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In August 2005, he attended a wedding in the small mountain town of Grand Lake, Colo. He arrived alone for a weekend of events populated mostly by married couples. Then, at a lakeside gathering after the rehearsal dinner, Nora Burnett passed by in a flash of green pashmina, tan skin and glistening hair.She seemed “electric,” remembered Mr. Abrams, a gregarious Denver native and Harvard graduate known to favor ski slopes and rodeos. Now an owner of a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm in nearby Englewood, he remembers being captivated by Ms. Burnett’s hearty laughter. “She was confident and charming and radiant,” said Mr. Abrams, 30.But he didn’t make a move, because he assumed the man at her side, Stuart Nagae, was her husband.Unfortunately, Mr. Abrams looked away just as she left with Mr. Nagae — and his wife.The next night it was Ms. Burnett’s turn to notice Mr. Abrams as he boarded a bus carrying guests to the wedding. She was immediately attracted to his “upbeat, optimistic, fun-loving personality,” said Ms. Burnett, also 30, a born-and-bred New Yorker who is a doctoral student in art history at New York University.At the reception she tried to catch his eye, “but he wasn’t paying any attention,” she said. So she enlisted Mr. Nagae, a former classmate of hers at Stanford, as her wingman. But as they approached Mr. Abrams, he abruptly turned and left the room.“In my mind she was married,” said Mr. Abrams, who had started his first company at 25 but had never had a long-term relationship, “I kept noticing her in spite of myself.”This went on until the morning hours as they made their way to an after-party at the Lariat Saloon. They were both a little worse for wear, with Ms. Burnett sporting a six-inch wine stain on the front of her ivory dress.“All of a sudden I turned around and she was right next to me,” Mr. Abrams said. “Then I noticed her hand.”There was no wedding ring. He was confused yet hopeful, and fortified by liquid courage he blurted out, “Where’s your ring?” In quick succession he asked the whereabouts of her husband, fiancé or boyfriend.Taken aback, she replied: “I’m single. There’s nobody in my life. Thanks for reminding me.” Her good humor and, most important, single status delighted him.But the bar was closing in less than a half-hour. “I was racing against the clock,” he said. Soon the lights were on, and he had yet to get her phone number.But he needn’t have worried. “For most people it was the end of the night,” she said. “But for us this exciting thing had just started.” They walked down the moonlit mountain road, hand in hand, and then he gently kissed her.“I felt butterflies all over,” she said. Like “something out of high school.”She wrote her e-mail address and phone number in lip liner on a Post-it note. Within hours she was back in New York. And back to the reality that they lived nearly a continent apart.The first person Mr. Abrams told about her was his sister, Katie. “He said, ‘I met the greatest girl last night and I have to find a way to be with her,’ ” Ms. Abrams said. “He had never been excited about a girl before in his life.”He sent Ms. Burnett an e-mail message the next day and by October was visiting New York, pretending it was for business. Ms. Burnett suspected otherwise, but didn’t want to jinx things.“I am someone who’s really pragmatic,” she said. But once he arrived with flowers in hand (“not roses, because I didn’t want to come off too strong,” he said), pragmatism went out the window.And in February 2007, on a pre-Valentine’s Day trip to Colorado, he surprised her with a return visit to the Lariat Saloon.He asked her if she remembered his first words to her. She said, “Where’s your ring?” And on bended knee, he provided one.On Sept. 20, Rabbi Robert N. Levine married them at Guastavino’s, an event space in New York, below the 59th Street Bridge. Under its famous arched granite masonry, they vowed an enduring love. Then, as the couple kissed, their 268 guests gave a mile-high cheer.“It was love at first sight and love at last call,” said Brooke Borgen, at whose wedding the couple met. “Things can happen at that last moment that can change your life forever.”More Articles in Fashion amp; Style raquo; A version of this article appeared in print on September 28, 2008, on page ST13 of the New York edition. 2005年8月,他出席了一个婚礼,婚礼在科罗拉多州的山中小城大湖城举行,他独自去一个大多是已婚夫妇参加的周末活动。晚餐会后,人们来到湖边聚会,而她有着独特的晒成小麦色的的皮肤和泛着光泽的头发,她身着绿色羊绒衫,快速穿过人群。她似乎全身“带电”,艾布拉姆斯先生回忆道。艾是一个爱交际的丹佛人,毕业于哈佛大学,尤其喜欢滑雪和马术。现在附近的恩格尔伍德拥有一个兼并和收购咨询公司。他记得自己被伯内特的开怀大笑所俘获。“她那一刻光芒四射,自信十足,迷人极了”,三十岁的艾布拉姆斯说。但是他并没有采取行动,因为他以为她身边那个名叫斯图尔特·拿卡的男士是她的丈夫。不巧的是,当她离开拿卡先生----和他妻子的时候,艾布拉姆斯先生也转移了自己的视线。第二天晚上伯内特开始注意艾布拉姆斯先生了,他登上一辆送亲的车。她马上被他“乐观、开朗、幽默的个性所吸引,”同样年为30的伯内特说。伯内特女士是土生土长的纽约人,现在是纽约大学历史系的士生。在务台,她试图和他对上眼,“但是他一点儿也没有注意到我,”她说。所以她邀请拿卡先生作为他的同伴,拿卡先生是她在斯坦福大学的同学。但是当他俩接近艾布拉姆斯先生的时候,拿卡突然转身离开了房间。“我以为她结婚了,”艾布拉姆斯说,他25岁才开始他的第一次恋爱,但是从没有过一段长时间的交往,“我不自禁地老看她”。这样一直到第二天早上,他俩去Lariat的大厅去参加婚后派对。他俩都穿的挺糟糕,伯内特穿着一条象牙白的裙子,前面有六英寸的酒渍。“我转过头来,突然间就看到她就在我身边,”艾布拉姆斯说:“然后我就注意到了她的手。”没有婚戒。他觉得奇怪,但又充满了信心,借着酒劲他脱口而出:“你的结婚戒指呢?”他马上又追问她的丈夫或者未婚夫或者男朋友哪里去了。她大吃一惊,回答说:“我是单身,还没有人陪我生活。不过谢谢你提醒我啊!”她的幽默,尤其是她单身的消息让他欣喜不已。但是,酒吧不到半小时就要关门了。“我当时就在和时间赛跑,”他说。但不久酒吧打烊灯亮了,他却还没有要到她的电话号码。但是他没有必要担心。“对于许多人来说,那一晚就结束了,”伯内特说,“但是对于我俩来说,好戏才刚刚开始。”他俩走在洒满月光的山路上,手牵着手,然后他轻轻地吻了她。“我感到身在满是蝴蝶的花丛中,”她说,就像“回到了高中时代一样”。她在一张小纸条上用唇线笔写下了她的电子邮箱地址和电话。几小时后她回到了纽约。并意识到一个尴尬的现实---他俩的住处几乎隔着一个大陆。艾布拉姆斯首先告诉了他的凯蒂。“他说,‘我昨晚上见到了我的梦中情人,我要想办法和她在一起,’”艾布拉姆斯说,“他长这么大还从来没有为一个女孩如此激动过。”他第二天给伯内特发了封电邮,借口说他十月份将要到纽约出公差,伯内特虽然怀疑,但也不想扫他的兴。“我是一个十分务实的人,”她说。但是当他手捧着一大束鲜花(不是玫瑰,因为我不想表现得太过激,他说)站在我面前时,我的 那些实用主义思想都抛到窗外去了。2007年2月,在情人节的前一天,他去了科罗拉多,但是他突然回到了Lariat俱乐部,这足实让她吃了一惊。他问她是否记得他对她说的第一句话。她说,“你的结婚戒指呢?”他马上跪下来,拿出了一个。9 月20号,在纽约59街大桥下的活动大厅,拉比·罗伯特·N·雷文主持了他们在瓜斯塔维诺举行的婚礼。在其著名的花岗石拱下,他俩说出永恒的誓言。他俩接吻的时候,268位来宾热烈地欢呼。“这真是一见钟情又终成眷属啊,”布鲁克·伯根说,他俩就是在伯根的婚礼上认识的。“最后一刻发生的事情也许就会永远改变你的人生。” /200810/53686Aries’ key phrase: I Am!  白羊:我是!  Taurus’ key phrase: I have!  金牛:我有!First, there was krumping, the spasmic, freestyle hip-hop dance out of South Central L.A. You probably weren’t much good at it. It went global anyway. You might have it confused with crunk. That’s hip-hop, too. Southern, thumping, also fast. Usher had a hit with it a few years back.O.K. Now it’s time to krank. This is not hip-hop. But it’s going to be huge. To experience Krankingreg;, you’ll need a Krankcyclereg;, and, for the moment, one of the few places you can find one in New York is at the Reebok Sports Club/NY, on Columbus Avenue. Avery Washington offers introductory classes. Picture ten Krankcycles in a mirrored room—they’re stationary arm bikes, basically, with just a seat, a suspended front wheel, and hand-pedals where handlebars normally go. On a recent morning, half a dozen women were Kranking, hands whirling in front of them, while a mixtape of Danzel, Janet Jackson, and Miguel Migs pounded from Washington’s pink-shelled iPod. Washington, an extensively muscled man wearing a red bandanna, and a certified Kranking instructor, was chanting, “Left, synch it, a little faster, come on, this is where you get the cardio, nice and smooth, right on, nice transition, left and right, both arms working together.”Why will Kranking be huge? Because, for a start, Johnny G invented it. The last fitness program he invented was Spinningreg; (stationary bicycling in a group, basically). Spinning went beyond platinum, worldwide, and Johnny G, né Goldberg, rode the craze, which is still going, for all it was worth. He registered every Spinning-related trademark you can think of, did a licensing deal with Schwinn, and then sold it all, along with the instructor-certification program (a hundred and fifty thousand instructors in eighty countries), in 2005. Kranking is his comeback.“It will be a slowish rollout,” Johnny G said, on the phone from California. “We’ll be in forty countries by March. I’d love to have ninety thousand units out there in the next three, four years. Then we’d be helping a lot of people.”Helping people is Johnny G’s not-so-secret mission. As he writes in “Krankingreg; Trainer Philosophy,” a brief essay for the Krankcycle Web site, “It is my wish that all teachers and students realize their importance as human beings and strive for health, peace, wisdom, and success.” Johnny G is fifty-one, a former endurance cyclist, and speaks with a South African accent. There was traffic roaring in the background. He was sitting, he said, on a dune overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway.The inspiration for the Krankcycle hit him in 2002, at a fund-raiser for challenged athletes. “There were a couple of legless people and, at the foot of the stage, a fourteen-year-old kid with a homemade hand cycle,” he said. “He was tenacious. So I had a go, and was absolutely exhausted in ten minutes.” The next frontier in the fitness business, Johnny G realized, was the upper body. He spent several years, and more than half a million dollars, developing and refining the Krankcycle.Who came up with the name?“I did,” he said proudly. “Came up with the spelling myself. The universe blessed me.” He gave a big, unironic laugh.Back to Kranking class. (Come on, synch it.) Although Avery Washington makes it look easy, Kranking is not yet pulling in the crowds at Reebok Sports Club/NY. It could be the superficial resemblance to some onerous early-industrial assembly-line task—the sort of hard, silly-looking repetition that used to destroy a worker’s body in six months. It looks, let’s admit it, masochistic. Washington tried to mix it up for his group—“stand up, come round front, add some resistance, bounce into it a little”—but he admitted that he might need to mix it up more. “I think I’ll add jump ropes next week,” he said.During a break, an older woman, slightly wild-eyed, came over. “I’m knocking all the time,” she said. She was talking about having trouble getting the Krankcycle to turn smoothly. “It’s driving me nuts. I love it, but I’m so upset about the knocking.”Washington said, “You need to be in synch or you get that knocking.” This could be another possible disincentive. Johnny G himself mentioned “dealing with the clunk of the krank arm.”You will be good at Kranking. It won’t be like krumping. You will realize your importance as a human being, and Kranking will be key. Krankcycles, by the way, won’t be sold through infomercials. They will be available to chiropractors and physiotherapists, but primarily they will be integrated into your workout through the certified gym-instructor network that has helped make Spinning what it is.That means Avery Washington. He mainly teaches Spinning and body sculpt, which is also known as definition. “Every place calls everything different,” he said evenly. Kranking先是有了krumping,一种即兴的,痉挛似的hip-hop舞蹈,在洛杉矶中心南部兴起。你可能不太在行,不管怎样它都在全球流行起来了。有的人大概会把krumping跟旷课乐(crunk)搞混,两个都是街舞(hip hop)。Krumping是几年前由亚瑟小子发展出来的,在南部流传的也很快。现在,我们来看看摇柄运动(kranking)吧。摇柄运动不是街舞,但一定会风靡。玩摇柄需要一辆摇柄车(krankcycle),而目前纽约只有很少地方能找到,其中一个是位于哥伦布大道上的“锐步运动俱乐部”(Reebok Sports Club)。艾利·华盛顿(Avery Washington)在那教授入门课程。他在一间带镜子的房子里放了十辆摇柄车。他们被固定在了地上,基本上只有一个车座,一个悬空的前轮,在通常是手柄的位置那有两个手压板。前几天早上有六个女学员在这做摇柄运动,伴着从华盛顿的粉色iPod里放出来的混合音乐(丹泽尔,珍妮·杰克逊和马圭尔·米格斯的混合音带),双手不停地在身前旋转。华盛顿有摇柄教练资格,他肌肉结实,带着一块红色的丝质手帕,叫着口令:“左,跟上!快一点,加油!这样才能提高心肺功能,很好,很流畅,就这样,动作很漂亮,先左,再右,两只手一起动!”为什么摇柄运动会流行起来呢?首先因为这是强尼G(Johnny G)发明出来的。他的上一个发明是动感单车(Spinning)健身项目(以组为基本单位,在原地骑自行车)。动感单车的热度在世界范围内超过了普拉提,强尼G(生于哥德堡)简直为之发狂,其狂热度至今不减,不过的确做什么都值得。他注册了所有能想到的跟“动感单车”有关的商标,并向思汶(Schwinn)申请了许可,后来于2005年把这些都卖了,连同教练书项目一起(包括80个国家的18万个教练)。现在他带着摇柄运动(kranking)又卷土重来了。强尼G在从加州打来的电话上说:“这次推出的速度会比较慢,我们将在今年三月前打入40个国家。我想之后三、四年间在那些地方建起90万个单位。这将使很多人受益。”强尼G从不隐瞒帮助别人是他的使命。他为“摇柄车网站”写过一篇短文,名为“摇柄运动教练哲学”,他在文章里说:“我希望所有的教员和学员都能明白他们身为人类的重要性,并努力追求健康,和平,智慧和成功。”强尼G现年51岁,曾是一名自行车运动员,说话带有南非口音。从电话里可以听到车辆呼啸的声音,他说他正坐在一座沙丘上,看着太平洋海岸公路。强尼是在2002年产生开发摇柄车想法的,那时他正在一个残疾运动员的筹资人那里。他说:“那里有几个没腿的人,而台下一个14岁的小孩正骑着辆自制的手摇车。他很顽固,所以我就试了一下,坚持了十分钟就完全不行了。”强尼发现下一个有待开发的健身事业要从上半身入手。于是他花了几年时间和50多万美元来开发和改进手摇车。不过这名字是谁想出来的呢?“我想的,”强尼自豪地说,“我自己拼出来的,上天很眷顾我。”他爽朗地笑起来。回来看看我们的摇柄课堂吧(加油,跟上节奏!)。虽然艾利·华盛顿让摇柄运动看起来很简单,还是没能为纽约锐步俱乐部吸引来大批学员。这项运动表面上看来就像一些早期工业时代繁重的装配线工作,又辛苦又蠢还不断重复,六个月就能把工人的身体拖垮。我们确实得承认做这运动有点像受虐狂。华盛顿试着让他的组员把这项运动跟其他运动混合起来做——“站起来,绕到前面,用点力,挤进去一点”——不过他说他可能得综合的再多一点:“我想下星期会把跳绳也加进来。”休息的时候一位年长的女学员走过来,样子有点生气。她说她想让她的摇柄车转的顺一点却总遇到麻烦:“我总是撞到,都快疯了!我喜欢这项运动,但老是撞到弄的我很生气。”华盛顿说:“除非你跟上节奏,不然就会撞到。”这是另一个可能会让人受挫的原因。强尼G说过要“跟上摇柄咯噔的声音”。你能成为摇柄高手,它不像krumping那么难。你将认识到你作为人类的重要性,而摇柄运动就是关键。顺便提一下,我们不会用直销广告销售摇柄车。只有脊椎指压治疗师和理疗医师可以买到,不过它们主要还是用在有经过认的健身教练指导的训练体系中,那也是动感单车走红的模式。摇柄代表着艾利-华盛顿,他主要教动感单车和塑身课程(也叫美体definition)。“每个地方都有不同的叫法。”他不置可否地说。 /200808/46208Sunshine 'helps to keep you young' The National Day holiday is a time for trips. Many people go to travel agencies and ask them arrange itineraries, so that people don't have to spend much time and energy working out travel details. Yet despite how meticulous travel agents may be, there are always some things people need to look after themselves to ensure a pleasant and safe journey. For your reference, here are some things you should consider before traveling: What diseases to look out for While China covers a vast geographic area, with various mountains and rivers, these grand landscapes are not suitable for all people. High altitudes, cold sea water and pollen can prevent certain groups of people to visiting these areas. People with acute otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear), coronary heart disease, angina and seriously high or low blood pressure as well as pregnant women are advised to stay away from high mountains, because high altitude sickness could pose a serious physical challenge to these people. Those with rheumatism, diabetes, chest pains and overactive thyroid glands are strongly advised to stay away from seaside. In autumn, the seaside temperature is lower than land temperature on average. This an the combination of high humidity and abundant sodium ions in the air will aggravate the health of these people and lead to contraction of the alleged "seaside exposure syndrome". Autumn is also a season of high occurrences of pollen, so people allergic to pollen should avoid going out too much, especially on windy days. When going out, those allergic to pollens should take some allergy medicine before going out. What clothes to wear Loose and light clothing are preferred to tight and heavy clothes. Jeans, T-shirts and a wind-proof jacket constitute a perfect outfit for ordinary outing. If you don't want to end up wearing the same clothes all the time, then pack several cotton T-shirts, both long sleeves and short sleeves. In addition, always take more than one pair of socks with you in case that you may step into water and have no spare socks to replace the wet ones. Wear bright color clothes. There are three reasons: people wearing bright colored clothes often appear nicer in photos; when mingling with other tourists, bright clothes make people easily identifiable; and bright colors cheer people up. What food to eat Chocolate is a perfect food to carry along on the road. It tastes good and can boost energy supplies instantly, preventing low blood sugar levels. Beef jerky is also a nice choice. The salted preserved beef is always good to boost the muscles. Apart from these little snacks, people should also eat full balanced meals. Although they may need more time to fit eating into their schedules, it's necessary for people to eat at least one big meal each day to keep healthy. Meals should contain sufficient fat, protein and vitamins. Also, some scenic spots may sell local foods. Take a reserved attitude towards this kind of food. If you feel they don't appeal to your appetite, then say no to avoid unnecessary allergies or diarrhea. Take care of your kids Many parents take their kids with them when they go travel. In this case, parents need to bear in mind that children are more likely to have carsickness than adults. To help kids overcome carsickness, parents need to pay attention to the following things: Don't let kids eat too much or too greasy. Don't let them starve either. Instead feed them with healthy snacks like fruit. Before getting on board a plane or car, put a slice of ginger on your child's bellybutton, to counter carsickness. Some children do better when sitting in the front passenger seat or a window seat in the back. for ventilation. For those suffering from serious carsickness, parents need to feed them counter-sickness medicine following doctors' pres criptions 旅行时也要保持健康国庆节假期是旅行的时候。很多人让旅行社安排行程,以节省时间和精力去处理旅行中的一些细节问题。不管旅行社是多么细心周到,你仍需要注意一些问题,以确保旅行的安全和愉快。以下几点希望能给您以参考。 堤防什么样的疾病 中国地域辽阔,有着各种各样的山脉和河流。但是,并非每一个人都适合去这些景区游玩。高纬度,冰冷的海水和花粉可能去阻止一些人去这些地方。我建议患有急性中耳炎,冠心病,咽喉痛或严重的高低血压的人不要去山区旅行。高原反应会对这类人群的身体健康造成威胁。 我还强烈建议那些患有风湿病,糖尿病,胸痛,严重甲状腺的人不要去海边。秋季,海边的平均温度低于陆地平均温度。而且,海边空气湿度大,钠离子丰富。这都会使这群人的病情恶化,还可能患上所谓的海边综合症。 秋季还是花粉高发期,因此,对花粉过敏的人应尽量少出门,特别是在有风的日子。如果要出门,在出去前,用一些防过敏的药物。 穿什么样的衣 选择宽松轻薄的衣。牛仔,T恤衫和防风夹克是日常行装的完美组合。 如果不想总是穿同样的衣,可以带几件棉质T恤衫,可长可短。另外,要随身携带一双袜子,以防踏入水坑,没有替换品。 要穿亮色的衣,理由有三:穿亮色的衣照相时,会显得更漂亮;同其他游客混在一起时,更加容易辨别;鲜亮的衣能振奋人的精神。 吃什么样的食物 巧克力是一种最适合路上携带的小食品。口感不错,而且能够随时补充能量。牛肉干也是一种不错的选择。用盐腌制的牛肉干对有助于拉伸肌肉。 除了这些小零食,还应该保持饮食的平衡。虽然在旅行中,吃饭需要更多的时间,但是为了保持健康,每天至少吃一顿大餐。食物里应包含足够的脂肪,蛋白质和维他命。 一些景区可能会卖当地的特产。对于这种食物,我们最好是以慎重的态度对待。如果觉得不符合自己的胃口,应加以拒绝,以避免不必要的过敏或腹泻 照顾好小孩 很多家长带着孩子一起去旅行。如果这样的话,父母要牢牢记住:孩子可能比成年人更容易晕车。 帮助孩子克晕车,家长应注意以下几点:不要让孩子吃的太多或是吃太油腻的食物,但是也不能让他们饿着。给他们吃像水果这样的健康小食品。在上飞机或上车前,在孩子的肚脐上夹一块姜片,来防止晕车。有些孩子坐在前排或是后排靠窗的座位会感觉好一些,因为可以通风。对于那些晕车很严重的孩子来说,家长应该根据医生开的药方给他们吃一些晕车药。 /200801/25616Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (front L) and first lady Akie Abe disembark from a plane at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, October 8, 2006.While nearly 80 percent of Japanese say they are patriotic, most of that majority say their country should own up to, and reflect on, its record of aggression in Asia, according to a poll published in a newspaper yesterday.The Asahi Shimbun said 78 percent of 1,805 respondents to the December 2-3 poll felt at least some degree of patriotism. The figure was slightly lower than the 80 percent recorded in a similar poll conducted in April 2005, the daily said.At the same time, 88 percent of those claiming to be patriots said Japanese must consider their country's militaristic past and brutal colonial rule in Asia, the Asahi said.The results reflect public concerns about Japanese friction with China and South Korea over their shared history, the Asahi said.Japan's relations with its Asian neighbors have often been poor because of Tokyo's lack of contrition for its aggression and harsh colonial rule in the first half of the 20th century.Repeated visits by former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi to the Yasukuni Shrine that honors war criminals from World War II have further strained those ties.The Shinzo Abe government has pursued a policy agenda aimed at bolstering Japan's international military role.However, Japan's relations with China and South Korea have improved after Abe took power in September last year. His first overseas trips as prime minister were to Beijing and Seoul and there have been several initiatives in recent months to thaw ties.昨天公布的一项调查显示,虽然80%的日本人说自己是爱国人士,但其中的大多数人认为日本应该面对历史,应对自己曾对亚洲一些国家的侵略行为进行反省。据《朝日新闻》报道,这项在12月2日和3日进行的调查共有1805人参加,调查显示,其中有78%的人认为自己至少有点爱国心,略低于2005年4月一项类似调查的80%。此外,在自认为有爱国心的受访者中,88%的人认为日本必须面对自己的军国主义历史以及曾在亚洲一些国家进行的残酷殖民统治。《朝日新闻》称,调查结果表明,日本民众对政府与中韩两国在历史问题上的分歧较为关注。20世纪上半叶,由于日本政府对其过去的侵略行为和残酷的殖民统治毫无悔意,所以日本与亚洲邻国的关系一直很差。再加上日本前首相小泉纯一郎多次参拜供奉二战战犯的靖国神社,使得日本与邻国的关系更为紧张。安倍晋三首相上任后,政府出台了一系列旨在加强日本国际军事角色的政策。然而,自安倍首相去年九月上任后,日本与中韩两国的关系有所改善。安倍首相上任后出访的第一站就是北京和首尔。此外,近几个月还出台了几项旨在“解冻”关系的新计划。 /200808/46489

英语借走的“十个中国词”英语,代表西方的强势文化。作为世界性的大语种,它成了现代与文明的标志。有人跟风叫嚷:只要具备两条就是“现代文盲”,一,不懂英语;二,不会电脑。其实,文化所涉及的领域形形色色,是否可以这样说,不会写毛笔字、不会算卦,就等于“国学文盲”?   凭人怎么说吧,现代中国为了追求“和世界接轨”,几乎把英、法、俄、德、日、意、西班牙和阿拉伯语,当成了通向世界、通向文明的惟一桥梁。母语——中国话可以弄得一塌糊涂,甚至不如日本人写得漂亮,讲得流利;英语,却必须要捱过大学六级、。这据典型的崇洋媚外做法,似乎该回头了。随着中国国力的增强,汉语也逐渐变成了外国人的香饽饽儿。仔细一看才发现,许多英语词汇其实就源于汉语,欧洲人做过精细的统计,自1994年以来加入国际英语行列的词汇中,中式英语贡献了5%到20%,超过任何其他来源。  英语属于印欧语系(Indo-European languages),包含着印度、西亚和欧洲的语言。目前使用的英语单词中,有不少是从非印欧语系“拿来”的,这在狭义上,就是英语中的外来语。这些白皮黄心的“鸡蛋词”,无须向“英语世界”做额外解释,就能顺利地理解、沟通。脱胎于汉语的“鸡蛋词”,早就默默地影响全世界了。除“孔夫子(Confucious)”、“中国功夫(kung fu)”、“麻将(mahjong)”或者“豆腐(tofu)”之类绝无仅有的称谓,再挑拣10个真正有中国气质、代表华夏气派、并影响全球当代生活的“鸡蛋词”,便足以说明问题。  (一)丝绸——silk  中国是养蚕大国,丝绸的故乡。瓷器和丝绸始终是古代中国对外贸易的绝密技术和看家商品,直到鸦片战争前,英国进口到广州的钢琴,还干不过珠光宝气的丝绸。“silk”的发音,显然是汉语的音译,这个词代表了中国高超的工艺技术和贸易强势。即便现在,丝绸仍在现代生活中充当雍容华丽、典雅高贵的象征。  (二)茶——tea  这个词,又是英国人从拗口的闽南话里偷走的。茶,和丝绸、瓷器比肩,堪称古代中国对外贸易的拳头产品。目前,品茶代表了一种生活方式和文化品位,中国人对人生的思考,几乎都能在袅袅茶烟里找到。据萧乾的《茶在英国》介绍:“茶叶似乎是17世纪初由葡萄牙人最早引到欧洲的……英国的茶叶起初是东印度公司从厦门引进的,17世纪40年代,英人在印度殖民地开始试种茶叶,那时,可能就养成了在茶中加糖的习惯。”据说,即使在“二战”那样物资困乏的时期,法国人定量配给咖啡,英国人则要的是茶,还有一点点糖。茶成了欧洲人的“主心骨”,他们只能跟着茶香如醉如痴地行走,这不是本土的历史与遗传;而是异域文化的征和同化。18世纪的柴斯特顿勋爵干脆在《训子家书》里写道:“尽管茶来自东方,它毕竟是绅士气味的;而可可则是个痞子、懦夫,一头粗野的猛兽。”  (三)世外桃源——Shangrila (Xanadu)  这是两个近意词。都有“世外桃源”的意思。“Shangrila”出自西藏的传说之地——香格里拉,“Xanadu”则是蒙古的元上都。如果要表达“世外桃源”,通常采用“Xanadu”这个词。看来,以出世自居的美国作家梭罗,白白地在瓦尔登湖旁边,做了那么久的“隐士”。讲究“寄情山水、超然物外”的哲学,中国人是当之无愧的开山鼻祖。  (四)风水——Feng Shui  风水,还是音译。它凝聚了古代中国在活人住宅和死人墓地方面的集体智慧。尽管有人打着所谓“科学”的旗号,指斥风水是封建迷信;但是,迷信所谓“科学”,故步自封,则是另外一种迷信。风水的整体原则是“趋利避害”,这也是安全生存最起码的信条。近年来,风水在美国红极一时,从中国人唇齿之间发出的音节,已经成为当代人急需探究的学问。  (五)茶点——dim sum  一听发音,就知道,这个略带小资情调的词儿,来自闽粤。英国人有喝下午茶的习惯,几杯印度红茶,常就一碟甜点。英语原本有表示蛋糕、点心的词,偏偏不用,硬要拽一个来自汉语的生僻字。恐怕多少也有与时尚接轨、和东方同步的优越感吧。中国是茶的故乡,茶点也摇身一变,成为登堂入室的英语外来词。  (六)走——running dogs  中国式英语贴切地表达了一种见利忘义、供人驱使的“下三烂”。无从考,最先运用这个词的是中国人,还是英国人;重要的是,英语世界接纳了“走”,并以汉语的思维抚育这个“外来词”。接纳词汇的同时,无形中也接受了中国人的价值观。  (七)纸老虎——paper tiger  这是最令人难忘和扬眉吐气的一个新词。缔造者应该是伟大的民族英雄——毛泽东!他老人家是学的诗人、雄才大略的政治家、运筹帷幄的军事天才。美国人硬不硬?苏联人牛不牛?原子弹厉害不厉害?……在他眼里,都是色厉内荏的“纸老虎”。只要跟中国人作对,老子就得碰碰硬,看天下“谁主沉浮”。上世纪50年代的“美帝国主义”、六七十年代的“苏修”,都变成了毛泽东嘲笑的“纸老虎”。这种蔑视强敌、自强不息的精神,当然是中国人对世界文明的贡献。谈笑风声缔造了一个词,足令中国的敌手躲在角落里发抖了。  (八)大款、巨亨——tycoon  这种称呼是近些年才流行街巷的,指有钱有势的商人或者企业家,中国传统的叫法是“大掌柜”。被英语拿走,又是闽粤之地的音译。可见,鸦片战争前,中国商人名声在外,马可·波罗在书里描写的东方,物阜民丰,黄金铺地。来中国走一遭,就像现在某些“假洋鬼子”上趟一样。  (九)——Casino  这个词,似乎是地道的西方舶来品,发音酷似法语或者意大利文。殊不知,“Casino”竟是福建话的音译,可是,为什么英语要拿它表示“”的意思呢?据传,很久以前,移民到美国的福建民工,拿到一点微薄的工资,便在无聊之际,聚众,试试运气。每次开局,都会嚷嚷:“开始了! 开始了!”想不到,阴差阳错地搭给英语一个现代词汇。  (十)小费,赏钱——Cumshaw  这个词是闽南话“感谢”的音译。为了给人一点酬劳,在钞票上意思意思。英语世界也像喜欢“money”一样,渴望“Cumshaw”这个油水丰厚的单词。尽管中国人没有给小费的习惯,但是,对于钱,却并非一毛不拔,甚至比西方人出手还大方。偷走“Cumshaw”这个“鸡蛋字”的欧洲人,一定见过,中国人曾如何挥金似土。其实,东西方对待金钱并没有本质的不同。 /200803/32129

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