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And in poorer countries, smaller countries, fragile countries,conflict-afflicted countries, remittances are a lifeline,as in Somalia or in Haiti. 在更穷,更小,或者正发生冲突的国家,移民汇款就如同救命稻草,比如说在索马里或海蒂。No wonder these flows have huge impacts on economies and on poor people.难怪这些资金流会对经济和贫困人口带来巨大的影响。Remittances, unlike private investment money,不同于私人资助基金,they dont flow back at the first sign of trouble in the country.移民汇款不会在国家一出现问题的时候就回流。They actually act like an insurance.它们更像保险金。When the family is in trouble,当家人遇到麻烦,facing hardship, facing hard times,碰到问题,遇到困难的时候,remittances increase, they act like an insurance.它会增加,就像保险金一样,Migrants send more money then.移民们会寄更多的钱回去。Unlike development aid money,它们也不像发展资助基金,that must go through official agencies,through governments, remittances directly reach the poor,reach the family,and often with business advice. 那些必须经过正式的机构,通过政府。而移民汇款直接到达穷人手中,到达家人手中,通常还附带着商业建议。So in Nepal, the share of poor people was 42 percent in 1995,the share of poor people in the population.在尼泊尔,1995年时穷人占人口总数的42%。By 2005, a decade later, at a time of political crisis, economic crisis,the share of poor people went down to 31 percent. 十年之后,2005年时,当时尼泊尔正遇上政治危机,经济危机,可是穷人的比例却降到了31%。That decline in poverty, most of it,about half of it, is believed to be because of remittances from India,another poor country. 贫困人口的减少,大部分,大约一半,是依靠从印度,另一个穷国,寄来的移民汇款。In El Salvador, the school dropout rate among children is lower in families that receive remittances.在萨尔瓦多,儿童辍学率在接受移民汇款的家庭中就比较低。In Mexico and Sri Lanka,the birth weight of children is higher among families that receive remittances.在墨西哥和斯里兰卡儿童的出生体重在接受移民汇款的家庭中较高。Remittances are dollars wrapped with care.移民汇款是被爱包裹的钱财。Migrants send money home for food,for buying necessities, for building houses,for funding education, for funding healthcare for the elderly, for business investments for friends and family. 移民们寄钱回去买食物,买必需品,建房子,用于教育,老年人的医疗,还有家人和朋友的商业投资。Migrants send even more money home for special occasions like a surgery or a wedding. And migrants also send money, perhaps far too many times,for unexpected funerals that they cannot attend.遇到特殊情况, 移民们还会寄更多的钱,比如手术或婚礼。也许更多的时候,遇上突如其来的葬礼,他们因为无法参加而寄钱回去。Much as these flows do all that good,there are barriers to these flows of remittances, these 400 billion dollars of remittances.虽然这些资金流动有这么多好处,它们的流动却受到很多阻碍,阻碍这四千亿美元的流动。Foremost among them is the exorbitant cost of sending money home.最大的障碍是寄钱回家的高额费用。Money transfer companies structure their fees to milk the poor.现金传递公司收费的方式就是在压榨穷人。They will say, ;Up to 500 dollars if you want to send, we will charge you 30 dollars fixed.;他们会说,五百美元以下,我们固定收取30元的手续费。If you are poor and if you have only 200 dollars to send,you have to pay that fee. 如果你很穷,只能寄两百块钱,你也得交30元的手续费。The global average cost of sending money is eight percent.寄钱的全球平均花费是8%。That means you send 100 dollars,the family on the other side receives only 92 dollars. 也就是说你寄100块钱,到了另一边你的家人只能收到92块。To send money to Africa,the cost is even higher:12 percent.寄钱到非洲的花费就更高:12%。To send money within Africa,the cost is even higher:over 20 percent. 在非洲内部寄钱,费用还要更高:超过20%,For example, sending money from Benin to Nigeria.比如从贝宁寄钱到尼日利亚。And then there is the case of Venezuela, where,because of exchange controls,you send 100 dollars and you are lucky if the family on the other side receives even 10 dollars.而在委内瑞拉,因为货币兑换受到控制,如果你寄了100块钱,你的家人在另一边如果能拿到10块钱就不错了。Of course, nobody sends money to Venezuela through the official channel.当然了,没人通过正式渠道往委内瑞拉寄钱。It all goes in suitcases.都是装在行李箱里带。Whereever costs are high,money goes underground.收费高的地方,钱都从地下走了。And what is worse,many developing countries actually have a blanket ban on sending money out of the country.更糟的是,很多发展中国家实际上还全面禁止往国外寄钱。Many rich nations also have a blanket ban on sending money to specific countries.很多富裕国也全面禁止向某些国家寄钱。So, is it that there are no options,no better options, cheaper options, to send money? 那是不是没有办法,更好,更便宜的办法寄钱了呢?There are.还是有的。M-Pesa in Kenya enables people to send money and receive money at a fixed cost of only 60 cents per transaction.通过肯尼亚的M-Pesa寄钱,手续费是固定的每笔60美分。201505/377315这是第一次,,Keith Barry告诉我们的大脑如何愚弄我们的身体 ,现在这个表演可以通过podcast收看。他还邀请了观众参与令人瞠目结舌(甚至有点危险)的大脑魔术表演。201505/374953On June 12, 2014, precisely at 3:33 in a balmy winter afternoon in Sao Paulo, Brazil,a typical South American winter afternoon,this kid, this young man that you see celebrating here like he had scored a goal,Juliano Pinto, 29 years old, accomplished a magnificent deed. Juliano Pinto,Despite being paralyzed,and not having any sensation from mid-chest to the tip of his toes,as the result of a car crash six years ago that killed his brother,and produced a complete spinal cord lesion that left Juliano in a wheelchair,Juliano rose to the occasion, and on this day did something that pretty much everybody that saw him in the six years deemed impossible. 2014年6月12日 下午3:33分那一刻在巴西圣保罗的一个温暖的冬日下午,一个寻常的南美冬日午后,这个孩子 你们看到正在庆祝的年轻人就像他进了球一样,29岁的他完成了一个壮举,尽管全身瘫痪,并且从胸中部到脚趾头没有任何知觉,六年前夺去他弟弟生命的车祸,同时导致Juliano脊髓完全损伤 让他坐在了轮椅上,面对挑战 而在这一天,他做了一件几乎在六年内见过他的人认为不可能的事,Juliano Pinto delivered the opening kick Juliano,of the 2014 Brazilian World Soccer Cup here just by thinking.平托通过他的想象,为2014年这里巴西举行的世界杯进行开球,He could not move his body,他无法移动他的身体,but he could imagine the movements needed to kick a ball.但他能够想像踢球所需要的动作。He was an athlete before the lesion. Hes a para-athlete right now.脊髓损伤前他是一名运动员 现在他是一名残疾运动员。Hes going to be in the Paralympic Games, I hope, in a couple years.我想他将会参加几年后的残奥会。But what the spinal cord lesion did not rob from Juliano was his ability to dream.但是脊髓损伤没有夺去的是Juliano去梦想的能力。And dream he did that afternoon, for a stadium of about 75,000 people and an audience of close to a billion watching on TV.而在那个下午他梦想成真 在一个75000人的体育场以及电视机前的亿万观众。And that kick crowned, basically, 30 years of basic research studying how the brain,how this amazing universe that we have between our ears that is only comparable to universe that we have above our head,because it has about 100 billion elements talking to each other through electrical brainstorms,what Juliano accomplished took 30 years to imagine in laboratories and about 15 years to plan. 他的一脚开球,基本上 赞许了30多年来对脑部的基础研究,这个在我们两耳之间的神奇宇宙这个唯一能与我们 头顶的宇宙相媲美的东西,因为我们的大脑约有千亿个元素通过脑电风暴相互交流,他所完成的花了30年时间在实验室里想象和大约15年的时间来策划。When John Chapin and I, 15 years ago, proposed in a paper that we would build something that we called a brain-machine interface,meaning connecting a brain to devices so that animals and humans could just move these devices,no matter how far they are from their own bodies,just by imagining what they want to do,our colleagues told us that we actually needed professional help, of the psychiatry variety.当John Chapin 和我 在15年前在一篇文章上提出我们能够造一个我们称之为 脑机接口的机器,意思是能够把人脑连接到一个机器上那么人和动物能够通过控制这个设备,无论他们和自己的身体相距多远,只要通过你的想象就能让身体做任何事情,我们的同事告诉我们 我们需要专业帮助,心理上的那种。And despite that, a Scot and a Brazilian persevered,because thats how we were raised in our respective countries,and for 12, 15 years,we made demonstration after demonstration suggesting that this was possible. 尽管如此 一个苏格兰人和巴西人坚持了下来,因为我们就是这样在 各自国家成长起来的,而在12至15年间,我们做了一次又一次展示 明这是可行的。And a brain-machine interface is not rocket science,its just brain research. 而且脑机接口设备并非高深莫测,这只是脑部研究。Its nothing but using sensors to the electrical brainstorms that a brain is producing,to generate the motor commands that have to be downloaded to the spinal cord,so we projected sensors that can hundreds and now thousands of these brain cells simultaneously,and extract from these electrical signals the motor planning that the brain is generating to actually make us move into space. 只是运用传感器来接收大脑发出的脑电风暴,去运行要下载到脊髓的运动指令,我们预测感应器能够同时接收成百上千的脑细胞,并且从这些信号中得到大脑来运作的运动策划去让我们在空间中移动。And by doing that, we converted these signals into digital commands that any mechanical, electronic, or even a virtual device can understand so that the subject can imagine what he, she or it wants to make move, and the device obeys that brain command.这么做我们转化了这些信号成为数字口令能够让任何一种机械, 电子甚至虚拟设备接收,因此能让物体想象他, 她或它想做的动作,而那个设备遵循大脑的命令。By sensorizing these devices with lots of different types of sensors,as you are going to see in a moment,we actually sent messages back to the brain to confirm that that voluntary motor will was being enacted, no matter where,next to the subject, next door, or across the planet. 通过把这些设备和许多感应器匹配,正如你将会看到的,我们能发信息回大脑去确认潜意识运动系统将会被设定 无论感应器在哪,在物体旁边,在对面房间 或者是在另外一个星球。And as this message gave feedback back to the brain,the brain realized its goal: to make us move.当这个信息给予反馈给大脑是,大脑接收它的目的:让我们移动。201503/364865

In total there will be more than 30,000 participants in HP MegaForum in 1998, taking part in seminars on a wide range of topics, product demonstrations and trade shows. To my knowledge, an IT event of this scale and comprehensiveness represents a first both for China, and for HP. China HP also hosts another important IT event each year aimed for end-users called HP Electronic World. This year, it will be held in July in Beijing and will also focus on E-Commerce. We expect to welcome more than 40 vendors, and 10,000 visitors, with over 100 seminars on the full range of issues facing the IT industry in making E-Commerce a reality in China and around the world. This year at HP Electronic World, we plan one more first for China, and that is to link via conference audiences in Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong in a common forum to discuss cooperation in Building Together our Electronic World. I suspect that David Packard would have been particularly honored to speak to this Chinese audience. We are certainly honored to have the chance to be part of it. The Electronic World represents a whole new way of doing business. I urge you to embrace it and use it to make your organization more successful than it has ever been. Thank you.1998年,总共将有3万多位嘉宾参加“惠普信息时空”。他们将参加各类研讨会,产品展示和贸易展销会。据我所知,如此规模的IT 盛会,对中国和惠普来说都是前所未有的。惠普(中国)公司每年还举办另一个IT活动——惠普电子世界,其目的是面向最终用户。今年7月,这一活动将在北京举行,重点也是电子商务。届时,将有40多家厂商,1万多位嘉宾参加,100多场研讨会将涉及IT界在中国和世界实现电子商务所面临的诸多问题。今年,在惠普电子世界活动举办期间,我们计划再创中国第一,即通过电视会议使北京、台北和香港的观众在同一论坛探讨共建电子化世界的课题。我认为,连戴维·帕卡德本人也会以向中国的观众讲话而感到荣幸。当然,我们更觉得能参加这一盛会不胜荣幸。电子化世界代表着全新的经营方式。我极力希望诸位能欣然接受它,利用它,使贵组织获得前所未有的成功。谢谢。 201411/341045

So I just copied and pasted from my resume.所以我直接把简历,复制粘贴上去So in the descriptive part up top,上面,描述部分I said that I was an award-winning journalist我说我是,获奖记者and a future thinker.和未来思考者When I was asked about fun activities and让我描述兴趣爱好和理想人选my ideal date, I said monetization我填了,赚钱and fluency in Japanese.和日语流利I talked a lot about JavaScript.还写了很多关于,网页编码的内容So obviously this was not the best way这一步,to put my most sexy foot forward.走得确实不太优雅But the real failure was that最根本的问题是there were plenty of men for me to date.还是有很多男士,和我约会These algorithms had a sea full of men配对公式,为我找到一大批男士that wanted to take me out on lots of dates --他们不断约我--what turned out to be truly awful dates.可结果却特别糟糕There was this guy Steve, the I.T. guy.其中有一位,叫史蒂夫的技术男The algorithm matched us up配对公式,发现我们都对小玩意着迷because we share a love of gadgets,配对公式,发现我们都对小玩意着迷we share a love of math and data and 80s music,我们是数学迷,数据迷,还是80年代歌迷and so I agreed to go out with him.我同意见他So Steve the I.T. guy invited me out然后这位技术男,带我到to one of Philadelphias white-table-cloth,费城一家,extremely expensive restaurants.特别高消费的西餐厅And we went in, and right off the bat,刚到,我们就发现our conversation really wasnt taking flight,谈得,不太有意思but he was ordering a lot of food.但他,点了很多吃的In fact, he didnt even bother looking at the .他餐牌都,不用看He was ordering multiple appetizers,就点了几份,开胃菜multiple entres, for me as well,几份主食,还帮我点了and suddenly there are piles and piles of food on our table,忽然间,桌上堆满了大盘小盘吃的also lots and lots of bottles of wine.还有,很多很多瓶酒So were nearing the end of our conversation在我们,谈得差不多and the end of dinner, and Ive decided晚餐也,接近尾声的时候Steve the I.T. guy and I are really just not meant for each other,我确信和技术男,并非天生一对but well part ways as friends,但再见,还可以是朋友when he gets up to go to the bathroom,他去趟,洗手间and in the meantime the bill comes to our table.帐单也来了And listen, Im a modern woman.看,我是现代女性I am totally down with splitting the bill.平分帐单完全没问题But then Steve the I.T. guy didnt come back.但,技术男却没回来And that was my entire months rent.而那是我,整整一个月的房租So needless to say, I was not having a good night.不用说,我那天晚上很不好受So I run home, I call my mother, I call my sister,跑回家之后,我打电话找妈妈,找and as I do, at the end of each one of these每一次经历这些,糟糕至极的约会之后terrible, terrible dates,我都会,打给她们I regale them with the details.我披露,每一个细节And they say to me,之后,她们对我说;Stop complaining.;“别抱怨了”;Youre just being too picky.;“你就是太挑”So I said, fine, from here on out我说,好吧,那以后Im only going on dates where I know我只去,有无线网络的地方约会that theres wi-fi, and Im bringing my laptop.要带上,手提电脑Im going to shove it into my bag,把它,塞到袋子里and Im going to have this email template,然后做一个,邮件模版and Im going to fill it out and collect information把收集到的信息,填进去on all these different data points during the date一边约会,一边填to prove to everybody that empirically,用客观事实,向大家实these dates really are terrible.这些约会,究竟有多糟糕So I started tracking things like我开始,记录那些really stupid, awkward, sexual remarks;无聊又尴尬的,性暗示语言bad vocabulary;不适当的用词the number of times a man forced me to high-five him.还有对方,逼我与他击掌的次数So I started to crunch some numbers,然后我开始,统计这些数据and that allowed me to make some correlations.并且找到,一些关联So as it turns out,我发现for some reason, men who drink Scotch不知为什么,喝苏格兰威士忌的男性reference kinky sex immediately.立马联想到,性怪癖Well, it turns out that these当然,不是说probably werent bad guys.他们不好There were just bad for me.只是,不适合我And as it happens, the algorithms that were setting us up,同样,把我们凑到一起的,配对公式they werent bad either.也不差These algorithms were doing exactly它们按预先设计好的,what they were designed to do,正常运行which was to take our user-generated information,用提取到的,用户信息in my case, my resume,比如,我的简历and match it up with other peoples information.再和其他人的信息,配对See, the real problem here is that,可见,真正的问题是while the algorithms work just fine,虽然公式会按部就班you and I dont, when confronted我们却没有with blank windows where were supposed当我们面对,空白栏to input our information online.填写,个人信息的地方Very few of us have the ability没有多少人to be totally and brutally honest with ourselves.可以裸地,描述完全真实的自己The other problem is that these websites are asking us另一个问题是,网站总爱问questions like, are you a dog person or a cat person?你喜欢猫还是喜欢?Do you like horror films or romance films?爱看惊悚片还是爱情片?之类的问题Im not looking for a pen pal.我又不是来找笔友Im looking for a husband. Right?我在找丈夫,对吧?So theres a certain amount of superficiality in that data.而这些数据,比较肤浅So I said fine, Ive got a new plan.所以,我有个新计划Im going to keep using these online dating sites,继续上,婚恋网but Im going to treat them as databases,但只把它们当作,资料库and rather than waiting for an algorithm to set me up,而不是继续,被动地等公式配对I think Im going to try reverse-engineering this entire system.我要把整个系统反过来,重新定义201505/375135

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