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福州博爱不孕不育精子检测好不好费用多少福州妇幼男士检查精子到四楼哪里unwarranted ———— 没有根据的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Not based on a foundation of fact; unnecessary, lacking real authority.例句 I have known and trusted our accountant for many years, so I believe your suspicions of his dishonesty are quite unwarranted.我认识和信任我们的会计很多年,所以我认为你怀疑他不诚实基本没有根据。 /201606/451623福州附属第一医院输卵管接通 believe it or not ———— 信不信由你(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) Expression of surprise about something happening in spite of seeming unlikely or impossible.例句 My young son cant stand the sight of blood, but, believe it or not, he wants to study medicine and become a doctor.我的小儿子看见血就不能忍受,但信不信由你,他想学医,去当医生。 /201606/448958To much patriotic fanfare, china launched its first ever moon-shot today, the Chang'e 1 orbiter named after Chinese goddess credited with flying to the moon will spend more than a year surveying the lunar surface. It's all part of the China's long term plan to be the first Asian country to land a man on the moon. With Japan and India accelerating their lunar programs and the ed States reviving its interest in the moon, it seems a new space race is on. As our China correspondent Lindsay Hilson now reports, it is as much about military might as it is scientific endeavor.China's first lunar orbiter the Chang'e 1 launched by the Long March 3A rocket from a site in Sichuan province. The launch was broadcasted with about a minute's delay, so if anything went wrong they could pull the plug. But it didn't. And in 20 days time the satellite should start orbiting the moon, taking 3D images and analyzing the distribution of elements on the moon surface. Today's launch marks a significant step in China's lunar mission. Party secretary Hu Jingtao has sent a congratulatory message. Some 2000 Chinese tourists paid 60 pounds each to watch the launch, no foreigners were allowed. This is a matter of national pride.This is our first probe to the moon and it's a symbolic event, I feel this is very important for us. Spending the money is a small matter for me, the main thing is to come here to witness the moment of the launch.It was Chairman Mao, back in 1958 who said China should compete with the US and the Soviet Union in space. The first Chinese rocket was launched in 1960 and the first satellite 10 years later. But it wasn't until 2003 that the Chinese sent a man into orbit: Yang Liwei, who said last week that he hoped one day to found the first branch of the Chinese Communist Party in space.We have a go for main engine to start. Now it seems there is a new space race. And lift off of Discovery. Another Discovery space shuttle was launched from Cape Canaveral yesterday. The astronauts on board will anchor a new European laboratory to the International Space Station--from which the Chinese had been excluded. President Bush recently talked of sending American astronauts back to the moon. We will build new ships to carry men forward into the universe, to gain a new foothold on the moon and prepare for new journey to the worlds beyond our own.(The engine ignition) Last month, Japan launched a lunar orbiter, the most technically complex mission to the moon since the Apollo program of the 1960s. India too has an increasingly ambitious space program. And it's planning a lunar mission next year. China's space budget is less than a tenth of NASA's . But the US military believes China will soon have the capacity to knockout American satellite communications, critical in any future war. China and the US both see space as a new potential battlefield. Today's launch is another way for China to show the world that it is a power to be reckoned with. Lindsay Hilsun, Channel 4 News. 200805/39912莆田做复通手术哪里好

三明市测卵泡那个医院好Dozens Killed, Hundreds Wounded in Wave of Attacks in Iraq伊拉克炸弹袭击导致数十人丧生  At least 50 people have been killed in a new wave of deadly suicide bomb attacks in Iraq. Iraqi authorities also say more than 170 people have been wounded in the attacks. The first explosions were believed to have been set off by female suicide bombers who killed at least 28 Shiite worshipers making their way to a holy shrine in Baghdad. Elsewhere, in the northern city of Kirkuk, another suicide bomber killed at least 22. 伊拉克再次发生一系列导致人员伤亡的自杀式炸弹爆炸事件,至少50人丧生。伊拉克当局说,170多人在袭击中受伤。第一轮爆炸据信由女性自杀式杀手引爆,至少28名什叶派朝圣者被炸死,当时他们正前往巴格达一个圣坛。此外,在伊拉克北部城市基尔库克发生的另一起自杀式炸弹爆炸,炸死至少22人。Monday's wave of suicide attacks makes the day one of the bloodiest Iraq has seen in a month. 星期一的这轮自杀式炸弹爆炸使这一天成为一个月里伊拉克最血腥的日子。Police say the first wave of bombings was believed to have been carried out by three female suicide bombers. Despite stepped up security during the Shiite pilgrimage that is now underway, the women were able to sneak in through the crowd and carry out the attack. There are expected to be at least one million people at the shrine on Tuesday. 警方说,当天第一轮自杀式炸弹爆炸据信由三名女性自杀式炸弹杀手实施。尽管在目前的什叶派朝圣期间伊拉克当局加强了安全戒备,但是这几名女性自杀炸弹杀手还是得以混在人群中实施自杀式炸弹袭击。预计,星期二将有至少100万人到巴格达的这个圣坛朝圣。Many of the worshipers said they will continue with the pilgrimage despite the bloody attack that killed many women and children. 许多朝圣者表示,尽管有许多妇女和儿童在这场血腥袭击中丧生,但他们将继续参加朝圣。But worshipper Jassim Jihad explained his resolve to go on. He said that he pays no heed to bombings and death. He is going to visit the holy Shrine of Iman Kadim, one of Shiite Islam's 12 holy leaders or Imams. Jassim said he and other worshippers are believing in God. 贾希姆说,他不介意炸弹爆炸和死亡。他将瞻仰伊曼.卡迪姆圣坛,卡迪姆是什叶派伊斯兰教中12位圣贤、或者12位伊玛姆之一。贾希姆说,他和其他朝圣者信仰真主。The suicide bomb attacks underscore the continued violence in Iraq, despite a general improvement in security over the past months. There have been more than 20 female suicide attacks in Iraq this year and at least seven Shiite pilgrims were killed by gunmen during a shooting in Baghdad on Sunday. 尽管从总体上看,伊拉克的安全形势在过去几个月有所改善,但是新一轮自杀式炸弹袭击再次凸显伊拉克暴力事件在持续。今年以来伊拉克发生了20多起女性实施的自杀式炸弹袭击,星期天在巴格达发生的一起击事件中,武装份子打死至少7名什叶派朝圣者。200807/45037福州附一医院孕前检查多少钱 Humpback whales. During the brief summer they gorge themselves on krill. When the krill swarms are near the surface, the humpbacks collect them by lunging. They simply open their cavernous mouths and scoop it up. Often the whales cooperate, working together as fishing boats do. When the krill is more dispersed, the whales have to dive deeper. After a while, lines of bubbles appear on the surface. The bubbles gradually form a pattern that spirals inwards, then suddenly in its center, the whales appear. Time and again, the pair dive. When they reach the bottom of the dive, they start releasing bubbles and continue to do so as they swim upwards, spiraling around one another. These curtains of bubbles rise through the water, creating a ring on the surface. Underwater, the curtains drive the krill into the center of the spiral and the humpbacks then surge up through the middle, jaws agape. The humpbacks that visit Antarctica only feed during the brief southern summer, building their reserves for the winter that will be spent in less productive northern waters. And so, for hour after hour, throughout the long Antarctic day, these 40-ton creatures perform a splendidly synchronized and very productive underwater ballet.New Words amp; PhrasesHumpback: (n.) A humpback whale. 座头鲸lunge: (v.) A sudden forward movement or plunge. 冲,扑scoop: (v.) To gather or collect swiftly and unceremoniously; grab 掏agape: (a.) Wide open. 大张着的200808/46996福州人工受孕需要多少钱

福州第三代试管那家医院最好6 保险范围3句英文任你选There are three basic covers, namely, Free from Particular Average, With Particular Average and All Risks.主要条款有平安险、水渍险及综合险 3种。We are able to cover all kinds of risks for transportation by sea, land and air.我们可以办理海运、陆运及空运的所有险别。We can serve you with a broad range of coverage against all kinds of risks for sea transport, such as FPA, WPA, All Risks and Extraneous Risks.我们可以承保海洋运输的所有险别,例如平安险、水渍险、综合险、附加险。半个句型要记牢such as (比如;诸如……)Tip:such as用法很多,此处表示举例,意为;例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的;相当于 like或 for example。如: There are few poets such as Keats and Shelly. (像济慈和雪莱这样的诗人现在很少了。) /201605/434143 福州第二人民医院正规吗怎么样三明市去哪间医院检查精液



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