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Customs Officer: Your passports, please. What is your final destination? 请出示你们的签你们的目的地是哪里?#;zkan: Los Angeles. 洛杉矶Customs Officer: How long is your stay? 你们逗留多长时间?#;zkan: We’ll be there a week. 我们在那里待一周时间Customs Officer: What is the purpose of your trip? 你们旅行的目的是什么?#;zkan: I’m going there on business and my family is accompanying me on vacation. 我去那儿谈生意,我的家人跟着我去度假Customs Officer: Who are you traveling with? 跟你一起旅行的是谁?#;zkan: This is my wife Ayse, and these are my children, Mustafa and #;mer. 这是我的妻子Ayse,这是我的孩子们,Mustafa和#;merCustoms Officer: Are you bringing in any restricted items? Any plants, fruits and vegetables, meats, or animals? 你们带了违禁物品了吗?任何植物,水果,蔬菜,肉或者动物?#;zkan: No. 没有Customs Officer: Do you have anything to declare? 你们有要申报海关的吗?#;zkan: We bought some duty-free items in the airport. Here’s the receipt. 我们在机场买了些免税品这是收据Customs Officer: That’s fine. Step over to the exam station baggage inspection. 好,穿过安检台接受行李检查We opened our bags inspection, and luckily, the inspector found nothing to confiscate and we got off scot-free. I’m really glad they didn’t find that cat we’re smuggling in as a gift my favorite podcaster! 我们打开了我们的行李接受检查,幸运的是,检查官没发现要没收的东西,我们逃脱惩罚了他们没发现我们偷偷放在行李的送给我最喜欢的播客播音员的小猫咪! 5883。

  • They ordered him to be silent.他们命令他闭嘴But he spoke.但他偏要说话Upon the Old Men he turned his back and his eyes sought those who but a short time bee had been his comrades.他把脊背转向老者,两眼搜寻着不久以前还与他志同道合的人“Listen to me,” he implored. “听我说吧,”他恳求道,“Listen to me and be rejoiced. “听我说,大家都高兴起来吧!I have come back from beyond the mountains. 我刚从山的那边来,My feet have trod a fresh soil. 我的脚踏上了新鲜的土地,My hands have felt the touch of other races. 我的手感觉到了其他民族的抚摸,My eyes have seen wondrous sights.我的眼睛看到了奇妙的景象“When I was a child, my world was the garden of my father.“小时候,我的世界只是父亲的花园“To the west and to the east, to the south and to the north lay the ranges from the Beginning of Time.“早在创世的时候,花园东面、南面、西面和北面的疆界就定下来了“When I asked what they were hiding, there was a hush and a hasty shaking of heads. “只要我问疆界那边藏着什么,大家就不住地摇头,一片嘘声When I insisted, I was taken to the rocks and shown the bleached bones of those who had dared to defy the Gods.可我偏要刨根问底,于是他们把我带到这块岩石上,让我看那些敢于蔑视上帝的人的嶙嶙白骨“When I cried out and said,It is a lie! The Gods love those who are brave!“骗人!上帝喜欢勇敢的人!我喊道The Men Who Knew came and to me from their sacred books. 于是,守旧老人走过来,对我读起他们的圣书The Law, they explained, had ordained all things of Heaven and Earth. 他们说,上帝的旨意已经决定了天上人间万物的命运The Valley was ours to have and to hold. 山谷是我们的,由我们掌管,The animals and the flowers, the fruit and the fishes were ours, to do our bidding. 野兽和花朵,果实和鱼虾,都是我们的,我们的旨意行事But the mountains were of the Gods. 但山是上帝的,What lay beyond was to remain unknown until the End of Time.对山那边的事物我们应该一无所知,直到世界的末日“So they spoke, and they lied. “他们是在撒谎They lied to me, even as they have lied to you.他们欺骗了我,就象欺骗了你们一样“There are pastures in those hills. “那边的山上有牧场,Meadows too, as rich as any. 牧草同样肥沃,And men and women of our own flesh and blood. 男男女女有同佯的血肉,And cities resplendent with the glories of a thousand years of labor.城市是经过一千年能工巧匠细心雕琢的,光采夺目 1856。
  • Waiting Love爱的等待They had known each other 3 years. Both of them were of conservative type, shy and introverted. Although he had never mentioned the word of love in her presence. She was able to vaguely detect burning passion her in his different look. She dropped one hint after another to encourage him, but he remained big fool never dare to disclose to his own thought. Time passed by so quickly, 3 years later she was engaged to another young man. However, she could not drive his image away from her mind on the eve of the engagement.他们相识已有三载,两人都性格内向,羞涩保守虽然在她面前他对爱只字未提,然而她却能从他羞涩的眼神中读出那浓浓的爱意她暗示他许多次,鼓励他说出心中的爱,然而他却傻傻地紧闭双唇,不敢将爱说出时光飞逝,转眼三年过去了,她同另外一个男孩订了婚,在此之前却仍对他念念不忘;If he comes and proposes now, Im still willing to go back to him.; She complained amidst the congratulations of her relatives and friends. Yet he did nothing of the sort at the difference of the look was a faint streak of melancholy. At least, it was the eve of marriage, nevertheless, happiness of marriage mingled with a touch of sadness.;如果他现在来向我求婚就好了,我仍愿意回到他身边;在亲朋好友的祝福声中她这样抱怨着可他仍然没有任何哀号示,只是迷离的眼神中多了些忧郁新婚之日终究还是来了,这新婚的喜悦中夹杂着令人遗憾的淡淡忧愁;Even if he should come and propose now, I would give up all this in favor of this belated happiness.; She said lo herself as she tried wedding gown, but again he was as silent as ever only his eyes betrayed great misery.;要是他,现在开口,我也宁愿放弃一切,选择这份迟来的幸福;在试穿结婚礼的时候她仍旧这样想着,但他还是没有任何表示,只是眼神中的忧郁更为浓重了50 years passed and passage of the time turned their hair silvery while. She was the first to collapse. In her critical condition, he come from other place to see her. Holding his hand in tight grip She asked him one question into which she had compressed the perplexities and expectations of the life lime, ;Tell me, what on earth have you been waiting ? ; ;Waiting you to...; he mumbled out his life long hesitations and expectations only when he made sure no one else was within hearing. ; me what? ; ; you to break the ice! ;50年过去了,两人都已两鬓斑白最终,她先倒了下去,临终前,他从远方赶回看她她握紧他的手,把一生的疑虑和期待化为一句话;请你告诉我,你究竟在等什么?;;我在等你…啊,;他颤抖地说道,这也是他犹豫了一生的期待;等我什么?;;等你先开口啊! ; 395。
  • Two friends and I moved into a house off campus when I was a junior at Iowa State University.在爱荷华州大学读大三时,我和两个朋友从宿舍搬出来,租了一间房子We were all a bit afraid of our landlord, a gruff middle aged man who was ;all business; when we signed the lease.房东是一个粗鲁的中年人,我们都有点怕他He gave us a lecture about paying the rent on time and maintaining the house and appliances. We werent really supposed to, but during the fall semester, my housemates and I threw a party.他交代我们要及时交房租,好好爱护房子和电器下半学期,我和室友举办了一个聚会We sent invitations to many friends and told everyone that we knew to come to our house on Friday night. We drew a large crowd and everyone had a great time. The last guests left in the wee hours of the morning.我们邀请许多朋友,让他们星期五晚上都到家里来玩我们一大群人玩得很尽兴,最后一个客人在天快要亮时才离开Exhausted, we decided to sleep in and clean the house and yard the next morning. Well, you guessed it!玩得筋疲力尽的我们决定先睡觉,第二天早上起来再清扫房子噢,你猜怎么着We were awakened about 700 a.m. by our landlord, who was knocking on the door. Sheepishly, we let him in, expecting to incur his wrath. Instead, he picked up a party invitation that had been laying on the sidewalk and asked, ;Why didnt you girls invite me?;早上七点时,房东的敲门声把我们吵醒,我们不好意思地让他进来,料想会遭他怒骂谁知,他捡起道边的一张宴会请柬,问道:“你们这些女孩子怎么不邀请我呢?”He came into the house, made a minor repair, and spent a few minutes helping us pick up trash from the yard. We werent quite sure what to make of our unexpected luck, but we were thrilled that our landlord had been so understanding.他走进屋子,简单清理了一下,又帮我们把院子里的垃圾清扫了我们也不知道怎么这么走运,兴奋地发现我们的房东竟如此通情达理A few months later, I made a mathematical error while balancing my checkbook and my bank soon notified me that I had bounced a check. I was mortified when I discovered that it was my rent check and that I had to notify my landlord.数月后,由于计算失误,账户上没有余额了很快给我发了退票我羞愧地发现那是我给房东的月租票,而我又不得不告诉房东.I figured that he viewed my housemates and I as irresponsible after the party incident and this would prove him right. I was certain that he would evict me. Somehow, I mustered the courage to call him and explained what had happened.He said, ;I have a daughter about your age, and the same thing happened to her once. Would you like to wait until next month and send a double payment then?; Ive never gotten our landlord kindness and understanding.那次聚会后,我想他一定以为我的室友们都是不负责任的人,现在更实了他的看法他一定会把我们赶出去的可不知为什么,当我鼓起勇气给他打电话解释时,他说:“我有一个女儿,跟你们差不多大,她曾经也干过同样的事你不想等级到下个月给我双份月租吗?”我永远都忘不了房东的善心和通情达理He also taught me an important lesson about not judging a book by its cover. Im proud to say that I have not bounced a check since (though I have thrown a few more parties)!他教给我一个重要的人生道理:不要以书皮来判断书的好坏(切勿以貌取人)我自豪地说,从那以后再也没给我发过退票(尽管我又举办过几次聚会) 0。
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