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Getting a girl#39;s number can be the key to getting a date or starting a new relationship. In this , love coach Cate Mackenzie will tell the secret to get a girl#39;s number in a comfortable natural manner.索要女孩子的电话号码是安排约会或开始一段新的恋情的关键。在这段视频中,爱情教练Cate Mackenzie将教给你怎样以自然舒适的方式得到一个女孩子的电话号码。I#39;m now going to talk to you about how to get a girl#39;s number. Now, men who are good at getting a girls number don#39;t make the number the whole girl. What they do is show real interest and attention to this girl, they find out what she#39;s interested in,what she likes, what she wants, and then what they do - which is very subtle and very clever, but it#39;s actually a good way of handling the situation - is they connect with her and say, “Look, I can find this piece of information out”, or if the girl does a certain job, they say, “Look, I have a friend who needs a coach or a massage therapist, could I take your number? I could pass your number on or I could find this information out for you, and perhaps I could ring you and take you for a drink”.现在我要和大家讨论一下怎样得到一个女孩子的电话号码。现在,男士通常不会裸地直接索要女孩子的电话号码。他们会对这个女孩子表现出真正的兴趣,密切关注她,找出她的兴趣所在,她喜欢什么,想要什么,在做什么——这是非常不着痕迹,非常聪明的做法。但是这确实是一个好方法——他们会找到她,说,“我可以找到这条信息”,或者如果这个女孩做某种工作,他们会说,“我有个朋友需要一个教练或治疗师,我可以知道你的电话号码吗?我可以把你的电话号码给他,或者可以为你找到这条信息,或许我可以打电话给你,带你一起去喝杯饮料。”What you#39;ve done is say, “I like you, I#39;d like to know you more, I#39;m aware of what you like, what your interested in and I#39;d like to be a gracious person to you and alongside that, I#39;d like to know you more”. Have you noticed how good married people are at flirting? That#39;s because they#39;re married, so they#39;re easy with being friendly to everybody. That#39;s how you need to be.你的行为其实就表明了,“我喜欢你,我想要更深入地了解你,我知道你喜欢什么,对什么感兴趣,我希望能伴你左右,希望能了解你更多。”你有没有注意到已婚人士多么直白?那是因为他们已经结婚了,所以他们对每个人都非常友好。你也需要做到这样。You need to treat everyone as a friend, as a beloved. You need to treat it as a graceful easy thing to get a girl#39;s number,so she#39;s not going to be scared and you#39;re not going to be scared of asking her. You#39;re offering, you#39;re giving of yourself.你要把每个人当成朋友,当成恋人。你应该把索要女孩子的电话号码当成一件弥足珍贵的轻而易举的事情,这样她就不会害怕,你也不会害怕邀请她。因为你在奉献自己,帮助别人。You#39;re letting her know that you are a loving, kind, trustworthy guy, and what you#39;re doing is you#39;re not making it all about the girl or you#39;re not making it all about meeting her in a romantic sense. You#39;re saying, “I want to know you more”, and if you communicate that, she#39;ll know that and hey, she might give you her number. Who knows? Have a go, see.你在向她表明,你是一个充满爱心的,友好的,值得信任的人,你并不是以非常浪漫的方式结识她。你在说,“我想要了解你更多。”如果你表明了这一点,她马上就会知道,说不定她会把电话号码给你。谁知道呢?大胆试一下吧。Thanks for watching How To Get A Girls Number.感谢收看“怎样获得女孩子的电话号码”视频节目。 Article/201210/204291When I was a boy there were no smart phones, computers were something you saw on STAR TREK, and our television only got one channel clearly. Still, I was never bored. The fields, hills, and woodlands around my home were the perfect playground whose adventures were only limited by my imagination.当我还是个小男孩的时候,没有智能电话、电脑,也没有什么东西能够播放“星球大战”,电视只有一个频道是清楚的。即使这样,我也不觉得无聊。家附近的田野、山坡、林地都是极佳的玩耍场所,只有想不到,没有玩不到的冒险。I can remember once hiking to a nearby lake and slowly walking around it. At the backside of it I was amazed to find an old, one lane, dirt road that I had never seen before. I immediately set out to travel it. It was full of potholes and muddy tire tracks and deep woods bordered it on both sides, but exploring it still seemed like a fine adventure.我还记得有次徒步去附近的一个湖,我沿着湖边慢慢地走着,在湖的后部沿岸,我惊奇的发现之前没有的一条上了些年头的草坪泥泞路。我当即就决定去走走。这条路上遍布凹坑以及泥巴上的轮胎印,在路的两边类似分界线般的扎根的植物,这不失为一个冒险的好场所。I walked on and on for what seemed like hours. I am sure my guardian angel was whispering in my ear to turn around and head back home but I was stubborn and even a bit stupid, so I walked on.我走啊走,可能有好几个小时,守护我安全的小天使在我耳边低语,让我掉头回家,但我执拗,甚至显得有些愚蠢,依然执意往前走。The dirt road gave way to a gravel one and then a paved one, yet there was still neither a car nor a house in sight. My legs were getting tired. I noticed that the sun was starting to go down and I grew scared. I didn’t want to end up trapped on this road in the dark of night, but I was sure it would be dark before I could make my way back to the lake again.泥泞的路走着走着,渐渐变成了砂石路,又慢慢变成了平路,但是目力所及之处未见车和房子。我走得双腿疲累,太阳开始下山了,我开始害怕起来,我不想等天黑以后困在这条路上,但是如果现在往回,天黑前也回不到湖边。I continued to walk on with the fear growing inside of me. My heart was pounding and my legs were aching. I was almost in tears when I turned one last curve and saw something in the distance. It was a house that I recognized.我继续朝前走着,恐惧在我心理蔓延,心跳加速,双腿疼痛,泪水几乎要夺眶而出,我最后抬头一瞥,远处好像有什么东西,我认出那是一幢房子。My heart leapt up! I jumped up and down and laughed out loud. I knew the way home! It was still over a mile away but my legs felt like feathers and I hurried back to my house in no time. I walked in with a big smile on my face just in time for dinner. Then I ended my adventure with a good night’s sleep.我激动不已,上窜下跳,高兴地笑出了声,我认得这是回家的路。尽管还要一英里才能到家,我的腿却像羽毛般轻快,我迫不及待地回到家里,走进家中,喜悦之情溢于言表,而且正好赶上晚上的饭点。我的冒险以晚上的一场酣睡收尾。I remembered this recently when I saw a sign that said: “All roads lead Home.” This is true. In this life all roads no matter what their twists and turns can lead us home again. They can lead us to our homes here on Earth. They can lead us to our homes in our hearts.我记得最近见过的一则标语是这样说的:“所有的路都是回家的路。”确实是这样,这辈子所有的路不管怎样波折最终都会引导着我们回家,有的是回到地球上看得见摸得着的家,有的是回到心里的家。May you always walk your path with love. May you always help your fellow travelers along the way. And may your roads always lead you Home again.愿你的人生之路都有爱为伴,愿你在旅途中帮助同路人,愿你人生中的一段又一段旅程都是通往“家”的旅程。 /201706/513243Home remedies for nail fungus. Like any other condition you can find a number of natural treatment for your toenail fungus as well. What so ever you choose, will have to work for at least a month or two before it shows any result and you have to be stubborn enough to continue for six months to a year or even up to eighteen months in older and obstinate cases. Keep in mind that prescription medicines will also take this much time. The most common natural cure for fungus nails is to soak feet or hands in an anti fungal solution. This could be apple cider vinegar, white synthetic vinegar, chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Even soaking your feet in salty water can be helpful. Again proper filing along with continuous applications twice a day for months is required.根除指甲真菌的家庭疗法。像许多其他疾病一样,你也可以找到指甲真菌的几种天然疗法。不过,无论使用哪种方法,至少需要一两个月才能看到效果,而如果你感染的真菌非常严重,你必须坚持六个月到一年,甚至十八个月的时间。要记住,处方药也需要这么长时间。指甲感染真菌最常用的天然疗法是用抗真菌溶液浸泡手脚,可以是苹果醋,人工合成白醋,氯漂或双氧水。用盐水泡脚也有帮助。同时要锉屑,并每天两次浸泡,坚持几个月的时间。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus.感谢收看“怎样根除指甲真菌”视频节目。 /201301/219663

8Oe~ZxIk(ehqq6^qD8UYlzUgMUi2lSG*uToday in History: Monday, September 10, 2012历史上的今天:2012年9月10日,星期一!uTiOFV%]vjOn Sept. 10, 1989, Hungary stopped enforcing East German visa restrictions and opened its borders, beginning a flood of emigration that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall two months later.1989年9月10日,匈牙利停止执行东德签限制并开放边界,开始大量迁移出境最终导致了柏林墙两个月后的倒塌yYs|S!@e2d4。*(7r654aE%kkt._1608 John Smith was elected president of the Jamestown colony council in Virginia.1608年,约翰·史密斯在弗吉尼亚州当选詹姆斯敦殖民地议会主席LK4viby9e63Y;JH8l。,MSBv4a4dYe1813 Oliver H. Perry sent the message, ;We have met the enemy, and they are ours,; after an American naval force defeated the British in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.1813年,在1812年伊利湖战争中,美国海军击败英国军队,随后奥利弗·佩里传报这条消息:“与敌接战,敌已成擒”-818YETUFj|mGTX2C。i_VWx;q~xSMJp(b_Ix1846 Elias Howe of Spencer, Mass., received a patent for the sewing machine.1846年,发明家哈维发明的缝纫机获得专利ziWS+keKUTxmJB#v。0ZF;]+I]UUju3n6*cO1919 New York City welcomed home Gen. John J. Pershing and 25,000 soldiers who had served in the U.S. 1st Division during World War I.1919年,纽约市欢迎第一次世界大战期间效力于美国第一部的约翰·潘兴将军以及25,000名士兵aHyX^l)t96F8EXTuJ^7h。HvCg_aHh_7-vkS]Xl1924 A judge in Chicago sentenced Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb to life in prison for the murder of 14-year-old Bobby Franks - a ;thrill killing; that had shocked the nation.1924年,内森利奥波德二世和理查德·勒布因谋杀14岁的鲍比·弗兰克斯被芝加哥一法官判处终身监禁,该起;骇人听闻;的谋杀事件震惊了全国X16v-tH3+q^5(e|。f3YS9L4Gu(.691935 Sen. Huey P. Long, the ;Kingfish; of Louisiana politics, died two days after being shot in Baton Rouge.1935年,路易斯安那州政治首领参议员休伊·长在巴吞鲁日遭击两天后死亡Af^z0%72|p.N。o))wOb~I+f-pdO1948 American-born Mildred Gillars, the Nazi wartime radio broadcaster known as ;Axis Sally,; was indicted in Washington, D.C., for treason.1948年,纳粹战时被称为;轴心国莎莉;的美国本土出生无线电广播员Mildred Gillars在华盛顿特区因叛国罪而被起诉66clMZED54Hyij[。)#5y@6g09k1955 ;Gunsmoke; premiered on CBS.1955年,;硝烟;在CBS首映rtg.f[h2-EOPG。gnmOa5sGEII1963 Twenty black students entered public schools in Birmingham, Tuskegee and Mobile, Ala., following a standoff between federal authorities and Gov. George C. Wallace.1963年,20名黑人学生进入阿拉巴马州塔斯基吉和莫比尔伯明翰公立学校,随后,联邦当局和乔治·华莱士政府之间展开了对峙vNFv%B0@]y3~f#。2fv9et2~~hT,5f1977 A convicted murderer became the last person to be executed by the guillotine in France.1977年,法国断头台处决了最后一名执行该刑罚的杀人犯oZ@NY9hx0#@7,。T^.(@8F|lr.|[a1988 Steffi Graf of West Germany achieved tennis#39; Grand Slam - winning all four major tournaments in a calendar year - by taking the U.S. Open women#39;s title.1988年,西德格拉芙赢得美国网球公开赛冠军成就网球大满贯——她在一历年度中赢得全部四大赛事X,1Ts,UZDDXz|dU-。okR%p7Z~@05eQ2000 The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ;Cats; closed after 7,485 performances over nearly 18 years as the longest-running show in Broadway history.2000年,安德鲁?劳埃德?韦伯的音乐剧《猫》在历经近18年,7485场演出后闭幕,这是百老汇史上演出时间最长的音乐剧|C^]0bP9FFCzi。IxY-s-W06ds22000 N#39;s ;The West Wing; won a record nine Emmy awards, including best drama series.2000年,美国广播公司推出的《西翼》获得了创纪录的九个艾美奖,包括最佳电视剧3IRA^EnD-@0K301。Y#j9a9]Bv,~6TnP9S8U2002 Switzerland became the 190th member of the ed Nations.2002年,瑞士成为联合国第190个成员国LrPO@ky9o2ggr!_#。hPb~zq4|SiEv2003 Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, 46, was stabbed in a Stockholm department store; she died the next day.2003年,瑞典外交大臣安娜·林德在斯德哥尔百货商店遇刺后第二天身亡,年仅46岁1|lbN*5CJP0-|20suV。M0@5drpI,(ykA~U,I+8PAxVHeDjYbg^o5bMmf~.q7 /201209/198894

历史学家和外交家约瑟夫·奈从长远的角度出发,阐述了中美之间的权力转移,以及经济、政治、以及“软”实力的全球转移。 Article/201208/196133

How To Relax Before Going To BedRelaxation therapist Penny-Anne O'Donnell shows you how to get a good night's sleep by winding down before bed. Videojug explains the basics of how to relax before going to bed.Step 1: Switch off(睡觉前一小时完成工作)Allow your mind time to switch off. Don't work right up to the moment you go to bed. Finish any work you're doing at least an hour before going to bed.Step 2: De-clutter your mind(清理日程)Write a list of what you have achieved during the day, or tick off your achievements from a 'to do list'. These can be mundane, everyday tasks which are often the cause of most of our stress. Make a new 'to do' list of what you want to achieve tomorrow. A good way to de-clutter your mind is to write down your thoughts in a diary.Step 3: Throw away your tension(抛掉忧虑)If you are worrying about something, write it down, stand back, and think about what you can realistically do. Write a possible solution down and then throw the piece of paper away and with it the associated tension.Step 4: Breathe(深呼吸)Correct breathing is the most effective, easiest relaxation technique, yet few people get it right and many believe it is just a matter of taking ‘deep breaths'. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. As you breathe in, focus on pushing out your abdomen so your lower hand moves outwards. Try to make sure your other hand doesn't move, as your shoulders and chest shouldn't move up. As you exhale, allow your abdomen to move inwards while keeping your chest and shoulders still. Try to make the inhalation, exhalation and the pause in-between the same length.Step 5: Visualise(运用想象力)If you are still tense, try a positive visualisation exercise. This involves imagining a place where you feel happy and relaxed. It could be a real or fictional place, in the company of a certain person or on your own. Imagine the sights, sounds, smells and tastes you want to experience. Focus on the other people there, the clothes worn and the weather. The more detailed the impression, the more effective it will be.Step 6: Surroundings(床边环境)Make sure your bedroom is well-ventilated but not drafty. To encourage your brain to associate going to bed with sleep, don't in bed or have TVs, or computers in your bedroom. Article/201106/1394451月3日凌晨,大雪在寒风中席卷华北地区,飘洒一整天。气温也大幅下跌,逼近40年来北京历史同期的最低值。Cold front blankets northern ChinaNorthern China has started the new year with heavy snowfall. In Beijing, Tianjin, and areas of Hebei province, the snow has piled up on roads and has caused headaches for many drivers.Experts are warning that Beijing may see its coldest winter in nearly 40 years. More than half of the planes at the city's airports have been delayed.China's Central Meteorological Station on Sunday morning extended its warning of a strong cold front that will bring blizzards and heavy fog.The cold snap will send temperatures plummetting in Northern China, falling by 8 to 12 degrees Celsius from Sunday to Monday.Some places are even bracing for heavier snow storms.In Beijing, monitors along the road were displaying temperatures and the latest details on the snowfall, advising everyone to drive carefully.Though cars were moving slowly, morning traffic was not seriously affected, as most people were still on holiday. However, the traffic could face some pressure later in the day, as many people are expected to drive back to the city after the 3-day holiday. Some highways around the region have been closed due to the heavy snow fall.Road maintaince worker are speeding efforts to clear ice and snow.The overnight snow started at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night. In the outskirts of the city, traffic workers began clearing the roads In anticipation of the large number of returning vacationers.The city's meteorological bureau upgraded the snowstorm alert from blue to yellow at 8:50 a.m. Sunday.The yellow alert means that the snowfall is going to increase to above 6 millimeters in the next 12 hours. Article/201001/93682South of the tree line, the winters are shorter,林木生长线以南 冬天更短了so trees grow faster and taller因此树木长得更快更高and forests begin to appear.树林已现雏形As the warm, humid air from the south当来自南方的暖湿气流meets the cold, arctic air,遇到北极的冷空气the moisture it carries crystallises and snowflakes前者携带的水分便凝结成冰晶和雪花fall from the sky.从空中徐徐飘落Each crystal forms around a particle of dust.每片雪花都以一粒灰尘为中心All have a six-fold symmetry且具有六边对称性but no two have ever been found with exactly the same shape.但世界上却没有两片完全相同的雪花Their variety and complexity is breathtaking.雪花的多样性和复杂性令人叹为观止Each snowflake is water waiting每片雪花都将在春天融化to be released in spring.化作生命之泉For this reason, snow is the lifeblood因此 雪是这片寂林of these silent forests赖以生存的命脉and all that live here depend on it in one way or another.一切生命都以某种方式依赖着它Some, like the great grey owl,其中 以乌林鸮为例appear in spring for the boom times,它们在春天万物复苏时出现then vanish like phantoms.然后像幽灵一样消失Others, like their lemming prey,另一些 像它们的猎物旅鼠are here year-round beneath the snow,则整年都待在雪下insulated from the cold air above.以抵御外面的严寒 /201210/205148

Step 1: Underwear tricksGet a proper bra fitting and then splash out on a Push Up or Plunge bra as they're designed to push your breasts up and out. Foam, air, and gel inserts are made to be inserted into your bra but if you do this, make sure the fit isn't too tight and it doesn't look like you've been shot in the back by a couple of cruise missiles. Silicone inserts are good here as they're worn directly on the outside of the breast and look more natural than other inserts.Step 2: Over timeStrengthening and toning the muscles beneath your breasts helps make them look bigger by making them sit higher and more evenly on your chest. Start doing some daily pectoral exercises like press ups and pull ups and over time this will force your breasts up and out. You can also try massaging the upper and outer area of your breasts in circular motions each day to help stimulate circulation and tone-up the fatty tissue. Sesame seeds are also very effective in enlarging the breasts so try and eat several handfuls a day. If this regime still hasn't got your breasts growing as fast as you'd like then you should move to defcon four....Step 3: Sex yourself up a bitHorizontal stripes with a high neckline are a good way of increasing your breasts appearance but you should also try experimenting with ruffles and frills to draw attention to your cleavage. Wearing spaghetti strap tops and accessorizing with low hanging pendants that fall just above the top of the breast will draw more attention to the bust area. If you're wearing a low cut top, apply eyeshadow or blusher, a shade darker than your skin tone, between the breasts to suggest shadows and cleavage. A touch of shimmery glitter on top of each breast will highlight the rounded top and make your chest look fuller. Article/201002/96371How do I negotiate a job offer, but not lose the job?应该怎样跟雇主协商聘用条件,而不会失去这份工作呢?You can negotiate a job offer without losing the job by being fair and courteous to the employer. If you have multiple offers on the table, you need to let all the other employers know that that is the scenario. Sometimes that will put you in a better situation because the employers may come back and say well, we#39;ll offer you more money then or, what do we need to do to get you to turn down these other offers. That#39;s the ideal scenario. You can always buy a little bit of time by letting an employer know that you have some other offers to consider or that you#39;re continuing to interview. You can also negotiate salary again at this point if you have other offers on the table. Now, if an employer starts to balk or they come back and they start to be very rigid in terms of their terms and conditions, that#39;s a very good indication that you probably can#39;t push things any farther than you have. So, at that point, it#39;s probably going to come down to a take it or leave it scenario and you need to be prepared for that. If you have other offers on the table, that#39;s always great, but if not just be prepared to reach that point in the negotiation process where there is going to be that final, this is it, take it or leave it.与雇主协商雇佣条件时,做到公平勇敢,这样就不会失去这份工作。如果你同时收到几家公司的聘用通知,一定要让其他雇主知道。有时这会让你处于更好的形势,因为雇主可能会回心转意,告诉你,“我们给你提供更高的薪水,我们应该怎样做你才肯推掉其他公司呢?”当然,这是比较理想的情况。你可以拖延一点时间,让雇主知道你还要考虑其他聘用通知,或者要继续面试。这时你可以再次提出自己的薪资要求。现在,如果雇主开始犹豫,或者回过头来,言辞和态度开始严厉,这暗示你可能不能获得更好的条件呢。这时,你应该接受这份工作,或者离开。对于这种场景,你要做好思想准备。如果你还有其他聘用通知,这当然很好。但是如果没有,在协商过程中一定要注意分寸,最终决定接受还是拒绝这份工作。Thanks for watching How To Negotiate A Job Offer Without Losing The Job.感谢收看“怎样在不丢掉工作的条件下与雇主协商条件”视频节目。 Article/201209/202294

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