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It looks like there isn#39;t going to be one answer to ageing看来衰老的原因并不只有一个but while science grapples with this enormous task,但是在这个庞大的科学探索中we know our views will affect how we actually age.我们知道自己的思想会影响实际年龄So what do we think it will be like?对此我们又是如何认知的呢If it happens in the right order,如果一切按照正常的顺序来if Mum goes, then I go, then my children, you know, die,如果妈妈走了 然后到我 我的孩子去世in that order, then按照这个顺序you can#39;t ask for more really, can you?你不能奢求太多 对吧My family are all quite long-lived.我的家族寿命都很长Nancy#39;s family are as well, so our children are going to be,南希的家族也是 我的孩子们也将一样going to be fit and healthy to look after me, I hope!我希望他们也很健康 能照顾我I shall be a burden. That#39;s one of my...我会成为负担Yes, I shall live to be a burden.没错 我会成为负担I#39;m probably going to be hell to live with.我可能变得很难相处I hope I#39;m going to be a happy old person.我希望我会成为快乐的老人If I can have the life I want, yes.如果我能拥有想要的生活 那就变老吧Getting old is not scary变老并不可怕because getting old just means I will have had more of this.因为变老只是意味着多了点这些I think children keep you young.我觉得孩子能让你保持年轻If my legs allowed me,如果我的腿允许I would still be dancing.我仍能起舞 Article/201304/235502。

The Namib Desert.那米比沙漠There are no trees for hundreds of miles.放眼望去半棵树都没有Yet these are, undoubtedly, chameleon foot prints.但地上有一排变色龙的脚印This female Namaqua chameleon is searching for a mate.这只母那米比变色龙 正在寻找伴侣No part of her body seems suited to such an environment.它的身体怎么看 都不适合这样的环境Her feet, that could give her such a good grip on twigs,它能紧紧攀住树枝的脚掌should surely be useless on soft sand.在柔软的沙上应该毫无用处But she#39;s able to sp them like snow shoes.但它可以像雪鞋般的撑开脚趾She needs to get warm and active while the desert is still cool...这只变色龙要让身体热起来 但是沙漠的温度还很低so she exploits the chameleon#39;s versatile skin.这时候皮肤变色的绝活 就派上用场了The side facing the sun goes dark to absorb the sun#39;s heat,向阳侧的皮肤变成深色 以吸收太阳的热气while the other remains light...另一侧变成浅色and minimises the heat escaping from her body.将散热程度降到最低She#39;s hungry and food is scarce.它饿了 这里的食物很少But she#39;s still not quick enough to grab these desert beetles.但是想抓这些沙漠甲虫 它的动作还是慢了一步 Article/201307/248756。

In fact, Rhea, it turns out,事实明 瑞亚is typical of what he#39;s found in his study.就是他研究中的一个典型These centenarians do have strong personalities这些百岁老人性格开朗but they#39;ve not given their health too much thought.并没有过多担心过自己的健康Rhea who said ;You know,瑞亚说 你知道吗 I was ballerina for a few years,;我做了几年的芭蕾舞女演员and that was really great and maybe it had part of that这真是太棒了 或许这就是部分的原因吧but of course that was 5%, 7% of her lifespan.但那只占她生命中百分之五或百分之七的时间So many people can be那么多人都当过数十年的ballet dancer or being an athlete for ten years芭蕾舞女演员 或是运动员and most of them are not going to be 100.但是大多数的人都没能活到100岁It#39;s her hair?这是她的头发吗No, he said that your hair looks very beautiful.不 他说你的头发很漂亮Shall I show him? Mother!我要给他看吗 妈妈Nir was in for a surprise.尼尔有点惊讶For most of us, how much we对于大多数人来说eat and exercise is key to how healthy we are我们的饮食和运动是否健康and to how long we live but there是影响寿命长短的关键 但是was something rather shocking about these centenarians.在这些百岁老人中 有更多令人惊讶的发现30% of them were obese or overweight他们中有百分之三十的人有肥胖或超重的问题and 30% smoked two packs of cigarettes百分之三十的人每天抽两包烟 还有for more than 40 years.超过四十年的烟瘾了 Article/201304/234280。

AP Highlight in History历史上的今天 6月24日June 24th, 1948. An early Cold War crisis as the Soviet Union cuts off all land and water routes between West Germany and what’s then West Berlin. It’s an attempt to force the ed States and its western allies to abandon the city amid Soviet expansion across Eastern Europe. But the US and its allies organize a massive airlift of supplies into West Berlin, and the blockade ends the next year.1895. Jack Dempsey, world heavyweight boxing champ and a sports icon during the early 20th century, is born in Manassa, Colorado.And 1987. You haven#39;t got any sense of humor.; Oh, yes, I do. I married you, didn#39;t I?;Comedian and actor Jackie Gleason, known as the Great One, dies at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Gleason, star of the early TV classic sitcom The Honeymooners, was 71.Today in History, June 24th. Carload Bradley, the Associated Press. /201309/254946。

Parcelforce Starts Seven-Day Delivery ServiceRoyal Mail#39;s parcel business says it hopes its new service, which begins today, will be of particular benefit to online shoppers.It#39;s proved that we love all online shopping, here they deal with 8,000 parcels on an average evening, the demand to get those deliveries out at a time that suits us hasn#39;t always kept up, and that#39;s why new Sunday deliveries are coming.People want more choice, they want more convenience, they want bit of control as to when they want to receive their parcel, offering another day when most people aren#39;t working is obviously a good way of achieving that.The retailers are aly used to serving customers right throughout the weekend, but believe that shoppers will like the novelty of buying those weekend treats,receiving them on Sunday without even leaving home.We only put this service on our website from Thursday, but it#39;s been a best selling product, the hampers, tea, but also some items that are probably useful on Sunday,the condiments etc to go with picnics and Sunday lunch.It won#39;t just be luxury products that will come at an extra cost, Mark S spent 12 pounds just on delivery charges, he knows not everyone will be prepared to pay.Usually working in London pretty late, but tend to get delivered to somewhere else and pick them up when i can, so Sunday delivery is pretty helpful.And what are you ordering this time?My sister#39;s birthday present, a one off , so it#39;s a surprise.Parcelforce is not the only one trying to keep up with our shopping habits, some companies have tried aerial drones to make deliveries, while others are putting drop boxes at train stations for commuters to collect their parcels. With 51% of Royal mail business now in packages, they can#39;t be left behind.Perhaps it#39;s being perceived in the past of being a bit slippy, not as one of the kind of firms that we see coming to the parcels marketing in particular, this is about shopping, their acting demonstrating that now it#39;s a private business, they are seriously after growth in market share.But with Sunday deliveries still a premium service, success surely depends on how desperate people are to receive that latest purchase. /201407/309776。

Young, fully-developed octopus pop out.发育完全的小章鱼破卵而出Though only a few will survive to adulthood,虽然只有少数几只 可以存活到成年she#39;s given them the best chance she can.但母章鱼已经尽力 给了后代最好的机会After her long and lonely vigil, she is dead.漫长孤独的守护落幕 它的生命也到了尽头Surely this sacrifice must make her one of nature#39;s most devoted mothers.如此伟大的牺牲,母章鱼肯定名列 自然界最尽责的母亲之一Here, 30 metres beneath the Costa Rican forest canopy,在哥斯大黎加森林 树冠层下方30公尺处another dedicated mother ensures that住着另一种充满母爱的动物her young also have the best possible start in life.它们也全心全意地 让后代赢在起跑点上This tiny strawberry poison arrow frog, only the size of a finger nail,这只只有指甲般大小的 草莓箭毒蛙is guarding her fertilised eggs.正在守护它的受精卵Whilst the eggs and tadpoles are developing,受精卵和蝌蚪发育的时候she and her mate keep watch,它和伴侣在旁守护making sure that they are safe from predators.不让掠食动物越雷池一步But they can#39;t stay here for ever.但它们不能一直留在这里The leaf litter is drying out and tadpoles need water.落叶开始干枯,但是蝌蚪需要水She must do something, and fast.母蛙得快点想个办法才行She needs to move them and搬家的时候到了so encourages one tadpole to climb on her back.母蛙把一只蝌蚪哄上它的背She now begins an epic journey.一趟史诗旅程正式展开But it#39;s not to a pond, as you might expect,但目的地并不是池塘she is looking for something very particular.它的目标很明确Her journey takes her across the forest floor母蛙穿过林地to the foot of a tall tree来到一棵大树下and then she starts to climb.然后开始往上爬 Article/201307/247876。

And what they heard was astonishing.他们听到了令人惊讶的声音They#39;re really talkative.他们可真健谈They really are having a good chat.他们聊得可真欢These guys are far more communicative than elephants, even.他们之间的交流甚至比大象还多This is carrying on and on, chatting away.他们持续不断地交流 聊得酣畅淋漓It#39;s a beautiful, crystal clear night,外面是美丽干净的晴天夜晚so we#39;ve got beautiful starry shots.我们用星光摄像机拍到美丽的画面Loads of amazing noise. Puffing and huffing.超多的噪声 喘息声和怒吼声So it#39;s about two in the morning.现在大约是凌晨2点There#39;s only one rhino left up there.外面只剩下一头犀牛了The rest of the them have gone to bed,其余的可能都已经;上床睡觉;了but he#39;s decided to lie down right on top of the radio mic.但他决定直接躺在无线麦克风上The crew prepared for one more night at the waterhole摄制组决定在小水坑边多待一晚under the full moon.拍摄满月时的情形It seems that they#39;re not really here for the water,似乎它们来到这里不是为了饮水but more to socialise.而是为了社交A bit like going out for the evening.有点像是趁夜间出来玩乐一下He#39;s got some kudu horns on his face, draped over his nose!他的脸上挂着羚羊角 就在他的鼻子上面 Article/201312/267892。