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The ed Auto Workers is taking a big step this week to prepare for upcoming contract talks with automakers. Hundreds of delegates from more than 800 locals are meeting with top union leaders at Cobo Center for the UAW Special Convention on Collective Bargaining.Reporter Brent Snavely is covering the convention for the Detroit Free Press.;As we expected, really, the number one thing on the agenda of many delegates today is the idea that they would like the leadership of the UAW to push for the elimination of the second-tier wage, or the entry-level wage, that automakers have,; Snavely says.But this gap isnt the only problem, and Snavely says executive compensation has been on the minds of many as well.While the UAW wants wage increases, automakers will be arguing against it, citing the aly lower pay of international competitors with plants in the U.S.;The automakers do not want to return to those days of irresponsible contracts that led to as much as a gap between the labor cost of the Detroit automakers and their Asian rivals in the U.S.,; Snavely says.;I dont think theres a right or wrong here. I understand where the UAW is coming from and I completely understand where the management of the companies are coming from and where they wind up, probably somewhere in the middle, is always a really fascinating dance to watch how it plays out,; Snavely says. 201503/366135

Charlemagne查理曼大帝专栏Europe in a foreign field海外欧洲军The Europeans’ ability to deploy force abroad is falling, but Mali shows it is still needed欧洲的海外驻军不断减少,但马里冲突表明其仍需对外调兵When young men go to war resentment turns against those shirking danger. In Iraq the Americans denounced the French as cheese-eating surrender monkeys. In the intervention in Mali, French politicians are dismayed by the absence of allies, especially Europeans, in the fight against jihadists.青年前赴沙场时,就无比憎恶逃兵。在伊拉克战争中,法国人被美国人贬为“投降派奶酪猴”(cheese-eating surrender monkeys, 译者注:讽刺法国人在战场上表现软弱)。而本次对抗伊斯兰圣战教徒的马里军事介入中,法国又因缺乏盟友(尤其在欧洲)而使其政府官员深感失望。The French conservative opposition leader, Jean-Francois Cope, was among those complaining that “for now, our country is alone at the front.” Plantu, cartoonist for Le Monde, had President Francois Hollande as Tintin riding into battle, with the European Union depicted as the comically inept policemen, Dupond et Dupont (Thomson and Thompson in the English version), calling from their couch: “We are all with you!”在这些官员中有法国右翼反对党党首让·弗朗斯·库佩(Jean-Francois Cope),他们一起抗议道:“现在只有我国孤军上前线。”任职于法国《世界报》的漫画家伯朗都则将其画入漫画。画中的法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德(Francois Hollande)成了漫画人物丁丁(Tintin),并坐车前赴战场,而欧盟则成了成了搞笑的菜鸟警察杜邦与杜帮(Dupond et Dupont,英文版中为“汤姆森与汤普森”(Thomson and Thompson)),两人坐在板凳上上喊道:“你不会一个人的!”Such criticism is harsh. The British, the Belgians, Danes, Italians, Germans and Canadians offered airlift support; the Americans are thinking of offering intelligence and air-to-air refuelling. French officials, who usually deride Cathy Ashton, the EU’s foreign-policy chief, are pleased she called an emergency meeting of foreign ministers on January 17th, and is y to speed the deployment of a planned military training mission to Mali.该批评略显苛刻。本次马里冲突中,英国、比利时、丹麦、意大利、德国和加拿大五国都向法军提供了空运援助;而美国则考虑提供情报共享与空中加油。本月17日欧盟外长(EU’s foreign-policy chief)凯瑟琳·阿什顿(Cathy Ashton)召开紧急外长会议,准备向马里政府军提供军事训练团。这让向来爱对其冷嘲热讽的法国官员十分满意。Yet the reality is that only the French are putting their troops in harm’s way to push back the militants. African forces that were meant to lead the reconquest of northern Mali in the autumn are being sent pell-mell, but many worry about their abilities. Nobody in Europe or America disputes the danger posed by the emergence in the Sahel of a Taliban-style haven. For one senior (non-French) security source, the region has become “al-Qaeda’s fastest-growing franchise”.但事实上,派兵歼敌而深入险境的只有法军。马里政府正仓促部署非洲军,意欲于今秋收复马里北部,但该军队实力令人堪忧。而本次冲突发生于塔利班(Taliban)成员栖息的萨赫勒地区,这是欧美双方未曾涉及之地。根据某高级安全情报(来自法国以外),该地区已成为“基地组织发展最快的根据地”。As the former colonial power in the region, and a target of jihadist menaces, France feels the danger more acutely than others. And the fact is that, among Europeans, only the French and the British have the will and wherewithal to fight abroad at short notice. The French never wanted a front-line role. Instead they had hoped to send a small contingent of French experts wrapped in a European training mission, inside a multinational West African force—all enveloped in a political strategy to promote the return to democracy in southern Mali and reconciliation with some rebels in the north and sealed with a UN mandate. It was the jihadists’ pre-emptive assault on the south that forced the French to abandon the indirect approach.由于马里原为法属殖民地,并存在伊斯兰圣战教徒的威胁,这让法国对马里冲突之担忧超乎其他各国。事实上,欧洲各国中,唯独英法两国具备短时间出兵海外的意向与资金。而法国却从不希望打头阵。相反,法国本希望以欧洲培训团的名义派遣一小批法国专家,加入包含各国成员的西非(West African)军中。该行动囊括于“对南恢复民主、对北绥靖叛军”的马里政治方针之下,并已得到联合国授权。但伊斯兰教徒抢先袭击了马里南部,这让法国不得不放弃原先的间接援助政策。Still, Mali is the sort of contingency that the EU’s “battlegroups” (formations of about 1,500 soldiers deployable at short notice) could be taking on. The unit currently on the roster, the “Weimar battlegroup”, is led by Poland with contributions from France and Germany. But for the Poles, aly committed in Afghanistan, Mali is a foreign war too many. And the Germans are always reluctant to put boots on the ground. Established since 2007, the battlegroups have never seen action. Enthusiasm for them is aly waning. There are supposed to be two battlegroups at the y in each six-month period, but lack of contributions means this has dropped to one.但是,马里冲突仍属欧盟“战斗群”(由约1500名士兵组成的部队,可在短时间内立即调动)可解决的突发事件。如今当值的“魏玛战斗群(Weimar battlegroup)”由波兰军带头,外加法、德二军组成。但已投身于阿富汗的波兰军无暇顾及马里战争。德军也不愿涉足于该地。2007年成立后的“战斗群”从未投入实战中过。“战斗群”的士兵热情已大不如前。原本两“战斗群”将轮换待命,但由于其无所作为,两已精简为一。L’Europe de la defence, as the French call the idea of an autonomous EU force, has an unhappy history. France killed the idea of a European army in 1954. Europeans’ reliance on America during the Balkan wars of the 1990s revived the idea of greater EU military capacity, launched at the 1998 St Malo summit by Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac. But the plan ran afoul of America, which feared France was trying to undermine NATO, and was then stalled by Franco-British spats over the Iraq war in 2003. Reassured by France’s return to NATO’s command in , the Americans then encouraged a stronger EU military role. But last year Britain vetoed plans for a new EU military headquarters. At the behest of Britain and others, NATO took charge of the war in Libya, leaving the EU on the sidelines.建立欧洲独立军队这一想法被法国人成为“欧洲国防(L’Europe de la defence)”,该设想进展并不顺利。1954年,欧洲建军的设想遭法国封杀。而随后1990年代巴尔干半岛接连发生战争,多次依靠美国后让欧洲再次兴起欧盟扩军的想法。该计划于1998年的圣马洛(St Malo)峰会上,由英国前首相托尼·布莱尔(Tony Blair)和法国前总统雅克·希拉克(Jacques Chirac)发起。但该计划却让美国担心法国企图削弱北约(NATO)而损害其利益。而后的2003年伊拉克战争中,英法两国不合让该计划暂时搁置一旁。年,法国重掌北约后,终于说美国,使欧盟扩军计划得到了其持。但去年,在新建欧盟军事总部的计划上,英国投了反对票。最终,去年的利比亚战争根据英国等国的要求,全权由北约负责,而将欧盟军队架空一边。Now a new Franco-British pragmatism is gaining ground. The French have discreetly set aside institution-building and the British have quietly accepted the benefit of modest EU operations. The most visible is Operation Atalanta, the anti-piracy naval patrols off Somalia. Last year an Italian helicopter was sent in to shoot up a pirate supply base. The EU now runs a training mission for Somali forces (based in Uganda), pays for the African intervention force in Somalia and is training neighbouring countries to secure their own coastlines. This has reduced piracy and raised hopes for a better future in Somalia. Some of this is being applied to the Sahel. Apart from training the demoralised Malian army, the EU will help African contingents with money and logistics. It is aly training forces in Niger, and may soon help the new Libyan government secure its border.而今,英法两国重新走上务实路线。一方面,法国谨慎地将建立总部的计划搁浅,而另一方面,英国则默默承认欧盟采取适当军事行动的益处。最明显的一例莫过于驱逐索马里(Somalia)海盗的“亚特兰大行动”(Operation Atalanta)。而去年,欧盟还派出一架意大利直升机,在海盗补给基地上空进行扫射。如今,在索马里冲突问题上,欧盟不但为索马里政府提供军事训练(训练基地位于乌干达(Uganda)),资助非洲军队武装介入消除该冲突,而且还为加强索马里各邻国海岸防线而对其进行训练。欧盟的介入在削弱海盗的同时,也让索马里的前景一片光明。而上述手段现都已投入到马里冲突之中。除了为士气不振的马里政府军提供军事训练外,欧盟还在资金和后勤上援助了数非洲军。尼日尔的训练基地已投入运营,或许不久后将援利比亚(Libyan)新政府驻守国境。Unappealing, but unavoidable?欧军不济,但却大势所趋?The French may have felt compelled to go in alone, but to get out they will have to rely on the EU and the Africans. Mali shows that, although the French and the British retain the ambition to fight on day one, they want the EU, for all its flaws, to help maintain stability on day 100 and beyond.在向马里进军时,法军或许只能孤军奋战,但撤军时却必须依靠欧盟与非洲军。从本次马里冲突来看,尽管英法两国在战斗初期势不可挡,但一旦进入持久战,两国将急需欧盟援助来维持局势稳定,即便欧盟军队仍问题重重。Europe’s strategic outlook is changing. As the Americans pivot towards the Pacific, Europeans will need to take charge of their own security and the stability of their “neighbourhood”. Yet their means to do so are dwindling. The debt crisis has forced many countries to cut their defence budgets, often in an unco-ordinated manner. The British and French are retrenching, too.欧洲的战略前景正在发生变化。随着美国的战略核心转向太平洋地区,欧洲在本土安全与邻国安定上需自力更生。但是,其自立手段却日显萎缩。欧债危机下,欧洲各国不得不削减军事开,而其削减幅度常常有失偏颇。英法两国也在这些削减成员之中。Even given more money, soldiers and equipment, the formula for success in foreign wars remains mysterious. Iraq, Afghanistan and even Libya have hardly been unqualified successes for Western intervention. Some Europeans hoped these would end the appetite for overseas adventures. Yet the war in Mali came unexpectedly and may have been unavoidable. For better or worse, it will not be the last European intervention.但即便资金和军备再充足,欧州军在海外获胜的概率仍属未知数。伊拉克、阿富汗乃至利比亚战争的胜利确实都可归功于欧洲的军事介入。对此,一些欧洲人希望欧洲军队都就此收手,不再出兵海外。但本次马里战争出乎人们意料,无可避免。但无论欧洲军表现是好是坏,本次欧洲军事介入绝不是其最后一次。翻译:沈骜译文属译生译世201609/468419

Some cities in China are deploying cannons — mist cannons to fight off growing air pollution problems in the nation. 中国一些城市正在部署雾炮应对日益严重的空气污染问题。The smog-filled air of many Chinese cities have long since passed the “good” and “moderate” ranges, which top out at 50 and 100, respectively. 许多中国城市烟雾弥漫,早就超过了“好”和“中度”的范围,分别达到最高的50和100。The machines work by nebulizing water into small particles and spraying it into the air.该机器通过将水雾化成细小颗粒,喷射到空气中。The water sticks to the particles and pulls them out of the air. 水吸附颗粒,将其从空气中分离开来。This technology is used to keep coal dust and other industrial particulates from getting into workers’ lungs, but it works equally well on smog.这项技术是用来防止煤炭粉尘和其他工业微粒进入工人的肺部,但对烟雾也有良好的效果。译文属。201512/417942With a nod to Billy Joel, the Grand Rapids Art Museum is in a ;New York State of Mind; these days.Thats thanks to a special exhibition running this summer.;T.J. Wilcox: In The Air; is a multi-media celebration of the Big Apples skyline by artist T.J. Wilcox.;Imagine walking into a square room into which is inserted a circular screen 36 feet across, seven feet high, and there are 10 projectors above our heads projecting on this circular screen a 360-degree panoramic view of New York City,; said Director of the GRAM Dana Friis-Hansen.;It was shot all in one day. The film runs, start to finish, about 30 minutes, and scans dawn till dusk,; Friis-Hansen said. ;As you turn around you can see amazing things happening … with the clouds, with shadows, with airplanes…;Friis-Hansen says the rooftop perspective gives people the sense of the city without any cars or storefronts.Adjacent to the exhibit is a crowd-sourced project. Its an interactive piece that allows people to send in photos and stories that will then posted in the exhibit.Friis-Hansen says he hopes audience members will walk out GRAMs doors with a renewed appreciation for Grand Rapids downtown environment.201505/376299Ellen,I might be one of the biggest Bieber fanatics you ever seeEllen 我可能是你见过的最狂热的Bieber粉My friends and I are in love with him,Biebers such an inspiration to me我和我的朋友都爱上他 Bieber一直在鼓励着我Whenever I am sad or having a bad day,his music gets me through and makes me smile每当我心情沮丧 郁郁寡欢的时候 他的音乐总能帮我渡过难关 让我重新振作The next time Justins on your show,It would be a miracle to come to tap and see him下一次Justin上你的节目 我非常想去现场看看他I would do anything I mean anything Ellen,Im not even joking我会不惜一切 我说一切 Ellen 我不是开玩笑Put me to the tests anything you ask Ill do it,I love him so much Ellen让我去现场 我愿为你做牛做马 我太爱他了 EllenHis music lyrics amazing looks have made me one of the biggest fans他的音乐 他萌死人的外表让我不可自拔Please Ellen, I beg you next time hes on call me upEllen 求你了 下一次他上节目的时候给我打电话I live like 30 minutes away from your studio,Love Paige,Paige Conway我住的地方离摄影棚只有30分钟的路程 爱你的 Paige,Paige ConwayIt turns out its about an hour away,But anyway事实上是一个小时的路程 但是无论任何But even though it was an hour away and even though hes busy但是尽管有一个小时的路程 尽管他很忙Justin surprised her and we have that footage which was so sweet,Lets take a lookJustin意外地拜访了她 我们有一段甜蜜的录像 我们一起来看一下Whats up,Ellen,Justins here,Im on my way to go surprise Paige,She said shes my biggest fan最近怎么样 Ellen 我是Justin 我正准备去给Paige个惊喜 她说她是我的头号粉丝Shes fifteen,And we are here, she has no clue Im here,So lets go她15岁 我们到了她家 她完全不知道我来了 我们走吧Hi, my names Paige Conway and this is my room大家好 我叫Paige Conway 这是我的房间Im the biggest Justin Bieber fan,because hes gorgeous and I love his hair我是Justin的头号粉丝 因为他很迷人 我喜欢他的头发I love everything about him,His music is amazing and very inspirational我爱他的一切 他的音乐很棒 很鼓舞人心I had his posters for my wall forever,you have to like him, you cant like not like him我的这些海报要永远挂在墙上 你会爱上他的 他让你不得不爱Hes amazing and hes won all these awards,hes really showing people in the world what he can do他很优秀 他赢得了很多的奖 他向世界明了 他能行Thats crazy that hes gone this far,Ive been with him every single step of the way他能走到今天真是太不可思议 我对他的每一步都不断关注 /201606/451671

Were back with the first lady of the ed States,Michelle Obama.回来我们继续采访的是美国第一夫人 米歇尔·奥巴马And were talking about the ;Selma;.And Oprah, of course produced that movie.我们刚刚讨论了;塞尔玛游行; 还有奥普拉 当然 她制作了那部电影Were both friends with Oprah.Oprah is my neighbor.我们都是奥普拉的朋友 奥普拉是我的邻居And so were probably better friends.But...uh...But you hang out with her sometimes too.所以可能她关系跟我更好一些 但是 呃 但是你也偶尔跟她约出去玩Yeah, every now and then.Do you know...Whens the last time you saw her?是啊 时不时地 那你知道 你上次见她是什么时候We screened ;Selma; At our home.So a while ago. I saw them...在我家里拍摄;塞尔玛游行;那次 看来有一阵子了 我看见他们...I saw the screening that she screened in Santa Barbara,So I saw her,but I just saw her last weekend.我看了她在圣塔巴巴拍得那场戏 我看见她了 不过我上周刚见过她Yeah well, I was still on her magazine cover first.好吧 我依然还是她杂志封面的第一No, no. I just...It...Well, maybe first the way it worked out.等等 我只是...好吧 也许你的那期封面先出版的But I was first on it.And then yours came out first...Something like that.但我是最先拍完封面的 然后你的那期领先了...差不多就是这样Look, its not important who knows her better.Its not important. Its not important.你看 咱俩谁更了解她并不重要 这并不要 不重要But on the count of three well say her middle name.Because Im sure you know her middle name. Okay?那么我数到三我们一起说她的中间名 因为我敢肯定你知道她的中间名 没问题吧One, two, three...Michelle. -Carol.No, do you really know it? I do know it.一 二 三...米歇尔 卡萝尔 不会吧 你真得知道吗 我是知道的I dont know it. - I just found out today.Its ;Gail;.Yeah, I did know that. - Its ;Gail;.我并不知道 我今天才知道 是;盖尔; 是的 我记起来了 是;盖尔;I did know that.But you were saying your name.我记起来了 可是你刚说了自己的名字Yeah, she was named after me.Yeah, of course.So lets talk about...对 她用了我的名字 是的 当然 那么我们来谈谈...This is the 5th Anniversary of...The ;Lets Move; Campaign.Which is so important.今年已经是五周年了 ;动起来;运动 意义很深远的一项运动And its really in the shot that we have to,I mean, the health of these kids right now is not good.这是我们迫在眉睫 必须要做得事情 我是说 现在小孩子的健康状况并不好 /201602/426190The whim of the noble elite in Guge to dress well goes beyond our bounds in the modern period.在权力及生活无虞下王族继续过着养尊处优的生活。These were people who wore their clothes and their jewels with absolutely no sense of guilt or regret.试想古格的皇室成员,在当时穿着奢华的程度,远远超过现代人所想像的,这些人不会因为身着华,穿金带银而有任何罪恶感。They reveled in beauty, the reveled in opulence. Not only did they wear their beauty, they lived amidst it too, in their houses, the way they decorated them with the greatest artwork of the time.他们沉迷于美艳与坐拥大笔的财富,他们不只是穿着华丽,也住在顶级的华厦当中,屋子里头利用当时最顶极的艺术来装璜。In this banquet room, Shidekpo and his queen would have enjoyed many social occasions, entertained by song and dance. Guge’s armory held the finest weaponry of the time.在这间宴会厅内,赤扎西扎巴德及他的皇后纵情于歌舞笙歌,古格王朝的军械库存放着当时最好的武器。Its sword smith used sophisticated techniques to craft superior steel alloys, making their swords much sold after.刀匠使用复杂的技术炼钢制作出评价极高的刀剑。But Guge’s wealth and power also attracted the attention of envious neighbors who launched frequent attacks on the kingdom.但古格王朝的财富及威望吸引善妒邻国的注意,常常派兵攻打古格王朝。Eventually one such neighbor would discover a weakness to capitalize on.最后一个邻国终于发现弱点。And Guge’s fate would be sealed forever.宣告古格王朝灭亡的命运。Just 30 km away down the valley from the palace at Tsaparang is the monastery of the Tholing.托林寺距离札布让三十公里远。Today it is a modest structure underneath of its original size, but at its peak Tholing held more than 900 monks, and was the largest of Guge’s monasteries, both in size and influence, a power base, akin to the Vatican.今日的托林寺规模只有原来的八分之一,在极盛时期托林寺内有九百多位僧侣,是古格王朝最大的寺院,相当于梵蒂冈。Pilgrims flocked to Tholing, and with them came wealth which they gave to the monastery.朝圣者涌入托林寺捐给寺院大笔财富。At the center of the spiritual power base, was the chief abbot, king Shidekpo’s brother.这座精神堡垒的领袖正是国王的胞弟。 译文属201602/428499

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