新的挑战还会继续出现。我和其他负责监管的同仁们决心利用一切可以利用的手段来确保我们金融机构的实力,稳定我们的金融市场,尽量减少其他经济领域受到的损失。”In other economic news, a private research firm says U.S. consumer confidence has rebounded somewhat this month, aided by falling energy prices, but that the index remains at a low level. Meanwhile, U.S. export growth slowed, while American homebuilders continue to cut spending. 总部设在纽约的经济研究机构会议委员会报告说,美国的消费者信心在11月份出人意料地有所提高,主要由于能源价格下降,不过消费者信心指数仍然处于很低的水平。另外,美国的出口增长有所减缓,美国的住宅建筑商继续削减开。200811/57209

Amazon亚马逊The Walmart of the web网络沃尔玛The internet giant’s new tablet computer fits itsstrategy of developing big businesses by charging small prices互联网巨头用低价战略,进军平板电脑市场A couple of years after it launched its website in 1995, Amazon was the subject of an unflattering report entitled “Amazon.Toast”. The pundit who penned it predicted that the fledgling online bookseller would soon be crushed by Barnes amp; Noble (Bamp;N), a book-retailing behemoth which had just launched its own site.1995年上线后的几年,亚马逊便成为一份名为《AmazonToast》报告唱衰的对象。编写该报告的专家预测,羽翼未丰的在线图书零售商亚马逊很快就会被巴诺挤出市场,后者是网站刚刚上线的图书零售巨头。Far from being crushed, Amazon is doing the crushing. Borders, a once-mighty book chain, was flattened this year. Bamp;N looks likea frightened capybara running from a fierce Brazilian she-warrior. Amazon is now one of the web’s most successful e-tailers. Even Apple is feeling the heat.亚马逊没有被挤出市场,反而变被动为主动。昔日强大的连锁书店Borders今年被清盘。巴诺看起来就像一只胆颤心惊的南美水豚正逃避着剽悍的亚马逊女战士。亚马逊现在是互联网上最成功的在线零售商。即便是苹果也感到热浪灼人。On September 28th Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s boss, unveiled a tablet computer called the Kindle Fire. It will compete with gadgets such as Bamp;N’s Nook Color tablet and Apple’s iPad. The new Amazon tablet, which has a somewhat smaller screen than the iPad and only offers Wi-Fi connectivity, is likely to be just the first salvo in a titanicbattle.9月28日,亚马逊的老板Jeff Bezos发布了一款名为Kindle Fire的平板电脑。它将与巴诺的Nook Color电子书和苹果的iPad展开竞争。新款亚马逊平板电脑的屏幕比iPad小几分,并且只提供无线保真网络连接,它的出现有可能是一场鏖战前的第一。Like Apple, Amazon boasts a huge collection of online content, including e-books, films and music. And like Apple, it lets people store their content in a computing “cloud” and retrieve it from almost anywhere. But the two firms part company when it comes to pricing. The Kindle Fire, which will be available from mid-November in America, will cost only 9. That is far less than the cheapest iPad, a Wi-Fi-only device which costs 9. Bamp;N responded to the Kindle Fire by cutting the price of its Nook Color to 4. This week Amazon also rolled out a new range of Kindle e-ers, the cheapest of which costs just . “We are building premium products and offering them at non-premium prices,” beamed Mr Bezos.与苹果相似,亚马逊号称其有大量的在线内容,有电子书、电影和音乐。在另一点也和苹果相像,它允许人们将自己的内容存储在它的计算云中,并且可以从几乎任何地方取回。但是,这两个公司在对产品的定价上却大相径庭。Kindle Fire九月中旬将在美国上市,仅售199美元。这比只有Wi-Fi功能售价为499美元,最便宜的iPad还要便宜的多。本周,亚马逊还推出了新款Kindler电子阅读器,最便宜的仅售79美元。亚马逊的老板Bezos说:“我们打造优质的产品并以低价提供给消费者。”Amazon’s decision to undercut its rivals is partly a tactic designed to disrupt the tablet market, which is still dominated by the iPad. Gartner, a research firm, reckons that Apple’s device will account for almost three-quarters of the 64m tablets it thinks will be sold worldwide this year. Amazon’s pricing strategy also reflects one of the firm’s core beliefs, whichis that cheap stuff makes customers cheerful. Call it the Walmart of the web.亚马逊以低价削弱对手的主意是其扰乱平板电脑市场策略的一部分,iPad仍占据着这一市场的统治地位。高德纳咨询公司认为,苹果的平板电脑将会占今年全球平板电脑总销量约75%的份额,预计今年全球范围内将售出为64,000,000台。亚马逊的定价策略同时也反映出公司的一大核心理念,那就是“低价吸引客户”,称之为“网络沃尔玛”。201110/155927

韩国主管北韩政策的主要官员说,他认为北韩近来对国际社会的一系列挑衅行为目的是要在国内巩固权力。目前旨在使北韩最终放弃核计划的谈判陷于停顿,韩国为了应对北韩最近的威胁正在强化和伙伴国家的外交联系。North Korea's official Rodung Sinmun newspaper described the country as a "proud nuclear power" Monday, and warned it would be a "great mistake for the ed States to think it will not be hurt" in the event of military conflict on the peninsula.北韩官方报纸劳动新闻报星期一说,北韩已经是“自豪的核大国”,并警告美国不要在韩半岛发生军事冲突时认为自己不会受到攻击,否则会铸成巨大错误。That latest example of shrill rhetoric from Pyongyang comes as the U.S. Navy tracks a North Korean vessel which may be carrying missile parts or other weaponry. Such items are prohibited under the latest ed Nations Security Council resolution passed after North Korea's nuclear test last month.北韩这些最新的恐吓是在美国海军舰艇跟踪北韩船只之后发出的。被跟踪的北韩船只可能运载有导弹部件和其他武器。联合国安理会在上个月北韩核试验后通过的最新决议禁止这些物品出入北韩。South Korea's main 24-hour cable news channel network cited intelligence officials Monday as saying the North Korean vessel was probably destined for Burma.韩国主要的24小时有限新闻频道星期一援引情报官员的话说,北韩船只的目的地有可能是缅甸。South Korean Unification Minister Hyun In-taek told the Reuters news agency Monday, Pyongyang's recent provocations appear to fit a pattern.韩国统一部部长玄仁泽星期一告诉路透社,平壤最近的挑衅符合北韩的行为规律。Hyun says social instability has increased in North Korea, so leader Kim Jong-il needs to continue to reinforce his domestic power base.他说,北韩社会不稳定的状况加剧,所以,领导人金正日需要不断稳固自己的国内势力。Those comments echo earlier assessments by analysts here in Seoul, who say Kim Jong Il's apparent stroke about a year ago challenged perceptions of his complete command of the North's government.这个和此前一些首尔专家分析一致。有分析认为,金正日一年前的中风令他的领导能力受到挑战。Hyun adds, the North Korean leader also has to think about possible power succession, whether it happens right away or some time later-- that is another reason to reinforce his power base.他说,北韩领导人还考虑到可能的继任人问题,不管是在现在进行,还是稍后解决接班人问题都是金正日需要巩固权力的另一个原因。South Korea is intensifying diplomacy to contain North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons. President Lee Myung-bak travels to Tokyo this Sunday to discuss North Korea with Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso. Seoul's main envoy on the nuclear issue, Wi Sung-lac, is scheduled to meet with his Russian counterpart in Moscow later this week. A South Korean envoy is also traveling to a gathering in Poland for the South's first formal participation in a U.S.-led anti-proliferation cooperative.韩国正加紧外交努力来阻止北韩发展核武器。总统李明上周日前往东京,和日本首相安倍晋三讨论北韩问题。首尔核谈判首席代表魏圣洛本周晚些时候将在莫斯科和俄罗斯代表会面。另一名韩国特使将前往波兰,代表韩国第一次出席由美国发起的反核扩散合作会议。06/75400

Divorce insurance离婚保险I do (conditions apply)我愿意申请条件Ending a marriage is horrid. Insurance might ease the pain离婚是可怕的,保险可能缓和痛苦DIVORCE, like any other risk, can be priced and packaged. With half of all marriages doomed to fail, even the moderately hardheaded may be interested in ways of mitigating the danger.离婚,像其他任何冒险投资一样,可以标价与打包。由于所有的婚姻中,一半都注定失败,甚至温和的不感情用事者也可能对减少危险的方法感兴趣。So hopes AR, a German-based insurance firm. From September it will offer a kind of divorce insurance that will pay out if English prenuptial agreements are subject to a legal challenge. Such policies are aly common in some continental European countries such as Germany and Spain, and are offered by some American employers as a perk. But they are so far unknown in Britain, chiefly because prenuptial agreements have had little legal force in English law (Scotland’s legal system is separate). Judges have traditionally given much greater weight to circumstances at the end of the marriage than to any agreements made at the start.所以,像德国保险公司AR所希望的那样。从九月开始,它将提供一种离婚保险,它将为那些受法律挑战配的英国婚前协定付费。像这样的策略在欧洲大陆国家,例如德国和西班牙,已是正常,同样一些美国雇主也会将此作为额外津贴发给员工。然而,到目前为止,这些策略在英国还是不被人知的,主要是因为这些婚前协议在英国法律(苏格兰法律除外)面前是几乎没有法律效力的。传统上,比起婚前的任何协议,法官们对婚姻结束时的事项给予了更多的重视。201108/149162

Administration officials are reiterating their call for a fair and non-violent resolution of the Iranian election conflict, while stressing their determination not to allow Tehran to make the ed States a "foil" for the country's political conflict. 美国政府官员再次呼吁以公正和非暴力的方法解决伊朗选举导致的冲突,并强调说,绝不允许德黑兰把美国作为这场政治冲突的替罪羊。The administration has taken a measured approach to the crisis, although President Obama stepped up the level of U.S. rhetoric on Saturday amid televised scenes of chaos on Tehran's streets. He called on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its people and to respect universal rights of assembly and free speech.美国政府对伊朗的选举危机采取了审慎反应。不过随着电视画面展现德黑兰街头的骚乱,奥巴马总统星期六使用了更强烈的言辞。他呼吁伊朗政府停止一切针对伊朗人民的暴力手段和不公正行为,应该尊重集会自由和言论自由等普世权利。On Monday, the White House said it is clear from subsequent events that "justice has not been achieved."白宫星期一说,从发生的一系列事件中可以看出,没有实现公正。Officials at the State Department have expressed concern that a more vigorous response would fuel aly frequent Iranian charges that the ed States is meddling in the crisis.美国国务院的官员曾表示担心,更强烈的反应会对伊朗政府说美国干预危机的指称火上浇油。U.S. critics, among them former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, have said the White House has been too timid, with McCain saying the response is a "betrayal" of America's founding principles.包括总统大选的共和党候选人麦凯恩参议员在内的批评人士说,白宫过于拘谨。麦凯恩说,白宫做出的反应是对美国建国原则的背叛。However, at a press event with Georgia's Foreign Minister, Grigol Vashadze, Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg rejected the notion that the administration is "pulling its punches" on Iran. He said the president's cautious stance has bipartisan support.不过,美国副国务卿斯坦伯格在与格鲁吉亚外交部长瓦沙泽举行的记者会上反驳了据称奥巴马政府在处理伊朗问题时缩手缩脚的说法。他说,奥巴马总统的谨慎立场得到美国两大政党的持。"I think there have been a number of very influential voices -- both Republican and Democrat -- who've recognized, as the president has said, that this is an issue that's about the Iranians and for the Iranians to decide. The president made very clear over the weekend that we're concerned about the violence. We think it is very important that if this is going to be an issue for the Iranians to decide, then all the voices should be heard -- that the process should be fair and that the people should be allowed to express their opinions. And I think this is not a partisan issue," he said.斯坦伯格说:“我想,共和党和民主党的若干有影响人士都发出了声音。他们认识到,正如奥巴马总统所说,这是一个有关伊朗人民的问题,应该由伊朗人民来决定。总统在周末明确表示,我们对暴力感到担忧。我们认为,至关重要的是,既然这是由伊朗人民决定的问题,那么就应该让所有人表达意见、应该有公正的程序、应该允许人民表达他们的意见。我认为这不是一个党派之争的问题。”Steinberg was standing in at the Georgia event for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had surgery last Friday on her broken right elbow. 斯坦伯格代替克林顿国务卿与格鲁吉亚外交部长举行新闻发布会。克林顿国务卿摔伤右臂,上星期五做了手术。He confirmed that the injury has forced Clinton to cancel plans to attend two multi-lateral meetings this week at which the Iran crisis is likely to be a major issue -- a G-8 foreign ministers meeting in Trieste, Italy and an informal conference of OSCE foreign ministers on the Greek island of Corfu.斯坦伯格实,由于摔伤,克林顿国务卿不得不取消参加本星期两个多边会议的计划。一个是在意大利的里雅斯特举行的八国集团外长会议,另一个是在希腊科孚岛举行的欧洲安全与合作组织的非正式外长会议。伊朗危机很可能是这两个会议的主要议题之一。But Clinton has been active in telephone diplomacy on Iran, calling, among others, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, whose government, like the ed States, has been accused by Iranian authorities of meddling in the crisis.克林顿国务卿针对伊朗问题开展了积极的电话外交活动,包括给英国外交大臣米利班德通电话。与美国一样,英国政府也被伊朗当局指称干预选举危机。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said the Iranian government is looking for scapegoats in a situation it has created. "What you've seen in Iran is what you've been seeing all along, and that's using us as a kind of foil -- using the 'Great Satan,' using the U. S. as a way to justify a policy or gain public support. We don't want to get into a polemic on this. I think what you saw over the weekend was a very strong statement by the president, setting out these fundamental principles that our country was founded on. And these are the kind principles that we are going to stand up for," he said.Kelly declined under questioning to say whether the administration might be reconsidering its policy of seeking dialogue with Tehran on Iran's nuclear program and other issues. But he stressed that the U.S. focus now is not on the bilateral relationship, but on what is happening on Tehran's streets.06/75535

Deal Close For G20 Summit Leaders Keith Graves reports from the G20 summit of world leaders in Washington DC, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for worldwide cuts in taxes and interest rates to try to rescue the global economy from a deep recession. Between them they represent 90 percent of the world's economic activity, 20 world leaders are trying to find a way to dig the global economy out of the hole. Even their host President Bush admits they can only make a start if that at the summit which kicked off last night to the White House dinner and will end after lunch today, not much time to save the world.This problem did not develop overnight and it will not be solved overnight. But with continued cooperation and determination it will be solved. And whilst they obviously agreed that something must be done and done quickly. They are whatever their final communiqué may say far from in an agreement about what. Mr. Bush is a lame duck president of a nation, blamed by some world leaders for being at the root cause of economic crisis. His successor Barrack Obama's declined the invitation to attend but whether that things are going to get worse before he moves into the White House and wisely keeping his distance from Mr. Bush.Prime Minister Brown is trying to impose his ideas on the summit, lobbying for support with fellow leaders.I’m determined to do everything in my power to make sure that the economy move forward in such a way that people with homes could be more secure, that people with small businesses can get the cash flow that they need and people can be less worried about the effect on jobs. This is my undivided attention. I’m determined we do everything in our part to do the right things. And whilst some leaders including President Bush have reservations about the prime minister’s plans for more cross border regulations to keep international financial institutions on the strait and narrow. One thing they do seem to agree upon is that it's going to get worse before it gets better. Caise Graves Sky News WashingtonKeith Graves在华盛顿的20国领导人峰会上发回报道,英国首相布朗呼吁世界范围内削减税率和利率,来使世界经济免于进一步的衰退。他们代表了全世界90%的经济实体,20国领导人试图寻找一个解决方案来拯救全球经济。虽然东道主布什总统承认,峰会从昨天晚上白宫的晚宴开始,到今天中午的午餐就会结束,对于拯救世界经济来说时间有点仓促,但是可以开一个头。这个问题不是一夜之间形成的,也不是一夜之间可以解决的。但是只要团结协作,决心坚定,就一定能够解决。当时他们一致同意,必须尽快采取措施。但是他们远远没有达到公报上所说对某项计划达成完全一致。布什总统是这个国家无用的领导人。他被有些国家的领导人认为是世界经济危机的根源。他的下一任总统奥巴马拒绝参加这次峰会。但是至于他入主白宫,明智的和布什保持距离之后形势会不会恶化就不得而知了。布朗努力阐述他的观点,试图游说他国领导人。我决定尽能力所及的一切努力来确保经济向前发展,使得有家的人更安全,做生意的人有他们需要的流动资金,人们不再为工作担忧。这是我唯一关注的问题。我认为我们应该尽职尽责,采取正确的措施。当时包括布什在内地一些领导人对布朗所提出的越境调控来保国际金融环境稳定的计划都有所保留。他们唯一达成共识的是形势将会恶化。200811/56559

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