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Don't worry, be happy and, according to new research, you will also be healthy.It is estimated that over the course of one year, Americans suffer 1 billion colds. But new research shows that all it may take to avoid this common affliction is a positive and upbeat attitude.People who are energetic, happy and relaxed are less likely to catch a cold than those who are depressed, nervous or angry, finds a new study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.Healthy volunteers first underwent an emotional assessment in which they were asked to rate their tendency to experience positive and negative emotions--how often they felt pleased, relaxed, happy, or anxious, depressed and hostile. The subjects were next given a squirt up the nose of a rhinovirus, the nasty little germ that causes colds.Researchers then watched the volunteers to see who came down with a cold and waited to see how the unlucky ill manifested their cold symptoms."We found that people who regularly experience positive emotions, when exposed to rhinovirus, are relatively protected from developing illness," said Dr. Sheldon Cohen, lead author of the study and a psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon University.Although positive people showed a greater resistance to colds, negative people did not necessarily get sick more often."Increases in positive emotional styles were linked with decreases in the rate of clinical colds, but a negative emotional style had no effect on whether or not people got sick," Cohen said.So how can your emotions influence your health? In simple terms, when the brain is "happy" it sends messages to our organs that help keep the body healthy and sound."It's like a drug that is released by your state of mind and simply changing the state of mind can produce effects on the rest of the body through the nervous system and hormones," said Dr. Neil Shulman, associate professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine and author of Doc Hollywood. "Your chance of developing the common cold, pneumonia, or even cancer may very well be decreased by keeping your brain in a healthy state."In addition, happy and relaxed people are prone to better health practices than their negative and stressed counterparts. They are more likely to get plenty of sleep and to engage in regular exercise, and have been shown to have lower levels of certain stress hormones.Shulman says the study shows there are some simple things you can do to improve your chances of staying healthy."The take-home message is that we have very healthy ways that we can improve our overall well-being that don't cost money and that don't require a wait in the doctor's office," he said. 根据新的研究结果显示,如果你心情愉快、无忧无虑,你就会身体健康。据估计,美国一年中有十亿人患感冒。而新的研究表明只要有积极乐观的态度,就可以避免这一常见的疾病。《心理医学》杂志发表的一项新的研究表明:精力充沛、快乐轻松的人和沮丧、紧张、易怒的人相比不容易得感冒。身体健康的志愿者们首先接受了一次情绪测试,来测定他们的情绪是趋向于积极的还是消极的,也就是他们感到高兴、舒适、快乐或是焦虑、沮丧、敌对的频率。接着志愿者的鼻子上方被喷射一种能够引起感冒的可恶的微小细菌——鼻病毒。然后研究者们观察那些志愿者,看谁先感染上感冒,并等着看那些不幸患病的人表现何种感冒症状。该研究的主要领导者、卡内基梅隆大学的心理学教授谢尔登·科恩士说:“我们发现情绪一贯积极乐观的人遭受鼻病毒侵袭时,相对来说不太容易感染疾病。”尽管积极的人对感冒表现出较强的抵抗力,消极的人也不一定更容易经常感冒。“情绪越乐观,感冒的几率就越低,但是消极的情绪并不会对是否感冒产生影响。”科恩说。那么情绪到底是怎样影响你的健康的呢?简单的说,当大脑“轻松愉快”的时候,它会向各个器官发出有助于保持身体健康的信号。“这就像是你的情绪释放的一种麻醉剂,只要改变情绪就可以通过神经系统和激素对身体的其他部分产生影响,” 埃莫里大学医学院的医学副教授、影片《好莱坞医生》的作者尼尔·舒尔曼士说,“保持健康的情绪可以有效地降低感冒、肺炎甚至癌症发生的可能性。”另外,心情轻松愉快的人往往比消极紧张的人有更好的保健习惯。他们更容易有充足的睡眠,进行有规律的身体锻炼,而且他们体内某种紧张激素的含量较低。舒尔曼说研究显示你可以通过做一些简单的事情来保持身体健康。他说:“我们的建议是通过健康的方法来改善整个健康状况,这不需要花钱也不需要在医生的办公室前等待。” /200812/57594。

1. If you think he is a good man, think again.  如果你认为他是好人,那你就大错特错了。 /201103/129509。

If you're wondering how to lose weight, you're better off being kept in the dark.  如果你想得到减肥秘籍,最好一直呆在黑暗里。 According to a study, those living in well-lit towns or cities are more likely to become obese than country dwellers – even if they eat the same amount.  一项研究表明,与村民相比,照明系统良好的城市居民更有可能发胖——即使饮食量相同。  Scientists believe that the glow of street lights encourages late-night snacking, and because food eaten close to bedtime is less likely to be burned off, it is often stored as fat.  科学家认为街灯的照射会促进午夜食欲,而睡前所进食物不太容易被消耗掉,故而常被转化成脂肪贮存起来。 According to a study, those living in well-lit towns or cities are more likely to become obese than country dwellers – even if they eat the same amount.  一项研究表明,与村民相比,照明系统良好的城市居民更有可能发胖——即使饮食量相同。  Scientists believe that the glow of street lights encourages late-night snacking, and because food eaten close to bedtime is less likely to be burned off, it is often stored as fat.  科学家认为街灯的照射会促进午夜食欲,而睡前所进食物不太容易被消耗掉,故而常被转化成脂肪贮存起来。。

You Can Rent Movies Online, but Should You? 从网上租借电影光盘的主意现在看起来比两年前要现实得多,当时一个名为“Movielink”的电影光盘租借网站刚刚创建。现在,随着互联网传输速度越来越快,用户已经习惯于在网上租借电影光盘在家庭影院系统中播放,“Movielink”也不再是一枝独秀,其有了一个竞争对手“CinemaNow”。  更重要的是,诸如苹果公司的iTunes和Roxio公司的Napster等网络音乐务的发展已经显示,用户愿意在网上购买价格优惠的电影。但是,电影租赁网站本身并没有像iTunes发展得那样快,尽管他们现在提供的下载速度要比以前快得多。分析人士称,原因是网上租赁业务销售的光盘内容和种类有限,而且与离线零售店相比价格上仍然略高,这使得他们在竞争当中对用户的吸引力不足。另外,虽然现在用户可以在没有下载完整部电影之前就开始观看,但下载的时间仍然较长,如果连接速度不快有时需要等待一个小时。  CinemaNow的下载速度不错,但用户需要拥有足够的带宽才能确保电影的画面质量不打折扣。另外,两家租赁网站的务计费均是从用户开始浏览就计算上了,而不是从下载完成之后才开始计算,这意味着表面的务费比实际上的务费要低很多。  最后,用户还不能将下载下来的电影复制到CD或是DVD光盘上在机器上播放或是将它们转移到另外一台计算机上,除非你拥有一个与电视机匹配的连接器,可以在电视上观看,否则你无法将下载内容转移到其他硬盘上。The idea of renting movies online seems a lot less silly than it did two years ago, when a site called Movielink debuted.Internet connections have gotten a little faster, we've had time to get used to the idea of the computer as home theater and Movielink has been joined by a competitor, CinemaNowMost important, music services like Apple's iTunes and Roxio's Napster have shown that people will buy fairly priced downloads, even when the same stuff is available for free on file-sharing systems.But the movie-rental sites themselves haven't improved nearly as much, to judge from a week of trying out each. CinemaNow and Movielink now offer better downloading options that reduce or eliminate the lengthy wait to transfer a movie to a computer.But they still carry too few titles at too high a price. There's very little here to lure anybody from ordinary movie-rental stores, DVD-by-mail services like Netflix, or cable and satellite pay-per-view options.Both CinemaNow and Movielink look and work alike in some respects. You must run Windows to watch anything at either site. Both require loading their own download-management software as well, but Movielink is more annoying to use -- the site can't even be viewed in any browser but Internet Explorer and was agonizingly slow.Forget using either site without a broadband Internet account -- these movies weigh in at 500 or more megabytes apiece. Although you can start watching movies before they've finished downloading, that still involves a wait of at least a few minutes and as much as an hour, depending on your connection. (Over a 608-kbps digital subscriber line, "Finding Nemo" took 2 hours and 22 minutes to finish downloading.)CinemaNow's streaming-media options permit almost immediate viewing, but to avoid sacrificing quality you'll need enough bandwidth to accommodate its full 700-kbps feed.These sites' rental rates start at .99 for up to 48 hours of viewing -- the clock starts ticking when you first begin watching, not when the download completes -- but all the flicks I rented cost .99 or .99 and allowed 24 hours of use.CinemaNow offers a few other pricing choices. You can sign up for .95 or .95 "Premium Pass" monthly subscriptions that include unlimited rentals; the more expensive plan adds access to an "After Dark" collection of adult movies. The site also sells 30 rather obscure titles as so-called permanent downloads -- "Manilow Live!" can be yours for .99 if you have a hankering for the syrupy singer's work.You can't copy any of these downloads to a CD or DVD for viewing on a DVD player or move them to another computer. If you own a laptop with a TV-compatible connector, such as a composite- or S-Video jack, you can plug it into your set for viewing on a bigger screen, but otherwise each rental stays welded to your hard drive.Movielink offers its titles in RealVideo and Windows Media formats; CinemaNow only provides Windows Media downloads. Picture quality varies but never comes close to DVD; for instance, Movielink's wide-screen-formatted titles have a resolution of 512 by 288 pixels per frame, or less than half that of a wide-screen-enhanced DVD.To my eyes, these services' downloads come closest to regular cable TV, aside from occasional outbreaks of pixilation or blurring in busy or cluttered scenes.Both CinemaNow and Movielink suffer from a pathetically thin selection -- 854 and 747 titles as of Friday afternoon. Since many movies are made available to these sites only for limited periods before moving to cable and satellite TV (for example, "Finding Nemo" was no longer available after Saturday from either service) those numbers fluctuate over time.Unless you're looking for a movie from the past few years, the odds weigh heavily against you finding it on either site. Half of the titles I considered renting -- for instance, "Heathers," "Glengarry Glen Ross" and "Office Space" -- weren't available.The older the flick, the worse your chances: Of the top 10 titles on the American Film Institute's "greatest American movies" list, Movielink provides only one ("Lawrence of Arabia") and CinemaNow offers none.Movielink's chief executive, Jim Ramo, explained that until the late '90s, studios didn't buy Internet distribution rights, which means the site must negotiate with individual copyright holders for each movie. Ramo noted that he can't provide "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," because the rights to the song "Twist and Shout," which plays in one scene, would cost too much to obtain.Who would want to put up with services as dysfunctional as this? It's hard to imagine.College students who have broadband Internet but lack TVs in their dorm rooms might appreciate not having to return a DVD to the store. Then again, most college students don't have money either and will probably stick to the free file-sharing services.And I suppose that After Dark library at CinemaNow could also draw customers who are tired of hearing snarky comments from -store clerks.Otherwise, though, the only people these sites seem to have been designed for are movie-studio executives. (Movielink is owned by the five largest studios; a smaller studio, Lions Gate Entertainment, owns CinemaNow.)Until they learn from the example of the music industry -- offer their content at a discount online, but at a quality comparable to what you'd get in the store -- this online -rental business isn't going anywhere. /200804/33394。

爱美的女孩们可以选择在脖颈上加一条漂亮的围巾,即温暖又时尚,对于一些觉得自己“脸大”的女生还可以用围巾打造精巧小脸,真是一举多得啊。而对于爱美的女孩们,围巾早就跳脱了单纯的御寒作用,成为了配饰中的重磅单品。选择一条款式独特,色出众的围巾仅仅成功了一半,如何将围巾在颈间环绕出美丽的风情才是最关键的一步呢!   下面就来学习学习下吧…系法一 韩式双层侧领结Korean double-side-tie。

Check if you aly have a purpose ?If you find your present life purposeless just look again. In the totality of life there is no purpose that is too small or too big. Even a street sweeper fulfills a very important purpose in his life. Even if you are working in a small firm you are fulfilling a vital purpose in the link of life by the service you provide. May be you are supporting a family, or raising kids, that抯 quite a significant purpose. If you think your life is meaningless right now, it would just show that you are not really paying attention to your present role. 检查一下你是否已经有一个目标了?如果你认为现在的生活豪无目的,那么只要再看一下。在整个生命长河中没有什么目标是太小或太大的。甚至一个扫大街的也在实现他生命中最重要的目标。即使你在一家小公司工作,你也在通过所提供的务实现一个与人生有关的重大目标。可能你正在维持一家生计或养育孩子,这是相当重要的目标。如果你觉得目前生活毫无意义,这只表示你没有真正地重视你目前的角色。 /201004/102331。

1. 对于结婚70后:When they mean to marry, they want to marry with a virgin.80后:As long as we have true love, we do not mind whether she is a virgin or not.90后:Does marriage need feeling? Do we need marriage? 2. 对于男友70后:They consort with a man of figure.80后:We consort with kindred spirit.90后:我们结交满身文身的帅哥! 3. 对于女务员70后:They treat waitress badly or molest waitress in word.80后:We talk with waitress only when we order dishes and square accounts.90后:Never talk with waitress,只会背后讨论她的衣很土…… 4. 对于陌生人70后:When they stay with strangers, they are used to making conversation with others.80后:Generally, We don't rap to strangers, don't you feel tired when making conversation?90后:你谁阿,穿这么土,死开~帅哥,交个朋友好嘛?~ 5. 对于聊天70后:Their topics are limited to work and share.80后:We have more topics,有英超、魔兽……90后:QQ等级,QQ秀……6. 对于工作70后:Ergasiomania(工作狂)基本上都是70后的。80后:Refuse to work overtime!90后:Refuse to work! /200908/82027。

Jenny, a rooster in Italy, suddenly became a mother capable of laying eggs and hatching little chickens. Its owner said Jenny's "transsexual" situation happened after a foxes' attack and all the hens were eaten。 意大利托斯卡纳养鸡场的公鸡詹尼突然自动“变性”成为“妈妈”,不但每天下蛋还会孵蛋。据场主介绍詹尼的“变性”发生于场里所有的母鸡被狐狸偷吃掉之后。  From Jenny's looks, it is still a rooster, but the fact that it could lay eggs confused FAO experts, and they are working hard to understand the phenomenon。 詹尼的外貌还是公鸡的样子,但是它却会生蛋和孵蛋。此事让联合国粮农组织的专家感到不解,正在研究詹尼变性的原因。  As of now, experts believed it is a genetic mutation. When all the hens died in Jenny's living circle, it had to carry the responsibility of continuing its own species。 目前,专家初步判定,这是“生存基因”作祟。由于当所有的母鸡挂光光,詹尼为了救亡图存保后代,只好自兼皇上和后宫佳丽了。  Later, experts will take Jenny to UN's laboratory for more research and analysis. And they said study on Jenny might help to figure out the puzzle: "Which comes first? The chicken or the egg?"  专家将会把詹尼带到联合国的实验室作详细分析及研究。专家指出,这项研究将有助解释“鸡先还是蛋先”的难题。 /201005/104089。

Good question. And a question I am often asked.Here's the scoop. Simply having breasts and being female places all women at risk. Women with size 32 AA bras get breast cancer just like someone with 46 DDs.For women with known risk factors, though, there may be a link to breast size. One study confirmed that women who had breast-reduction surgery had asignificant reduction - as high as 50 percent in some patients - compared with large-breasted women who didn't have the procedure.Does that mean that everyone with bodacious breasts should get a reduction? Probably not. The key is to know that the risk factors for breast cancer are not equal, and to find out if you have any of the more dangerous risk factors.So now is a good time to remind you of those risk factors:Having a first-degree relative (mother, sister) who had breast cancer, especially before she reached menopauseHaving had a breast biopsy sometime in the past that revealed some atypical cells or lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS, abnormal cells in the milk-producing glands of the breast)Not having had a baby before age 30Starting menstruation younger than age 12Not going through menopause until after age 55Among these factors, the most dangerous in terms of significantly increasing your risk are having a family history of breast cancer and having a finding of atypical cells on a previous breast biopsy.If you have some or all of these risk factors, will your insurance cover a breast reduction procedure, which the researchers say will reduce your breast cancer risk? Probably not, since insurance companies haven't yet caught up with the latest scientific discoveries.But insurance companies usually will pay for the procedure if the doctor documents that you are experiencing back problems from carrying a heavier than usual load. The doctor should not, however, record that he's doing a breast reduction to reduce the risk of breast cancer-in that case the insurance firm might expect the surgeon to perform a much bigger reduction, like a mastectomy-and that's not what you were signing up for.So, bottom line: If a woman has no risk factors, her risk of breast cancer is going to be the same regardless of her breast size.But large-breasted women do face one other challenge: getting all that breast tissue imaged in a mammogram. Getting clear images of every portion of larger breasts may require more than just the customary 2 views per breast. 尺寸大更容易患乳癌?好问题。一个我经常被问的问题。这是我的独家新闻:只要有乳房或者只要是女性都有患乳癌的风险。32AA罩杯和46DD罩杯的女性患乳癌的概率一样。然而,由于总所周知的因素(乳房大),胸部大小或许和患乳癌概率有联系。有研究表明,做过缩胸手术的女性患乳癌的概率——某些病人甚至下降50%——与未做缩胸手术的大胸脯女性相比小得多。难道这意味着所有大胸部女性都得做缩胸手术?也许不必。关键是要明白那些导致女性患乳癌的因素其作用力是不均等的,而且还要找出你与哪些比较危险的因素扯上了关系。明白了这以后,现在是提醒你主意这些危险因素的时候了:·一级亲缘关系(母亲、)得过乳癌,特别是绝经期前得过·过去做过乳房活检发现了异常细胞或原位小叶癌(LCIS,乳腺内的异常细胞)·30岁前未生育·12岁前开始月经·55岁还没进入绝经期在这些因素中,从增大患乳癌的概率来说,最危险的是家庭乳癌史和以前的乳房活检中发现过异常细胞。如果你有上面所说的部分或全部因素,就去为缩胸手术投保?就因为研究人员说缩胸可以降低患乳癌的风险?也许不必,因为保险公司险种还没跟上科学发现的步伐。但是,如果医生可以明你由于胸前负担太重而遭受背部问题,那么保险公司通常会为缩胸手术付钱。但是,医生不应该记录说他正在做一个缩胸手术以便降低病人患乳癌的风险,因为在这种情况下,保险公司或许指望外科医生做一个较为彻底缩胸手术,比如乳房切除,而这显然不在你和医院的合同之内。所以,底线是:如果一个女人没有上面所说的那些风险因素,她患乳癌的风险与胸部大小没有关系。但是大胸部女人的确面临其它麻烦:乳房X光全检。相对与正常女人每个乳房2张X光片来说,房女人可能需要更多的X光片。 /200809/48997。

1 AshleyAshley这个名字给人的印象是,一个非常美丽的医生或律师等高级职业妇女,品位很高,道德标准也很高,娇羞但很友善。2 Amanda来自拉丁语“爱”。Amanda 表示可爱的人,人们认为她美丽,保守又纤细,甜美富有。3 Brittany拉丁文的意思是“来自英格兰”。这个名字给人的感觉是漂亮、苗条,有教养,为人很好,有是会耍耍小脾气,很有自信。4 Jessica希伯来语的意思是“财富”。大部分人认为Jessica是个甜美、受欢迎的女孩;也有人认为她是个美丽、娇纵的富家女孩;还有人认为难以驾驭的女强人。5 Jennifer源自威尔士文,意为“纯洁”。进来Jennifer已变成一个受欢迎的名字。人们认为Jennifer这个名字非常适合可爱的金发啦啦队长,受大家欢迎,并受人喜爱。6 Katherine源自希腊文,意为“纯洁的”。Katherine是个很普通的名字,人们对这个名字有两种看法:一个是美丽、优雅,处于上流社会的世故者,拘谨,严肃,举止合宜;二是普通的女人,友善,受欢迎,又有教养。7 Megan古英文中“伟大”的意思。Megan给人的印象是个小精灵般的女孩,她可爱,充满朝气,轻快灵活,爱嬉笑。8 Nicole希腊语中“胜利的人们”。人们把 Nicole 比作中国娃娃,指娇小,美丽的年轻女孩,甜美浪漫,但容易破碎;但在那美丽,纤细的外表之内,却带着一股刚毅、独立的气质。9 Sarah希伯来语的意思是“公主”。她给人的感觉是甜美、保守、身材不高、待人随和,但没有什么大志。10 Stephanie同样来自希腊语,有“”的意思。她代表了温柔、美丽、苗条、体贴心思细密,有一种很特殊的风味;像是时装模特儿。希望这篇文章能给正在为找个好听的英文名而苦恼的你提供帮助。。