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  So Long, Sun再见了,太阳Wow! What a beautiful sunset.哇!多么美丽的夕阳啊!Enjoy it while it lasts, the sun wont be around forever, you know.尽情欣赏吧,太阳不会永远存在的。You mean, one day the sun will disappear?你的意思是,有朝一日太阳会消失?Not exactly disappear, but the sun will eventually burn out and die.不是完全消失,太阳的能量最后会耗尽并枯竭。Wont that make things really cold down here?那样的话,地球就会变得很冷了。Actually, there wont be any here, here. When the sun dies,the earth will be destroy too.实际上,那时地球就不存在了。没有了太阳,地球也将毁灭。Wow, hold on, start from the beginning.等一下,你从头开始说。Okay. Like all stars, the sun is basically a giant nuclear reactor that burns hydrogen to create energy. But like any reactor, the sun needs fuel to keep going. Its been going strong for around four-point-five billion years, and will probably keep burning for about five billion more.好的。像所有的行星一样,太阳从根本上说,是一个巨型核反应堆,通过燃烧氢气产生能量。但是,就像任一反应堆,太阳需要燃料来保持运作。它已经良好运作大约45亿年了,并且将会持续燃烧50亿年左右。But then, the fuel will run out?到那时,燃料就会耗尽。Exactly. When it does, gravity will cause the suns core to contract. When it contracts the core will get hotter, which will heat up the suns upper layers and make them expand. The sun will then become what’s called a red giant, and its radius will reach just past the orbit of Venus.是的。当太阳能量耗尽,地心引力会使得太阳核心缩小。缩小地同时温度变得更得高,这样就加剧了太阳外层的燃烧并使其膨胀。太阳就变成了所谓哦红巨星,它的半径将会达到以前金星的运行轨道。Which is bad for us.那样会对我们有害。We’ll be burned to a crisp.我们会被烧成土豆片的。Thats sounds painful.听起来很痛苦。After a few billion years the core will begin to cool and expand. The suns upper layers will expand and lose material, and eventually the core will cool enough to become a white dwarf star, and finally a black dwarf.数十亿年后太阳中心开始冷却并扩大。太阳的上层也将扩大,失去物质重量,最后中心冷却到一定程度就成了白矮星,最终成黑矮星。So, we’re pretty much doomed.那时,我们就注定要完蛋了。Yes, but not for billions of years. Who knows? By then, humans might been living on another planet.是的。但那是几十亿年以后的事了。谁知道呢?到那时,人类也许已经生活在另一个星球上了。 /201302/224277。


  Obituary;Wynne Godley;讣告;韦恩·戈德利;Wynne Godley, British economist, died on May 13th, aged 83;英国经济学家韦恩·戈德利于五月十三日辞世,终年83岁;A certain ambiguity marked Wynne Godley. Was he at heart an aesthete, happiest making music in beautiful buildings among works of art? Or was he more naturally one of the sophisters, economists and calculators whose rise marked, for Edmund Burke, the passing of the age of chivalry? Was he by temperament a dissenter? Or just a typical scion of the British upper classes, an establishment man who played at being a rebel? Was he a determined pessimist, who took some pleasure in his reputation as the Cassandra of the Fens? Or a convivial, witty friend, who entertained with style and had a taste for gambling? Was he a shy violet, trembling before an audience? Or a controversialist who was hardly publicity-averse?韦恩·戈利这个人的特点带有几分模棱两可。从本质上讲他是不是一个唯美主义者,置身于华美的厅堂上,徜徉于艺术珍品之中,摆弄音乐,陶醉无比?还是说,以天生秉性而言,他更应当被看成是一个辩论大师、经济学家又兼计算高手,当初此等人物的出现曾被埃德蒙·伯克认为标志了骑士时代的终结?他是不是一个从性格上就爱拂逆众见的异议者呢?还是说,他仍未脱英国上流阶级子弟之典型,以体制中人的身份,玩几把反叛的游戏?他真是一个坚定不移的悲观论者并且能从“芬斯地区的悲观预言师”这样的名头上得几分快乐吗?还是说,这位朋友爱交游喜风趣,招待客人讲究排场,还有的雅兴?他是个在听众面前会紧张到发抖的“羞答答的紫罗兰”呢?还是一个好辩的主儿,动起嘴来几不忌惮抛头露面?If the answer to each of these questions is at least partly yes, that may mean no more than that Mr Godley was a man of several talents, many interests and an intelligence to make good use of them. His first love was certainly music, for when he left Oxford, where he politics, philosophy and economics, he went to the Paris Conservatoire and became a professional oboist. Performing in public, though, filled him with terror, which led him to give up his job as principal oboe in the B Welsh Orchestra. He turned to economics instead.如果对上述每一个问题的回答至少有一部分是“是”,则也许只是意味着——戈德利是一位有几份天资、多种爱好的男人,是一位有智慧对种种爱好善加利用的男人。他第一爱好无疑是音乐,因为当他离开他攻读政治、哲学和经济学的牛津大学后,他去了巴黎音乐学院,并成为一个专业的双簧管吹奏者。可是,由于他在公众场所表演充满紧张,致使他放弃了在英国B广播公司威尔士乐团首席双簧管演奏员的工作。他转向了经济学领域。That, anyway, became his profession. But his love of music never left him, and art remained a part of his life to the end, not least through his marriage to Kitty, the daughter of Sir Jacob Epstein. And though Mr Godleys good looks and elongated figure might seem to have been tailor-made for El Greco, El Greco being unavailable, it was Epstein who took him as the model for a huge bronze statue of St Michael that hangs on the outside of Coventry Cathedral, with the devil vanquished at his feet.反正经济学成了戈德利的职业。但他对音乐的热爱始终不离不弃,及至人生终点,艺术仍然是他生活的一部分,尤其贯穿于他与爱泼斯坦(1880-1959, 生于美国的英国雕刻家——译者注)爵士之女基蒂的婚姻生活中。此外,尽管戈德利英俊的外貌和高高的身材似乎是为埃尔·格雷考(十七世纪西班牙画家、雕塑家——译者注)量身定做的模特儿,但格雷考无福消受。把戈德利作为圣迈克尔巨型青铜塑像模特儿的是爱泼斯坦,这尊塑像立于考文垂大教堂外面,其脚下是被征的魔鬼。In Keyness footsteps, up to a point在某种程度上,戈德利是追随凯恩斯的足迹The devilish intricacies of economics Mr Godley seemed to overwhelm just as effortlessly. After a spell in business and a few years at the Treasury, he was enticed to Kings College, Cambridge, which 61 years earlier another economist-aesthete, John Maynard Keynes, had joined as a lecturer, writing (with his mothers help) a letter of resignation from the civil service to his boss, a Sir Arthur Godley. This man was to become the first Lord Kilbracken and eventually grandfather of Wynne.戈德利先生对于如魔幻般错综复杂的经济学,应对起来似乎毫不费力。在商界和财政部干了一些年头后,他神往起61年前另一个审美学家、经济学家约翰·梅纳德·凯恩斯(注1)曾经就读的剑桥国王学院来,他在向其老板老板阿瑟·戈德利男爵写(在其母亲的帮助下)了一封文员辞职信后,成为了该学院的一名讲师。那位男爵就是基尔布拉肯勋爵一世并最终成为韦恩·戈德利的祖父。Mr Godley became best known for his outspoken criticisms of Conservative economic policies. In the 1970s he took the view, which he recognised as dissenting, that international trade should be, as he put it, “in some sense, managed” through import controls, adding unpersuasively that this was not really protectionism, since he did not want to reduce imports, merely the propensity to import; and protection should be “as minimally selective as possible”. More creditably, he correctly predicted that the boom generated by the Conservative government under Ted Heath in the 1970s would end in tears. He was also proved largely right in foreseeing the severity of the recession that came later under Margaret Thatcher.戈德利因直言不讳地批评保守党的经济政策而变得愈加有名。在上世纪70年代,他发表观点(他意识到此观点不受欢迎):国际贸易应该像他所指出的那样是通过进口管制实现的“某种意义上的管理”,他还缺乏说力地补充这确实不是贸易保护主义,因为他并不主张减少进口,只是减少进口倾向;应当“尽可能最少地选择”贸易保护措施。更值得称道的是,他正确地预言到了上世纪七十年代希思治下的保守党政府激发的繁荣,将以泪雨告终。对后来撒切尔夫人时期严重经济衰退的预计,也被明是大体上正确的。These doleful prophecies, coupled with his very public loathing of monetarism, earned him no friends in government and the grant for his forecasting group at Cambridge was abruptly stopped in 1982. But he was hardly an outcast. Though not properly trained as an economist, he had proved himself as a macroeconomic modeller, and had been made a university professor of applied economics. He had also become a director of the Royal Opera House. By 1992 he was back in favour at the Treasury, joining the panel of independent forecasters known as the “six wise men”.上述令人沮丧的预测,连同他对货币主义的公开反感,使得戈德利在政府没有朋友,其剑桥预判小组的政府拨款也于1982年突然停止了。不过,戈德利不大可能成为被抛弃的人。尽管他没有像经济学家那样接受正规高等教育,但他却明自己是一位宏观经济学缔造者,而且还是一位大学应用经济学教授。他也是皇家歌剧院的懂事。1992年,戈德利在一片赞赏中回到财政部,参加被称作“六智囊”的独立预测员小组。On the face of it, this was not a turbulent life. Mr Godley said he had a lonely childhood, involving a violent maiden aunt and the “chamber of horrors of a British prep school”. Later, in his 30s, he lived life “through an artificial self” in “a state of dissociation”, which drove him into the clutches of a fiendish psychoanalyst. This in turn blighted his middle years.单从表面上看,上述这一切算不上是混沌难驭的人生经历。戈德利说过,他有一个陷于粗暴未婚姑妈和“英国预科学校恐怖屋”之难的孤独童年。后来,在他30多岁期间,他过着“分裂状态”下“自我十足虚假”的生活,这种生活驱使他成为刁钻心理分析学家的掌中物。这种生活也相应地折磨着他的中年。His background, though it might misleadingly be called privileged, was mixed up. The first Lord Kilbracken had been a protégé of a Liberal prime minister, Gladstone, but was a Conservative; and the second, Wynnes father Hugh, also a Tory, had been madly in love with Violet Asquith, the daughter of another Liberal prime minister. Hugh separated from Wynnes mother about the time he was born, and was impotent, anti-Semitic and alcoholic. Wynnes mother paraded naked in front of him and would tell him, as a child, of the intense pleasure she got from sexual intercourse. But he reached the age of 17 not knowing that women had vaginas.虽然戈德利·韦恩的出生背景会让人误以为是特权阶层,但其实是模糊不清的。他的祖父基尔布拉肯一世虽曾是自由党首相格莱斯顿的门生,却是个保守派;而他的父亲基尔布拉肯二世休·戈德利也是一名保守党成员,疯狂爱上了另一位自由党首相的女儿维尔莉特·阿斯奎思。休·戈德利大约在韦恩出生后就与韦恩的母亲分居,是一个性欲低下者、反犹太者、嗜酒者。当韦恩还是一个孩子的时候,他妈妈在他面前展示她的裸体,并会告诉他她从性爱中获得的强烈快感。可是,成长至17岁的戈德利·韦恩先生尚不知女性是有阴道的。He was supremely happy at Oxford, where his tutor was Isaiah Berlin, to whom he said he owed all his higher education. But, he wrote, “Nora [his stepmother] shot herself in the head with a shotgun; my father, his entire fortune squandered, died alone in a hospital where the nurses were unkind to him; my half-sister was committed to a high-security mental institution at Epsom; my mother had a bad stroke and lived out her last six years hemiplegic and helpless, her mind altered. She told her nurses that they were ‘lower-class scum and complained that I was ‘marrying the daughter of a New York yid.”在牛津大学,韦恩快乐无比,他的牛津大学导师是赛亚·伯林,他曾说过他所受的全部的高等教育都是从柏林那儿得来的。不过,他著述称:“继母诺拉用猎结束了自己的生命;我父亲花光家财,在一家受尽护士冷眼的医院里孤独离世;我同父异母的被送进埃普索姆一家管理严格的精神病院;我母亲严重中风,在偏瘫无助中度过生命的最后六年,并改变了观点。她告诉护士:‘他们是低等的贱人,还抱怨我‘娶了犹太裔纽约人的女儿”。Against a background like this, a little waywardness in the world of macroeconomics seems entirely forgivable.在这样的家庭背景下,在宏观经济学界中,戈德利·韦恩的些许任性似乎是完全可以得到宽恕的。 /201209/200413

  Fatherless Honeybees没有父亲的蜜蜂How male honeybees can be without fathers? The reason lies in what’s called a haploidiploid system of sex determination. Approximately one-fifth of the animal kingdom, including ants and wasps, use this system. What it boils down to is that males are the result of unfertilized eggs whereas females are born from fertilized eggs.雄蜂是如何在没有父亲的情况下生存的呢?其原因在于一种叫做haploidiploid的性别鉴定系统。包括蚂蚁王国及黄蜂帝国在内的约五分之一的动物王国都是采用这一性别鉴定系统。归根究底就是:雄性是由未受精卵繁育而来,而雌性则是由受精卵繁育而来的。But in bees there is an added complication since there is a gene that determines whether a bee will be male or female. It’s all in the numbers. Here’s how it works. 但是,这一系统在蜜蜂王国内使用会比较复杂。因为蜜蜂体内还有一个基因决定着蜜蜂的雌雄。这一切的关键在与数量。下面我们就来谈谈它是如何起作用的。A scientist isolated a gene called CSD, or Complimentary Sex Determiner. There are 19 different versions of this particular gene. It doesn’t matter which one of these 19 versions a male inherits from his mother; he’s going to be male because of the fact that he has only one of these CSD genes.科学家们从蜜蜂体内分离出一种基因,叫做性别决定基因(简称CSD)。一般说来,这种基因在蜜蜂体内会有19个版本。哪一个性别决定基因是遗传自女蜂王的并无所谓。关键的是,如果说蜜蜂体内只有一个性别决定基因的话,毫无疑问,它必定是只雄蜂。Accordingly, a female becomes a female because she has two CSD genes, except for one catch. And that catch is a bee in the bonnet of bee breeders.那么,有两个性别决定基因的就是雌性蜜蜂,但有一种蜜蜂是例外。那就是担任着繁殖下一代重任的女蜂王了。Honeybee breeders often inbreed their bees in order to ensure desired traits. However, when bees are inbred it’s possible for fertilized eggs to end up with two copies of the same version of the CSD gene. The result is that the fertilized eggs would normally develop into workers or a new queen, develop into sterilized males.蜜蜂一般都是近亲繁殖,以此确保下一代能具有一定的特性。然而,在进行近亲繁殖时,受精卵可能会拥有两个相同的性别决定基因的版本。自然而然的,这些受精卵会发育成为工蜂或是新一代的女蜂王,或是不育的雄蜂。Worker bees sense these sterile males when they’re still larvae, and they kill them. Before you know it, your honeybee colony has died out. The good news is that now that scientists understand more about how sex is determined among honeybees, they may discover solutions to this problem.当这些不育的雄蜂还处在幼虫期时,若是被工蜂所发现,那小命也就没了。在人们知道之前,这一蜂群已然消亡。在这里,科学家们还是带来了一个好消息:科学家们对蜜蜂的性别决定机制已有了一定的了解,他们很快就会找出解决这个问题的方法。期待ing…… /201301/219846


  He is the man with the weight of the World Bank on his shoulders, Robert Zoellick罗伯特·佐利克,一个肩负着世界行长重任的人。Nominated by President Bush in 2007, he is finishing his 5-year term and stepping down in late June. The big question: Who will take his place? The deadline for countries to hand in their nominees is Friday, and as in the past, the US is expected to get its nominee approved even though there may be challengers this time around.他于2007年被小布什提名为世行行长,如今5年任期将满,会于6月份卸任。问题是:谁会取而代之?星期五是各国提交世界行长候选名单的最后一天,同以往一样,即使这回面对着前所未有的挑战,美国仍有望成功获选。Those thought to be in the running for the US, former Obama adviser in Clinton administration Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Senator John Kerry, the former Democratic presidential nominee. There’s also speculation that President Obama might decide to nominate a woman, also reportedly being considered Susan Rice, the current US ambassador to the ed Nations. The CEO Pepsi Co Indra Nooyi and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is planning on leaving the Administration if Obama is re-elected.美国比较热门的候选人有前财政部长、白宫首席经济顾问拉里·萨默斯,还有前民主党总统候选人及参议员约翰·克里。也有人推测奥巴马总统可能决定推举一位女性候选人,据报道这位人选就是美国常驻联合国代表苏珊·赖斯。百事可乐CEO英德拉·努伊和国务卿希拉里·克林顿计划,如果奥巴马赢得连任他们将离开白宫。President Obama would like to nominate Secretary of State Clinton, but I don’t think she wants it, and I don’t think he is persuasive power that likely to move her.奥巴马总统想要提名国务卿希拉里·克林顿,但她并一定有此意向。我不认为奥巴马有足够的能力去说希拉里。So who is likely to get the nod?因此,谁会是下一任行长呢?If I have to make a bet, I think of the five, the leading candidate right now is Larry Summers.如果要赌一次的话,我会选择目前最热门的候选人拉里·萨默斯。In an interesting twist, Jeffrey Sachs, the Head of Columbia University’s Earth Institute has expressed interests in the job. He’s written a bid in the Washington Post titled How I Would Lead the World Bank? Sachs is critical of the Zoellick regime and his efforts to fight poverty and he has the backing of some developing countries. Still, don’t hold your breath.还有个有趣的波折,哥伦比亚大学地质学院的院长杰弗瑞·萨屈思表示他有兴趣角逐此职位。他毛遂自荐,在华盛顿邮报上发表了一篇题为“我会如何领导世界”的文章。作为佐利克政团的关键性人物,萨屈思致力于消除贫困,因此赢得一些发展中国家的持。不过,别报太大期望。If the emerging market countries were serious about an alternative candidate, that candidate would not be an American.如果新兴市场国家认真选择一位候选人的话,这次的世行行长可能就不是美国人。Reports say two other non-American names may also be nominated. We should know whom the World Bank member countries ultimately choose as their next head later next month.报道说,其他两位非美国人的候选人也有可能被提名。下月我们将知道世行成员国会选择谁作为下一任行长。Maggie Lake, CNN, New York.麦琪·雷克,CNN,纽约报道。201205/182738。

  Business商业Maps on smartphones智能手机的地图应用Lost敢问路在何方?The criticism heaped on Apple shows the growing importance of cartography苹果目前饱受批评,明在智能手机市场中地图绘制愈加重要Update: On September 28th Tim Cook, Apples chief executive, published an open letter apologising to customers for the shortcomings of the companys maps. Mr Cook even directed users to alternative map apps, writing that they could be downloaded from Apples App Store and that Googles and Nokias maps were available as web apps.最新消息:9月28日,苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆?库克发表了一封公开信,就该公司地图应用的缺陷向用户致歉。库克甚至引导用户去选择其他地图应用作为替代。他在信中写道,用户可以从苹果的应用商店下载这些替代性地图应用,而谷歌和诺基亚的地图可作为网络应用提供给用户。OLD hands at The Economist have fond memories of Mokaris, a café near our office in St Jamess. There was nothing fancy about the food, the prices or the service. Mokaris closed in 2005, and Francos, the smarter Italian restaurant next door, expanded to take over the premises. But in the parallel universe of the iPhone, hungry hacks can still enjoy an omelette and chips for around a fiver. Mokaris is still on the map-at least, the map on Apples new mobile operating system, iOS 6.在圣詹姆斯《经济学人》的办公室附近,有一家叫做 Mokaris 的咖啡馆。对于本报的老员工来说,这里有很多美好的回忆。这家咖啡馆的食物和务算不上一流,但价位也不是太离谱。2005年,Mokaris 关门大吉,店面被隔壁那家较为高档的意大利餐馆 Francos 盘了下来。但在 iPhone 所勾画出的;平行宇宙;里,本报员工若是饿了,仍然能花五英镑左右在这里享受一份煎蛋卷和一些薯条。Mokaris 还在地图上——至少,在苹果最新移动设备操作系统 iOS 6 的地图上还能找到它。Apples mobile maps used to be supplied by its friend-turned-archrival, Google. But this year Apple decided to put maps of its own into iOS 6, rather than be beholden to its foe. The new maps are built into the iPhone 5, which went on sale on September 21st, and appear when older devices are upgraded to iOS 6. The internet has been teeming with complaints about a lack of detail and a surfeit of errors. And unlike Googles maps, Apples lack public-transport information.苹果的移动设备地图应用曾经由谷歌提供(谷歌这位昔日的合作伙伴如今变成了苹果主要的竞争对手)。但今年,苹果不愿再受制于人,决定在 iOS 6里安装自主研发的地图应用。9月21日上市的 iPhone 5内嵌了新的地图应用;如果用户把老机型升级到 iOS 6系统,也可以使用它。但这种地图应用缺少详细信息而且漏洞百出,用户的抱怨声已经充斥整个网络。此外,和谷歌地图应用不同的是,苹果的地图应用并没有提供公共交通信息。Maps are becoming important strategic terrain. They are more than an aid to getting from A to B. Apps based on location-to summon a taxi, say-need maps inside them. Digital maps can include countless layers of information, plus advertisements from which money can be made. There are thousands of indoor maps, too, of airports, department stores and so forth. Smartphones also act as sensors, reporting their whereabouts, which can be used to improve maps. According to comScore, a data firm, in August 95% of American iPhone owners and 83% of owners of smartphones with Googles Android operating system used a mobile map.地图应用将成为智能手机行业重要的战略地带。它不仅仅是帮助用户从一地到另一地那么简单。基于定位系统的应用(比如叫出租车)需要在程序里内建地图信息。数字地图能够包含无数的信息层,生产商还可以在地图里做广告从而实现盈利。成千上万的室内地图应用也覆盖了机场、百货商店等场所。智能手机还扮演了传感器的角色,可以收集位置信息,用来完善地图应用。根据数据公司 comScore 的资料,今年八月份美国有95%的 iPhone 用户使用了移动设备地图应用;在谷歌安卓系统智能手机的用户中,这个比例也有83%。Being chucked off the iPhone is thus a blow to Google, though it may be enjoying Apples discomfiture. It could return by making a new maps app, which would have to be approved by Apple. Its chairman, Eric Schmidt, said on September 25th that it had ;not done anything yet;.因此,尽管谷歌可能会对苹果的窘境感到窃喜,但地图应用被 iPhone 抛弃对谷歌来说的确是一记重拳。该公司可以通过发布新的地图应用来重新回到 iPhone 市场,但这必须经过苹果的批准。9月25日,谷歌董事长艾瑞克?施密特称该公司;尚未采取任何行动;。Creating good maps demands a lot of time and money. Google has taken about eight years to build up its expertise: it has sent cars along the worlds roads and maintains a fleet of aeroplanes. Nokias mappers (who have been issuing reminders that they offer web-based maps for the iPhone) have a longer pedigree still. Apple, which has bought three mapmaking firms in the past three years and is supplied with data by TomTom, a Dutch company, has plenty of money to throw at catching up on maps, but it will take time. ;Over two to three years,; estimates Martin Garner of CCS Insight, a research firm, ;Apple can get up to good enough.;编写优秀的地图应用需要很长的时间和大量的资金。谷歌研发了八年左右才具备这方面的专长:该公司往世界各地派遣了道路勘测车辆,并且保有一批用于地图测绘的飞机。诺基亚的地图绘制历史更是源远流长(其制图人一直在提醒用户:诺基亚为 iPhone 提供基于网页的地图应用)。苹果在过去的三年里收购了三家地图绘制公司,还有荷兰公司 TomTom 为其提供数据。要想在地图应用方面后来居上,苹果有足够的资金;但这毕竟需要时间。研究公司 CCS Insight 的 Martin Garner 估计:;再过两到三年,苹果的地图应用就能达到一个不错的水准。;Meanwhile, Apple seems to be relying on three things. The first is speedy improvement. (It is reportedly trying to hire ex-Googlers.) The second is the embedding of useful content. Its new maps have spoken turn-by-turn driving directions, which Googles version for the iPhone did not, as well as reviews from Yelp, a local-listings company that offers pretty full coverage of eateries and bars in America but much less elsewhere.同时,苹果要想取得成功似乎还将仰赖于三个条件。其一是快速提高地图应用的质量(据说苹果在试图雇佣谷歌前员工)。其二是在地图应用里植入实用内容。苹果新的地图应用拥有语音智能导航系统(谷歌为 iPhone 提供的地图应用里没有这一功能),同时还有 Yelp 公司提供的点评功能(Yelp 是一家本地上市公司,为用户提供很全面的美国餐饮信息;但相比之下,其他地区的此类信息却少的可怜)。The third is the loyalty of Apples fans. More than 5m iPhone 5s were sold in the first three days. Although some analysts had expected more, that still beat the previous version, the 4S, by 1m.其三就是苹果拥趸的忠诚性。iPhone 5 发布不到三天就售出了500万台以上。尽管这个数字低于某些分析人士的预期,但仍然比前一代的 iPhone 4S 多出了100万台。Under the late Steve Jobs Apple paid fanatical attention to detail, so it is remarkable that its maps should have come up so short. But polishing its hardware was one thing; the struggle with maps ;has been the first really obvious head-butting of the wall,; says Carolina Milanesi of Gartner, another research firm. Past perfectionism over devices has won it time to improve its maps. In a market in which brands can fall fast, that is a rare luxury.已故的史蒂夫?乔布斯执掌苹果时,该公司曾极为注重细节。因此,如今的地图应用竟然出现了这么大的缺陷不免令人吃惊。但硬件水平的提高只是一方面;在另一方面,用研究公司 Gartner 的 Carolina Milanesi 的话来说:努力改善地图应用的苹果公司;这次真的明显是在自找苦吃;。苹果对于产品的旧式完美主义为它赢得了改善地图应用的时间。在竞争激烈、淘汰迅速的市场中,时间正是极为宝贵的。 /201210/202550

  When these great ice sheets retreated, they left pulverized rocks in their wake, the foundation for fertile soil and some of the richest natural grasslands in America.当这些大冰原消散,它们离开岩石,肥沃的土壤和一些最富饶的美国自然草原展现的一览无余。But in May this year, in the heart of Yellowstone, that grass is still beneath thick snow—something this ground squirrel was clearly not expecting.但今年5月,在黄石国家公园的中心,草仍在厚重的雪下—这显然不是地松鼠所希望的。But as the suns strength returns, spring bulbs start to push through the late snow—at last a sign that winter is losing its grip.而随着太阳强势回归,春天开始融化最后的雪—而最后一个迹象表明,冬天正失去其掌控。Bluebirds, too delicate to survive deep winter here, now return to take advantage of the fist hatch of stone flies from the thawing river.蓝知更鸟,太过精致以致于不能在这深冬里生存,现在回来利用其身体独特的优势从解冻的河流中觅食。注:听力文本来源于普特 201209/201726

  The Plains of Castilla, the bleak heart of central Spain. 卡斯提拉的平原,西班牙中部的黑暗之心。In the 16th and 17th centuries, this barren landscape nurtured some of the most dramatic art in history, from the mystical world of El Greco to the dark visions of Zurbaran and Ribera. 在16和17世纪,这块贫瘠的土壤育出了一些最引人注目的艺术历史,从神秘世界的格列柯到黑暗愿景的苏巴朗和里比尔。This was an art and inspired by fervent Catholicism, and a yearning for contact with god. 这是一种受到狂热的天主教影响的艺术及一种与神联系的渴望。As such fever would become darkness and even savagery, religion and violence intertwined. 像这样的狂热将成为黑暗甚至野蛮,而且宗教和暴力将交织在一起。And as the inquisition struggled to maintain control, Spain would descend into crisis and paranoia. 随着宗教审判竭力进行控制,西班牙将陷入到危机和偏执中。Im travelling through the heart of Spain, through some of the countrys most extraordinary landscapes, to discover how a history so harsh, so violent, could have produced some of the greatest art ever seen. 我穿越西班牙之心,亲眼所见了这个国家一些最非凡的景观,发现一种如此苛刻,如此暴力的历史,而也因此产生了一些世人未曾见过的最伟大的艺术。注:听力文本来源于普特201212/217938

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