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广州第三代试管那个医院好天河区长安医院检查早泄多少钱 Evolutionary, not revolutionary, was the general consensus. As for what Samsung#39;s new phone means for Apple (AAPL), the jury was split.界对三星(Samsung)Galaxy S4的一致评价是,这只能算是进步,而非革命性的飞跃。不过,三星新款手机对苹果(Apple)意味着什么,各方的观点则出现了分歧。Piper Jaffray#39;s Gene Munster: Galaxy S4 Evolutionary, iPhone To Essentially Maintain High End Share In CY13. ;The Galaxy S4 appears to be largely an incremental update to the S3 including a slightly larger screen (4% larger on diagonal), better camera and processor, and updated software, but largely the same body style and casing. We believe some of the software features are unique, including the tilt to scroll, pausing based on facial recognition, and hand gesture based interactions, but view these software improvements as minor compared with what Siri was to the iPhone 4S or even Google Now to Android... Despite the launch and fanfare around the Galaxy S4, we continue to believe that Apple will maintain a low 40% market share in the high-end smartphone market in CY13.;派杰投资(Piper Jaffray)吉恩#8226;蒙斯特:Galaxy S4的确有所进步,但同时,在2013年,iPhone在高端市场仍将占据主导地位。“Galaxy S4大部分都是对S3的一次改进,包括更大的屏幕(对角线尺寸增大了4%),更出色的摄像头与处理器,以及软件更新等,机身和外壳却基本没有变化。我们认为,部分软件功能确实非常特别,包括倾斜滚屏功能、基于面部识别技术的视频暂停功能,以及基于手势的互动等,但相对于Siri之于iPhone 4S的意义,或者Google Now语音务之于安卓(Android)的意义,这些软件上的更新就逊色了不少……虽然Galaxy S4已经发布,而且宣传工作也在如火如荼地进行之中,但我们依然相信,2013年,苹果在高端智能手机市场的份额不会低于40%。”Jefferies#39; Peter Misek: Software Features Took the Stage. ;The hardware was as expected and much like iPhone 5, the S4 saw little change in design from its predecessor besides a slight increase in size from 4.8; to 5;. Samsung focused primarily on its software innovation and interface inputs such as gesture control and Smart Scroll/Pause. While we were impressed overall with our hands-on experience, we await to see how these features perform in the real world and if they are actually used. What does this mean for Apple? We believe the S4 will certainly sell well and it is incrementally negative for Apple; however, the device is not revolutionary, in our view. Aside from the large screen size, which we believe gives Samsung a large advantage over Apple, we believe many of the features can easily be replicated. Additionally, a major complaint amongst Galaxy users is that they do not like Samsung#39;s customized software, especially when it is a downgrade in performance from stock Android features.;杰弗瑞集团(Jefferies)彼得#8226;米塞克:软件功能成主角。“S4的硬件与预期基本一致,与iPhone 5相当。设计方面和之前相比没有太大变化,尺寸也仅从4.8英寸增加到5英寸。”三星主要专注的是软件创新与界面输入,例如手势控制和智能滚动/暂停等。虽然手机实测体验总体上令我们印象深刻,但这些软件功能在实际使用中的表现到底会怎么样,或者说这些功能是否真的实用,我们会拭目以待。S4的推出对苹果意味着什么?我们相信,S4肯定会有相当不错的销量,而且会逐渐给苹果带来麻烦。但在我们看来,S4还算不上一次革命性的飞跃。除了大屏幕尺寸之外——虽然我们也认为这一点使三星在面对苹果时更具优势,我们认为,S4的许多功能很容易就能复制。此外,Galaxy用户抱怨最多的是,他们并不喜欢三星的定制软件,尤其是定制软件的表现完全比不上原生安卓系统中的软件。Nomura#39;s Stuart Jeffrey: Galaxy S4 to help Samsung overtake Apple. ;While clearly a step forward relative to the S3, there is much that is evolutionary about the S4, rather than revolutionary. Nevertheless, we see the S4 potentially helping Samsung to overtake Apple in high-end smartphone shipments during 2013. Our initial thoughts include: #8226; Derivative form factor – the S4 looks rather similar to the S3 and sustains. #8226; Samsung use of plastics as the main backing material. #8226; Some compelling new features, although some will only work with other S4s or new Samsung TVs, arguably limiting their appeal. #8226; 35-40m high-end S4 and Note sales per quarter seems feasible, which would see Samsung overtake Apple in terms of high-end volumes.;野村券(Nomura)斯图尔特#8226;杰弗里:Galaxy S4将帮助三星反超苹果。“虽然S4相比S3有了明显改进,但仍有各种声音认为S4只是一种进步,算不上革命性的飞跃。尽管如此,我们认为S4将帮助三星在2013年的高端智能手机市场反超苹果。我们最初的观点包括:#8226;派生形式因素——S4的外观与S3过于相似。#8226;三星使用塑料作为主要基底材料。#8226;一些有趣的新功能,虽然部分功能仅能与其他S4手机或新三星电视配合使用,限制了这些功能的吸引力。#8226;高端Galaxy S4与Note每季度的销量似乎完全有可能达到3,500万至4,000万台,必将使三星在高端市场反超苹果。”Barclays#39; Ben Reitzes: More Competition for iPhone Comes As Expected. ;In terms of competition vs. Apple, the GS4 seems largely as expected – and there could be some relief for Apple (certain versions of LTE won#39;t be available until later this year). However, as we stated recently in a recent report – we believe that Samsung#39;s momentum is a major issue for Apple. As a result, we need to see Apple expand its iPhone market this year in a big way – and improve its platform. However, Apple seems rather silent of late – and could be waiting until C3Q to make any competitive response outside of potential adjustments to pricing.;巴克莱(Barclays)本#8226;瑞兹:预计iPhone必将面临更激烈的竞争。“在与苹果的竞争方面,Galaxy S4基本符合预期——不过,苹果不必紧张(个别LTE版本将于今年晚些时候才能上市)。但正如我们在近期的一份报告中所述,我们相信三星的发展势头会成为让苹果头疼的主要问题。因此,我们希望看到苹果今年大规模扩大iPhone市场,同时改善平台。但最近,苹果似乎一直在保持沉默,我们或许要等到第三季度,才能看到苹果在调整定价之外,是否还会推出其他措施,对三星予以还击。” /201303/231017广州天河无痛人流价格表

广州番禺保宫人流费用When people hear about China#39;s Huawei Technologies, German car maker BMW probably never comes to mind. 谈起中国的华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co.),人们一般不会想到德国的宝马汽车公司(Bayerische Motoren Werke , BMW, 简称:宝马)。But according to Ren Zhengfei, Huawei#39;s founder and chief executive, there are similarities between the two companies. 但华为创始人兼首席执行长任正非认为这两家公司有着相似之处。In Huawei#39;s latest annual report released this week, Ren says the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker#39;s challenges are similar to those of BMW as the luxury car maker takes on nimble new competitors like Tesla Motors. 在本周发布的华为最新年报中,任正非说华为作为移动通讯设备供应商所面临的挑战,相似于宝马面对的来自特斯拉(Tesla Motors Inc.)这样灵活的竞争对手的挑战。#39;Can BMW match Tesla#39;s pace? This has been an issue of debate for some time at Huawei,#39; says Ren. #39;Most believe that Tesla vehicles represent a disruptive innovation and will surpass BMWs. I think that BMW may not lose the game if they take an open approach to improve themselves.#39; 任正非在CEO致辞中说:“宝马追不追得上特斯拉,一段时间是我们公司内部争辩的一个问题。多数人都认为特斯拉这种颠覆式创新会超越宝马,我持宝马不断地改进自己、开放自己,宝马也能学习特斯拉的。” He even has a piece of advice: #39;BMW needs success, not a narrow sense of pride that everything has to come through its own innovation.#39; 他甚至还给了条建议:“宝马需要的是成功,而不是自主创新的狭隘自豪。”A spokesman for BMW in China couldn#39;t immediately be reached for comment. 笔者尚无法与宝马驻中国的发言人取得联系就此置评。 #39;Huawei is like BMW, in that we are also a big company. We live in an information society that is fast-changing with lots of disruptive innovations,#39; Ren says. #39;Can we continue to survive? Admit it or not, this is a question right in front of us.#39; 任正非说,华为也就是一个“宝马”(大公司代名词),在瞬息万变,不断涌现颠覆性创新的信息社会中,华为能不能继续生存下来?不管你怎么想,这是一个摆在你面前的问题。As Ren rarely makes public appearances, the annual report represents one of few occasions in which he shares his views on Huawei and the industry. Ren founded Huawei in 1987 as a telecom gear sales agent and the Shenzhen-based company soon started making its own products. Over the past decade, Huawei has rapidly expanded outside China to became the world#39;s second-largest telecom equipment supplier only behind Sweden#39;s Ericsson. 由于任正非很少公开露面,他在年会上的讲话就是他分享自己对华为和行业看法的少数机会之一。任正非1987年在深圳创立华为,当时华为还是一家电信设备销售代理商,但很快就开始生产自己的产品。过去10年中,华为在海外迅速扩张,成为世界第二大电信设备供应商,仅次于瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson)。While there may be similarities between the challenges facing Huawei and BMW, the Chinese company is also coping with more unique problems, especially in the U.S. In 2012, a U.S. congressional report recommended that U.S. telecom carriers avoid using Huawei#39;s equipment, saying that the Chinese company#39;s gear could be used by Beijing to spy on Americans. Although Huawei has repeatedly denied such allegations, the company has been effectively shut out of the U.S. telecom-equipment market. 虽然华为和宝马面临的挑战有许多相似之处,但华为还面临着许多更为独特的问题,尤其在美国。2012年,美国国会的一份报告建议美国电信运营商避免采用华为的设备,说这家中国公司的设备可能被中国政府用于对美国进行间谍活动。虽然华为一再否认这类指控,但它事实上已被拒于美国电信设备市场之外。Even so, Ren portrays the U.S. in a positive light in his message. 尽管如此,任正非在讲话中仍然对美国进行了正面评价。#39;We must be conscious of the power of the ed States. They have advanced systems, flexible mechanisms, clear property rights, and respect and protection of individual rights,#39; Ren says, adding that those qualities have helped the U.S attract the world#39;s best talent. #39;The light that never goes out in the Silicon Valley continues to shine.#39; 他说,我们要正视美国的强大,它先进的制度、灵活的机制、明确清晰的财产权、对个人权利的尊重与保障,这种良好的商业生态环境,吸引了全世界的优秀人才。他说,硅谷那盏不灭的灯,仍然在光芒四射Ren also gives Tesla a shout-out: #39;The U.S. is not lagging behind; it is still a model for us to learn from. Isn#39;t Tesla a good example?#39; 任正非还提到了特斯拉:美国并没落后,它仍然是我们学习的榜样,特斯拉不就是例子吗? /201404/283667 广医三院在线咨询广州做复通手术费用




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