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  • Moving an injured person can make things worse. Yet, sometimes to treat them or allow them to recover, it is necessary. Learn the proper way to put an injured victim into the recovery position to avoid complicating an emergency.移动伤员时如果不小心可能会使情况雪上加霜。然而,有时对他们进行治疗,或者将他们放置到恢复姿势是必要的。学习一下怎样以正确的方式将伤员放置在正确的恢复姿势,避免使情况复杂化。Step 1: Far Arm Up1.远离你的手臂伸直To put the person in the recovery position, take the arm farthest from you and move it straight up.要把伤员放置在恢复的姿势,将离你较远的手臂伸直。Step 2: Near Arm Cross2.靠近的手臂交叉Take the victims other arm and cross it over their chest to their shoulder.将靠近你这边的手臂交叉过胸部,够到肩膀。Step 3: Leg Up and Over3.靠近你的腿弯曲Take the leg closest to you and bring it up. Gently push the victim away from you, using the hip and the shoulder.将靠近你的那条腿弯曲,推动臀部和肩膀,轻轻地把伤员推离你,翻转过去。Now position the arm so it supports the victims weight, and put the victims knee down. This keeps the victim from continuing to roll. The face being away from the floor, if they happen to vomit or have saliva in the throat, all of that will drain out of the mouth.现在,把手臂放好,这样就可以持伤员的重量,把膝盖放下来,这样可以防止伤员继续滚动。面部远离地板,如果伤员还有呕吐症状或者喉咙里有口水,所有异物都会从口中流出来。Properly placing a victim in the recovery position is essential. We recommend everyone take a class and review these steps often.恰当地将伤员放置在复原的姿势是必要的。我们建议每个人都参加相关的课程,经常回顾这些步骤。Thanks for watching How To Log Roll An Injured Victim.感谢收看“怎样翻动伤员”视频节目。 /201212/214941。
  • Fortune Magazine has released its annual list of top global 500 companies. Wal-Mart Stores secures first position, and three Chinese companies broke the top 10.《财富》杂志公布了2010年世界500强名单(《财富》杂志每年都会对此进行评选)。沃尔玛稳居榜首,3家中国公司也跻身前十。Under the stress of the financial crisis, Wal-Mart did well to knock Royal Dutch Shell out of the top slot into second place. Three Chinese companies - Sinopec, State Grid and China National Petroleum - all gained spots in the top 10.沃尔玛顶住了经济危机的重压,把皇家荷兰壳牌石油公司挤到了身后的第二位。3家中国公司-中石化,国家电网和中石油-均在前十争得了一席之地。China's dominance is thanks to the global financial crisis, which badly affected the U.S. and Europe. Unemployment rose sharply in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and their companies couldn't sustain the high profit gains of . But China boosted their companies with a better business environment, created by economic stimulus plans.全球经济危机致使美国和欧洲国家的经济受到严重影响,这也是今年中国企业在世界500强中异军突起的原因之一。在美国,欧洲各国和日本,失业率蹿升,本国企业难以维持年的高额利润。而中国的经济刺激计划为本国企业创造了相对更好的商业环境,促进它们的发展。Notes:Fortune Magazine: 《财富》杂志,《财富》杂志是一本由美国人亨利#8226;鲁斯创办于1930年,主要刊登经济问题研究文章。现隶属时代华纳集团旗下的时代公司。《财富》杂志自1954年推出全球500强排行榜,历来都成为经济界关注的焦点,影响巨大。Royal Dutch Shell: 荷兰皇家壳牌集团(Royal Dutch Shell,又译蚬壳)是世界第二大石油公司,总部位于荷兰海牙。economic stimulus plans: 经济刺激计划,又常作“(economic) stimulus package”。201007/108803。
  • The poles are permanently capped with ice.冰天雪地是两极永恒的主题Nowhere is colder,对于生命windier or more hostile to life.那里的酷寒 狂风是最严苛的挑战Im standing at the North Pole -我的脚下就是北极点the very top of the Earth.世界之巅Up here, its easy to see为何极地地区如此寒冷why the polar regions are so cold.身临其境时 体会更加深刻The sun never rises high enough in the sky to warm my back太阳的直射角度很小 鲜有阳光照射下来and those rays that do strike the surface而即使光线到达了地表are mostly reflected back from this great whiteness.大部分也会被这白茫茫的冰雪反射回去But the fundamental problem is that theres no sun here at all但最重要的问题是 这里有半年的时间for half the year.完全没有阳光照射The polar winter is unrivalled in its harshness.极地冬季的严酷 无与伦比A night that lasts for months.一个夜晚可持续数月之久Only the toughest stay, as temperatures plunge随着温度骤降到零下70摄氏度to minus 70 degrees centigrade.只有最顽强的生命才能存活下来And yet, the greatest challenge to life here is not the cold,然而对于生命来说 最大的挑战并非寒冷but the extreme swings between the seasons.而是剧烈的四季更迭When the sun finally returns,当太阳再次升起时an extraordinary transformation begins.一次翻天覆地的转变开始了This frozen world begins to melt away.这个冰冻的世界开始融化 /201210/204035。
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