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How can I create a fulfilling social life as a single person?作为单身人士,我应该怎样创造充实的社交生活呢?Most people think singles are lonely and that they dont have anyone. In fact, the opposite is often true. As a single person, you can become friends with the people that you care about, the people you are compatible with and you enjoy being with, and the way that is different from couples, especially the couples who do all their socializing in twos, is that sometimes when a couple goes out with another couple they really only like one of the other persons and the other one is just attached as a spouse. Whereas when youre single, you can create friendships with the people you actually do want to be with and you can nurture those friendships. You can pay attention to the people that you care about without having to say, ;oh, let me see what my spouse thinks; or ;let me see if were busy this weekend.; You have your own life, and so you can pay attention to your friends, to your extended family, to neighbors, to colleagues, to mentors, to the people in your life who are important. Something that just got published in the past year is a set of sociology studies that found that if you look at peoples connections to friends, neighbors, parents, and siblings, its single people who are more connective and more likely to be there to help them, and to be involved in their lives than are people who are married or even previously married. Its exactly the opposite of the stereotype of the single person as isolated, and alone and lonely. Its the single people more so than the married people who are creating connections in society.大部分人认为单身男女很孤独,没有另一半。实际上恰恰相反。作为单身人士,你可以和自己在意的人,自己能够和睦相处的人,喜欢的人交朋友。这跟有伴侣的人不同,尤其是经常双双出现在社交场合的情侣。有时,一对情侣与另外一对情侣一起外出的时候,他们只喜欢其他人,另外一半只是作为陪衬。而如果你是单身,你可以跟你喜欢的人建立友情,发展友情。你可以关注自己在乎的人,而不需要说,“让我看一下我的配偶的想法”,或者“让我看一下我们夫妻这个周末是否有空”。你有自己的生活,所以可以关注你的朋友,关注你的大家庭,你的邻居,你的同事,你的导师,关注你生活中比较重要的人。过去一年公布的一系列社会学研究表明,如果看一下人们与朋友,邻居,父母和兄弟的联系,单身男女联系的更多,更有可能帮助他们,更能参与他们的生活,而不是已婚人士或离异人士。这推翻了单身男女很孤独,很寂寞的陈规。单身男女的社交关系网更加广泛。Thanks for watching How To Create A Fulfilling Social Life As A Single Person.感谢收看“单身男女怎样建立充实的社交生活”视频节目。201210/203230First up tonight, gold has been losing its lustre in recent days. Prices of the precious metal suffered their sharpest fall since the 1980s on Monday, as a selling frenzy that began on Friday picked up speed. Thats now triggered worries that the extended bull run in the gold market may have come to an end. Quan Xiangqin looks at whats making the precious metal lose its shine.这是1974年期货黄金在美国开始交易以来价格下滑幅度最深的一次。自去年10月起,国际金价持续下行,黄金市场由牛市转熊市已经酝酿数月。201306/243034

热的故事,了解热是怎么做成的。不过提醒你,健康生活,远离一切食品生产线,因为看完你可能真的就不是太想吃。Hot dogs are an All-American fare. But most likely, it was German sausage makers who first came up with the idea. In fact, there are reports of German immigrant selling them from push carts in New York’s Bowery as far back as the 1860s. A century and a half later, hot dogs are still the number one treat on the street.热是一件全美国人的事。但很有可能是德国香肠制造者他们首先想到这个点子。事实上,早在1860年代,有些关于德国移民在纽约Bowery区用推车贩卖它们的传闻。一个世纪半以后,热仍然是街上首屈一指的享受。Traditional hot dogs are made from a mix of pork, beef and chicken. The cuts they start with are called trimmings, pieces of meat leftover from cutting steaks or pork chops. The trimmings are grounded the same way butchers chop up hamburger meat, by pushing the cuts through grated metal plates.传统热是由猪肉、牛肉和鸡肉的混合物制成。他们一开始所使用的部位叫做肉渣,是切牛排或猪排所剩下的残余肉块。 肉渣是屠夫用和剁碎汉堡肉一样的方式,藉由推动肉块穿过格子金属板而绞碎的。Processed chicken trimmings are added to the ground meat, followed by food starch, salt and other flavorings. These flavorings vary depending on where the hot dogs are to be sold, because people in different regions have different tastes.处理过的鸡肉肉渣被加进了绞肉中,接着是食用淀粉、盐以及其他调味料。这些调味料依热的销售所在地而不同,因为不同的地区的人们有着不同的口味。Water is sprayed into the mix, and everything is blended together in a big vat. Corn syrup adds a dash of sweetness. The addition of even more water helps to disperse the ingredients and make the hot dogs juicier. Another machine then purees the meat batter into a fine emulsion and vacuums out any air.水被喷洒在混合馅料中,所有东西都被调混在一个大桶子里。玉米糖浆增添点些许的甜味。添加甚至更多的水份有助于松散原料并使热更多汁。另一个机器接着将肉糊煮烂成一种细致的乳状液体并抽出所有的空气。Long rolls of cellulose tubing are loaded into the stuffing machine. It pumps the meat puree into these casings, twisting it every five and a quarter inches, the length of one hot dog. It takes just 35 seconds to make a chain of hot dogs that would span a soccer field twice.长卷的薄膜管被装上填充机器。它将肉浆灌注进这些肠衣中,每五又四分之一英吋扭转一次,正是一条热的长度。仅需花35秒来做出能够跨越足球场两次的热链。Then, three of those hot dog chains are linked together to make an even longer string. And they’re loaded several at a time into another machine, which drapes the hot dogs onto moving racks. The process is carefully timed, so that the twist always lands on the bar.The racks shunt the hot dogs to a liquid smoke shower, then into an oven with several cooking zones. The liquid smokes seeps through the casing and adds flavor to the dogs as they bake.接着,那些热链中的三串被连结成甚至更长的一串。而它们一次数条被填装进另一台机器,这台机器将热垂挂在移动的架子上。这过程被谨慎的定时,所以扭转节点总是落在条杆上。架子将热运往液态烟雾淋浴间,然后进入一个有许多烹煮区的烤箱。这些液态烟雾渗透到肠衣中并在烘烤时给热添加风味。Hot out of the oven, these franks are drenched in cold salty water, to chill them in preparation for packaging. The hot dogs then file down to an unloading zone. Here, a machine pulls them off the bars onto an conveyer. Then, the hot dogs slide off the conveyer into metal containers.热腾腾地出炉,这些牛肉热被浸泡在又冷又咸的水中,为了准备包装而冷却它们。这些热接着排队降至卸除区。这儿,一台机器将这些热从杆子上拉开至一条输送带上。然后,热从输送带滑落到金属容器中。If you’ve been wondering those black stripes on the casings, all is about to be revealed. The stripe is a marker attached to the casing. The absence of the black stripe means the hot dog is cooked and y for packaging. Inside the peeler machine, a tiny knife slits each casing along the top. Then, steamy air blows the casings right off the dogs. This machine peels 700 hot dogs a minute.如果你曾好奇这些肠衣上的黑色线条,一切即将揭晓。这线条是个附在肠衣上的记号。没有黑色线条意味着热已煮熟且准备好要包装了。在剥皮机之中,有个微小的刀片从顶端切开每件肠衣。接着,蒸汽风不偏不倚地将热的肠衣吹掉。这台机器一分钟剥好700热。An inspector makes sure the casing has been completely removed, and that there are no defects in the dogs. Then, it’s into a device that looks like a plastic bicycle chain. The sprockets position the hot dogs for packaging.一位检验员确保肠衣完全被移除,以及热中没有瑕疵。然后,它进入一个看起来像塑料脚踏车链的装置。扣链齿轮将热安置好包装位置。This factory manufactures an incredible 300,000 hot dogs an hour. That’s close to two and a half million per shift. They really do churn them out like sausages. Fire up the grill, and a mouthwatering meal is just minutes away.这间工厂一小时生产难以置信的三十万热。那接近每班次两百五十万。他们果真像香肠般大量生产它们。烤架升起火,一道令人垂涎三尺的餐点只要几分钟就好。201305/241696

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