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江西省全南县大吉山矿医院人流医院南康市妇幼保健所妇产科怎样机器汉堡店将登陆旧金山 1小时可制作包装00个汉堡 -- :1:3 来源: 动力机器公司推出了一款可以自动加工汉堡的机器人,并将在旧金山开一家汉堡餐厅,机器人取代厨师制作汉堡这种机器人可以在一小时内制作00个汉堡 Robots that slice, grill, assemble and bag 00 burgers in one hour are set to invade Calinia.一款可以自动加工汉堡的机器人,从切、烤、组合到包装好送到客人手上,一小时可以完成00个汉堡Momentum Machines unveiled its autonomous grill master in and recently announced it will be opening a robot-powered burger bar in San Francisco’s South of Market.美国“动力机器”公司早在年就推出了能做汉堡的机器,近日又宣布其机器汉堡店即将登陆旧金山南部Although this machine can do the work of three humans, the startup is still hiring people to perm other tasks such as payroll and taking out the garbage.尽管这台机器人可以顶三个人的工作,但在初期,仍然需要员工来帮忙处理客户订单或者清理垃圾等With the minimum wage increasing in parts of the US, the idea of hiring a staff of robots may be a way to combat costs.美国部分地区的最低工资标准已开始上涨,那么用机器人替代员工将能降低成本mer McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi has said it would be cheaper to hire robots to replace the company’s staff than to pay them the $ minimum wage that many are demanding in protests across the country.美国麦当劳前CEO Ed Rensi已表示,雇佣廉价的机器人代替需要付美元的员工要划算的多,目前全国范围内举行的抗议活动,要求将最低工资提高到美元It’s cheaper to buy a ,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $ an hour bagging french fries,’ Rensi told Fox Business Tuesday.他在接受《福布斯商业的采访中说道:“购买价值35000美元的机器人要比付给效率低的员工美元一个小时去炸薯条便宜得多”He added that the demand to raise wages is ’going to cause a job loss across this country like you’re not going to believe.’他还表示,提高工资的要求“将会导致美国更多人失业,也许你还不相信”And Momentum Machines just might be the spark that ignites the rise of the machines in the US fast food industry.动力机器公司将引领机器人在美国快餐行业大规模使用的新潮流News of the robot-run restaurant sp after a job posting on Craigslist surfaced last month, which gives the public a glimpse into how the startup’s futuristic eatery might operate once it is open to the public.上月,自机器人汉堡店在Craigslist网站上发布招聘信息后,这个消息就传开了,一旦其真正开业,公众就有机会对这家公司的未来主义餐厅如何运作得以一瞥赣州市仁济妇产科医院 神奇“机器人手套”让你秒获超人之力 -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Factory workers are about to get super-human strength thanks to Nasa's 'Robo-Glove'.有了美国航天局(NASA)研发的“机器人手套”,工厂工人将获超人之力The glove helped scientists control Robonaut , a humanoid that provided engineering and technical assistance on space mission just like Star Wars' R-D.科学家曾用这一手套控制第二代航天机器人,这种机器人和《星球大战电影中的R大神一样可以在执行航天任务中提供工程与技术持But now it has been given power-boosting technologies thanks to a partnership between General Motors and medical technology company Bioservo, who hope that it will help workers on factory floors.现在“机器人手套”在通用汽车公司与医疗科技公司Bioservo的合作研发下又配备了力量增强的技术,这两个公司希望该手套可以帮助到工厂工人Using a combination of sensors that function like human nerves, muscles and tendons the new Power Glove has the same dexterity of the human hand - but with mammoth strength.手套里内置传感器(其功能类似人类的神经、肌肉和肌腱),使得这一新型动力手套与人手一般灵活——同时还力大无穷The ground-breaking muscle-mimicking technologies could help employees in health care and manufacturing industries where a strong grip is necessary to get the job done.这种开创性的肌肉仿真技术可以帮助到健康医疗以及制造业的工作人员,因为要完成这两个行业的工作往往需要强大的握力The glove helps stops tired hands from aching after a long day's work and will make it easier workers to, quite literally, get a grip.工人戴上手套,即便工作一整天,手部肌肉也不会酸痛,这还真是“抓住窍门”了It could slash the amount of ce an assembly operator needs to hold a tool during an operation in half.在车间作业中,戴了手套的装配工人在操作工具时只需使一半力An assembly operator in a factory may use - to pounds of ce to hold a tool during an operation, example.比如说,某次作业中工厂装配工人操作工具可能用到的力是到磅(相当于6.81到9.公斤)But with the robotic glove, the factory operator might need to apply only five to pounds of ce.但要是戴上了机器人手套,他可能只需用5到磅力(相当于.7到.5公斤)General Motors will integrate Bioservo's strength-boosting Soft Extra Muscles (SEM) glove into the Nasa Super-Glove, creating a mitt of almighty power similar to the exoskeleton worn by Matt Damon's Max in Dystopian flick Elysium.通用汽车公司还准备将Bioservo公司的动力增强型“额外软肌肉”(SEM)手套与美国航空航天局的超级手套结合在一起,从而研发出一种与反乌托邦电影《极乐空间里马特·达蒙(Matt Damon)饰演的麦克斯(Max)所穿戴的机械外骨骼一样动力强大的手套Wearing the exo-skeleton glove will mean tools no longer need to be moulded to fit a worker's hand, cutting company costs too.戴上机械外骨骼手套意味着不需要再模制工具以适应工人手的承重能力,同时公司还可以削减成本ming an exo-skeleton it takes the weight out of the tool and stops the worker getting aches and pains as quickly.机械外骨骼手套可以减轻工具的重量,以避免工人很快就会感觉手部酸痛The hand is powered by a lightweight battery back that ties around the worker's waist to keep it juiced up.工人的腰间会佩戴上一个轻巧的电池装置,让机器手能量满满Potential uses in the medical industry are promising with the increase of robotic surgery too.随着机器人手术的增多,这一手套在医疗行业的潜在用途也极具前景Providing a comtable glove surgeons to manoeuvre miniscule robots over a patient's body during long operations could save lives.在漫长的手术过程中,外科医生戴上舒适的手套就可以操纵微型机器人为病人手术,从而拯救他们的生命General Motors said it will begin rolling out the glove to its workers immediately.通用汽车表示公司很快就会开始将手套发放给公司员工If all goes well it could be sold rehabilitation purposes in the medical industry too.如果一切顺利的话手套也会在医疗行业出售以帮助康复期病人英文来源:每日邮报翻译:唐思琪(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮美国50%的青少年存在手机成瘾问题 -- :: 来源: 这项调查结果表明,在科技飞速发展的今天,美国家庭正艰难地在手机与生活之间寻求平衡这同时也表明,人们对网瘾及其后果的争论仍将继续I donrsquo;t have teenagers yet, but watching my 8- and -year-olds spend endless amounts of time on iPads during spring break makes me worried about the day -- hopefully years from now -- when they have their own devices.我家现在还没有青少年,但是看到我一个8岁和一个岁的孩子在春假时无止尽的沉迷在平板电脑里,我非常担心当他们有了自己的智能设备后,这本该是充满希望的一年A new poll that confirms just how much teens depend on their phones gives me even more to worry about.一项新的调查显示出青少年们有多依赖他们的手机,这更加重了我的担忧Fifty percent of teens feel they are addicted to their mobile devices, according to the poll, which was conducted Common Sense Media, a nonprofit focused on helping children, parents, teachers and policymakers negotiate media and technology. A larger number of parents, 59%, said their teens were addicted. The poll involved 1,0 interviews with parents and their children, ages to 18.这项由专注于帮助儿童、父母、老师和决策者与媒体和科技协调的非盈利性组织;常识媒体;进行的调查结果显示,50%的青少年承认他们对智能设备成瘾而对家长的调查结果显示,59%的家长都认为他们的孩子依赖智能设备这项调查的对象是0名家长和岁到18岁之间的孩子Whether it is an addiction or not, two-thirds of parents -- 66% -- feel their teens spend too much time on their mobile devices, and 5% of teens agree, according to the poll.不管是否成瘾,据调查,3的家长;;约66%认为他们的孩子浪费了太多的时间在智能设备上,约有5%的青少年同意此观点Nearly 80% of teens in the new survey said they checked their phones hourly, and 7% said they felt the need to immediately respond to texts and social networking messages. Thirty-six percent of parents said they argued with their child daily about device use, and 77% of parents feel their children get distracted by their devices and donrsquo;t pay attention when they are together at least a few times per week.在这项调查中,将近80%的青少年说他们每小时都要查看一次手机,而7%的人认为有必要立即回复信息36%的家长说每天都会因使用手机发生争执77%的家长认为孩子因使用手机而被分散了注意力,不太重视他们每周仅有的几次相聚时间There are signs that some teens may be getting that message and realize too much time on their devices isnrsquo;t necessarily a good thing. More than one-third of teens, 37%, said they very often or occasionally try to cut down the amount of time they spend on their devices, the Common Sense Media poll found.有迹象表明,一些青少年意识到这个问题,知道自己对智能设备成瘾并不是一件好事超过,约有37%的人认为他们经常或者偶尔也曾尝试减少他们花在智能设备上的时间据常识媒体的调查结果Parents might complain about the amount of time their teens spend on their phones, but they admit they have their own difficulties when it comes to unplugging.家长们可能会抱怨孩子们太过浪费时间在手机上,然而,他们承认,即使是大人也同样对手机上瘾Twenty-seven percent of parents feel they are addicted to their mobile devices, while nearly the same number of teens, %, believe their parents are addicted, according to the poll.据调查结果,%的家长感到自己对手机成瘾,而同样比例的孩子们也认为如此赣州寻乌人民医院治疗妇科怎么样

兴国县中医院有妇产科吗亚非领导人会议《重振亚非新型战略伙伴关系宣言 --01 3:1: 来源:   亚非领导人会议《重振亚非新型战略伙伴关系宣言  Declaration on Re-invigorating the New Asian African Strategic Partnership  重振亚非新型战略伙伴关系宣言  Jakarta-Bandung, April 19-, .  年月19日-日,雅加达和万隆  1. We, the Leaders of Asian-African countries, assembled in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia on - April to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Asian-African Conference and the th Anniversary of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership, under the theme of “Strengthening South-South Cooperation to Promote World Peace and Prosperity’’ reaffirm our commitment to expand, deepen and solidify the long-standing cooperation between Asia and Africa.  1、我们,亚非国家的领导人,于年月日至日聚集在印度尼西亚雅加达和万隆,纪念亚非会议举办60周年和亚非新型战略伙伴关系建立周年,在“加强南南合作,促进世界和平繁荣”的主题下重申我们对拓展、深化、巩固亚非长期合作的承诺  . We continue to uphold the Spirit of Bandung, enshrined in the Asian-African Conference in 1955, as a beacon in guiding the future of Asian-African cooperation, while adhering to the core principles of solidarity, friendship and cooperation.  、我们将继续秉持1955年亚非会议确立的万隆精神,以之作为指引未来亚非合作的灯塔,同时坚持团结、友谊和合作的核心原则  3. We pledge to strengthen our cooperation within the framework of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership (NAASP) as a platm, serving as the bridge that links Asian-African countries. We, theree, underline the importance of practical and sustainable cooperation based on comparative advantage, equality of partnership, common ownership and vision, as well as a firm and shared conviction to address common challenges.  3、我们誓言将在亚非新型战略伙伴关系的平台框架下进一步加强合作,并将其作为连接亚非国家的桥梁为此,我们强调建立在比较优势、平等伙伴关系、共同拥有、远见以及应对共同挑战的坚定共同信念等基础之上务实、可持续合作的重要性  . Reiterating the principle and benefits of multilateralism, we resolve to further strengthen and support the ed Nations and other multilateral and regional ums so they work more effectively towards strengthening peace and prosperity in Asia and Africa as well as other regions. We call continued efts to rem the ed Nations, including the revitalization of the General Assembly and a comprehensive rem of the Security Council, which corresponds to the collective interests of developing countries. A remed Security Council will significantly increase representation of Asia and Africa.  、我们重申多边主义原则及益处,决心进一步加强和持联合国和其他多边及地区性论坛机制,使其更有效地加强亚非和其他地区的和平与繁荣我们呼吁继续努力推动联合国改革,包括振兴联大并全面改革安理会,以反映发展中国家共同利益改革后的安理会应显著增加亚非的代表性  5. We are committed to redouble and launch multiple efts that promote trade and investment growth, including through inter-regional and local cooperation, improving intra and extra-regional connectivity, creating conducive investment and business climate, building regional infrastructure and revitalizing sectors that concern present and future generations, including agriculture, food and water security as well as infrastructure cooperation and energy security. We commend the supportive role of the Asian-African Business Summit (AABS) in fostering private sector partnership and advancing Asian- African cooperation in various fields.  5、我们承诺将启动和强化促进贸易和投资的多边努力,包括通过地区间和本地合作,改善区域内外连通、创造有利的投资和经贸环境、建设地区基础设施、振兴农业、食品安全、水安全、基础设施合作和能源安全等关系到当代和后代领域的发展我们赞赏亚非商业峰会在发展私营部门伙伴关系和促进亚非在各领域合作方面发挥的持性作用  6. We continue to encourage closer people-to-people connectivity by strengthening contacts and networks among businesses, academics, and in particular women and youth, so as to bring about equitable prosperity, harmony and lasting peace among the Asian-African countries.  6、我们将继续鼓励通过增强商业和学术界,尤其是妇女和青年间的联系网络建立更密切的人与人之间的联系,以实现亚非国家间的公平繁荣、和谐和持久和平  7. We dedicate ourselves to accelerated, stable and sustained inclusive economic growth, which creates decent and productive employment that rapidly reduces inequality; nurtures sustainable social protection programs; improves industrial and manufacturing capacity; increases value addition and facilitates economic diversification; strengthens resilience to external shocks; and-fosters rapid inclusive, resilient and sustainable socio-economic development leading to eradication of poverty.  7、我们致力于快速、稳定、持续和包容的经济增长,这有利于创造体面和生产型的就业,以迅速减少不平等;培养可持续的社会保障计划;促进工业和制造业能力;提升附加值和促进经济多元化;强化抵御外来冲击的韧性;推进快速、包容、有活力和可持续的社会经济发展,最终消除贫困  8. We reaffirm the need to further empower our two regions in the production supply chain by further promoting cooperation the purpose of increasing production, productivity and value addition in the agricultural sector in the context of sustainable development.  8、我们重申有必要在可持续发展的背景下推动合作,提高农业产量、生产率和附加值,从而进一步加强亚非两大地区在生产供应链中的能力  Progressing our Partnership  推进我们的伙伴关系  9. We are encouraged by the rapid and robust development as well as dynamic transmation in political, economic, and socio-cultural sectors of Asia-Africa. We recognize that common challenges could be overcome by closer South-South cooperation and triangular cooperation. Theree, at this historic juncture, we reinvigorate our commitment to a stronger, more inclusive, and sustainable New Asian- African Strategic Partnership.  9、亚非国家政治、经济和社会文化部门强劲快速的增长和充满活力的转型让我们深受鼓舞我们认识到通过更紧密的南南合作和三方合作可以克共同的挑战为此,在这个历史性的重要关口,我们重申对打造更强大、更具包容性和可持续性的亚非新型战略伙伴关系的承诺  . While reaffirming that South-South Cooperation and its agenda have to be set by countries of the South, we call the active involvement of development partners and other related stakeholders in various mechanisms within South-South Cooperation, and triangular cooperation to inter alia, mobilize their support, share and exchange best practices, as well as promote transfer and development of technology, to further enhance South-South cooperation initiatives based on the principles of mutual benefit, non-conditionality, equality, national ownership, respect national sovereignty, as well as non-interference in domestic affairs. We also recognize that South-South Cooperation continues to serve as a complement to, and not a substitute , North-South development cooperation.  、我们重申,南南合作及其各项议程应由南方国家共同商定,并呼吁各发展伙伴和其他利益攸关方积极参与南南合作多个机制,尤其是三方合作,并争取他们的持,交流并共享经验,促进技术转移和发展,进一步提升建立在互惠互利、无附加条件、平等、国家所有、尊重国家主权和不干涉内政原则等基础上的南南合作我们也认识到,南南合作将继续成为南北发展合作的补充而不是替代  . We are committed to carrying ward the NAASP by implementing ambitious goals and practical initiatives, with the aim at enabling Asia and Africa to play a more active, coordinated and leading role on various issues of common concern. We, theree, call on our Ministers and officials to galvanize necessary actions to arrive at a successful conclusion on the 8 Focus Areas of Cooperation as recommended by the NAASP Senior Officials Meeting in Jakarta, October , namely Counter Terrorism; Combating Transnational Organized Crimes; Food Security; Energy Security; Small and Medium Enterprises; Tourism; Asian-African Development University Network; Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. We instruct our officials to conduct future review and evaluation of the NAASP’s activities periodically.  、我们承诺通过实现富有雄心的目标和务实倡议来推进亚非新型战略伙伴关系,以使亚洲和非洲在共同关心的多项事务上发挥更加积极、协作和引领性的作用为此,我们呼吁部长和官员们积极采取必要行动,实现年月在雅加达举办的亚非新型战略伙伴关系高官会建议的8个重点领域合作,包括反恐、打击跨国有组织犯罪、粮食安全、能源安全、中小企业、旅游、亚非发展大学网络、性别平等和妇女权利我们指示我们的官员们在今后定期回顾和审议亚非新型战略伙伴关系的发展  . We commend countries in Asia and Africa their valuable contribution to the realization of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership Capacity Building Palestine, during the period of -, including the capacity building assistance that supported ,000 Palestinians, and we are committed to maintain contributions, through the extension of the Strategic Partnership the period of -19.  、我们赞赏亚非国家为亚非新型战略伙伴关系巴勒斯坦能力建设项目(-年)所作出的宝贵贡献,包括持1万名巴勒斯坦人能力建设援助项目我们承诺在战略伙伴关系-19年的顺延期内继续作出贡献  A Strategic Partnership of the Future  未来的战略伙伴关系  . We commend the significant and major contributions by Asian-African countries to the maintenance of international peace and security under the auspices of the ed Nations, particularly through the UN Peacekeeping Operations, where more than 87% of peacekeeping personnel in the field come from Asian-African countries. Recalling the principles enshrined in the Final Communiqué of the 1955 Bandung Conference, we reaffirm our commitment to uphold the agreed principles of the UN peacekeeping. We resolve to strengthen cooperation among peacekeeping centers in the two regions to facilitate capacity building cooperation through sharing of experiences, lessons learned, best practices and training programs.  、我们赞赏亚非国家在联合国主持下为维护国际和平安全所做的重要贡献,特别是联合国维和行动中超过87%的维和人员来自亚非国家忆及《1955年万隆会议最后公报规定的原则,我们重申坚持各方达成一致的联合国维和原则我们决心加强两大地区维和中心的合作,通过交流经验教训、最佳实践以及实施训练科目等加强能力建设合作  . While we recognize the challenges posed by transnational organized crimes, we underscore the importance of Asian-African cooperation to combat such crimes, among others through exchange of inmation, training, mutual legal assistance, or extradition in line with domestic law and relevant international instruments.  、我们认识到跨国有组织犯罪所带来的挑战,强调亚非合作打击此类犯罪的重要性,包括通过交换情报、训练、相互法律援助或依据国内法和有关国际文书进行引渡等开展亚非合作  . We underscore the importance to strengthen cooperation to prevent and combat terrorism in all its ms and manifestations, address the conditions conducive to the sp of terrorism and commit to develop concrete ms of cooperation, including in countering the appeal of terrorism, countering violent extremism, the financing of terrorism including payment of ransom, countering the use of internet terrorist purpose, as well as promoting and protecting human rights while countering terrorism.  、我们强调加强合作防止和打击一切形式恐怖主义的重要性,应对助长恐怖主义扩散的情况,承诺以切实的合作方式,包括消除恐怖主义吸引力、打击暴力极端主义、切断包括付赎金在内的恐怖主义融资,打击为恐怖主义目的使用互联网,在打击恐怖主义的同时保护和促进人权  . We reiterate the need to enhance interregional cooperation and coordination in order to develop inclusive and effective strategies to combat terrorism in a comprehensive and integrated manner.  、我们重申有必要加强地区间合作与协调,制定全面、有效的战略,以全面、综合的方式打击恐怖主义  . We recognize the importance of protection of genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore. Theree, we support the current process under Intergovernmental Committee on intellectual Property, Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore of World Intellectual Property Organization toward the objective of reaching agreement to ensure the appropriate protection of Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions and Genetic Resources.  、我们认识到,保护遗传资源、传统知识和民俗的重要性为此,我们持知识产权、遗传资源、传统知识政府间委员会和世界民俗知识产权组织的现有进程,旨在就确保恰当保护传统知识、传统文化表述和遗传资源上达成一致  18. We emphasize the need to strengthen cooperation in the agricultural sector as part of our future agenda to improve food security, while stressing the importance of sharing knowledge, practices and technologies through collaborative research and development projects, to better the livelihoods of rural commies and small and medium-scale farmers of Asia and Africa.  18、我们强调需要加强农业部门合作,将其作为未来议程的一部分,以加强粮食安全,并重视通过合作研究和发展项目分享知识、实践和技术,以改善亚非农村社会和中小规模农户的生活福祉  19. We reiterate the importance of “Quality Growth” which values inclusiveness, sustainability, and resilience poverty reduction. In order to realize “Quality Growth” in all Asian-African countries, we share the intention to promote public-private partnership, especially quality infrastructure development, advance capacity-building among local people and share our knowledge and experiences enhancing resilience to climate change, natural disaster and the attainment of both the Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals.  19、我们重申以包容、可持续和活力为特色、以减贫为目标的“优质增长”的重要性为在所有亚非地区国家实现“优质增长”,我们希望促进各领域,特别是优质基础设施开发领域的公私伙伴关系,促进当地民众的能力建设,共享知识和经验,提升应对气候变化、自然灾害以及实现千年发展目标和可持续发展目标的能力  . We underline the importance of cooperation in advancing the blue economy and maritime-based economy, strengthening public-private partnership (PPP) to develop maritime infrastructure, enhancing collaboration among the PPP centers in Asia-Africa, exchanging experiences in establishing nautical highways (sea-tolls), ensuring freedom of navigation, maritime safety and security, navigational safety in the sea lines of communication, and ensuring the inclusion of small-scale fisheries sector in the global value chain.  、我们强调要促进蓝色经济、促进海洋经济、强化公私伙伴关系,在发展海上基础设施、加强亚非公私伙伴关系中心之间的协作、共享海上高速公路建设经验、确保航行自由、海上安全与安保和海上航道的航行安全、确保将小规模渔民群体纳入全球价值链等方面开展合作  1. We recognize the importance of pursuing more conducive and enhanced trade and investment policies that would push ward better flow of goods and services. We underscore the importance of promoting inter-regional economic cooperation in the two continents, inter alia through the promotion and facilitation of direct trade and investment and in this regard, we applaud the WTO’s decision to hold its Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya in December , the first time in Africa.  1、我们认识到推行更有益和更有力的贸易投资政策以促进货物和务流动的重要性我们重视在两个大洲间通过进一步便利亚非国家间直接贸易和投资以加强区域间经济合作鉴此,我们赞赏世贸组织决定于年月在肯尼亚内罗毕举行第一次在非洲召开的部长会  . We commit to further strengthen the collaboration among countries of the two regions in the development of reliable and afdable infrastructure in order to increase regional connectivity and to boost trade, investment, bankable projects and assistance, industrial development, maritime cooperation, specifically to initiate a um SME to bridge the gap, energy security, knowledge and technology transfer in Asian-African countries through science, technology and innovation, including cooperation on maritime air transport, roads, energy and telecommunications and easing of travel visa restriction. In this regard, we, support the ongoing efts to substantiate the establishment a um small and medium-scaled industries between Asian and African countries and invite all other countries to join this um.  、我们承诺进一步加强两地区国家在发展可靠、可行的基础设施方面的协作,以提升区域互联互通水平,推动亚非各国贸易、投资、可融资项目和援助、工业发展、海上合作、尤其是发起中小企业论坛以缩小差距、推动能源安全、知识和技术转移,通过科学技术和创新,就海上和空中交通、道路、能源、通讯和放宽旅行签限制进行合作鉴此,我们持建立亚非国家中小型产业论坛的努力,并邀请各国参与  3. We underline the importance of the cooperation between the two regions by utilizing all existing partnership initiatives through other existing initiatives, inter alia the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), um on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), India-Africa Cooperation, Indonesia-Brunei Darussalam sponsored Non-Alignment Movement Centre South-South Technical Cooperation, NAM Institute the Empowerment of Women (NIEW), Iran-Africa um, Arab-Africa um, South African Development Partnership Agency, Malaysia Technical Cooperation Program, Vietnam-Africa um, Africa-Turkey Partnership, Korea-Africa um, Pakistan’s Special Technical Assistance Programme (STAP), Egyptian Agency of Partnership Development, D-8 Organization Economic Cooperation, the Smart Partnership Initiative, the Langkawi International Dialogue, Economic Cooperation Organization, the Group of and the Thai-Africa Initiative (TAI), Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Center Human Rights and Cultural Diversity, and the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).  3、我们强调两大地区通过其他现有倡议利用所有现有伙伴关系倡议进行合作的重要性,特别是利用东京非洲发展国际会议(TICAD)、中非合作论坛、印度-非洲合作、印尼-文莱发起的不结盟运动南南技术合作中心、不结盟运动妇女赋权研究所(NIEW)、伊朗-非洲论坛、阿拉伯-非洲论坛、南非发展伙伴关系署、马来西亚技术合作项目、越南-非洲论坛、非洲-土耳其伙伴关系、韩国-非洲论坛、巴基斯坦特别技术援助项目(STAP)、埃及发展伙伴关系署、发展中八国经济合作组织、聪明伙伴关系倡议、兰卡威国际对话机制、经济合作组织(ECO)、十五国集团和泰国-非洲倡议(TAI)不结盟运动人权和文化多样性中心  . We welcome China’s initiatives to provide 0,000 training as to Asian-African developing countries 5 years; to hold get-together events in China annually youth from Asia and Africa; to establish an Asian-African cooperation center in China; to launch a programme on exchange and study of international law between Asian-African legal consultative organization and China, and to hold an international symposium on the theme of carrying ward the spirit of Bandung this year. We also welcome Japan’s announcement on human resource development in Asia and Africa, totaling 350,000 persons over the next 5 years. We further welcome India’s continued engagement with Africa and Asia towards their economic development, infrastructure up-gradation, capacity building and maritime security. Every year around ,000 training programmes Africa and Asia; annual grant in aid-funded projects the Pacific Island states; and cooperative projects ASEAN countries are implemented. The Pan-Africa e-network is providing tele-education and tele-medicine services to 8 African countries and will expand to include Pacific Island states.  、我们欢迎中国未来5年内向亚非发展中国家提供万名培训名额;每年在中国举办亚非青年联欢节;在中国成立中国-亚非合作中心;设立中国-亚非法协国际法交流与研究项目;并于今年举办以弘扬万隆精神为主题的国际研讨会我们也欢迎日本宣布未来五年为亚非发展人力资源,总人数为35万人我们同样欢迎印度与亚非继续接触以实现经济发展、基础设施升级、能力建设和海洋安全落实每年约000个亚非培训项目、太平洋岛国援助项目年度无偿贷款和东盟国家合作项目泛非电子网络现为8个非洲国家提供远程教育和远程医疗务,并将拓展至太平洋岛国  5. We reiterate that fulfilling the ultimate objective of the ed Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will require strengthening the multilateral, rules-based regime under the Convention. We, theree, further reaffirm our resolve to continue the negotiations on climate change under the Convention and to adopt, at COP-1CMP- UNFCCC, in Paris, in , a protocol, another legal instrument or an agreed outcome with legal ce under the Convention applicable to all Parties, and adhering to the principles set out in the Convention, on the basis of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities in light of different national circumstances.  5、我们重申要实现联合国气候变化框架公约最终目标,需强化公约框架下的多边法律机制为此我们进一步重申,将在公约框架下继续推进气候变化谈判,根据各国不同国情在“公平”、“共同但有区别的责任”和“各自能力”原则的基础上,争取在年巴黎联合国气候变化公约第1次缔约方大会(COP1)京都议定书第次缔约方大会(CMP)上通过一个在公约下适用于各方、具有法律效力并遵守公约规定的各项原则的议定书、其他法律文书或议定成果  6. We welcome Indonesia’s chairmanship of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) from to . We support Indonesia in promoting concrete cooperation in the lORA’s six priority areas namely maritime safety and security; trade and investment facilitation; fisheries management; disaster risk reduction; academic and science and technology cooperation as well as tourism and cultural exchanges inter alia under the themes of the Blue Economy and the Green Economy.  6、我们欢迎印尼担任-年环印度洋组织(IORA)主席国我们持印尼推动该组织加强六大优先领域合作,即海上安全安保、贸易投资便利化、渔业管理、减少灾难风险、学术科技合作、旅游和文化交流,尤其是蓝色经济和绿色经济主题  7. We recognize the need to continuously strive in strengthening democratic institutions, good governance and the rule of law, transparency and ability, human rights, and fight against corruption. We, theree, commit to enhancing capacity building, technical cooperation and sharing of best practices in these areas.  7、我们认识到需要不断加强民主机制建设、良政、法治、透明和问责、人权以及反腐,我们承诺将强化这些领域的能力建设、技术合作以及经验共享  . We commit to strengthening solidarity and cooperation among Asian-African countries to combat epidemics, communicable and infectious diseases, in particular the current Ebola outbreak. We underline the importance of proper early warning, preparedness, resilient public health systems, well-trained and appropriately equipped health workers, cross-sectoral action and greater national, regional and international collaboration, and enhancing the coordinated responses to the epidemics.  、我们承诺将加强亚非国家间团结合作抗击流行病和传播感染性疾病特别是当前的埃拉疫情我们强调重视早期预警、准备措施、有韧性的公共卫生系统、训练和装备良好的医务工作者、跨部门合作行动和更大的国家、地区及全球协作,加强合作应对传播感染性疾病  9. We will revitalize the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership by improving its operational framework, by:  9、我们将通过改进操作框架以重振亚非新型战略伙伴关系:  Organizing a Commemorative Asian-African Summit every ten years;  ——每年召开一次纪念性的亚非峰会;  Consolidating the institutionalized process of the NAASP by rotating the co-chairmanship of NAASP every four years as stipulated in the NAASP Declaration ;  ——根据年亚非新型战略伙伴关系宣言规定,每年轮换新亚非战略伙伴关系共同主席国,以巩固其机制化进程;  Organizing biennial ministerial consultations at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York to provide strategic direction Asian-African partnership;  ——每两年在纽约联合国大会期间召开一次部长级磋商会议,为亚非新型战略伙伴关系提供战略指引;  Organizing annual meetings between Co-chairs;  ——在共同主席国间轮流召开年度会议;  Strengthening people-to-people interactions, particularly in business, academia, media, youth and sports as well as civil society. In this regard, we encourage inter-regional University to University (U to U) cooperation, including the establishment of an Asian-African Academic um to strengthen closer collaboration among higher education institutions and academicians in the two regions. We also see the benefits of establishing a network of Asian-African think-tanks to enhance research and assist policy development.  ——加强民间特别是商业、学术、媒体、青年和体育以及公民社会互动为此我们鼓励区域间大学合作,包括建立旨在加强两大地区高等教育机构和学术机构更紧密合作的亚非学术论坛我们认为建立亚非智库网络对于加强研究和协助政策制定是有益的  30. We welcome the offer of Indonesia to host Asian-African Kilometer Run in to foster friendship and solidarity among youth from both regions.  30、我们欢迎印尼拟于年主办亚非1万米长跑比赛,以增进两个地区间青年友谊和团结的提议  31. We are committed to working together to shape the future of the Asian-African countries, so as to harness the energy of our respective economies and to make contribution to the long-term development and common prosperity of the two regions.  31、我们承诺共同努力塑造亚非国家的未来,以调动我们各个经济体的能量,为两个地区的长期发展和共同繁荣作出贡献  We will review the progress of implementation of this Declaration in the next Summit of Asian-African countries.  3、我们将在下次亚非峰会上回顾此项宣言的落实进展情况  (Ministry of eign Affairs of the People's Republic of China)兴国县人民医院不孕不育科 新婚安妮斯顿成阿航代言人 -- :1:59 来源: 新婚安妮斯顿成阿航代言人Jennifer Aniston signs million deal as face of Emirates Airlines after secret marriage to Justin TherouxNewlywed Jennifer Aniston has another reason to celebrate. The actress, 6, has signed a million deal to appear in adverts Emirates Airlines, reports The New York Post.新婚的珍妮弗·安妮斯顿又有好事要庆祝啦!据《纽约邮报报道,这位6岁的女演员已成为阿联酋航空签约代言人,酬金为500万美元The news comes after the mer Friends star secretly wed Justin Theroux, 3 at their $ million Bel-Air mansion on August 5, bee jetting off to Bora Bora their honeymoon.8月5日,曾出演《老友记而成名的安妮斯顿与3岁的贾斯汀·塞洛克斯秘密结婚,婚礼在两人价值0万美元的贝莱尔豪宅举办,在他们飞往波拉波拉岛度蜜月前,传出了安妮斯顿为阿联酋航空代言的消息Aniston has reportedly aly filmed the advertising campaign, which will make her the face of the Dubai-based international airline. "Jennifer Aniston has shot a high-profile campaign Emirates as part of this deal, which she is being paid around million. She will appear across TV and print ads worldwide,' a source told Page Six.据报道,安妮斯顿已经完成了广告拍摄工作,即将成为这家总部位于迪拜的国际航空的代言人一位消息人士告诉《纽约邮报八卦版第六页:“根据协议,珍妮弗·安妮斯顿已拍摄了备受关注的宣传广告,她将得到约500万美元的代言费,她的形象将随着阿航一起出现在全球的电视广告和平面广告上”The actress and her handsome new husband are currently enjoying their honeymoon in the South Pacific island Bora Bora. And they"ve taken some famous friends along with them to keep the party going.安妮斯顿和帅气的新婚丈夫目前在南太平洋波拉波拉岛度蜜月,随行的还有明星朋友,继续派对狂欢The Emirates adverts are the latest endorsement deal the popular actress, who also is a spokesperson Aveeno skincare products and Smart Water. She is also the face of premium hair care line Living Proof, which she part-owns.安妮斯顿的事业春风得意,阿航广告是她的最新代言,同时她也是艾维诺护肤品和Smart Water饮用水的代言人此外,安妮斯顿还是优质护发系列Ling Proof 的代言人,她也拥有该品牌的部分股权Aniston pulled off her secret wedding by telling guests the gathering was a surprise party actor-screenwriter Theroux.. The couple met in in New York when filming the comedy Wanderlust, and became engaged in .安妮斯顿告诉客人,这是为演员兼编剧瑟鲁斯举办的惊喜聚会,从而秘密举办了婚礼这对夫妻年在纽约拍摄喜剧《漫游时结缘,年订婚Vocabularypremium: 优质的endorsement: 代言英文来源:每日邮报全南县体检哪家医院好的

龙南医院检查能用医保卡吗双语新闻:全球儿童幸福感调查 韩国垫底 -- :59: 来源: South Korean children are the least happy in study among developed countries, the government said on Tuesday, citing the stress of the country's educational pressure cooker.   South Korea ranked at the bottom among 30 countries in terms of children's satisfaction with their lives, the country's health ministry said, followed by Romania and Poland.   "The most relevant factor to the children's life satisfaction is academic stress, followed by school violence, internet addiction, negligence and cyber violence," the ministry said of its survey of more than ,000 households with children younger than 18.   World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim, himself born in South Korea, said the educational system put a heavy burden on children, with its focus on competition and long hours of work.   South Korea's survey results were measured against those of 7 members of the Organisation Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) grouping of wealthy countries, plus Romania, Latvia and Lithuania.   The survey, the first such exercise by the South Korean government, comes as around 600,000 students gear up the annual college entrance exam, with places in prestigious schools and a pathway to a secure job at a top corporation on the line.   When the test is held on Nov , the country's stock market will open an hour later, office openings will be delayed to ensure students don't get stuck in traffic, and the central bank will delay its interest rate-setting meeting by one hour.   Domestic air traffic will be curtailed during the listening comprehension portion of the exam.   More than half of children aged between and 19 who are suicidal give "academic permance and college entrance" as a reason, according to National Statistics Korea.   South Korean parents are well-known marching their children off to cram schools until late in the evening, and beginning English tutoring in kindergarten.   South Korea also made a poor showing in the survey's child deprivation index, which includes child poverty as well as time hobbies and school or club activities. It came in last, after Hungary and Portugal.   World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, who was born in Seoul and moved to the ed States at age five, said that South Korea's education system exacted a heavy cost   "Students endure a substantial psychological burden from competition and long hours of work," he said during a visit to Seoul on Tuesday.   相关内容   一项针对发达国家儿童的调查显示,韩国儿童是其中最不幸福的周二,韩国政府表示,导致这种现象的原因是其国内教育制度对儿童的重压   韩国卫生部表示,在针对儿童对其生活满意程度的调查中,韩国在30个发达国家中排名垫底,位于其后的是罗马尼亚和波兰   卫生部表示:“对儿童生活满意程度影响最大的是学业压力,其次是校园暴力,网瘾,家庭疏忽以及网络暴力”这项调查由000个有18岁以下儿童的家庭共同参与   出生在韩国的世界行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)表示,现行的教育体系注重竞争和长时间的学习,给儿童造成了巨大的负担   韩国的调查结果是通过衡量个富裕国家组成的经济合作与发展组织(OECD)中的7个成员国,以及罗马尼亚,拉脱维亚和立陶宛得出的   这项首次由韩国政府所进行的调查显示,每年有60万学生为高考努力拼搏,为的就是拔得头筹,能够进入名校和得到名企的安稳工作   当月日进行高考时,韩国的股市会延迟一小时开放,办公时间也会后延以确保学生不会遇到交通堵塞此外,韩国央行也会延迟一个小时召开利率决策会议   在考试进行到听力理解部分时,政府甚至会限制国内的航空交通   据韩国国家统计局显示,在至19岁自杀的儿童中,超过半数是因“学业表现和高考”不佳   韩国的父母们因将孩子送到补习班学习至深夜,并从幼儿园就开始英语辅导而闻名于世   在一项儿童被剥夺指数的调查中,韩国儿童调查结果也不容乐观这项调查包括儿童贫困状况以及儿童们花在兴趣活动、学校和社团活动上的时间总体而言,韩国位列倒数第一,排在匈牙利和葡萄牙之后   出生于韩国首尔,五岁时移居美国的世界行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)称,韩国的教育体系代价惨重   “学生长期忍受来自来自竞争和长时间学习的巨大心理负担”他在周二于首尔访问时如是说道 泰国猴园大树被连根拔起,5只猴子被砸死 --18 :50:3 来源: 连日来的大雨导致了泰国学校的一棵大树倾倒,飞来横祸使得树上熟睡的5只猴子不幸死亡 Over 50 monkeys were peacefully sleeping in a large Prado tree at Chanthaburi’s Khao Wongkot School yesterday morning when the tree they were sleeping in fell onto the front lawn.昨日清晨,泰国尖竹汶Khao Wongkot学校一棵巨大的普拉多数倾倒在了树前的草坪上,当时树上有50多只猴子正在安详地睡眠The long-tailed macaques, including some babies, died from the fall itself or were crushed under the tree’s weight. They were found on the school lawn. Several other injured macaques were found nearby.这群长尾猕猴(包括小猴)有的从树上掉下来摔死了,有的被倒塌下来的树给压死了在学校的草坪上,人们发现了这些猴子,在附近还发现了其他几只受伤的猕猴The school’s director, Rangsan Kumtrakul, noted that it was lucky it happened so early in the morning. Otherwise, students could have been injured as well.据学校校长Rangsan Kumtrakul表示,还好这起事件发生在凌晨,否则的话学生也有会受伤Rangsan said that he was very sad about the death of the monkeys and that they had been living on the school grounds a long time.校长Rangsan Kumtrakul表示他对猴群的死亡感到很难过,这群猴子已经在学校里居住很长一段时间了As the students and staff arrived the day’s classes, they helped to move the dead monkeys away burial.当学生和老师们赶到学校上课时,他们帮忙一起把这些死去的猴子移开,以便好好埋葬它们The school sought help from provincial officials to care the injured macaques, according to Thai PBS.据泰国PBS报道,这所学校向省政府寻求了帮助,以照顾受伤的猕猴As far as what happened to unearth this giant tree, Rangsan believes that the recent heavy rains must have softened the ground enough to loosen the roots, sending the tree toppling while the monkeys were asleep on it.到底是什么原因导致这棵大树被连根拔起呢?校长Rangsan Kumtrakul认为最近的大雨使得土地松软,从而使得大树的根基不牢固,最终在猴子们熟睡时导致了大树的倾倒We hope they are now causing mischief in heaven.我们愿它们在天堂里依然调皮可爱赣州市仁济是公立的全南县人民医院妇科专家大夫



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